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This was one of our funniest interviews on the podcast.  John is a character!  John is also one of Joe's mentors from way back in the day…  He's a great guy that is doing tons of lease options – lease options, by the way, in Texas!  In Texas, where it's supposed to be illegal to do lease options.  Listen in on how this guys is tearing it up in the Lone Star State!

For more information on John Jackson – go here (www.LeaseOptionClasses.com or www.LeasingToBuy.com)

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    1. John, you were the best interview we have ever had, and yours will be the best interview we ever will have. There will never be anyone better… or more humble… than you!!!

  1. Great interview!! Incredible business model with high integrity, setting everyone up for success and win-win-win transactions. John has it all together with great cookie cutter systems in place. You Rock John!!! 🙂

  2. Joe & Alex, great interview, I am from Texas and guess you heard of the Texas resctrictive lease-option contracts. Thanks for shining a light on Lease options in Texas, as they appear almost unclear to pursue.John has an excellent internet presence as an honest and great mentor. I am a veteran, and know how important a high morale character should be. John is an excellent example of how it should be done. John, I got your Veteran's day youtube "thank you", I appreciate that. I need to clear my month for next year to hopefully attend your upcoming Lease-option class in February. Thanks Joe, Alex and John for your training and keeping the motivational FIRE HOT!or as they say in Texas after eating Austin salsa: Caliente!

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