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The last few days have been really cool for me. Enjoying life…

I’ve interviewed a couple of people recently who are having great success doing lease options. They do more deals than I do, and it really fires me up to hear about their achievements.

You can hear these interviews on my podcasts. These guys shared lots of information. LOTS.

My Facebook 5-Day Challenge is moving along beautifully. The people who registered are getting a short training video each day… little tips on how to get leads.

The goal is to get 5 leads in 5 days, and it’s become a large accountability group. That’s something I didn’t foresee, but it’s a great bonus to what’s already a teaching success.

A few 5-day participants have posted apologies for already falling behind in the program. My response is “Life happens.”

Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t get everything done you’d planned to do in a day. But don’t make excuses either. Just get it done tomorrow.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • 5-Day Challenge on Facebook
  • Mailing secrets
  • Get on waiting list for next 5-Day Challenge

Mentioned in this episode:

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