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Today’s episode is gonna be epic. I’m with my buddy, Brent Bowers, to talk about what’s working well today with two very simple agendas: TEACH and DO DEALS.

Brent and I talk about what he’s been up to in his business and share our excitement for our upcoming 2-day workshop, together with another real estate legend, Ray Zhang, which will happen in Busch Stadium while we’re watching a Cardinals game. How cool is that? You can fast-track your vacant land business with what we’ll be teaching and showing you in this workshop on August 26-27. 

Here’s the catch… We're only inviting a small group of action-takers for this exclusive, hands-on, mastermind workshop. After that, the secrets go back in the vault. So do not delay. Sign up now by going to DoDealsWorkshop.com.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • What’s working well today in the vacant land flipping scene.
  • Info on our upcoming 2-day hands-on workshop.

Mentioned in this episode:

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