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Joe McCall in SpainHolla from Marbella, Spain!!!  What's up world?!  Here's a quick selfie from the mansion we're doing the “Flip Remotely” workshop from.  It's beautiful here.

I just recorded a quick podcast for you, talking about the new “Deal Accountability Group Coaching” program I am starting.

I am limiting it to 12 people, and our first call is next week.

If you're interested & you want to get in before it fills up, see the requirements here: REIDealCoaching.com

Listen To This Quick Podcast Where I Talk More About It:


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  1. Hello Joe,
    Your podcasts are very good as always. As you said taking action is what is lacking to grow the business.
    One of the plus points to have is to have a coach who is familiar with the city/market you are in.
    What are your thoughts on that ?


    1. Mahesh – That is important… to a point… You also need a coach who understands marketing, automation, and delegation. You can know your local market like the back of your hand, but if you don’t understand systems & automation, or how to really scale your marketing, local market knowledge will only get you so far.

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