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Day 5 of the “Deal Fast Track Challenge”! Today we are talking about following up with old leads and partnering on deals.

The week has gone by so fast and the 5-day challenge is at an end! We’ve been hearing massive results from our challengers and it’s blowing our minds! Some of them have as much as 26 leads from doing this challenge and following through with our daily homework.

They are getting excited and it’s understandable because going from zero to a lot of leads in 5 days is a huge step forward. Now, what do you do with those leads? We covered that today and we talked about the fastest way to do a deal. And that is….drum roll…to follow up on old deals!

Some of these leads will close to a deal, while some of them will be a “No”. But, those nos doesn’t mean they won’t ever want to sell. That just means they’re not ready right now. What do you do with those? You save them for later, you follow up and then that glorious day when these nos are ready to accept your offer will come.

So many of you right now are sitting on a gold mine of old leads and you don’t know what to do with them. You have two options: you either follow on those old leads or bring that someone who’s already doing deals and partner with them on those leads.

It’s all about getting on the phone and following up. Call at least 10 of your old leads who didn’t respond to your text or email and follow up with at least 10 of those deals who did respond but never closed a deal. You don’t have to do everything. You can hire a VA to do the calling and texting for you.

We did 58 deals in 1 year and after looking closely at our CRM, 54 of those deals are from follow-ups! Can you believe that? You can do this too. All you need to do is understand that the gold mine is in the follow-ups, get on the phone and take action!


Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • The fastest way to a deal.
  • It’s all about the follow-up. 
  • Why partnering with someone who’s already doing deals works.
  • Follow-ups are a gold mine for deals.

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