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Day 2 of the “Deal Fast Track Challenge”! Today we talked about sending Facebook Messages to properties on Facebook Marketplace, and/or emails to Realtors of older listings on Redfin.

Day 1 was epic and we gave a homework of sending 10 text messages to properties on Zillow. One of our challengers got 6 positive responses out of the 10 text messages! That’s crazy good! Another one got an appointment set up to look at a house!

For Day 2, Gavin and I shared our marketing plan where you set your goal, get a scorecard and track your numbers. You can’t control how much you make on a monthly basis. You can’t control how many leads you need to do a deal or how much average profit you get per deal. But! You CAN control the amount of marketing you do every day.

This marketing plan includes sending Facebook messages and emails to Realtors among other ways to get leads. And we get why a lot of people would think this is too hard or it’s too difficult to keep up with. It’s actually not that hard if you’re ready and willing to take massive imperfect actions.

You can learn all these and so much more. It’s not too late to join our Deal Fast Track Challenge. You can still go to DealFastTrackChallenge.com to get access to the private Facebook group where all these goodies will be available. Or, invest in yourself a little bit more and get the VIP upgrade. You’ll get access to our Leads Lab, recordings, and a complete workbook of the entire Challenge Training plus other great stuff!

We still have 3 days left to this program and the next days are just going to be filled with so much more valuable information that can and will propel your real estate business. So, what are you waiting for?

Go to DealFastTrackChallenge.com or get VIP access at DealFastTrackChallenge.com/vip-upgrade

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Creating your marketing plan.
  • It’s not that hard.
  • How to keep track of your scorecard. 
  • Messages and emails that work on Realtors on Redfin and properties listed on Facebook Marketplace.

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