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We're not in the real estate investing business. We're in the marketing business. If I've said that a million times, I will say it again. And you know I’ve been around the block, right? I’ve done a lot of deals, coached and helped a lot of people to do deals and I love to hang out with people who DO A LOT OF DEALS. And do you know what we all have in common? WE’RE BRILLIANT AT THE BASICS.

We're brilliant at the basics, simple things like marketing, getting your marketing done every day, every week. It’s all about the basics. Even in a competitive and expensive market, if you’re consistent at the basics—marketing, following up, answering phone calls and talking to people—you will do a lot of deals.

So I’m doing this new 5 Leads in 5 Days challenge, and I’m going to teach you five different marketing strategies that don't cost hardly any money, if anything at all. All of them are plug-and-play really simple marketing strategies to get you leads in 5 days.

This stuff works, and it will only cost you A DOLLAR! So go and sign up NOW at 5leads5days.com.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • The importance of being brilliant at the basics
  • How being consistent changes your real estate game
  • What to expect in the 5 Leads in 5 Days challenge

Mentioned in this episode:

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