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BONUS Day 6 of the “Deal Fast Track Challenge”! Today we are recapping what we already taught, and covering 2 brand new marketing strategies.

The feedback on the last 5 days has been amazing and this is why I love doing these challenges. These challenges push people to take action and they are getting leads and making offers! What’s incredible to hear and see is the challengers have done more this week than they ever did in months or years.

Today, we do a recap of everything we covered from Day 1-5. And throughout the entire challenge, we’ve emphasized how important marketing is and how easy it can be as well. I encourage you all to go check out the first 5 days on either our website or YouTube channel if you weren’t able to join the challenge live.

We’ve got a bonus today! New marketing strategy that we did not cover the past days. It’s easy and it works…which is pretty much all we’ve been teaching through this challenge. Sending out 10 emails to Realtors through Gmass.co. This is so powerful but no one really does this! It’s so simple, you can have a VA do this for you. I learned this from a wholesaler who has his VA sending out 100-200 emails a day and I share here how the process works.

In addition, we’re offering a limited-time bonus coaching to 30 people. This will be personal 1-on-1 coaching & mentoring to do your first (or next) deal in the fastest & easiest way possible. The bonus coaching offer comes with Voxer access to me, power day where we roll up our sleeves with you, and a 3x guarantee of tripling your investment within 6 months. Again, we’re only taking on 30 people and we are closing the doors on this on Monday.

So grab the opportunity. Go to DealFastTrackChallenge.com/now.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Recap of Day 1-5. 
  • Bonus marketing strategy. 
  • Bonus coaching offer to 30 people.

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