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Are you open to change?Be prepared to be blown away…  This is so simple, it's crazy brilliant.

Discover why Peter is not “wholesaling” anymore (in the technical term that we use it), but is now doing this instead…

You could start implementing this today (and you should).

By the way…  We have some openings in our Apprentice program.  We are looking for new markets to start doing some of these deals in.  Click this link below to listen in on our recent Conference Call where we talk about this amazing opportunity…

Listen To The Podcast And Enjoy!

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  1. Peter once the Realtor signs up the seller with your wholesale contract who sets up the appointment with the seller to get in your buyers?

    When the seller calls your office is he calling for a cash buyer or Real Estate agent?

    Thank you great concept

    1. Richard, Peter has an entire team that helps him sell all his houses. He usually sells them after he buys them.

      Listen to the podcast again. He is sending out normal investor postcards. When the seller calls, they are calling in response to someone who wants to buy their house.

  2. This is exciting, just need a little help with the partnership part. I'm unlicensed. What type of partnership agreement should I use with and agent?

  3. This is really exciting to me. I am unlicensed, not an agent.. What type of partnership arrangement would you suggest with a licensed agent? My wife will not get a license, and I'm not going to get a new wife.
    Love your stuff. Especially having the downloads available to refer back to.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Philip – not sure what to say… You should seriously think about getting your license, or getting a realtor to work for you / under you. Not sure how that would work… but you could ask around.

  4. Very exciting stuff! But I'm not clear on how Peter is divvying up the commission. Is he getting 30% of the whole commission, 30% of the listing commission, or 30% of just the broker's portion? Is there any way other than being licensed to split the commission?

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