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Listen To The Audio:

In this episode, Joe is going to be talking all about real estate investing marketing, and…

  • The importance of having a marketing plan
    • Keeping that marketing plan simple and focused
    • We are not in the real estate business, we are in the marketing business
    • How to track your numbers
  • Best ways to find the cash buyers
    • The importance of always be marketing for buyers
    • Where to find the demand is
    • How to find what these buyers are hungry for
  • Best ways to find motivated sellers
    • Find the best zips to target motivated sellers
    • What lists to target in those zips
    • What to send these hot sellers
    • The importance of consistency and momentum
  • Watch the webinar where Joe will…
    • Show You The Three Secrets To Create A Simple, Fully Automated Wholesaling Business… And Start Wholesaling Deals From Anywhere In The World… Working Less Than 10 Hours A Week, Without Ever Talking To Sellers and Buyers… EVER
    • Secret #1 – List all the things you have to do on a typical wholesale deal, and ask yourself this all important question: “How can I do NONE of this?”
    • Secret #2 – Learn how to target the RIGHT sellers with the RIGHT marketing.  (Too many investors are wasting too much money on ineffective marketing.)
    • Secret #3 Follow up, follow up, follow up… and make offers to every seller lead you get.  (Want to learn how you can get your $3/hr VA to do this for you?  REGISTER for the webinar right now.)

Automated Wholesaling Webinar

To get the mindmap, spreadsheets, calculators, checklists, etc for FREE, register for the webinar HERE

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