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On this show, I’m going to show you what I would do if I was thrown into a new town and had to earn $5,000 in 30 days. It’s a simple “what if” scenario for teaching, so let’s learn.

I first need to set a goal. I come up with the goal of talking to 10 sellers a day and send offers to 75% of them. I will follow up with every seller I talk to.

Daily, I will be emailing every Craigslist and Zillow ad that doesn’t have a phone number. Of course, I’m calling those that do provide a number. I can do about 200 a day because I have REI Simple.

I will also use Facebook Marketplace, but be strategic on all these websites so I don’t overdo it and violate the terms of use. I can also email Realtors with aging, midrange-priced MLS listings.

In every case, I start with a lease option strategy. Of course, I might pitch another strategy in later conversations, but it’s important to talk about just one strategy at a time.

It’s pretty easy to tell if a seller is averse to being a landlord. If that’s the case, suggest a sandwich lease option or wholesale deal. You may want to talk about owner financing if you go with wholesale.

With 30 days, you also have time to talk to other wholesalers. Go to real estate club meetings and try to partner with others. Or, you can simply ask wholesalers for their ‘dead’ leads and share earnings.

Listen and Learn:

What’s inside:

  • Marketing plan comes first and directs the subsequent action. 
  • Learn Joe’s calculation methods for various offer types. 
  • The contracts Joe uses are very brief and easy to understand. 
  • Joe gives a demonstration of REI Simple. 

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Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast.

Hey guys, how are you doing? Joe McCall here and on this video, I'm going to show you exactly what I would do if you threw me into a new city and I had no money and I had 30 days to make $5,000. This is exactly what I would do. Cool, you read? But first off, how about them blues? Let's go blues. In case you didn't know I'm from St Louis, well I'm not from St Louis. I was from California, but I live in St Louis. I love the Cardinals and the St Louis Blues hockey team. So guess who just won the Stanley Cup? Yes. So anyway, I just wanted to say that. Congratulations all you St Louis Blues fans out there. It was an awesome Stanley Cup. All right so anyway, if I had 30 days to make $5,000, what would I do? Well, I put together some slides here and I'm going to walk through some things, actually I had here for notes and kind of walk through this stuff and show it to you. Cool.

So again, I have 30 days I need to make $5,000. You've taken me away from my family. I'm in a new city. I have no money. I only have a cell phone and a laptop and Internet connection somewhere somehow, right? Maybe I have to go to the library to get it, but I have a cell phone and a laptop. No money I'm in a new city. How would I make $5,000 in 30 days? Well, this is exactly what I would do. All right, you ready? I got some notes here and I'm going to share them with you kind of as we go through this. All right, so if I had 30 days, this is exactly what I would do. First thing I would develop a marketing plan, right? And on that marketing plan, the first thing I would set were some goals, some bigger pictures of things of what I want to do, right?

My big goal would be to talk to 10 sellers a day. That is something that I can control. I can't control making $5,000 in 30 days. I can't control that it takes, you know, 30 leads to get one contract or whatever, right? Can't control it takes maybe, you know, I get a 5% response rate in whatever marketing I'm doing, but I can control how many sellers I'm talking to, okay. So 10 sellers a day, 300 sellers total for the month, right. Then my goal would be to send offers to at least 75% of every seller I talked to. So 8 offers a day, 8 offers by email and by physical mail. Well I don't have any actual money, do I? Well, if I did have money, I would send them in the physical mail. That's super important, but I don't have any money so I'm only going to be emailing that to them, right.

And I'm going to be following up with every single seller and depending on their motivation, it might be an hour later I follow up with them. It might be a week later or a month later. But during that 30 days, I want to be following up with every single seller I talked to, okay. Super important. Last year we did 58 deals, me and my business partner, Gavin and our student, Melissa, down in Alabama, of those 58 deals, only 54 of them, 54 of them came from the follow up. Only 4 came from that first phone call that we had with the seller. They said, yeah, I'm motivated, I'm interested, I want to do this. 54 of them, that's like 93% of our deals came from follow-ups. So super important to understand. I would be following up again weekly with motivated sellers and I'll be following up monthly with everyone else. Now daily, what are my daily things that I'm going to be doing every day on the marketing plan?

Well, I'm going to be texting and or emailing mostly probably 85% texting, emailing every Craigslist and Zillow ad that doesn't have a phone number, right? About if I want to do, if I want to talk to send 10 people a day, and if I'm getting an average of 5% response rate, I need to send 200 outbound messages a day. Is that right? 200 a day, are you kidding me? No, it's not that hard. That may sound crazy and overwhelming, but it's really, really not that hard. One of the things I forgot to say is I do have REI Simple REI Simple as my database. So I do have that. I borrowed money from my kids and I got $97 and I got one month's subscription to REI Simple. I should've clarified that earlier, but I'm going to show you kind of what we do and how we do it that way.

So if I'm getting an average of 5% response rate, that means I need to send out messages, texting or email about 200 a day, okay? So let's say 50% of my leads come from Zillow. That means I need to contact a hundred Zillow properties a day. That's for rent and for sale by owner, right? First for sale by owner, second rentals. And what if I can't find a hundred a day? Well, you know what, I'm going to keep on zooming out in Zillow until I can find a hundred a day until I can keep on zooming out. Now it may be that I have to cover the entire United States to get a hundred new sellers every day, but I want to be sending a hundred texts every day to Zillow, I love Zillow, and I'm going to call the ones who didn't respond to the text message.

This is huge, and calling somebody cold call does not count as 10 sellers a day. I'm talking 10 sellers a day who may be raised their hand and say, yeah, I'm interested in doing a lease option, so I'm going to call the ones who don't respond really important. Craigslist, I'm going to contact about 25 a day. The reason I'm not doing more is those stupid captures on Craigslist, they stop you from getting out there and getting too much information. And the other 37%, which I think that equals 50%. 

I'm going to be going to Facebook Marketplace and sending messages to at least 75 people a day. Now that may very depend on different things. You know, sometimes Facebook gets a little cracks down if you're sending too many messages at once. But I'd be trying to contact at least 75 people a day on Facebook.

Now if I'm running into walls were Facebook's not letting me send any more messages well then, you know, I'm going to be doing a 150 Zillow contacts a day instead. Cool. Now what's next? I'm going to zoom out until I get to the number of homes that I need. And by the way, I also have a free, I have a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. 

You know, where it can track duplicate numbers. And that's really important because you don't want to be sending the same text to the same seller five times a day if they have five ads on Craigslist or Zillow, right? So I have a spreadsheet that removes the duplicate. But I'm going to keep on zooming out and getting as many properties as I can until I can send enough text messages to or Facebook messages or whatever to talk to 10 sellers, 10 sellers every day, okay.

The next thing I want to do everyday, if I have the time and just that texting and emailing should get me at least 10 leads, but if it doesn't, I'm going to start emailing realtors of older MLS listings and these are homes in the median price range, okay. 20 a day and I might be looking for houses that have been on the market for over 60 days, okay. Now, what next? Glad you asked. Now again, breaking it down to weekly what I'm planning on a cardio already talked about this here weekly. I'm going to be following up with all of my old leads right. Now I'm going to calculate offers. How do I calculate offers? Well I make it super simple, I have maybe a Google Sheet where I can quickly calculate my offers. When I talk to a seller, I'm keeping it simple, right?

I'm not jumping in a hundred different directions. When you're talking to 10 sellers a day, you got to be really careful that you're not wasting a bunch of time with unmotivated sellers who aren't ready to do business today, or at least soon, right? So I try to keep my conversations under three to five minutes. I'm the one asking the questions. I want to get the seller to sell me on their home, okay? I'm not going to be chasing them. I'm going to be pulling away and playing the reluctant buyer. 

And you've got to change your mentality and your mindset about that. But you want to be the reluctant buyer and you just want to keep it simple, right? You don't want to go a hundred different directions. You just want to set the agenda up front. Tell them why you're calling. Tell them you're an investor, you're looking for an investment property.

Can I ask you a few questions about your house? I'm looking for a nice home in a nice area as an investment property. Do you mind if I ask you some questions about your house to see if it would even be something I would be interested in? You see the positioning right there and then ask questions. I'm the one asking the questions. Even if I'm starting to talk about lease options, I'm answering their questions and objections with questions myself. So I'm going to keep it super simple. I'm focusing and probably what I'm going to be doing is focusing on just one strategy lease options. And then if they say no or there's no way they owe too much or I might go the cash route because I know how to do wholesaling.

But I love lease options. If you were to take me away, and this would be from my home, go to a new city, this would be the same exact strategy I would use to try to find $5,000 grand in 30 days to get back to my family, right? And I would only give the seller one offer at a time, only one offer at a time, okay. I'm not going to bombard them with three different options, you know, unless it's a super cold lead, but really just I'm wanting to get on the phone and figure out as quickly as I can, but is a cash offer going to work or is a lease option off. We're going to work maybe even an owner financing, okay. And so to calculate a cash offer, this is really simple. I got this idea from my friend Tom Kroll.

You take the average of the three lowest sold comps and you can get that from Redfin or Zillow. I'm going to average that and multiply it by 80% simple dimple, really, really easy. Now, if it's a property that doesn't need any work, there are no repairs that are needed. You know, maybe you could take, usually when you're looking at sold comps, you find the like the lowest solds. Maybe I'd go into the medium price areas or just keep it super simple. Do maybe 70% of ARV times 70% minus repairs, minus wholesale fee. That's a typical formula on a lease option.

This is really simple, you can do this on a calculator or on a piece of paper, I'm going to take the average of like Zillow and Appraisal and maybe Redfin or Realtor.com wherever you can get like an estimated value average, those, I'm going to multiply that by 85% and sometimes I take out repairs if it needs a lot of work, but again, most of these houses, again that we're finding for rent and for sale by owner, they don't need any work there already in great shape and for the rent that I'm going to offer the seller, I'm going to take the Zillow's estimate for rent and multiply that by 75% I'm going to do five years and I'm going to offer the seller $500 to a $1,000 dollars down, which by the way comes from the tenant buyer.

That's not money out of your pocket. That's money that you get from the tenant buyer that you give to the seller at that time. Now, sometimes I might offer owner financing if a lease option won't work, if they're just petrified and terrified of being a tenant. Then I say, well I mean being a landlord I might say, would you rather be the bank and I can maybe you owner finance it. So to do principal, I usually offer two different owner financing offers. I don't want to get too technical here because I just set up above, keep it simple. But this is simple for me because I've done a lot of deals, but I might offer owner financing at 100% of as is value. I know I put on their ARV, right? But I might do as is value, that's ARV minus repairs. With principal only payments, and I'll talk to minute how I find my principal only payments or I might do as is value times 80% with 5% interest only payments.

Again, just keeping it super simple. Usually on interest only payments, I'll do, try and get a 10 year balloon. And for my principal only payments, it's usually half of the rent. So if it rents for $1,000 bucks a month, I'll offer the seller $500 a month principal only payments until paid, until paid. You see that? Really important because that gives principal only payments for the life of the loan. So that may be 12 years, 15, 20 years, don't know. Kind of depends on where they at rents at and the price that you're agreeing to offer to them. Now you may sat 100% of as is value. Are you crazy? Look at the numbers and our interest free principal only payments loan. That's awesome. But that's better for the seller. That doesn't want to be a landlord or is afraid of being a landlord.

Maybe doesn't trust you enough to do a sandwich lease option. You can say, listen, would you rather be the bank? Okay, cool. All right, let's go to the next page here. All right, so obviously you have contracts, right? Well, you want some of my contracts, go watch my webinar SLOClass.com SLOClass.com I'll show you how to get my contracts. Okay, but now let's say you get it under contract. And by the way, I just use a simple one page contract. I show you that contract in the webinar at SLOClass.com and by the way, if you're watching this on YouTube or Facebook, please go ahead and type that URL in the comments down below. Now, best way to find tenant buyers signs sign in the yard, 10 signs in the yard if he can get away with it and signs in the neighborhood on the weekend.

Bandit signs and signs in the yard, ugly, yellow, handwritten signs. They work the best, okay. I also love to put my properties on Facebook Marketplace. In many ways, Facebook Marketplace has replaced Craigslist in terms of effectiveness and reach, but I still put it on Craigslist in the for rent and the for sale by owner section, okay. And then a Zillow, I like to put it on Zillow if I can. It's tricky sometimes, but I'll put it in the for rent section if I can get away with it. Systems, what kind of system do you need to do this? What systems would I be using? There's only one, REI Simple that's it. In fact in a minute here why don't I just demonstrate some of that what I would do with that. And then the people, what kind of people do you need? Well, obviously it's just going to be me because I can't afford to pay anybody else yet.

But as soon as I start doing deals and making some money, I'm going to get a virtual assistant. I'm going to be getting a full time dedicated virtual assistant. And by the way, a good place to look for VA's and find some that I like to go to is watch my webinar at SLClass.com and I'll show you, I'm just kidding. But you should still watch my webinar. I love this site called VirtualStaffFinder.com VirtualStaffFinder.com. I don't have any affiliation with them. They're a headhunting agency. They'll go find VA's for you and you can interview them. They think they charge $500 bucks or something like that. But I've had real good success with them, okay. You’re also going eventually need a leasing agent. You know when you start taking applications and taking calls, REI Simple makes a lot of things easy for you, but that's one of the first things you should outsource it.

Outsource it. So why not outsource to a realtor, get a leasing agent to do it for you? I usually pay them anywhere from $500 to a $1,000bucks per deal to find somebody for me. And then the other people, you need a new team are other wholesalers. Why? Because they have dead leads. They have leads that are motivated sellers that have come to them. They don't have enough equity. They're like, I can't help you and they just throw the lead into the woodpile or into the trashcan. Well, those leads could be money for you, especially if you're just getting started and you don't have any money for marketing. I would network with every wholesaler you could find. Go to all the real estate clubs and tell them, listen, if you bring me your leads that don't have any equity, I will do a lease option on and we'll split it 50/50.

I mean, you're going to get a lot of wholesalers and start bringing you their dead leads and you could really make a lot of money doing that. The better you get, then you could say, listen, we're going to need to change the splits. Maybe it's 50% of your net profit, you know, so you can work those kinds of things out. Cool. Now I'm just going to, I'm going to jump on the computer here and show you some things real quick here, but I just want to invite you one more time to go to my free master class at SLOClass.com because I want to be breaking down all of these steps and showing you some really powerful things. In fact, I'm going to jump to my slides here and show you something. My class, I do this every day. If you go to SLOClass.com there's three things I going to be sharing with you, all of this free marketing and there's other things I'm going to show you on the webinar, how you can get more leads than you can handle for free.

I'm going to show you how you can not even worry about competition anymore and how you can get deals under contract over the phone without any competition, without worrying about competitors coming in to get your deals and without having to negotiate on the price. Because many times you can just give the seller whatever price they want. And I'm going to show you how to make money fast because you can sell these deals if you get the right lease option deals, you can sell them lightening fast without even a buyer's list, okay. So check out this webinar, SLClass.com SLOClass.com. Now I'm going to show you a few things here real quick since we've got time and you've got nothing better to do. I'm just kidding. I know you do and I appreciate your time. Well, let's just go do the Zillow here and let's look at one of my favorite zip codes here, 63366.

And I'm just going to look at all of the homes that are listed for rent here. And hopefully you can see this. And I'm going to just click outside of the area to get more. And these are three plus bedroom homes in this little area right here there's 93 of them, okay. And all I'm talking about, it's super simple. You just start going to these homes. Now, even though these are property managers, I would still send them a message and later on as I start making money, I would actually go to the county records and find the mailing address of the property owner and I would send them a letter. That's a whole other topic for another time. But that's something your virtual assistant's can do for you, start sending letters to these people. You know, these are great little homes, you know, and you can send them letters saying, Hey, I saw your property or text messages, I saw your property on Zillow. Looks like a nice house, you wouldn't be interested in selling, would you?

Or you wouldn't be open to maybe leasing it for a year or two and then selling it all right. And I would send messages to all these folks. The next thing I would do is in the, for sale by owner section for sale by owner. I'm only interested in houses like this, right? And by the way, I don't do condos and town homes, but you may be in a market like San Francisco or Chicago or maybe Boston where town homes and condos are more accepted and popular. So don't ignore those. I just do it because in the Midwest where I am in St Louis, it's harder to find buyers for little two bedroom condos, okay. And here you go. You can sort this by newest if you want. That way I'm always looking for just the newest ones that have come on since I was here last.

And you can go here and you can contact these people very easily. Now be careful because a lot of these homeowners they're expecting or they're getting a lot of calls from realtors wondering about, they're listing their house. Well, when I talk to these guys, so Chris Lee hopefully is a owner agent because if he's licensed and he's advertising a property for sale by owner, he can get in big trouble. But you know, I'm going to presume, I'm just assuming he is the owner of this house, right? So I would just contact this guy and find out what's the story? What's the situation? Why is he trying to sell this house? Why not just listed on the MLS? So you go to these sites and you can get phone numbers right there. Boom. This guy is watching you. So be careful when you call him.

Can you see that, okay? Now I'm going to show you how REI Simple works real quick here and I'm going to actually demonstrate some, show you some campaigns that we just actually started doing here in St Louis. We went and hired a scraping company that we teach our students on how to do. And we had them go out and scrape literally 1,200 they went out and scraped Zillow and Craigslist and they scraped over 1200 phone numbers and we put them into REI Simple and I'm going to just do a quick campaign for them right now. We have these 1,163 leads in here, okay. I'm going to just go in here and select 60 of them. These are all properties right now that are in the Zillow that came from Zillow for rent, okay. I selected 60 of them, is that right?

Yes. I'm going to go here and I'm going to change their status to first text sent. I'm going to make sure they're all confirmed. This just tells REI Simple that I can text them messages and I can text them because they put their phone numbers on Zillow all right. Then I'm going to add them to a group called SMS Broadcast and I'm going to actually create a new group here, new group SMS broadcast two, let's just call it that. I'm a select all 60 leads. I want to copy them to that new group that I just did. Now they're in that group. Cool. I'm going to go to Marketing SMS Broadcasts. I'm going to go to SMS Broadcast. I'm going to click compose. I'm going to select that group that I just did. I'm a select the phone number that it's coming from and I'm going to type in, Hey, I saw your house on property address on Zillow.

You wouldn't be open to leasing it for a year and then selling would you? Thanks. Terence is our acquisitions manager, okay. So I'm sending this text out now. Hey, I saw your house on address on Zillow. You wouldn't be open to leasing it for a year and then selling would you? Thanks Terrance. And I'm going to click send broadcast. Now what happens is it creates this broadcast, but it stays compliant because it's not a automated machine that sends out thousands of text messages all at once. I have to manually click the send SMS button one at a time to send these 60 text messages, okay? And we can just see what they kind of look like. Hey, I saw your house on 81 East Elm Street on Zillow. You wouldn't be open to leasing for a year and then selling would you? Thanks Terrance. Okay, and so it's kind of personalized.

If I had their name, I would insert their name in here, but sometimes I don't like this is CJ Real Estate or Go Section Eight, all right. But you know, again, some of these are going to be property managers, realtors. That's okay I don't care. I can still do deals with property managers and realtors and I'm just going to send, I'm just going to click this now 60 times I am halfway there, okay. By the way, eventually you have a virtual assistant do this, right? Let me say one more thing too. I am not actually, I have a spreadsheet that removes the duplicates before I import them into REI Simple, okay.

There we go. I just sent 60 text messages to these sellers all right. Now let's say one of them comes in. We'll look for responses here in a minute. Well, we got one response here, an automated response. It said thanks for your interest. Schedule a showing at, okay. And so this is a property that I'm going to add on to that do not call this cause I don't want to contact them anymore. I'm going to go to the lead details and I'm going to just call this lead dead. Here we go dead.

Let's go back to our next response here and you can see when it has been read. The text response goes not bold anymore, okay. Let's see if we've got some other responses. Okay, so this person, Dana, responded back. Actually the home has already been leased. Thanks for inquiring. I'll say, okay, cool. If you're ever interested in selling the rental, let me know. Alright, now I'm going to go in here to lead details. I'm going to change the status to follow up cold and I'm going to add a task. I'm going to assign it to my acquisitions manager, give it a due date in a month, July 17th you know, another thing I could do is I could also send another text. Do you have any other properties you might be interested in selling or do you know anyone? And they just responded back, will do. Do you know of any other properties that you might be interested in selling or do you know of anyone?

I don't know if this is a realtor or a property manager, but cool I got them in my follow up. So every lead in your CRM should have a task assigned to somebody in the future to follow up with them. And if you want it to, by the way, you can add them inside of REI Simple into an auto responder. I have an auto responder where it could send them emails and text messages for as many as, as long as you want, every week, every day, every month. So you can set it up where it puts them into email and texts auto responders here, okay.

And one of the cool things about REI Simple is right from here, you can actually get a lot of information about the property. You can see the street view, okay. We have the Zillow link in here. You can always go look at some of the details about the property and if it's not as a rental anymore, it's not going to be here anymore, right? Here's somebody that says I'll get back to you tomorrow after speaking with the manager. Very cool. I say, okay, great. I'm going to create a task to follow up with them tomorrow, right?

Sometimes I'll just write fu, to follow up tomorrow. Sometimes you know, you can get some pretty interesting information about these houses here. I'm going to mark this as a lead and you can go here to the links, see a little bit about the property. This is House Springs, Missouri. This is actually way out in the country, but that's okay, that's why I love lease options. Look how far away it is from St Louis. That's probably good. 45 minutes to an hour drive, probably an hour, depending on which way you're going. But guess what, people still want to live out there.

And if you look at this property on satellite, usually it's in an area where there's lots of acreage, although this is not an example of that, but it does back to trees. Get some information here. Sometimes you can get good info depending on if it's in a good area. You can get some information on the actual owner of the property right here, clicking find owner. And you can click this and you can see a company called Sunshine Investments owns it. And I would save this to those fields to the lead right here. So if I wanted to send the owner a letter, I could do that really quickly from right here, okay. So let's see if he's responded. Okay, great. Not yet. All right, well I got to change the status to what? Follow up warm.

Here's the seller that responded back. Jennifer Donnely. Hey Terrance. Yes, I'd be open to that for the right terms and price. So boom, there we go. I'm going to contact this person. I'm actually going to sign it to my acquisitions manager. Call Terrence today. Cool. And change the status of this lead to follow up. Hot. All right. You can see if got some other responses in here. Well, I have one that's on the market for sale right now, which, so Becky responded here while I have one that's on the market for sale now, which is a six bedroom the four bed is for rental. But I think that I'll have a deposit on it tomorrow. So that sounds like a good lead. Why not just call them and follow up, see what's going on with Becky? She's an investor a realtor has a bunch of investment properties, I don't know, but let's call her and find out what's going on, right?

Here's somebody that responded back. Anything's possible parents, it's a matter of seeing with your credit and income and down payment is, and talking to a loan officer that can show me you could get a mortgage in one year. Keep in mind, I've been real estate, home sales for 21 years, so I know everything. So I do know how the mortgage process works as far as buyer qualifications, right? So he doesn't sound very motivated, whoever this person is, but I would still call them anyways. And again, I'm not chasing them. I'm just asking questions and I pull away constantly. I said, well this just doesn't sound like it's going to work for you, it's probably not going to be a good fit. I tell them right away, I'm an investor. I'm looking for an investment property that I can lease for a year or two and then by when I manage the property, you don't have to worry about vacancies or maintenance and repairs.

I'll take care of all of that. If the price works for me and if it's a nice house and if I like it, it's super simple. He says, I don't know, probably not. I need to think about it. I might just say, listen, why don't I send you an offer? You take a look at it and on the webinar at SLOClass.com I'm going to show you the lease option credibility kit that I send to the seller that explains the thing, the lease option program that does the selling for me. It explains it to them and just says, Hey, this is what we do. Here's some frequently asked questions. 

If you're interested, great. If not, no big deal. Keep this for future reference in case circumstances change or you change your mind, right. And then I continue to follow up and follow up with them. Cool. All right, so let's go back to the slides.

Oh, I got one. One more thing I want to show you. Oh, let's just say let's just pick one of these deals and let's go to an old one that I did here. So just as an example, this is Melissa and she has a house in St Peters and I was playing with earlier, this is a demo. And she said, yeah, I'm interested in the lease option. So I put the deal type here to lease option. I filled out some data right here to create a lease option proposal. I clicked a button, let me show you what button I pushed. I went right here to these dots and I click generate document and I selected a document to fill out lease option proposal. 

And then I filled it out and it was attached into the record here and this is what it looks like. And so this is, again, I covered this on the webinar, has a cover letter. It's a simple different options that we can give to them, explains what a lease option is and some of the benefits and then three pages of frequently asked questions. And then at the end it has a list of references that you can put in there.

So from here, I can actually email it to the seller and I can also send it in the physical mail to the seller. So if I wanted to send it in the physical mail, I just type in bot here and boom, I click send email, it will send that attachment in the physical mail first class next day to the seller. It'll print the next business day and send it first class to the seller. And so I like to email sellers the proposal and send it in the physical mail so they have something to hold on to. Emails are too easy to get lost and your competition's not doing that, okay. Cool. All right, let's jump to the slides. I'm going to show you a few things your real quick. The three simple keys to success. All right, number one, model what works, why try a hundred different things when you can just model what works.

Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Find a coach or a mentor that has been there, done that. It's really that simple. It's not that hard, okay. So the next thing I want to talk about is Occam's Razor and it's a scientific principle. It's kind of complicated. I'm just going to break it down real simple. It just means the more complex something is, the less likely it is to work. Or if there's several different solutions to a problem, it's usually the simplest one that is the best, so you have a lot of choices, a lot of paths to take. Just keep it simple. The simplest path is often the best. You could do a hundred different things if you wanted or just keep it simple. Keep the simplest, fastest path to cash and I want to submit to you that that's probably lease options. Third principle is take this seriously.

You've got to commit to learn and then you've got to implement what you learn. You've got to commit to becoming the person you want to be. And a lot of times, committing means investing in yourself. The most important investment you'll ever make are these four inches in between your ears. So you've got to be willing to invest in yourself and say, you know what? It's time to take this seriously. I'm going to do what this thing, this course, this class, whatever says to do. I'm going to stop asking questions, stop trying to dot all my i's and cross all my t's. I'm going to do what this guy says to do. Whether it's me or whoever, and I'm going to do it. I'm going to take this seriously. I'm going to commit. And that's when you'll start seeing success. That's when you'll start doing deals.

I just went real quickly. I have a survey where I ask all of my students, what'd you think of the course? And I just randomly picked three. This is what people are saying about my simple lease options class. Everything is simplified and broken down so we can understand how to make lease options work. It is very well organized. I really appreciate this. The mind maps have been great. It really helps me follow along. By the way, in my course, I give you mine maps and videos and transcripts and audios. You can download or watch them or whatever and you can, there's different ways you can go through everything. The smood, I believe, sorry. He says, Joe explains it very well in easy, understandable language and provides examples of what to say to prospects. Okay, so again, I'm doing a class coming up today at SLOClass.com. I'm going to share with you how to do three marketing to get all more seller leads and you can handle.

I'm going to show you how to get deals under contract on the phone virtually from anywhere in the United States, anywhere in the world without worrying about competition or having to negotiate on price. I'm going to show you how to make money the easiest and fastest way possible by selling your deals lightning fast, without even needing a buyer's list. So go again, depending on where you're seeing this, click the button down below or go to SLOClass.com to watch the webinar today. We'll see you guys. Thanks a lot. Hope you enjoyed this and learned something from it. Bye Bye. Go Blues.

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