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You have some exciting info coming your way on this podcast. You’re going to learn about getting leads from Facebook at almost no cost. You’re going to learn about using Bot Fox.

Bot Fox is compliant with Facebook rules, by the way. We wouldn’t be sharing it if it wasn’t. Primarily, it’s a scheduling bot, which is how it stays compliant with Facebook guidelines.

Kyle Rodgers developed the software, and it works for any kind of sales marketing, not just real estate.

You can find Fox Bot here: https://joemccall.com/bot

Kyle learned about real estate wholesaling from YouTube. He jumped into wholesaling perhaps a little too quickly after his YouTube training. He found the competition was crazy in the Portland market, which gave birth to the Bot Fox idea.

Bot Fox can get you $3,000 worth of views in 30 days without any advertising expense. It can also get you quicker conversion than traditional Facebook ads.

Fox Bot taps into organic Facebook marketing. It’s a loophole that gets you straight in to Facebook groups. Group members see a non-sponsored post that looks like it’s from another member.

The bot cannot send replies or posts to any one person, but it does comment back the next day within the comment space. You reach out directly to respondents yourself using Facebook messenger.

Fox Bot’s comment/response contains a link to a message bot that collects contact information and gathers some info about the property. Or it could provide a link to your company website.

We post to the same group no more than twice a week, and we post to numerous groups on the same day. We use marketplace groups, yard sale groups, etc. Real estate groups just reach agents.

Listen and Learn:

What’s inside:

  • Kyle Rodgers can train only 2 to 3 students per market on Fox Bot.
  • Some Fox Bot posts to Facebook groups get 30 to 40 responses.
  • The bot automatically joins, posts to groups and comments on posts.
  • Kyle shares best practices for using Bot Fox for marketing your wholesaling business.

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Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

Joe: Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast.

Joe: Hey everybody, what's going on? Joe McCall here and I'm with my good friend Kyle Rogers, and we're going to be talking about something super cool. I'm excited about this, and it's not for everybody. I mean, if you hate money, then this isn't for you. But if you want to get more motivated seller leads from Facebook without spending thousands of dollars on Facebook ads, which Facebook ads work, I'm not knocking that, but this is different. And some would say this is better because you can get better-qualified leads and you can set it up where it's automated and it gets done for you. And it costs a lot less than doing Facebook ads.

Joe: Kyle, you there? Can you hear me?

Kyle: Yeah, I can hear you fine.

Joe: Awesome. Hey, everybody on this webinar too, please type in the question box or the chat box, whatever it is, say hello. Tell us that you're here, that you can hear us. We just want to make sure everything's working good. We'll get started in just a minute.

Joe: I want to introduce, excuse me. I want to introduce Kyle to you because one of his students approached me and said, hey, you should check out what this guy's doing with his Bot Fox. Bot Fox, what, what is that? And I checked it out and I said, Huh, this is really interesting. I'm always looking for new creative ways to do marketing and to get motivated seller leads. And I said, hey, listen, Kyle, I like this but before I promote it, I want to test it.

Joe: And we, so we tested it with a couple of our coaching clients, our private one on one coaching clients, and the results have been really, really, really good. In particular Sean in Nebraska within, Oh, I don't remember that… Kyle, do you remember the numbers? Like within a couple of weeks…

Kyle: He got 25 leads in two weeks and then he got two contracts in that in that amount of time as well.

Joe: That's so awesome. And um, I forgot, I don't know the latest numbers from him. I'll message him while we do the Webinar here and see what I can find. But I'm excited about this guys. It works. A lot of the clients that Kyle works with, he doesn't just work with real estate investors, but primarily he does and he's got a lot of clients that are actually getting deals under contract with this Bot Fox.

Joe: And I want to say one more thing too. This isn't black hat spammy. Uh, you're not going to get in trouble with Facebook. This is all compliant. It's all above board. I wouldn't be promoting it if it wasn't. And Kyle's is one of the good dudes. Cool?

Joe: Hey, one more thing. Put away the distractions. Turn off… I know we're talking about Facebook. It's going to be hard, I think, Kyle, isn't it for people to stay off of Facebook while we're doing a webinar about Facebook bots? I want to make, I want to encourage you guys to turn the distractions off and focus. Uh, we will be done within the hour or so, but this is going to be really good. You're going to learn a lot. So get a pen and paper out, get some notes. I'm going to be listening in here, uh, type your questions in the question box. Okay, I'm going to be here as we're doing this now, we are live. And so I'll be answering any questions that you have in the answer box. You know, question answered and what I can't answer, we'll be, uh, Kyle will be answering at the end. Cool. You ready to go, Kyle?

Kyle: I am. And thank you so much for the introduction, Joe. I appreciate it and I definitely appreciate you having me on today. It's an honor and I'm glad that I can give this valuable tool as an offer to your students to help them with, with, you know, the successful things like that you guys are already doing and you already have…

Kyle: So again, my name is Kyle Rogers. I'm the founder and developer of this software, this Bot Fox. And my background goes both into online marketing and real estate wholesaling. Uh, so I have a background in both. Um, I was doing online marketing for a lot longer than I was doing the wholesaling. Um, I've done that most of my career sales, direct sales, and online marketing. Um, but then a couple of years ago, I, I discovered a couple of YouTube videos about wholesaling and I thought it was interesting. I'm like, man, this is so cool. I can get into this, get into this wholesaling game without, uh, any of my own money. Um, you know, I don't have to sit here and have rockstar credit to get some kind of special loan. I can just jump right into this, uh, and, and, and do it. I had no idea that I could do that before and I just consumed all the YouTube videos that I could find and, uh, you know, found out some good information, but I jumped all in thinking that, you know, this is easy. You know, all you got to do is A, B, and C and boom, you're done. You got it. You got $30,000 in your pocket. And I found out that that wasn't the case. It's not always that cut and dry. It's not always that easy. Um, and I went through my own struggles there for a little bit and uh, that that's actually how Bot Fox was born out of, you know, some of the things that I went through and the trials that I went through and I wanted to find deals that were off the radar.

Kyle: I got tired of talking to people that we're talking to, you know, 30 other investors. I got tired of standing in line at the front door at a property because there are so many investors that are waiting to go through the door. That's how it is in Portland guys. I don't know how it is in your market, but uh, when I was doing direct mail and stuff like that, it was ridiculous and I would see stacks and stacks of direct mail on the table walking into these properties. Uh, I knew that that wasn't the way… But what I'm going to go over, uh, I'm not only going to demonstrate what the software is and what it does and show you an under the hood, I'm also going to give you three secrets. Now, these three secrets you guys can take away and actually use them today.

Kyle: If you decide not to go with Bot Fox or, or to do it in the future or whatever, these are three things that you can implement today regardless. And I'm going to give those to you guys and I also have a special offer that I put together for everybody that's on the webinar now. It's a webinar exclusive offer and for those of you that stick to the very end, you're going to get access to that as well.

Kyle: My secret number one is how do we get $3,000 worth of impressions off of, uh, if you're to do paid ads on Facebook, how do we get that with zero ads spent using bots? Again, I'm going to say that again. How do we get $3,000 worth of views from Facebook ads? But we were not paying for Facebook ads. We're not using Facebook ads, but we're giving, we're getting the equivalent amount of views in a 30 day period.

Kyle: And how does one post equal 50,000 free apps? Okay. Secret number two is conversion. How is this getting better conversion and quicker conversion then your traditional Facebook ads? Okay.

Kyle: And then secret number three, compliance. How are we not only stay compliant with the administrators of these groups but we're also staying compliant with Facebook and the rules that they have in place? A lot of you guys hear about fake accounts and bot accounts and how, how Facebook's cracking down on them and it's true, but we're going to go over the different types of bots and what that entails and how you can stay out of trouble. Okay.

Kyle: Now this, this system is something that is amazing. It's something we've gotten excellent results for ourselves and now we're getting results for people all over the United States. This is a screenshot of one of my clients, Donna. You can see here in the conversation to the left, she said within the first 24 hours of making the first post, the very first bot post, she got a deal under contract. Isn't that amazing? One post 24 hours later contract. And then to the right, you can see that she thought that she was going to get a $14,000 assignment fee. I can tell you it wasn't quite that high, but she still put $9,000 in her pocket, which is not bad, especially for a first post from the bot.

Kyle: Now I'm, I'm going to go a little bit deeper into, uh, into my story. Like I said, I, I struggled for a long time and I didn't always have this figured out, but once I did, I was doing deals remotely and helping other people find deals remotely all over the United States. And I wasn't even in the US I was, I was across the globe and I saw that, uh, Joe does some travel too, I saw some of your stuff, Joe. And that's inspiring to me because we've always wanted to travel and it's not something we were able to do for a long time because I was tied down to my local market and I just couldn't do it.

Kyle: But for six months we moved over to Europe, and we sold everything that we owned and went and lived in Air BnBs in Europe for six months straight, Uh, started out in Italy. Like I said, I was doing online marketing and I was doing okay with that, but I wanted to do bigger things and I wanted to, uh, I wanted to get, um, you know, to the next level in my life. So I just started pushing myself hard and learning about this wholesaling thing.

Kyle: And I, I took, I took a course from, from a guy in Portland. Uh, he's one of the biggest wholesalers around. In fact, he does, uh, last I checked, he what he was doing about $2 million worth of deals, um, in a year within Portland off of wholesale deals. So this guy is huge. And, uh, I took his course and I'm sure there's good information in there, but I felt like everything that he was telling me to do, everybody else was already doing. And that, that was a cold call, you know, work in a list, do in direct mail, putting up bandit signs. Um, that's, I mean that's what I feel a lot of people are teaching, cause I went and looked at a lot of different uh, methods and everybody was kind of teaching the same thing. So I'm like, okay, there must be some truth to this. And you know, I was able to get some action from the phones, but from bandit signs and direct mail, nothing.

Kyle: You know, I, I was uh, I went hard. In fact, I didn't have money for all, all these, uh, to buy all these lists and skip trace and stuff like that. So I actually went and found a partner. I went and I'm like, I know I need a mentor. I know I need a partner, so I'm going to go online. I did a Google search for ‘sale my house fast cash, Portland' and I went down the list, and I started calling the numbers that were at the top of the Google search results. A lot of them were lawn care sites.

Kyle: But, uh, the, the second number I called, I got in contact with the person. And you know, he decided to take me under his wing and make me an acquisitions manager, so I was getting 10% of the deals. And in addition to that, he was paying me weekly, salary… Or draw weekly draw, and it was going to come out of my commissions, but it helped keep me afloat while I figured this game out.

Kyle: In addition to that, he helped pay for my marketing and we had a split it in the end, but we, he helped me pay for all of these different methods, most expensive being direct mail. We ended up spending, uh, it was, it was a $40,000 on a direct mail campaign and over the course of about four or five months, I mean, we were just dumping or he was dumping money into it. And you know, I was getting angry phone calls. I was getting people calling me, cussing me out, people calling me threatening to call the cops because everybody in town is harassing them as getting people's scribbling on the mail and ripping the mail because they're scribbling so hard and scribbling profanity on it and sending it back. And I'm like, there has to be a better way.

Kyle: Oh, I did get, I did get a couple of people that were interested, but I went out and saw their property and like I said, there was literally a line that's not a joke. This is this not, you know, just an image that I'm trying to present. That's how it went. There's actually a line going out the door and a stack of letters on the table. Okay. There's not much I can do in that situation. I'm going to be outbid every single time. And I recognize that. So after going for months and not getting a single deal from these methods, I was devastated.

Kyle: Luckily I was able to, uh, you know, just barely break even and make a little bit more than that because I found a couple of deals. Guess where I found them? It was online. It was on Facebook. It was on Craigslist. So, so I, and I put minimal effort into that because I was mostly trying to do what these gurus are telling me to do. So that's where I was, I was just sitting there with my head, my hands just devastated.

Kyle: I'm like, ah, oh, 80 hour weeks working nonstop, just grinding and grinding and barely any money to show for it. You know, I was making barely over minimum wage when I did the math and I was just like, this isn't worth it. I'm killing myself and I'm not making any money here. Like it's just is not working. And I, I started to think if this was even for me is what I'm even going to do.

Kyle: But I knew there was something I was missing. I knew that there was a way to find deals off the radar, off the map that nobody else was working. And I knew that was online, you know, so I, I fell back onto my online marketing expertise, you know, Google ads, Facebook ads, but those have gotten expensive. Those, you know, you get results from those, but they're pricey, you know, and they're, they're kind of a long game. You have to use the pixel and retargeting and stuff like that.

Kyle: So I'm like that there has to be a way around this paywall of Facebook. I have to be able to get in front of these same people organically without spending a fortune on Facebook ads. How can I do it? And then the light clicked on. Facebook groups, Facebook groups. It's, it's an open platform where anybody can talk, anybody can post, you know, they don't want you to be spammy and they don't want you to self promote post ads. But if you can do it in a way that's compliant, imagine what kind of power that would have and that would give you.

Kyle: So I started messing around with it and going on groups and doing posts manually at first. And I had immediate results. I was just of a sudden having more leads than anything else I was ever done by far. And to me I'm like, yeah, this is it. But it was time-consuming doing it manually because on Facebook you can't do anything with speed. They'll think you're a spambot. If you go, if you go in a, if you join a bunch of groups real quick all at once, and then you go and post and let's say 20 groups all at once, there's a chance you could end up in a place called Facebook jail. Now I'm going to show you guys a few secrets that you can use in groups right now to test out, but or after the Webinar Butts, uh, it comes with a word of warning. Be careful because if you don't do it right, you can end up in Facebook jail. Now, Facebook jail means that you cannot post in groups that you don't own it for up to two weeks.

Kyle: It's not a place that you want to be a so. So you have to move slowly and spread things out. You have done a post and wait 45 minutes, do another post, wait an hour, do another post. And to do that, it's very tedious if you're doing it manually. So I knew I had to automate the system. That's where Box Fox was born. Box Fox is an amazing tool. It works on mobile devices. These are actual screenshots from a mobile device. And you can see this, this is from one day in one campaign. Each one of these lines that says view post, represents a post in a group. And then the numbers to the right of that represents how many engagements or how many comments. And you can see that I have four right there at the top and top left. Uh, then on the third one down 12, the very bottom one, you have a 16, you have eight engagements right above that.

Kyle: So this is from one day, one client. If you add all of these together, that's 80 engagements in one day. 80 engagements in one day, $0 spent on paid ads. Is that amazing? How much money would you have to spend on ads for 80 engagements? That's, that's rocking guys.

Kyle: Okay, so, so let's get away from these, these slides and let's just jump right into this. I want to show you guys what the software is all about and what it looks like. Okay? So, so, it's, it's simple. There's this thing that what sets it apart is it's not a messenger bot. It doesn't go on, it doesn't talk to people. It doesn't have programmed keywords and it doesn't have AI, okay. What it does is very simple. It automatically joins groups. It can join anywhere from 12 to 24 groups in a 24 hour period, okay? It automatically posts in groups on Facebook and it automatically comments on its own posts.

Kyle: So when you log in and you look at the interface, you can see that you have your Facebook here and you have your groups down here. Now I want to go over a secret number one. I'm going to start to go over the secrets right now since we're looking at the software. So secret number one, how do we get $3,000 worth of Facebook ads without paying for Facebook ads? The answer is groups. Look how big these groups are guys. The types of groups that we hit, we actually stay away from real estate related groups and uh, and definitely not investor groups, real estate for sale groups we're not really hitting because the only thing you're going to find in that is other real estate agents and other investors. Right? So you're not gonna get a lot of good leads. That's a good place to find buyers, which by the way, we can also help you do, I have a, I have some clients that will find both ends of the deal using the bot. They'll do this remotely. They'll find the seller using the bot and they go and find the buyer using the bot.

Kyle: But where you want to find sellers, those are garage sale groups. Think about it. If you guys are driving for dollars or something like that and you see a garage sale, you're told to go and stop and talk to them because garage sales that somebody, you know, they could be in need of cash or they're in transition, right? There's some reason they're trying to sell this stuff within the house. Find out what that reason is. And this does it on a huge scale in the digital world, right? So we're hitting up garage sale groups, yard sale groups, furniture sale groups, those types of groups, marketplace type groups. That's where you're going to get the best results. Okay? And look how large these groups are. You know this one, we have 11,000 members. This one has 29,000 members. This one down here has 36,000 members, right? This one, this one here, guys, 98,000 members in Jacksonville, Florida.

Kyle: That's crazy. That's, that's, that's almost a hundred thousand people, individuals that you can post in that group and get in front of for free. So because of this thing is posting with such frequency, day in, day out, seven days a week, nonstop on average, we're getting anywhere from, from 300,000 to 400,000 views per month, you know, so that's a lot of eyeballs. And that's happening because this thing you click that, it selects the groups, right? You come in here, you tell it what you want, want it to post. And what we're going to post, this helps us get into secret number two, which is conversion.

Kyle: How are we going to get a better conversion than your traditional ads? Well, let's see. Traditional ads, a lot of the times they're images or they're videos, right? They're slick and they're kind of, they look like marketing pieces. Uh, but when somebody posts, like from the friend's group or within the marketplace, a lot of the times they post differently. It doesn't look the same as an ad. And it looks like it looks more personalized. Right? And in addition to that, it doesn't say sponsored post on it. It doesn't tell them it's an ad because it's not an ad. It's actually a post from somebody within their network.

Kyle: So this thing is posting a day in, day out, seven days a week in these massive, huge groups. That's how we're getting so many eyeballs and it's getting better conversion because it doesn't say sponsored posts and it just looks like somebody's looking for a house. It doesn't look like a business. It doesn't look spammy. Right?

Kyle: Imagine you, you know, some of you use these groups so you know how effective they can be. Imagine if you had an employee come in every day and you have them work 12 hour days, seven days a week. They never took a day off and they never called in sick and they were just hitting groups and working for these groups. How much power would that give your business? So imagine that that's what this does. Bot Fox does that for you. Okay.

Kyle: Now secret number three is compliance. How are we staying compliant? Well, because of this post, because it's, you know, it just looks like somebody looking for a house. It's much, you know, it doesn't look like a business promotion. It looks like you're just house hunting and within a lot of these yards on garage sale groups, that's completely fine. They let you post things like that all day long. So, um, so it's compliant.

Kyle: And also how are we staying compliant with Facebook? Cause I've heard Facebook's cracking down on bots and the cracking down on fake accounts. Correct. Those are different kinds of bots. Those are called spam bots and they were kind of like an email blast and they would blast out all groups at once.

Kyle: In addition to that, uh, people are using fake accounts. Bot Fox does not use fake accounts. They use actual Facebook accounts, real accounts. They can connect to your account just like, you know, say, a messenger bot. Like Manychat connects right to your account. Bot Fox does the same thing. Okay. And then it also schedules them out. So all it is is a scheduling app. It's almost like, what's that one… Hootsuite. Hootsuite is an app that allows you to schedule your social media posts on pages that you own.

Kyle: What sets Bot Fox apart is it allows you to schedule posts on pages that you don't own, which is huge, but it is just a simple scheduling app. So it's allowed because it spreads things out. So what we'll do is, we'll put an interval. It'll be between 45 minutes and an hour between each post that has a delay, and then we'll pause it after around 13 groups that have posted in a day. And then we'll pause it for 24 hours and then it will start again and start doing the next one.

Kyle: And it'll just start going through one by one on this list that you selected, right? And start posting in these massive groups and getting these out there and then getting your engagement. Okay. So again, this automatically joins groups, automatically posts in the groups, and automatically comments on its own posts. So once this is posting within these groups, people will start to comment on it, say I'm interested or I have a house or, they'll like it.

Kyle: So the next day, what this bot will do is it will go automatically drop a comment back to everybody and it will drop a link to your landing page, or your messenger bot, or whatever you have set up. So it'll go through and it'll drop that link so people can click on that link. You know, if they didn't reach out to you and they can go in and fill out the web form and then it gets pushed to you. The auto comment, it's kind of a cool little feature, but I always like to set expectations and also tell people don't rely on it. You know, if you're using it, you want to be aggressive, you want to instant message people.

Kyle: If they're telling you down here in the comments and they're saying, I want to sell my house, you know, you have to send them a private message. Don't wait for them to opt into a web form or click on a link, you won't get deals that way. You have to go through in your analytics on Bot Fox and you can see how many comments you're getting from people that say that they have a house, you click on view post and then you can go to scan through those leads and then send them a private message. Super easy, super simple. And it keeps it organized so you don't lose them all around Facebook. Okay.

Kyle: So that's how we're, that's how we're getting those results. And uh, you know, that's, that's pretty much the gist of it. That's what it will do; automatically post automatically join groups and automatically comment.

Kyle: A lot of the times we're getting anywhere from one to two deals within just the first 30 days. The reason it's so quick isn't just because of how many people you're getting in front of. It's, because, you know, the way that they're set up, it's very non-spammy and people engage with it better and then you're not sending, like… With a paid ad, you're sending people to a landing page a lot of the times or a messenger bot, which a lot of people they'll click on, they'll go to, and then it doesn't convert. Right. A lot of people will run into that issue that they're like, my funnel's not converting or my landing page is not converting. I can see people are clicking, but I'm not capturing information. Well, this skips all of that, bypasses all of that, gets you right into the conversation with them on messenger, which a lot of the times people… when they're using messenger these days on their cell phones, it's the same as a text. You know, they hear it ring, they pull it up, they see that chat bubble, they open it, boom, texts on their phone.

Kyle: So this is as good as direct texting people and what's considered a lead… what we consider leads is somebody that has a property that's not on the market, it's not on the MLS and it's not under contract by another wholesaler, and it's the seller coming up to you directly and saying, Hey, I want to sell my off market property. Isn't that exciting? That's as warm of a lead as it gets. They're approaching you, they're going to you, not you go into them. So that's just, that's what makes it so great. And then when you send a direct message, a lot of them are getting them on their cell phones.

Kyle: You're in, you know, you've got them at that point. All right. But a lot of you guys at this point are probably wondering, okay. So, so it sounds cool. It sounds like you got some pretty cool stuff going on, but let's get down to it. What are you offering? What's the pricing? How does it work?

Kyle: Okay, so, um, the, we have a couple of different levels of service, and these are retail prices you guys, because you stuck with me to the end and thank you so much for being here with me, you guys are going to get a special offer, but our retail prices, lead generation bots done for you, full management is 1500 a month. And what that means is that you don't have to learn the software, you don't have to do any of that. The only thing you have to do is work the leads.

Kyle: So we're doing the group research; we're joining the groups; we're posting in the groups; we're coming up with the post copy; we're split testing the groups; we're split testing the post copy; we're dropping the auto comment in the comments and handling all of that top to bottom full management for 1500 a month. And we guarantee leads with that. That's a guarantee lead or your money back.

Kyle: Okay. Now, uh, what I'm going to give you guys in addition to that is click funnels landing page. Now, this is a squeeze page that you can use to capture leads. You can use it in the bot campaign, we can have it on the auto comments or you can use it wherever you like. But this is a landing page built on click funnels. And, um, for those we charge $1,000 retail.

Kyle: Same thing with the messenger bot. We're going to throw that in for you guys too. We're actually going to program the messenger bot, we're going to program the keywords, we're going to… you get the, get the script written out and the automated follow-up, and that's another thing charge $1,000 retail for. If somebody comes to us and they want to get a just the messenger bot, that's what we're charging for it.

Kyle: Now, the email drip campaign. Okay. That's also something that we designed and throw in for you and that's part of the click funnels campaign is your automated follow-up sequences. Okay?

Kyle: In addition to that, I'm also going to throw in 30 days of live coaching, lead generation bots and lead conversion. So what that's going to be is live webinars that all you guys that came on, you join me for 30 days on live webinars that are also recorded. So if you can't make the live, you get the recorded, and we're going to be going through each step of using the Bot as a group, like holding your hand and taking you through it step by step to make sure that, that everything's being done right and groups are being worked the right way and that we're going to get the best results.

Kyle: Okay. So, so, so for that live coaching… this was something that I was drawing out and looking to, uh, to, to sell as an event. And the price range that I was going to put it out for was $5,000. But because we're doing this, this webinar and we're doing things, you know, with Joe McCall and, you know, your students, Joe, I decided to throw it in for free. I'm just going to throw that in for anybody that's on this webinar that decides to move forward, you guys are going to get 30 days, live coaching, lead generation for free.

Kyle: Okay? Now let me ask you a couple of questions. If all that this did was bring you five to 10 off sellers to talk to every week, would it be worth it? And that's what we're getting. In some markets, it's three to seven per day off-market leads. So if all that this did was bring you five to 10 off-market seller leads every week, would it be worth it? At the, at, at the cost of everything together up there?

Kyle: If all that this did was allow you to never make a cold call again, would it be worth it? The answer is, of course, you know, and all of these things separately if you're going to get the $5,000 for the 30 days coaching, a thousand for the bot, a thousand for the page, all of that is worth it. If you were to pay retail price, if it were to give you just those two things, but what I'm going to charge you guys, or what I'm going to offer you guys is the webinar exclusive offer.

Kyle: You get all of that for free, including altogether, for just the regular price, $1,500 for full management. Also, I have done it yourself prices for those of you guys that are more into the, you want to take the course and you want to do it, do it yourself model. Our do it yourself model at retail price is $897 for the first month and $297 a month after that. And that comes with the course. That comes with the advanced course that lays out exactly how to do this, how to run them yourself. Everything that we do in full management, it lays it out step by step so that you can just duplicate the process and do it yourself. And you're only paying $297 a month for that on do it yourself. So again, that's, that's $897 for the first month, $297 after that.

Kyle: But the webinar exclusive offer that I'm giving you guys instead, it's going to be three months of do it yourself with the in-depth course included for $999. Okay? You're going to get three months plus the course. So essentially you're getting two free months on top of the self-management, plus you still get the 30 days live coaching lead generation training.

Kyle: Okay. So, so those are the two offers I'm rolling out. I'm going to go ahead and open this up to you, Joe, and Q and A. And while I do that, I'm going to drop… oh, you already did. Okay. So Joe dropped the link for the offer right here in the chat, guys. So you can click on that offer and come over here and you can see that here's, here's a video that just kinda goes over who we are and my story.

Kyle: And then the price here and then you can come down here and go to the testimonials. So we've got the video testimonials in different results. We also have screenshots of results down here, but I'm going to go ahead and open this up to you, Joe, for Q and A.

Joe: This is so awesome. People aren't used to short webinars like this, Kyle. I love short webinars and here you are. This is so simple. It's so simple. If you want more leads, he can't promise you anything but, you know, clients are getting five to 10 leads a week from these Facebook groups. It's really simple. This thing will auto… and by the way, we got your questions here, type them in. Well, I've been responding to a lot of people as we are going through this here. But it will go through, find the groups for you. Will auto join them. It'll auto post, and it'll auto post things that are not spammy. Right? It won't be saying, Hey, we buy houses, sell house fast, we pay cash and gives a link for people. That sounds totally spammy, but it asks questions, is really all it's doing. It's posting one or two sentences asking a question, soliciting a response. And then it helps you manage the responses, and then auto post repost or I mean, sorry, auto comment back on the post to kind of get it back to the top of page one. Right?

Kyle: Yeah. I'm glad you said that. That's really the point of that. A lot of people will say, well, it drops a link. I want people to opt into the landing page. That's not the point of this marketing. That's there kind of as an extra catch. But the, I mean, the auto comment, what Joe just said, bumping it up to the top of the, uh, the group. That's really the point of it.

Joe: So good. We've got some questions here, Kyle. Is there a monthly fee after the do it yourself $1,500 fee.

Kyle: So do it yourself is $999, uh, for this special offer. That gets you three months plus the course. So three months of do it yourself, plus the lifetime access to the in-depth course. And then it's $297 a month after that.

Joe: Okay. So it's $297 a month after the three months to maintain the software to have access to the software, right?

Kyle: Correct. And to put it perspective, the retail price is $897 just for the first month and the course.

Joe: Let's also put this in perspective. Let's say we get a calculator out here and we are going to do, let's say you get five leads a week, conservatively, how much direct mail would you need to do to get five leads a week? Right? So five, you're doing an average of point half of 1% response rate with postcards right now. You'd have to send a thousand postcards to get, five leads a week. Now times four, that's 4,000 postcards a month. And if postcards cost 45 cents, you're looking at $1,800 that you'd have to spend to get the same number of leads. So you're spending $297 a month to get five leads, 20 leads a month approximately. You know, no guarantees, right? But you're spending $297 a month to get 20 leads a month. Or you can spend $1,800 a month to maybe get the same amount of leads with direct mail, if I'm looking at my numbers, right.

Joe: Yeah. Something like that. Right? So it's a marketing expense and you're going to spend it some way one way or the other. And so if you, if leads are what you want, the cost per lead that you need to look at is the important thing here. You know, Facebook ads are good, but you're spending, you know, $50 to $100 maybe per lead from Facebook. You're going to do deals from it. But the cost per lead is so much cheaper with this.

Joe: So this isn't something that replaces direct mail. It's not something that replaces Facebook ads. It doesn't replace cold calling or whatever you're doing, it's something that you need to add onto it. This is another source of leads that not too many people are doing. And this gets you right to the sellers immediately. I want to clarify too, this is not sending anything to the Facebook groups, the real estate groups, I mean. So we're not going to wholesaling houses full time. We're not going to the realtor Facebook groups or whatever. We're going to the garage sale types of groups. Those are the best ones and they're also the biggest, they're huge. And we're just posting questions in there. So, let's go to some more questions here. Let me open this up here.

Joe: Can you explain the done for you price? Is that for only one month and how much is it after that?

Kyle: Okay so the done for you retail is $1500 each month. Okay. So this is $1500 for 30 days. But in addition to that, we're doing the click funnels landing page, the messenger bot, the email drip campaign, plus the 30 days live coaching lead generation bots, lead conversion training.

Joe: Okay. Can you say that one more time?

Kyle: Okay. So $1,500 a month for full management, and that's guaranteed leads.

Joe: All right, so another question here. Can you use something like this for lease option deals?

Joe: Definitely 100%. Yes. So you wouldn't even really change the messages that much. You wouldn't say, Hey, I'm looking for a lease option. You would just say, I'm looking for somebody who's got a house to sell. I'm looking for a house to buy. You could even say, hey, we're looking for, we're looking for a house that maybe we can lease on a longterm basis and then buy. I mean, you could test that, it's not going to hurt, right? But you want to make it sound like it's coming from a person. It's not an ad. Right? You wanna make it sound like it's coming from a regular user that's on that website.

Joe: How many markets can you address with the $1,500 a month program? Ryan is asking.

Kyle: Okay, so generally we like to focus on one each month that way… because remember, Facebook limits how many we can, how many groups we can post it, which is about 13 per day. And I have some people say, well, why can't we have more than that? You might, but the rules aren't hard and fast. Sometimes Facebook will get you, especially if you're doing it consistently. So we keep it at 13 per day. That's the sweet spot. 13 groups per day. And you have to decide, do I want to post in 13 groups within one market or do I want to try to split it up between two markets, because we can do to markets, but that's tops. We'll split it up into two markets and no more than that. Otherwise, it'd be stretching yourself too thin.

Joe: Oh, this is a great idea from Phillip. I love this. He says I have an idea to offer this as an exclusive service to local wholesalers. I provide the leads, they close them and either charges them a monthly fee or split the profits. Is that something you would consider doing as a viable offer?

Joe: In other words, this guy is asking, could I offer this as a service? I could be a lead generating marketing agency for local wholesalers and give them the leads. Either split the profits are charged them a charge them extra money higher than what I'm paying you. Does that make sense?

Kyle: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Like a white label kind of thing.

Joe: Oh, I love that idea. Yeah, certainly. Good idea.

Joe: Okay. The question has to do with, do the free additions like the click funnels landing page and the messenger bot, does that continue after the first month for the same $1,500 a month price?

Kyle: Yes. Those are yours forever. They're yours forever. Even if you decide to part ways, you still keep them.

Joe: Okay. The done for you price, is that only for one month and how much is it after that? So the done for you is $1,500 a month. Cool. How many markets we did that… How do we, do we find the groups or does the bot software find the groups?

Kyle: So there is no artificial intelligence in this yet. You have to find the groups. Bot Fox is just a simple scheduling app. That's it. That's all it is. You have to tell it what to do. It just goes and spreads things out to keep you out of trouble. That's all it is. So on full management though, on done for you, we're doing all of that for you. We're doing the group research.

Joe: Yeah. Okay. If somebody wants to themselves, how do they find groups? Is there tools or tricks to go find their groups?

Kyle: Yes. And that's part of the course as we show you exactly how to search for the groups, which ones that you want to hit, which, and then we show you, show you the tricks to spot if it's even a good group. Because just because it's a big group doesn't always mean it's a good group to post in.

Joe: All right. Good. Guys, if you're interested in this, you want to get more information, just go to Joemccall.com/bot. Joemccall.com/bot, the link is in the chat, Joemccall.com/box.

Joe: Jonathan's asking can you do this as a real estate agent?

Kyle: Yes, absolutely. I'm glad that he asked that. We work with many agents. Some of our agents actually do both wholesaling and they'll do retail. So what they'll do is they'll try to, you know, do a wholesale deal. And then if they can't make it make sense, they'll turn it into a listing appointment. They'll say, well, I can help you with… This is too retail for me. I can help you move this and then you it into a listing after that.

Kyle: Now if you are not investing at all and you just want listings, there's a way to do this too. You just… We have a couple of agents that use a couple of different scripts. One of them being, just a simple, hey, is anybody selling in the area? That's it. And then you get people responding. Very, very similar. Yeah. I mean cause you still get people to respond. And then the other one that gets a little less response, but the warmer response is asking if anybody wants to know the value of their house.

Joe: Good. Is it possible to integrate the systems, this system with CRMs?

Kyle: Yeah, absolutely. So as far as the funnel, click funnels, they have integrations that go to, you know, you can hook it up to Podio or whatever as long as you're using like web… If it can, if your CRM has a web hook and stuff like that. Yeah, you can definitely do that.

Joe: Through using Zapier or something like that?

Kyle: Correct.

Joe: You can also just have it email notifications to send to your CRM. Right?

Kyle: Right. Yeah, but I know that not all CRM support that.

Joe: Brian's asking about REI Simple, my CRM. Yes. So REI Simple has an email to app functionality. So you can email notifications to your REI Simple to a specific campaign and it'll add that email in as a new lead. Cool.

Joe: Ryan is asking, how do you auto join groups and how do you know which groups you are auto joining?

Kyle: Okay. So, um, what the bot does to auto join groups, you come into here auto join groups and then you click on join groups schedule, and then you select your Facebook account. You put in the delay for every five minutes. That's good. You can leave that, pause after 12 join requests, and resume after 12 hours. That's good. You can leave that. Then you click the start date, upload the CSV file with the group Ids, hit save, boom. You're done. Simple.

Joe: Very cool. All right. Keep all the questions coming. Can I advertise my contract for release option? Hm. How would you advertise for buyers? I guess maybe is the question.

Kyle: Retail buyers?

Joe: Or tenant buyers for lease option deals.

Kyle: That's something that we haven't explored, really. That's not something we've done a lot of. Advertising for an open house and stuff. We've done a little bit of that.

Joe: You could do something like, hey, I've got… I have a rental property in Kirkwood, anybody looking? Does anybody know anybody who's looking for a house to rent in Kirkwood? Like whatever the city little community is, you could do something like that, couldn't you?

Kyle: Yeah, absolutely. The point is you still have all these eyeballs, right? Just got to get in front of them to get them to buy.

Joe: I guess a good way to look at it is as if you were sitting down typing, pretend you weren't an investor. Okay. Take your investor hat or realtor hat off. What would somebody like down the street post on one of these groups if they were trying to like find a buyer for their house or something like that? Or hey, I'm helping a friend out. He's looking for a tenant… he's looking to lease his property in Kirkwood. Anybody know anybody looking for a property looking for a house there, something like that. Right.

Joe: Somebody else, Tony is saying, hey, I'm a lender, a mortgage broker. Could this work to find buyers? Do you have any ideas on how to find buyers like that?

Kyle: Yeah. Yeah. Big time. So I've got a couple of clients that do that. And they use wholesaling groups and investor groups to find people to lend money to.

Joe: Hmm. What would be an example message one might post to that?

Kyle: Just a simple, hey, is anybody out there looking for hard money, or is anybody looking for a lender and… is anybody looking to fund their deal. That's a really good one. Anybody looking to fund their deal? And then you get hits based off of that within investor groups. And if you're looking for a certain market only, there's actually market specific investor groups that you can hit.

Joe: Good, good. When you… with the done for you price, will I get the materials if I want to do it yourself later?

Kyle: Yeah, absolutely. So if you decide to downgrade to a do it yourself, you can absolutely do that. And I think, I think the question too is when I get the course, um, yeah, you know, I would comp you with the course and give you the course for free if you're, if you're already on full management and you're just downgrading to do it yourself. That's something that I do all the time. I just switched people over and then giving them access to the course. So I feel like the courses necessarily, you need it to have success.

Joe: Good. Another question. What's the difference between the messenger bot and the Bot Fox?

Kyle: So messenger bot does not post in groups. In fact, messenger bots have nothing to do with groups at all. What messenger bots are is they are on your Facebook page, your business page. And when somebody sends a message, a direct message on messenger to your business page, the messenger bot is designed to have predetermined responses.

Kyle: And also if you use certain keywords, then it will respond based off of you using that keyword. It will have a predetermined response and this… But in order for somebody to engage it, they have to go and find your business page and they have to send that business page a direct message in order to make it happen. So it's, it's an autoresponder on messenger is what that is. Whereas Bot Fox is a group posting app, completely different.

Joe: Okay. Mark is asking if is it possible to see what one of the landing pages look like and how does that tie into the messenger bots? Can you maybe explain that a little more?

Kyle: Unfortunately I wasn't prepared for the landing pad. I don't have it open right now, but, uh, how it works is it basically says guaranteed cash offer and quick close, and they can put, you can put your video on it if you have a video or, or testimonial videos. We really like to put those up top. And it's just a real simple page with very little distractions. And that's the whole point of funnels is versus like an encore at the page to have less distractions, less buttons to push.

Joe: Good. Good. What are some other industries or ways that people can use this outside of just real estate investing? We talked a little bit about as a lender, as a realtor, what else?

Kyle: You guys notice how you see contractors all over? For those of you that aren't already in groups, you won't know this, but for those of you that are in these marketplace groups, you see contractors all over. So that's one good thing that we do. We have one guy that does windows. We have another guy that does roofing. And I also have, I saw education, I use, I use bots to sell bots, actually I do zero paid ads for Box Fox. I haven't spent a dime on Facebook ads since I launched this company. I exclusively use bots to advertise bots. And, the company's blown up, you know, we've had tremendous success.

Kyle: You know, sometimes just more traffic than we would even… We don't want to go pay for Facebook ads to get more traffic because we're getting enough traffic already with bots. So that's one good thing. It does, you know, pretty much anything. I also have a guy that sold an app, a dog training app, and he uses groups for that.

Joe: Really cool. Cool. All right. Let's see, what else do we have here? Any other questions guys? Can you advertise for JV money or like I'm assuming private money or whatnot? Uh, yes. You can maybe… What's an example of something you could say if you're looking to borrow some money on a deal?

Kyle: Um, you would say something like, I have a deal. I'm trying to rehab, looking for funding.

Joe: Or you could say I'm looking for somebody to partner with.

Kyle: Yeah, right. Yeah, exactly.

Joe: You gotta be careful about soliciting from private money, but it could be, you could just say, hey, I got a deal. I'm trying to rehab and looking for somebody to partner with on this deal or partner with. Or it could be, hey, you've seen [inaudible] that whatever most popular flip that house show is right now, you could say something like, you know, what those guys do at Fix or Flop. I've just bought a rehab property, like one of those and I'm looking for somebody to partner with, right?

Kyle: Yup, Yup. Exactly.

Joe: Somebody else is asking what are, what are some other fees that are associated with the program after you do it yourself, for the do it yourself side.

Kyle: So the do it yourself offer is $999 for three months and the course with lifetime access, and then it's $297 a month after that.

Joe: Okay. Cool. Anything else you see, any questions or you want to answer? How about from Bob? How long has Bot Fox been available?

Kyle: Uh, so Bot Fox has been around for about a year. Just under a year. It's a pretty, pretty new technology. I actually didn't design it for the open market, I designed it for myself.

Joe: Yeah. All right, cool guys. I, that's all the questions I see here. Okay, so say I already have a clickfunnels account. Yeah. If you're doing the done for you, they'll just use the current existing click funnels account that you have if you want.

Kyle: Correct. And if you don't have a click funnels account, we just post it on ours so you don't have to pay for it.

Joe: Nice. Somebody just signed up. When do we get started? Mark is asking. That's awesome, Mark.

Kyle: Awesome. Mark. You'll be getting a phone call within the hour and getting onboarding. So anybody that's getting started, expect a phone call within the hour and this offer is going to be good for 24 hours. So make sure that you jump on it. It'll be good for the next 24 hours. And once you sign up we'll get you rocking and rolling.

Joe: Awesome. Lighton has a good idea here, he says to get a tenet buyer you could put a message out that you're selling a house with owner financing. I like that.

Kyle: Yeah.

Joe: Cool. Just don't make it sound spammy. Will there be a replay I just got on? I don't know yet. It depends on if the quality of the recording is good. Maybe. John is asking, do I still pay the $297 for click funnels to you? I'm not sure I understand that.

Kyle: Say that one more time.

Joe: John is asking, do I still pay the $297 to you? I guess he's already has a click funnels account.

Kyle: Got It. No, no, no. So you'll still have to pay click funnels $297. Yeah. And then we just transfer it over to your account. And maybe he's saying, can I host it on yours so that he doesn't have to pay the $297? Uh, yeah, you could. I wouldn't suggest getting rid of click funnels. Click funnels is an amazing tool. It's what I use.

Joe: Is there a cheaper version?

Kyle: Of click funnels? I don't, I feel like click funnels for what it is, I give $99 a month. That's sweet for what you're getting. But like I said, if you don't have a clickfunnels account, don't worry about any of that. It's just going to be on ours. We're going to host your landing page on our account so you don't have to get it.

Joe: Okay, cool beans. All right guys, if you're interested in this, go to Joemccall.com/bot. This is, this could be a way for you to get some new leads that you've been trying to get that's not going to cost you an arm and a leg like direct mail does or Facebook ads, et cetera. So check it out. Let's see here.

Joe: Okay, so a lot of you guys are asking about replays. There will be a replay page. Just check your email, we'll email everybody out the replay. So awesome. Hey, thank you very much, Kyle. Appreciate it guys. Again, go to Joemccall.com/bot. Joemccall.com/bot. You get more information about this and Kyle and his team will get on the phone and talk with you right away. Okay. Thank you, Kyle. Appreciate it, man.

Kyle: Yeah, thanks a lot, Joe. I really appreciate you having me on here and, thank you guys, everybody for coming and sitting with us on this Friday and it was a lot of fun.

Joe: All right, we'll see you guys. Bye, bye.

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