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Welcome to the podcast! Today Gavin and I are on a coaching call with student Ryan Schwab, whose target market is Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We believe you can benefit from these calls just as if you were the student involved; our goal is to help people grow and do more deals. My agenda in all courses and coaching is to increase cash flow and decrease overwhelm.

Ryan took my Simple Lease Options course and also completed our Business Setup Challenge and, for that, he’s getting a refund of the course fees.

Ryan makes 10-15 offers a week even though he still works full time. That’s great! And he uses virtually all the automation features on REI Simple. Also great.

After contacting leads using SMS, he’s calling those that said yes and maybe. I recommend that he also call the people who say no. Something may have happened since that 1st contact to make that rental unappealing.

Don’t immediately try to educate seller leads about lease options. Instead, ask more general questions about why they are considering a sale. You need to find out what they find painful about the property.

Once you know the pain point, offer a solution for it. Does the seller have an emotional or familial attachment to the property? Has he had trouble with repairs or tenants? Find out.

Follow up with every lead using REI Simple. Keep good notes so you can remind the individual of your last conversation. A little time and a lot of follow-ups can firm up a seller’s resolve to complete the sale.

I recommend that Ryan get a VA as soon as he can. The VA can learn REI Simple and do lead management and follow-up. He needs to free up his time to work on high-dollar tasks.

Listen and Learn:

What’s inside:

  • Make more money and keep it simple using marketing, automation and delegation.
  • Potential sellers often say no to lease options because they don’t understand them.
  • When talking to potential sellers, ask the questions and control the conversation.
  • The fastest option for closing a deal is likely already in your CRM.

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Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

Joe: Welcome. This is The Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast.

Joe: Hey guys, welcome. This is The Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast. And I have special guest today who's not on the video yet, but Gavin is with us right now. Gavin, how are you?

Gavin: I'm very good, Joe, how are you?

Joe: Good, good. We're going to bring a guest on Ryan in just a minute. And Gavin and I are doing something new here that we really enjoy doing, where we take a student or somebody that's working with us either private client or somebody in one of our courses and programs and we kind of do like a free coaching call where we're going to help Ryan with some whatever he needs help with. And so we haven't really talked too much in advance. We're just going to ask him to share a little bit about his business and what's going on. And I think you guys are going to get some value out of this by us helping Ryan.

Joe: And so our goal is to just really kind of help people and help them grow and do more deals. My big agenda, my big goal in all of the programs and the coaching programs that we have is increased cashflow, decrease overwhelm, right. Let's make more money and keep it simple. There are three keys, there's three main components in this business, marketing, automation and delegation. You get those three things figured out everything becomes easy. Does that make sense, Gavin?

Gavin: Yup, that's perfect. Exactly right. Most of our (inaudible), right. Because their focus is normally on the wrong things trying to get leads or things like that. So you've got to make sure that then them key components are in there. So, your focus in the on the high dollar an hour activities.

Joe: Very good. All right, so if you guys want to work with me and Gavin, I'm going to give you a website here in just a minute to go to, you need to go to Virtual Case Study. I'm going to write it in here CaseStudy.com go to VirtualCaseStudy.com to watch a video that Gavin and I did of how we did over $155,000 in wholesale and fees in the last couple of months. We're going to show you exactly what we did and how you can work with us as well. We can set up the same kind of business, set up your systems, do your marketing and it's pretty exciting. I'm excited about that. Cool. Go to VirtualCaseStudy.com.

Joe: All right, so we've got a special guest. I'm going to bring him on here. Hopefully this works. We normally we're using something different today than normal. Gavin Timms is here and we've got Ryan Schwab and Joe McCall. How do you like the names across there? You see how I did that?

Gavin: Awesome.

Joe: So we'll see. Hopefully we're using something called BeLive.tv right now is we're broadcasting this on Facebook. If you guys are watching this type in the comments down below. Say Hello, tell us where you're from and just say hi and we will show your question and you may have a question or a comment from Brian, something that you can, you want to share with us, we will gladly do that. So Ryan, how you doing man?

Ryan: I'm doing pretty good. How are you Joe?

Joe: Doing really good as well. You were in our simple lease options case study our program, right?

Ryan: Yup.

Joe: And I love how active you are in the Facebook group, sharing your success and your progress. you're really inspiring to a lot of people. Thank you for doing that, that's awesome.

Ryan: Yeah, I'm glad I can. Helps keep me accountable and it helps other people that's a bonus.

Joe: Yup. Yup. And so one of the cool things about Ryan is he's completed our business setup challenge and we're actually refunding his money, which is awesome. We got, we have a real simple step by step what you need to do to set up your lease options business. Ryan did that to the T. He exceeded our expectations and so we're sending them a nice big fat check refunding him that money. So congratulations Ryan. That's awesome.

Ryan: Thank you.

Joe: We said, hey listen, what do you guys need help with? And Ryan responded back, I'm just going to read some of the things you said here. Is that cool?

Ryan: Yeah.

Joe: What are the things you'd like to accomplish and number one was best next steps as a beginner, okay. And you had some questions on the follow up. That's cool. You want to focus on lease options. You don't do real estate full time yet. You're, target market is Grand Rapids, Michigan. You're just getting started. You're goal is to do a $10,000 a month, right? And we asked you what are some of the things that you feel like are holding you back? And by the way, when did you get started? When did you invest in the Simple Lease Options program?

Ryan: That was like right when it became available. End of February.

Joe: So about three months ago.

Ryan: Yeah.

Joe: Okay, cool. And you're doing a lot of marketing, you're making a lot of offers, which is awesome.

Ryan: Yeah.

Joe: So you wrote down here, you're still new. You're just really starting to take action digging in the beginning of the year, you're getting the ball rolling and you're still working a full time job right now.

Ryan: Yeah.

Joe: And we asked you…

Ryan: I got the day off today but yeah.

Joe: Okay, good. We asked you how much are you spending on marketing? You said very minimal. Just a couple of hundred dollars for systems like REI Simple and Prop Stream. How many average operas are you making a week on average? Listen to this guys this is awesome. Ryan doesn't have very much farther to go and I'm going to tell you why. He's averaging 10 to 15 offers a week and he's been working on consistently averaging 15 plus offers a week.

Ryan: Yeah.

Joe: Let me tell you what Ryan, just real quick. It's only a matter of time. I'm telling you, you start making those kinds of offers every day consistently you're going to start doing deals and the more you do this the better you're going to get at it because it just takes practice, right. And the more people you have to follow up with, trying to get my lighting right here. The more people you have to follow up with. Does that make sense?

Ryan: It does.

Joe: Good. So how many offers total have you made, would you say?

Ryan: I actually added it up from my scorecard and I'm on week 12. This past week was week 12, and overall I've made 108 offers.

Joe: Oh, that's beautiful. Good, good. Because talking about your process, you know, you do the marketing what is your marketing that you're doing right now?

Ryan: A lot of what I do, just a few weeks ago I started really implementing the SMS Broadcast on REI Simple and I liked that a lot. That's so nice. And I use Scraping Solutions. I get their lists and my Zillow one actually just expired so I got to renew that. But I'm working on getting a better URL. My URL was good before I gave them a for sale by owner one and a rental one. And I'm just kind of updating it a little bit to get more, a little bit better criteria. And, but I take their lists and I go through and I upload that list to the SMS Broadcast, send them out and the yes, like if it's a for sale by owner and they say they consider it, I call them right away. And a rental, if they say, yeah, I call them right away. And if not, I say, well thank you, give me a call if it's anything you'd consider and throw tem into follow up.

Joe: Nice. One of the things I'd suggest is calling the ones who don't respond.

Ryan: Yep. I've been yup…

Joe: And you can have on right then and there inside of REI Simple and it records your call, right. You can call them. And even the ones that say no, you might want to add a task to follow up with them in a month.

Ryan: Yep, Yep. Yep. That's what I've…

Joe: That's good. Don't throw those leads away. They still may be open interested in it, right? Okay. So are you calling the ones that are kind of warm or just the only the ones that say yes for sure.

Ryan: If they say maybe or yes, I give them a call because a maybe is a maybe or a lot of them, they, some of them just, I hadn't even considered that. What are you thinking? And then I call them too. So then, because I, I only have, you know, I only have so much time to call. I normally I come home and I pretty much get on and figure out who I'm going to call and call them.

Joe: That's awesome. Talk a little bit about how your conversation goes.

Ryan: My conversation, it starts, so just, you know, if I had just text them I say, Hey, I was the one, I'm Ryan, I just text you. If you'd be interested in doing, you know, depending on if it's a renter or FSBO, you might be open to doing like a rent to own or renting for a year two and buying. And then, yeah, can I get a little bit more information about the house? I'm an investor, I'm looking for a potential investment property in the area and just trying to see if it might be a good fit.

Joe: Good.

Ryan: And then kind of go from there and get some information, see what their situation is and get some info. And a lot of them it doesn't quite make sense at least to me. They, they say maybe or yes, on the text message, but then on the phone call they're just kind of I don't really don't really want to do it. Like, yeah, okay. But I still, I've been making it a point to, even if they try and get off the call, like, well, can I just send you an offer? Can I just want an email address, you know? But I've been trying to make it a point to send an offer to every seller.

Joe: That's good? So are you sending it in an email and in the physical mail?

Ryan: Yup. I've got Click2Mail set up through REI Simple.

Joe: I love that. Isn't that cool?

Ryan: It just so nice. Because once you've got the lease option proposal generated, it's in the attachments you just hit email, then you'd do the seller's email and then email again and put in the info for email the mail and it' doesn't take that long.

Joe: Yeah, that's awesome.

Ryan: And I just upload, you know, $50 bucks at a time to Click2Mail and just keep her rolling.

Joe: So you're sending like that six or seven page lease option credibility kit or proposal, right?

Ryan: Yup.

Joe: And how much does it cost to send that?

Ryan: It's a $1.50 or something like that. Yeah. Perfect. It's not too bad. Yeah, isn't that bad.

Joe: It's a little more expensive than if you were to print it yourself.

Ryan: Yeah.

Joe: For an envelope and put it, you know, self address the envelope and then stamp it and mail it. But you take the time, you take the time to do this.

Ryan: Yeah. It's so nice.

Joe: Good. Or if you were to get an assistant to do it, you're going to be spending way more than a $1.50 in time doing that. And you can just do it like a couple seconds and sends it. Good. What kind of follow up are you doing, Ryan, with those folks?

Ryan: If I, when I send them an offer, I'll set a task for the next day to send them a text saying, Hey this is Ryan, we talked yesterday about your, your house for sale at 123 Main Street. I sent you an offer. I just want to make sure you got it. And if you have any questions, thanks. And then if they don't reply, well I set a task for the next day for if they don't reply and you know, send them another text. Hey, I never heard back from you. And then until they respond and when they, most of them respond. All right, we got it. Probably not going to work for us right now. We'll get back with you, okay. And then I set another task for, depending on the how motivated they seem either couple of weeks out or a month out.

Joe: You know, one thing you might want to do is create a task to send them another letter. It's like .80 cents if you can just send a one-page letter and you could create it really easily in REI Simple. Hey, this is Ryan. We talked a while ago about your property at 123 Main Street, just following up to see how it's going. And you can send just that one page letter. You know, you can add in your signature as an image, you know? And make it look real and then send it like once a month. And you again through the Click2Mail integration. Just click, click and you can send those one on one page letters. If you can, once a month, once every two months, depending on their level of motivation. I'm telling you, most of the lease option deals I've ever done have come from the follow up, the sellers to say no.

Joe: At first they, they're not, you know, they just fixed it up. They just put it on Zillow and Craigslist, you know, they're starting to get calls. But what's going to happen is that tenant that goes in that house, they're not the best tenant. You know, they're late on their rent again or it's taken them longer than they thought they would. They're frustrated with the property manager. You know, it's vacant again three months later and they're worried about making the double mortgage payments. You know what I'm saying?

Joe: So we're staying in front of them and staying the follow up, doing that follow up with emails. One of the things I asked them is can I email you my contact information in case you change your mind? That's a good way to ask for an email without asking for the email, okay. You know, their email to send them something. Now you've got their email, you got the phone number, you got their address, and you can put them into a text auto responder, an email auto responder, just those tasks once a week, remind you real quick, send a letter, send a text. Well Gavin, you want to say something about maybe like what Ryan can do to get some better questions maybe that he could ask on some of these calls with to the sellers?

Gavin: Yeah, absolutely. You know, I know me and you Ryan, we did a role play a few weeks ago that was good. But one thing is you've got to realize when, if you don't understand something, just you personally or it's me, Joe, you're going to say no to it if you don't understand it, right?

Ryan: Right.

Gavin: So when they say no, they said yes on the text and they're going to say no. It's because they don't understand it. That doesn't mean that you're going to go into a full pitch to sell the lease option. What you need to do is focus on the core problem on their why, right? The whole point of asking questions is, forget about rent to own lease option, lease purchase cash offers. Find out why they're even trying to rent it.

Gavin: Why are they trying to sell it, okay. What's the situation? The situation is going to lead you to the motivation and the urgency, okay. Really important. So don't, because I'm going to say no. Someone says, oh do you want to do a deal? No, no because they don't understand it. Does that make sense why they say that? To try and come off that and go in deep seems like a great house. Why are you even selling this? Oh, well now the why starts to come out, okay. Why don't you just put in the renter in that? If I know you got to get ahead of the game of asking questions, right, when you know what answer is coming back. Because it seems like a nice house. Oh, you know, we had a bad tenant. Okay how long was the tenant there? Oh it was six months. Have you rented it for a long time before that?

Gavin: Oh we had a great tenant before. So it's I guess you just trying to get, it's probably a headache. Are you local to the property? We're just asking questions, right. I'm trying to get to the problem is the tenant probably, what did they do? Did you have to put a lot of money fixing this up? Does that make sense? Because as soon as I link onto something, I'm not letting it go and I just want to keep the pain point go in and circling around. They're not going to come out and spill out their whole life to you in the first, they don't even know who you are, okay. Your asking questions and you care more about that they're situation, right, to find that why. Because that when they get comfortable with you, get that out. That's going to lead to, if you've got a deal.

Gavin: You don't need to. So if someone says to you, I'm done, I'm over it, I'm not renting. I just want to get rid of it, okay. There’re two options that you could offer that's going to work, right? You're going to either do a cash offer or if you were responsible for repairs and maintenance, if that's where the problem is, you would offer a sandwich lease option, right. Don't go and try and do an assignment lease option because it's not solving the problem. You have to really listen to what the sellers want, what their needs are, and then that's how you're going to present that and say, can you take away whatever their problem is? That's what you're going to offer. So if it's, they want to sell and they owe too much money, so they can't come off the prize, but they're paying double mortgage payments.

Gavin: Well, Mr. Seller, I'm not saying I could do this, but you know, if I could rent it for a year or two and then potentially buy it from you, that wouldn't work with it? Because if I'm going to give them money a month to cover that mortgage, maybe that's going to be enough. Does that make sense?

Ryan: Right, okay.

Gavin: So it's qualifying that, focusing on the why, getting to the problem. Everyone that says yes, there's a reason why they've said, if you're doing it off market, you're doing Zillow and Craigslist right now, but if we're going off market and someone said, yeah, I'm interested in offer. Yeah, I'm interested in selling, they sell it for a reason. Now there maybe a small percentage that are just like, well, I just want to find out what you offer, but their still consider selling it aren't they or they would have said, no, I'm not selling it. So it's something there, now when you get on the phone, you've got to uncover why they said that. That's what you need to focus on. Does that make sense?

Ryan: Yes.

Joe: So listen well. How long do you want to rent it? Why don't you just sell it if you want to get rid of it? Or, it's just asking those kinds of questions, right? But yeah, it looks like my camera's getting lagging, are you guys see me okay?

Gavin: Yeah, you're good.

Ryan: Yeah.

Joe: Okay. Anyway, sorry about that. But you know, Ryan, you just get better with time. You start practicing, the more sellers you talk to, the better you're going to get and you're going to start learning the right questions to ask and how to reframe objections that they bring to you. How long are you, is your average conversation with sellers when you're talking to them?

Ryan: I try to keep it short under 10 minutes. 10 minutes per seller.

Joe: Yeah. Sounds good. Good.

Gavin: You want to push them into the direction that they don't want to go in, right? Because they don't come back at you. So if you know that when a realtor, for instance, right, if it's not listed, why don't you just list it with a realtor, pay them a commission to sell it? I know they don't want to list it with a realtor and pay a commission, but I want to say that to them for them to tell me that the key was the sales is, I asked the questions to control the conversation. They're giving me the answers, but they feel that controlling it. Does that make sense?

Ryan: Okay. Make sense.

Gavin: By asking that, I know the answer they don't want to do it, but I want to ask that question. Say, Oh, don't want to do that. Okay you're making that decision that's what they want. They want to make decisions and I want them to make the decisions that I want to make as well. So we're all heading in the same direction.

Ryan: Yeah that's a good point.

Gavin: Make sense?

Joe: Good point.

Ryan: Makes Sense. Absolutely.

Joe: So follow up. I'm moving I'm in my bedroom actually right now. Just kind of weird. I'm trying to get better light. My office, we're kind of remodeling my office a little bit and so I can't work out of there right now. That light is better my face was way too dark. Sorry. Anyway, follow up, right. You're doing the right things, Ryan. You just got to keep on doing it and do more of it, right? So write down the tasks and the reminders. Every lead in REI Simple needs to have an open task or something in the future for you to do some kind of follow up. So that lead never falls through the cracks, right? Make sure you're keeping good notes. You know, in the comments section of REI Simple every time you do some follow up or talk to them, leave your notes in there because if it's three months later and you say, hey, how's your dog doing?

Joe: They're going to be like, oh man, this guy remembers, you know, like, you know what I'm talking about? Sending that kind of reminders when they talk to you about they're on their way to the vet or something like that three months ago and that's going to have a real powerful impact, okay. Cool. So you're going through the course, you've completed it, you're still part of the Facebook group.

Ryan: Yup.

Joe: I just want to encourage you to keep on posting your updates and progress in there because if you start sharing your wins and it gets everybody else excited, but it also just helps you stay focused on those wins, right?

Ryan: Yeah absolutely, yup.

Joe: Cool. Do you have, we just have a couple more minutes here. Normally Ryan, when we're working in these calls, like we're just encouraging people to make more offers and you already are doing that. But I would encourage you to still make even more offers. Like what else could you be doing? If you're making three offers a day right now, what could you be doing to make six offers a day? Double that. You know, you might consider while you're waiting for the leads to come back or after you've already contacted everybody from Zillow and Craigslist, what if you started going and spending a little bit of time in Facebook Marketplace, go into Facebook Marketplace and start looking for properties in there that are listed for rent and for sale and start sending messages to them. You know what, let's try something here. I'm going to try to share my screen and see if this works and we'll see if it does or does not.

Ryan: Okay.

Joe: Oh, look at that, that's crazy. And I'm going to. So there you guys see my screen?

Gavin: Yeah. It's small but yeah..

Ryan: It's small but yeah.

Joe: Well, I think it's big for everybody else, but it's small for you guys. We'll see if you're watching this right now, comment below let us know that you're going to see. All right. Is it Marketplace? Here we go. So you're in Grand Rapids, Michigan, right?

Ryan: Yup. That's where I'm focusing. I live a little bit farther north, but that's where I'm focusing. Yup.

Joe: All right. Grand rapids, Michigan. If I go here to housing, go to, I would start with rentals. Now this doesn't tell me how many there are, but if you just kind of look at the numbers here, even over in Lansing and Kalamazoo. Granted I would start sending the South Bend, even got some down there. Maybe you can zoom it a little bit but you can start going through these. These are a lot of rental properties. I'm telling you Facebook Marketplace has, I think surpassed Craigslist now with properties in there, right. And you can start going through here. Now when you, you can't get phone numbers from Facebook Marketplace, right? Okay.

Joe: But you can go in here and contact them and send them messages and I would mix it up, right. I would come up with like 10 or 12 different messages that you could send. But go in here you could do their standard messaging. Is it still available? Or you can say, Hey, I'm looking for a property that I can, you wouldn't have any interest in selling this property, would you? Something like that. That could be one option you have. And this goes into Facebook Messenger. Sometimes though you can get in here and you can see the addresses. Jewel it will just be a few minutes, okay. You can find an address sometimes of these properties and you can send them a letter.

Ryan: Yeah.

Joe: Yeah. Sometimes it's hard to get the addresses, but well here's one. Oops. I just saw the address.

Ryan: I think I actually already contacted that one.

Joe: 2036 Avenue.

Ryan: Not on Facebook. I think it was Zillow, but I think I already contacted them.

Joe: Well, the cool thing about this is you're contacting them inside of Facebook Messenger. Those are really high deliverability, okay. By the way, I want to see if people, all right, good. You guys are telling me you can see full screen nice. So I would start with that, right? Going into the rentals here, you can also go into home sales. The problem with home sales, you don't know which ones are listed with a realtor, which one's are your FSBO's. But yeah, I'd still contact them anyway. This looks like a nice house. You know what your client may be interested in leasing it for a year and then selling it. One final thing I'll say here is if when you go into Zillow, Grand Rapids, Michigan, I like to look at the rentals. Let me remove for sale, remove for sale and remove the restrictions. So, these are three plus bedrooms, single families. Let's zoom out a little bit here.

Joe: All right you've got 161 properties. Guess what? All of these homes right now, what do these pictures have in common?

Ryan: Vacant.

Joe: They're vacant, right? Look at this one. Oh, another vacant house. They have vacant lists are like the holy grail of marketing for direct mail, right? This one doesn't have any pictures. Well these houses are vacant and you know what else? A lot of these homes, not, I don't know when I've done this before, it's like a third of these houses, sometimes 25% to 35% of these houses. You look in county records, they're not showing up yet as absentee owners. So these are not properties that investors are sending direct mail to. So these are the kinds of houses I would, you could get a VA once a day, go find the 20 or 30 new properties. Every single one of these are vacant.

Joe: Like if you were to contact them right now, this is a property management company, right? Well what if you went into, let's just say Prop Stream for example. They go into Prop Stream. Everybody needs to get a Prop Stream account. Go to PropStreamJoe.com PropStreamJoe.com. It's amazing. I'll show you what you can get here. Let's look up this house just going to put in the address. Go to details. So it's showing up as not owner occupied. Individual owner Calvin Beak owns it. And this is our address, right? When did they buy it? Okay well they just bought it a couple months ago so maybe don't send them a letter they just bought it. But your VA could do this or they could go in and look for these rentals and see, you know, look for the ones that were sold at least a year old at least a year ago and send them a letter.

Joe: One of the things I like to do, and I have my VA's do this is this looks like this does not look like a rental property. This does not look like a rental property. This looks like something they tried to sell on the MLS and they couldn't so they're just renting it out. Now I might be wrong. But one of the things I like to do is I have my VA go in here, get a picture, I'm using droplet, okay. I'm going to save that image right there and my temp folder. And then I'm going to go here to Click2Mail. Click2Mail has this thing, I'm not going to go through it real quick right now. Let me log into my Click2Mail account real quick.

Ryan: Is this the one off?

Joe: Yes. You can send these amazing one off letters. I'm going to go right here to easy letter sender, okay. Easy letter sender and you can go in and send a letter or a postcard with the picture of the house right here. And you can just do these one offs, right? You can hire companies to do this for you, but the, you have to order a bunch at a time. This works out to be about a dollar per letter and you go like right here, start your letter and you can insert that image. Let's see if this works. Sometimes it's a little slow. Let's see here.

Joe: I'm going to upload this image into the letter and then I have a little template that I just copy and paste and yeah, there you go. So fit to size. I can move it around to get the house, okay, save. And then right here in my text I'm going to say, Hey, I have their information here. Again, your VA can do all of this, right Calvin. So his name is Calvin. Hi Calvin. Saw your house on and then you know the address. You wouldn't be interested in selling it. Would you? Cool. Call me. Then you can go in here. I like to change this font to career and make it fat, big, bold, okay. Save and send this letter that's it. And you put their address in here. Your VA can do this really easily and send it. You can also change your information. I used to, sometimes I do this where I'll put instead of my name, I'll put urgent at the top. You know what I mean?

Ryan: Yeah.

Joe: It just catches their attention it's different. You'll get calls from this when we've done this before. We've got really, really good response rates. But see in Zillow, you can't reach the owner of this house it's just the property manager, the leasing agent. By the way, look at this, Casey French leasing agent. This might be somebody that can help you lease option or market your properties when you start getting them under contract. So think about that, you know, call this person sometime later when you're looking for a realtor to help you market your homes.

Ryan: Absolutely.

Joe: All right, so does that make sense?

Ryan: Absolutely.

Joe: Just some other ideas. I'm going to let's see if I can move my desktop. Boom. There you go. Some other ideas things you can do. We got to get going. Ryan, what were some of the big takeaways that you got from this?

Ryan: Just make sure I'm keeping consistent and make sure I follow up and tweak things a little bit. Do more, do more.

Joe: Good. Good. Do you have a VA working with you right now?

Ryan: Not yet. I need to, because that would, that would help me a lot.

Joe: Oh yeah, I mean like you, here's three things that you're VA should be doing and it's real simple but get a VA as soon as you can. And I show you in the course how to find them, right? But number one, they should be doing your marketing, making sure the marketing's going out, tracking your numbers, your KPI's. Number two, they should be updating the CRM for you. That's $5 an hour activity updating. You should just Voxer them. Say, hey will you update the lead? Remind me in a month to follow up with them, send them an offer, let the VA's do that. That way you can talk to more sellers because you're doing less data entry and they should be doing all your follow up for you. Those three things, that's the only three things you're VA should be doing. Marketing, updating your CRM and doing your follow up.

Ryan: I know that takes a lot of my time.

Joe: Oh yeah. But then you can call more sellers, make more offers, get a VA to help you as soon as possible, right. Have them go through, go ahead Gavin. Yeah.

Gavin: I was going to say, make sure you've got 108 people to follow it with, right? Never keep pushing that aside. One of the biggest thing investors do as a mistake is when they get busy life gets in the way, is that they are constantly after new things and they just keep missing and they don't follow up. It goes into a red task, it get's delayed. They keep pushing it out and you can't, you have to, that's got to be up there on the priority list to make sure you're doing that follow up. Because remember the closest, the fastest way to a deal more than likely is what's already in the CRM.

Ryan: Yup. Absolutely.

Gavin: So may sure that you and anyone listening to this, you're on the follow up constantly.

Joe: Yup. Very good.

Ryan: Absolutely.

Joe: All right. So listen, I got to go my family is waiting for me. Thank you very much, Ryan.

Ryan: Yeah thanks. Thank you.

Gavin: Thanks.

Joe: Hey listen guys, real quick. Gavin and I have a special thing going on if you would like to work with us and I'm trying to manipulate all of these things on here. If you'd like to work with me and Gavin, help us get our help with setting up your systems, working with you one on one, training you and holding your hand, maybe even partnering with you on some deals. Go to this link down below, VirtualCaseStudy.com we're going to show you a video on there. It's like 30 45 minutes long, exactly how we're doing five to 10 deals a month right now at Alabama.

Joe: And you're going to learn the steps and we're going to show you at the end how you can maybe work with us if you want and we'll help you set up all that for you. It's pretty cool. Okay we'll even help you find the VA's help you set up REI Simple and stuff like that. Thank you Gavin. Appreciate it.

Gavin: Thanks Joe. Thanks guys.

Joe: Big thanks to Ryan. Appreciate you Ryan. We'll see you guys later. Bye bye.

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