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I have real estate rock star Krista Mashore as my guest—she and I are both members of The Inner Circle, which is a real estate Mastermind group.

Krista is primarily known as a coach for realtors, but the same advice she gives realtors applies to investors. She helps people get their names out and known for real estate expertise.

She started out as a teacher; then got her real estate license so she could be at home more with her sick child. After a divorce, she needed to dive deeper into real estate to support herself and her kids.

Krista thrived during the recession by handling foreclosures and short sales at a bank. Most were bought by investors. When the market began turning around, she had to reinvent herself yet again.

She began to study ways businesses and professionals get their names out in the community and started doing it for herself and coaching fellow realtors on how to do it. What Krista teaches is that people and companies are remembered for service to the community and the consumer.

Understand that consumers don’t know who you are and a postcard doesn’t really convey much about you. For buying and selling homes, she recommends using video on social media like YouTube and Facebook.

Investors can use video to quash the bad rap they have for wanting to buy homes at the lowest possible price. They need to educate consumers that they offer solutions to help them get out of a bad spot.

Krista sold 100 houses last year. People regularly tell her, “I see you everywhere.” She stays current on the markets in which she sells and puts that info in videos. It might be a new shop or restaurant; a new school or grocery store being built… that kind of content.

The point is to offer value… what are you doing for the consumer? Let people get to know you and your knowledge level before you try to close a deal. Woo them before you bed them.

Google topics that might help a seller and share what you find. Quote articles or post links to them. Keep the info you use as local as possible. Pin an ad for yourself to the end of the post.

All it takes to make a video is a phone and a tripod or a gimbal. Short videos are best… you want people to hear and remember specifics, like “I can save you from foreclosure” or “I can help you sell a house that’s in poor condition.”

Krista shows potential listing clients how many people watch her videos and for what length of time and how often they’re shared compared to other realtors. She can honestly say more people will see the house if they list with her.

Watch and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Your marketing needs to stress what you can do for the consumer… Serve Before You Sell.
  • Facebook and YouTube track viewers of your posts and make it easy to target those viewers repeatedly.
  • Hook consumers with the solution(s) you offer to their problems and concerns before giving your name.
  • Look up Krista Mashore on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

Joe:     Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast.

Joe:     All right. Hey guys, Joe McCall here with Krista Mashore. Did I pronounce that right?


Joe:     Mashore. Sorry, you just told me.

Krista:Everyone get's it wrong all the time. It's fine.

Joe:     Five seconds ago. So this is the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast and I'm excited to have Krista on the show today. We're in the same mastermind together with Russell Brunson and called The Inner Circle. Krista is a real estate rock star. She is very active in the real tour community, right. And this is mainly a real estate investing podcast, but I wanted Krista on the show because she is really, really, really good at growing your influence. You know, getting your name out there, getting people to find out who you are. Because then as people get to know, like, and trust you, they're more willing to do business with you.

Joe:     So Krista coaches a lot of realtors, but I'm telling you guys, you need to pay attention because what she is going to be teaching us what she's going to be talking about applies to realtors and investors. And I might say even more so to investors because all these investors are out there trying to do the direct mail and the cold calling, the texting all the new fancy, latest marketing things, right? But like we're ignoring the solid fundamentals of what like Krista does so well. But Krista also takes a contrarian approach, right? So I'm excited about this. Krista's written a couple of good books. We'll talk about them and how you guys can get them also. But Krista, how are you?

Krista:I'm good Joe. Thanks for having me on your show. I appreciate it.

Joe:     You notice we both have the same awards. Do you see that on mine?

Krista:Yeah, I saw that. I have two more coming already on their way?

Joe:     That's awesome. It's the, those of you don't know. It's called the Double Comma Club award and you get that award when you sell over $1 million in one year. In coaching or services and products and things like that using click funnels.

Krista:We both use it it's amazing.

Joe:     Love click funnels, love click funnels. So Krista our audience, like I was telling you before, our audience is a real estate investors audience but we work with a lot of us are realtors. I have my license with Keller Williams. I've had my license with them for years and a lot of people listening to this podcast have their licenses with brokers, but almost everybody here does the typical investing things. Were we're going out there and we're buying properties or we're flipping them. Sometimes we're flipping them before we even buy them. We're doing creative things like owner financing or lease options and stuff. So just so you kind of understand the context of what everybody here is kind of coming from, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, Krista? How did you get into real estate? Why do you love real estate so much?

Krista:Well, I got into real estate kind of by accident, if hat makes sense. I used to be a teacher. I've got a master's degree in curriculum and instruction. I was going to be a principal and my youngest daughter got really, really sick. And so I decided to get my real estate license so I can be a stay at home mom. And my idea was just to sell maybe, you know, four or five houses a year, which would equate to the exact same amount of money I was making as a teacher for six years. And so that was my plan and I got my license well then my husband at the time 11 years ago, or more like 15 years ago or so, had an affair on me and ended up kind of like taking everything. And so it went from me being wanting to be a stay at home mom to take care of my daughter, to me being in survival mode and having to figure out a way to pay the bills and to keep my kids safe in their house. So I went from teacher to real estate rock star.

Joe:     So this was about what, 15 years ago?

Krista:Yeah, 15 16 years ago. Yeah. I've been remarried to my sweet husband has been there for the past 10 years this summer, married 11. So super happily married, but we went through some, I went through some crap for a while I mean it was tough, you know.

Joe:     Yes. Okay. And then where are you now? And you think you're in California, right?

Krista:Yeah, Northern California. I'm about an hour from San Francisco.

Joe:     Oh, I love it up there. If I could live anywhere in the US it would be northern California or the mountains in Colorado.

Krista:Ah, I love San Diego.

Joe:     Yeah, I was raised there, but still northern California, the weather's much nicer.

Krista:Yeah, it's nice here.

Joe:     Anyway. So you've seen a lot of ups and crazy downs and in real estate in California.


Joe:     If I just worked the numbers back, you were getting started about 2000, 2001 or 2002, right?

Krista:Yeah it was through, yeah, 2002 2003 and the market was normal was when I started it was in a normal market. My first year I sold 69 houses in my first year in the business and it was a normal market and then the market crashed. And so I ended up working for about 13 different banks and asset management companies and selling all their short sales and foreclosures to all your investors, eight. And had my pocket full of investors that wanted to buy all of the foreclosures and short sales back at the time. So I did really, really well during the foreclosure days because of the market. You know, I was lucky enough to get the banks. My best year that year I sold 169 houses, excuse me for the 69 number all the time and all short sales and foreclosures. And then the market recovered and I went from selling 169 houses in a year to only 12, because the market transitions. And that's when I know, learned to really change the way that I was doing business. I had to completely reinvent myself, you know, three different times basically.

Joe:     So when did, when was that first transition when the market started…

Krista:It was right around 2008, so 2000, you know, there's a good four or five years of business and then the market just went, ah, you know, it just almost changed overnight when it seemed like and then there was about five or six years of short sales and foreclosures and now we've been back in a normal market again for about five or six years.

Joe:     So in 2012, 2013 when the market kind of bottomed out, right. How did you change, what did you have to change at that time?

Krista:Well, I remember losing a listing appointment and I called them to atleast find out why and they said, we didn't hire you because the last realtor said that you're the foreclosure queen. And I was like, I am the foreclosure clean. Oh my God, that's how people see me as the foreclosure and short sale queen. So I had to reinvent myself. So what I started doing was researching how the Fortune 500 companies, so the strategy I'm going to talk about it a little bit today. It's works for any business, whether you're selling chapstick or you're a doctor or an attorney or a CPA or your investor. It's anybody trying to be recognized by their community for any reason at all. And quite frankly, it's the exact same strategy that I've used in my coaching business to get four Two Comma Club awards in the past 17 months.

Krista:So it works very, very well for any industry. So I realized, oh my gosh, I've got to I've got to figure it out again. So I started researching what the Fortune 500 companies were doing. And what they do is they basically come from a level of service, right? Getting people to know you to like you, trust you, offering value giving, not just taking. And I think especially with investors, I would think that people are weary of you, right? They see your postcards and your things and they think that it's a big scam and that you guys are trying to probably rip them off. I would think that that's probably the mindset of a lot of the people out there. So you have to create…

Joe:     We kind of are. We want to buy their house as cheap as possible.

Krista:They're probably a little afraid of you. So the idea is to get the consumer to really know who you are and what you're all about, what you do, why you do it, how you can help them, and you can't figure it out by a postcard, right? Like you just can't. However, you can learn a lot about it, like right now, you can tell a little bit about me from this video. I can tell about you. Your viewers not only get to hear you, they get to see you so they really know who Joe is.

Krista:Whereas if you're just looking at a picture of somebody, right? Like this or a postcard, of somebody you would know nothing about me because you don't know my personality. So the idea is to give value, offer service, let people in your community or who your client avatar is, get to know you, and then they're more likely to say, Hey, I want to work with you. Pick me, choose me, right? Let me call you about buying, you know, seeing how you can get rid of my house really quickly. Maybe I have a hardship and I'm afraid to talking to people or I need help and I don't know who to call or whatever it might be. The idea is to kind of help them break those barriers down.

Joe:     Yes, before we go much to longer. Because sometimes people for whatever reason only listen to the first part of the podcast and don't listen to all the way through. You have two great books behind you, there on your right shoulder. What were those two books and can you tell us real quick how people can get both of them or one of them?

Krista:Yeah their both on Amazon. This is Sell 100 Plus Homes A Year. And again there’s another book I have called Fire it's kind of very similar to this, but it's not really geared towards real estate. But this book teaches you how to market yourself and these strategies, apply to any industry. So it absolutely would work for something that you're doing. This right here is Three Clients In 30 Days. I interviewed 23 top producing agents across the country and they told me what their strategies were to be successful in real estate. And so that's what these are. You can find them on Amazon or you can always go to KristaMashore.com, KristaMashore.com and you will be able to download them and get in my funnel so I can harass you and stalk you on Facebook. Or are you going to go to Amazon pay the $15 bucks there. Right now Three Clients In 30 Days, it's like .99 cents because we're doing a promotion so you can always get it for free at this point.

Joe:     KristaMashore.com I will put a link to that right now. And boom, if you go to Facebook and you can see the comment there. So the market changed Krista and you had to kind of, I love that analogy of like, one of my favorite business books is called Who Moved My Cheese or Who Moved The Cheese, right. Because market cycles are constantly changing and in real estate or in any industry, if you want to stay relevant and you want to make money in this business, you need to learn and know how to change and adapt, change and adapt. So, what were some of the biggest shifts that you saw or that you've been seeing the last few years that you've had to actually do differently in the real estate industry? Does that make sense?

Krista:Yeah totally. Well I don't do open houses or cold calls, none of that. I haven't done that for like eight yearsish. I utilize digital marketing strategy. So basically a lot of social media, tons of video, right. My idea is to get people to know me through video and then I market them where they're looking, which is on social media sites. So I teach my students how to basically what I call location nomination, how to utilize old schools tactics like postcards and farming along with 21st century tactics like videos, social media, utilizing Instagram, Facebook, creating funnels, right? We teach them how to do all that. And for your listeners, I mean, it's really important that your community knows who you are, what services that you provide, what you offer, how you can help them, you know, things to look out for. Like I would be doing videos on, here's what you want to make sure that you never, you know, do.

Krista:If you're looking to sell your house quickly into an investor, right? And it's the things that they really should be careful of. But also you're developing the trust from people. So they're going to be much more likely to say, Hey, I want to talk to you once they know you. And I would assume that you guys have some really heavy barriers to have to break through because of what you're doing right? Everyone knows, you want to pay the cheapest amount of possible. And as real as were saying, don't ever go straight to an investor because an investor's going to give you the lowest amount of money, take your house and turn it around and flip it and make themselves $200,000 grand, let's give that to you. So you got figure out how to combat that, right? And educate people on the reasons why it would work for them, how it would help you know, things to watch out for and be that, be that trusted advisor regarding investing and so that people are not so scared.

Joe:     That's good. Okay. So can you talk a little bit more about the type of well you mentioned two or three things I want to ask you, but let's talk about social media. For investors that's almost sometimes completely foreign. The way we like to go do deals is like brute force, just like shove a bunch of postcards down their throat. What's working well for us actually right now is text messaging. We're doing some SMS broadcast. We are doing cold calling using, we're using virtual assistants in the Philippines to do a 1,000 2000 phone calls a day. We're doing a lot of that, some direct mail, but like social media for the investors. Like what is that like? We understand social media for, you know, for more education stuff, but like how can a real estate, realtor or an investor use social media? What are some of the things that you teach your people to do?

Krista:So here's the thing, I still do farming, right? I still send out postcards because I want people to see me in various platforms. I want them to say, I see you everywhere. That's my goal. So in my community, I still practice real estate, right? You know, I sold a hundred and something homes last year, so I want everyone to know me and I can't just be known by just sending out postcards. So I want them to see a postcard, see me on Facebook. If you think about, let's just take Facebook for example, on Facebook, the average person goes to Facebook 17 times a day they spend 51 minutes there. You can create ads that target specific types of people that have specific types of interests that live in a certain city or a certain area that exhibit a certain type of behavior.

Krista:You can say, Facebook, I want you to put this ad that I'm creating, right, even if it's a postcard ad, right. For pennies to the dollar, you can put video content, postcards, landing pages right in front of people in your direct community that exhibit behaviors maybe they were looking at, I don't know what kind of things, people that were that are losing their houses would be interested in, but I'm sure you guys know. And you can go after those types of interests or behaviors that people are exhibiting and then tell Facebook to put your ads, your videos, your campaigns. You could do a whole funnel on what we do for you. You know, are you in need of selling your house? You need money right away, right? Your husband currently die and you can't pay your mortgage? Is your mortgage about to go into foreclosure? Are you're going to lose your house? Whatever it might be and then bring them down this whole funnel. You find them on Facebook.

Krista:So it's a matter of creating these ads, these campaigns, these funnels on social media sites where they already are looking and then giving it to them that way. Accompanying that, which is what I teach to my real estate agents, accompany Facebook with sending out the postcards, right? Letting them see your signs doing the cold calling. It's like they just, they, you're not going to miss anybody, but you're going, I mean, think about it. I'm in the top 1% of realtors throughout, across the nation, right? So, and there's a lot of realtors, I haven't done an open house or a cold called or door knocked in like eight plus years. So the strategy works and it works really, really well. So if you can accompany a new traditional 21st strategy marketing technique in comparison with what you're already doing, it's like you'll see the results on steroids.

Joe:     So what are some examples of things that you can talk about on social media, on a Facebook live?

Krista:So I'm going to try to figure out and relate it to investors.

Joe:     Or realtors or whatever you feel.

Krista:So I teach my people how they want to be the community person, right? Anything community or real estate related and they want to be the go to expert. So, for example, if interest rates are changing or you know, the absorption rate is high or low, what that means, how it affects a buyer or how it affects the seller. New restaurants that come into town. A great place to take your wife on a date, right? Things to be made aware of. If you're a real estate investor you might do an ad on, hey, some people are losing their house and they have no idea what to do. They're stuck and they can't do anything. It has to go into foreclosure. And here's why you don't want your house to go into foreclosure. Here's how it will hurt you right.

Krista:Now there's these programs we have available that can actually help you. Did you know that somebody could actually give you money for your house and stop a forecloser? And we can even do it within 24 hours of your house going to foreclosure. I mean, you could just go on and on about what you do and how you help people educate them, right? You give them, you don't always say, click here for this, whatever. What we teach people is for the first two months even starting this strategy, your ideal goal is just to get people to know you and to like break their barriers down, get the them to want to click on your ad, get them to want to watch yourself, see yourself, and then go in for the hunt, right. Then say, okay, now click on this, give me your information. You know, could say, hey, go ahead.

Joe:     I'm sorry. I'm just going to say what you're talking about is more like, let's create some Facebook videos, for example, on Facebook Live or Instagram, talking about something that's currently going on in the industry, related to housing. And but the first video you're doing is not just, Hey, get my stuff, buy my book or, or sign up here on my website. It's more just giving value, right?

Krista:It's just giving value. Serve don't sell.

Joe:     Right good. But then do you have any call to action in that first one video?

Krista:Not in the beginning. There's more than just one. The strategy was getting into coaching was popping out video content, were they continue to see me five, six, eight times, right? And then finally they click on me and they start watching it and they start stalking me and researching me. Then after they'd done that and they've gotten to kind of build me a little bit and then I say, hey, download my free guide or custom marked analysis request an analysis of what we would pay you for your home right now, kind of like Zillow does, right? There's a reason why Zillow is doing that make an offer like which you guys can be doing the same thing. Make an offer and do it, you know, same kind of a deal, but they don't know about you or that product, if you're not talking to them about it, right. And they're more likely to make an offer once they trust you.

Krista:Zillow's doing better because Zillow is a trusted name. Everyone trusts Zillow. It's the go to place. Well, you can get in on that action once they start trusting and knowing you too. But it's a process. It's kind of like when you go on a date with your wife, you don't just go to bed the first night, somebody might and you probably love that, that's awesome. But in most cases you, you take her to talk me, then you'd buy her flowers, maybe you go to lunch, then dinner, then you'll hold hands and you make out. Then you hook up in bed, right? You don't go straight to bed. Most marketers are like, let's go straight to bed. They miss all these steps and with it's getting harder and harder to reach people nowadays and to break down the barriers and to get through all that other advertising and to get them to want to take action. So the best way to do that is to get them to know you first.

Joe:     While you were just talking, I was thinking about, well what are some content ideas and I'm going to share my screen with you and everybody else because I think this will be important for you all to think about. I just went to Google and I did a search for real estate news Google and I found a bunch of articles, news stories here about real estate. And this third one here, selling a home without a real estate agent, right? Maybe you don't, maybe you're a realtor, you don't want to use that one. But if you're an investor, you could do that one and you could, you could, uh, open up that are an article like this, right? And I'm just trying to help people come up with ideas of things to talk about.

Krista:Totally. We teach this to my students. Go to Google, right. This is what's most commonly being searched. That's the number three search, people are searching that. How to sell a home without a real estate agent. You can teach them that.

Joe:     Yup. So right now I'm blocking ads. I have ad blocker on. Let me pause this right now, but you could start a video and tell me this is a good or bad idea, Krista. You could say, hey guys, how you doing Joe here and I am the best guy in St Louis to buy houses or whatever. And I just read an article today in the Washington Post that talked about how you can sell a home without a real agent it's such a good article. I'm going to link down to it, I'm going to link to it down below. But let me just tell you some of the things they shared because this is fascinating. And you could kind of maybe summarize or recap what the article said, right?


Joe:     And that's it. You just talk about this article. Give them a link where they can get some more information. And then the next day you could do a new video here, US new home sales rise to a near one and a half year high. You could do another one about Trump. You want to get some clicks, you want to get some interaction. How Trump, the Trump administration is toughening up rules for no money down home mortgages. Is this a good or bad thing, you know? But you can use stories like this. I like also getting my, a lot of real estate news from, good grief, CNBC. You go to CNBC.com/real estate or whatever. You're always, you're going to get really good articles here that you could use a sales of the cheapest and swankiest homes are tanking, but for very different reasons, right? US existing home sales and March down more than expected. Is this some of the things you like to do, Krista?

Krista:That's exactly what we do. That's exactly what we teach and people are afraid of, they're afraid of going on film, right? They're so nervous about it and don't know to talk about what do I say, exactly what you do. And those are what you're seeing show up are the most in Google are the most commonly searched terms, right? That's what people are searching so the answer is the objective is you should be that resource. Tell them about what they're searching, give it to them. Tell them be that information guide and they're going, well, they're going to want to watch. And so the more that you, the more information you give, the more they start to get comfortable with you. They get to know you, they want to call you and ask, tell me a little bit about how you, how you buy houses without a realtor. Tell me about how I can keep my house from going into short sale or foreclosure. Tell me about how I can, you know, whatever it might be.

Joe:     I think it's important to would you say to be niched, not try to be a general practitioner, but to be a specialist, right? So maybe it's a certain market, a certain city or it's a certain specialty. Maybe it's luxury homes, maybe it's foreclosures. Do you encourage people to kind of niche down like that as well?

Krista:You're speaking my language. We absolutely do. I tell my students to do one of niche video every single week so that way they can post it on their blog, send the video to Rev to get transcribed, put up on their blog so they get higher search engine optimization on Google. So then they show up on Google as well. And if you're niching, the nice thing is, is that people are going to, when they're doing a search where your in that subject you're going to show up. Whereas if you're just too broad, everyone shows that. And the more niche videos, the more niche content that you produce, the more you're going to start showing up all over the place. It's really, really important.

Joe:     So do you think maybe for an investor, if they're doing deals in De Moines, Iowa and they're like, they want to target tired landlords, do you think it might be a good idea to just every day try to come up with something to talk about directly landlords on how to maybe manage their properties better? How to make more money, how to manage their property managers, right? Just become kind of the known as the guy that's giving good advice to property managers. And then you say, Hey, by the way, if you ever got a property you want to sell, give me a call I'd love to buy it. Something like that.

Krista:Absolutely, The idea is two or three videos a week or two videos a week and get out there. You want to be the go to trusted person, anything real estate or put your nation related, right. So they, if they think about property management they think about you, if they think about buying a foreclosure, they think about you, if they think about buying a short sale, they think about you, you want to be known as that. And the only way you're going to be known as that is if you are constantly being in their face and top of mind awareness.

Joe:     Do you say like do you encourage people to be hyper local? Like you should be talking about De Moines, Iowa in your SEO content and stuff.

Krista:Yes. The further out you go, the harder it is to dominate. So what we teach are like, for example, for me, I live in a town of about a hundred thousand people and then another town is around 50,000 so I just do those two cities, you know I actually live in and discovering everything I haven't even marketed here because it's too much and I wouldn't be able to dominate. So my objective would be, see for you though, because there's probably less people selling those kinds of houses, you might want to expand it a little bit. But the more that you niche and home on a certain area or city, the more you're going to be well known. If you start to do it too broad, then your money doesn't go as far. You want to become like McDonald’s. The idea is you think McDonald’s, you know, I say Google, you know the image, right? I say Burger King, I don't know, you think of Ronald McDonald? I say Nike, you see the swoosh, you want to be like that. And after time of doing this correctly, it absolutely happens very, very quick.

Joe:     So then you do these videos. Where do you put them?

Krista:I put them on Facebook and Instagram and I run ads behind them and then I target people that watch them and then I re target people that, you know, watch them. And then I create look alike audiences. So basically if you start creating these, these videos, right? And these ads on social media, you can say, and you can tell you're getting a lot of engagement. You can see how long people are watching, how many hours their spending. We have videos that get over 200 plus hours of people watching just one video. Then you can say, hey Facebook, I want you to find me more people that are similar to that, which means they're similar to have the same kind of behaviors, problems, issues, right?

Krista:So you're saying Facebook put my ad now in front of more people that are just like those people that are going to be more likely to want to interact with my ad and watch. And then what happens is then you start to, you know that you bring them down your funnel, the people at the bottom are the most serious ones and that's the ones where you can spend most of your time on, put your closer…

Joe:     You need to have a Facebook page, right?

Krista:You need to have a Facebook page, your Facebook ads manager account. You also want to be creating Instagram ads, which Facebook and Instagram intertwine, right? Get your videos up on YouTube. It's important to get them on YouTube too. That way you, you've got them you know YouTube is combined with Goggle so you get more search engine optimization there. It's just a process. It's, just people say they don't have enough time video and I tell them you don't have time not to because I can create one piece, I can create one video which then I can put on Facebook. I can then get it transcribed put the transcription on my website, put my video on my website. Then that transcription in that video then goes to Google through search engine optimization. Then that same video can go on YouTube. I can take the long form post and do a long form post on Facebook, right, and so it's just, I just got like six pieces of content from one video and I'm showing up on all multiple platforms.

Joe:     These videos don't have to be Professional, right? You don't have to have a nice microphone.

Krista:Just a phone. Everyone has a phone. A phone and a tripod, would be nice to get a tripod. Tripod's are always helpful so it's not shaking.

Joe:     Or a Gimbal.

Krista:Yes a Gimbal absolutely, or a Gimbal.

Joe:     It steadies your video so it's not bouncing around and vibrating, right?

Krista:Or a Gimbal.

Joe:     So then, but these videos are not like 30 minutes long and you're not preparing a bunch of stuff for them, right? Are you just, are you just kind of like, oh, I think this would be good thing to talk about. Pop out your phone and you talk about it. Is that what you're doing?

Krista:Yep. You can do Facebook live, but it's better to do run ads behind them. You know, just quickly taking video, upload it into Facebook, along with your ads manager account on your business page. And bam, get it out there. Super simple. It's not hard at all. Somebody’s videos going to be longer. So for example, initially you want to grab people's attention. You don't want to say, hi, I'm Krista. You want to go? Are you losing your house? Are you about to go into foreclosure? Oh my God, we can help you. Hi I'm Krista with Homes by Krista. I buy houses from people just like you and guess what? You don't, you probably have money they don't even know about and if you don't call me you're going to lose it all. I can save you from that. I can save you from going into foreclosure, I can save your credit. Just give me a call, right boom.

Krista:Then if they watch that, then you can say, okay, they watched this entire video. Now I want to do another video that's going to give them more information and then as they continue to watch the videos, you can get a little bit more longer because initially shorter is always better, you'll get more retention times, higher watch rate, etc. Some people will click on a video and they'll see it's five minutes they won't even watch it because it's too long. But if they're interested in the subject matter, then as you go down you can continue to educate them and the videos can be longer and longer.

Joe:     Hey guys, here I am drinking coffee and Krista, believe it or not, does not drink any caffeine. We were talking about this before the podcaster.

Krista:I don't know I got a little bit of a headache for some reason.

Joe:     I wish I had your energy. That's awesome.

Krista:Everyone always says that. My maiden name is Vitali , it’s Italian and that is, it stands for vitality in Italy and so our whole blood line is just, we have a lot of energy. My Dad's 73 and he's just like this.

Joe:     That's awesome. Good for you. You mentioned something really important there. There's a simple formula for these videos, right? You don't just start off introducing yourself, blah, blah, blah, boring, boring, boring. You start off with a question, your energy's high, you start off with a question that is going to kind of hook them, right. Do you have like simple formula that you teach your students to follow when it comes to doing these videos like that?

Krista:Yeah. So the first thing you want to use, you want to hook them right? And get them to talk to listen that's step one. Then you're going to say empathize with them like you get you understand where they're at. So it's like, get their attention, empathy. Hey, I understand I lost my house back in 19 whatever. Somehow empathizer or make you understand that you get where their at, then you say your name or you could or you show your authority, right? So you're getting their attention. You're telling them a reason that you empathize. You're putting yourself in their own shoes so you become more human. Then you need to say something that makes them realize they should actually keep listening. Now you're going to say like, you're an authority figure. So for me, for example, if I was for real estate, let me something like this.

Krista:Oh my God, can you believe 6% commission? That is so much commission. I know it just drives you crazy. I totally understand. If I was an agent, I couldn't believe I had to pay a six pay a 6% commission. Hi, I'm Krista Mashore it comes back Krista. I sold thousands of homes, so I know why you pay 6% commission. Did you see what I did there? I said my name and I said, I've sold thousands of homes without saying I'm great, but I let them know she's someone of authority. I should keep listening and

Joe:     I want to say you guys saw Krista kind of mess up a little bit there. She would not take that out of her video, right?

Krista:I wouldn't, no. People always say that your so real and your normal, they don't be perfectly imperfect. People hate perfection. You want to be yourself. And there's times where we have some funny videos and we just plan, you know, and I'll laugh and say, oh sorry, I screwed that up. And people are great. So then once you do that then you get your three ticks like boom, boom, boom right? And hey you want more information then click the next video. So it's nice like 30 seconds. You can get a lot out in 30 seconds. So boom, get their attention right, empathize or be on the same level with them. Show your authority somehow. Why should they listen to you? Then your quick teaching tips and then done the other call to action or nothing. It might just be, Hey, I'm getting them to know me right now. This is all about getting them to know me.

Joe:     One of the cool things about YouTube and Facebook too is that you can start retargeting people who watched your ad or your video rather, right?

Krista:Yeah, yeah.

Joe:     And you can say, all right, show this peep. Show an ad to everybody who watched at least a certain percentage of the video and can then start following them and retargeting them. And what are some of the things Krista you follow them with or re target them with and talk to the talk to the realtors out there because then I, and then we'll try to figure out some things that an investor can do.

Krista:Okay. So for example, if I'm going after sellers, there might be three things to think about when selling your home, right? People watch that. Okay, great. Seven essentials when selling to save you thousands and thousands of dollars, right? Then the next one, click here for a free market analysis or home evaluation, right? So it's like get them interested, get them watching, seller's guide. Click here for a seller's guide and then a market analysis or CMA, what's my homework, that kind of thing.

Krista:So you're kind of like bringing them down the funnel, if that makes sense. If I'm working for buyers, it might be, did you know that you need it, you know, you don't, there's homes that you can buy with no money down, right? And then it can be different types of loan programs out there. What to consider when buying. Make sure you get a home inspection a roof inspections, termite inspection, who pays for what closing costs, right? And then, Hey, go to my buyer seminar. Go to my seller seminar? Makes sense? So you're kind of like, you're not saying go to my seller seminar and sign up here, you're giving them information, giving them value, guiding them, serving them, right. Serve, don't sell. And then you go into the cell.

Speaker 1:      So some of the sell too, it's not, it's just a first date. So it's not, you're not saying, hey, if you want me to list your house, go here. But it's more like, if you'd like something free, if you'd like a market analysis is something that you could offer, right?

Krista:Seller guide.

Joe:     Seller guide. How about…

Krista:Repair tips.

Joe:     How to get your house ready to sell.

Krista:How to get your house ready to sell. Staging tips.

Joe:     Staging tips. If you're targeting buyers. It could be I got a seminar, a workshop, a webinar or maybe even a class on how all the different down, no down month or no money down loan programs.

Krista:Your so good Joe already at this. Look at you.

Joe:     Well, what are some things that investors could do, okay. If you're targeting sellers who are, their house needs a lot of work, you know, if they're going to list it on the MLS, they're going to have to put $30,000 grand into it. They're going to have to paint it and clip it because it's trashed and they're going to need a couple dumpsters. So what would be something like an investor might want to do to the initial video upfront? Like, Hey, I'm here are, I don't know what are some ideas that an investor could do to target motivated sellers who don't want to mess with a realtor because it needs too much work.

Krista:Hey, if you're thinking about selling and you don't have a lot of time where or embarrassed about how your house looks, right, you don't have enough money to fix it up and you're considering having Zillow, you know, make you an offer. Let me tell you the reasons why you should not go straight to Zillow. Boom, boom.

Joe:     That's really good because you can go online and find those online review sites of all of those companies that make offers to buy houses and you'll find tons of complaints from people that they gave me a contract and then they nickeled and dimed me all the way to closing and made me fix all these stupid things, their horrible.

Krista:Absolutely. Do the videos, all the hidden fees. And you still have to pay the other agent. It's not really what they say it's going to be. And then compare how, you know, here's a house that they bought, here's what you could have sold it for in the open market, right. They really, really lost out. And I also think that…

Joe:     Great idea, yes. Okay.

Krista:Some people to I think in your, they don't like to actually have the house shown or they're embarrassed or they're hoarders and people have issues nowadays. It can be like, you know, hey, you know, I just want to let you know there's programs out there and not even always necessarily selling your program first. Just again, breaking down the barriers getting people to know you. Like I have a grandma and grandma is really, really old and she didn't want to show her house and she's got 15 animals and getting the animals ready would be impossible. And grandma had no idea that there were companies out there that will actually buy the house without ever having to get it ready or show or anything. And so if you have any questions about that, let me know. I'd love to give you some information, right.

Krista:Just kind of thinking about all the problems, why are the reasons why people come to you anyways? Answer their questions, solve their problems through your videos. There's, I'm sure there's a few common reasons, right? They're losing their house. It's in foreclosure, it's in short sale. They don't have money to do repairs. They don't want the house to be shown and they've got a lot of animals they need to move quickly. I mean, I'm just off the top of my head thinking of those seven things. I'm sure there's a few common threads that you guys deal with. All of your videos should be based upon, and your content should be based upon answering the questions that these people are having, the issues and problems.

Joe:     That's really good. That's really good. I was also thinking like maybe a good call to action would just be having your phone number there, right. And I know one guy, he says, listen, call me. I answer my phone and he puts his phone number on all of his videos. And that's something that nobody else is doing. That's going to make you stand out a little bit, isn't it? You actually answer your phone.

Krista:Absolutely. You answer your phone. That's a really good point because not everyone does, sorry, if I'm being rude here, I just told my husband I was on a call.

Joe:     Okay, good. So you're putting these videos on your Facebook page. You sometimes, do you do them live or do you prerecord them and then upload them?

Krista:I upload them. I put them first on my personal page or my business page. Then I go into my ads manager account and I create, I go pull them from there and I create an ad from my ads manager account because that way that the numbers combined because. Another thing I do is I show my sellers why they should hire me and not somebody else in my community because I'm the National Association of Realtor shows that 16% of realtors utilize social media. But from my research, less than 1% are doing it correctly.

Krista:So I show them why they didn't want to hire me because I can expose their house to like hundreds of thousands of people. I can show them how many views, how many clicks, how many likes, how many shares, how much time somebody is watching a video. And I can compare it to my competitors without showing their picture and say, this is why you hired me because I can exposure your house to the thousands whereas everyone else is doing it incorrectly and no one's seeing it because Facebook is a business they want your money in order for you to be to be seen on Facebook and Instagram, you have to pay for exposure.

Krista:So I properly know how to pay for exposure. I know how to target buyers who are looking, I know how to create ads for buyers that were looking six months ago that are now ready right now they're in my, they're in my funnel, right? And so I can kind of show why they want to hire an agent that is utilizing 21st century marketing strategies on platforms that buyers are actually going to look.

Joe:     Good. Good. Let's talk about follow-up, Krista. Because I know follow up is just as important for you guys as it is for us guys, investor's side, probably more so for realtors. There's a popular saying and I always screw it up, the one that realtors use all the time, like I'm going to keep on calling them until they, they sell or die or something like that. Are you familiar with that?

Krista:Yeah. Most agents don't call. That's one of the things that we struggle with, is they're not calling and so we have great automation, but automation does not take the place of people. And so we got right systems and workflows. We, I use a system called Real Evolve and I've got like Jesus 50 some odd workflows. Meaning if something happens then it automatically sends a text message, sends a video message, sends an email, tells me to call blah, blah, blah.

Krista:But people are wanting people more and more often because there's so much automation out there. So you've got to put the people back into it, which means you've got a call. Why teach my students to send a video text message? So I tell them send 10 video text messages a day and they pick up three clients in 15 days just from that, just from doing 10 video text messages where it's not just an, they're seeing a face, right. It's and it's so effective. So you've got…

Joe:     Are you talking about like using BombBomb?

Krista:Yeah I use BombBomb.

Joe:     Can you send an actual text straight to like a video text right from the messenger?

Krista:Oh yeah. You just click right on BombBomb and send it right through a text message right to the phone.

Joe:     So then does BombBomb send it through their, does BombBomb send it to their email address or their phone number?

Krista:Whatever one you tell them too. You can tell them to email or phone number, but you don't even need BombBomb you can just go into your phone, right. And you can just go into the messages part of it and do a video text message like this, this is simple, watch I'll show you. Here's what we do. Where's my camera? So simple as this. Hi Joe it's Krista. I cannot wait to be on your podcast. I am so excited. Thank you so much for having me. And I was just letting you know, I watched your podcast last week and I the guy you had on was just amazing. Great job keep it up. You need anything let me know. Take care.

Krista:Now notice I didn't, now I just sent it to you via text message. Now notice I didn't even ask for anything, right? Again, oh, give me a referral. Can I sell your house? Sometimes you just get in contact with people without even asking for anything because then they're more likely to want to answer or respond. People are always asking, asking, bugging, nagging, sell your house, buy your house, blah, blah, blah. People are tired of it and they just want to be recognized, remembered, whatever, whatever, right? And so then that right there again, breaks down barriers.

Krista:They know what you do. If you're in my program, everyone knows what you do because I blast you everywhere so you can't not know. So when you call somebody, or make that contact they already know what you do for a living and they're going to be like, hey Joe, I got, you know what, I am about ready to lose my house. Can you come over and talk to me? You didn't, you know what I mean? They know what you do if you do this correctly. So you don't need to be always shoving it in their face. Sometimes the soft sell is much better.

Joe:     Very good. You're out of time, Krista, I don't know where the time went.

Krista:I'm about ready to eat some food man.

Joe:     How can people get ahold of you? How can they get their books? What's the best way to reach out to you?

Krista:So you can go to Krista Mashore. It's K R I S T A Mashore M A S H O R E, so KristaMayshore.com or you can find out all about us and we teach it pretty much anyone how to properly get themselves out there. Also, you can get my books on Amazon and just look up Krista Mashore and three different books will come up and they'll help your business and I really appreciate you having me on it was super fun.

Joe:     Good. And you're on Instagram and…

Krista:Yeah, go on Facebook you'll find me. You can do Homes by Krista, Krista Mashore I'm all over.

Joe:     Nice. Okay. Thank you very much Krista. I appreciate you being on the show.

Krista:Thanks for having me. It's a great thing that you do Joe.

Joe:     Awesome. Hey guys, listen. You can get the transcript of this. Show that in the show notes, the links that Krista just talked about if you're running or driving right now, go to RealEstateInvestingMastery.com and just look up Krista in the search bar, K R I S T A, and you'll find the episode show notes for this and you can read it and get the tips. I highly recommend you guys reach out to Krista, get her books, follow her on social media. She's a fireball and she's really smart and she knows what's working well today. And it works. It applies whether you're a realtor or an investor. And she's good. All right. Thanks again. All right. Bye. Bye.

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