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Welcome to the podcast.

We have Trevor Mauch with us today. He is the genius behind Investor Carrot.

Trevor lives in Roseburg, Oregon. He and Joe have been seeing each other a lot at various real estate investing events lately.

Trevor started buying real estate while in college. He worked in marketing for a mortgage company, and really studied how to optimize online marketing there.

Carrot offers templates for websites and guides you through personalizing and branding them. The recommendations it makes are performance-tested online marketing methods.

Carrot’s Innovation Lab is where SEO testing takes place, and where it manages websites for large companies. Successful websites have a perfect mix of content and tech.

It’s important to know how much you feel comfortable spending to get leads. Trevor shows us a formula for arriving at a number for Cost per Lead and Cost per Deal.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Online search is often a person’s 1stimpression of your company
  • Carrot helps you build your website
  • List objections that you hear, then counter them on video
  • It takes a while to get to top tier of Google ranking

Mentioned in this episode:

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