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This may sound like “hype” – but I don't care…  You're about to discover a completely new source of seller leads that can explode your REI business!  And these leads cost 75% less than direct mail leads.  And get this… hardly any of your competition knows about it yet.

Don't believe me? Listen to this podcast.

Bottom line… Almost everyone listening to this podcast is in a competitive market – in fact, a VERY competitive market.

Direct mail response have plummeted…  Where you used to see 3% – 5% response rates for simple postcards to absentee owner lists, you're now lucky if you get 0.5% response rates, if that! (Yes, that's half of one percent response rate!)

Most people just getting started in the game, can't even think about competing against all these guys that are spending tens of thousands of dollars a month in marketing.

This is a complete game-changer.  This strategy completely levels the playing field.  Listen to the podcast and jump on the webinar – right now.

Register for the webinar here:

Listen to the podcast here:

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    1. Yes, I think so. It depends on a lot of things though. Your market, how good you are at sales, how good you are with follow up, can you make different kinds of offers, etc.

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