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A couple of times a year, we put together an accountability challenge for real estate investors who are ready to stop being eternal students. We see so much amazing success coming out of these challenges, and we want you to be a part of it. We’ve heard story after story of students who’ve finished the challenge and made their money back (and more!) because they closed $14,000 contracts by the end of the challenge.

Now is the time. You’re never going to know everything. That fear that you feel, it’s normal. You could go through a million scenarios to try and work through your fear, but you’ll never be prepared for the infinity of scenarios that are possible. Our 5 Sellers a Day challenge works because we hold our students accountable to their numbers.

Don’t worry about the cash, the closing, the contracts, or any of that stuff. When you get to that point, we’ll help you. Inside our challenge, you’re going to get:

  • Coaching calls on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Support inside a Facebook group
  • Inspiring stories from fellow students
  •  Stretched out of your comfort zone

5 Sellers a Day costs $500, but we’re going to give you your money back if you finish the course and turn in your scorecard. If we can’t make you money, then we don’t deserve yours. We see massive success every time we run this challenge, and we want to see you on the inside!

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Even though there are eight steps to a deal, you only need to know steps one and two.
  • We’re not teaching theories; we’re analyzing deals in real-time.
  • If you need a push to jump into real estate, this accountability challenge is going to be blow-your-socks-off hugely motivational.

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Joe: Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. What's going on, everybody? Joe McCall here with Gavin Timms. Hey, are you wearing a sweater or a jacket? What is that?

Gavin: Yeah, it's a jumper. Yeah, it's still light because it's still pretty like the sun's out. I'm just in the shade. So it's a little windy. Yeah. I'm outside though.

Joe: You're in Arizona. You're driving around in your RV again, aren't you?

Gavin: Yes. All right. I am.

Joe: Good for you, man. I'm just a little jealous, that's all.

Gavin: I would like to show you the sun and the mountains.

Joe: So, guys, hey, listen, we just wanted to do another video because Gavin and I have coming up here this coming Monday, a new accountability challenge, a new accountability group coaching thing that we do. We do this a couple of times a year. It's a lot of fun. We see a lot of success come out of this. I mean, we do a lot of things. We teach courses, we do podcasts, YouTube videos, we do high end coaching and stuff like that. But this is one of the major keys to success that we see with our students. If we can help students the best, it's when we can give them a scorecard and hold them accountable to the scorecard. Hold them accountable to their numbers. Right. Because that's all that matters. And so we just wanted to take a minute to talk about this again. If you've got a 5sellersaday.com, 5sellersaday.com, you get more information about it. We start this coming Monday as we're recording this right now. And we're just going to basically we send an email this morning about it and basically saying, listen, you don't need another course.

Joe: Most of you guys already know what you need to do. Stop buying courses. It's time to start taking action, isn't it? Yeah, I mean, I was and this is more so for me than it was for Gavin when I was getting started. I was a professional student for three years. You know, that guy or that girl that goes to college. They love the college life. They're comfortable, right? They all their friends are there. Everything's taken care of for them. They can go. They know where to go to get their food. They get a paycheck from student loans or their parents every week. Right. But then they just are afraid to go out into the real world. So what are they? Do they get a graduate degree and then they get another graduate degree. They get another major, they get a postgraduate degree. You see a lot of these guys I remember seeing them and they were just kind of maybe it's hard to admit, but they were afraid to go out into the real world, start making real money and living on their own. So a lot of you that's you, you've bought the courses, you know, you've seen the podcast. That is, you know, what you need to do. You just need some help doing it. And this time we're telling you, let's get out there and start taking action. You know what I'm saying? Yeah.

Gavin: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it's the it's the key to success, isn't it? By taking action, you're never going to know everything. On a coaching call yesterday, they had the fair they were new about taking action and we were just running through scenarios. And I was giving examples that I could be here, like I literally could do a million scenarios, like if I thought about it and just kept making things up right off that you come across in real estate because you've got the market different, you've got the house type different, you've got the condition, the people, that situation scenarios, all these things that you can't prepare for, all you can be prepared for is what you can control. So start worrying about the things you can't control about the market. And if this happens and if that happens, just start doing what you can control, which is your market and you're talking to sellers, you're making offers and everything else will just take care of itself. And that's what we want to do and is a capability to push you into doing that because you need to be comfortable. So we all, as you said, Joe, for me, I was the opposite. No courses, no books. Straight into coaching. Seven thousand dollars. I've no idea what I'd do it, but I know from a coaching background that was the way just learn the right way. As I as a golf pro, I would much prefer someone that's never shown the golf club than someone, despite the ten years that's got the thousand bad habits right because of that. So that sticks with me. So if I can go all in straight away, I can get there faster. I just need to learn the right way. So that's just my take on it.

Joe: Yeah, that's still good. You just need to learn the simple fact that there's eight steps to a deal. You just need to know steps one and two. Right. You just need to start taking some basic simple action and then get a coach to help you with the rest. And that's why we're doing this. It's just five hundred dollars and we're going to give you your money back if you update your score card every week and send us your numbers. Now, the goal is to make to talk to five sellers a day for four weeks and make an offer to three of those five sellers every day. So every week you make fifteen offers. That's not that hard to do, guys. It's really not fifty offers a day. But for most of you guys, that's really stretching yourself out of your comfort zone. And we wanted to charge something five hundred bucks to kind of get you to get you kind of out of your comfort seat, out of your just into massive action. And it's just about making offers. So we're going to help you with the scorecard. We're going to show you some basic, simple marketing that you can do, how to talk to sellers, how to make offers. That's it. We don't want you worried about step seven and eight because we might partner with you on a deal. The way restructuring this is. You can partner with us on a deal so you don't have to worry about the cash. The title company finding the buyers, how all of the contracts work, how do you double close or assign.

Joe: We'll partner with you on that, we want you focus on the simple, basic things. And one thing I've known to anybody that's good in this business that does a lot of deals, they're brilliant at the basics. They're good at those simple, basic things. And that's what we're focusing on this. You've got four weeks with us. We're going to be coaching you on coaching calls Monday and Thursdays, Mondays and Thursdays. Gavin and I will be alternating and we're going to be showing you how to just talk to sellers and make offers. The other cool thing is we're going to be talking on these coaching calls about deals. We're going to be practicing roleplaying, talking to sellers, talking about actual real deals. We're not going to be teaching three. We're going to be talking deals. And that's what I'm most excited about.

Gavin: Absolutely. Because that's what people want to see. And we'll be analyzing the deals as well that we're personally doing. And our business is to show you kind of what went into that from like a real live case so that you cannot be a real case study. Right. So we're going to be demo in and kind of going through them and plus looking at your deals. So as you start getting traction with your marketing, then you start learning how to make offers, will analyze your deals to see kind of what we're seeing. This is what you'll see. There's going to be a kind of a group atmosphere with that. And the other big thing is, well, there's going to be a Facebook group where we're going to be interacting, and that's going to be huge for accountability, not just from me and Joe, but everyone in the group. And when someone else is doing it, it's so powerful. When you watch and you see all these people posting that they've got, that's really all they've done, that locked in, all they've told the sellers or whatever. They're doing it. Just when you're sitting there at home, you don't want to do it. It's just the push you need to get it done, because we know if you're not really at the basics, you're not making any money. It's a pretty much a fact, right? As close as a fact to me. It's that if you are not brilliant, then basic things like that not being done, if you're not never going to make an offer is a fact. You will never get a property signed, I mean, or any make any money. So breaking these habits, building these habits over a 30 day period is going to be huge in terms of you taking that forward and getting results.

Joe: And this is exactly how you make habits. You just do it. And we've got story after story of students that have done deals and gotten their money back. And I'm just going to show you a quick little slide show. We put them together with some slides. Youssef got a fourteen-thousand-dollar assignment. We got his money back. Jerry got his money back. DACs, Antonio, Richard, Amy, Michael, Harry. This is just the last time we've done this. We've done about we give a lot of these refunds back. Lynn, Ronnie, John, Nabila, Richard, Tatiana. So we've got this is just some of them. We've got so many people here that this is why I love doing this as because our philosophy is pretty simple. If we can't make you money then we don't deserve yours. And we know if you want to do deals, if that's really what you want, you want to make offers. So let's just make it simple. Let's cut the B.S. Let's cut the hype. Let's cut any complicated thing. You don't need systems or computers or technologies. You can just use a pad of paper and a pen and a phone. You can print out blank contracts and fill out the blanks. Right. You don't need fancy stuff. And so, you know, making offers, it's not that hard. And you talk about like, let's just say somebody they have a goal to make three offers a day and fifteen offers a week. Right. And it's Friday night. And they're like, oh man, I haven't made the fifteen offers yet. How could they actually sit down and make just a quick fifteen offers.

Gavin: Yes, I was coming into Friday. What would I do. Let's say I couldn't pick up. Let's say I could pick up the phone. Right. I would start just calling realtors. Right. For sale by owners, be calling realtors, calling property managers and just making offers. I'd be go in, just get getting the zestimate if I had to get in the ballpark. Right now, we know the Zestimate is not the right thing. It's not the right Alvie, but it gets you in the ballpark. Right. And then I'll just be doing my formula based off that, depending on my location. And I'll be sending it sending it out. I mean, you should be able to make an offer in three to five minutes, especially with no motivational long conversation. So within an hour, you should be able to, in my opinion, speak to five people and make three offers in an hour.

Joe: Yeah, and that's it. That's not that hard. So it also could just be right. You can make your offers on Saturday. But I love this. Like call a couple of property managers, a couple of realtors, look at some properties on the MLS that have been over thirty days that are on the market over thirty days and just start calling them right now and say, hey, I'm an investor looking for some properties and some deals in the area. Can you tell me a little bit about this house? Is the seller negotiable on their price? Would they consider maybe something creative? Whatever you want to say, just talk to somebody and say, well, listen, why don't I send you an offer in the mail or send you an email with an offer and you just look it over. You don't have to fill out a whole contract either. I've done this a lot with realtors. After I talk to them, I'll email them. Just approximate numbers, maybe a price range. That's an offer. It's like I call off past offer.

Gavin: Joe, we just did a marketing class last week, Saturday. It's amazing that we send them emails out. Right. And we got an offer accepted. Well, they're basically close enough to it.

Joe: Yeah. So what happened was we pulled emails of all of the realtors that had listings over 60 days in this certain market, Louisville, Kentucky, and we found and we sent out 50 emails, fifty one emails, I was going to do a video about this this morning. We sent out fifty-one emails and we put the price of the property, the lowest price in a column in the spreadsheet. And we just did two new columns for a price range of 70 or 60 percent on one, 70 percent on the other. So we had fifty one listings, fifty one different realtors and we had a price. We had the list price and then a price at 60 percent and a price at 70 percent. And so we sent an email to fifty one realtors, the simple tool that we have and just said, hey, we saw your property at such and such. I'm an investor. I said, I'm a landlord. I'm looking to buy some more rental property in the area, just emailing you to see how negotiable your client was on their price. But they consider something in this price range. And I did the price range of 60 percent to 70 percent.

Joe: We only sent fifty-one got a ton of no's, but we had one realtor. The house was listed for ninety-nine thousand dollars. Our price range was I forget the exact numbers, but like fifty-nine thousand to sixty-nine thousand, is that right? Yeah. Sixty-nine thousand and fifty-nine thousand whatever. Fifty-nine to sixty nine. Anyway, the realtor responded back. Let me talk to the client, talk to the client, emailed us back the next day and said yeah, they'd be open to that. Let's so have you guys, have you seen the house yet. And so we sent that lead to the student we were working with in that market and to another wholesaler. And they looked at the house and they're currently making an offer on it. So I didn't even send a formal contract. I just said, hey, before I send you a contract and proof of funds, would they accept something in this price range? And the realtor said, yes, it's awesome. I love it.

Gavin: Yeah. And it was fast as well.

Joe: Yes. Just like that. Let's make it an offer you could send. You can send. You know, we definitely recommend you talk to the realtors first right off the challenge. By the way, if the challenge is send 60 offers in a month, you can't just send 60 emails like that. I mean, that's better than nothing, right? Yeah, they can't just be. But I'm just trying to show you how simple it can be. Yeah. Yeah, that's great. So anyway, go ahead.

Gavin: I was just going to say so. Yeah. So we're going to be starting on Monday. We're going to be releasing some videos that we've pre done that's going to be going out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, just for some training. Not everyone's going to need it. Some people also we have you covered there. And then on Mondays and Thursdays, we're going to be doing the accountability coaching call, which will consist of looking at numbers, analyzing deals. Like we said, role play is looking at your deals, all deals, whatever you need. Show that and we'll answer anything and keep you accountable there as well. Facebook group to interact. We're going to be doing that. So we're going to be manage, will be active. You guys will be active building a community where we're all trying to achieve the same things, which is really, really important.

Joe: Oh, and also if you want partner on deals, if because that's Kevin, people are going to be like sometimes the reason why they don't make offers, we get it. Guys, you're afraid. Well, what if they say yes? What if they accept my offer? What if it's a bad offer? What if I underestimate repairs or under overestimate the ARV? What if I make a mistake? Am I am I going to be trouble? What if they say, yes, we're going to get the money from like these are real common fears that understandably can cause you some angst. Right. So we just want to take away that fear and make it easy for you guys to make it happen. So we're just telling you, don't worry about steps seven and eight. Just focus on steps one and two and focus on the marketing plan. So we're going to teach you how to do some simple marketing, how to talk to sellers and realtors and property managers, and then how to make real simple offers. It can be just a cash offer or at least option offer doesn't matter. Just keep it simple. Keep it really simple. Right. So I'm excited. It starts this coming Monday. We're going to every day for the first week. We're going to be giving you short little videos, teaching you some basic stuff.

Joe: We're going to be getting on coaching calls Mondays and Thursdays with you guys. We're going to be talking deals. All right. If you get a seller that says yes or you talk to a seller and they give you some objections, we're going to be practicing talking to sellers and role plays, analyzing deals, looking into, OK, this is what kind of offer we would make, et cetera, et cetera. And then if you want to partner with us on a deal the way that works, it's real simple. You don't have to partner with us on deals to, by the way. But once you get a deal under contract, you can send it to us. We'll look at it. If it looks like a good deal, we'll partner with you on it. We'll help you get the cash or find the buyers or whatever, and we'll split the profits 50 50. Now, you don't have to partner with us. And so is even still, if you have questions, you can submit them on the in the Facebook group or in the weekly biweekly twice a week coaching calls. We will answer your questions there. But the cool thing, too, is if you bring us a deal to partner on, we're going to give you our feedback. We're going to say, no, that's not a good deal. So you shouldn't do that. Go back and renegotiate. Absolutely right. Anything else, Gavin?

Gavin: I'm ready. Ready for Monday. I will. I'll be there and I'll see everyone else is going to be doing this. I'm excited. So let's go.

Joe: Five sellers a day, five sellers a day. And Gavin is going to be in his RV in the middle of who knows where driving around. So but he'll still be doing calls. I'm just still jealous. It's not bad today, though. It's forty-one. Could be a lot worse. But I miss my RV. All right, guys, everybody, thanks.

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