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Does it seem like every single home you offer on is sold in just a few days? Everyone swears that there are no homes to buy, but I’m here to blow that myth up for you. I’m going to show you how to find unsold homes on Redfin, scrape the available data, and then send out mass emails to Realtors.

Why does a house linger on the MLS like moldy cheese forgotten in the back of the fridge? Sometimes the sellers are just asking too much for it, and it gets overlooked every week until it’s pushed to the back where buyers just learn to ignore it. Using GMass, I’m going to show you how to send out mass emails to Realtors who are desperate to unload these stinky, overpriced houses.

You’re going to see how I get tons of information that makes it easier to reach out to sellers, including the:

  • Owner’s name and mailing address
  • Estimated equity of the property
  • Last time the property sold
  • Realtor’s name
  • Realtor’s email and phone number

There’s a reason that all of my emails have an unsubscribe button at the bottom of them. Mass emails have rules that are designed to prevent unwanted spam to show up in your inbox. But GMass works differently because you’re sending small batches in business-to-business contacts. The deliverability rates are insane. I’m getting open rates as high as 72%. That’s insanely good!

If you’d like someone to hold your hand and help you get things set up, Gavin and I would love to help you out. Fill out the form on CoachJoe.net and let’s connect.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • How I filter through Redfin to find houses that no one’s buying.
  • Why you need a business email inside Google to send mass emails and not a free email like Gmail.
  • When you’ve got a sweet, smokin’ hot deal, the private money will come.
  • What could you do with a 72% open rate on your marketing emails?

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Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

Hey, what's up, everybody, welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast, and I'm doing this quick little introduction for something to kind of set the stage of what I'm showing you next here. And if you're listening to this on an audio podcast, you might need to go to my YouTube channel, go to YouTube to search for Joe McCall and you'll find this video and what I did. This is an excerpt from one of my recent coaching calls earlier today where I actually did some live marketing for one of my students and showed you how I did it. It's pretty cool. I think you're going to love it and I think you're going to use it. And I think you're going to do well and you're going to do some deals. And if you do some deals withthis, I want you to let me know. All right.

So what I basically did is, you know, we like to do a lot of creative financing deals like lease purchases and owner financing and sub 2s and all that good stuff. And one of the best ways to find deals is with realtors. And a lot of people ignore realtors. They're afraid of realtors. They don't know. They think that any deal it's on the MLS is going to sell really fast. Well, there's a lot of properties that are on the market right now that have been listed for a long time that you can actually profit from and do some deals with. Right. So I just did a demonstration for this.

To put this in a little context, I think maybe I taught this in the video so I might be repeating myself later on. But I did this for another student and we basically and we went into Kentucky and we found I did talk about this, but I'll talk about it again anyway, because it was so good. We said 51 one emails to realtors and these were cheaper properties that needed work and updating. They'd been on the market over 60 days. We sent an email to the realtor saying, hey, I saw your property at address. You know, we're investors were landlords. We're just wondering how negotiable your client was and would they consider something in this price range? We got a bunch of no's, but we had one. Yes, it was a house that was listed for almost 100 grand. It was listed for ninety-nine thousand dollars. And the email said, would you accept something between 60 to 70 thousand? Guess what this realtor said? Let me talk to the owner. Get back to you. Talk to the owner. The owner came back. I mean, the realtor came back to us and said, yes, they would consider something on the higher end of your price range. So I sent that lead to my student in Kentucky who and I also connected her with a another wholesaler, which is awesome. Right. Like, can you believe that just by sending an email, I got the realtor to say, yes, they would take an offer at a 30 percent discount off of the list price.

OK, now the tool that we use for sending these emails, it's not any kind of secret people have been using for a long, long time. I'll talk about it here in the video. But I just wanted to say kind of give a context for what this is. So when I'm showing you in this next video is from a coaching call, but you're going to get a lot out of it. If you're listening to this on an audio podcast, you need to go to my YouTube channel to search for Joe McCall. You'll find this in there somewhere. OK, the other thing I wanted to say was, if you want our help, I work with Gavin who's my coaching business partner. If you want our help setting up these same kinds of systems for you in any year, I want to show you some different tools that we use and how we do it. You can get a VA to do this for you, by the way. You can get virtual assistants to do this for you every day in multiple cities.

Well, if you want our help with getting the VA, building the systems and doing this marketing, we can do that. Our coaching program is not just coaching, it's one on one. It's helping you set up your systems. It's getting you VAs. And if you're interested in that, I want to tell you to go to CoachJoe.net is one of the places we have lots of different sites, but that's the main one. Go to CoachJoe.net. You'll see a page that kind of describes what we're doing. And at the bottom is isn't apply now button. And if you click on that. But tell us a little bit about you. And if you feel like we're a good fit, we will work with you one on one and in a small group and we have our VAs that can help you set up your systems and we'll actually help you find and hire and train your own VAs to do this marketing stuff for you guys. This business is really, really simple.

And if you want our help getting it set up, just maybe holding your hand. So because some people I get it you're concerned with, what if the seller says, yes, you're afraid of failure or afraid of success and you just need somebody that can maybe hold your hand and help you and partner with you on some deals? A go to Coach Joe dot net right now to check that out. All right. In the meantime, enjoy this video that's come up here. And I'm going to do another video here in a minute showing you some of the immediate results. It's only been a couple hours and I already got two or three potential deals out of this. And so I'm going to show you and the next video after this is done, some of our preliminary results, which is pretty awesome. All right, guys, enjoy this.

OK, so what I want to do is we're going to go into Dallas Fort Worth here. We're going to find some older listings and we're going to email realtors and we're going to say something along the lines of, hey, I saw your listing at such and such. I'm an investor looking to buy more homes in the area. If I could get your client the price that they want, would they be willing to do something creative, like seller financing or other carryback lease purchase or something like that and just see what happens. I'm doing this in the Dallas Fort Worth area. This is somebody here on this call. It was said, let me write that down for said and said, can you do me a favor and type a no type in the chat, a phone number that I can put in this email for realtors to call you. All right. There it is. Now said this email is going to come from me. It's not a big deal, but I'm going to say it's from. You so I'm going to put your name on it and I'm going to put that phone number on it as well. OK, and we'll see where it goes.

Now, what I'm going to do here is I'm going to share my screen and just walk you through this. We're going to go to Redfin. All right. I like Redfin because it just has really good MLS data. It's pretty accurate. Pretty close to what the MLS. Better than Zillow, better than perhaps streaming a lot of ways. OK, so let's just go to Dallas, Texas. I know you're in the Fort Worth side, but you'll see why what I'm doing here. All right. I'm going to remove. Come on now. I'm going to remove outline. I'm a zoom out. We've got the whole Dallas Fort Worth area right there. Now, everybody says the market's white hot. No matter where you are. Everybody thinks their market is harder than anybody else's market. The market is white hot right now. All you need to do is stick a sign in the yard. You get multiple offers above asking. Price gets sold in a day. This doesn't work in my market. There's no motivated sellers out there. Wow. I'm going to try to maybe prove you wrong here. And so what I do is I'm here in Zillow and I'm going to go to more filters and I only want houses and I only want three plus bedrooms. Now, this is a little different. Like when I am looking for lease option homes or creative financing homes, I do a nicer, higher price. I'm doing cash only lower end homes. I'll do maybe two plus bedrooms, but I'm gonna do three plus bedrooms. Your house is only I don't want the real expensive homes. Let's just keep it under five hundred.

One of the things sometimes I look at it like what are the FHA limits in Dallas Fort Worth? And I'm just going to guess it's four hundred thousand. But typically you want to stay below five hundred thousand. OK said. All right I'll do that saying Hey, I'm a realtor, make sure you put on with EXP on there just so he stays in the good graces with Texas Real Estate Commission. You're fine. We're approaching this as you're an investor looking for deals. OK, when I'm doing that, I don't tell them that I'm a realtor, that I'm a broker. I always disclose that I'm an agent when it comes time to when I'm getting closer to the deal. But it's just an email, but it's not a big deal. You'll see what I do in your OK. Anyway, time on Redfin, I'm going to say more than well, first of all, let's look at the numbers here.

Let's apply filters. There's eighty four hundred and fifty six homes that are under five hundred thousand dollars in the Dallas Fort Worth area that houses three plus bedrooms. That's a lot. But at the market is so hot and all you need to do is stick a sign in the yard. You get multiple offers and they sell in a day, which everybody says, why then would there be any homes on the market over sixty days? So you go time on Redfin, more than 60 days click apply filters. There are twenty nine hundred homes right now in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Twenty nine hundred now I give it maybe, you know, five years ago that would have been sixty nine hundred homes. I don't know. But like that's a big number. Now some of these are new construction and some of them may be really, really cheap. Like we have some here. If I sort this table by price, we have some that are these are mobile homes that are forty forty eight thousand dollars, let's just say above one hundred thousand less than five hundred thousand.

OK, then we're going to go here to more filters. And I want to remove new construction because sometimes there will be houses that have been listed here for sale for a long time. They're not even built yet because it's new construction. Let's just say you had to have been built before. Twenty eighteen. I click apply filters, not as many. There's still five hundred and fifty two homes, five hundred and fifty two homes. If you wanted to you could go in here and draw the area around where you are. Let's just do that because I know you're in Fort Worth, right. So let's just draw a line here and there you go. We have two hundred and nineteen properties priced between one hundred and five hundred thousand. And we go back here to Filter's House is only three plus bedrooms on the market over sixty days built before twenty eighteen. If the market is so hot, why hasn't. Well that's a mobile home. Maybe some of this is land. OK, why isn't this house sold yet. Why isn't this house?

Well that's why. Here's the thing. Even this house it will sell if the price is right or if there's good terms. Let's do something. Let's just go. I'm trying to find homes here in the median. Let's do Max. Four hundred. I'm seeing junkers that I don't want and let's do one hundred and fifty to four hundred and fifty to four hundred. There's one hundred and fifty seven in just that area I circled there. OK, why isn't this sold yet. How about this one. Why isn't that one sold it. That looks like it's on a bunch of land. Or else why would it be four hundred thousand dollars. Why isn't this nice house sold yet. Let's do time on Redfin sort of here. This house. This house. I mean, these are nice homes. Why haven't they sold? Because they're overpriced. This one here. They're just asking too much for it. Right? Well, what if there is a way we can export these, get the emails of the realtors and send the realtors an email. Let me show you something. I did this recently. I'll just show you what I did here. I did this last Saturday and I used the tool. I sent these emails out. I used a tool called GMass And I'll talk about that in a minute if you want if you want to write this down, go to JoeMcCall.com/gmass, JoeMcCall.com/gmass. And this is a tool that the service that we're going to use. OK, so what I did is here I sent out fifty one emails and these emails, I'll just show you one of them look like here.

I said, Hey Tim, this came from me at my business address to the Realtor email. I'm a landlord looking for more rental property in the area. I might be interested in making an offer on your listing at address in city, I was wondering how negotiable your client might be on their price before sending you a contract and proof of funds, would they consider something in the price range of sixty nine thousand to eighty thousand five hundred? So I did something real similar to what I did here in Dallas Fort Worth. I got some properties in Redfin, but I was going for the cheaper properties that needed work, only properties that only a landlord would want to buy. Right. And what I did is I put them into a spreadsheet here and then I put them into prop stream. And I'll show you how to do this in just a second here. And I got the list price right here. And then I did a simple formula. I took the list price on the low end times 60 percent, and on the high end times, 70 percent. So what I did with this email, as I said, the agent hey, Jeffrey, I'm calling or emailing you about your house on a four one s twenty third street in Louisville. I saw that you had it listed. I'm a landlord looking to buy more property. Would your client consider something in the range of like thirty nine thousand to forty nine forty five thousand five hundred. And I got a lot of no's. I said fifty one emails, got a lot of no's. But guess what, of those fifty one emails I got one that responded back and said yes, maybe let me talk to the seller. All right.

That was listed for ninety-nine thousand dollars. I can't show you the details right now because the student that we were doing this for in this live demonstration is working with one of my friends who's a wholesaler there in Louisville because she's new and they're going to be doing this deal maybe, hopefully. But anyway, it was listed for ninety-nine thousand dollars in a great part of Louisville. And the email said, would they accept something with price between 60 to 70 thousand dollars? The Realtor came back. Yes, probably in the higher end. So here you go. Just sending an email we had we found one property was listed for one hundred grand. It was listed for ninety nine thousand. The seller, the realtor said they would accept something in the seventy thousand.

That's a 30 percent discount off the asking price with just sending an email. You kidding me? What if I would have done like 70 to 80 percent? All right. So let me show you how I did that. And first of all, if you go in here, let me let me show you the cool thing about gas, what it does here. Let me give you another example. This one here, if they don't respond, gas will automatically send another email two days later saying, hey, just making sure you saw this. And then the realtor responds back and say, well, they'll consider something in this price range. OK, so the cool thing about this is, guys, you look at this email, this is the original email that was sent right here. The cool thing about GMass is it sends it from your Gmail now. It really helps to have a business email inside of your Gmail. I can't go into the details of how that's done. I don't even know what Gmail calls it anymore. It used to be called G Suite and then Google Apps. And I think it's now called Google business. But you can get a domain of Billy Bob at we buy houses, Moines Dotcom, but you need a business email because it works better when it's coming from a business email, not from a free email like Gmail. Does that make sense?

All right. So then what you do is you connect and I'll show this to you here. It's so awesome because it actually really does work. But it sends the emails not like a spam email. All right. So let me let me show you one of my emails, though. Actually, if you are on my email list, I unashamedly email you every single day because I am either teaching something and giving some good content or I'm selling something that's really valuable. And so, like, this is an email I sent today, hey, you don't need another course, which, by the way, we're doing a new accountability program that starts next week. It's only five hundred dollars. You get your money back. We're talking about the importance of making offers and doing the stuff right. Go to 5SellersADay.com. I just got to talk about this because it's super important. If you go to 5SellersaDay.com, I'll put this link in the chat group right now. Five Sellers a Day dot com. We're actually starting it next week. So if you're watching this later, it might be too late.

But we're going to be holding we're taking a small group of people are going to be holding you all accountable to a scorecard. We're going to be doing a coaching call on Monday, accountability calls on Mondays and Thursdays. And we're going to be just if you report on your numbers and you make at least three offers a day or fifteen offers a week will give you the five hundred dollars back. We're doing this for four weeks. The whole point of it is just to get you off your butt, get you out there making offers, even stupid offers. It's OK to make stupid offers. And you can document that you've actually made three offers a day or fifteen offers a week. So you have seven days to make. Fifteen offers will give you the five hundred dollars back. It's just a way we are. Some of our best, most successful students have come from this coaching program. So anyway, if I sent you an email, if you're on my email list about this last couple of days, so here, if you scroll down the email, you see I have links in here and right down here you see this unsubscribe stuff.

Any time like constant contact. MailChimp. The services that I use is called Infusionsoft. Any time that we send somebody an email on a mass scale like that, it has to have this unsubscribe link at the bottom. And it has a bunch of other like tracking codes in here so we can tell who's opening the email and who's not. That may be weird to some of you, but that's just kind of normal stuff. So when Jemma's sends these emails, it doesn't have any of that stuff. It doesn't they don't require people to opt in and it's OK to do because it's business to business realtors emails or public record. And there's the law for spamming is. Not apply to business, to business situation like this. All right, me some good comments and feedback in the chat. That's awesome. So when Jim said you're not going to get this stuff here, so it's way better deliverability. My open rates, my open rates are really low. Deliverability is really low on these because Gmail, if you if you have Gmail, they have different tabs up your social tab, promotions, tab, updates, tab, things like that.

OK, so this doesn't have that anymore. Now if I go here to write your list again, these are all the emails that we sent out and the replies that came back. So GMass will send these emails through your Gmail and they will only send them out a little bit at a time. So it's not sending thirty thousand emails at once when Gmail, Yahoo's the outlooks, the whoever has AOL anymore still. Those emails when providers when they see the same e-mail coming to two hundred customers and like that, that's going to be more likely flagged as spam go into one of the promotion's tabs or something like that. OK, and they can tell that it's coming through a third party. What GMass does is it sends the email directly from your own Gmail account, which quadruples the deliverability. All right. So JoeMcCall.com/gmass. JoeMcCall.com/gmass. I'll put that in the chat. I can't type. There it is. I just put it in the chat.

Can it send from Outlook? No it only sends from Gmail. All right, so just get a business email through Gmail and GMass has all the instructions on how to do all of this. OK, now the cool thing is you can go in here and get reports. So I think you should see I don't know, I might need to do a new screen here. Let me do a new screen share here. OK, you should see this here. This gives me the report. I sent it to fifty-one recipients and I didn't have any I didn't track opens and clicks. I didn't want have any, I didn't want to have any trackable links in there. OK, Randall's saying Gee Sweets is now known as Google workspace. So about every year they change the name. So whatever. Here's the email I sent. You're the subject line was your listing add address and city. Hi, agent name. I'm looking for a landlord. Just kind of told you that and is pulling this these merge fields from that spreadsheet that I showed you. All right. Anyway, so here's the statistics on this. I said fifty-one emails. I got thirty-seven replies, guys. Seventy two percent open rate?

That's insane. I'm used to getting ten to fifteen percent open rates when I'm sending these promotional emails and content emails to you guys. You can see the original email was sent February twenty one. It sent another email on the twenty first. I'm not sure what that is. And then anybody who didn't open or these are opens. Never mind. Those are opens. And so again, it knows if they responded or not. And if they didn't respond, it'll send more simple follow up. And I'll show you that in a minute. So it's amazing. These deliverability rates and open rates like this is insane. All right. And GMass has only cost ten, twelve bucks a month or something like that. So let's do it back here to Dallas. All right. So we've got these listed properties. If I was doing this for cash deals, I might do zero to one hundred and fifty. But I'm doing nicer deals because I want to make a creative financing offer to them. And so. All right, now, Redfin only let you download about three hundred and fifty of these at a time. So if you have more than three hundred and fifty, you need to narrow down your criteria a little bit.

So I have a hundred and fifty seven. I'm a go down here to the bottom. I'm gonna click download all. I'm going to share my screen a different way here. Now it's not it hold on here because I'm going to be opening this up in a spreadsheet. OK, you should see this spreadsheet here and all this spreadsheet gives you and I need to zoom in. All this spreadsheets going to give you is the address of the property, the list price and beds, Barth's, the neighborhood square foot, year built, status, link and the GPS coordinates in case that would you would need that or whatever. Yes, the VA can do this for you, William. All right. So anyway, I don't have any I don't have the realtor's contact information in here. Even if I went into one of these listings like this one, I can't get the realtor's contact. I just know it's Tina Murphy. How do you reach her? I don't know. If you had access to the MLS, you might be able to get her email address stuff. Right. All right. So let me show you something really cool. If you go to prop stream and log in, you need an account with PropStreamJoe.com. I'm going to type that in the chat here. Prop stream, Joe Dotcom, you get a free seven-day trial. I'm going to log in to my prop stream account, hopefully. All right. So I have the spreadsheet right here. Right. What I'm going to do here is I'm going to go to my properties and my property.

Now to do this, I think you need something called List Automator. But when you try to do this little if a pop up comes up, hey, you need this thing called List Automator and get it. It's freaking amazing. All right. So I'm going to click right here. Import list. Now I need to download a template, so I'm going to download their CSV template right here. I'm going to open it up. And what they want here is the address city, state, zip. All right. So what I have here is that right here. So I'm going to take the address city state zip of this spreadsheet from Redfin. I go all the way down and I've got one hundred and fifty-seven. I'm going to copy that. Put it into this other spreadsheet here, right there. Now, just kind of juggling some things around here. So now this is a spreadsheet I'm going to import into prop string. That's all I need. I need the address city. I know it's hard to see. Zoom in a little bit more. Address City, state, zip. I don't have the county. I don't need the county. I don't need whatever the five. He says, I don't need the agent number. All right, so now I'm just going to save this. I'm going to go into back to Prop Stream and I'm going to choose file and I'm going to choose the spreadsheet. I just put those addresses in and I'm going to upload it. I'm going to create it.

I'm going to call it a new list. Let's call this DFW Old Listing's and this is for SCID Save. So what it's doing is it's uploaded uploading those hundred and fifty seven properties and then it's going to give me back it's going to append to that spreadsheet all this information on each property. I'm going to know the name, the owners mailing address, the name of the owner, the owners mailing address, the estimated equity of the property, the last time it sold and the realtor's name, email and phone number. Hopefully we'll see. And if it doesn't, well, I just I'm going to be embarrassed. So one hundred and fifty seven process. One hundred forty-one were succeeded, 16 failed. The 16 failed means there were some bad addresses there. I could go in if I had the time and fix them, but. Right. So here it is. I'm going to here's the list. And if I go in you can look and see all these. I see the name of the owner, the mailing address of the owner. So guess what? This works and I teach this in my lease options class. You can send a letter to the owner of these properties and maybe Sid can't do that because he's a licensed agent. Maybe it's not a big deal. Just sometimes, you know, I send thousands of letters a month sometimes. Sorry, just apologize, OK? I'm not telling you should do I'm not telling you what to do if you're a licensed agent. I'm just telling you what you know that you can do and maybe get away with.

OK, now here's the thing too, I might get this question a lot said you're fine, you get a slap on the wrist. And here's the other thing I do sometimes to protect me. I'll say, listen, if your house is listed with an agent, please give this letter to your agent. Or you can say if your house is listed with an agent, just disregard this or give this letter to your agent. That's what I like to say. And that's fine. All right. I get really annoyed at the rules that these realtors have. Let's say you have to put in like if you do a sign, you have to put all of this broker stuff and it has to be a fifteen-point font. That's just makes me so mad.

I'm not looking for listings. I'm looking to buy a property by owner. So whatever. Now, let me show you something cool here of this. One hundred and forty in here. Eighty-eight are free and clear. What eighty-eight of these properties that have been on the market over two months are free and clear. What if, oh you hear are you picking up what I'm laying down here? What if you send an offer to the owners of those free and clear properties saying I will pay you full price for your house if you would do owner financing? What? Yes, this is amazing.

This is amazing. I love this. Just twenty-five deals that have low equity, four that have negative equity, but they're listed for sale. What's going on here? Right. So maybe they might be open to more of a lease option or subject to. Hundred and six have high equity, 11 of them are vacant. Oh now look, I keep on scrolling over here. Guess what I see here now I see the agent's phone number, the agent's email address and the agent's name right here. Now, some of them I meant to say this to PropStream claims to have MLS data, but they kind of don't. What happens is they and I may be wrong about this, but they scrape. I don't even know if this is true. This is my guess. They go out and they scrape this data and they updated about once a week. So you're going to find properties that are showing as failed or expired and prop stream but are still active or they're the show is sold, but they're active. They show is active, but they're sold. Do not trust the MLS status data on property, but you can trust the agent's name and email address. I like that stuff. That's good.

But whether it's contingent or active or failed or whatever, I just don't trust this because it shows look at these. A lot of these are failed and contingence and. Yeah, so but they were they were shown is active on Redfin. Redfin pulls their data directly from the MLS. You can see right here, Redfin checked just now. The source came from the NTRIS. I don't know what that stands for. Sounds pretty official to me. You understand, it's a PropStream does not do this prop stream. Just I've complained to them about it and they know it's an issue, but. Aha. So I'm getting some awesome comments here now. Anyway, we've got this list here. We've got the most amount that was one of the last actives sold or the active prices. But I don't care about any of that except because all we're doing now is we're sending an email to the realtor. OK, I'm going to select all of them. There's one hundred forty selected. I'm going to select export now. I'm exporting this list into a spreadsheet. All right. Here's the spreadsheet.

I know it's kind of big here. What I'm going to do, I'm just going to I have to do this from a Google sheet. I have to do this from a Google sheet. So I'm just going to highlight everything. I'm going to copy it onto my clipboard. I'm going to go to my Google here, and I'm going to just open a new sheet. I'm going to go to Google Drive, go to new Google Sheets. Now, let me I need to rewind a little bit here. If you're using Gmass, here's the pricing again. JoeMcCall.com/gmass. You can get standard or premium. I recommend premium nineteen ninety-five a month. Just try it out for a month because that allows you to do follow ups and you can do sequencers and stuff like that. OK, just try it for and if you pay annually it's less, you save some money doing that. OK, so anyway here's my Google sheet. I'm going to paste that spreadsheet data in here. There it is. All right, let me just make this a little prettier so you can see what I'm doing, highlight everything and boom. All right. So now we have the property, address the city, all this good stuff. I scroll all the way over to the right. I'm going to have something cool here. I have the agent's name and phone number and e-mail. Now, you could do a text campaign, but let's just do email. All right. Realtors are pretty good at checking their emails for the most part. All right. Here's the MLS amount.

All right, cool. Now, sometimes what I'll do is I will let me show you what I like to do. Sometimes I'll go in here, I'm going to insert three columns and I'm going to split this column into separate columns by first name. Let me add a couple more columns in here, because I want to send an email to Lori is it. HadirLaury or Hillary or Hey, Mary and Joseph instead of Hi Shelly Green or Hi Joseph Hoodia. So all you do is you highlight that column. You go to data and you go right down here to split text to columns and it'll ask you how right here. What happened? Let us try to get the data text to columns. All right. You open up that little dropdown and you do space. There you go. So just split up wherever there was a space, kind of split it up. So what I'm going to do is just delete these extra columns that I did because it puts them into the columns. That makes sense. All right. So here's the spreadsheet. I have the address, the agent name and email address. Now, what I'm going to do here is open my Gmail and I'm going to click on right here this button and you get that button. It's loading up here. You will get that button after you go into gas and you sign up and you click this button up here, add to Gmail. And it walks you through the steps. And it's a thing you add on to Gmail and here then it says, pick, choose a Google sheet. I'm going to click the sheet that I was just working with Untitled.

Let's give it a title because I want to make sure you understand. Let's call this DFW older listings for Sid. All right. Now let's go back here, click on New Campaign. It's waiting for Google sheets to load. And there it is. There it is. Connect. They'll ask you to connect to the tab. And I only have one tab connect to a spreadsheet. Now, this is a little clunky the way this works, but it's awesome. Now you get these little pop ups here on the lower left and these are important. It says we've hidden the send button to prevent you from making a dastardly mistake. Want it back? Click the link below. All right. And so don't worry too much about that. Just close it. Now, what you're going to do is you're going to start typing in here and you're going to be inserting fields from the spreadsheet. And I'm going to show you what that means. All right. So let's do here your listing at the we're going to do we're going to do a spreadsheet field here address. And when I do that, you can see the little message down here below that personalization variable brackets address has been copied to your clipboard. Now you can paste it into your subject line paste.

OK, your listing at address in Sydney and then I can click here City and it's been copied to my clipboard paste city. OK, now here's the body of the email, by the way. I can go up here. You want to choose who you're sending it from? I have a business email Chamberlain Dash Holdings. OK, now Syd would have his own. It's coming from Joe McCall. So maybe I'll I might send this from how about team no? How about Joe and Syd now? How should I do this? I'm not going to worry about I'm just going to say it's from Joe. All right. So high. I put the agent's name right here. Hi, agent name. Remember, it's the first name, right? I am an investor realtor with XP. One of them is the XP. Isn't the X capitalized and I am looking for some rental. I'm looking for an investment property for myself in the area of your listing at. I'm just making this stuff up address in the key to this. As you want it to be personalized, you don't want it to sound spammy or happy or you're trying to want to make it sound like you're trying to sell anything. I'm an investor realtor with the XP. I'm looking for an investment property for myself in the area around. How about I'm looking for an investment property for myself around your listing at addresses, you can say something like, let me think about this.

If I can get your client their asking price, would they consider something like seller financing? Or Sid you might want to help me out here because this is Dallas, Texas. And I'm not sure because there's issues with lease options and stuff like that. Yeah, I deleted there. I'm just doing a somebody is asking about the agent name and this is the field I'm doing. So it's just a first name. OK, so help me out here with this email is what's the right way to say? Because some areas they're like they're more OK, they can do land contracts, it's more familiar seller financing. Or if I can get a seller, I can get your client. They're asking price. Would they consider something creative like seller financing or seller carryback? OK, let's do lease to buy seller financing or lease to buy. Thank you. So I'm not as real I'm not a real Sid. I'm not going to leave it at that now. I'm not putting I'm not giving them a phone number to call, although you could. And I'd recommend that if I were to do this and I have more time, I would make that phone number like a simple phone number.

So it goes into a campaign. All right, but that's it, I'm an investor with you, I'm an investor, realtor with the EXP. I'm looking and I'm looking for an investment property for myself around your around in the neighborhood, around your list for myself in the area, around your listing and address and see if I can get your client there asking price. Would they consider something creative like seller financing or at least by releasing the buy or at least purchase. I like lease purchase better. And the reason why is it sounds more it's not an option. It's like a serious is more purchase think. Oh yeah. Since phone numbers on there, we put his phone number a year to one for two and three. We don't mind everybody seeing this. I mean just put your put your last name on there too, is that alright Sid? If they ask you anything like, well who's Joe McCall, just say, you know, I'm sorry, that's my assistant. He was sending the email for me. OK, good. All right. Now we're going to go right here to this dropdown and there is some auto follow up here. That's amazing. You can have a track opens and clicks. I don't like doing that because that adds in code to the email that might trigger flags or spam. So we don't to do that. All right. Here's stage one. If no reply after two days, send another email. Hey, just making sure you saw this. If no reply after five days. I reached out a couple of times, but I haven't heard back and appreciate response to my email below. You can change that up. You can even do another follow up eight days later.

Hey, I'm sure you're busy, but if you could respond to my email below, I can cross this off my list. Oh, look at this. You can change the schedule. You can send it now. You can skip weekends, you can send it, have it. Send a maximum number of emails per day. You can have it pause a few seconds in between emails. I'm going to go and do that just because it's not a big deal. And then let's do tend to sixty seconds. That just makes it look less like spam makes sense and then advances just you can send us. Oh this is amazing. You can send it as a new message or you can send it as a reply which I don't recommend. I've always just done it.

New messages you can verify emails before sending if you want. I don't know what that does. Well, it says here with verify and we will attempt to make sure each email address is valid before we send it. If the address isn't valid, we'll skip it. I've never done that. But yeah, maybe it's not a bad idea, but I'm not going to do it because it's worked so well before. I don't know. I don't want to change anything at all. You can do a new reply to address if you want, and you can give this campaign a friendly name, said DFW Older. This is just for your internal reporting and stuff like that.

Cool. So yeah. So it's sending this message to every five to ten seconds between emails. It's doing some automated follow up. If they don't respond, how do they know whether they responded? Well, because it's done in your Gmail. They can see if they've responded or not. Cool. Oh, and you can send a test email. I'm not going to do a test email, but you can if you want. You can do templates if you've done emails in the past, which is pretty cool. And that's it. Now you'll notice the normal send button is not here. You don't want to click that send button, you want to click the GMass button. All right. Just like that. Are you sure? Send it. Please wait for GMass, it says. And there it is. You did it. You scheduled your campaign. You just like that. And I have I have two minutes left.

So simple as that. Guys, you can do this for a lot of different things, like if you skip trace bunch of buyers that, you know, have bought properties recently that are not LLC, you skip trace them, you get a bunch of emails, you can send these kinds of emails through mass. But the deliverability. Seventy five percent deliverability rate, I mean, if you know anything about email marketing, that's insane. That's really, really good. I have friends that do this when they get a property under contract and they're selling it, they will buy a list of all of the agents in that city and use something like gas to send an email out to all of them. That'll space it out. It'll send maybe just a couple hundred a day, but it'll send emails to all of the agents saying, hey, I got this investment property I'm trying to sell. Just add whatever you want for commissions on top of that. Cool. All right. So, hey, guys, just one more time, because I have just a couple of minutes, some of your asking questions here. How do I get my voice to train them on this stuff, have them watch this video, have the TVs, watch any if you have any of my classes, you don't have the Vas watch these training videos here and the replays for this. This is our coaching call here. They will be in the membership site and in the private Facebook group, if you remind me next week on the next time we do a coaching call in two weeks or whatever, I will let you know the results.

All right, guys, what's going on? I just wanted to give you an update on this. So it's been about two hours. I'm looking at my clock here since I sent these emails. And I just want to show you some of the results. It's been about two hours, let's just say that, OK? And so I'm going to show you some cool things here. If you look at my screen, I'm going to go into this report here. I sent this to one hundred and thirteen recipients and this was what the email look like. I think you already saw this listing add address, agent name. I'm an investor realtor with the XP. I'm doing this for Sid. I'm looking for an investment property for myself in the area around your listing and address and see if I can get your client there asking price. Would they consider something creative like seller financing or at least purchase. Thank you. Said phone number. All right. And if you look at the numbers, the stats here, it's been two hours. I have a twenty-six-point five percent open rate, which is really, really good.

And I got thirty replies. So no. It's a replay of the last campaign I did, I had a 72 percent open rate or response rate, so 30 is really, really good. Now of the 30. How many do you think have been semi positive responses? I have them here and I just been forwarding them to said I did some screenshots here because I'm just trying to protect you know, this might be turning into a deal. I don't want anybody maybe stealing this. So I've got one, two, three, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, ten of the thirty. Now, these some of these are better responses than others. I just want to show you kind of some of what these responses look like. This one. Yes, possibly. Let me know. All right. This one, I'm not sure I can ask. I am not certain they would be able to do that. I have several showings since we dropped the price. But it's an opening, right? Not sure. Most realtors are like, no, forget it. This is an opening. I'm not sure I can ask this one. Hello, Joe. Yes, that's possible. The seller is in a position to consider something like that. Let me know what you're thinking in that regard. This one, she's moving to the West Coast, so I doubt it. But give me terms and I will ask. That's an opening. That's kind of maybe not as good as something like this. Possibly. They said here they just need to see an offer in writing to consider. Thank you.

This one here, I think they would consider both of these. Can you send over a sample contract one of your buyers would use? Thanks. Cool. Now, interesting. He thought something sending this was doing it as a realtor for a client. The cool thing about being a realtor or having a realtor send these for you is that it opens up some more doors that you might not get otherwise. Right. This one said we have seller financing available. Than this one. Hello. We have an offer at this time. How? Although I'm not sure if it's going to work out, that sounds pretty skeptical to me. If not, I will definitely let you know. So what do you do as an investor? Will you call that agent back? You reply to them, get them on the phone and talk to them. Right. I think I got one more here. Maybe. What might that look like? How cool is that on this one? I think this might be the last one.

Yes. This is something I think the seller would consider. How much would your down payment be? Now on some of these deals what if you offered fifty percent down, give them their full asking price, 50 percent down if they agreed to subordinate your private investors loan in second position. So, in other words, let's just round numbers. It's worth 100 grand. I'll give you one hundred grand for it and I'll put fifty percent down, but I'm going to put a private investor. And so you need to be in second position. Now, maybe your realtor may not like that, but give the seller some options. You can say, all right, I'll do a seller financing, I'll offer you eighty. And you can see in first position or I'll offer you a hundred with fifty grand down and you have to be in second position. So there's different ways you can set these up, but you're gonna need to get a private investor. And when you've got a sweet, smokin hot deal like some of these are, it's easy to find private investors if you have a good deal, the private money will come. You got to tell yourself that.

The other thing I'll say is this. These are such good deals. If you get them on good terms, like really low interest or no interest, you can get a private investor. And your if they're amazed, maybe is not enough equity yet your agreement with them could be, listen, I'll pay you back and, you know, one year or two or three years, whatever. But if I don't, you can just take over my position and take over this property and the cash flow will be good enough and the terms will be good enough that that is a great deal. In fact, maybe the best thing that can happen to that private investor is if you stop paying them, then they can take over this property and they can get the cash flow, which will be bigger, greater return on their investment on that. So I don't want to get too deep in the details on this, but these are great opportunities if you know how to do creative deals. OK, do I have another one here? No, I think that was my last one. So I hope that you get some value out of this. I hope you can actually take it and start using it. And if you want some more help getting the stuff set up, go to CoachJoe.net, CoachJoe.net to get a fill out a coaching application. And we can get on the phone and talk. We'll see you guys. Take care, everybody. Bye bye.

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