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The only thing that ages well in real estate? It’s those perfectly ripe old leads. They sit and mellow out in your CRM, and now they’re ready for you to come back and check on them. I’m going to show you some simple campaigns to run to follow up on your old leads using some of my favorite software tools.

I’m going to walk you through a few workflow automations you can make inside of REI Simple that will make it so much easier to make sure that none of your leads go rotten because you lost track of them. I want to give a little preview of everything we’ll be covering in our Live Marketing Class. We’re going to expand our marketing in the class to look for:

  • Vacant properties
  • Properties with liens
  • FSBOs
  • Facebook Marketplace

All the sweetest kinds of leads with sellers who might be overextended or ready to get rid of a property that’s only giving them a headache.

And of course, we’re going to be following up on old leads in live phone calls. Listen to real and unscripted conversations that can help you see just how easy it is.

If you don’t have old leads of your own, don’t sweat it. Ask another wholesaler for their old leads, and split the profit. In the meantime, check out the recordings of our Live Marketing class. For $97, you get lifetime access to 7 hours of marketing tips, tricks, and strategies that Gavin and I personally use in our wholesaling business.

Get the recordings of the Marketing Class at

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • My super simple voice message for all of my recorded numbers (that you can totally steal).
  • How I scrape information from Zillow into my CRM that makes it easy to call up absentee property owners.
  • A strategy for getting into real estate even if you don’t have a single dime for marketing.
  • How Freedom Soft and REI Simple have improved text messaging in just the last few weeks.

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What's going on, guys, Joe McCall here, I hope you're doing well. Got some exciting things for you here. I'm going to show you right now how to do follow up on your old leads. Now, I've said this for years and years. The money is in the follow up. This is the only thing that ages well in real estate or in any business. Right? It's old leads. This is the only thing that age as well. And if you want to make fast money, the easiest way possible, you need to learn how to follow up with your old lead. In fact, I would say this if you are flat broke, don't have any money and you want to get into the real estate game and you can't do any marketing, you need to network with other wholesalers, other investors that have old leads that are in the woodpile, they're just sitting there collecting dust and mold and say, hey, listen, I will follow up with your old leads for you. If you split the deal with me or if you pay me a thousand bucks, two thousand bucks, I'm telling you guys, this is the best strategy on the planet for making more money. Maybe you already are doing deals and you have a bunch of old leads. You don't know what to do with them. You're just kind of scratching your head and you think, what do I do?

Guys, ‘m telling you, if you have old leads right now, you're sitting on a goldmine. If you're doing a couple, three, four or five deals a month, I can guarantee you can do an extra one or two or three deals a month just by following up with your old leads, following up at least once a month with all your old leads. So I'm going to show you right now a little bit of the follow up that I do. And the reason why I'm doing this is because, like you've been hearing me talk about doing a live marketing class the Saturday in a couple of days here. And even if you're watching this or listening to it later, you're going to get access to the recordings.

But in this class, I want to go into a new market that we're going to pick, that we're going to be picking on Saturday morning and we're going to go live into that market. So I'm going to pick a student who's going to be on the call. We're going to find a market. We're going to research it. We're going to do some marketing for buyers and sellers and we're going to make offers. It's going to be pretty awesome. And you're going to hear us talk to people, live buyers, sellers, realtors, property managers. We're going to talk to them live. We're going to be making offers live. And we're going to be giving all of the leads to whoever is on that call, whoever who owns that market. Right. So it's going be a lot of fun.

But the other thing that we're going to do is we're going to take one person who has old leads that's going to be on that call and we're going to then run this campaign for them and give them all of these leads. All right. And we're going to be doing this through a couple of different tools. And so what I wanted to do right now is just show you a little bit, give you a teaser of what we're going to do. And I'm going to go through this fast. But don't worry, because if you maybe need me to slow down a little bit, I'm going to be spending more time kind of walking through these details.

And if you get access to this class, you're going to get the recordings of everything so you can pause the video and go and do it. Better yet, you can just take the video that I'm doing and give it to your virtual assistant and ask them to take it and run with it and do it for you. All right. I'll listen to this. Mike says, hey, I totally agree. I got two appointments for tomorrow from 14-month-old leads. Come on. And Scott, great info. Cool. Well, I'm glad you guys are here. So those of you right now, you may be watching me on YouTube or Facebook, just comment down below. Say hi. Tell me where you're from. You may be watching this on YouTube later or on my podcast. So, hey, what's going on? I mean, even if, by the way, you're again, you're watching this later, you can still get in to this class even after it's done. You can get the recordings and everything, even after it's done. All right.

So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to share my screen with you and hopefully I can get this to work. If you can show me or tell me in the comments below that, hey, I can see your screen looks good. I'm going to do that right now. I'm going to move this doohickey up into this screen. I have multiple screens here, which stresses me out sometimes, but it's all good. It's working. All right. Oh, yeah. And Scott's in the same market as I am. Nice man. That is awesome to hear. All right. So now I'm going to share my screen and I'm going to share itlooks like a map right now. Share screen boom.

You guys should see my screen right now. Nice. All right. So what I did but this is a mind map that I'm going to be covering over the Saturday class and everything all the resources and tools and scripts that we're going to use are going to be in here. I'm going to show you a follow up campaign that I'm going to be doing, and then we're going to have that in here as well. But some of the marketing we're going to do for buyers, we're going to look at these things and the marketing for sellers. We're going to do all of these things. Look for vacant properties, properties with liens, older homes, rentals, fizbo, Facebook marketplace and follow up. And so we're going to show you all of that stuff. And it's going to be awesome. We're going to be getting live leads. When you go to live marketing class dotcom, you get access to  this page here, which kind of there's a video right here of me and Gavin talking about what it is that we're doing. All right.

So what I done did is I went into my REI Simple. And I have I was just doing this for a little demo right now to show you. I went into my I have a campaign called St. Louis Deals, and I had some old leads in here. Now, what I like to do is go in and scrape Zillow rentals and fizbo and I'll send out some marketing. But the other cool thing is I will go back to that list if they never responded or if they even if they did and said no, not right now, whatever, I go back and I follow up with them. And so I went in here and in this campaign old leads, by the way, this is brand new with a simple you can have multiple phone numbers to contact your old leads and so you can see the green means the deliverability is good. There's been a lot of changes. I need to say this. There's been a lot of changes in the whole texting and cold calling industry. We've been seeing this happen for a long time, but it's accelerating and it's happening quicker and quicker. I predict in a couple, three to six months it'll be next to impossible or very, very difficult to do texting at a mass, huge mass scale anymore.

Now, having said that, I still I still think you're going to be OK sending 50 to 100 texts a day, which is all I do. But there's guys that are sending a couple of thousand texts a day and that I'm I'm afraid those days are over or they will be soon. But REI Simple, which is powered by Freedom Soft has made some pretty awesome changes here in the recent past, just recently in the last week or so, where they limit how many texts can be sent from a single phone number, and they allow you to send text campaigns across multiple phone numbers at once, and they allow you to change the wording of each text as it goes out. And it also shows you the deliverability metrics, whether it's going well or not. And if it's not going well, you can stop the campaign and stop any future texting. Right. So what I did let me just go back here to my settings. I went and got some phone numbers and I have phone numbers about the same about three or four bucks a month per phone number. It's the same as it would cost you on a number or it is cheaper than coolroom. But the cool thing is it handles all of the correspondence inside the lead, which is amazing. So I went and I got a couple of phone numbers and I'm going to walk through this on the class on Saturday. But I recorded a voicemail that I'm going to give you later. It's about a minute and forty-six long. And it's just a it's a real simple fact.

Let me just pull it up for you, because I like it a lot and I'm going to show you how to do this. I'm going to give you this voicemail script and I have three different versions of it. But the one I want to show you that I like, it's right here. It says, hey, thanks for calling. You know, buying properties from people is something that I've been doing for quite a few years now. And in that time, by the way, if you want this, screenshot this right now and just copy it for yourself. And I got this, I think, from the guy who owns banditsigns.com years and years and years ago, maybe ten years ago, I got this from him. I don't know if it's still available or what he's doing, but go check out bandit signs, dot com. Hey, thanks for calling. Buying properties from people is something that I've been doing for quite a few years now. And in that time I bought lots and lots of property. I've learned a few things along the way to make the selling process simple, easy and painless. If you need to sell quickly but don't want to deal with a lot of closing costs, possibly you can transfer or you're just a tired landlord or you're staring at some of life's other crazy problems. You might not have much equity, or maybe you even owe more than the property's worth. You know what? There are things we can do to get you squared away. And if the numbers are right, yes, I can write you a check for your equity today. Probably won't be a big check, but it's likely to be enough to get you where you're going, whatever your situation might be.

Now, I can only work with people who want to get things taken care of immediately. So if you're calling because you're just kind of curious and don't really have a real estate problem, then about all I can do is wish you the best of luck with your property. This does such a good job of filtering out the unmotivated sellers. Right. But if you need an immediate sale, leave your name and number and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Here's a powerful thing with this. On the other hand, if you absolutely want this property out of your life today because you've decided to move on, then give me a call on my cell phone. You can reach me at the end. You put your cell phone number on there. I only get that number out to folks who want me to drop everything, swing by and write up an offer that works for them, works for us on the spot. So if you're ready to get your house sold today, just say the word again. That number is phone number. Thanks. My name is Joe. I look forward to hearing from you.

OK, that voice mail you can record right here in REI Simple. You just click the recorded message right here. And it's a really good outgoing voicemail if you're especially that works really well for bandit signs if you're getting way too many calls, if you're doing bandit signs. So the other thing I do in the sidebar, as simple as I set up this text, so when they call me back, I do this for my voicemail, I mean for my postcards and all my marketing. It's if they call me most of the time, they just hang up. They don't leave a voicemail, but it sends them the system sends them a text back immediately. Hey, I'm tied up on the other line so you can say, hey, I'm kind of on the other line. If you want to quick off, you're in the house. What's the address? I'll call you right back. Thanks, Joe. All right. So that is pretty awesome, because now any time somebody calls that number back, it tracks that and keeps it in that lead campaign and it sends them a text back right away. We do this a lot for vacant land when we're marketing for vacant land. So I say, hey, thanks for calling. I'm tied up on the other line. What is the reference number on the postcard I sent you? We will look at the property, do some research and send you an offer in the next one or two days.


So we do that a lot for vacant land. So anyway, this is kind of what we have for this phone campaign. You can upload a custom voice mail that kind of filters out the sellers a little bit. And then, you know, if they call that cell phone number, that better ring and you better answer it because they're hot to trot and they're ready to go. Now, in that voicemail, the number I give them is actually my Google Voice. No, I'm not giving them my real cell phone number. It's my Google Voice number, which brings on my cell phone. You can also set it up where you get another phone number in as simple that just redirects to your cell phone because, like, you can do it right here where you can say the incoming call will show this and you can set it up where when anybody calls that number or you don't do it here, I'll show you where you do it. You can have that called forward to your cell phone. That make sense? And you can set it up where it shows the caller's number or shows this campaign number any way you can do all of this right inside of REI Simple. All right.

Now I'm getting to the cool, awesome stuff. If that's not cool and awesome. I don't know what it is, but I'm getting to some other cool and awesome stuff. There's a thing here. I'm actually sure you got to do all the workflow automation. And this is something that's amazing inside of our eyes. Simple. If you have some old leads like I have here and you're going to see me import these old leads from somebody who's in the class and I'm going to put them into this workflow. And what happens is when I change the status of 20 or 30 or 40 of those leads, it sends them a text and it says, this is awesome. This is brand new here. You can see here I have the words and it's hard to see. Let me see if I can zoom in a little bit.

Says hi. Hey, hello. Full property name. Just following up about your house, property, home at address. Do you still own have it? Are you interested in open to selling it. Thanks. Thank you, Joe. JM So that's called spin texts. And what you do is if you have a word in there, you highlight it, click, spin, text. And what it does then is it gives you two hundred and sixteen different variations of that text, which makes it harder for the Verizon and Sprint and AT&T if they're all around. I don't know yet. It makes them harder to block your text because they're all different and it's coming from different phone numbers as well. OK, and so what happens is it delays this action by zero days. And so what I have here, it's going to be sending them a text with all these different two hundred sixty variations of this text message. And so you could like, for example, just following up, you could do spin text and you could say just reaching out to the grid. They're just following up or reaching out about your house, property, home at address. All right. That is spin texting, which is awesome. And you can merge fields in here from your leads when you're sending the texts. It's coming from me you can send where it's only mobile numbers, primary numbers. Cool. I'm going to update that action.

So when I change the status of these leads to send follow up text, it'll send out this text and it'll also send them an email. If I have their email address and I click on here, it's going to send them this email. And remember me, we talked a while ago about your house, that address. Do you still own it? Would you be interested in selling it? Thanks, Joe. And you could put your phone number in there as well. But I just want them to call me then. If they don't respond, it sends them another text seven days later. That's something like this. Hello. Hi. Hey. Are you interested? Still open to selling that house, your property on address. Thanks, Joe. All right. And that delays that action seven days.

So what I'm doing is I'm going to be selecting 20, triggering this automation, which sends out the text. If they don't respond, it sends another text in seven days and it also sends them an email. All right. So I'm going to update this workflow. Now, let me go into that campaign. St. Louis deals, St. Louis old leads, and I'm going to select view, all of you, all the leads. These are records, actually. These are old leads and old records. And I have a group right here called Ogilvie's. Oh, one of the cool things they did, I forgot to talk about this. These all came from Zillow. So these were rentals that I had scraped from Zillow a year or two years ago. And so at the time I had all I had was an address and a phone number and maybe a name depends, but I don't have the owner's name on it. Might be the property manager, might be the realtor, it might be the owner's name. But I don't know who the real owner is and I don't know the mailing address of the owner. I don't know the mailing address of the owner. Right.

So what I did, let me just go back to you here. I went into some old leads and I highlighted all of them and I exported them into a spreadsheet and exported them into a spreadsheet. I'm going to show you on this how to do this on Saturday. And then I uploaded that spreadsheet to Prop Stream Joe and what prop stream Joe does. If I after you all you upload is the addresses prop stream. Joe will give you then the name of the owner, the mailing address of the owner, how much equity is in the house when it was last sold. All this amazing stuff. And it'll also give you the realtors. If there was a realtor, it'll give you the realtor's name and phone number and email address, which can be huge, which is awesome.

And so from this list that I imported and I imported in about, I forget a couple of hundred I had about half of those had complete readable, understandable addresses. And so of that, I got one hundred and twenty six that came back with real with real addresses. And I can see here, I know it's hard to see zoom in a little, but you can see the owner's name, the owners mailing address, zip, the type of property. All this information about the house when it was last sold, how much equity they have opened, which ones are free and clear, which ones have low equity, what not. OK, now what you can do is you can skip, trace them and get email addresses. So I'm just going to do that. This is so much fun. I love doing so. This is why I'm looking forward to this class. So I imported them in and so like this one came in and now I have the address of the property which came from Zillow, but I also have the name of the owner and I'm not even going to try to pronounce that. But this is the owner. This is where they live. They live in California. This is a property.

I hope I didn't I hope I did this right. Let me see something here. You all hold on a second here. I just got to make sure I did this right, because I'm. I found this out if I didn't do it right, you know what, I can go to the spreadsheet. Actually, all right. I think I did it right. You know what? If I didn't, let's do it right. I'm going to show you right now. In fact, let me just look, Silas, Silas, Silas, Silas and I do this right. There's a property address, OK? I did. Your right property address is different than the mailing address most of the time. Sometimes it's not OK. So that's a relief. I did it right. All right. So here I'm going to go into view. All sorry for the teacher. They're going to go into this campaign. So I have one hundred and twenty six dollars and twenty six. I'm going right here. Just skip trace. I'm a skip trace. These all all of these guys. Real quick, bring the full name, mailing address, mailing city mailing, state mailing, zip, confirm, skip trace. I click on this doohickey up here. There we go. Skip trace.

Now it's only skip tracing non LLCs except for this one kind of snuck in there but you only pay for the classes that you skip, trace and skip, trace these real quick and apply the DNC flag, apply the known litigator flag, submit the order and this only takes a couple minutes. It's been submitted, it's pending right now. I'm going to refresh this page. It's in progress. Refresh it again. Still in progress. One more time. Sixty-eight. Sixty-four. What I'm doing is now pulling these. It's only skip tracing the Non LLC. That's all I'm paying for is going to give me any phone numbers and any email addresses. Skip trace it again. It's complete. Sixty-one and no matches. Forty-three are complete. All right, awesome. So now what to do is going to go back here to that campaign. St. Louis old view all, on the left. I'm going to go down to that group. I have them in that group. I just select 20 of them. I'm only selecting twenty. I have one hundred and twenty something on there. Let me show you what it looks like. Here's one of them. No phone numbers came from this guy. It's all right. Let me go back. Oh, sorry you all.

I know what happened. OK, I did. I made a mistake in my import. I forgot to import the phone numbers. Sorry. Yes, I forgot to import the phone numbers from my spreadsheet. But let me show you what I would have done, because if I click on this, I have one hundred twenty-six and I have no phone numbers in there. I forgot to import them in. What was I thinking? What was I thinking? But I'll fix that. All right. Anyway, you can still then select them all select one hundred and twenty-six. I'm a confirm them. I have their permission or I'm saying I don't need their permission. All right.

Now I'm just going to go right here and I'm going to change their status to that status. I just created send follow up text and I'm not going to do it right now because I need to put in their phone numbers. But when you change the status that triggers that automated workflow and it sends them the texts and the emails, I was trying to get this a lot of this done in advance before doing this video, but I just realized I forgot the import, the numbers that I had from the original Zillow lead.

So I'm not going to do it right now, but I'm going to be doing it on Saturday. It's a little embarrassing. I can't believe I forgot to do that because I wanted to show you how it works. But I don't have any phone numbers in here. I forgot to do it. All right. Anyway, is there anything else I was going to show you? I showed you that campaign video right here to Settings, Workflow, Automation.

I have a follow up campaign right here. When I change the status to follow up, send follow up text, it sends this text, sends an email seven days later. Also, when I change the status to Joe Call or if it's an active lead, it creates a task to call that stellar lead and you can assign it to whoever. You can also stop any future follow up so it'll stop sending them emails and text messages if you change the status because they replied and it moves them out of one group into another group called, they've replied to the marketing marks. It has a lead. The same thing happens when the status is active lead. It stops the follow up moves into a group. And then if you change the status to dead, if they say stop calling me, leave me alone, I'm not interested in selling. OK, then it'll add that phone number to your do not call list so you won't text them ever again. Even on accident. It stops any future follow up and it moves them to a dead do not call groups. All you need to do now is just change the status of these leads and then all of this automation happens in the background. Super cool. All right. So that is what I wanted to show you guys.

Let me go back here to stop sharing my screen. Hold on. Let me move this down here. Any questions about everything I was just sharing with you? Oh, I see. I got a lot of comments in here, so let me look at them from Latina. Can you schedule the text messages in REI simple? The answer is yes. You do it through those workflow automations that I just showed you. Come on, David. What's up, Dustin? Is there a difference between prop stream and prop stream? Joe No. Henry Prop Joe is my affiliate link. So go to PropStreamJoe.com. Who what prop stream? Joe Dotcom. OK, and then there were some other questions and comments here. Scott looks good. Nice. David's in Chicago. What's up? I bet you it's cold and windy up. In Chicago, I'm just going to take a wild guess. Thank you, Michael. Appreciate the audiovisuals. Good. What's up, Deborah? All right. Cool. Anybody else right now?

Again, if you missed it before, Micah understands the power of follow up. Got to appointments for tomorrow and fought from 14 month old leads. Yeah. Awesome. Super cool. All right, guys, any other questions? I don't see them right now. But listen, go to LiveMarketingClass.com. You're going to see me do these same campaigns with some of these leads live in a new market that we're going to pick Saturday morning. And if you can't make the class, you get the recordings. If you can't be the only can make it for an hour where you can't make it at all or you just don't want to do it on a Saturday. I get it. You can get access to all the recordings, lifetime access to the recordings as well. All right, guys, I appreciate you all very much. Follow up with your old leads, even if you don't have REI Simple, guys. I hope that thing you take away from this video right now is you have a ton of leads out there that need followed up with.

And you if you don't have any right now, find somebody who does network with find another investor or a wholesaler that's doing a bunch of marketing, even realtors, and say, listen, I have this system that does a lot of awesome follow up. If you give me your old leads, I'll do the follow up. I'll talk to them and hand them back to you on a silver platter. And then if you turn them into a deal or a listing or whatever, then maybe you can pay me a little bit out of the deal. This is a great way to get started, just to make a thousand bucks, a couple of thousand bucks be the marketing follow up lead gen machine for somebody else. And I'm telling you guys, this works. Gavin was my coaching business partner, tells the story when he got started, he wasted a ton of money on direct mail that produced zero results. He just went to the next real estate investment club, stood up and said, yeah, I'm kind of new, but I'm good on the phone. If anybody has old leads, let me know and I'll go follow up with your old leads and you can just split some of the deal with me, see me afterwards. And he has like three different people come up to him afterwards and say, hey, I got some old leads. You want to go through them.

Then he started calling them. And within one day, a couple of days, maybe somebody gave him a few hundred old leads. He called them all. They probably just used a cell phone at the time. He had no idea what serum's like this can do. And he locked up three deals under contract, three deals that the previous lady wholesaler had thought were dead. Turn them into deals. I think you only got a couple of thousand bucks on each one. But then that lady was so excited about him, said, listen, why don't I do all the marketing, I'll pay for all the marketing. And you take the calls and work the leads and we'll split the deals. And so he started doing that until he started getting enough money to then do his own marketing. Soif all you could do is follow up with somebody else's old leads, you can make a lot of money. All right, cool. I appreciate you guys hope that you get some value out of this. Go to live marketing class dot com to see just how to do it. And when I do it this coming Saturday, I will not forget to import in the phone numbers. I just did. It's embarrassing. All right, guys, appreciate you all. We'll see you.

If you like this. By the way, let me know what you think in the video. Type in the comments either on Facebook, YouTube. What was your big takeaway? What were one of the one or two things that you got out of this that you can actually start implementing for yourself right now? OK, thanks, everybody. We'll see you.

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