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I want to take the guesswork out of finding the hottest zip codes in your market. In my Live Marketing Class, I’m going to go in-depth on how I do my research, and I’m going to show you how I find Realtors, buyers, and sellers so you can build out your local network.

I’m giving you a peek today into how I find active real estate investors, but sign up for my Live Marketing class where I’m going to:

  • Call buyers live to find out what they want.
  • Set up marketing campaigns inside REI Simple.
  • Follow up on dead leads and see if I can warm them up.

This masterclass has over 7 hours of real estate marketing training. For $97, you’ll have lifetime access to watch Gavin Timms and me lay out a marketing strategy that any real estate investor can take and apply to their own market.

Get the recordings of the Marketing Class at

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • How I use ListSource to scope out markets and find the hot zip codes.
  • My super-secret backdoor way to get into the MLS and find the agent of a property.
  • Don’t waste your marketing dollars in what I call a “spray and pray” method that ignores all of the real estate data that are at your fingertips.

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What's going on, guys, Joe McCall here with the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast, and I'm live right now on the Facebook's and YouTube's and all of that good stuff. And I know that annoys some of you guys when I call it the YouTube's with Facebook's. So my apologies. Sort of .how are you guys doing? Listen, on this video, I'm going to do something pretty interesting here. I'm going to show you some of my best favorite ways to go out and market and find where the buyers are, where the demand is.

And how do you find those buyers? How do you talk to them? And I'm doing this. I'm giving you a little teaser of a special live class of I'm doing this coming Saturday called Live Marketing Class. And this is where Gavin and I are going to go into a brand-new market. We don't even know what the market is yet. We're going to pick a market from somebody that's going to be participating in the class. And we're going to do a couple of things, three or four things actually in this life class coming up this Saturday. And you can't make it. You can get the recordings. Go to LiveMarketingClass.com. What we're going to do is we're going to somebody who's on the class with us. It's going to be live again. Even if you're listening to this later, after it's done, you can still get everything, the recordings and stuff here. All right.

So we're going to go pick a market and we're going to go find where the buyers are. We're looking for deals, cash deals, lease option deals. Doesn't matter. We're looking for deals. We're going to find where the demand is. All right, then we're going to start contact the people that are there, the realtors, the property managers, the investor buyers, people that are looking for deals. We're going to ask them, hey, what are you looking for, by the way? All of these leads and buyers and sellers that we're getting, we're going to be giving to whoever the student is on the class who wants them. So if you want some leads and you want some buyers, we're going to set it all up for you. All right. So then what we're going to do is we're going to go deep, dove into that market. I'm a tease. A little bit of that right now. In just a minute, then we're going to start actually calling buyers live. We're going to be finding these buyers, calling them, talking to them.

Who knows? I mean, we may need to make just a one or two calls to get a hold of somebody, maybe five or ten. Don't know. We're just going to do our best. Right. And then we're going to find the sellers. We're going to find sellers. We're going to be doing maybe three or four different things. Have a mind map here. I'll share with you in just a minute on what that looks like. But we're going to be doing three or four. I just can't I want to show this mind back to you right now. I will in a minute, maybe three or four or five different types of marketing. We're going to set up the campaigns and actually build it all out inside of my CRM REI Simple. Then we're going to give them the leads to the students. But some of these sellers will actually get to talk to and we're going to you're going to hear us talk to them. You're going to hear us ask them about the house and we're going to make offers, OK?

We're also going to go into the malls and just make offers on properties that we see on the malls in that market. And it's going to be a lot of fun. It'll be cool. They're pretty cool or have egg on our faces. I like to say some things, but it's going to be a lot of fun. And I just wanted to show you here in a second one. I just do it right now. I want to share my mind map with you. I have to remove that banner first. All right. Share the mind map. You guys see that? Cool. This is the mind map that I'm just starting now with, building it out and kind of mapping out what I'm actually going to be doing. We're going to go into the market research, which mainly list source. And I'll show you that in a minute.

We're going to do some systems very simple and perhaps dream, Joe, are the main two things that we're going to use to get. I mean, you're just going to I think you're going to be blown away by how easy this actually really is. Then we're going to go into deep dove into our marketing. We're going to go into finding Zillow, recent sold Zillow rentals, recent absentee owners. We're going to go through a basic script and we'll walk through that with you. And then we're going to do a bunch of seller marketing. We're going to find vacant properties. We're going to find properties with Lean's and we're going to trace some cold, call them, text them and send them some letters and mail emails. Also, we're going to find some older listings of nicer homes that don't need any work. And we're going to send them like at least purchase creative offer. We're going to find older listings of cheaper homes that need updating properties that need work. And we're going to be sending offers to them and also sending messages and email and texts to the realtors.

We're going to find rentals on Zillow. Fizbo is on Zillow. We're going to be sending marketing to them. We're going to show you what we look for on Facebook marketplace. And one of the coolest things I'm excited about is we're going to follow up with some old leads. So somebody else on this call, if you've got a bunch of old leads, you're going to give them to us. Just give us a spreadsheet, CSV file or whatever of your old leads, and we will go and do a bunch of marketing to them and you'll get all the leads. So we're going to be sending the marketing as if it's from you and it's not going to be obnoxious and weird. Don't worry about like us killing your old leads, but old leads are some of my favorite source of leads and deals.

There's a lot of money to be made in the follow up market. So this is a lot of stuff. I'm looking at this right now thinking, oh my gosh, what did I get into? But we're going to find the rentals and Zillow and the fizbo. We're not going to send three hundred texts, but we'll we'll set up a campaign, we'll send them out. And some of this stuff is pretty cool. It's just we're going to show you the tools where we go to get it, how we trace it, how we send texts and all that cool stuff. But what I wanted to show you here was one of my favorites, by the way. Again, go to LiveMarketingClass.com. You'll be taken to page. Looks like this. If you can't make it live on Saturday, you get the. And you can keep them forever, and even if you're watching this or listening to this, after we're done, you will get the recordings to all of this. This is about the third or fourth time I've done. This is a lot of fun. People love it and I get a lot of great feedback for it. It's only ninety-seven dollars. What? Ninety-seven dollars.

By the way, I'm so proud of these reviews. I've got four point nine stars, two hundred and seventy-two reviews. Like it's just as far as you can scroll. Practically awesome reviews from folks. I love it. OK, so check out LiveMarketingClass.com.

Now one of my favorite things to do for getting leads is going to the Listsource. And a lot of you have seen this. You've seen me do this before. You've seen other people do it before. I've seen other people teach this stuff and then actually give me credit for it, which is awesome. So let's say let's say we're doing some let's just do this. Let's go into a county map. And if somebody can comment, I see some comments here right now in Facebook or YouTube. Hi, Melissa. Hey, Sam. What's going on, guys? Type something in the comments so I can see and tell me where you are. And I'm just going to pick a random market right now. I'll just show you a little bit about what we do. And if I don't see anybody respond, I'll just pick one. Let's go to Oklahoma. How about that Oklahoma? And how about the Tulsa area? What county is Tulsa, Oklahoma? Lincoln County. Right. No, it's Tulsa County. Tulsa County.

So what I like to do here is go to the source. I go to investor absentee owners. Now, this is free. You have to create a free account in ListSource to do this. And again, I'll walk through this a lot slower and you get the recordings of it when I do it live on Saturday. But we're going to pick the county, Oklahoma. We're going to go into Tulsa. And the reason why we're doing this, guys, is to show you how easy it is to do this virtually. I mean, if you can wholesale deal in your backyard, there's no reason why you can't wholesale deals halfway across the country.

OK, good. We got some responses here. I don't like Nashville. Nick. Nick, Nashville is crazy. What would I do if I was in Nashville? I would go out into virtual markets outside of Nashville. I would go into the other counties in Tennessee. There's a lot of them there. Connecticut, yeah. We could look at Connecticut tomorrow.

Dean, if you're on Louisville. Oh, that was a good one. All right. Let me just stick with this one since I've already gotten this far. Tulsa, go to next. I like Louisville, Kentucky, do single family and investment properties, and I want to do last twelve months. So these are properties that are purchased in the last months and there's one thousand twenty six. And I'm going to go to next and I want to say no preference for corporate owned. So that's eighteen hundred and fifty six. Cool. I'm going to pretend like I'm purchasing the list and I go to purchase partial list I must say custom selection zip code. All right. Now we get this table here and I'm going to export it. I don't know if you can see this, but I'm going to email it to myself here. I'm going to open it at my other screen. I will show you what it is that we're doing is awesome.

I know a lot of you guys have seen us do this before. It's pretty amazing. And basically what it is, is we're looking for space, San Francisco. We're looking for the hot zip codes. Right. We don't we want to be very specific in our marketing. We don't want to just spray and pray and spend and waste a bunch of money on marketing where there's no demand count. So I'm going to just sort this from high to low and I'm going to do percentage equals this divided by one eight, five, six. All right. So what does that mean, eight point five, seven percent of all of the activity? I'll zoom in a little bit in Tulsa County, I think is what it was called. Right. I forget Tulsa County was eight point. It was in that zip code right there.

Now, let's look at cumulative. What that means is now here we go in these what does that ten zip codes right now there are forty, thirty-nine zip codes in Oklahoma. I'm in that Tulsa County. Right. Keep on saying Tulsa County. It is Tulsa County. Right. All right. It's been a long day. So I could just mark it to all of these properties out here. But I just want to target where the activity is because I know if I get a property in seven four zero zero eight, right. I am going to find buyers. Which leads me to my next cool thing I want to show you which we're going to be covering in the class on Saturday Live marketing class DOT is. How do you find those buyers? Well, let me show you let me go in here. I'm going to go into one of the ways that I like to do it is in Zillow. What we say that zip code was seven four zero zero eight. All right. Hold on one second here. I move that back over here. All right. You see my screen now, seven four zero zero eight. Let's see where this is. Zoom out a little bit. This is South Tulsa. Cool. I'm just going to remove all of the pricing limitations here in bedrooms. And I'm OK with condos and townhouses.

And do I have any other filters in here? All right. So here we go. We have four rental properties in that zip code. You think if I go through this list and start calling these, even though it's a landlord or. Property manager, here we go, Jeff Birch, which is great, it's a realty company. Here's a phone number right here. Five three nine two eight six 11 50 wants what we're going to do on Saturdays. We're actually going to call him up and ask him about this property. I'm going to ask him a couple of things about it. Number one, is this a house that the owner might be looking to sell? Right. But I'm just going to be honest with them to have this. And I'm new in the area and we're looking to buy some properties. I'm doing a lot of marketing. Sometimes we don't buy everything that we find. Would you or your clients, are you are you looking for more deals in this area? If I find something, can I send it to you? That's pretty what it's going to be. Right.

So we're going to call Jeff, guys like him tomorrow. We're going to go into some of these are new construction, which is interesting. Those are actually really good as well, because some of these guys will be our building, actually, these new homes. Some of them, like this one, might be a great lease option candidate. If this is a homeowner, why are they renting this property out and not selling it? I don't know. Maybe it was an Airbnb. Maybe it's an old property that they were in that they just can't sell because it's too new and they don't have enough equity in it. So there's a phone number. We'll give them a call. The other thing I like to do, which is awesome, is I'm going to go in here to I'm going to I want to actually look for souls. I don't know if this county has good records on sold, but I'm going to go sold in the last 30 days. Some counties just don't have good data on Zillow. And I'm going to go price low to high is typically on some of these cheaper properties that have sold some vacant land, which is interesting, right?

Sometimes you can go into these and find properties that have been rehabbed and like this one looks like it was recently rehabbed. It's staged. Maybe, maybe not. Somebody I'm looking for, there's no furniture in there, but there's toys, right? You're looking for properties that have empty closets. And this one probably. Yeah, this isn't what I'm looking for. A home that recently was maybe rehabbed and we have like three or four different ways to do this. One of them is with. Oh, I just I got to show this to you. Go to Prop Stream, Joe. I'm going to log into my account real quick. All this is really cool. Prop stream Joe Proposition is a cool feature. You can find properties that are called flippers. And so let's do Tulsa County, Oklahoma, go right here to filter. And I'm going to quick choice. I'm going to do that right there. Flipper's cool. Here's one hundred and eighty-eight properties.

These are properties that have been purchased by an investor. And if you are either actively listed for sale right now or are have recently sold in the past. So let's look at this first one here. Look at this. This is a rehab property. It's an older home, OK? Somebody came in and fixed it all up and rehabbed it. You see those pictures? In fact, they look so nice. It looks like it's fake or virtual. So we rehabber fix this up. Maybe they're looking for more properties. So what we can do is we can go right here to MLS details and we can see the agent information. Terry Hassel and there's a phone number. Let's look at this property up real quick in Zillow and see what we see here. So the Zillow right now, it's interesting. It doesn't show it is just as sold. A prop stream isn't the best, most always accurate. But let's see, what would this look like on real True.com? I'm looking to see who is the agent that is listing this. OK, now, here it is. It's pending for sale. Why is Zillow must have taken it off. Oh, wait, because I'm looking for Solds. That's why we go back to the Zillow home page in that address. This is where she was last sold. There's nothing on your. All right. But anyway, in Realtor.com, we can see who the listing agent is. A lot of times in your and we're going to call them.

But I just wanted to show this to you like a prop stream so you can find these flippers and you can find out who the owners was. Carnelian Kanayo, Carlos Carlos is probably his first name and this is where he lives. We can skip, trace him, find his name and number is no. We can send him a letter. We can call him and ask him, hey, are you looking for more houses like this to fix and flip? What are you looking for? Where are you looking for homes in that area right now? Remember, we did that zip code search seven four zero zero eight. What if we searched in that zip code right there? Here's eleven flipper properties right there. OK, we could also look at the seven four oh one two, seven four zero one two. Here's eight flipper properties. This is an older house. It's been rehabbed. Another one. Cool. So you see it's AQL properties at a broken arrow. Oklahoma MLS details.

Here is the agent information. Barbara Walsh, phone number, email address, let's call them up. Compliment the house looks like a beautiful listing and ask them if their clients do they have any other clients are looking for properties that they can fix up. OK, so this is just a portion of I wanted to show you one other thing you recently sold. There's not too many. Like I was looking for really cheap ones in there. I'm going to remove the boundary and I want to look for properties that sold under one hundred thousand. All right. Here's one that sold in January. OK, I'm thinking just looking at the door and the paint and that awesome fireplace, outdated kitchen, really bad flooring. I don't know how well you can see this. Amazing. Awesome. Oklahoma. I'm just kidding. All right, so an investor probably bought this thing, right? An investor probably bought this property. Well, let's look down here a little bit sometimes not all the time, but sometimes you can find the agent that listed the property and sometimes the agent who bought who brought the buyer. I'm just scrolling down here.

Sometimes you don't see it, but let me OK, there is another way because is see complete price history. OK, well, there is another way to find the owners and the realtors who listed the property and the realtors who brought the properties. And I'm going to show you that in the in the class. But if you need it, there's a backdoor way to get into the MLS, which I'm going to show you how to do, which gives you this nationwide. You can see who the realtors were that listed this property. But the point is, a lot of times you can find this and maybe I'm just missing it. I don't remember. Maybe it's just not even here. You can find the owners of the property that you can find the agents of the property. Maybe I'm looking back too far.

Let's that's the last 30 days. Let's try one more, because I swear I've seen it before. Here's one. This one sold for 50 grand. Sold on. This is two thousand four. When did this property actually sell? Well, there he goes. All right, here you go. You can see Jerry Croll. Kraul was the agent and it was not bought with another agent. OK, so this is an example. For some reason, the sold data can't be right. But you can see who the listing agent was, who sold, who listed the property. And if there was a broker agent, you find who the broker agent is there. All right. So we're going to go through on this class on on Friday. Saturday. Here you go. This one sold January twenty fifth. Again, this is an investor would buy this property, right? So who is the agent who listed it? Are you going to say here we go, Jessica Scott, Keller Williams.

But here we go. I love this. Melissa Earhart. So Melissa represented the buyer. Do you think she might know who their buyer is? I don't know. I'm just wondering now, let's see if we can look this property up in prop stream a lot of times on all the time property. We'll give you the realtor information now, and I'm not going to see it here. All right.

It's just not it's not even updated yet in county records. But I'm going to show you another opportunity where you can find who these agents are and their name, their phone number and their email address. And we can actually send them some marketing, get their phone number and call. And we could also even just Google. Let's look up Melissa, Keller Williams premier. Here's her profile on Realtor.com. And there's a phone number. I remember being anybody right now in Oklahoma. You need to call Melissa right now. She brought a buyer for this property and it sold for fifty-five grand. What else are they looking for? Cool. All right. So we got a lot to cover. And I just barely scratched the surface in this little video I showed you. I just did a quick stop. Share my screen here. Boom. There we go. All right. Back. Sorry. Yeah. So I'm going to show you all of the details of what I'm talking about there. So what I just showed you now was finding the research, doing a little just you saw how long it took me a couple of minutes to find the top zip codes, go in there, dove deep, find the houses that were rehabbed recently, find the houses that are listed for real cheap that only an investor would buy and call the agents. You can find the seller's agent's information and the buyer's agent information.

Then we're also going to go through and find out the actual who the buyers were themselves. And we're going to contact them mainly call. We're going to hear us call them and talk to them and find out, hey, are you looking for more deals or we're starting to market. We're starting to get some leads here. What are you looking for? OK, and then this is the fun part. We're going to actually start going out and finding some seller leads. We're going to go and find vacant properties with liens, free and clears, older listings, rentals for sale by owners. And we're going to send them marketing. We're going to show you the text, the letters that we send and all that good stuff. So it's going to be a lot of fun. It's only ninety-seven dollars. And you get to watch us do this live this Saturday, LiveMarketingClass.com. We're going to actually pick somebody who is going to be on the call with us.

I don't know how many we'll have, but we're going at the very beginning. We're going to say, all right, who's interested in us going into their market? And we're just going to do a bunch of marketing and give them all of the leads. OK, then we're also going to do a bunch of follow up. So there's going to be somebody else. There may be a new person that we pick. It doesn't have old leads, but there should be somebody else on the call who's got a bunch of old leads. And we're going to actually go in and do a campaign targeting your old leads and this is going to blow you away. We're saving the best for last because this is where consistently we see most of our deals coming from is in the follow up. And there's simple things that you can do, especially with area is simple, that you can reignite some old leads and get some crushing smoking hot deals from that. Some questions here from Nito. Does this work in Canada?

You can do it from Canada, right. But I don't know. If you could do what I'm going to be teaching you in Canada, and yes, I'm going to show you how to do this stuff on Saturday. Thank you. Cool. Any other comments here? Somebody wants me to pick Dallas Fort Worth. You know, we could look into that. What I would probably do is pick in, pick some counties that are surrounding Dallas Fort Worth because it's so competitive. And I would see where are the one or two or three counties out? Where is most of the activity? Because it's important, to be honest with you, it's hard to do deals in Dallas Fort Worth because there's so much competition. I'm assuming E-Space, San Francisco is not a good area. No, I used to live in Antioch and you want to hear what a small world this is. I was working on a power plant in Antioch and I was having dinner with some friends here in St. Louis the other day. And one of them works for a company. They go into they go into what do you call them, old industrial sites and buy them, tear them down and sell them or clean them up or whatever. Right.

So this power plant I was working on right in Antioch next to that power plant is some old abandoned power plants and industrial and parking lots and stuff like that. So this company actually bought this acreage, this property. And just right next to the power plant that I was building, this was back 20 years ago. So really small world needs to know. Want to know. Plano, Texas is good, you know, but it's a pretty new suburban area. Right. I want, if I lived in Dallas and I would maybe do deals there in Dallas, but I would also mainly look at going out one or two counties. All right. If we had more time, I would let Gavin in because Gavin's texting me right now. But Gavin will be here with me on Saturday. All right, guys, that's it. Got a lot more comments in here. Appreciate you all. Go check it out. LiveMarketingClass.com. I'm going to do another video tomorrow showing you just some teasers of some of the things that we're going to do for the on this marketing class. It's going to be fun. And we will see you guys there. All right. Take care everybody.  Bye-bye.

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