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Doing hundreds of deals a year sounds awesome on paper, but how much money are you really netting? When one deal costs you three thousands bucks, almost your entire profit can be eaten up by your marketing costs.

We want you to get brilliant at the basics, and the basics in real estate boil down to marketing. That’s why Gavin and I are teaming up to teach you how to get your marketing done for you in spite of you. In our Live Marketing Class, Gavin and I are going to:

  • Teach you how to open up a new market.
  • Talk to Realtors, brokers, and sellers LIVE so you can see real conversations.
  • Follow up on old leads
  • Show you how to train your real estate VAs to take over the marketing.

In marketing, what worked last year may not work today. In today’s post-COVID world, Gavin and I are going to show you the marketing that’s currently bringing us buyers and sellers.

For $97, you can watch over our shoulders as we deep-dive into our marketing strategies. Register online for this all-day Live Marketing Class on February 20th. We’ll see you there!


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What’s inside:

  • When you are the core of your business, you’re going to struggle to scale up your business.
  • Check out our new Live Marketing Class where we are going to be real and raw about what hands-on marketing looks like.
  • How you can train your VAs on marketing so that you can focus on talking to sellers and making offers.

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Joe: Hey, what's up, everybody, welcome, welcome, welcome to the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. Glad you're here. Great episode today with Gavin Timms, my friend, who is from England, lives in Georgia, but is in Mexico right now. What's going on, Gavin? 

Gavin: I'm good. How are you? 

Joe: Awesome. I'm excited as usual. I mean, I feel like it's cliche. I always say that when I'm doing a podcast, but I love doing this. I love talking to guys like you who are actively doing deals and coaching and helping people do deals. I love this business. And that's why I called the podcast The Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. So you're in Mexico, and what are you doing in Mexico right now? 

Gavin: Living the dream? Yeah, no, I came from a mastermind. I had a mastermind last week, and then we decided, me and my wife, to stay on an extra week bit of vacation and bit of work. So, yeah, I'm actually sitting on the balcony right now. 

Joe: All right. Do the obligatory beach shot there. I'm going to yeah. 

Gavin: We've got the pool. We go round. Yeah. Nice, nice views. It's not a Lamborghini, but I'll take the beach instead. 

Joe: Yeah. That's a real good point. I would much rather have a beach and a nice house and time with my family than a Lamborghini sports car and all that fancy stuff. So that's cool. So you're there for a couple of weeks and then you go back home and then you're hitting in an RV, aren't you? 

Gavin: So we got back on Saturday and then we were going to leave Friday. Actually the following Friday we're going out to Arizona. But we delayed the trip a couple of days because of something we're going to probably talk about in this podcast. And that's a good thing because we have the flexibility, you know, so it's like, yeah, it's not a big deal. We'll go a couple of days later. Yes. We head out to Arizona and we'll see where they all retakes us. 

Joe: My wife is within earshot downstairs right now. And I've been we've been talking about going to Turks and Caicos. It's supposed to be one of the most one or two most beautiful beaches in the world. So we're talking about it. And then I can't wait to go. If we do if we're not, we'll probably go down to Florida, at least. Our favorite vacation spot in Florida is right down by Santa Rosa Beach near Destin, a little place called Seagrove Seaside or Seagrove Beach there Thursday. 

Gavin: Right? It's yeah, it's like beautiful down there. 

Joe: Love going down there. I love being at the beach, but I like being in St. Louis, too. Right. It's only 14 degrees right now. I think 15. We have a snowplow. Guys are out front shoveling snow on our driveway. We have this big, steep driveway, which is crazy. But I love this business because you can work from anywhere. We talked about it a lot. I've done a ton of podcasts about it. We've got we've had the privilege to travel to Europe for months at a time with all of our kids doing deals while in Prague twice we've done that. We also taken the RV for two or three months through the northwestern half of the United States, the western half of the US. It's like we home school, our kids. Right. And so we can teach them Greek history. But why not go to the Parthenon in Greece? In Athens. Right. Like, why not go see the Colosseum in Rome? Or if we can talk about natural science, we can talk about environmental stuff, why not go to a big national park? Why not go to Yellowstone and just live in it? But we talk about that a lot. It's like the reason why we love this business is because it gives us the freedom. Right? When I started the business, I wanted something that wouldn't tie me down to an office would be simple and easy to run with low overhead. And I wouldn't be stuck in an office with a big staff and a bunch of overhead. It could be simple. It could be run from a computer from anywhere. Right. And in these days with cell phone technology, you don't even need a computer. You could literally run your business from a cell phone, maybe an iPad, so you can get a bigger screen. But like, I love it. 

Gavin: Yeah, no, you're exactly right. I was just in a mastermind, like I said last week, with some of the best in the country. And what's amazing truly is amazing is just the different styles and types of business. Right. Like I am with guys that have got overhead of two hundred thousand a month and it's impressive. They need to do fifty-five deals to break even right now. I'm impressed by it. I mean, it's just unbelievable, but it just is not me. We could not be further apart in what we want, but that doesn't mean that mine doesn't work. Mine's low overhead, bigger profit margins. That is obviously more I read more volume, less profit margins and we get kind of in the same overall place. I just feel mine's better. I always think that that's what I choose to do and that probably saying the same things. But it's been it's been amazing to see all the differences and not only from what's possible and then positive things, but also how I definitely don't want it to be. 

Joe: Well, man, it's such an important distinction that's so important because you could have a million-dollar business, quote unquote. Right. And that's what looks crazy awesome. And everybody is like, oh, I want a million dollars a year business. But what you don't see is the overhead, the marketing, the staff, the stress, the headaches, the pressure of having to produce and this is true, I've seen this over and over in my own business and in people's business that I mastermind with and students that we coach, your margins shrink the more money you make, and that's you may be only making like I think even in the last year, you did about four hundred and fifty-five hundred grand in wholesaling fees. Right. And you work about, you don't brag about this much, but you work about five to 10 hours a week on the deal side of your business. Yeah. And what do you spend on average, would you say, on marketing per deal? 

Gavin: Oh, not a lot. We did. We probably spend in a year. We will probably do about sixty thousand dollars. We'll turn about four hundred and fifty thousand to five hundred thousand in profit. So I would say anywhere between seven fifty seven fifty bucks a day or something like that. I don't know from the calculation exactly, but that's what it would be. And sometimes even better than that I'm going to say seven fifty is probably better than that. If I'm being honest, some fifty thousand bucks in that range is probably realistic, is better in some cases, because obviously the follow up right where we can maximize and this is what people don't understand, might tell you a hundred leads to do. One deals with cold calling. And let's say that might have cost you to get one hundred leads to three thousand dollars and you do one deal. So you're at one deal for three thousand bucks. Well, the difference is, is that you should be getting five or six deals over a period of time from that hundred within three, four or five months. So then all of a sudden that's when your KPIs will change and that's when then you become very, very profitable. 

Joe: It's not about how much you make. It's about how much you keep. Again, we know guys that are spending three, four or five thousand dollars in marketing for one deal per deal. So it may look cool. They're doing 20, 50 deals, but how much are they really net, net, net taking home? I mean, we've coached students before that had a staff, five or six people in a real physical office right now who never took a salary, who looked from the outside that they were successful, doing a lot of deals, weren't even bringing any money home. They were putting all their money back into the business, to payroll, to marketing, for office rent, for computers. It just does not need to be that way. 


Gavin: The book that changed everything. And you told me to read actually it is Profit First, an absolute game changer. Profit first, you pay yourself first, your award yourself first. 

Joe: And let's talk about that real quick. This is important for everybody to understand. Most of us, when we have a business, we run with checkbook accounting. We just look at the checkbook, what's ever in there. That's what we can spend profit versus a discipline that forces you to then every dollar that comes in. Most of us, when you calculate profit, it's revenue minus expenses equals profit. But you need to reverse it. And if you did instead revenue minus profit, minus taxes, minus your salary and whatever you have left is for expenses and overhead. That will force you just that little exercise, just that little change in the formula will force you to relook at your business and say either we're not even profitable and I've done this several times and you should do this in every different aspect of your business. You may have a business that's doing two or three different things. You should do this for each of your two or three different things. You should have a profit and loss statement for each service or product in your business that you do, each type of deal that you're doing. 

Joe: What's your PNL for your rehab deals? What's your PNL for your wholesaling deals? What's your PNL? And most people don't do this, like, really look at the sale of your rental portfolio. Oh, my gosh. You think it's quote unquote passive? You think it's mailbox money. I guarantee you nine guys out of ten do not have real passive income. Now, it's an investment. There's a lot of benefits of growing rental portfolio. But when you look at at the bottom of the end of the day, are you making more money holding a portfolio of one hundred properties or wholesaling five deals a month? Yeah, you're so there's a place for both. Right. But you need to know your numbers. If you don't know your numbers, you don't have a real business. I've said that one hundred times and I'm speaking now. 

Gavin: Absolutely. And I think you're right. I would say another one. We're going to be taking some wholetail deals down. And the way that I run business as well is that each business that I have needs to stand on its own two feet. And what I mean by that is, is that I'm not taking stuff from one business to fund another business, to make it to make it look like it's good. Right. It needs to survive on a satellite. That's its own business. That's just my personal opinion on how I run it to the whole segment and the market and everything that's made runs that side of the business. And then obviously the in education and so on, everything has its own business and they all have to take care of themselves. I don't start cross-line in them to make them work because again, it's a slippery, slippery slope because all of a sudden you then start tanking real fast. If you're doing that, you don't know when to cut ties if you need to. 

Joe: It's important to keep it simple. And if you're just grossing five hundred grand a year and you think, oh, man, that's sad. Here's remember, your profit margins get smaller. The. More money you make if you don't do it right. But would you rather net two hundred and fifty grand out of that five hundred grand? Or would you rather net two hundred fifty grand out of a million? Because what happens when you're making a million, your margins are maybe only twenty five percent, but if you're making five hundred thousand, your margins are 50 percent. You keep you take the same amount of money home. But it's the difference between being in Mexico on the beach for two weeks, working from home in my office with whenever I want. I didn't start work today till eight forty. Normally I don't start work till like 10:00 a.m. Don't tell me, don't tell anybody. But you know, and there is a give and take rate like I work late nights sometimes as well. But I get to choose to call the shots. I get to work whenever I want, whenever I want, because it's not about what you make, it's about what you keep. 

Joe: And encourage all of y'all to read that book profit first because it forces you to say, all right, well, if I have to take out 15 percent for profit and you have to do that, if you don't, why are you even in business, like in business to make a profit, then stop. Go flip hamburgers or something. That's number one. Number two, then take out money for taxes. So many people don't pay taxes. Just talking to a guy the other day who's going to have to stroke a check for three hundred and twenty thousand dollars, what? Three hundred. Now he had half of that set aside, but only half. He starts to write a check then for an additional. He did and will go into the details. But there's a lot of you all listening to this right now. I know it because I've been there. I've done that. Gavin is smart enough. He's not made the same mistake, but he's seen other people make the mistake like me. You've got to pay your taxes. You should be paying your taxes every two weeks. Guys, if you're doing over five hundred grand a year, you need to be putting yourself on payroll. You need to be paying your federal taxes every two weeks out of your payroll and then quarterly. And you need to be setting that side of every dollar that comes in. You should be setting aside ten, fifteen percent of that for taxes. Right. Then you've got your salary. You've got to pay yourself a good salary. And then whatever is left is what you have then allocated to your overhead, to your marketing, and then you figure out whether it makes sense or not to do what you want to do. So I hope I'm not making that sound complicated. 

Joe: And it kind of relates to what we're going to be doing and what we're going to be talking about here. I love this. The phrase brilliant at the basics. And what we just kind of been talking about is the basic stuff like accounting one on one. And if you don't know your numbers, you don't have a real business. Right. I've seen this over and over again when I've done the most deals, when our students have done the most deals, when I see people that are profitable and doing a lot of deals, it's so simple what they're doing. It's not rocket science. It's not complicated. Right. They're just consistent and they're brilliant at the basic things. They just do the simple things that work over and over and over and over and over again. And they're good at it. They're good at the simple, basic things. Right. You were just talking to would depending on when this is released, you just did a short little interview with the student of ours who is a missionary in India doing deals in Indiana. 

Gavin: Yeah. Yeah. And it's amazing. I mean, just a super cool guy running a big nonprofit in India and doing deals in Indianapolis in the US. And he was doing some, but it was just the way I explained it on the interview when I did with him. It's just it was chaos is the best word, right? He was doing it and he was making it happen. And I can't praise him enough for that. He was making it happen. But, boy, was he working for it. Right. I mean, in that he has a full-time job in the day you be getting home. And we'd be doing calls and calls to 3:00 in the morning his time. Right. And that's when he was talking to resellers and he was making it happen. And I said, you can't continue like this. There's no way you can continue working in this way. We have to get things in place and systems in place. So you if you and anyone listening to this, regardless of it, you're in India or not, is that you can only scale your business when you are not working in your business. If you all the business you cannot scale, it is impossible. You can't there's not enough hours in the day. You need to remove yourself as much as possible from the business, if that's what you're trying to do. 

Gavin: And when you're sitting on top of the business, you can then make the shots and grow and scale and do whatever going markets. I don't know, whatever you want to do, that's when the time is. You can't scale when you all the business. Right. And that's what he was doing. He's thought, I want to go into more markets, less alone. It's impossible. You cannot do that because it's you. There's no more hours in the day, you're only sleeping four hours, five hours a day as it is. Let's remove you from the business, continue to do deals and more of them without your time necessary. Then you can go into a niche market. And he was like, brilliant. Let's do so. That's what we did. It's pretty amazing what you can do when you all go to them. Basic things. And that goes to show. I'm not going to say I've not been through the recession. I wasn't in business when it happened. Right. But I do believe that I have a business that's recession proof in the way of that. My over additional my marketing is small so I can withstand anything and I can learn to pivot and change it accordingly to creative finance, to cash to do these things and roll with the market. 

Joe: Hey, you know what I just realized? You're on the beach in Mexico and I'm wearing my Kawaii Hawaii hat, like I'm living vicariously on the beach through my hat. You've got the palm tree. Look, we both got palm trees. Yes. I just picked this because it kind of matched my sweatshirt. And then you're on the beach in Mexico and I'm on the beach in my head. 

Joe: All right. Let's talk about something cool we're doing coming up here on a I think it's Saturday, the 20th, as we're recording this. Yes, certainly the 20th. But you may be listening to this later. And if you are, you can probably still get it. We're still probably going to make it available if you go to LiveMarketingClass.com, LiveMarketingClass.com. We've done this a few times before and it's been awesome. And we're all about keeping it simple, right? We want to just we've always tried to teach through this podcast, through our YouTube channels what works today, not what worked five years ago, not even what works two or three years ago because the markets change. We're going to teach you in this class what works and we're going to teach you by actually doing it. We're going to go live. This is so much fun. We're going to pick somebody who's part of the class and it's going to be done on Zoom. And if you can't be there, live will be recorded. We're going to be somebody who is live on the class. We're going to go into their market and a market we've never done deals before in and we're going to do a bunch of live marketing for them in their market. We're going to be going out marketing for sellers, marketing for buyers. We're going to be talking to realtors and landlords, property managers, and we're going to be talking to them live and actually looking at deals, evaluating deals and making offers, which I'm super excited about that. 

Joe: And then we're going to be picking somebody else in the class who has a bunch of old leads. And this is one of the best ways, the cheapest, most effective way to get deals. And you may not even have a bunch of old leads yourself, but you know somebody else who does in your market. That's how Gavin got started, finding somebody else that has old leads. And we're going to show you live a campaign that we're going to do inside a very simple where we're going to reach out to a bunch of old leads. And I absolutely guarantee if we don't get some good leads from that old list of old leads, I will refund everybody all our money. It's like this is one of the best awesome strategies known to man in the real estate investing world for getting leads. And it's reaching out to old leads. And so we're going to be doing this campaign, reaching out to some old leads. You're going to hear us talk to sellers live. These buyers, realtors, property managers. You're going to be hearing us talk live in a market that we've never done deals in before. We're doing this for a couple of reasons, but mainly just show you how simple and easy it is. 

Joe: This business is not that hard and it can be run from anywhere in the world, which is you could have been you could have done this with me from your RV because you're going to Arizona in your RV. But just basic Internet purposes, not the only reason we're going to be doing it from your home. You're going to be in Georgia. I'm going to be in St. Louis. We're going to pick a market. We don't know where yet, but it's not going to be in Missouri and it's not going to be in Georgia. Most likely it's going to be somewhere virtual. One hundred percent completely virtual. And I'm excited about this. It's only ninety-seven bucks. Ninety-seven dollars. And if you go to live marketing class right now, you're going to watch where you're going to have look pretty cool, are going to have egg on our face. It might be really embarrassing, but here's the cool thing about it. It's going to be raw. It's going to be raw. You're going to see us make mistakes. You're going to see us on the phone, like stumbling and maybe because you're going to realize, oh, I don't have to be perfect. I don't have to be rock star salesmen. I don't have to be I can just be myself. Right. But you're going to see this and you're going to see us evaluate deals and you're going to see how simple it really is and say, oh, I can do that. Like, our whole goal with this is to give you teach you by showing you so that you can take these things that we're doing and immediately the same day duplicated in your own market. I'm excited about this. 

Gavin: Yeah. And I think this works better than, like, courses and material, in my opinion. From a learning standpoint, I'm not saying there's a time and a place, obviously, that you do that. But when you're walking along alive and it's really happening, there's so much power in that that it is, again, real. There's no chance of us editing things. It's just happening. Right. You're seeing it what we're seeing as it happens and you're going to be able to say, oh, actually, yeah, things don't work out, we think. And that wasn't perfect. I could do it. Here's the thing. 

Gavin: I mean, I do live seller calls and I just recorded the first call and no one knows that. I say I do that and I honestly do. But they might be thinking, he made eight calls and then he picked one. Right. Does that probably make more sense to do it that way? But I don't. I just go with it. And I got a lot of people appreciate it, not because it isn't perfect. And you could have said this and you should have said that I'm all for on things isn't perfect. 

Gavin: But the thing is, is I got it done. And that's what I want everyone to do, is that when we do marketing and we show you it's just happening and getting it done. And if you can do that and you can take action from that class, then. You're going to be so much further ahead going into that following week than you were by not attending. I always like this is kind of just a thought process, if you'll listen to this. What does it cost you not to attend? I'm very big on that at all. My investment, my investing, things that I do for mastermind's and things I always say, yes, a lot of money and one hundred bucks isn't what I'm talking about. Mastermind's now that Joe and Mapei, tens of thousands of dollars to be in. And I'm like, well, what does it cost me not to be in that? Right. And that's the same for this. Ninety seven bucks. What's it going to cost you? You know, it's you have the budget. If you want to invest and you want to get in, you have the hundred bucks. So I'm enjoying it. And I don't think you're going to be disappointed again. We're going to be trying to bring it, just make it happen and give you as much value as we can. 

Joe: I just had a pop up on my window on my computer that said winter storm advisory, high winds, snow ending at 12, 30. 

Gavin: I think I might have had one. It's a heat wave. 

Joe: When you're talking, I get this pop up from the Weather Channel anyway. So that's I was listening to a podcast one time and this guy was interviewing somebody else and they asked him, where do you live? And he said, well, wherever it's summer. And I thought, that's cool. Like, I could do that right now, but I don't know if I'd want to. But literally, if you know how to run this business, you can live anywhere in the world and you could just move live every three months, wherever it's warmest, you know, and you could your business wouldn't miss a beat. Yeah, absolutely. You just need a cell phone and a laptop, maybe a hot spot from Verizon. Like when we were traveling in our RV, we were like in middle of nowhere, Wyoming and Montana and Washington, Oregon. We even went up to Alaska like I was nervous about whether I would have cell phone coverage anywhere. So I had a hotspot from Verizon and AT&T. And sure enough, there were days when one would work and one wouldn't. Some days neither work. 

Joe: And I'd find a coffee shop and I'd go to a coffee shop and work for a couple hours. But here's the cool thing about that. If forced me because I only had a couple hours where I could work because, you know, I'd have to. When you're sitting outside in a park bench in a national park, it's beautiful. It's awesome. But you got mosquitoes. Sometimes you have flies, you have the wind and things are blowing around. And the park bench isn't all that comfortable. So you're like, I don't want to work out there and you're out in God's green, gorgeous earth and you don't want to be sitting on the computer. So anyway, I could only work a couple hours a day, three at the most. And so I was so efficient during that time. I got so much more done because I had a smaller window. And even when we were in Prague working in the Czech Republic because of the time zone change, I only had two or three hours where I could talk to anybody. And so I forced myself to be. When I was talking to people, I was superefficient or what we talked about. We had an agenda, we got the thing done, and then I moved on to the next thing I had to do. And also the other huge event was nobody could bother me because I could I could be working from nine to 12 in the Czech Republic and it was four a.m., three a.m. in the US or whatever, and nobody would call me or interrupt me and as I got more work done. 

Joe: But that's a cool thing about this business. And if you learn the simple things that we're going to be teaching you here in this LiveMarketingClass.com, you're going to learn how you can because marketing is everything. We're not in the real estate investing business. We're the marketing business. This is ninety nine percent of your business right here, marketing, getting leads, talking to people, making offers. This is it. This is what it's all about. So if you can learn these things, you can do these things literally from anywhere in the world, anywhere. Right. And you can also set it up where you get other people to do it for you. The stuff that we're doing, we're just doing it ourselves to show you teach you how to do it right. You can get a visa to do all of this for you. 

Gavin: Yeah, I mean, the VA. I mean, the VA is right. I've just made so much money. It's just insane. I just I've never seen anything. I've never seen a business like it. When you're paying people five dollars an hour and that's making hundreds of thousands of dollars from what they do on the front end. Right. And it's just amazing. 

Joe: And also, we're going to be talking about follow up in this class to and 90 percent, I don't know, maybe 80 percent, 80 to 90 percent of your deals come from. We looked at one time. I forget the numbers. Fifty something deals that we did in a 12-month period. Yeah. Four of them came from the first call. 

Gavin: Yeah I think nineteen it was we did fifty eight deals. Fifty-four phone follow up. Seoul came in immediately. I mean and that's just, that's just the reality. That's like a ninety three percent follow up and I wish it was better but it is an Olin on the market in on that side of marketing because that's what we would say as a proactive marketing right of cold call. And then you have reactive marketing. Your direct mail, your PPC, they're all great forms of marketing but at a higher cost. Now you have to be closing and closing more deals to stay profitable. So there's an argument on both sides. Yeah, nine percent of it is follow up. But once you get that dialed in and understand it, no problem, you just it's just more money for you. 

Joe: I've said there's three keys to success in this business. Marketing, automation and delegation. Marketing is the most important part. You've got to get that figured out. And you need you can't just be relying on one form of marketing. You've got to have your eggs spread out into multiple different marketing baskets. But you don't need to do one hundred different things. Right. You could just do one or two or three things really well. Right. But that way, the lead flow is constantly coming in. And this is why it's so important to understand. You've got to figure out how to get your marketing done for you in spite of you. That is for me when I figure this out. That was the breakthrough that I needed because I'd go through these cycles where I do a lot of marketing, get a lot of leads and get super busy and shut the marketing off because I had all these deals I was working on and then selling them. And then that takes a couple, three, four, six weeks to sell those deals. And then you make some money and you're all excited and you turn around and your pipelines and, you know, new leads coming in. And I heard somebody talk about this, that we're not in the real estate investing business. We are in the marketing business. 

Joe: And then I heard him say, you need to get your marketing done for you in spite of you. So that was the first thing I did when I figured that out. I'm tired of this roller coaster up and down making money. I've been freaking out and broke. And where's the money coming from? And when you do the marketing again, it's not like a switch. You can just turn on and all of a sudden it's flowing like it. There's a principle of momentum. You got to get the consistency from month in, month out consistently every single day. Those lead start coming in without any of your involvement. And that's what we're going to be talking about. These are marketing systems and things that you can have a value for you. So the first thing I hired was a vet. I was too scared. This was in twenty-seven and eight. I was too scared to hire a Filipino or somebody from overseas to do my VA work. So I hired a virtual assistant in Indiana and she was amazing. All I had to do was send out text messages and emails for me like twenty or thirty a day, whether I wanted her to or not, whether I was busy or not. Right. And so then we created some simple systems and then we started scaling it. And I had somebody do it for me in spite of me. 

Joe: But it was we kept it really simple. Then the lead started coming in and I started getting contracts. And I find somebody to help me with the contracts, negotiating the deals. And I found somebody else to help me sell the deals. Pretty soon we're doing we're doing deals and I'm not doing much of anything. I have a VA doing the marketing, bring the leads and I have a local acquisitions guy getting the contracts and I have a local realtor selling the deals. For me it was great. Now I'm not making as much profit on each deal is if I were to do it on my own. But we're talking about going from one deal every couple, three months to three or four deals every single month. So I'm making actually more money. 


Gavin: So I just going to say you're only as good as your team. We have an amazing team on the on the real estate side, the team that we have on the coaching and the stuff that we do, like you're only as good as your team. Right? But there's a time and a place. And when we say team, we're not talking of tons of people. We're talking one or two people. Right. To make these things work and make them profitable. So out to them in case that listen as well that you're running as good as your team. 

Gavin: But the thing is, is that everyone's got key roles and you understand what their roles are and everyone's pulling the strings that that's needed, whether you're on the more consistent size, whether you're a phone person and you lock deals up. Whether you want to be in the truck, driving and see whatever personality that you have, you're just going to outsource the things you're not good at to then get them wheels turning to make money in real estate. Right. Once you understand these key things, it's just going to be a game changer. We're going to be talking about some things in this live marketing class. So I'm excited. I think it's going to be amazing. 

Joe: Yeah, I have a lot of people that do this. They take these videos that we do and just give them to the VA. And I've done this a lot of times. I've bought courses and I give them to my assistant. I say, all right, I want to start making offers on HUDs. Just go through this class and start doing it. You're going to see us what we're doing and you're going to see us making some offers and doing some really ninja marketing stuff. And you can just give that to a VA to an assistant and say, all right, go start implementing this. So we are going live as we are recording this now. We're going to be going live in about a week and a half or something like that. So all the details are going to be at LiveMarketingClasscom. Just go there right now. Check it out. It's only ninety-seven dollars. LiveMarketigClass.com. We're going to be going in to a brand-new market. We've not done deals. And before somebody who's going to be on in the class live is going to give us a city. We're going to start just right from scratch. Right. They're not really doing any prep work in advance, which is making me a little nervous. But because we're just going to go for it. We're just going to do it. It's going to be a lot of fun. 

Joe: Then we're going to from nine to four Central Time, we're going to be just getting on the phone, talking to sellers, talking to buyers, realtors and property managers, making offers, making offers. And we're going to be doing some marketing, showing you some things that we're going to be doing, some marketing that we're not going to get an immediate lead or response for, because we're going to be sending out maybe a letter or a postcard or something like that. But we'll be teaching you how we do it. And maybe what we'll do is do an update a week later or something like that to show you any leads we get from I don't know yet what we're going to do there, but it'll be all recorded, so. If you sign up and you can't make it live, you'll get the recordings, even if you're watching this later on YouTube or the podcast and you want to, we've already done it. You can get the recordings for everything and live marketing class, dot com. Anything else? We good? 

Gavin: We're good. We'll see in the class. 

Joe: Yeah. All right. I looking forward to it. Gavin, enjoy the beach the next few days that you're there. Yes. And then even as you go to Georgia, the weather down there in Savannah is probably pretty nice right now, even still, isn't it? Probably 60 to 65. You're going to Arizona. How long are you going to be, in your view? 

Gavin: I don't know. No plan. Probably at least a month I would think. OK, yeah. At least a month, maybe longer. 

Joe: And this is a real RV. It's not a pull behind camper. 

Gavin: This is a class A. It's a beast. 

Joe: That's not a pop up, not a tent. 

Gavin: Everyone should have one if you get the chance when you've done it as well. I know you pulled behind, but just incredible. I don't I now wish I would've done it years ago. 

Joe: Are you bringing your dogs? 

Gavin: Yeah. Dogs coming. My wife. We're all we're all been there. And that's the other reason why I wanted to stay to do this marketing class so. One, for the Internet. And then I can get away with an hour. But if I've got to be on for eight hours and I've got to talk to sellers and I've got to call realtors and all these things, plus the dogs and the wi fi is just like, you know, let's just got a couple of days, like, no big deal. 

Joe: And just stay a few more days after. 

Gavin: Exactly. 

Joe: Are you going to golf while you're in Arizona? 

Gavin: Yes. Oh, I'll take lots of pictures. Don't worry. I'll send them to. 

Joe: Yeah. Please send me all the pictures you can as every single picture you take of you playing golf. Send it to me. I would love to see that. OK, golf course, St. Albans. They in the last two days they've sent emails that they're shutting down because it's just it's just too cold and the roads are too icy. And anyway, I'm not complaining. Yeah, it was I got a lot to be grateful for. It could be worse. I could be in Alaska or Minnesota right now. All right, guys, we appreciate you. Go check out LiveMarketingClass.com, LiveMarketingClass.com And sign up. We'll see you guys later. Thank you. Bye bye. 

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