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I don’t want you to get hung up on finding a seller when you’ve just found the perfect deal in a virtual market. Using Propstream Joe, real estate websites, or social media forums or groups, I’m going to show you almost a dozen ways to complete your transaction before that perfect deal is snatched up by another wholesaler.

One of the best and easiest methods is to simply find the Realtor of the property and call them up. Ask them:

  • Do you know of any flippers in the area?
  • Are they looking for more properties?

If you have to start digging deeper, Propstream Joe is a great tool to turn to. It’s one of my favorite ways for finding flippers, active investors or non-owner occupied homes. I’ll also show you how I use both Zillow and Redfin to find landlords, property managers, and local wholesalers.

Figuring out how to quickly connect with sellers can help you find the perfect boots on the ground partner to move your property and make more money faster.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • How to find flippers using Propstream so that you have a ready-made buyer for your property.
  • I’ll share some quick and simple scripts to help you talk confidently with landlords and property managers.
  • Dozens, maybe even hundreds, of Facebook groups exist solely to connect buyers with sellers. I’ll share a few of my favorites.
  • My favorite way to write and send yellow letters, and my trick that increases the response rate.

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What's going on, Joe McCall here. This video is specifically for Steve. Steve, I just got off the phone with you, but I wanted to do this video as well as part of maybe a podcast to put it out on to my YouTube channel or whatnot. Here's the situation. Steve just brought me a deal and he lives in Utah. He found a deal in a certain city in near Austin, Texas. It's a county outside of Austin. I already forgot the name of the county, but I'll get to that in a second here. Anyway, it's looks like a really, really smokin’ hot deal. And we were on a coaching call with some of my students the other day. And actually there was another student on the call who said, hey, I'm near that area or I'm doing deals near that area. Let's talk. This is Utah to Texas, long distance away.

Steve is a is a virtual investor doing deals, virtually found this deal through a referral. And so Steve wanted to talk to me on the phone about partnering with me on this deal. And I partnered with a lot of students on deals. But I thought, you know what I want this to be? I want him to make more money and I want him to partner with somebody that knows this area better than I do. OK, so Steve, I said I would send you a little video of something that I would start doing immediately. As soon as you get this property under contract, these are the things that you need to be doing. And what I'm going to be showing you here is pretty simple stuff, and it involves some tools. One of them is prop stream. Go to prop stream, Joe Dotcom. You get a free seven-day trial PropstreamJoe.com. And this is what I want you to do. This property is in Bastrop, Bastrop County. Sorry for you friends that are from there. I just butchered that Bastrop County and there's sixty-two thousand records in there.

But I want you to go here to filter. I want you to go to quick list choices and I want you to click flippers. What does that close? A flipper is somebody who has recently purchased a property and absentee owner. They've recently purchased it. I think the filter works the words in the last year and now it's active on the MLS or it's recently sold. So they've owned it for less than a year. But it's now listed or it's recently sold, which means it's probably a rehab and they're fixing it up. So what you need to do is go through this and go to even see like this property in particular. It's on the MLS. Here's some pictures. Look at these pictures. It looks like it's been recently, at least lipstick and paint. Right. Not a full get rehab maybe, but they've owned it for only two months. Now it's back on the market.

If I click on MLS details, they listed this thing on December 18th. And I want to say this, too. I would say most of the time, to be honest, Prop Stream does not have good MLS data. They sometimes get the data like weekly depending on the market. And so sometimes these things are updated and prop stream doesn't get the updates right away. Now, in some markets they do. It just depends. So I don't trust the MLS data yet on prop stream in most markets, some markets, it's really good. And I know they're not going to like me saying that, but that's kind of the way it is. In fact, if I were to look at this property, it shows it is still active. Right? So if I go to realtor dot com, which usually pulls right from the MLS. Right. And I taste that property in there and search for it, it shows it is pending. That means it's under contract. All right. Same pictures and all that. But this is probably going to be more accurate because it's coming directly from the MLS, because it's the Realtor.com website. All right.

Anyway, but that's not the point. Here's the point. This is a property that an investor is rehabbed and fixed up and is now listing on the MLS. So I want you to scroll down here and look for this stuff right here. I know it may be hard to see the agent information you need to get on the phone and call Levi Rogers. There's this phone number, there's his email address, there's his office phone number. They're both the same. Call him, tell them, hey, I'm an investor. I see that you recently listed a property on Shenandoah. Looks like a nice house. Do you have just a few minutes trying to catch in the middle of something and just be upfront and honest with them?

Hey, I'm an investor in Utah and I have a property that I found and I'm not sure I want to buy it. I think I just want to flip it. And I think that you listed this property that was recently rehabbed. Do you know who the investor is or are you the investor that did it? Are they looking for any more deals? Right. So the purpose of this is to call the realtors and ask them, are is your client looking for any more deals like this? And let's say you've got this property under contract for. I don't remember. Well, I do know, but I'm not going to say let's say you got this probably in a contract for two hundred thousand, it's worth four hundred thousand. Then you can say, listen, I want to sell this thing for at least two twenty. Whatever you want, Mr. Realtor, for a commission. You just added on top of that so the realtor can add their commissions on top to whatever you want to sell it for.

And you might need to be even more honest with this realtor and say, listen, I have this under contract for two hundred. I'm not going to I might buy it, but I'm thinking of just selling it to another local investor there. Do you know anybody who might be interested in this? I'm probably going to sell it for to twenty-five, right? So bump your price up a little bit. But these realtors, you know, they're going to want a commission. You can even tell them I'll pay you your commission out of my profit. I just need you to figure out how to make it work. I need you to help me take some pictures, get an inspection, look at the property. If you can bring me a buyer, I'll pay you six percent or I'll pay you seven thousand dollars out of my assignment fee. You just help me figure it out.

And then that realtor, if this is a good deal, we'll move heaven and earth to bring you a good buyer, because this will be some of the easiest money they've ever made. That makes sense? So call these agents right away. Here's another one. Scroll down. Here is the realtor. I got to click on MLS details right here. This has been owned for four months and they says it's contingent. But you see, this was updated in August, which as I'm recording, this is five months ago. So it hasn't been updated yet. In fact, I'd be curious to see what this shows up as on realtor.com. Search. Come on. So it's just shows it's just sold on October 30th. OK, so case in point, Prop Stream is not the best updated MLS data, but the point was it's only been known a few months and now it's been sold. So anyway, scroll down. Here is the realtor's information, Priscila Garcia and you can say, hey, you probably don't remember where I'd say you had a property back in October of five thirty-five. Number C, and do you remember who the investor was that bought it? Would they be interested? Are they looking for another property?

All right. Do you know of any other investors that are looking for properties in this area? Here's a good example of one. This is a property that is looking at this earlier. Obviously, it's been rehabbed. Look at these pictures, right? Yeah. So call the agent who listed this property. If you had access to the MLS, also, you could go in and see who hears the agent's information. You can go in and see who the buyer's agent was, the seller's agent and the buyer's agent. And you can call the buyer's agents, but you need access to the MLS to do that.

OK, so that is proper going into the county, doing a search in the filter, looking for flippers. All right. Another thing I want to show you since we're here in Prop Stream is let's go out and clear the search here and look up that county again. Sixty two thousand. I want you to go to owner occupied. No property characteristics. Let's look at single families. All right. And I want to scroll down. Let me move my beautiful image here to ownership info. And let's say they've owned it maximum one year and they owned at least two different properties. So what I've just done did there is I say, show me all the non-owner occupied the investor buyers that have purchased a single family within the last year, but they own they own already two or more properties. And it's a single family. Right. And you could close.

And here are one hundred and seven. So what you do is you can click here and you add them to a list and you can contact them. And I've done that already. Here, here. Recent investor buyers. I have one hundred and seventy-seven of them. This is going to open up. Well, this opens up here. I'm gonna open a letter that I want you to handwrite and send to these people. OK, so hold on one sec. All right. So this property right here, tool for Wildcat Drive, if I open it up. An investor bought this nine months ago, Fortress International, LLC. And here's their mailing address.

Right. Cool thing is, if you click on linked properties, you can see that they own four properties total of this portfolio equity, approximately. These are the address of the other homes. So this is an active investor who owns properties, right? Well, let's send this guy right here a letter. And to do that, it's real simple because you can download or you can select all one hundred and seventy seven of these and export them into a spreadsheet right here. But this is a letter I want you to send. And this is gold right here. This is awesome. It's a handwritten yellow letter. You know, I would do as many as you could yourself. I might find a kid to do the rest for me, stay at home mom or somebody that you can hire and just say, hey, help me write these letters. Handwritten has got to be they work the best.

And so you write it like this urgent notice, red ink underlined. You know, I desperately need to sell my property at address. I've had it listed for a realtor for some time now and I can't wait any longer. You might even might not want to lie like that. So I would say something like, I've been trying to sell it for some time now and I can't wait any longer. Take a drive by, call me, I'll let you in. The title is clear. Taxes are paid, condition is good and I need it sold today. Underlined right. Drive by. Call me. Make me a cash offer right now Joe. Phone number. Make it look desperate. Motivated handwritten letter. Right. Because again, you can do this from Utah. You may be in the Sahara Desert in Africa or wherever the Sahara Desert and you can do this from there. Right. So what I want you to do.

Write this on a yellow legal pad of paper, crumple the paper up, then open it back up and fold it into quarters and mail it in an invitation style and envelope and address the envelope, use a real stamp and a one cent stamp and make them crooked. Is that how you spell crooked? I don't know. So the reason for this in I remember just recently I was doing this through a challenged thing and I went to the post office and the lady looked at me really funny and I'd asked two times for this letter. I said, I know I don't need one cent stamps, please give them to me. And I got this weird looking to shake of her head and she finally gave them to me. But you want this envelope to stand out and it's handwritten. So I even like to put the stamps sideways or crooked a little bit. So it just looks different. And then when they see this letter, it's going to have some thickness to it. They're going to see the crumpled paper, you know, the wrinkled paper when they open it. So this will get open and then have this phone number go to your cell phone, go to Simple's. They get added to your buyers list. You're going to get a great response from this letter.

It works really, really well. So send this letter to the investors that own properties in this area. Now, these are just recent investors. You could even go if you wanted to do more. All right. Because we know that these are active investors. If you wanted to do more, you can go back to search here and you can say, all right, just show me all of the ones who have had a property, bought a property in the last five years. Now there's nine hundred and twenty six. And maybe you want to use a male company if you want to do larger quantities. I recommend you use my favorite mail house, open letter, direct mail, go to JoeMcCall.com/mail Slash Mail, JoeMcCall.com/mail and use my friends here and open letter marketing. They just have really, really good direct mail that works, you know, and it's personalized. It's color envelopes, you know, it's really, really nice. So check them out. JoeMcCall.com/mail. All right.

The next thing I want to tell you is this. So No. One, let me just recap. Number one, look for the flippers and prop stream. Call the realtors number to look up investors that have bought property recently in that county and send them a letter like that handwritten letter. Next thing I want you to do is go to Zillow, go into that county, Bastrop County, Texas, and look for all of the rentals. OK, I would do apartments, condos, houses, all of them, because you're not going to have that many. There's only twenty-two. But I would go through here and start calling every single one of these property management companies and landlords right here, Rave property management, call them, you know, tell them to be right up front and honest with them. Hey, I'm a new investor, new in the business. I'm in Utah and I think I found a really good deal, this property in whatever. And I'm wanting I'm just calling you to see if you have any clients that are looking for properties. I'm willing to pay you a commission.


And I wouldn't necessarily use the wholesaling language, although you could. But you could say I just decided I don't want to buy it, but I think I want to just sell it to somebody or sell my contract to somebody else who might want to buy it instead of. Right. So go through each of these and call all of these landlords, because I guarantee you, if they're not interested in buying another one, they know somebody who is. And if you can tell them, I'm going to give I'll give you a commission or whatever, just add the commission to whatever the price is. They'll help you. These are people that are local. They're active in the business and they know the investors. So this is a great resource calling the landlords who have rental properties. If you wanted to, you could even remove boundary. But now I have it's working here. You're going to get all the properties in the entire city of Austin and you'll have hundreds and hundreds. So, you know, maybe you could go in here and draw a circle, you know, if you wanted a bigger area.

And so Zillow is kind of slow right now. But anyway, call the landlords in that. I wanted to show you something else to go to Redfin. Remember, I said perhaps dream sometimes doesn't have good MLS stuff, but I like going into Redfin, doing a search for that county. There's three hundred and thirty-seven homes for sale right now. What I would suggest you do also is look for houses that have been on in less than 30 days. So these are newer listings. And I would scroll down here. You want properties that aren't new. You know, like if it's a rehab, you're not going to find a rehab, a good rehab property that was rehab or that was built like five years ago. So I might say, look, go back fifteen years. No, 2005, right? Yeah. Go back fifteen years. Twenty-five click apply filters. And here are eighteen homes in Bastrop County that have recently been rehabbed. Or maybe I mean they're over fifteen years. But let's look at the pictures. Here's one. It looks like a rehab. All right. Go to your details, find out who the realtor is and message them this property. No, it's not been rehabbed because it has personal furniture and stuff stolen and OK, this I was looking at one of them here.

I think this is a good example. If you go through this one three bedroom, nine hundred square feet looking at the pictures. Oh, this looks like a rehab, doesn't it? Even if it's not called the realtor anyway. This one I know this one is I was looking it up earlier. Look at that beautiful property right here. Six-oh-one Jefferson and if you look at all the photos, you can see somebody rehab, it's empty. And if you were to see pictures of the closet, there's no clothes in the closet. Right? So call the realtor of this property up. Look up to the owner is. Skip trace them, call him. You've got to get on the phone. All right. The other thing I want to say is the next thing is you want to find local wholesalers that are already doing deals in these markets. And my group, where you are, remember, Steve, is the simple lease options premium group here. And just go in here and do a post, say, hey, who's doing deals? I guess you have to agree to my own rules.

Who's doing deals in the Austin, Texas area? OK, now I only have two point three thousand members in here, but there's other bigger groups like wholesaling houses full time. This is a group my good friend Alex Youngblood has. He's got only one hundred and fourteen thousand. And so if you're not a member here, go out and join this group of going here to this little search bar right here and do a search for something like Austin, and you're going to find tons and tons of post names and people that are talking about Austin, Texas. I'm not sure what James Dunn what he's doing there, but there's somebody who is his name is Austin. Send your deals here. So this is a guy, Carlos, he's a good friend to. He's looking for deals in the Austin, San Antonio. A bunch of areas. Send the deals to them. OK, but go through here and see who are the wholesalers that are already doing deals in that area. Message them here on Facebook and say, hey, I think I got a deal. Do you want to partner with me on this one? Right. And when you partner with them, you can say, hey, let's see, I've got this deal. If you can wholesale it, let's just split the profits 50 50. All right. There's another really good group you should check out. There's a bunch of them.

But one of them that I like is that the wholesaling house is elite Max Maxwell's group. Now, they're a little more strict on what you can post one hundred fifteen thousand members. But again, you can do a search for the word Austin and see if there's anybody posting about Austin. You can also post your own thing in here that says, hey, I'm looking for a wholesaler to partner with on a deal in Austin. Anybody interested? I'm in Utah. I got a smokin’ hot deal. You'll get people that will respond to you. All right. I want to show you one other thing here. Bigger pockets is a great place to find other investors to wholesale with you. Go log in so you can get a free account, click on the search bar, do a search for Austin and make sure you spell it right. It's going to give you a bunch of results. Too many to because it's going to be ridiculous for first year. Go to members. You'll see all of the members that have the word Austin, either in their name or where they're from. Look for the ones who are active to start going through this. There's companies that have the word Austin in their profile. Maybe they're in Austin, maybe they're not. All right.

And then forums, if you go right here to forums, you can find anybody who's talked about Austin. Now, this has been since two twenty six, but here's one from March just a few months ago. And here we go, Austin forty replies. Chris posted this back in March was eight, nine months ago and it's not opening up right now, but maybe they know I'm filming this. So anyway, hey, any Austin investors out there looking to get a little more insight and you can see who's responding and message them. Talk to them. Lamar looks like a nice guy and he's an investor from from Austin. Connect with him right here and add a personal message to your invite. All right. And he's even a guest on their show on show. Thirty-one. You can ask him if you want to partner in deals. All right. And also, I said to you, Steve, just so you know, some JV agreements, I believe I have them right here. Hold on one second. All right. So I sent these to you, Steve, but the rest of you that are watching on YouTube in the podcast or whatever, if you want to take a quick little snapshot of one of these JV agreements, feel free. Go ahead. Go ahead and pause the video and take a snapshot of that. And that's page two.

That's a JV agreement that you can use. And here is another one that I've used before in the past. Feel free to I know it's really small trying to get it on one page so you can take a screenshot of that and zoom in. Right, zoom in a little bit here, OK? And just hire a van up work or something to pause this video and type it up. That's page one. And there's everything on page two. OK, some joint joint venture agreements that you can use. All right. So I hope that helps Steve and the rest of you guys out there. The whole point of this is get on the phone, get on the phone and talk to realtors, talk to wholesalers, talk to other investors and property managers in this area and find somebody that's already wholesaling deals out there and say, hey, I got a deal. D you want to partner with me on it? If it's a realtor, you have to know what price you want to sell it for and either pay them part of a commission out of that or tell them to add their commission.

On top of that, if it's a rehabber that wants to buy it for themselves, if you got an under contract for two hundred, try to sell it for twenty. Right. Get a twenty thousand dollar spread there. If it's another wholesaler, tell the wholesaler, listen, sell it for whatever you can. Let's split it. Fifty fifty.

So you can make this happen. This sounds like a really good deal Steve. I think you're going to have an easy time finding somebody to partner with you on this deal. And that's it for now, guys. Appreciate it. Appreciate you, Steve, by everybody.

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