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My partnership with Gavin Timms has been great for my coaching business because I love the networking and Gavin loves creating the systems that support our students. The best kind of partnerships are a win-win for both parties, but it might take a couple of tries to find a partner that lifts you up instead of drags you down.

Some of Gavin’s best partnerships reflect the same collaboration that we have together. He likes working on the operations side, so he prefers partners who are happy to get on the phone and lock up a deal. When he met Melissa, one of his newest partners from Alabama, he knew she was the one when she said that she was going to call a seller until they said yes. That’s the kind of energy he loves!

Expanding into a new market means you’re going to need someone inside that market to be your eyes and ears. Just like you’re checking a new partner out, they’re getting a good look inside your business too. As you’re building trust with your new partner, you absolutely have to deliver on your promises so that they know you’re worth partnering with. If you’re ready to get off the sidelines and jump into real estate investing, the opportunities are there for you.

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What’s inside:

  • Gavin turned a Maui investment opportunity into a mutually beneficial partnership despite the fact that both the partner and the market were new to him.
  • Gavin describes how he finds his boots on the ground to help him with virtual investing, a key strategy that helps him expand into markets across the country.
  • As someone who loves creating systems and processes, Gavin uses that understanding about himself to find partners that need his systems so that they can succeed.

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Gavin: Hey, guys, how are you doing? Gavin Timms with REI Network. Welcome back for another episode. Just before we get going. If you haven't done already, if you want a thousand free records from batch, go to batchleads.io/Gavin. Batchleads.io/gavin. You're going to get a thousand free records. You can skip trace in there, you can start list stacking which is going to save you a ton of money. So if you haven't already, like I said, go to batchleads.io/gavin and make sure you get them records.

Gavin: OK, so what I want to talk about today is seek an opportunity. This business is all about opportunities. OK, now a lot of you are going to be trying to do things virtual in your backyard from maybe outside of the country trying to invest in the United States. OK, and what it comes down to is networking. REI Network was because I believe that it's all about networking and relationships, who you know, not what you know. So getting yourself in position to create opportunities in a win win, okay so it works for everyone. Collaboration to get things done. Right. And that's kind of what I've done throughout my real estate career, is exactly that seeking opportunity. And if you can do that, you can be successful because what you're looking for is that you need to find something that someone has that you need and then vice versa, that they need to make it a win win.

Gavin: So I'm going to give you a few examples here of what I'm talking about. So we just did a deal in Maui, Maui, Hawaii. We did a flip. Now, obviously, I'm a virtual wholesaler, right. I believe that I can find properties in any market in the United States at a discounted price by working the system that I always talk about. Marketing, talking to sellers, making offers, following up. Getting that done, getting contracts and getting things moved. So, for instance, when we went to Maui and I'm going to be to bring in a case study for this, and if you want to get in on that, you need to go to REINetwork.com/Maui. It's going to be free. It's not ready yet because I'm done it, but I'm going to be working on it and I'm going to show you how I found this deal. And I'm going to go and talk about the whole deal so you can see how we narrowed it down to five hundred thousand dollars on a flip in Maui from me over here and what that takes.

Gavin: Well, for instance, when we were, me and my wife, in Maui a few years ago and we met her uncle lives out there and then we met, he said, hey, I want to I want to introduce you to a couple of friends. He's an investor who does some flips in Maui. OK, no problem. So we go out for dinner. He knows absolutely nothing about me and the conversation to start with, what do you do? And at the time, he'd just spent about twenty-eight thousand on a program. And as we're talking pretty much teaching him to do driving four dollars, so have you done this marketing, have you done that? And he's like, what are you talking about? Like no. I said, well, that's what I do find this kind of properties. I work in these areas.

Gavin: And he's like, would you do it here in Maui? And I'm like, No, no, it's like super competitive. It's not worth it for me to do that. Anyway, the conversation then starts to roll. Right. And this is now when the opportunities happen because it's like, no, I don't want to do that. And he's like, but I really want you to do it. Well, how can we work together? So when you look at this Maui deal is a wholesaler, right? My job is to get as deep as possible. Right. Get the wholesale deal that the property as low as I can and sell it for as high as I can. Right. To make the biggest spread. That's where everyone tries to do in an ideal world. Now, with that deal that he's the only one who wants to buy it. He wants to buy as low as possible.

Gavin: So we're kind of working against each other, meets again as low as possible. But they have to buy it from me low as possible isn't going to make any sense. Right. So I explain this to him. It isn't going to work because my job is to get it high, like to the highest bidder. And you're not going to want to do that. You want the cheapest price. It isn't going to work. And he said, OK, I understand that. So then after again, conversations, well, what if we worked together? What if I found out? What if I found the deal? You flip the deal and then we'll split profit. Obviously not fifty fifty, but we'll come up with a split that we find is fair to be able to do it. OK, and he's like, yeah, I think a lot of work because now we've created a win win because now we're working together to achieve the same goal. Right.

Gavin: And that is about creating the opportunity. No one teaches that it just developed through relationships, networking. OK, to then go, yeah, this is a win win. OK, well let's try it. And that's what we did. And that goes the same with all my other markets. How can I provide value to you and can you provide value to me? And if we can come together and you have half of the puzzle and I have the other half, then it will match and we'll be able to do business. I did the same in Alabama, did the same in Florida, OK, by me running the systems in the in on the operation side and then someone. Work in the part that I need, someone being on the phone. OK, locking up the deals, moving them to cash buyers and that's another one of my models that I do, OK, and that's how I remove them my time from the business. So I'm working 100 percent in the on the business, not in it. And then I'm able to be able to grow in multiple markets looking at how I view trying to change things and make things better, do more volume in there and try and grow that business.

Gavin: OK, so you've got to be thinking when you're having these discussions with wholesalers and investors, don't just think, how can I win? It's got to be about them. If you can get them to win and you and you're on the same page, collaboration is going to work. Right. So I have a lot of students that I teach to go virtual that are working nine to five hours with a partner on the ground that they can feed a system to. And then the person on the ground needs the leads and the consistency to be able to close more deals. And then you both make more money. That makes sense.

Gavin: So if you can get that in now, you're remove and you've not got the excuse of well I've got a family and I've got a job and I can't make this real estate work. You can't make it work for the way that you're trying to make it work. Right, because you're trying to do everything yourself. But if you go and find them opportunities by creating them. Right, no one's going to knock on your door or give you a phone call and give you this opportunity. You can't afford to wait for that. You need to go and create it. You know, I work with Joe, do a lot of coaching stuff with him. We work together over five years. There's another prime example. We were in Spain and I created the opportunity through something that I felt that he needed. And if I could fill that gap, it would work because what he was doing was good. But if I could then strengthen it by bringing a solution to what he needed, I knew then we could build that relationship OK?

Gavin: And that's what we did. So I created the opportunity. He didn't come to me and say, yeah, this is what we need to. And you do this for me now. I said, hey, I think I can do this. I think this can happen. What do you think? And he's like, well, yeah, I like that. How are we going to, you know, how are we going to work out the splits? I even said, I don't know, I'm going to do it for nothing for three weeks. If I can bring value, then we'll talk about it, because then it gives me a better and him both of us a better understanding on how that split should work. According to what I'm bringing to the table at that time, when it's brand new, we don't know.

Gavin: So sometimes you have to take them hits. Maui is another example, right? I'll prove that I can do this and I'll take a lower percentage of that on the next deal. I want higher and I've already negotiated that front by saying, look what I can find. And all the people come through the systems that I have, the consistency that I have to be able to do deals. And that's what I want you to take from this podcast, is that you need to start creating opportunities and not sitting on the sideline waiting for something to happen because you're going to be waiting that a long time. You need to seek opportunity, see flaws and gaps that you can you can help in going give the value and then work. Right. I can talk all I want. I can talk a good game. I can get myself into these situations of I can do this and I can do that. Now it's time to deliver.

Gavin: So once you've done the talk, now you've got to deliver on what you're saying. If you can deliver on what you've said, then you're going to have a relationship for life. Did the same again in Alabama with Melissa, the same thing. I see. I saw something in with the follow up of one comment. All I asked was, what are you going to do when the seller says no? She said, I'm going to keep going until they say yes, bingo. You understand the business. So I want to contact you and create an opportunity. Hey, Melissa, I've been thinking about something. What if we did this? If you didn't have to focus on any of this stuff? And I did. And you could just focus on what you're good at, do you feel we could do more business? And she's like, yeah, I do. Well, let's try it.

Gavin: And in the meantime, continue to market, continue to do all your other things. But my goal is to get you busy enough. I'm making more money with me than you are on your own. And then it was an easy transition to make that happen. Right. Just took on another acquisition guy. Same thing with him. He was doing some of his own market marketing. Continue to do that. But you're going to make more money with those than you are on your own. He's already got three contracts and his first probably eight days. OK, so he's going to make more money than with those on a smaller percentage. But he's got to focus on one thing and that's getting contracts. He has a lot of folks on lead gen, VAs, marketing. How to move the deal.

Gavin: He isn't going to do any of that. He's just going to focus and by focus can get more deals done. Right. When I talk and create an opportunity, then you have to deliver on it. And that's the key. All right. So hopefully this helps. I'm going to keep it short and sweet here, but let me know. Make sure you like and subscribe, OK? Drop me a comment whenever you think about this episode or I. If you’re going to drop a comment, I'll answer anything that I can, and I'll see you on the next one. All right, guys, I remember going find opportunities and then make them happen. Have a good day. Bye bye.

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