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Draw three columns on a piece and paper and then ask yourself: “Where am I right now? What kind of headspace am I living in?” Think about your goals, your job, your family, and everything you’ve got going on right now, and write it down in one column on a piece of paper.

Then, think about your dream life. Where do you want to be? Where do you see yourself in a few years? Write down all of your plans in the third column, and dream big.

You’ll see that there’s still an empty middle column. That blank space is everything that has to happen to move you from the first column to the third column. In this episode, Gavin talks about the systems, partners, and team that you need to put in place to move towards your goal.

There are no one-size-fits-all real estate investor model. You need to find out which real estate method works for you, whether that’s fix and flip, wholesaling, BRRRRs, rehabbing, owner-financed deals, or whatever. The sky’s the limit!

Gavin is going to share some of the solutions he shares with his clients that address their specific needs while still helping them succeed with their real estate goals so that you can see just how individual real estate investing solutions can be for your life.

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What’s inside:

  • What kind of model should you follow in your real estate business?
  • The 2021 phrase of the year should be “Done is the new perfect”.
  • It’s time to stop doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.
  • The systems and processes Gavin sets up with his coaching clients that are the key to their success is as varied as their real estate goals.

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Hey, guys, how are you doing, Gavin Timms with REI Network. We're back with another episode just before we get going. I'm excited for today, but before we get go and check out this new link. Nodeadleads.com, nodeadleads.com. It's a case of a completely free to go to that link. Check it out. It's just some videos on a page. Super raw on going into an old market where we take a two-year-old leads. We start working them to see if we can turn into a deal. Not only turn that into a deal, but how many deals we lose from not following up. And I'm trying to prove a point with that case. We say, look, if you would have followed up on these leads, look what you could have had over the last two years. And hopefully that's going to help you guys out it sink in.

All right. So go and check that out. But today, what I want to talk about is the biggest shift you need to make in 2021. All right. We're in the new year. It's a new year. Everyone gets hyped up in January about New Year's resolutions and putting all these things in place. That's so cool. But we've got to act on it. All right. And that's what I want to talk about. The biggest shift in 2021. All right. And you might be surprised that listen, you might not, but it is you, OK? You are the biggest shift you in your head, right? It's not the market. We will adapt to the market accordingly as we move through this process. But it is not the market. We don't know what the market's going to do. Remember, we're here to invest for today.

I can give you my thoughts and my prediction. What I think is going to happen. Well, no one actually knows until it happens. And if you have a business that you can pivot and change accordingly when things happen, then you'll always keep up with the trend. Just like marketing pieces of strategies. You have to have multiple strategies. If the market does tank, if it does, all these things come into play. But it's something that you don't need to work on right now. The thing you need to work on right now is you all right? And you are going to be the biggest shift is you that's going to make this business a success in 2021, not the market, OK? Not if you're going virtual, if you're doing it in your backyard or if you work in a job or doing all of these things, that's not going to get you success. You are the one that's going to get success.

All right. So a few things I want you to think about if you're watching us on YouTube or on the podcast, OK? Make sure again you subscribe and like, drop any comments. That would be awesome. But I'm going to ask you a few questions here and maybe you need to pause. Right. And think about it before we move on. Go ahead and do that. But I want you to really consider where are you right now? OK, so where are you? Analyze and assess your situation, your current situation and say, where am I? What am I doing? What is my life look like? Not just real estate. You have to go super deep, like everything. Job, family, travel, hate in life, love in life, whatever it is, just analyze yourself. So where am I right now? OK, that's what I want you to think about. Then what? I want you to think about what you've done. That is how I want it to look like. So where do I want to be? Where on my head in one of my goals. What am I trying to achieve?

Because I think you have to get an understanding of this, of where am I being honest about it, not telling you what you want to hear. Right? Not saying I'm just going to be positive and all the things that great. And we need to use that. But you've got to get honest for a second where I'm at right now, write down what is my life look like and then write down where do I want to be. You have two columns, all right? And then you're going to have this gap in the middle. And we need to figure out what you where you are now and then where you want to be. And then we've got to figure out how are you going to get there right now. The important thing, what I do with every client that I work with is exactly this. The first thing is, is tell me about you. What do you do? What's your situation? Just like we do to sell it? I need to find out what was going on in life. Again, bigger than real estate. We get a whole picture of where you are and then we figure out what do you want to be? What do you want to do?

Is it buy and holds, fix and flip, wholesale, lease options? Owner finance? Control property without owning it? I don't know. Do the BRRRR method. Whatever it is, we need to understand what you're trying to do and then we can say, OK, here's the plan, OK, in between to get us there. And that's what everyone needs to do. OK, so then things of it's just like stop doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Why, why would you do that. Why are you doing the same? If it's not working now, why are you continuing to do it and expecting a different result. Now you might say, well I'm doing it consistently, I'm being consistent. OK, great, I get that.

But you can't be finishing work, doing one call a day and then expecting that you're going to do ten deals a month. Right. It's not going to work. So then things you've got to be in place. And what can happen if you're listening to this is that you can't be having the same conversation. This is why it's important to write this down, OK, where you are now, you cannot be in the same position as you was. In January last year. OK, and say, well, we haven't got anywhere, right, and maybe you've been on every webinar, you've been on every podcast, you've done all these things, but you're not actually getting anywhere. So you're not focusing on the right things to to get that. Does that make sense? And this is, like I said, really, really, really important.

You need in this business of real estate, you need time, money or both. I mean, it just it that's what it is. When I started no money at the time when all that made it happen from dead leads. That's what I did. That's how I got started. OK, so I went and networked with all the wholesaler's spending money, got that dead leads, dead leads, started calling them and got contracts from Followill. That's when I knew it was every cent with no budget and then started making 50 percent profit and then just working the phone, controlling it, getting money in. And when you start making money, more opportunities will happen. You can start creating more opportunities. Which is why one of my models is to outsource everything to bring partners in for collaboration partnerships. OK, because if you're working W2, you're working a full-time job for 60, 70 hours a week. You might have some money and you're trying to get this business off the ground on your own. You might be trying to five years because and that's not because it's just you don't have the time, but if you don't have the systems in place, then you're already up against it.

Right. So maybe if you got money, you're working full time. You need systems, you need marketing going out in the day, you need prequalified leads to talk to as they come in for you to have conversations with. Right when you get off line. All this is saving you time so you can focus on actually making money to be successful. Well, what about if you run the system and you had a partner on the ground, someone that didn't have the money, someone that liked talking to people that like to see properties, OK, and do that side of it. But they're not marketers. They're not consistent with the marketing channel. They don't know how to hire VCs and run. Keep that consistency. So when you bring them two people together say, well, I've got the system, the leads and I'm going to handle that side. Someone else is going to take the calls, OK, and move. the deals. We're going to come together. We're going to split 50 50. Right. And you've got 50 percent of the deal. You're making money. So one of my mottos is exactly that.

I partner with other people in different locations on this exact thing. OK, for this reason. OK, because things are happening, I'm only as good as my team, I say that all the time. We've built a team from a system and lead gen with VAs as part of the team.

But I have the people on the ground, the partners that are going to be doing the work because I'm solving their problem, they're solving mine. We collaborate together and we make money. So that's how I get to travel, right? I get to travel and do all of these things because of my team and we're getting things done together and it works out for us all. And that's the key to people with money together or two people with no money together because, you know, obviously gellin right. You've got to have one and one to come together to then collaborate. And that's going to be a big thing for me this year. So my most successful students doing this, virtually doing this exact model where you can share job roles, come together to then get deals done. And once you're making deals and making money right. And you're getting up and speaking to a wholesaler.

I've just spoke to one of my clients. He said, yeah, they've been in the market for four weeks, not close. You got three, maybe six weeks. And they've got three properties on the contract. He's working his W2 while the team is getting properties in the contract. He's running the lead gen that we set up. OK, so he's literally hands off. All he's doing is managing the process. He's working on the business and not in it. We did another podcast about that. If you want to scale the business, you have to be working on the business, not in the business. You can't scale if you're going to create a job, which is OK if that's what you want to go back to where I'm at now, where do I want to be? And if I want to be going into houses, I want to be doing flips. I want to be hands on. I want to be driving around in the truck or whatever. That's awesome. That's what you want. But everyone is different. So it's very difficult when I speak to people like to an audience of people listening, because sometimes I give you different examples because everybody is different.

There is no one model that fits all. That's why from a coaching aspect, I like to work with people individually so I can set things up accordingly to help them. Right. And that's what you need to start doing, regardless of me. I'm not saying it's down to me when you identify these things and then you can start bridging the gap and then you start to build things around it, because guess what? You are working 70 hours a week thinking that you're going to get off when you've got two kids and a wife or husband at home, OK? And you're going to start doing five shows a day. You're not going to do it right. Because if you didn't do it in 2020, what is going to change in 2021? I'm not just talking you doing in January. OK, I'm not talking. You do it in the first month. I want you doing it for six months. OK, to tell me that investing is not for me. If you want to get results you have to put in the work. You have to take, as we say, massive action. Well what if you're not in a position to take massive action because you've got all these other things going on? Well, stop trying and just beating a dead horse, right?

You've got to go and get the systems in place. You've got to get the partners in place. You've got to get the team, the acquisition, whatever it is in place, so you can be successful because that's the only way you're going to make money. And if you take this what I'm saying and apply it, you're going to have a fantastic 2021, regardless of who is still in a pandemic. We don't know what the market's doing, all these things right. Regardless of that, you're still going to go make money. All right. Because you have these things in place. You're focusing on the areas that make money. Remember, there's no I in team. You do not have to do everything on your own. I probably I've never closed the deal on my own in terms of me. Just done the transaction. Give me the mark to me. The phone person made doing despite me doing this made me me. Absolutely not. I'm all about OK. I've done my part. You're going to do your part. We're going to collaborate together. We're going to get more deals done. Right.

I'd rather make fifty percent OK. Five deals than do one deal on my own and then I'll turn back around and all my marketing's stopped. My VAs have left because I can't keep them busy. Right. I'm now going to build that machine again. And now I'm on the roller coaster of welcome to real estate investment. OK, because you've done a deal, then you won't see another one for three months. You can't run a business like that if that's what you're trying to do. Right. So you have to build this out and you only hire when necessary. I'm not saying, well, yeah, it's easy. You come in and you just say we're just going to pump a load of money into to scale this thing. Absolutely not. You have to hire at the right stage.

But if you can start and collaborate from the beginning, a can come together with the right personality, with the right team and build that, then you're going to go far, then you're going to be making forty percent net of a deal, OK, with having one hundred percent of your time back then you can travel if you do five then a month. What do you need. Five dollars a month. Average ten thousand, fifty thousand. You put twenty thousand in your pocket. Twenty thousand. Can you live off that right. One hundred and forty thousand on average a year. And you might be listening saying I take one hundred right now. I take sixty to do. Of course, it's doable, of course, but you've got to have the right things in place and you cannot 100 percent, you cannot just keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result isn't going to work. So the biggest shift is, you know, nobody else, you, you, your business. This is about you, your life, your marketing plan, your life plan, your business plan. It's all about you. And then you collaborating with a team to say, how are we going to do this together?

Because guess what? You're solving somebody else's problem. So not only are you struggling, you've got somebody over here struggling, but if you come together, you then build and grow and then you can start expanding. And when guess what? When you've got money and you are actually I don't want to do this wholesale anymore or start flipping or actually I want to buy and hold or actually because guess what? More opportunities are happening. I'm not saying this is for your forever, OK, but you have to slot in to get the results so you can keep buying the courses. Right. And that's great. And keep learning. OK, that's great. But the question again, where are you right now? Are you making money by buying all these causes you implement in these things? Have you got these things settled? Are you making money? Well, if you are, then fantastic, keep buying. Keep buying, keep educating. And you should always be educated.

But if not, stop, let's get one working. And it comes down to you. Why it's not the course. It's not the coach. Right. It's not oh it's this. And they said that. No, it's you. Take ownership, take responsibility and make it work. If I work with 30 clients and 15 get results and 15 don't, the 15, that is not going to excuse because why have I got 15 that does? So you're saying it's me or it's the marketing or the strategy or the market. It's all excuse. That's all it is. I know that sounds brutal, but you have to hear it. OK, now if I'm getting no one getting a result. So if you say, oh, this is such a hard market and no one's getting a result, then all right, well, maybe you're right. But you know as well as I do, real estate's everywhere, investing everywhere. People invest in some front in Manhattan, in Boston and Phoenix.

So if they're doing it there, then you can do it there because it comes down to the process. All right. We've talked about the process, this multiple phases in this business. And if you can, again, collaborate together and say, well, I'm going to control this, you're going to control that, we keep each other accountable and we make things happen. All right. So hopefully this helps. And one thing I do want to say, actually, people say to me, oh, I'd love to be you. I'd love to do what you do and get to travel and driving all and do deals in multiple areas where you can. Right. You can. I was no different to you. I didn't come in to estate and grow up in it. I'm from a different country. I didn't even know what the word was. Wholesale and real estate go in it. I mean, it's ridiculous. If you look at me on a piece of paper as a golf professional from England, come in the United States to do real estate investing, you'd be like, no chance.

Everybody doubted me. And that's OK. Family doubted me, OK? Friends doubted me. No problem. But it's what goes on in here with self-belief, style, arrogance. I don't need to do anything. Words I can say all the words and all the high. But the actions will take control, the money, the checks, the deals, the closings, the anything that you can say.

And that's what I want you to focus on. You're going to get negativity and that's OK. Family are just looking out for you. They don't mean anything by it. What your mindset is different to the W2 person, right? The person that needs to go and get a paycheck, because that's the way that they operate. That's their mindset. And what we're trying to do when you get into the real estate world to run your own business is your change in that. It's a big change because we've grown up potentially in the college in the cycle of jobs, and this is how we operate. And it's trying to break that. And I'm not knocking that because education's important. But don't not the family that's going to give you negativity. You take it on and say, I appreciate the feedback and you go and all in your head is going, well, I'll show you.

And guess what, guys? When you start getting results, what does that want to know? How did you do that? You're doing this. Can you teach me? And everyone will come around. Right. And it's just it's just the way the world works, unfortunately. All right. So you can do what I do. You need to get the right the right system, the right game plan and then execute it, keep it consistent. If you can collaborate, then you're going to get where you're going to go. All right. So twenty, twenty one is going to be your year. If you do these things, analyze yourself. And this is just one way. Maybe you've got it's another acquisition you need. Now, maybe you made a hundred thousand last year and you're killing yourself doing it and you need to start building that team out. OK, that's part of the plan. That's where you are now, where you want to go. You've got the gap that's missing. Now let's fill it. Let's make it happen to get from A to B. All right. So anyway, I appreciate it. Hopefully this helps make sure you, like, subscribe.

I'm going to be coming in pretty hot this year with content. I'm really trying to step it up. I'm going to try and do my best. So any review that you can give me any feedback you can give me, you can email and you can comment, and I know I ask this a lot, but people said, hey, can you do a realtor call? Hey, can you do a for sale by owner called? No problem. I did live, not texting, just calling. And obviously you don't know this. I don't call. And just like I haven't got time, I just call one and that's the call you get, boom. There we are. Regardless how it goes because it's all about being raw. I don't want it to look perfect because I'm just human just like you.

I don't need it going well. I hope that they scream, shout, go south, get under pressure. Because if you're seeing that with me, then it's a reality check for you. Oh yeah. OK, great. Like this is normal. I don't want to just give you every good call. Right. Or every good scenario. Every good deal that happened. I want to give you a bad deal. I want to give you a reality. Right. I mean we just got news yesterday is I'm recording this. We just had one in closing for forty thousand of my goal sideways. Right. That we're trying to pull out of ditch and everyone's going crazy. And we thought it was all in ready to buy. It was ready and now something's happened. And anyway, this is real estate. So we're not I'm very active in the market and doing deals, so I'm no different to you. OK, we're still in make it happen. We're still you know, that the team is working. We're still making it happen ourselves. So we're no different. But life can get easier if you have the right things in place.

And again, so hopefully that helps guys to make sure you give a like subscribe. Check out our new case study. One hundred percent free. It's super raw. I'm doing it on the fly. I've got meetings with the team. The VAs. And it's just literally just raw and hopefully you appreciate that. You know, I don't want to flavor it or I don't need a bunch of editing and I'm just like, hey, this is me day to day boom. Get it done, get them on. I'm traveling while I'm doing this. I'm in coffee shops here. I'm in this state. And it's just the way you just– done is the new perfect. OK, done is the new perfect. So anyway, happy New Year. Let's have a great twenty twenty one. I appreciate you all and I will talk to you soon. All right. Thanks.

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