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As you move into a new market, you’re building rapport and trust with local wholesalers, partners, and investors, so you’ve got to come through with what you promise. If you’re not good at follow up, you’re losing out on potentially tens of thousands of dollars. Gavin and his coaching client, Chris Arnold, are going to rewarm some cold leads from a CRM that Gavin stopped following up on to prove that not following up is costing you real cash.

Helping coaching clients put together, Gavin likes to focus on getting a system in place first. It doesn’t matter if you have a hundred leads because if your lead manager keeps dropping them, you’re just going to be wasting your money. Gavin and Chris have been working the kinks out of his team so that they can work seamlessly together to build that relationship with a seller and close the deal without a hitch.

If you’re ready to follow along with the No Dead Leads case study, you can follow the link to the raw material as we create it. This isn’t slick marketing on Gavin’s part; he wants to be real with you about the work that goes into creating a real estate business. There’s no secret to success in real estate because it’s all about creating systems that work and putting in the time to make offers, talk to sellers, and follow up.

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What’s inside:

  • How Gavin helps his coaching clients identify the weak link in their business system.
  • Gavin’s techniques for improving your cold calls no matter how confident (or not) you are on the phone.
  • As Chris has built his market out, he’s quickly learned that he must follow through with every single promise he makes.

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Gavin: Hey, guys, how are you doing? Welcome back. Another episode today, I have got an awesome guest who's actually been on before one of my coaching clients, Chris Arnold. Chris, how are you?

Chris: I am great. Thank you. Thanks for having me on, Gavin.

Gavin: Awesome. No, it's always good to have you on because we're going to deliver some awesome value, as usual. It's going to be real. You're doing deals. I'm doing deals. And we got some cool stuff that we're working on that we're going to share here in a minute just before we get started. Guys, if you're watching us on YouTube, OK, give us a like and subscribe. If you're watching on the podcast, make sure you do so as well. We're going to be consistently going into the New Year release episodes every week of good value and content. Also, if you haven't already, if you want a thousand free leads, go to batchleads.io/gavin. Batchleads.io/gavin. If you don't already have an account, go and check it out in a thousand free leads. That's one of my sources that I pull leads from. So go ahead and check that out. Right. Well, let's get straight into it. We've been working on something pretty cool here over the last couple of months, not talk too much about. And I want to cover today.

Gavin: We've been doing a little case study and we're going to talk about that. And we're going to that incorporate just real-life deals. What do we see in the market from both being virtual in Savannah. I work multiple markets. We've got, we just had a meeting and we've got actually in January to set about knock on wood, touch wood, whatever you people say. I want to say to each word you say, knock on wood, the same thing we've got one hundred and fifteen thousand should be closed in January. That's set as long as again, this is not in yet. So it's never until it's the bank and everything signed. But that's pretty exciting. We did have a couple that actually got pushed from December into that. But we're going to start the New Year strong. What we've been working on this case today and for you guys to get in this case today is going to be pretty cheap. I was going to do it free, Chris, but I think I might just charge five bucks or seven bucks. The reason being is it just stops thought the spam stuff come in and people that need to be in there anyway. So that's what I'm thinking of doing it. You can get this when it goes live. And hopefully when you're listening to this episode, it will be go to nodeadleads.com, nodeadleads.com.

Gavin: You're going to be able to get this and check it out. What we've been doing is we've been documenting as we go the process of going into a node market that I used to have that happen to be Chris's market. So I was like, hey, Chris, I've got this idea about maybe going looking at two years’ worth of old leads. We've not worked for two years. We're going to try and rewarm them all. I'm going to try and document can we do a deal from what's in there? There's like one hundred thirty-fold leads total. We don't want a deal from that. Originally we had and then I think we have like fifty one dead leads and then the rest from follow up. We haven't done any follow up two years of my dive back in that.

Gavin: And I said, right, we're going to go rewarm, bring them over to you and let's see what we can do. So in this case study, guys, we have been documented step by step from me in the initial call with the idea with Chris to the initial call, with telling my team what we're going to be doing. I've documented all this is all raw. There's no prerecording. We get on, we record and we give you a live update. So we're pretty awesome. So go and check it out. NoDeadLeads.com and let us know what you think. Anyway, enough from me, Chris. I know I've just waffled for a few minutes there on that, but I just wanted to get the download. So how are you doing?

Chris: I am doing great. Is waffled like a pro golf term or what?

Gavin: Waffling, means, you're just talking nonsense.

Chris: It's good content. A lot of information. I think that I think the main one of them your main takeaway is going to be the money's in the follow up. Right. And I think you are going to see that when you do give the final numbers for my piece and my experience going in and talking to these people after your team has tested and kind of warm that up. Hey, you still interested in selling? Are you still open? So I just call it it's really a blank slate when I call, hey, how about the property? And so they're always, for the most part, willing to talk about it, which is I think people don't understand that sometimes, like, hey, if they're willing to sell their property in the wrong, that means they're willing to talk to you. Sometimes they're rude and then they're like, hey, you know, it's not a big deal if you didn't want to sell, it's all good.

Chris: So but these calls are going to really good. People were interested in hearing what we had to offer. And so that's a good kind of not an angle, but a good way to build a little bit of rapport. Like tell me about the property. You know why you're interested in selling. So we're going to do an actual breakdown of the deals. But we did pull a contract out of what you guys sent me. Twenty-one leads. The contract, it's working right now, and so right now we're trying to get our contractors into the property and find out what's going on. So we'll report more on the case study. So to be continued.

Gavin: And yes, to be continued. And that's exactly right. So we have got a deal on the contract from probably this lead with one of the early leads that came in. I think I'm working on a couple more in there as well. So and these for two years have been saying they're not being followed. All me, my team, we haven't been doing it. We pulled from that market and wholesaler on the ground that I was working with. They had a baby. We just got away from it. Life happens just like it does everyone listening. And we're not sometimes we don't do everything perfect. But I was like, you know, you're in this market virtually from California. I'm virtual, let's see if there's anything in this. And when we started it, I mean, we had grown I mean, I didn't do this and got what we've got all this data. Let's now record all these sessions.

Gavin: I mean, I came to you and said this could just be like nothing. We might not get a thing. No one might, everyone might've already sold, but I was like, at least is going to be raw. And people are going to say it like I'm documenting how many sold from a retail standpoint, how many sold cash, how many told us they sold but didn't, and how many leads we still got that we're working to show that everything is in the follow up. Right. And to understand the if you want to profitable business, it comes over a period of time. When we had our last coach in caucus, I said I wish I could lie to people and say, oh, yeah, we closed like tons of deals off the fiscal balance. Yes, it doesn't happen. I wish it did OK, but it just isn't the way that it's done now, especially with so many people coming into real estate. You've got to have the best systems. You got to have the best follow up.

Gavin: And when you do, you will always win. For us on average, it's three to four months, up to six months depending on the market. Follow up to do a deal. Right. But if you consistently follow up from three to four months ago, you will consistently do deals and that's how you're going to then get up to them twos and threes and fours, fives plus every single month. So that's awesome. So we won't talk too much more about that because you just nailed it to be continued. But let's jump in. Let's talk about why we're here again, what we're all about giving value. Let's talk about what have you got going on? I share what we kind of got going on in closing. And what's the latest deal other than the one in the case study that you're kind of working?

Chris: Right. Thank you. So on the case study, well, we're going to get more on the case study later, but I do have another deal that I'm working on. So just to back up a little bit on my business, this New Orleans project is a small part of what we do. Right. And we're doing that together. But the rest of my daily operation is is focused on generating leads in Baton Rouge and New Orleans and calling the sellers. And so when I first came onto the program, I hit the ground hard. I hit it running, and we did a lot of marketing for the lower value contracts. So like one hundred and fifty and below, the pipeline filled up real fast with those fifties, 35K, 55K, 75K properties. And so those contracts came in a little bit quicker than normal, I think maybe because they were lower value, they were vacant and people weren't doing anything with them kind of thing. And so what I did after that.

Chris: So after sixty days in coaching with you, I saw my pipeline and saw this is the value of the deals. And so this is where we ended up making X amount of dollars. Right. And I think we did thirty-five hundred to 4K per contract net to the company. And so which is good. That's really good. And we had five of those quotes, so it was great.

Gavin: Just to jump in that that was your portion? Right. So you partner with other people, pay an acquisition, despo, all that. That was kind of your portion.

Chris: So yeah exactly. So really the average was eight to nine K. Yeah. So that was the gross that came on. So eight to nine K, so working with a partner and a team and making sure everybody makes their money and they get what they deserve. That's what we, that's what I personally was able to do. But I looked at that and said how can we fill our pipeline? And I talked to you about that a couple of times and we pulled different lists. We needed to pull higher value properties. And so we did that.

Chris: And so now our leads that are coming in are two hundred and fifty are two hundred K and above type properties. And so now those are the types of contracts coming in. We got one on Friday and it's great numbers. And so it was definitely took about a month to get the contract in from the first point of contact, right? Yes, I'm interested. Tell me more. So I had to build a relationship. The great thing I won't go into too much detail is I had a good background with this person. So he's a former retired officer in the military. And so I had military background plus he lives, one of the properties he lives in is where I went to a military school anyway. So we already had kind of that. I wanted to say, hey, where I used to go to school and so but it turned out they have a property in Baton Rouge that they go to once in a while, every few months, again up there in age. And so they were thinking about selling it. So it's just perfect timing. And so the ARV looks really good. It's developing in a really nice school district area of Baton Rouge, kind of the northern part of Baton Rouge, Zachary. And so we picked up that contract on Friday and we're working so much detail you want me to go into.

Gavin: No, that's great. I think it's good. I mean, let me just pull a part of what you said. Just for people less than is building rapport. Right. Using situations in your life that's going to be then that people can relate to. I think it's important. Again, the military back on you. You were probably excited to speak to him because of his situation, regardless of the outcome. Right. And that's going to show because you did go to school, you did do some things and that's probably you hit it off straight away. And that's just utilizing every tool in the toolbox to to build that rapport. Again, every cell that we talk to in our market is not going to be ready to do a deal today. And that's fine. But when it becomes it, they do want to do a deal. It needs to be with us if they sign with somebody else. We did not do our job. That's it. That's the way that we analyze our market to say, well, where did this go wrong? Why did someone else get it? And we didn't. And it's not always trust me on this. Anyone listen, it's not always money.

Gavin: People think it's money from one payment. It isn't. I have got contracts before. My team still gets contracts today where they will take less money to work with us because we have the ripple because we're being real. We're not going to contract something. OK, that is fifty sixty thousand dollars over knowing we can't move it and waste everyone's time. We'll hold the number to say if this works, I in the condition we can move it. At this level we're confident. So we want to just go in just to get a contract. We'll just be honest and say we're not going to do that because we don't think it's going to we're going to be able to move it. So I think building that rapport is super key. What you've just talked about, having that relationship. And I think the good thing is, is, you know, I like to get you on is that you're doing this virtual and also you understand that you've got to work the process, which is why you get results.

Gavin: So your next step, as we've talked, is, is to get these little rolls done by multiple people with you all starting to do. But you're also seeing that you're only as good as your team. Right. And sometimes when people don't pick up them right positions and don't perform, business can go down and you've got to get back in the seat and get it right. And I think you've had a bit of that right. You have the success early and then you kind of leveled out because you're focused on multiple things in the business and you put people in place that wasn't, not quite up to par at all. The right word it is, but wasn't delivering what you needed. And then you have to get back in and then it picks back up. All right. Keeping the consistency.

Chris: Yeah. So they weren't a good fit for sure. So what I did exactly is we've got to lead manager and you and I talked about it. His position was a bit redundant because when leads come in, I'm the person that calls immediately. So when a lead comes in and they want an offer, even though they just spoke to one of my reps, I still call and introduce myself to really build rapport. And so that was a piece that I was missing. And now I remember consistently is that people need rapport, they need to know you. They need to know what's going on. So a lot of people say, who are you? Why are you calling me? And we're calling to put an offer on a property if you want to sell. And they're like, Yeah, but who are you? So a lot of times what I remember getting a lead manager is he kind of wasn't building that rapport.

Chris: Also, there's things that you can pick up on that maybe they weren't picking up on this from a trained ear of talking and building rapport so you can tell if you have something or not. And that's what's happening. And so my lead manager who did technically did do a good job, he moved the leads along. But what I did is I ended up going back in the system and kind of following up with a ton of the leads and missed three contracts. Yeah, just based on me not following up. Right. Or they didn't alert me to this lead or their circumstances or whatever. So my fault. I'm accountable. I'm responsible. It's all mine. And so I spoke to two people within the last month that said, well, I went with someone else. You guys were supposed to get back to me with this offer. And the counteroffer was only like five grand more so it could have happened and then we didn't do it, right?

Gavin: Absolutely. If it's close, contract it. But I think that and when I knew what was happening and this broke in that system, the lead manager is very important. We got him on the wrong side of you. Right. The lead manager should come in after you. OK, so that when anyone is bringing in a call like a proactive lead, which is normally like a text or a call poll, that lead comes in. The next person is crucial. The next person is the. One, that the acquisition, the sales person, that that person to build that rapport is next up. And then from then, you can have a lead manager making sure that you or your sales or acquisition is staying on top of them leads right over the fact that they were bringing it in. And I understand what you tried to do was to say, well, sometimes it feels like it's a redundant position. They want to much money. Why am I going to call them? I don't need to call them right now. I'm going to get this person to call them.

Gavin: The problem is, is that you've missed that rapport to get them down the line when they will become motivated. So it is, in fact, really important to talk to them leads to get in, build some rapport, get them on the follow up. So then you're in and then anyone else can be positioned. So let's say you have that person back in after the call. Let's just say his name was Jeff. You could position to the seller. Hey, I worked with Jeff. You know, he's my assistant or he's one of my callers. He might follow with you as well just to check in, see how you doing? Jane did. So when you then Jeff gets on the phone, Jeff can say, hey, he's going to Chris. And then I remember this kind of chemistry that you have within the team. So a lot of it's all about positioning when you do that, taking good notes.

Gavin: Well, since you've made that change, obviously you've got things kind of back consistent. Again, going into the higher end stuff that we talked about, which I only normally do with people, then start to gain traction experience. Right. If you would have said, well, I didn't do it for this reason. I've never done the deal on brand name going virtual. I'm going to say let's go after four hundred-thousand-dollar houses now. But now you've done deals. Absolutely. I'd even have told you this if you wanted to go to San Fran to try and block deals out there. And no problem because you understand now what it takes to be able to do that.

Chris: Yeah, we got some wins under my belt, right. So I have something and a lot of knowledge from because once the contract comes in, that's really when the work begins. Right. So, I mean, you can get a lot of work to get that contract in, but now you have a disposition that goes into that. So that's really in fact, that's the second month as I spent on closing. So we brought in the contracts and now we're like, OK, we're going to close them. Yes, let's move those along. Yes, we need more coming in.

Gavin: So, yeah. And we have them conversations early because you killed when you go like twelve contracts in thirty-six days or something, you close five or six of them. Yeah. And I was like, okay, we've got to get moving on like no more contract.

Gavin: Like we haven't not built with system yet to handle the closing because everyone thinks we laugh and take it for granted. But people will do that and not deal. I'm going to fly right now. It's you contract and you say, can you help me move them? He's had them for three weeks. And what have you been doing? Well, then, folks, we've got to get these things move like you need to be on it because again, people think I've got forty-five days, so they kick around for a couple of weeks before you know it. We've got ten days left, seven days to get a buyer in. Unless it's a hell of a deal, you got to renegotiate. You've held the contract too long, so we've got to get on that.

Gavin: And that's how you start chipping away at these systems as you build. Because I've been in exactly the same position as obviously you was in maybe a little different because I used to partner with people and do all the acquisition and the phone work side and get them to move the deal and hand them off. And you've go them, you've got some great teams now on the ground to be able to expand this, that you guys are working well, got great chemistry together. And once you have that, it's kind of like a dream because then you can really start cranking these things out to get a consistent multiple deals every month.

Chris: Yeah, you know, the main thing when I first came into my virtual market was people don't take you seriously. At first I thought, oh, I've heard it before. You know, you're going to come in and you're going to bring me some contracts. And this is dispositioned this is the wholesaler, my partner, who is excellent, who's in the market doing deals from A to Z. So he does his own acquisitions at least before and now disposition his own deals. And so at first he is like, yeah, yeah, I've heard it before. Right. And he reached out to me. I put an ad on Craigslist and he reached out to me. And then because I needed wholesaler partner in the market as I'm in California. And so he's one of the one of four people that I spoke to and the same thing. So they weren't able to deliver. He was able to deliver. I was able to deliver. And so we kind of were in sync.

Chris: That was there's a lot of peer pressure there to make sure that I performed because I said, hey, I want to bring in X amount of contracts this month, so you're going to get busy. So I just I kept say that and so I had to keep delivering on that. So it's kind of like my own internal accountability and peer pressure through that process. Why? It's like if I don't make it, if I don't do what I say I'm going to do in this virtual market, then I'm not going to really get it right. And it turns out a lot of people I'm dealing with, they all know each other. It's a small it's like two hundred and fifty thousand two hundred and fifty thousand people population. But it's the state capital. It's a school, a college town. So it's like all of the above. All the realtors, investors for the most part. It's a small area so they all know each other.

Gavin: Especially people doing deals, the real estate worlds very cliquey Right. And I'm not a cliquey person. I would welcome if you've never done a deal, I'll give you the time of day. I'm not. You could have been rich. You're broke. You've done deals. You have done whatever. I'll give you my time. But a lot of people, unfortunately, won't, right. And to break into these markets. You do have to deliver this only so much you can give. And I've done a lot of B.S. in my time. I really have to get me into positions, but then you have to deliver on them. And then only talk's cheap, right? You can give it the big one. Now you got to deliver on it. You've created the opportunity. Now let's deliver on it. And I just did I was talking to another client, Chris, about this actually on the last episode about you turn the opportunity down. Right. I turn a lot of opportunity down that comes my way if I can't deliver on it.

Gavin: And that's if people bring me deals. If people want to go into a new market, if it's in the info, the coach in some of the high, people would be surprised. I'm not going to throw names out, but I'm thankful I got a lot of people on the high side that people would know in the industry that come in and say, hey, can we work together? Can we do some deals together? And if I don't have the bandwidth or the vision for it, I'm not doing it. And I'll tell now I'm not doing it because I can't deliver on it. I'm not going to go. He wants to work with me. I'm in. Let's do this. And then I can't deliver it fast if I think I'm already stretched. And what happens is, is by being honest about that, I'm not losing the opportunity, but I'm also just building more rapport with them to say, look, I'm not ready to take this opportunity as great as it is, but when I am ready, I'll come back. If you want to do it, we'll do it. But at least they'll know that I'm serious when I come back. Right. And I'm ready to go.

Chris: Exactly. Because you don't deliver right over and do exactly what you said you're going to do early on when because we're getting traction in business, but also in popularity and working with you. Everyone asked me who my coach was because of how well we were doing with our contracts and our systems and all that stuff. And obviously I gladly told them I'm a self-made man. I don't have a coach now. I'm just kidding. I did that and they all wanted to work with me. And I said, I'm really focused on building my market out right now. And once I have that fine-tuned with my awesome coach, Gavin Timms of REI network, then then we can talk. And so I think and then there were some local here, there are some larger investors. They're like, hey, can you do what you're doing there, here? And so I had to put it and put it on pause because I want this to work. What we're doing now that I see that it works, we need to increase it. And then I can start and we're in line with what you're doing.

Gavin: Exactly. And to my point of doing that. Right, because you could go and do it through what we do, we go and open up more markets for it comes into what you want to do, what is your vision and what are you trying to create and then deliver it because you have this opportunity. And if you can't deliver, it doesn't work. And I think it's super important. It goes a long way because we are in a small space with your with your investors and everything. So, no, I think I think people are going to understand that and respect that. And hopefully they do get like I don't get it now. But back in the day when I was working with Joe early, like years, five years ago, people like you worked with Joe. How did you get that? Joe didn't knock on my door and say, hey, do you want to work together? Of course not. I created it.

Gavin: Yeah, absolutely. We laughed about it and I create the opportunity. I came up with the whole plan. I talked my way into it. Now I'm going to deliver on it, but don't deliver, it won't work. Obviously delivered because we all obviously I do a lot of separate stuff from Joe, so do a lot of stuff together as well. But then things that we've grown, we've ten times a business and what we do. But you've got to deliver on it. And I think that goes for anything. As long as you can bring solutions then you can create. And it's just like going into a market. I teach you, you go into virtual market, you going to work with the wholesaler. You've got to dominate our conversation. You've got to be confident in what you're doing. You don't have to lie the difference when they go before. You need to have an air of confidence about you going, yeah, I know we've all heard it before. And I used to spin it when I used to go in the market. And then and again, me being me, it's all about they're interviewing me. I'm interviewing you so and I do it with buyers. Right. When buyers say, oh yeah, you wholesalers, when you build the buyers' list. Oh you wholesaler's you know, you don't know what you're doing. You do this say you know if let's say you were a buyer.

Gavin: You know what, Chris, I have the same thing about buyers you've all got this money and you can all close. The facts of the matter is you've got no money, you can't close nothing. Are you one of them? And then they're like, no I can close. Or I can find you deals. So what do you want to do? And then all of a sudden now we've changed our tone. We're back on and we can actually have this conversation. Right? So just because the buyer thinks it's the same. Right, I want them to close. Can you close? So as much as they can come with me, I've got enough to go back at them to say, all right, we know we got the number right and then we can have a normal conversation. Same with wholesaling. If I'm going to open a new market, I want to go to Michigan to start looking for wholesalers and they're like, oh yeah you can do this and do that. How do I know that you're going to work these leads? You can work. You know, how do I know that you're good? How do I know that you're actually going to work these leads and do these things? You say the right way to do it. And we've both got to deliver. And that's in the conversation. I'll focus on delivering the leads consistently with this, this, this. You make sure you're working. And if we both do this, then we're going to be both be successful.

Chris: And I think that's the main thing, too, is when someone is coming on or even starting in real estate, it's your timid because you don't speak the language right. So to come with not a false bravado, but a sense of confidence like, hey, I'm going to do this, that's what I think was the difference when I went virtuous. I'm like, no, this is happening. And so every day when I got up, I'm like this, I'll stop. And even when you propose the case study, I'm like, I'm going to have to deliver. I got a call. I better get a contract. Like something better happen as in my value. I need to show my value or my part of this needs.

Gavin: Yeah, that's a great that's a great point because I was honest, I said I've got these hundred and thirty some leads and I was honest with you. I don't know if we're going to have to get a lead. Like I'm coming in with we ain't called these for two years. This is the situation. But the ones we come in, can you call them if we got them in you like. Yeah. We're both on understanding now. I'm more confident with I can lead gen all day and I'm. But with these two. Yeah. I mean everything could have sold. We just didn't know all the numbers be wrong. Obviously the averages is telling you no. That isn't going to be the case. But I didn't say, hey, Chris, I've got some super hot leads over there in your market. We're going to rewarm so you can close them like that's what people would do in our industry.

Gavin: And that's sometimes the nonsense that you're going to have. Now, these are two years out of not doing my job. We've never followed up. They're all old. We're going to call them, see if we can do anything until I. Absolutely. So here we are. So, yes, a great, great point. So. Well, good. I think it's been really good. I think it's been helpful to have guys finish you, Chris, here in a second, but No Dead Leads. Come check it out. When this comes out, we'll have this live. Make sure you sign up and give us some feedback. It's raw. This isn't, this is raw. Real. I'm doing I've done some recordings. Obviously, we've done this. I've been in coffee shops. I've been at the RV. I've been traveling. We've been making it happen and getting it done. You'll see me interacting with the team with Chris. So go and check it out. So before we are done, Chris, any anything else, anything else you've got, you want to say, well, we're good.

Chris: Just real quick, make the calls, man. I know it's tough and I know people get scared and intimidated and even I feel like I'm pretty good on the phone and I get intimidated. I posted, I think on Friday my numbers or Thursday or Wednesday, last week in our Facebook group of eleven calls, six sellers and four offers. And that was an hour and a half, two hours. And once I got into it on that third, fourth call and like, OK, this is yep, I'm good. And then you just go starting that, you build all this up, you just dial wildly and start calling and talking. It's all good. So anyway, yeah, cause I know it's scary sometimes, but it ends up, you know, you figure out things you didn't know, we're going to happen. One deal turned into three deals on one call. So we have three possible.

Gavin: Absolutely. You've just got to be in it to win it, you know, and momentum is a huge lead. And I just did a good live call, actually. Guys should go check it out, a for sale by owner call I just released on YouTube, go and have a listen. And it's important, Chris, because momentum is everything, right? Call one is always going to be a bit shaky. Call to call, three or four or five. It all gets easier. Right. And you just having conversations in coal, you're looking to buy something. And then if you can solve the problem, I just think people try to think they need to know everything they don't. You just need to know enough. If you can engage and ask questions, that's enough to get by for you to gather information, get this information and then have a quick look at the comps, get an offer out and then you get faster and faster at it.

Gavin: If I got no interest, I'm comping within three minutes or less, the offer's out. I'm not. If they're not giving me time today, then my office doesn't get time a day, right? If they're serious and we've got some motivation to look at it more closely. Otherwise get an offer out and go on to the next column. Call them back. Shadowing situations? So awesome. Chris, I'm excited to be continued on this case, so hopefully we can get a win from this and in such a short time as well. I remember all the money's in in the follow. The money's sitting in your CRM. And I believe I have a million over a million dollars in my CRM right now with lead in that. But we're not going to it fast enough. And if you keep chipping away, things are going to happen. You'll change, lives will change and be in it to win it. So I appreciate you, but I'll see you soon. Thanks. Bye.

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