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As a coach, Gavin is pretty focused on getting his coaching clients set up with a system that will help them build the real estate business that supports their dreams. But sometimes his clients run up against real life, and they need to do some adjusting.

Nolan shot Gavin a text about a problem that might sound amazing to some of you; he was completely overwhelmed with how many leads he had. Gavin always has his students focus on marketing, talking to sellers, making offers, and following up. And because, like me, he really believes the money is in the follow-up, he helps his students create a system that guarantees that no lead will fall through the cracks.

But once Nolan got behind on his follow-ups, he found he couldn’t keep up on his fresh leads either. Pretty quickly, the overwhelm can start to kick in as ten leads become twenty and then forty. So he sat down with Gavin to figure out a new plan of action.

Look, there is no right or wrong way to build a system. The goal is to build a system that works for you. What you bring to the table is a hunger for taking action, and coaches like Gavin can always help you create a system that takes into account what you have time for and what you’re good at. Take action together today and connect with Gavin!

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What’s inside:

  • Bringing on a partner will require careful consideration as you balance both of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Outsource your weakness by hiring VAs or an acquisition manager.
  • Building that lead pipeline is a long-term project that will require careful planning and patience on your part.

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Gavin: Hey, guys, how are you doing? Gavin Timms with REI Network. Welcome back for another episode. Just before I introduce my guests real quick, we have a giveaway. It's not really a giveaway. It's something that I've linked with back home where you actually got a thousand free leads. If you go to batchleads.io/gavin. Batchleads.io/gavin, you'll get a thousand downloaded records for free if you're not already using that service. So check it out. Go and get your thousand free as soon as you can. I think you got a seven-day trial so you can cancel and accept that the leads are 100% free. So go and check that out.

Gavin: Also, just for if you're watching on YouTube or the podcast, make sure you like and subscribe. That would be awesome. I really appreciate that. OK, so I have just been doing a coaching call. I introduce Nolan. Nolan, how are you?

Nolan: Well, Gavin, thank you. How are you doing?

Gavin: Yeah, good. Good. So Nolan's actually one of my clients and we just had a coaching call. I was like, you know what, let's talk about this on the quick podcast. Going to keep it short and to the point. But I think it's interesting for people to hear how life can change, how plans can change. Right. And I thought that's why I wanted to get you on Olin and talk about the coaching call we've just had and this about how we're going to make things differently moving forward. So we've been working together for a few months. When you came on, it was you had a plan that you were going to be working this business, right? You were going to be hitting the phone. So we got some leads coming in. We set some systems up. And what was happening was that he wasn't able to focus on the leads because you kind of had too many coming in. That kind of what was would you say was?

Nolan: It was it was there was too many leads coming in daily. I was starting to feel overwhelmed. I was starting to put things on the back and I'll do it tomorrow. And then tomorrow ended up being next week and the weeks go by then the league's no longer hot anymore. So I noticed that was happening quite a bit. I wanted to get in front of it as soon as possible.

Gavin: Yeah, absolutely. And also, as you know, my teachings are very big on the process. Right? The system will do one side. The system will bring in marked and bring in leads. OK, we then got to work, right? We talk about them. Four key things of marketing, talking to seller, making offers and then following up. So once they're in that, we've got to work that process to be able to get deals. And that's kind of where. Well, our original plan was, is that you were going to focus in some areas, but you identified yourself that I can't do that. You're working all right. You got a new job and that was taking your time. And I'm big Olin. Well, we've got to make changes that right. We've got to make changes to extend things. Some jobs aren't going to be done, though. They need to be done by someone, which is kind of why we got on this call today and we've kind of restructured what we're doing here. You're actually going to be doing one of my kind of models where you're going to be doing not relying on you to just take them call. So just tell us about how the cold weather today, kind of what the game plan is moving forward.

Nolan: So pretty much what we were discussing today is that we're going to try to get someone in here or get another piece of the pie in here that can kind of field the calls where they're kind of like the acquisitions person taking my place. I'm going to be the person overseeing the lead generation and the follow ups and things like that. It may be a little bit of both, but I noticed real early on I was really excited the leads were coming in. We were getting like maybe ten leads a day and, you know, getting on the phone with those people and then having to follow up with those people. I noticed right away that it was going to take a lot of my time. It wasn't something that I enjoyed a lot. You know, I like talking to people, but I started to feel like another job. So that's why we on this call. So, yeah, that's pretty much the plan of action right now. We're going to go a little bit and we're going to do like fifteen hundred to two twenty-five hundred to start off with. We're going to kind of test the market and then kind of see where we can go from there, you know, come up with the next plan of action from there.

Gavin: Yeah, absolutely. So just what Nolan was saying that within fifteen hundred two thousand I always like to adopt this model where we're bringing someone else into it, making out. We're making sure that partner works is that we have like samples. What I call is a sample. Right. What we're looking at is that we need the foundation built early on and we should be able to see this within the first four to six weeks with bringing in a partner and to make sure that you're gelling together, that they're doing what you need them to do, you're doing what they need and that works. Once that's working, you can then start to develop back to more lead generation. Right. When you have that system in as much as they can handle, you can deliver, but you never want to go in. This guy's running on less than that. You never actually want to go all in and start doing like ten thousand leads in one market. And then it didn't work after a week. Now you've got all this expense in that. So you always want to start off small. You can never take away. You can always at all. That's how I like to think about it. So. Yeah, so.

Gavin: Just so what Nolan said as well, another good point is that when you've got 10 leads, they might not be 10 new leads a day, but them two, three, four leads a day coming in consistently add up. If you didn't reach them, it goes to six the next day. Plus, after 30 days, you're follow up kicks in and now you have 10 sellers a day that you need to speak to and then you don't speak to them. And then it's 20. You can see how they overwhelm can kick in if you get behind. Right. And it's good because sometimes we act have these honest conversations, right. Where you said, I don't want to talk to people all day about this, you know, which is good. But it's good to identify this because originally the plan was you wanted to talk to these people. You all go in and it's not the fact of your not willing to do it. OK, well, if you don't like doing something, you're never going to perform to the fullest. That makes sense. Right. And there's no point just saying we're trying to do different things by getting the same outcome of it's not happening.

Gavin: We talked about someone else that we know that went into another coaching program, spent another twenty thousand. But the problem is with them. Until you change yourself and you understand where you fit in a business, don't keep chasing the dream. She's wasted money. You know, one of the things and this is an alarming anyone watching this is an arrogance. But when I'm always big on, go and get more coaching, go and get more mentors, go and build. But you have to be making money to be doing that. Right. So I don't think my change in that's going to be the answer, because often what happens is, is that it's is yourself that needs to change. So what I tell everyone that works with me is that if you can't do deals with me, I'm confident because of my access that people have. If you can't do deals with me, I don't think you go into another person is going to give you the answer. It's just going to cost you more money right now. If you're making money with me and you want to expand or you want to bring in another strategy, I I'm all for that.

Gavin: But if you've never done a deal, don't keep hopping because that's how you just get in more debt and you don't make it happen. Right. And that's why I'm glad we have this conversation, because the plans changed for the better. So what we're going to be doing is knowledge from someone on the ground. All right. It's going to be filled in these calls with you, assistant. We're going to build this and we're going to get that pipeline consistently going in. If they're working and keeping up their end, then we can you can start to expand that. And we to some real estate numbers. No, and I was saying here that within 90 days to start seeing a result and then to really get this going, probably six months to start seeing multiple deals a month. OK, and as I always tell everyone, you're only as good as your team, right. So we know what we're in for by doing this. OK, so you're only as good as the guy on the ground or his willingness is he wants to be good by doing the things that he needs to do to get results. So, yeah. So anything else? I mean, what else did we cover or how you feel about it?

Nolan: I'm feeling really good about it, real confident about it. I know what I'm able to bring to the table as far as speaking to sellers each day. So I'm hoping that whatever I can do, I can rub off on him, whatever he can bring to the table. We can kind of gel together and make it happen because I really do want to make it work. And I just knew right away that the route that I was going, I didn't really see the end of the tunnel, you know, making all these calls every day and still having my nine to five. I just didn't see it being realistic, grateful for you guys having to, you know, have me on here and we kind of recourse things and kind of figure out what it is that needs to happen. So I can, you know, boom, this market man. I know I'm in a hot market. I need to go up. So I'm grateful for that. But other than that, I feel real good about it moving forward. I'm willing to do that whenever we can get started. I know we're not going to start until maybe early January. I think you're saying 2021. Yeah. Which is a great idea for me to get. Gets me to focus. All the holiday stuff will be out the way, you know. So yeah, I'm looking forward to it and I'm hoping that we have a lot more calls like this where we can talk more, you know, see the progress for folks that are watching.

Gavin: Yeah, absolutely. We definitely do. We want to get you back home to see where you're at with this new Modocs. The first one wasn't working due to the things that we just talked about. And that doesn't mean that the system's broken up leads and consistent leads. Yeah.

Nolan: Tracks and all of that stuff. You know, it works. Don't get don't get me wrong, I wasn't happy. I wasn't. I knew I wasn't giving one hundred and ten percent. I'm one of those guys that are like I'm not like a perfectionist, but like I want to be able to leave my work behind. And they say, you know who did this? Like, they're asking who did it like. So I'm real prideful in that stuff. And I just noticed right away, even though we're getting contracts for doing deals, I just didn't see it happening long term. So I just feel I felt like we needed to change something right away.

Gavin: Yeah, no, that's great. And I think that's good for anyone, you know, listening to this. I want them to really analyze the self, right. To do what you did because you contacted me and say like you didn't say you wasn't happy. Hey, can we talk because. You are doing some deals, you have got leads this working in the way that we put it together, but you're not happy with the position you're in the business, that it's coming down to you and we need to make them change it. So that's kind of what we've done. This is exactly one of my models that we went over kind of showed you or told you about exactly how it works with me. And you're going to go ahead and adopt that and do it with watching who we're going to be partnering with and how to kind of watch for certain things that they're doing to make sure we're a good fit. And if not, then we need to obviously find that next person without spending obviously too much money. And once you get this going, you're going to see the power of it.

Gavin: And believe me, that people need you just because you have the system, you have the leads. People cannot do that. People can't generate they love talking to people, driving around in their, you know, the trucks or whatever currency and sellers, whatever they do. And you just need to make sure that you're coming together with that right person. Right. You don't want to take two people with money and put them together. You never want to take two people with time and put them together. You need the person with the money. The system get right in the leads when the other one that has the time, when you stick them together, you'll see greatness. And that's what our plan is for you. So it's going to be interesting. We're going to check back in the next few months to see to see if this person, what we have to change, you know, give reality checks here. And I think it's good.

Gavin: And again, people are going to get a lot from this because they're going to hopefully look at themselves and say, you know, I'm in the same boat. I'm working too hard. Right. I'm building I'm trying to work the market and I'm trying to do all this and try and do all that. And I can't do it all on my own. And that's why things have to change with a system. We have a marketing system, but then we have the system throughout the whole business as well by putting people in place. So now I appreciate it. That's awesome.

Nolan: I'm super intrigued to get started, man. I can't wait. That was funny. I did just randomly text. I don't know what came over me. I remember it was something I watched from you or something that I was like, man, I got to reach out again because I'm seeing folks doing this and that. And I know that they're not happy doing it. And I know there's a way to do deals. And I don't have to be doing, you know, spending ten hours a day. You know, speaking of folks, I want to be able to be efficient in and out, you know, hands off on a business. I know I need to work at it. I know I need to build it up. Yeah. Yeah. Grateful man. I appreciate it now.

Gavin:  Awesome. Yeah. You're going to be working on the business and not in it. So it's going to say we're going to see what we can do here and see what we can make happen for sure.

Nolan: Man so awesome.

Gavin: And guys, if you need any, if you're looking to get any system set up, we're offering something right now. If you go to I need systems dot com, I need systems dot com, go and apply that we can chat if you think it's for you. And if not, I'm sure you got something from this episode. I always like to do real things with real people that do doing this business know the hi. This is a small business but it is very, very rewarding at the same time. And if you can get the right balance to kind of see your lifestyle and what you need, and that's always going to change your proof of all goals. You know, a few months ago, goals now and now different. So we have to make changes to make it happen. And that's what we're doing.

Nolan: 2021 full steam.

Gavin: Oh, big year. All right. But I appreciate you. Thank you for doing this. Yeah. We will see you. Well, I'll talk to you soon and we'll go from there.

Nolan: Sure. We're on. So Gavin, thanks ya'll. And whoever is watching this, Gavin, definitely a great mentor, very patient with me. You know, I've never not come to Gavin and he hasn't had an answer for me. You know, he always has the answers. So I'm just following in his grace right now. You know, he's our fearless leader right now.

Gavin: So appreciate it. I appreciate you having me on. Thank you, sir. I appreciate you. All right. But I have a good one, guys. We'll talk to you soon. Bye bye. Bye.

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