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After getting off a coaching call about how to succeed in real estate, Gavin wanted to take a minute and address one of the major obstacles that he sees real estate investors running into. He’s seen semi-professional golfers on tour who could go completely pro, but they’re not out there signing big contracts. And it’s for the same reason that real estate investors are just piddling doing mediocre deals.

You’ve got to get your mindset in the right place. Why, when you’re being told to take massive action, are you still holding back? It’s because your self-belief is holding you back.

In your life, you’re constantly meeting people who can’t get out of their own way:

  • The accountant that can’t get past the perfect offer.
  • The lawyer that’s obsessed with the paperwork.
  • The engineer who over analyzes everything.

You can’t be these people if you want to succeed. Gavin and I talk a lot about the core essentials of real estate, but sometimes investors want to skip over these three strategies. But I want you to listen to what Gavin shares here because this is important: a new course is not going to fix your inaction.

Do you need a coach to help you set up your real estate investing business? Do you want a mentor that will help you get your mind right? Connect with Gavin on his website. Start taking massive action today.

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What’s inside:

  • How the five people surrounding you are going to impact you.
  • Mentors and coaches can see what stalls your progress and help you move through those barriers.
  • The ways that mindset will affect professional athletes, singers, and real estate investors like yourself.

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Hey, guys, how are you doing, Gavin Timms with REI network. How's it going? We're back, obviously with another episode and super excited about it just before we get started. Remember, if you do like this, give us a like subscribe to the YouTube channel and the podcast if that's why you're listen and feel free to share any of the videos as well. I want to get as many people watching these as I can, and that's kind of what drives me and keeps me going. So I appreciate that.

What I want to talk about today is a question that I got last night on a coaching call, and I thought what a great question, which was basically what stands in the way of success for a real estate investor? OK, so what is the main thing that I see with coaching clients and the people that I work with? I thought, you know what, to think about it for a second and I'm going to tell you what I answered. And then I thought more about it since then. And what my first initial answer was when I got asked this live was probably taking action. Right. One of the biggest things in this business, the difference with the people that make it, do deals consistently, do deals, all comes down to taking massive action. And we talk about that. Right.

Everyone says it, every guru, every coach they want doing deals, just take massive action. And I kind of jumped on the bandwagon as well and kind of went with that answer because, again, that was the first thing that came to me. But I thought I think there's so much more to it than that. Right. And which leads us into mindset because, you know, it's not like, you know, oh, someone just said, take action, OK? Don't want to take action now. And that's just solved everything. That one thing. Right. You have to look at why and break down why you're not taking action. That's the key.

The key is why when you're being told to take massive action, when you're being told not to overthink and just do right. But you're not doing it right. Which leads to the mindset, something in your mind. Remember 80 percent of what we do, not just in real estate or in business, but in life is mindset. The things that you achieve, the athletes at the top level is down to mindset. How many people do you not want to sports level or maybe actors or whatever that you've seen that are so talented, but they never made it right. But you've seen them and they're fantastic. Being in golf, I've played with some of the best images, the best professionals in the world when you're playing with them like this is ridiculous. How are you not on tour? How are not doing these things? And it comes down to mindset, right. Self-belief. Did they believe themselves that they can take it to the next level?

And do you believe in yourself, OK, to take it to that first deal, to take it to multiple deals a month, to be able to scale, to be able to do deals virtually, to be able to work in multiple markets from anywhere? Do you actually believe that you can do it because self-belief is where it needs to be? You can take all the hype and the noise, right. And the rah rah all you want, but it's what's going on in your mind, whether you're actually going to make it or not. Right. And that's the thing that you need to work on. And this needs to be worked on on a on a day-to-day basis. Right.

And it's going to take a long time to change this thought process. I'm not just saying that you're going to read one book and that's going to change everything. OK, you've read you've watched one motivational video and now you're going to take over the world. I'm not saying that. I'm talking about day-to-day things. Right, of focusing on this. Right. Reading, if you're a reader, listening to audio books, OK, doing ten minutes a day on this every day consistently is going to change the habit. Remember, we've talked before about creating habits and there's nothing different with the mindset. Right. It begins with the mind set before you open the course, before you watch module one, before you buy the next product that you think is going to be the answer. And the problem is it's not the answer because your mindset isn't right to allow it to be the answer. Right.

And this is probably the most common thing with that. I see the people that are successful and not successful in business. Is that their mindset when they're telling me this is what's going to happen, this is what I'm going to achieve? And they one hundred percent believe it, not just speak in the words, but internally, the self-belief to say, no, this is on. That's when I see the most success, because now they're just going to take that action. So it comes back taking massive action, but they're in the right headspace to be able to take the action. Right. And that is where you need to work on and get to. So you can go and buy your lease option calls, your wholesale calls, your virtual course, your sub tos, your owner finance.

And if you're just scrambling for your first deal, don't think with that call they're all brilliant courses. They're all fantastic information. Right. Some of the best of the best is in the United States teaching this stuff. But if your mindset is not right, you still won't do a deal. OK, and that is really where you need to work on to be able to get your mind right, to be able to then listen and go take massive action. Don't overthink it. And a lot of it comes down to the jobs that you're already into. When I work with a one-to-one client and I find out about them and I analyze them as people and what they've kind of been through, what they're going through, what do they do it then make sense. The type of person then that you're going to get a phone person is that they're going to over analyze an engineer and overanalyze everything. Is an accountant that can't get past the perfect offer, right? Is it the attorney that will look at the paperwork before he's even centerpiece of marketing?

Because what happens is, is that them traits that they've got right in their job and they're the due diligence that they have to do, they naturally bring it into real estate. And I think that's where you need to change. You need to say, you know what, I know this is what how I do it, but I want to do it the way that the investors do it, that make money. And I think they all come into line with taking action, not overthinking it. Right. But again, to get there, you have to have the right mindset. So that's what I want you to kind of start thinking about, is your listening. Right? And then we can go into the we can go as deep as you want with the why when this gets tough, what's going to keep you going? What is your why? What is the core thing when this gets hard? This is real estate investing, right? This is not easy. This is one of the biggest, most profitable businesses in the world. All right.

And you want to get amongst it, right? What are you doing? Are you willing to do the things that's going to get you the results? Right. Are you willing to go into the trenches? We can talk systems all you want. They still need an operator. Right? So you still need to show up. Right. And it starts with that shower. Show up, do your best. Try your best focus on today. Focus on your activities. That's going to get you the outcome. We did an episode on this. Right? Stop thinking about doing a deal in thirty days. You have to do a deal in thirty days your mind set. Your thought process is all about just doing a deal. In thirty days you are focusing on the steps to get the deal. Does that make sense?

You need to show up and go, what have I got to do today? These are things by doing these things and these activities will lead to you actually doing the deal right. Or doing several deals or scaling another episode. We just talked by scaling you call scale. If you're in the trenches right to scale, you need to be working on the business, not in the business to truly scale. So all these things, you need to have plans in place, but it comes down to taking massive action. Before we talk to scale, we're going to be doing deals consistently one week or one month, one every three months to start with just doing your first deal, depending on where you're at. And then you need to get that consistency. We're only going to take that by getting massive action right on the call yesterday as well. We have this exact problem. Someone wants to make their first lease option offer and the stressed out about it.

And can we look at the numbers? No problem. So we start engaging on this call. And what we found out is that we don't have any situation really to be making this offer. And it's not warrants in our time that we are now discussing live on a coaching call that you've been thinking about today to make this offer. And we don't even know that the seller even wants to do a rent to own yet because we've jumped the gun in your head. You've created the scenario of, oh, yeah, they want to do this. And if I can offer this and offer that, then we're going to be able to to do this. And you've just created it. You didn't get that from the seller in your head. You've created this. Oh, perfect world. Right.

But it comes from the seller. So you need to retrain and go. When we get a lead in, we don't look at Zillow and start looking at count, boom, run the phone conversation. Then if the conversation developed in the way we want, then we will spend the time looking at the numbers, running the comps right now, each time someone gives you and their motivation is then directly into how much time we do in terms of preparing the authorization. Once again, I really don't really care if it sits there for three years. Not really bothered. No, no interest. I'm not going to go run a numbers for an hour trying to get this perfect off. I'm going to give it literally one minute to make this offer, taking the sat blah blah, blah, blah, multiple offers. Send it done, OK, because that's the time the warrants were not in the right space to be getting this contract. We want to get something in front of him, then we're going to follow up.

And that is kind of what we need to do. So when you open in these courses, OK, you need to be watching module one, then taking action on that again if you're not mentally there. Right. And people will look people actually and I see this and I try not work with this type of person, but when we have these before I work with anyone want one, I don't want them coming in trying to prove to me that the concept doesn't work, trying to prove to me that they can't do this. Try to prove to me that it doesn't their mark is too hard because. All they're trying to do is prove something that's not going to be successful for any of us, right.

So, again, wrong mindset you need if someone else is doing it in your market, then you can do it. And that's the way I look at it. If they're doing it, you can do it. There's no excuses. It doesn't matter really where you are. The process stays the same. We talk about that a lot, right? Earmarked in the process kicks in. You're having conversations, making offers, and you keep following up until they say yes. And that is that's the process that you need to get into. Right. But you've got to get in to doing them activities. If you're not having quality conversations and if you're not making them offers, you are not making any money. So just buying another course. Right. Is not the answer.

You have to analyze yourself. You have to be accountable and say, am I doing absolutely everything I can to get results? And if the answer is no, then you need to change, not the course. A new course is not going to do that. You need to make them changes to be able to get the results. And that's what I found early, right? That is my personality. I have self-belief. I'm not cocky. I'm not overconfident, OK? But in my head, I believe that I can do certain things and I believe that I can dominate the market. I believe that I can I can take a coaching client to that first deal or multiple deals of scale. And I believe that I can do that. I don't need to tell you that because it's in here. I don't need to hear it like, oh, yeah, you're this and you're great and you can do these things. Obviously, they're nice, right?

Surround yourself with the five closest people. You want positivity. You want good energy. Right. You obviously want all them things, which is super important. I'm not saying it isn't, but it's what you believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, that is what's going to propel you to be successful, not just in real estate in life. And that's what we're aiming towards. OK, so just be thinking and know we got a little passion on this one, but I really want you to be thinking about that. You know, reverting back to your why, the why should make your hair stand up on your arms. You don't want to discuss the why because it's to the core of when you don't want to make them calls. After a long day on the nine to five, the nine to eight, whatever you're doing, it needs to be done. Does that make sense for you to be able to get where you're going? And that's what 2020 this year has been crazy, right?

Something has happened that we're probably never going to see in our lifetime again is literally throwing the world upside down. But things you've got now got to get ready for 2021. Right. It also gave us a ton of potential. It gave us a lot of potential for a lot of people, people working from home. All right. You have to you can see the virtual lifestyle being able to do things virtually because in your mind now you can actually do things virtually because you've been forced to do it virtually. But now it's installed that I can do this right. The pandemic is what it took for this to happen. But now you can't go into the house or you couldn't before. So you have to have conversations on the phone.

So it just installs. And I've maybe got lucky I got lucky that the model that I have, it didn't miss a beat in the pandemic, really. Right. Obviously, conclusions were slower. We couldn't get byes and things like that. But in terms of the negotiation and doing that, what that was fine, because that's what we do anyway. We don't need to go to the house. So I actually made it a little easier for us talking to the sellers because they know we couldn't go in. Right. So all these things, though, is going to be key for you to be successful. Alright, so just work on your mindset. All right, fine. Your why go deep to it when it gets out? Because it is going to get hard, right. Making sure your folks on the high generating activities, that's where the action needs to be. Not taking action on a website. You should be doing deals without that website. All right. It's not necessary.

Show me one seller. OK, that said, I want to see your website. I want to know all about you. And then they did that, signed a contract with you. I mean, it might happen, but very rarely. Right. They're not motivated them people if someone's truly motivated to work with you, then got time to learn all about you. They just need help solving that problem and they're going to go.

And that's what you're going to find. We just closed the deal last week in Florida. It came in. We locked it up within a couple of days. We closed within three weeks. Twenty-thousand-dollar deal. Now, am I sit in saying that every deal that I do is that absolutely not. 90 percent of the deals we do come from follow up. That's what it is, because we get the easy one, the home run. Right. You're in the right place at the right time. You have to be taking action to get there. And that's where I want you to do so. Yes, we talk about it. Yes, I get it. I've got to take action. But are you in the headspace to be able to take it work on that first? Once you're there, you then will be able to come in, take the action to then propel you in this business and make sure that you're going to show up for at least six months in this business.

OK, six months working every day, keeping it consistent. Five sellers a day, three offers a day. Five days a week, give me six months of that and you if you can show me the numbers, all right, and you haven't done a deal, then I don't know what to tell you. Maybe it's not for you. I'll work with you. Want one for free, whatever it may be, because I believe that you're going to get. You have to do deals of mine in six months, but then within a couple of months. Within 90 days, OK, you should be seeing this conveyor belt happen, the system starting to churn with the follow up.

Then you're going to be picking up new earlier leads, plus some follow up leads. That's you then going to start scaling the business and then you can start looking at going into multiple markets. All right. Anyway, I appreciate it, guys, if you also want some free downloads going to our network dot slash downloads, check it out. If you watch in, drop a comment.

If you think you agree or disagree, you have any questions, put them below. Give me a like subscribe and I'll see you on the next one. All right. Appreciate you. Thanks, guys. Bye bye.

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