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If you haven’t seen any of Jamil Damji’s Facebook ads, you’re going to want to check them out because they are hilarious. For over 18 years, Jamil has been wholesaling, but he’s mostly done it on the down-low. He wasn’t interested in having his name splashed all over.

But now, we are so blessed to watch his talent shine out. He’s launching a nationwide wholesaling franchise called KeyGlee, and he’s taking reservations starting in 2022. He is totally booked out, and you’ll be able to see why. He’s built a dynamite team who are absolutely crushing it in wholesaling, and they’re ready to expand their network across the country.

After losing absolutely everything in the crash of 2008, Jamil moved back in with his parents and decided to move away from wholesaling and try his hand at comedy. Training on Funny or Die, he learned about how to become more comfortable in front of people. And after a few years of living the comedian lifestyle, he realized that he could combine his comedy work with wholesaling and be even more successful.

The key tenet of improv is “Yes, and…”, and that’s the kind of energy that Jamil brings to his business. Astro Flipping coaching is Jamil’s coaching business, and now KeyGlee is his franchise wholesaling business. Keep your eyes on this investor because you’re going to see his face everywhere next year.

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What’s inside:

  • How Jamil uses his comedy background to make his Facebook ads funnier and therefore more effective.
  • Why Jamil is a big proponent of licensing for everyone involved in his wholesaling business.
  • Identifying what the buyer wanted first has helped Jamil narrow down very quickly what he needed to find and deliver in order to absolutely kill it in wholesaling.

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Joe: What's going on, everybody, welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast, and I don't know if you can tell, but I'm super excited if you're watching this on video right now. I have a new studio kind of set up gig here. I am looking at my camera, which is behind a teleprompter, which has a monitor which is bringing up the screen. And I got two fancy lights here, a light behind me and a decorative landscaping line. I can't figure out my things. And then, like, even a color light, that's not even working really well. But I'm in the middle of setting the studio up and I'm excited to be here on this podcast. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. And I'm going there it is. Still working here. So I got a special guest today is named. You've heard of him. If you unless you're hiding under a rock and you've not seen any kind of really cool Facebook ads or Instagram ads from Jamil Damjifrom KeeGlee and Astro Flipping. He's in the house. I got him on the podcast.

Joe:  And this is a cool guy that I met six to, I don't remember. Jamil, I'll ask you in a minute, but it was probably eight, 10 months ago. Super cool guy, but I didn't really know who he was yet. Right. And then fast forward a few months. I'm seeing him everywhere on Facebook. Everybody's talking about him and he's doing a lot of awesome things. So I texted him, I said, hey, do you remember me? He's like, Yeah, I know you guys are going to get you on the podcast. You said, yeah, let's do it. So anyway, I got Jamil and we're going to be talking about some of the cool things that he's doing. And I'm excited about this podcast, first of all. Oh, I just redesigned my office. I normally show you my book. I have a book called REI Secrets. And if you don't know about it yet, you need to get it. It's called REI Secrets, Daily Nuggets for real estate investing wisdom. You can get it for free. Just pay the shipping and handling. If you go to REISecrets.com, REISecrets.com, get the book. It's free. Just pay for a little bit of shipping handling and we'll get it out to.

Joe: The cool thing about this book is I just it's kind of like a daily devotional for people who are interested in real estate investing and it doesn't have anything to do with God, although God's awesome. But it's like this book. It's not like that kind of devotional, if you know what I mean. Go get it at REISecrets.com. It's about one hundred and fifty little five-minute chunks that you can pick up and read really quickly and get something out of that that can apply to your business, to your real estate investment business, that'll help you get more leads, close more deals, make more money in this competitive real estate market. Right. So having said that, I want to bring Jamil on and hopefully this I got this all new set up thing, and I'm really nervous that I'm going to screw it up. Let's see if I can bring Jamil on. Jamil there.

Jamil: I'm right here. Man. Oh, man.

Joe: How are you, man?

Jamil: Fantastic. Fantastic. It's a beautiful day in Arizona. It's nice and crispy. Cool. I'm just enjoying the day, enjoying life. Everything's great. I'm happy to be on this podcast with you. I'm a big fan of yours, man.

Joe: Well, thank you, Jamal. I appreciate it. Like I said in my intro here, you've taken kind of the inner webs by storm, I think. I mean, just watching the cool things that you do. I saw a really funny video yesterday on my feed of You're Doing Some Cold Calling and it was hilarious. You were in some kind of freezer cold calling. You're kind of I like to call you the Billie Jean real estate investing.

Jamil: Appreciate that. That's a compliment. A huge compliment. Billie Jean is another guy I really look up to and think is amazing. And he's done such great work out there, helped so many people. Big fan of his. So if he gets to watch this. Hey, Billy, I love you, man.

Joe: You're in a mastermind yesterday. And let me know if my mic isn't working when Mike is, like, right here. And it's so weird because normally talking on this thing. Right, and it's normally like in my face, but now it's pointing down on me like this evil menacing stick makes me a little nervous.

Jamil: But you're crisp, clear, your audio. I feel like you're in my room right now, so it's nice.

Joe: OK, well, all right. So I was the mastermind yesterday and talking to some really high level players and we were talking about you, your name came up. What you're doing is Astro flipping in Kigali. But one of the things that I think, Jamil, that you're so good at is being out of the box, being funny, not being your traditional boring, nerdy real estate investor. Right. You're just being yourself. You're laid back and you're chill. And I think people find that really refreshing.

Jamil: Thank you. Thank you. You know, it's interesting, right? I've been a student of the arts for a long time and always I've seen this repetitive message from Shakespeare to Tupac. Right. That authenticity and being true to yourself is the ticket to a good life.

Joe: Yeah. Yeah.

Jamil: You know, it's a message I try to impart to my children and to let them really understand how embracing yourself, for your qualities, for your imperfections, for the things that drive you nuts about you, for the things you love about you, but it just embracing all of it and owning it and then really being grateful to God for the gifts that you've been given and even your things, the challenges that you have in your life for the opportunities to grow, that you really can shine out there, warts and all. And I you know, it's funny that you said you hadn't heard of me, and that was by design, really. I had my my goal getting into real estate in Phoenix, Arizona, was to be anonymous. In fact, Brent Daniels and I were on a podcast three years ago and he brought up how he came to find me. And my original break into the Phoenix market was cold calling real estate agents and telling them all I wanted to buy original condition houses or anything in distress, needing more.

Jamil: But and then I had a large checkbook to stroke. However, I would be their best client, but the day that they told anybody my name, I'd be gone. Really? That's how I did it. I said, I'm anonymous. I'm not trying to be your sticker child. I don't want to be your poster child. I don't want you talking about me out there. I want to do business. I want to do it quietly and I want to do it professionally. And that intrigues these realtors so much because mystery is truly a fascinating phenomenon. Right. And so and mystery with performance is a winning combination as well. So I went for on these deals and and I really built up an opportunity of building a referral business. So Brent Daniels comes to learn about me through one of these loose lipped agents who couldn't keep it in. Right.

Joe: Greg Daniels. He's in Phoenix.

Jamil: He's in Phoenix. And I actually cold called Brett Daniels because he was a real estate agent at the time and I had the same pitch to him. And so when he heard another agent, have the same pitch, he's like, hold on a second, is that your Jamil Damji? And they're like, yes, yes, of course. That's who it is. He's like, oh, my God, this guy is genius. And fast forward a few years we build. Ceglia quickly becomes one of the nation's most high-volume transactor wholesale deals. And he asked me about it. He said, what was that about? And I said, look, I'm not really happy. I'm in my forties. Right? I'm not really trying to be known. I would really just want to do business. I want to grow. And that's when he gave me the speech that I believe changed my life. He said, you're being irresponsible to all of those individuals who need you by staying quiet.

Jamil: You are really being unfair because you have something to share. You have knowledge to share your real operator. You've done something in this business. I haven't seen anybody be able to accomplish volume wise and numbers wise. And you want to remain quiet. And I think that's unfair, especially when there are people out there who aren't on the and who are the antithesis of that. And people need an opportunity to see an option. And so Brant really gave me permission, I believe, in the beginning to get loud. And I followed that and it has served me well.

Joe: You mentioned that. You touched on it briefly a little bit. You are, by the way, one of the largest wholesalers and investors in the United States, in the entire US. And you really haven't I mean, that wasn't an overnight thing. I mean, this hasn't this has been a while in the in the process. But and you just kind of didn't become even known except for maybe the last six to 12 months. Correct. I think people are scratching their heads thinking, who's this guy, Jamil? So talk a little bit about your business and like what you've been doing the last few years to get to where you are now.

Jamil: Sure. So I actually began wholesaling in 2002. So I one of the ones that was doing it and I did it, I sold my first deal without any mentor and I wish I had one so I could kind of fast forward it through so much. But I began really trying to solve a problem for a friend. So my business partner at the time, I was in a media company, I was trying to sell websites in twenty two where people weren't really interested in the Internet. They hadn't believed in it yet. YellowPages was still dominating marketing for businesses and small businesses. And so my model was cold, calling people out of the Yellow Pages and trying to convince them to go online with their business. And it was a failed business attempt. Every website we built cost us seven hundred dollars to build and I was selling them for six hundred. So every time I made a sale, we lost one hundred bucks. That doesn't win.

Jamil: That doesn't work. So but it planted the seeds and put me in proximity to my business partner whose father was a homebuilder. And this guy was in a meeting with my my partner and complaining about not being able to find any building lots. And they were I also was eavesdropping on the conversation and they had discussed making one hundred and sixty thousand dollars on this deal that they had just completed. This is these numbers are just nutty to me at the time. Right, because I'm literally making three hundred dollars a week in this business. I'm drawing three hundred dollars a week from a business that's just hemorrhaging money and I'm not living a good lifestyle. And really, really 12, 14 hour days, it's tough. And I jump into the Congo and I ask how can I get involved? And they really tried to not have me get involved. They both said, you don't have any money, you don't have any way to help us.

Jamil: But I was like, look, you're talking about these building blocks. Explain that to me. What are you looking for? And the builder, my partner's dad said, I need these houses that have a minimum of fifty feet and frontage. They need to be zoned R2. They need to be one hundred and twenty feet deep and they need to be in the inner-city neighborhoods of our town, and I'm like, great, thank you, I walked out and so the next day I'm walking my dog and I just so happened to rent a basement suite in one of these neighborhoods in that area of town. And so I'm walking my dog and I'm walking by a house I tried to rent a few weeks prior and I noticed this house is still for rent. It had been for rent for some time. And I called the rental site and I said, you know, was like the fifth of the month at that point. And I asked, I notice your house is still for rent, but with this property happened to be on a 50 by one-hundred-and-twenty-foot lot. And the woman's like it's actually 50 by one thirty-one. And I'm like, great, great. Well, would you be interested in selling instead of renting because you're having a hard time renting it, but maybe you'd want to sell it.

Jamil:  And she said everything's for sale at the right price. All right. Tell me the right price. And she said three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. So I fly back to the office, walk into my partner's office, and I said, How much does your dad buy these homes for? Four hundred grand minimum. So now I have a fifty-thousand-dollar problem. I don't have three hundred and fifty grand. I don't know how to get him this house for four hundred. I don't know what to do, but I revert back to what my business model is which is calling cold calling out of the YellowPages. So I go to lawyers in the L section, in the phone book and I start calling attorneys and I call all the way down to the letter S and not even just the beginning of the lawyer who answered the phone was David Steed. He was so fresh out of law school, he hadn't had money to buy a secretary, not buy, to hire a secretary yet, so it wasn't able to even hire a secretary. He's answering his own phone and I just dump on him on this call and I'm like, this is what's happening.

Jamil: I have a guy who wants to buy a house with four hundred thousand dollars that the seller wants to sell me a house for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I don't have a dime to my name. What do I do? And he explains it to me. He said, Oh, that's simple. You need two contracts when you're the buyer, when you're the seller. And the only thing you need to remember is in your name. When you're writing, when you're writing your name down as the buyer, you've got to write your name and assignee. Then you bring me those contracts and in a couple of weeks I'll send you a check. Nice. Thousand and two.  And I'm shocked. It works. The guy takes around two thousand dollars in legal fees out of it. And I have like a forty like forty-seven thousand some dollar cashier's check. And I can't believe what I did because now I understood what to do. That was it. My life had changed because I had just every day I'd get the classified section of the newspaper and I'd call the for rents and I'd see if they wanted to rent. I was out in those neighborhoods all the time driving for dollars. And even though that was just looking for houses that might be on lot sizes like that, knocking on doors, I lost my mind, but I did so well because it was just me.

Jamil: I felt like I was in this gold mine of opportunity and nobody was around. And so that's where I cut my teeth and I end up doing really well. I moved from wholesaling single family houses to apartment buildings because I'm noticing a trend in development. I'm seeing that these builders are now buying apartment buildings and they're condo-ing them and selling them off as individual units. And so they need the raw material, the building in order to do that. And so there's all these projects going on with all these developers and builders who all have a phone number that I can call on their signs. And so I'm just running around all the for rent signs on these older apartment buildings that are like handwritten, handwritten for rent signs and calling everybody. And I'm getting deals under contract and then I'm flipping them for one hundred-thousand-dollar profit to these developers who want to then condo that. And I have a fantastic time doing that. I do that until two thousand and eight.

Joe: There's a real common thread here, guys. If you're noticing Jamil is going out and finding the demand correct and finding the buyers first. I learned from I think it was clothier, it's much easier to sell people what they want rather than what you have. And that applies to any business. One of my favorite shows is the undercover billionaire and Glenn Sterns. I think it was the last guy who did it. One of the first things he did is he went around and kind of virtually knocked on businesses doors and said, what are you looking for? What do you need? And he found one guy who wanted big tires. So he went out and then found big tires for the guys. Right. So this applies to any business that you're in. Find out what your customers want and then go get it for them. Right. And it's the same in real estate. Anyway, I just wanted to interject that.

Jamil: No, I appreciate that. Thanks for pointing that out. And it's true. It's really true. Fast forward I go through the real estate crash.

Joe: And how and how did you go through that? What happened in 08?

Jamil: I decided to when you're making money of that nature and you're doing really well. So I'm really young at the time. And so I'm just ambitious and I want to do it all right. And so I say, well, I want to be the developer now. I've made enough cash to be able to go and do this. And so I've got all this all these funds here I don't really have. A lot of credit, but I got all this money and I know how to find these buildings and this construction stuff doesn't seem difficult. So let's just keep the next four buildings that I get under contract and do the deals. And my sister is with me. And obviously, because we don't have credit, I go to my parents and I say, would you cosign for me on some construction loans? And I'm going all in on this. And so we buy four buildings, we get a quarter way through construction. All of a sudden the credit crunch happens that Canada was a little bit and this is in Canada at the time. I'm not even in the US. We had the aftershocks of the credit crisis was about four months. And I'm coming from Calgary, Alberta, which is an oil town in oil province. And oil people have this invincibility about them.

Jamil: They feel like they're always prior to the oil going to negative dollars. They thought they were King Kong. Right. And the province had this sentiment of untouchability that we are not going to be fazed by a financial crisis. We have oil. Right. But that's not true. So what happened is I ended up going bankrupt very quickly. The same bank that had prequalified all of my presales now called in all of those three qualifications and said, we need to requalify these buyers. That's the same bank that gave me the constructional that they go to requalify all those buyers. And now they say they're not qualified anymore. And our credit criteria has changed. We're calling all these back, which means we're recalling your construction loan, which means you now have to pay us for your acquisition and your construction and you've got 30 days to do it. And that's the vice the banks put us in. So Iearned this whole scam of leverage right now. You start to understand the power of the bank, how their documents are written and how the government enforces those documents.

Jamil: And I was literally bankrupt in a matter of like 60 days, not only me, but my sister, my mom and my dad. Every we lose everything, right? I bought my mom a lake house. I lived on this gorgeous glass house overlooking the entire city. Twenty-six years old, just thinking, I'm on top of the world. I have I do. I do all the things that a twenty-six-year-old with money should do. Right. Vehicles, really terrible relationship choices. And this over this overbuilt home and it's all gone, right. It's all gone. And so I get is a humbling experience where I'm now living in a two bedroom, one bath apartment with my mother, my father, my sister, our one hundred and fifty pound dog, my niece and our cat. And that doesn't sound like it. Then you know what, though? It was emotionally heart wrenching for me to see that. But being in my mom's house again, you know, in my in my late 20s, early 30s, being with my parents again and having that humility, like really being able to see what family means and what it means to stick with each other.

Jamil: My parents never once said, you made us homeless. You took everything from us. We worked for 40 years to get this in one stroke of a pen. You took it off. They never said, wow, they never made me feel bad. They just brought me back in and they said, come on, son, let's do something else. Because they. Are they still around? Oh, yeah, they're still around. And with everything that's happened, they're back in their glory. They live in a beautiful home. Their lives are amazing. We've taken we've definitely blessed our parents back for their compassion and their understanding.

Joe: That it's kind of good for you, man. All right. So you obviously came out of this bankruptcy and the financial disaster, which I have a similar story. I wasn't not as bad, but it's. Yeah, I can feel your pain. So then what happened? Twenty twelve things started coming back up. When did you move?

Jamil: And so two thousand eight hundred twenty eight I and this is kind of funny and you'll understand now why you've been watching these funny videos for me. I actually decided I can't do this real estate thing right now. I'm just I can't even think about it. I got to go do something else. So I moved to Los Angeles to become a comedian.

Joe: Did you really?

Jamil: I did. I do the circuits. I started doing open mics, getting laughed off stage, booed off stage. But I started getting better and better and better start getting more authentic, more real, more honest with what I'm saying. You know, honesty and vulnerability is the key to connection. Right. And so I start to really understand that and hone it in and craft it. And then I get this opportunity to do sketch comedy for Funny or Die, which is a website that Will Ferrell and I'm doing these sketches that are going on Funny or Die, and it's awesome. And I'm having a great time. But again, it's Hollywood, it's Tinsel Town, and it's not really real. Right? It's your friends aren't reality. Your situations are real. The money is great. But I'm thinking this is cool. But I really love real estate. I really, really, really love real estate. So I started looking at places around me. L.A. is a really expensive place to live and the market in Phenix was such that I could buy a condo in Phenix for thirty thousand dollars and rent it for eight hundred dollars a month. What year was this in 2010?

Joe:  Oh, my goodness. Let me just interject something here. I'm good friends with Sean McCloskey and he has a speaker training and this is good training, whether you're negotiating deals or selling stuff to people on a stage or on a webinar anyway. Well, he said one of the best things you can do is go to improv training. I go to an improv class and there's one in St. Louis. I've been wanting to do it. I just haven't done it yet. But what a great idea. Learning how to not take yourself so seriously, learning how to laugh and learning how to think on your toes with improv comedy and being OK with making a fool out of yourself. Right. I thought, that's so cool. And he gave some testimonials were examples of people that have done that at dramatically increased their negotiating skills or sales skills and all that stuff.

Jamil: So something to think about because the key tenant of improv comedy is, is this. Yes. And so you're always in agreement and then you're adding to the situation. Right? I think we're so conditioned as people to say, no, no, no, no, no, no. But that's what we are. Our subconscious minds are. No, but that's the fact, right? That's what we're what we're taught, what our brain teaches us to do to survive. It's like no safety. No, but safety. That's what the mind in the brain does. And improv is. Yes. And meaning. Yes, I will agree to this situation and here's how I'll add to it. And so that's very cool that I didn't even know that that was a part of a speaker's training.

Joe: Adam says here. Yes, sir. Hunt says this all the time. Learning, acting and improve improv actually increases your success. Awesome. Awesome. All right. So I'm gonna buy this condo for 30 grand and you rent it out for eight hundred. All right.

Jamil: Eight hundred. And I'm and I'm continuing to do this like an arbitrage my rent in L.A.. Right. And then I get and I'm buying all these through short sale. Right. Because it's like short sales and that's the process. And, you know, if you bought them, I'm sure you did a short short sales take around at the time. We're taking around six months to come to fruit. You put the contract on the property, the agent would be negotiating with the bank. You'd get an approval letter at some point where they negotiate back and forth on pricing. You get an approval letter and now you've got 30 days to fight and close. So this is the life cycle of a short sale deal that I'd be in trying to buy these condos. Well, I'm contracting a lot because sometimes the bank was just not reasonable in their response. And so 50 percent of your short sale contracts were falling out. So thank you. Thank you.

Jamil: And so I start to contract more and I over contract. I made too many deals. I get too many approvals. And so I say to my agent, hey, these two houses I'm not really big on. I like these condos that the bank keeps improving. But these days to these two houses in this area I'm not familiar with, I don't know about them. I'm not sure if I'm going to move forward with it. If you think it's okay, you got some time. You got thirty days before the bank wants to close to Olin. So I go on to Craigslist just because my brain now has the muscle memory of this wholesaling thing. Right. I didn't get a name for it. I did a post. Wholesaling wasn't even a thing for me. I didn't even have a name. It was just like I just knew you could do this. And so I'm like, okay, well, if contract law in Canada is is such it's got to be the same here in the United States, it was a little different with a short sale. And that was an interesting process. But I go on to Craig's List and I write an ad that has these two houses and I mark them up ten thousand dollars more than what my acquisition price was. And like fifteen minutes later, Joel, this guy by the name of Tim Win, who is Michael Limas partner, who was Sean Terry's partner, really calls me up and says, hey, I like these houses. I'll take them.

Jamil: What are you saying? Because I just made twenty thousand dollars on a fifteen-minute post on Craigslist. If that's not the universe, saying to you, my man, look at the ease of which how this works out for you, like just consider it is something and you just keep stepping into these opportunities. There's something here. Right. And so I sell these two properties. Wholesaling a short sale was interesting and different and cool, but got through those deals, deed restrictions and affidavits and all that were tough. So you have to buy it, close it, hold it, sell it. Anyhow, I get these. I get 20 grand after holding and closing. I think I'm in it. I actually get sixteen or something. But Michael, you must part of ten super amazing guy like beautiful human being, just as you seem to really understand this, like you have a history of it. You learn this. And I said, well, I used to do this, but now I'm a comedian. He laughed. It is like, this is hilarious. So you're in L.A.? I'm like, I'm in L.A. It's like, what are you doing? I'm like, well, not much because I'm a comedian, which is I'm pretty much all right.

Jamil: So he said, drive out here and hang out with me for a week. Let me show you what's going on. You might think there's an opportunity for you to go out for a week and get a hotel and this guy so graciously. Allows me to basically be a fly on the wall and watch him do what he's doing, which is buying and selling deals all day long. And in that week, I saw him literally wholesale fifty thousand dollars’ worth of profits. And I'm about and now I'm engaged to be married. My wife, my girlfriend, my girlfriend at the time was living in Canada. And so I'm going to have to immigrate here to the United States because I'm the only American citizen in my family. I was born in Los Angeles, but at the age of eight, my family moved us to Canada. And so I'm the only American I have to I have to bring my girlfriend down, my fiancee down. And I'm thinking about life and saying, do I want to have this life where I'm in comedy clubs till midnight every night, drinking beer every day, coming home stinking like cigarettes, laughing, making fun of myself all day, making fun of my family, making just doing this for pennies? Or do I take an opportunity to go out here and really do something that could affect our lives and not be selfish, not be chasing my gloat, my glory. Don't really do it as a means to rebuild a family.

Jamil: So my birthday, 12, 12, 12 December 12th, 12, 2012, I'm in a U-Haul, driving down the tent, crying my eyes out. So scared, so scared of what I'm doing right now, because I'm saying to myself, this is one of the most selfless things you've ever done, Jamal. This is all about them, all about your family. But this is the right thing. Keep driving. Keep driving on my real on my way to Phenix. I get in the haboob. For those of you who don't know what a haboob is, it's a sandstorm. I'm on the 10 freeway in the middle of a sandstorm on my birthday, driving from Los Angeles to Phenix. I can see 30 inches in front of me. And I think it's the apocalypse. I don't realize what a sandstorm is and I don't know that they're common in Phenix. And so I'm stuck on the ten with no sign in front of me, beside me, nothing. Just like scared. I'm thinking this is an ominous sign from God to turn around and go back. But it's not. I just keep going. It's one of those tests, you know, one of those things that you just got to move through. I make it out of that sandstorm. I get to Phenix and Joe, I can tell you, like, how fast my life rapidly moved from there. Fast forward a few years. I'm wholesaling in Phenix. I'm getting the groove. I cut my teeth with Mike Lima and Tim. I end out on my own. I start wholesaling more and more and more myself.

Jamil: By the way, this starts now. Twelve, thirteen, fourteen. And I'm and I'm in I'm probably doing around ten, fifteen deals a month. I got all of that volume by cold calling realtors so realtors would just send me their opportunities, just send me their opportunity. They still do. I have one agent that I work with. I'll do a one point three million dollars in assignments in twenty twenty while I'm still working with that agent from Cole calling her in 2012. And so these relationships are serving me. I'm doing really well. And then all of a sudden I have a disposition problem. I have this issue where I can't move all the deals that I'm able to put in contract. And so I reach out to an individual here that I had heard had a really big buyers list. And I say, can we JB, can we work together on this? And he's really kindly and graciously allows me to use this list and we wholesale together. And but our timing wasn't insane. This individual, great guy, but a little bit on the more mature side of his career and was slowing down. Well, I'm speeding up. And so what ended up happening is he'd be out in the Bahamas a lot, vacationing a lot. And I tried to get a hold of him and he wouldn't answer his phone.

Jamil: And that became frustrating to me. So I started looking for other outlets for my deals. I'm at a sandwich packing party, a sandwich packing party. I hear of this opportunity to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for homeless people. And my child who I'm watching now, become entitled and spoiled, has no understanding of what it even looks like to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So I get this idea that to get my wife and the kid out to the sandwich party, we're going to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We're going to go out the next day and we're going to hand out to homeless people. And she's going to understand what it looks like to be homeless and how hard it is to make money. Right. This is my this is like what's going on in my heart, why we're here. Also, we're going to do a good deed and help people, right? Yeah. Yeah. At the sandwich packing party. I mean, is this really young guy, Josiah Griest? And he hears about me through the grapevine and he's like, hey, I heard you do a lot of wholesale deals. You know, how many deals did you do last month? And I had truly done fourteen.

Jamil: And I said I did fourteen deals and he just couldn't believe it, like his mind was blown by that. Right. It's like how I do it one or two and I and I feel like I can't sleep like I'm, I'm just constantly running and running and running and running and running and I like what's easy. I don't really handle a lot of it. I just get in a contract and I give them to somebody else to sell is like, well, that's brilliant. You know, I have a really great buyers list. Would you ever give me an opportunity to. Help you sell your deals, and I'm like, look, I'm in a situation with someone, I work with somebody pretty closely, but if anything changes, I'll call you up, give me your phone number. And he does. And a couple of weeks later, the guy I'm working with goes to the Bahamas again and stops answering my calls. And I've got a couple of houses I need to disposition. So since he's not available, I call Josiah. I answered the call and one in one ring and I send them the deal and he sends it out. And 30 minutes later he sells it. And I'm like, this is great. So I give him another one. He sells it. This is amazing. So I give him another one and he sells it. What are these kids doing?

Jamil: Right, because it's him and is now Josiah's is like twenty two at the time and his partner, 17, 17 years old and he doesn't answer the phone, he doesn't pick up the phone, he's antisocial. He hates talking to people. Right. Wants to do everything by text. Josiah is really personable, really outgoing, really awesome energy like great. They're both awesome and both have great energy. But Josiah's is really outspoken, really like a people guy. So we start I start loosely dispositioning deals with these two kids for a year, a whole year, and their performance is just spectacular. Like when I say Joe, like selling the deal and a half an hour, that's like an overstatement. Really understatement. Sorry, because they would sell them in ten minutes, sometimes five minutes sometimes like I couldn't believe how fast these kids operated and the deals would close and they would handle the transactions. And it was amazing. Like my life was so good, it was so easy. And so I have this idea one day I meditate a lot, I meditate every morning. It's part of my my wiring and how I how I work.

Jamil: And so after a meditation session, I get this, I download, I get this idea that I want to build a national wholesaling operation that is that goes across the country. I get this ambition to do a deal in every city in the United States. And I take this to the guy who is in the Bahamas and I say I have this amazing idea to do this big thing and would you like to do this with me? And unfortunately, he wasn't interested in doing it with me. He was like, I don't really want to go that big. My partnerships actually with my family and not really with you. And so I don't really see how this works out because there's just too many people. And so it's not really interesting to me. I'll pass. Cool. So I call Josiah and I and I say to him, here's my ambition. Here's what I want to do. This is really, really big, but I think it can happen. And Josiah and Hunter, these two kids being young and ambitious and really bright, I said, let's try it. So and so we go and KeyGlee is born.

Joe: And what year is that?

Jamil: This is end of 2014, beginning of 2015.

Jamil: All right. Nationwide wholesaling. This is your this is model. This is my model.

Joe: And you're doing this from Phoenix.

Jamil: OK, so nationwide, of course there's a big goal, but we have to first corner Phoenix. Right. And so we get at it in our first month. We do seventeen transactions, our second month we do thirty transactions and it just starts blowing up from there, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, almost one hundred deals in a month. And it's just bananas. It's crazy. Everybody is hearing about us in town. They're like, who are these guys like how are they doing so many deals. And it's the reason we're able to do all these deals is and doing really well in acquisitions.

Jamil: But our buyers list is so strong that other wholesalers who are being trained by other educators to go out and lock up deals, those educators are missing the other side of the equation. They're just telling them what a good deal in the buyer will come. That's bullshit. Excuse my language. It's not true. You can't just lock up a deal and a buyer will show up magically at door. You got to go out and find out what you've got to show them the opportunity. And even sometimes you're going to think it's too good to be true. Sometimes they're not going to know you. You've got to build these relationships. There's been less that has to happen in selling and disposition a good deal.

Jamil: And so all these wholesalers that are learning how to do cold calling and texting and whatever it is that they're doing mailers which are all great, they all work. I know I knock them sometimes, but that's just me being funny. But they all have their place. They all work in their capacities. These people now can't sell their deals. They got a contract that they have no outlet. And so it opens up a window of opportunity for us to help them sell their deals. And that's where the model ofKeyGlee really blows up because we become so proficient at finding high value buyers that will pay more money than even they could find on their own list. Wholesalers just start bringing us their opportunities before they even try their own lists because they know we can sell for more even paying us. They make more money on the deal than they would have had. They used their own buyer.

Joe: And so do you spend more of your time with KeyGlee now, finding buyers or finding sellers? There's a mix between the both?

Jamil: What is it's our core capacity, joe is building buyers lists. That is where all of our investment goes into. If you came into our office and our operation, our acquisitions department is this big, our disposition departments this big, our buyers list. It's called intake systems, that department is massive, that is just like rows and rows of desks and people and bodies, and that's where we do our investment. We are always out there finding the better buyer.

Joe: I know a couple of different realtors in the St. Louis area that are top producing agents now. And the realtor speak that is like the top producing agent is the one that gets the most listings. Right. That has they're on the billboards and they're on the top 10 list and all of that. But what people don't realize is to be a quote unquote, top producer. You need a huge team. Right. And you need all kinds of staff and overhead. And it just and you talk to some of these guys, you know, without anybody else listening and they don't have an ego, you really drill down to their net numbers. And it's kind of embarrassing how much how little they actually make. But I know at least two different realtors in the St. Louis area that nobody's maybe even heard of in the realtor community that make more money than all the top producers. Why? Because they find buyers first. They find the buyers first, find out what they're looking for, and then go and get the properties for them. And they can be retail buyers or investor buyers.

Joe: And the crazy thing is, is like people, realtors, I'm talking specifically realtors, they think that's unsexy. That's what beginner realtors do. That's what you do. When you first joined the business, you go show homes, you do open houses or whatever. These realtors that are smart, they understand that. Well, it may be like the not the sexy thing to do, but it's the fastest way to make money. And if you get good at it, you don't need a huge team. You don't need huge overhead. Just find the buyers. And then the MLS is filled with properties for these realtors to show them. Anyway, just wanted to confirm what you're saying.

Jamil: They're very real and also true, the non sexy part. Right. Which is why you you really didn't see people gravitate towards learning that as a as a business model because the sexiness is in talking to sellers isn't getting the deal is in the wolf of Wall Street. It's nice to get on this. Get it down that sexy. Right. What's sexier to me is give me the check, baby. I just want the check. So I think that and also serving serving that buyer so that they make money and do well. That's sexy, too. But anyhow, which is it.

Joe: This ties into Astro flipping, right. Because KeyGlee'syour would you call it a franchise system or?

Jamil: Yeah. So we just last year so halfway through last year, just once it actually happened, we completed the FDD, which is the franchise disclosure document. That's a big deal. It's a huge deal. Costs a ton of money. It takes your audit and financials to make sure that you're legit. You can't franchise if you're not if they haven't given you the first thorough look around in every corner of every crevice of your business and all the filing cabinets that you have to be legit. Right. And so we will go through that process. They verify us. We get audited. They love us. They're like, this is great. We franchise right out the gate. We sold thirty franchises for twenty twenty and for twenty, twenty one. We had a goal to sell one hundred and fifty. And so what just happened actually a couple of weeks ago is a group, a private equity group has approached us and they've contracted to buy one hundred and fifty that we had available for twenty, twenty one phones. So it looks like we're very likely and once that completes in funds, we're very close to it. We should be sold out of franchises for twenty, twenty one now taking deposits for twenty, twenty two.

Joe: Good for you man. That is awesome. Crazy. Crazy. All right, so then what is Astro flipping talk about that.

Jamil: Astro flipping is my coaching program. So where I get in and I really get in the weeds with my students, so I teach what we do. I teach how we find deals. I teach how we sell deals. I believe that my methods are the quickest way to a check. And so I teach that. And I and because I have been doing this for so long and I understand it so well, I don't hire student mentors to do the trainings like I actually am on the coaching calls. I'm doing twice a week with my guys. I spend around ten hours a week and coaching calls with them, my students. And I really care because I have I have this I see myself and every person that is on the resume with me, they're me. They're me just a little while ago. Right. And so I see myself in them. And so I have this duty. I feel that to really be able to be there as a support. But the true thing that I'm telling people is let's get out there and make a ton of mistakes. Just get out there and mess it up, bring me the mess and we'll clean it together. And then you can cash a check. Right.

Jamil: And so that's what we do. And it's amazing. Our group is our community is so well gelled, so cohesive. My students are doing deals together. It's been a phenomenal success. And then the fun thing is it requires ads for Facebook. Right. In order to for anyone to know me or know about what we do, I got to create marketing. And I'm looking at marketing out there and I'm watching it all. It's talking heads. It's talking heads. It's talking heads and talking heads. And I can't stay engaged even though I love the guy. Talking. I can't stay long enough to click on the link because it's just boring, right? I'm like, oh man, another talking head.

Jamil: And then I think to myself, well, why don't you just marry your comedy with your your progress in the business? And who cares if you make a fool of yourself? What's anyone going to say to you? You're legit like you are the real deal. So when I say stuff, do you let them talk be let be you get out there, make a fool of yourself. Take your shirt off. Show the world your roles and love it and laugh with it. And everyone will love you for it or they won't. But try it. And it's been amazing. Joy, I'm so grateful to have had the courage to be myself out there. And now I get to marry my comedy and my and my real passions. And it's just awesome.

Joe: Those of you are wondering what kind of ads we're talking about. If you just go to or what's your Facebook page called Astro flipping.

Jamil: My Facebook is just my name, Jamil Damji or my Instagram has all my videos, @jdamji. Follow me on Instagram if you if you're compelled to or not. But if you are compelled to follow me on Instagram and check them out, you'll I think you'll enjoy yourself. I have fun making them. Yeah. What's sup,Tosh?

Joe: Tosh. Tosh says here. Astro elite love.

Jamil:  Awesome. That's my students. Awesome. Amazing.

Joe: OK, so I want to ask you more questions about like in a nutshell, summary level. What are you teaching in Astro flipping? What's your main core strategy there?

Jamil: So it's a few fold. I definitely begin by by trying to shortcut or really get to the fruit of a deal fast. So I start off by teaching how to JB how to really find buyers quickly and then leverage inventory from other wholesalers to get to the check. Once you've got a few deals going in there, I start diving into more real strategy on acquisitions. So we get into agent relationships, we get into cold calling, we get into text. And so it is a full scale program. I'm not just leaving once doing one thing, it's not a one trick pony. It's the entire business model. We really dive into our systems that we use at KeyGlee. And then we also focus in on teaching people how to build better buyers lists. Right. So really diving into the disposition. I look at it like this. Joe, what do Michael Jackson and Prince have in common? I know this is such a loaded terrible things.

Joe: I'm trying to think of a politically correct answer.

Jamil: They're dead. But in addition to them being that they made a ton of money and all is well and great, great, great. But you know what? They were both signed to Sony. Really? Yes. And guess who is still getting paid off? Both of those dead men. Sony. So I look at it like you. Do I want to be an artist in the world, or am I wanting to be the record label? Do I want to be the distribution? And that is what I teach. I teach you how not to just be the artist. I teach you how to get out there and become the distribution in your area. And if you control the distribution in your area, you are Kate. And that is truly what we do.

Joe: That's kind of the whole producer consumer thing, too, isn't it? Absolutely. OK, I want to ask you about licensing issues. Right. So when you when you're teaching somebody who maybe doesn't have a license to go find buyers first and then go find deals, how do you do that the right way without getting into trouble?

Jamil: Well, first off, I'm a big proponent for getting license. Yeah, me too. I, I believe that regulation isn't a problem. I think that getting a real estate license gives you more tools. And so I'm not one of those folks. This is a license. Don't do it. No, no, no, no, no. Go get a license. However, this whole concept of equitable interest is what we're talking about. Right. And so when you're talking to buyers, first off, you can't be presenting any opportunities that you don't have an option or a contract on. But you can say my job, what I do, what I did today basis is I go out and I find opportunities that are in distress, that have equity, that you instantly make money that you close. Are you interested in buying or looking at opportunities that look like that? Yes. Great. Please opt into my buyers list. OK, you do that over and over and over and over again, you buyers list. Right. That's that takes time andeffort. And we teach a whole swag of strategies on how to find those people.

Jamil: But now you've completed building a buyers list or you're building a buyers list and now you need to go out and find inventory. And the only way you can sell that inventory legally without a license is by having equitable interest. And so you're going to either have to have the house under contract or be in an auction agreement with the contract holder so you can actually legally market it to your buyer. All we are is marketing contracts here right now, selling houses. We're marketing the opportunity to buy the house. And so that is how the licensing requirement is is skated around, however, I'm again, always a proponent of licensing, I think everybody is license my entire operation as license. And so because of that, I'm always a proponent for it. I think it's easy to do it at most. Three weeks crash course. Get it done. Seven hundred bucks. Why not?

Joe: Yeah, I'm licensed to. And I've always taught that we need to treat realtors as our friends, not as our enemies. Right. Like you can do so many deals with realtors. Let me ask you a question related to that then. If you are doing these wholesale deals as a realtor, are you getting paid as truth as a commission or is an assignment fee double? Because in other words, can you still calling as a realtor?

Jamil: I believe you can. You’re the principle in the transaction. So now you're the contract holder and you're entitled to transact on it. Holding a license does not require you or does not bar you from being able to wholesale. Disclosure is the key, though, right? And so when you're disclosing to the parties involved your intentions and why you're in the deal and that you're in it to make money and you're not representing when you understand agency and you, then you disclose your agency relationship or lack thereof within a transaction appropriately, and you disclose and you document yourself correctly, you can absolutely wholesale without any problems like that.

Joe: Good, good, good. OK, so I want to ask you some questions. Diving deeper into finding buyers, what are some of your favorite ways to find buyers in this market right now?

Jamil: Well, I like the fast buyer, the ready buyer now. Right. So the one of the problems that wholesalers have is that they've got a contract, they've got a buyer, they've got a list of buyers now have a contract. However, they send their deals out and all their buyers have a project they're working on. And no one is ready to pull the trigger right now. Well, that doesn't match up with your time. It doesn't, no. So how do you find a buyer right now? So I have this one trick or this one process that we use at KeyGlee every day. My team will look at the MLS listings for the day. So the last twenty four hours, what properties were just listed on the MLS that appear to be flip properties? See, people ignore those, right? When we're wholesalers, we're looking at houses that look like they're flipped, we're just throwing past them like that's already nice. That's already nice. That's not a house I want. That's not a house I want.

Jamil: That's your buyer, baby. See that guy who just listed that property? That's a flip property. And, you know, it's a flip because it's beautifully renovated. It's staged and there's no clothes in the closet. All right. That house is, that guy is ready for his next deal right now. If you just listed that house to date, last twenty-four hours just when he needs his next project. So you find out who the owner of that house is, you skiptrace them and call them or you call the realtor listed it because that realtor may be working with ten of those guys and they would be the gatekeeper to being able to sell more deals to their buyers.

Joe: And a lot of realtors are the renovators. They will list their own property.

Jamil: Or part of the team, part of the team. And so I start at the realtor. I never want to circumvent. I always want to treat the agent as my brother or sister, my friend. Get at them first, see if they want to put together a deal if they don't answer their phone, are they. They brushed me off. I then find the title holder and I skip trace and I go about it that way. But that's one of my favorite ways to find a buyer today. Right now, another way, another tip that I've been really doing well on is for new buyers attracting new buyers. See, right now in America, we have a problem. We've been printing money. The coronavirus didn't help us at all. We've been printing money, printing money, printing money. And an inflationary event is a guarantee. Inflation is just it's going it. If you look at what it cost to go and buy eggs and bacon from the supermarket today is what it cost a year ago. You'll see what I'm talking about. Everything is more expensive, but I'm talking about a massive inflationary event that is something that we absolutely will have around the corner at some point. And the smart money, when I say smart money, I mean private equity and hedge funds. Where are they buying? What are they doing right now with their funds? Are they the markets know they're in housing, right?

Jamil: These guys are billionaires spending billions of dollars on data scientists to see what are the trends of the American population. And so when they are buying American homes because they see that it's an asset that is protected against inflation, that is something to pay attention to right now. So what I'm doing is I'm looking at where are all the rich people living in my area? I'm skip tracing them and I'm having this conversation with that. Look, you're in the markets right now. You might be invested in the indexes. That's cool. You might be invested in Amazon or some other blue chips. That's cool. But the smart money right now, private equity is following housing, I believe in American housing crisis. Around the corner. Inventory is low. Inventory is massively low in major metropolitan areas. Americans are renting more and more and more and more. We had a pandemic, we're in a pandemic which is growing populations, growing migration patterns are just out of control. People are moving all over the place. And so there is an opportunity to really, really cash in on that. If you're one of those guys who thinks that the market is going to crash. I disagree with that. I don't think we're headed for a crash. I think we're headed for a deeper squeeze.

Jamil: And I see that in the next little while, there's going to be a massive opportunity in emerging markets like South Carolina and North Carolina, Indiana, Oklahoma, where you can still buy a house for 50, 60 thousand for eight hundred, like I used to do back in 2010. That's not going to be able to be available any longer. When private equity starts buying in those areas, they're going to create an inventory crunch like they're creating in the cities that they are in right now. Private equity owns 10 percent of the homes in Phenix. Wow. Really? When you're looking at it at that at those numbers, you. Absolutely. And private equity or a subsidiary thereof. Right. So smaller portfolio owners, but it is definitely an investor. Whole situation. And they're now moving their money into emerging markets. So I think you're going to see a great appreciation in areas like that. And if you're really looking at cashing in and trying to if you're looking for the same kind of appreciation event, you want to get into those emerging markets. So for me, I find buyers that want that money, that want that opportunity. Those are the conversations I'm having with those buyers to bring it back.

Joe: I was going to ask you what you see for the market. Nigel, Jamila's in beast mode. A tie buyer ready now. Excellent. Absolutely right. Listen, guys, we're running up to the end of our podcast and our time with Jamil. If you have any questions for Jamil, if you have anything you want to ask, now is the time right now type of Facebook or YouTube, wherever you are watching this. And as we as people start typing in some questions, Jamil, if we get any, where can people get a hold of you if they want more information about what you do and how you do it, where can they go?

Jamil: Instagram is, I think, the best place. It's I'm I'm super active in there. All the DMS get responded to. So that is @jdamji.

Joe: I put it in here on the screen. Anything else? You have a website people can go to?

Jamil: Yeah, you can. You can find keyglee.com. We're hiring. So we're hiring all across the country. We'd love to hear from you if you're interested in working with us or for us or if you're interested in franchise opportunities for twenty twenty two, reach that you want to be putting deposits down now because they'll sell out for twenty twenty two. Quick. Funny enough, Pace and I are shooting a pilot with A&E on the twenty-six and twenty seventh of January. So we may be coming to a cable television show near you in the next little while. It's kind of exciting things coming around the corner here. I'm really, really blessed and really thankful for the opportunity and everybody that's been supporting and paying attention and being a part of the journey with us. We're going people get more information about Astro flipping, Astro, just Astro flipping dot com that that's where you can find out more information on Instagram and we can absolutely service you there. Happy to help a buyer. If you're if you're not in Astro flipping, you're not in you're not in communication with elite, but you've got a wholesale deal right now. You're like, what do I do. Reach out. We can help.

Joe: Nice. Nice. You mentioned Pace. He's another name that I've been hearing a lot. Yeah. I'm not sure if I met him or not, but he seems like a really cool guy. How are you guys working together?

Jamil: You met him with me.

Joe: But I'm hearing again this Pace Moore. Everybody's talking about him and he's got great little ads. You help him with his ads, by the way.?

Jamil: Sometimes. We work together. We're very close. You know, Pace is a great creative guy. Funny enough, we became friends because he was in a real tight spot. He had been ripped off by a wholesaler and took them for a million bucks and just was a humble guy who came to me and said, can you help me out? And I did. And we just drew a friendship and an organic friendship based off of I just genuinely like the guy. And I've watched I've never seen anybody work so hard. So this is one of those people that just I admire for his work ethic and his brain. Also, he's got an amazing family and our friendship has grown to such a tight and beautiful degree that I'm godfather to his daughter. I travel with him around the country as we him and I compete. And so we're actually competing against the same coaching student and the same wholesale deals. Yet we find ways to add value to each other through competition in any way.

Jamil: And if he gets a deal and I don't get a deal, blessed. And if I get a deal, if he doesn't get a deal, he blesses me. And we just love each other so much that I want to see him win. I want to see his family thrive. I want to see him thrive. And he shows me the same love and respect that. So we travel around the country and we talk to people about having that attitude. What does it mean to really love your competition, to really work with your competition and not see them as competitors, but collaborate with them, find ways to add value to each other, to cash checks together, rather than find ways to to hurt each other or to diminish one another? And our friendship has been so amplified to both of our lives that it's really just one of the one of the best. He's one of the best guys I know on the planet I love.

Joe: And he's doing a lot of creative types of financing. And he's teaching people how to do subject tos and creative deals.

Jamil: Correct. Yeah, he's a wizard, in my opinion, in that I think he's of course, we both looked up to you and know that you're very strong in that in that and have been one of the forefront educators in the space really look up to you, really admire what you're doing and what you've been doing all this time.

Jamil: Thank you. And it's true, though, you don't last this long in the business, Joe, unless you're the real deal and you're the real deal. And I both admire you. We both love you. And like you, he's very much in that creative space. He's really, really intelligent and he knows the stuff. I personally watch him really doing deals. He's buying creative deals across the country, is helping people figure out how to structure them, how to do them. It's amazing.

Joe: Will you text me when we're done here? His phone number. I want to get him on my podcast.

Jamil: I think you guys would be an amazing show together.I would love to watch it, man.

Joe: It's been really good talking to you. I appreciate it. I can't wait to see you again next. I'm not sure when or where that will be. Maybe the next family reunion mastermind thingy, but on Instagram, @jdmaji. KeyGlee.com. Astroflipping.com. Guys. Listen, Jamil has my stamp of approval if that matters anything, because I've heard so many people talking about the successes that they've had with him, deals that they're doing. He's just really passionate, wants to see his people succeed. And so, yeah, go check out his website right now. Go to AstroFlipping.com or Keyglee.com. We're looking up on Instagram. Thanks, man, for being on my show. I really appreciate. I got to figure out what's wrong with my camera. Thank you for your patience.

Jamil: I'm so grateful for you. I'm so grateful to have this opportunity to chat. Big fan of yours. And I am so excited to see you at the family reunion.

Joe: Well, let's talk later offline about where and when we can meet again, because are some cool things that are going on and I'm starting to travel a little more. It'll be cool to have you come up to St. Louis for whatever strange reason. I used to live in Edmonton, Alberta, as a kid. Wow. So I know how cold it is up there. Yes. And we lived in a little trailer with, like, single plane glass windows and I would freeze.

Jamil:  Are you Canadian?

Joe: No, I was just I just lived there for a couple of years as a kid.

Jamil: What a terrible place to live.

Joe: We were there when Wayne Gretzky was winning all of those Stanley Cup.

Jamil: Yeah, I love. Has he ever used it a little bit on that that hockey stick that used to like that made all the goalies free out? Light would shine in their eyes and the score was crazy.

Joe: I remember thinking the Calgary Flames, you're in Calgary, right? And the Calgary Flames. I remember they were like our arch enemy. I thought. Yeah. And I hated the flames. And then when Gretzky moved to L.A., it was shortly right around that time I moved to San Diego with my family. Oh, I go up to the Coliseum in L.A. to watch the I think it was called the Coliseum. We go watch the Gretzky play for the Kings. It's crazy.

Jamil: Joe. I'll be in St. Louis. Actually, we have a franchise operating out there. So my I plan to come out there and do an event, kick off our franchise. So I'll be seeing you then to.

Joe: Oh, please, definitely text me and let me know when you're when you're be here in a block of some time on my calendar. I love to hang out with you. Beautiful. All right, guys, go check out your stuff. We will see you all later on the next episode of Real Estate Investing Mastery. If you're listening to this and you missed all the the links, you want to get the show notes or the transcripts of this podcast, just go to my website. RealEstateInvestingMastery.com or RTM podcast dot com. Get all the show notes and get the links for Jamil's, stuff like that. We'll see you guys. Oh, we got a bunch of comments in here. Always a good show. Chad, call my brother from another mother. Awesome Chamaco am I need to hit me up at Manney. Underscore azy Justin. Thanks Joe and Jamila. You guys are both awesome. Such a blessing to all of you. Wish the government could do this. I'm sure that was good. OK, one more deal one more question here from Adam. You text call or email blast new buyers with a deal all the above.

Jamil: Adam, we start by texting the text close to a call. And if we don't sell our deal off of, like, our first VIP, then we move to our general email list. And so it's a blended combination of all three.

Joe: Yes bombs. Mivida he's in Arizona looking for astro flipping star for wholesalers to squad up with.

Jamil: Let's hang out. Come to my office, man. I'd love to I'd love to see you in person, brother.

Joe: And of course, Brian Tripp he has to chime in because we met at his event in Birmingham.

Jamil: Let me just say Brian's grateful to him. I got to meet you. I got to meet Ty the flip man who I've been working with since. Brian is a connector extraordinaire. Fantastic man, great father, great guy, great dude. His events are fantastic. His brand is great. Love you, Brian.

Joe: Brian's a good dude. Love you, Brian. All right. And then Tosh says awesomeness. Good. All right. That's it. We're getting a bunch of a bunch of comments in your Astro fam Great video, Lewis. To the moon, baby. All right. All right, guys. We'll see you all later. Take care. And we'll talk soon, Jamil.

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