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Even though Gavin and I offer coaching programs, we know that some of you don’t need a coach. What you really need is someone to help you set up your systems so that you can plug yourself into it and take off.

Gavin is taking half of what he does for his one-on-one clients and offering it as a standalone program. If you’re looking for a better system or any system at all, connect with Gavin. You can hash out where you are and where you want to go, so he can help you fill in the missing pieces to get your real estate business moving along.

Gavin is going to ask you questions like:

  • What is your situation?
  • Are you overwhelmed?
  • Are you stuck somewhere?
  • What are you having trouble with?

And you’re going to work together to get you unstuck. Make sure you like and subscribe to Gavin’s channel for more of his current deals. And be sure to check out my his website for building out a real estate system.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Fill in the gap in the middle of where you are and where you want to be with a system with Gavin.
  • How Gavin’s new website gives you personalized one-on-one attention to give your business a boost.
  • Why a system will help you scale up faster.

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Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

Hey, guys, how are you doing? Gavin Timms with REI Network. We have got a special episode today, something that I want to offer to you guys listening, something unique regarding systems, right? This episode is called I Need Systems, and that's for a reason. In my business, I have systems built out for certain reasons to give me the lifestyle that I want and the way that I want to run the business. The last episode that we did was understand why you chose that path. You should go and check that out to actually get an understanding of what you're trying to achieve, what you're trying to do. This is really important and these things can change. Right. We talked about it on that episode about understanding like you can't just follow someone's path if that's not your vision. Right.

So, for instance, if your work in the 9:00 to 5:00 and you have a full-time job, then you're going to have to put certain systems in place to be able to operate this business. And that's kind of what that episode was about. And now we're going to dove in and talk more about the systems and what you need. But the unique thing about this episode, as a one-off time, I'm going to be working with a select few people that want to do this.

Now, I work, as you probably know, with one to one client. I set that business up. I set their systems up to give them the most success possible of making money. Now, I know a lot of you, you know, sometimes you can't afford that or you don't need the coaching, but you do need the systems. All right. And that's what I want to offer something today where we're going to be doing this for a select few people. A system set up case if you go, INeedSystems.com. If you go to I need systems dot com. Check out that page and that's where you can apply to work directly with me, where I will set everything up. This isn't going to be coaching. This isn't courses, OK?

This is all about actually getting you structured to go and make money and get ready for two thousand and twenty-one. All right. That's what we're doing. And again, we've not done this. I'm basically taken half of what I do with my one to one client and we're going to be building the marketing plan. The game plan. We're going to be me and you, me and your business partners, whatever. On the Zoom call. We're going to hash out what we need, where you are, what are you trying to go? And we're going to set that up in the background. We're going to set the systems up for you so you can then focus on actually making money before we need to do that, I need to understand where you're at, because everyone I can't do this is a group and because it doesn't work right.

I cannot take someone that works 70 hours a week, someone that's just lost their job and they want to do the same thing. It doesn't make sense. That's why it has to be tailored individually. So let's talk about what them systems could be like. How is this even going to work? What is it that you need? And I'm going to give you some examples about this, because people talk about automation all the time. Automation delegation. Right. That great words to use. Right. And there are things that every business needs if you're going to grow and expand and people want to put them things in place. But if you don't have the foundation in place, you cannot they will not work if the sequence isn't right. If something isn't working, how can you do automation on right or delegation if it's broken?

So that's where a lot of people go wrong is because they think they can just turn it on and it's just going to work. No, if it didn't work, the basics aren't right, then that's not going to work. OK, so what I normally do is I break it down and the first thing I do is I get to know the person I'm working with. And you can kind of I'm going to ask you a few questions here that I want you to start thinking about. You can actually pulls this episode and actually think about this before we lead on. But one of the things that I like to do with all my clients is kind of find out where you are now. So what is currently what is your situation? What are we dealing with? And sometimes we have to go deep. We have to find out that why we have to uncover things just like a motivated seller in the same way of we have to get to the core problems and say, well, where are you at? Right.

And that's the goal. Understanding like, well, look, I'm not happy. I work too much. I do this, I make great money, but I don't see the family. But whatever it is, we need to understand and be very clear of where you are right now. Once you have that, you then need to think about where do I want to be? How do I want this to look right? Do you want for people in an office? Do you want multimillion-dollar business, you know, with tons of over tons of marketing going? I have great friends that do that on a very successful do you want to be like me?

Just got back. I'm actually home guys from a seven-week trip. We've been out in Arizona, which was that is ups and downs, like I talked about in the in the last episode. But again, having that ability to travel is really, really important. That's what it is to me. People say, well, what is it? What do you want out of life? And for me is to do and this is sounds cliche when I when I say it right. About financial freedom, but it's to do what I want, with who I want, when I want. That's what it means to me. I need a business that I can drop any time I'm from England, I need to go someone sick in the family, right? Hopefully that doesn't happen, but if it did, I need to get back there and things need to happen. I want to be able to travel in an RV. We just did.

I mean, over the last three months, probably three and a half months, I've been away for probably 13 weeks of that. So probably over four months, about 13 weeks. We were in Michigan, Nashville. We came home for two weeks and we headed to Arizona while still closing. We closed on Maui. We just we've got four more in close in Alabama. We have one big one just got under contract on Monday. And Florida, we're working on one in Georgia right now. So we're very active in the business. But I can only do that by having the systems in place. Right. And I'm only as good as my team. So it's not just me. It's not just systems. But part of that system is having a good team, so everyone's going to be in different spots.

So I want to understand where you are and where you want to be. Then we're going to have this gap in the middle. And that's what we need to show to the system and this game plan so we can execute to get there. And it's not going to be easy, right? It's going to be hard. But since when has anyone said that if you're going to be successful in anything, you do? But it was easy because it isn't if you apply yourself. The thing that I always ask clients, I want you to ask yourself, like if you had systems, right, if you had a VA cold call in bringing leads and if you had an admin to help send out office for you, if you had a system that would send text messages and emails to cold leads, if you had a system that would track warm and hot leads, if you had these things of text messaging and someone doing it for you and you could focus on being on the phone, OK, and making offers and following up, what would that do for your business?

And that's what I need you to think about, is if you had these and you've had the training, you've been through all the courses, but why are you not getting anywhere? And it's probably because you're overwhelmed, OK? You're trying to figure it out. You're trying to set things up and you're not actually getting anywhere. That's why we changed the program a couple of years ago now to do in dealing with you set up. And I want to help clients because I understand that after doing group coaching, group coaching is great. I here to help here to answer any calls. But it was a common problem that were week four in week five, week six. We still haven't spoken to a because we're trying to set the CRM up. We're trying to hire a VA. We're trying to get leads come in and we try to figure out what list to pull. How do we skip trace? How do we run it through the no litigators?

I mean, there's so many things that you need to do before you even get on the phone. And we know that then things are important to a certain degree. It's not actually going to make the money, will make some money, is being on the phone talking to sellers and making offers and then obviously following up and to get close deals. So that is why I am offering this is going to be a show of my time. This is going to be the new thing. And I'm just trying to get people ready for New Year. So this is for you. Remember, go to I need systems dot com. I need systems. We will we'll get on the phone with me or my team, make sure that we're both a good fit and we'll kind of kind of go from there. So I'm taking what I already do with one to one. And it's not going to be coach and it's not going to be ongoing things to spend to get you structured over a certain amount of time to be able to do this.

So I want to now break down into a few things that I do in my business, how it looks in multiple markets and how we can do the same for you. So I had as I said in my last episode, I think there's like two or three ways to actually set this business. Number one is the and it comes down as well in conjunction with time. Do you have time? Do you have money and understanding where you say or do you have both? Because that's obviously the number one thing, because I'll give you the example then. I did a little bit go on and expand on that about having no time. Right. You might have money to invest, but you're working seventy hours a week.

Just got a call with a client yesterday who was actually a new job. They got promoted. They just got promoted in that job. They started working with me a couple of few weeks ago. They got promoted. Now they're busier than ever. Right. And our game plan that we had was we were going to set the system or get leads coming in. They were going to work the leads. OK, but now that's not going to happen because they've got this now workload that they didn't have three weeks ago. So we've had to transition. So now what we're going to be doing is finding some on the ground. We're going to be partnering with them. We'll build the system accordingly to be given someone else leads on the ground that you can JV with, and that's a situation that they are in. All right.

So that doesn't mean, well, we can't invest and I don't have any time. You just need to put the right system in place to allow you to still make money. Yes. You're going to be taking less of a percentage. You're going to be partnering with someone. But again, fifty percent is is better than nothing. I can't tell you. I've probably never done a deal on my own in terms of like start to finish, whether it was me locking them up and handing them off, locking them up and handing them off, or whether it was, you know, someone bringing me a deal and disposing because I'm a big believer and kind of partner in collaboration. Because overall, you're going to do more deals, you're going to make more money, right, and you even going to do bigger spreads.

There's one time in Phoenix I had a coaching client from California who ended up getting a property in Phoenix. All right. And they bought it to me. And I could move this property for I remember kind of the numbers. We got it for eighty thousand. I could have moved it within 30 minutes with nine thousand dollars to five thousand dollars each. Nine thousand ready to go. I spoke to a friend of mine who had a massive buyers' list and he sold it for one hundred three thousand. So we actually made like seven thousand or whatever. So we made another two and a half thousand, OK, by actually bringing someone else in, the deal that had a bigger buyers' list, an out of state buyer that wanted to pay more money, he got them into a bidding war. Right.

Which is really, really important to understand. So you've got a thing where I sign that someone bought me the deal. I use my network, my connections, say, hey, I got this deal with a client. What do you think we can do on this? And he said, well, I think I can get more than 90. I said, well, I want to make sure that my my client gets the first share. I could move ten. I want him to make sure he gets five at least. And then and he said on top of that, we can split accordingly to kind of three way. And that's what we did. So I just did a connection. I made seven a half thousand dollars on that deal from someone bringing me the deal and me having the connection. And collaboration is absolutely key. Don't think it's competition. You need to network with everyone.

The whole reason I called this company REI network is because that is how I have made money consistently over the last five or six years in multiple markets is because building relationships and getting deals done. So I want to be helping you kind of break that down and again, set these systems up from the CRM, pulling lists, skip tracing, hiring VAs call, hire an admin VAs sign up, scheduling direct mail if that's what you want to do. Everything that you need for you to focus on making money is what we want to do. We've got to get you out the weeds, get you out of the course. You don't need coaching and probably you know what you need to do. What you don't have things set up. So that's probably what it's going to be.

And if it doesn't fit, then that's fine. Like I said, this is a short-term thing that we're offering. Getting people ready for the new year. So go check it out. I need systems dot com. I'm looking forward to potentially working with you. And I think hopefully you got something from this episode as well for you to start really reflecting on where you are in your real estate career and start thinking that you can't do it in twenty-four hours in a day. And I know you don't want to hear this. Right. I say the same thing about going to the gym. I don't do. There's twenty-four hours you can work out. You just choose not to. You choose not to and it's just not high enough on the priority list for you right now.

And that's the same with your real estate business. Even if you're working full time and then you have kids and you've got to get dinner and you've got to do all these things, that's fine. The real estate, your business is just not high on your priority list. I wish you would make it work and maybe you'll say, well, that's unfair because I have to provide for my family and I have to go to work and I have to spend time with the kids and family. And you should well, after they go to bed, that's when you then need to dig in and do two, three hours or whatever it may be. You've got to be uncomfortable to get out of the rat race unless you can set things up. So things are happening while you're at work. All right.

So while you're in the nine to five, leads coming in, when you get off work, you've got your 30, 40 minute drive home. You can be on the phone with lead in there, ready to call all these little things that's going to save you time to get to you to get to your goals. And that's what we're trying to achieve here. So I'm excited about it. Drop me a like comment. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast on the YouTube wherever you are watching this. I appreciate it. If you want any more downloads, I'll make sure you go to REINetwork.com/downloads, go and grab them. We've got some cool things come in as well. We're going to be doing a case to deal. I'm going to be doing a lot more content on the deals that I personally do, where they came from, what lists the structure. The follow up is very important. Nine percent of my deals guys come from follow up.

I just spoke to a new client yesterday. It's quite amazing. I love to hear that people do two, three deals a month and don't have any follow up because it just blows my mind in a good way, because if you're doing two, three, one, two dollars a month without any follow up system, then you should be doing four to five, six dollars a month over a period of time, consistently every month by having a follow up system. Right. And that is just pure profit. At that point, most people run KPIs, okay I spent a thousand dollars or fifteen hundred dollars and I did one deal, all right.

And we made ten thousand dollars and it cost me two grand to get it. So I profited eight thousand dollars. But what I need you to stop thinking about is dumb leads that came in. How many did it bring in. Forty leads. How many deals? Can you do another two or three deals over three, four, five, six months from that fifteen hundred and that's the key. Because, yes, you can, and that's how you're going to maximize your profit by doing that, so take in ten thousand dollars.

That was an eight-thousand-dollar profit from them leads that came in over five months, turning that into another 40, 50 thousand dollars from the market. And we've already put in where you have to have the system to follow. And once you have that and have the process, then you will just work in it. You can then duplicate it. You can go into more market. You can do whatever it is that you want to do at that point. So, yeah, hopefully that helps everyone need systems, but you all need the right systems at the right time in your career. Depend on if you're scaling, you'll try to do your first deal.

Everything is quite unique in its individual way on how you want to set these things up. So it's going to be tailored. And I appreciate it, guys. Enjoy Thanksgiving, enjoy the holidays when this goes out. Have a great one. And I've got a lot to be thankful for. I'm sure you have to so enjoy and I will talk to you soon. All right. Thanks, guys. Bye bye.

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