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Do you think direct mail is dead? Rick Ginn thinks you’re wrong.

Disruptive marketing like texting and cold calling is being legislated out because the public hates them so much. But direct mail is still a legal and acceptable way to get in front of a lead.

Rick has spent tens of thousands of dollars testing his Rapid Offer System. He wanted a unique and creative marketing system that engaged prospects and gave him a chance to make an offer on their house. Every response Rick got to his postcards boiled down to: “Take me off your list” and “What’s your offer?”.

That’s when he had his “Aha!” moment.

Rick created the Rapid Offer System to help real estate investors improve their marketing and learn how to talk to sellers confidently. You can follow the links to the bare bones of ROS if you want to get started on your own, or you sign up for the whole course which includes:

  • 5 modules
  • Weekly live training
  • Deep dive into seller psychology
  • Personal Coaching

For anyone who puts in an order with me, Rick will send you a free t-shirt for getting in on the ground floor. I’m not saying you need to hurry to purchase the ROS system, but I do want you to know that early adapters always beat out the competition. Get your Rapid Offer System up and running before everyone else realizes that direct mail is not dead.

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What’s inside:

  • The biggest thing you need to understand about sellers is that they want to be engaged.
  • Offering too little and too much is going to affect your response rate, but Rick has some tips for deflecting the negative engagement for a seller that’s insulted by your offer.
  • The writing is on the wall for certain unpopular forms of lead gen marketing, so don’t be caught unsurprised when you need to pivot away from them.

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Joe: What's up, everybody? Joe McCall, Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast, I hope you're doing well. I want to jump right in this because this is going to be a special podcast and we're talking to Rick again. Rick is a friend of mine, active investor in southern Florida, and he's been on my show twice before talking about probates. And we also talked about a deal gone bad. I might have had you on a while ago before talking about handwritten postcards, but Rick has created something new that is pretty exciting. And we're testing this right now. And I'm just looking I'm testing this in a market that we're in in Texas, El Paso, Texas. And the postcards just hit yesterday. I was in that list to receive one of the postcards, and I've not received mine yet.

Joe: So it should be hitting today or tomorrow. But it's a very unique postcard with the cash offer written right there on it. And I didn't have to do anything except send this list to this mail house. We'll talk about it. And there's a slider for selecting this, the price that you want to make. And Rick will talk about that. And I'm really excited about this.

Joe: And this is something that I think is going to be a hot thing that's going to be working for at least a couple of years until everybody is doing it. And so this is one of the first places that you're going to be hearing about this. And this is a great way. You think direct mail is dead? You're absolutely wrong. Rick has been doing it for years and years. He's still doing it. They're still doing deals. He just had a couple of students that started using this postcard, got some deals out of it. So I'm excited about this. I'm kind of hesitant, Rick, to even share it because I don't want anybody knowing about it, because this just like your handwritten postcard a couple, it'll work for two or three years and then everybody's doing it. So anyway, we're talking about here in this episode here of The Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast, glad you're here. About the rapid offer system. It's called the Rapid Offer System. And before we start talking to Rick real quick, we are broadcasting live right now on YouTube and Facebook and Periscope. So hello, everybody. Also, we are going to be publishing this as an audio podcast. So hello, my favorite podcast, listeners in the world.

Joe: Sometimes when I'm listening to a podcast and I know that it was done for YouTube and now it's being released as an audio podcast, I kind of feel like, oh, man, I'm getting the leftovers like, no, but this this podcast right now, guys, is for all of you all who are listening through iTunes or Apple podcast, whatever it's called now or whatever your other podcast player is this you're my you're my home boys and girls. So don't feel like you're getting leftovers here, like you're just getting the seconds or something like that. But I'm glad you all are here. I'm glad you all are listening. If you are watching this on Facebook, YouTube, please say hello. Tell us where you're from. Give us a thumbs up and share the video. Subscribe to my channel. I'd really appreciate it. I'm at like thirteen thousand subscribers and trying to get over fifteen thousand. So just give me a thumbs up. Subscribe to the channel. All right, cool. And also if you have questions while we're doing this live right now, you can type them in the comments on Facebook and YouTube and they will pop up here. And if they're good, I will ask Rick your questions. All right. So let's dive into this. Rick, how are you?

Rick: Fantastic. I really appreciate you having me on. And Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everybody out there.

Joe: I'm glad you're here. And you've been on the show before, so I'm not going to talk too deep or too much about your previous real estate investing experience. You're actively doing deals now. Talk about what you're doing today and these deals that you're doing with these postcards real quick.

Rick: Well, specifically, we're talking about direct mail and it's simple. Just if you haven't done it before, is just getting a postcard or a letter out there. I started back in two thousand three back then. We did one hundred percent direct mail. Fast forward today. I still do direct mail. And that's my message to get across everybody is if you think direct mail doesn't work, it means you don't understand it or you haven't adapted to the new style of direct mail.

Joe: And that's fine. It doesn't work. Don't do it. OK, leave it for the rest of us that are doing it.

Rick: But if you're going to be in this business for any amount of time frame, the idea is to have as many marketing mediums as possible. For those of you that discount direct mail, because it's slow. It's like turtle pace. I want to shed some light on it to you because I know Joe does it. I do. It's not the only method I do. But here's the bottom line. It works. And with today's environment, we're all talking about disruptive marketing. Disruptive marketing would be texting, cold calling. Any time you can disrupt somebody is becoming a challenge because it's being legislated out years. One great piece of information in direct mail is still legal, acceptable, and it's inbound traffic. People calling you. And that's what I really love about direct mail.

Rick: So I want to shed some light on it. And I specifically want to talk about a system I've developed to counter all the problems we just talked about. They're slow, expensive, like how do I grab everybody's attention and everything going on? So with your permission, wherever you want to start, I can kind of tell you how I how I came up with this product. And it was purely out of frustration. I'm going to be honest, we were really getting dismal results on a direct mail, I think you can attest to this. Back in two thousand eighteen, this became like the everyone's like, well, why do direct mail? You can do SMS, you can do cold calling. You can do this. Yes, you can do all those.

Joe: And we're still doing that. This is you need to add to what you are doing. But I love this. You got frustrated because people always said the same two things every time they called you, right?

Rick: Yeah. So here it is. We had dismal results. I was doing the same old same old. I used today for those of you guys. I developed a handwritten postcard back in twenty thirteen and I used it for four years with actually very, very little competition. And I got spoiled. I got spoiled. It was so good. It looked like a handwritten postcard and it was unique to customers. And they go, I've never seen somebody like can write me a message. Now that started out of creativity. I'm not here to tell you to reinvent the wheel. I am one of those guys that loves to play around with marketing. But understanding, if I put ten things out there, maybe one thing sticks. So I try a lot of things. So we were frustrated. We were getting dismal results and I went back. How did I do so good with a handwritten postcard? You know what, Joe?

Rick: It was unique and it was creative and it engaged prospects. And I said, hey, how can I recreate that magic? My staff looked at me like I was nuts. Like, don't do it. You're going to waste time. I go, man, we got to do something or we're going to die and direct mail or quit doing it. And my DNA would not allow me to do it. So I just said, hey, how can we do it? How can we be. So here's the question. Here's the problem I want to solve. The market was saturated, meaning every seller was getting the exact same mail piece, but one of them would say it's from Rick. The other one would say from Joe, and we just switch out the phone numbers. And after a while, sellers got numb to this. They go, man, you guys are not being authentic anymore and you kind of lose their attention when you do it.

Rick: So how can we stand out? We have to be one, unique and you have to be absolutely authentic. How the heck can I do that? So I said, why don't we do this? Dig in our database, which is just one in the Podio. And I narrowed it down to the last six months because I wanted to get fresh information. I didn't want to go back two years. And I said, what is the first response from every seller? Two things. Joe, take me off your list. Take me off your list. And what's your offer? You know why? Because we're all sending out postcards to say what? We buy houses for cash. I'm your cash buyer. I'm looking to buy a house for cash in your neighborhood. And I said, man, I just had a huge epiphany. Why don't we just give them what they're asking for?

Joe: And here's the cool thing I loved about this. When Rick told me about it, I thought, I'm already doing that land. Why haven't I done it in houses? It's crazy. We'll talk about this. It's going to make some people real mad. But you're going to get you're not going to get a huge response rate that you would normally get. But here's the cool thing about it. You're going to get leads and phone calls that you wouldn't have gotten otherwise with a normal postcard.

Rick: So here here's how we look. So to move forward, I already know I need to give him an offer. Now, in the old days previous to Rapid Offer System, which we also call ROS just for short acronym is we used to give the prospects, we were engaged in meeting, we went on appointments. We were actively talking to them on the phone. We would send them in a written offer and it was a very small percentage and from that ten to fifteen percent of them would engage us and let us move forward with a deal. So I'm like, man, OK, let's just reverse the entire process and give everybody the offer up front.

Rick: So in order to do this, you have to think like a seller. So I'm a big fisherman, Joe, like I love to go fish. So if I'm going to go fish, you've got to think like a fish, right? So I got to find out what they're when they're biting and what they're actually biting. So the biggest thing you need to understand with sellers is we need to find a piece that's unique and nobody else is using. So we need to make it personable. How do we make it personable? Let me ask you this question, Joe. Of all the sellers you've ever dealt with between yourselves, students and everybody you've coached around the world, do you think sellers are very personalized and what they think the value of their home is like? Do you think they have an opinion on it?

Joe:  Well, yeah, and they probably are pretty close to what it's worth.

Rick: So what we found also in our research was people associate a value on their property if it's right or if it's wrong, very personable. What does personable mean? It means they want to talk about it. They want to engage. They want to defend it. They want to tell you, I'll take your offer. I will never take your offer. The bottom line is it's very personal and it engages them. So when you give a seller a written offer with a number on it, I assure you it will engage them. And this is we found this out by accident. But when we put an offer on a postcard or a letter, you can do it either way. It got the sellers engaged and that's the key. The whole key to marketing, if the only thing to walk away today is the marketing piece, should have the ability to engage the seller. So you have a shot to close a deal. Joe, can I do a deal if they don't call me? No. Well, yeah, exactly. So what we decided to do was take a postcard and this is like, brilliant. OK, we all thought of this. We just didn't know how to practically do it. And on the postcard put in somewhat of an accurate offer of what we think the value of the house is to get the deal. Now, look at this.

Joe: Do you know Michael McDonald. He says here, look at this, we have people coming back and accepting offers. I've already been talking about this to some of my list in this 30-day challenge that I'm doing. And I think Michael is part of this. My gosh, listen, this we already we have people calling back and accepting offers already assigned thirteen-thousand-dollar wholesale from this postcard. Appreciate the value guide.

Rick: So listen, it works. So anybody who knows me, I test this stuff out my business for at least one year before I even bring it the market.

Joe: So we should stop. We should not do this.

Rick: I know this. What are we here? Here's the neat part is we talk about the psychology of a seller. So here's the key is me, Joe, everybody. We know how to do this, right? You agree? So we're not going to get in the list because I don't want to waste time on that. But you got to have the right list, right, Joe? Yeah. So the right list is going to identify the pain points. So once they do an inbound call on a direct mail piece like Rapid offer system, your odds of success are actually pretty high. So I know they're calling probably on a problem they have either on the property or them personally because they're on my list. And number two, I'm going to make them an offer. And here's the one thing I also learned of my data. When they call a seller who wants to sell to a cash guy, No. One does he want to avoid real estate commissions, yes or no? And what do you think? Those usually wind up being like five, six percent? Yeah, OK. And then closing costs in my industry, it's anywhere from one and a half to up to three percent. And then they figure they got about five percent of knickknack stuff going on with the house. So on average, just using general numbers when they call on an ROS postcard, they're already expecting a ten to fifteen percent discount.

Rick: It's the expectation, it's the ease of doing a transaction. So I put in an offer, say, at eighty or eighty five percent of what the perceived retail value is. Now, those are deals that you and me. That's just a starting point, right? Yeah. So they called us. It's up to us to qualify or disqualify them to move forward. Most of the time we're only trying to move the bar from three to nine percent, which is really easy to do in this market. And that's it. I think we overthink it. I'm not worried about giving them the perfect offer. I know they're expecting a ten to fifteen percent discount. Yeah, I want to buy everything fifty cents on the dollar, but we consistently buy properties at sixty to seventy five percent of the value off of this postcard. And as I said, we start from the psychology of the seller.

Joe: And as to if you're listening to this, you're like, what are they talking about? Just what's the postcard? If you want to see it, go right now to JoeMcCall.com/ros. JoeMcCall.com/ros. That stands for Rapid Offer System and is just showing you the postcard right there. This is pretty. You got it there in his hand. He's showing it on the video. It's simple, guys. It's like brain dead simple. And this isn't rocket science, but what Rick has done with this system, guys, I'm using it, OK? So I'm putting my money where my mouth is with his system. It's just you upload a list now. You need to make sure you have the right list. Right. That's what Rick teaches in his system. You got to make sure you have the right list or else you might be wasting your money. This is a mail company that we both use and been using them for a while. There's a little slider on their screen. You upload your list and there's a little slider where it just calculates the offer for you based on if you want a high price or really, really ridiculously low price. Somewhere in the middle is where you probably need to be. It's as easy as that. You can actually get these postcards in the mail super cheap in a couple of days. So anyway, I just wanted to let you all know, go to JoeMcCall.com/ros for Rapid Offer System to see what the postcard looks like and keep on listening to this podcast, because Rick has a lot more to share about how this works. All right.

Rick: So we identified the problem. We figured we had to get a unique, authentic offer that a lot of my competition's not using. So great. How the heck am I going to do that? So like all us entrepreneurs in the beginning, we had to manually figure this out. So this is no lie. I swear to you, it took me forty days and it took me forty days to put the offer together for a modest list of a couple of thousand people to test it out. And to be honest with you, I just worked. I figured every seller wanted a ten to fifteen percent discount minimum. So we played around. I put an offer, took 40 days. My God, I spent tons of money and we manually scraped and I do not do this guy. I'm telling you, you will waste tons of time, do not do what I do. We manually scrape the data took 40 days and we got it out. I'm out in like no man's land. I'm I have no idea. Guess what happened, though. It still worked. They bombed. OK, here's the challenge. Whenever you're going to do something new and marketing, what do you advise anyone you talk to in real estate? If they try a new if you're going to make a shift or a change in any type of marketing or do you want to give it to one thing you need to do with time?

Joe: And you can't just and this is big for any direct mail campaign you do. Don't just say I'm going to send out a thousand and see if it works. You've got to commit to it for a minimum of three to six months.

Rick: Yeah. So what I'm looking for is data and data is everything because data doesn't lie to you. It's not dramatic. It's going to tell you I sent it out I think. Twenty-five hundred mailers and I think we got two or three response and they said you're a shark, you're terrible what you're offering. Bottom line is the data told me I offered way too little. I tried to do it the easy way. Guys, the ROS the main design is have them engage with your sellers. If you offer too little, your engagement will be mil to none. So I was feeling playful, Joe. I was not going to give up. I knew my idea would work. I just got to figure out what the right offer is. And I decided, let's give it another shot. Got another list actually did another market and I upt it to four thousand pieces to try to increase the numbers and I upped the offer. I'm guessing at this point, Joe. OK, so I get it done in under 30 days. A new amazement. We tried some other ARV values to try to get sharper values and then we upped our offer amount and out it went. And this we got done in under 30 days and we sent it out.

Rick: Guess what happened on this round? You got too many calls. Well, the data, it was really exciting. I was like, oh, we got it. Let's get all these appointments after it's all said. We wound up with a couple measly appointments and we wound up with hundreds of tire kickers. Yeah, OK. Know what the data told me? Offered way too much. OK, so I offered too little. I offered too much. Do you notice a pattern here is I'm trying to find the sweet spot to get myself engaged so I can get them on the phone to have a shot or buying the properties when they're up for sale.So we found the balance and we tweaked it a little bit more. And at this point, Joe, I'm frustrated. I've spent a significant amount of money at this point, well over twenty thousand dollars between using all my staff, using all the male fees. And I decided to stick this one. We have just over fifty-five hundred pieces went to another market that we're in.

Rick: But I felt a little bit more confident. I knew what the high and the low was and I shot it out. And I got to be honest now, I got it done in under three weeks which so now we automated in our business. So if you guys know what I'm talking to, you automated your business really cold, really hard to share with other people. Send it out. Ten days go by. At this point, I'm really I'm just about to give up phone calls start coming in. We get it. And so my son's one of my acquisitions and he runs point with our salespeople. And I was hypersensitive. So those of you know me, I like to really be involved in the sales process. So I want to know every lead that comes in and what the lead counts. I was doing KPIs every day. I was probably driving myself nuts. So we come in. They had three appointments booked and so I looked up the time of the appointments and guess what I did? I'm like a kid on Christmas morning, OK?

Rick: And this is my problem. I've been doing this business way too long and I love it every day because it's like it's like a kid on Christmas morning just ripping through the gifts, digging through the stocking. I hopped in the car and went on the appointments now under complete protest of my son and my sales person, because you know why I wanted to sit in front of the seller and see what they had to say, because I spent I now I've spent three months, I've spent over thirty thousand dollars to this point and we wound up getting a deal. I interrogated the seller right there, kind of embarrassed everybody. But I said, what was the key difference? Why did you go with us? And he said, Rick, it's simple. You're the only one that actually sent me an offer. And I just figured you guys were for real. And that's when we said, wow. Now from that deal, we wound up getting two smoking deals in excess of eighty thousand dollars profit. So I made back all my money. I proved my point. Now I think I have goals.

Rick: Now, I learned back on the handwritten post card is how can I use this in my business? So I went back. Since then, I've done over one hundred thousand mail pieces minimum. I'm in excess of thirty-five deals, offer ROIC for my business and thirty five ideas over how long of a period. Just over a year. Nice. And by the way, seven different markets. Seven though. Now I've tested this out at a new year and I think Joe Attribute, he's one of the testers in the market. Guys, it really, really works. So what I did is let's find a way to bring this to investors to help them out. I can't do deals in all 50 states and. If you guys think back to handwritten postcards you ever use, this first did the most damage. Now I went out and decided I was going to seek people to help me to bring this to market. The last thing I want any of you to do is to spend six months of your life trying to reinvent the wheel like I did. I want you to learn from it. You have to be authentic and you have to have a mail piece that stands out. Eventually, you will have to adapt with the ROS system. I already have plans in the work. You can you can adjust it. I'm telling you, Joe, when you did the order, how long did it really take you from start to finish realistically?

Joe: Well, since it was my first time, maybe a little bit longer than normal, but to get the list or. Well, let me just include uploading it to the direct mail company that we use that you recommend five minutes. I had to map like the address fields, like who is the seller's name? What's the seller's name? What's their mailing address? What's the property address that took a couple of minutes. And then they scrubbed the list for me and removed bad addresses and removed duplicates, which was cool. And then they there's something you've got to understand. Two guys, you don't have to come up with this estimate or this offer system has the values that he's figure to value through their algorithm. And then you choose on the sliding scale to one, two, three or four what you want your offer to be in El Paso, Texas.

Joe: When we did this, I did a two, I believe. And then it shows you the proofs. You look at the proofs and it shows you a table before you actually click the go button. And you can you can change your offers to one, two or three or four from there. And that's when I looked at it. And it was I originally had it as a three, which I thought I felt like looking at that was too high. So I made it a two, which means I'm going to get fewer calls. But anyway, and then it's done and the mail company sends me a proof either that day or the next day I forget what it was. And I improved the proof and then it was the mails just hit. So and I've already got one good solid lead from it, which is really good.

Rick: So in other words, you didn't spend days, weeks or months trying to calculate these offers? No, I didn't know. I just I just got so guys, I want you to learn from me like so I'm a direct mail guy and I love it is I spent too much time trying to figure out there's no such thing as the perfect offer. Would you agree to. Oh, yeah. Well, the main thing is to get an offer out there that just engages your prospects. So what we did in ROS is I partnered up with a print company. I'm not a printer. I'm an investor. So if you get a high quality printer and you get a really good wholesaler slash investor, magical things can happen if they choose to cooperate. And that's what we did. We put the best of two worlds. So when we were developing to bring this to market is I am not a high technology guy. I'm actually one of the slowest guys. And so what I did is what it does is it has an algorithm which figures out what the retail value of the property is. Now it looks at it every day. So if the market changes, ROS will change with you.

Rick: And the key feature is I would venture to say that my South Florida market is probably very different than the market you invest in right now. Oh, yeah. OK, so here we are in a Florida market. It's smoking hot. We get multiple offers, bid it up. We do a lot of wholesaling. Our profits are going through the roof. I have to be hyper aggressive in my offers. Now, what Joe does, if you're going in a virtual market, your new you can do a more conservative offer. Here's the key. With ROIC, you get the set, the offer amounts. And so what I did is I took all the data I collected and I boiled it down and ninety five percent of my deals came from offering this setting or that setting. I have taken the research. You don't have to go back and figure it out honestly. You're going to set the sliding scale on like a two or three. And by the way, all the videos are on there for you. It's easy. The purpose of this is so you don't sit there and stare at the screen for weeks on end trying to figure out the perfect offer.

Rick: You have flexibility. You can use common sense and making your offer thinking like your seller. So the only additional variable that we're doing with our ROS is offering a value. Now, guys, for full disclosure, ROS is not an actual contract, it's just a marketing engagement. It appears like it's an offer, but you have to have incentive to parties, so don't worry about it. And by the way, guess what happens if we don't get the perfect way? If we don't get the right offer, when we send our customer and they call us anyways, what do we do?

Joe: Well, you cover that right here. And one of the questions I wanted to ask you. Yeah, it's right here. How do I get seller’s down off of the Ahrons price and you'll say things? There's a recommended response. That offer was assuming issue with House, whatever it is, was new and updated. That offer was assuming the kitchen was new and updated. We might not be able to do that price if the kitchen is an updated. What price would work for you, considering the kitchen needs some work? Correct. You just turn it around and ask them a question.

Rick: So the idea is what I did is I've documented the entire process I've done on this, so. I have to now I used to be a what would you call it, a solar producer or sole investor? I was the guy who did everything seven years all by myself. So like everything was up here. So now I have to teach my staff how to do what I did. As we documented the entire process, we created the scripts, we had the phone recording. And what we found is the conversations we're having with sellers is completely different than what most people are used to. So let me give you an example. When I call you on a regular, we buy a house, a supposed car, like a Google image or anything that's out there already. The typical response to the seller is what's your offer? Guess how they attack you on the ROS postcard. Your offer is way too low. Yeah, I'll take your offer or your offer is way off base. What do we do from that point, Joe? So now they've called us. They've engaged. This process has actually done its job.

Joe: Yeah, that's your point. Yeah, it's done its job. It gets the phone to ring. Right. But you can say just apologize. You know what? I'm really sorry. Must have been a mistake. You make, kind of chuckle. I'm really sorry about that. Maybe it gave you an incorrect offer. Sometimes are offers get miscalculated and blame it on your system or whatever. But then you can just say, you know what? Can you give me the address, though, so I can check on it now?

Rick: So we are so in the beginning we used to get hung up on. So if we offered somebody one hundred and eighty thousand dollars, people felt like, well, heck, I thought this was like poker. They're supposed to give the first offer. No, we have completely flip the script. So what I've done is I've prepared it. I've created an entire voice recording of actual calls after calls of myself, my staff going to these phone calls. And it's really cool because you're not used to do like I'll take your offer. I won't take your offer, guys. All we do with the IRS is we go right into qualifying or disqualifying them. At that point, it's done. His job is engaged. It I can't tell you how many times we've offered. Two hundred thousand. We bought the house for eighty thousand. I train my staff. Don't worry. What's on the postcard. It's done his job. We got the right list. They've contacted us. Let's go through our sales process and get a deal done. And I will tell you, talk about being authentic. They just feel like you're not playing the usual game. When you use RW, you're operating under a different set of rules. You're literally standing out. By the way, all my customers still get ten to fifteen mailers per week and we're still standing out.

Joe: Your son is what do they call it when they jump in on our calls or so? Anyway, Zach just posted this message here. Another killer deal locked up from the ROS postcard today. Just got the text from our acquisitions guy, Zach, your son, by the way, we interviewed your son a couple, three, four years ago. And it's a great podcast episode. You guys need to listen to it. It was called From Bags to Riches. And this kid in high school started flipping wholesaling deals and got tired of bagging groceries, got tired of seeing these big fat checks, sitting on his dad's desk for days or weeks, not getting deposited and decided, I want to learn this business to Zach's a good guy. Go listen to that episode. Go look it up anyway. So you get some you get some really interesting responses from this postcard. But what the point of it is, you get the phone to ring, you get them on the phone, you start talking to them and find out what it's OK. It's a bad offer. I'm sorry about that. But what would be a good offer? You know, are you looking to sell your house right now or want to just probably list it with a realtor? Yeah. And on each postcard, you can't see this from the camera here.

Rick: But basically it has it has a little saying on there, basically saying the house is subject to review, instead of inspection. We tried inspection. We turn people off. I to be honest, you know, if they call me and I put an offer on there and the house is perfect and the price is right and say, offered 80 cents on the dollar, that works in a lot of my markets here in South Florida. So like we are on odds, are there always going to have issues? Because why? Because we're teaching everyone to use the right list. So we're already identifying pain points. ROIC is just engaging them. And the bottom line is, I spent a year doing this and it frickin works good. And I I'm going to I'm going to make a statement. This postcard is much more powerful than the handwritten postcard because the valuation gives you authenticity. It's unique and it makes you stand out and it gives you a competitive edge to engage your customers when everyone else is just doing the standard postcards that you can do. And then here's the really cool thing.

Rick: Say you did a very lowball offer. My system set up where you just you adjust the skill by one. You don't have to go and do this complicated macros in your Excel spreadsheets. You're not scraping off Zillow doing all this stuff. You're getting your marketing out. You're using a proven marketing system and you're making it work. So part of the purpose is talking to you is remember I told you I documented the entire process. I broke it down to five simple modules. And those of you that know me, I'm laser focused on teaching a particular niche marketing that gets results. So here's the. A really cool part of the ROS system, you can go today and you can actually I mean, you can technically use it for free like so Joe's going to give you the link somewhere. You can actually go to the printer. We use open letter marketing. Oh.

Joe: Do you want me to give them the link to that? I'll do that.

Rick: OK, so here's the catch to it guys. Yes, you can use it and you'll probably be successful but it's going. Let me ask you this. If you could buy a Tesla and you had the opportunity to have Elon Musk sit in the car right next to you and explain every feature, every reason why he created this and how to really utilize and harness the car, would you take them up on it? Maybe. OK, so now I'm not able and I don't do the crazy statements or anything like that. But what I've done is, is I've created what we call the ROS coaching, and it's a simple five modules. We talked about the seller recorded call. We give you the scripts. I go deep into the seller psychology and we train you head to toe on how to use ROS for its highest and best use, because remember, we're operating under a different set of rules. No, we're not playing the poker game. We reverse that. We're just showing them our cards right off the bat, literally showing them our cards. So you do have to be prepared to have the conversation with them.

Rick: And once you understand it and you teach your staff, I don't care if you're doing this by yourself or you got ten people working for you, you owe it to yourself to get the full use of the product. So I've designed a training course. It's a coaching course. We have five modules. And here's the really cool part, though. Once a week we offer live training, we do Q &As and we help people using our products, solve problems and get a competitive advantage over everybody else. Yes, you can use it for free, but I'm telling you, I can't guarantee your results. But if you put lists, if you put Joe's ability to put lists together and my niche with the rapid offer system, I almost assure you you'll be the first to deliver in your local market.

Joe: Yeah. And guys, we're going to wrap this up here in just a minute. If you want to see the actual postcard, just go to JoeMcCall.com/mail, JoeMcCall.com/mail. That will take you to the company that we use that does this postcard for Rick. This is the link I used. And underneath their menu is a product. And there's something in there called New ROS Postcard, I believe it's what it's called ROS product. So you'll see from their home page, new ROS mailer. That means Rapid offers system mail and you click on that. This is a service that we use and recommend. Now, I just need to tell you, you can go and do it right. But the you need to learn how to write lists to send it to and you need to learn what to say to the sellers when they call. That's really important because you could waste a lot of money if you don't know what to say or how to say it or how to rebound from when they say, hey, your offers too low or how did you come up with that offer?

Joe: If you don't know what to say, then you might you might be losing these deals. So you need to learn how to how to properly respond to them. And that's what the system is. The course that recreated JoeMcCall.com/ros. Now, just it's a little video you'll see there. It explains the system a little bit more. Rick will explain what the system is all about and what you get really encourage you to check it out. I mean, just one deal will pay for three or four of these things. And if you want to see the postcard itself, just go to JoeMcCall.com/mail, JoeMcCall.com/mail. Rick, we have a hard cutoff here. We need to end this here. This has been really, really good educational. I think people will understand this is a real simple concept. Understand. And here's the big thing. You got to figure out guys like there's a lot of these trends that go through the real estate investing circles and it will work really, really well at the beginning and then give it a couple of three years. Everybody's doing it and it loses its effectiveness.

Joe: So I'm not saying this just to build up the hype, although I am, you got to really be aware of this. Like you need to get on this now before everybody else is doing it and don't think it's too late. Don't worry about the market. I mean, we still have a couple of years, I think, for this to be working really, really well. But you need to take advantage of this. Now, this postcard is real simple. We've been doing this for years in the land investing business. We've been flipping vacant land by sending cash offers. And the other thing I want to say to this is really good if you're interested in doing lease purchase or owner financing because you can slide the scale to a higher price, you get a lot more calls. But if you know how to do subject to owner financing lease options, man, you can kill it with this postcard because it's going to just put you in a place where what we can offer you that if you would consider maybeseller financing or at least purchase.

Rick: So the flexibility is built in for you because everyone has different strategies and different markets. And that was part of our design process. If you want to do lease options with Joe, you can offer up the full price. The idea is to get them engaged, you get nice clean homes. You know how that works out. And also, I forgot to mention to you, I'm only doing this for Joe's customers. So if you put in an order, you move it more that way and you see it. Yeah. Yeah. Now, again, so that's a cool shirt, a real estate investor fax. Yeah, I'll do this for anybody who puts an order with Joe. I'll go ahead. But your shipping address in there and we'll send you a shirt with the arrows coaching product. That way you're unique. You stand out. And I don't wear this when you go on your appointments, but we're around all your friends and it's really cool. Helps your reminder of how hard we work. And the point is to make you authentic, creative and just have fun with it.

Rick: So I've spent over 50 K in mailing fees a year of my time, guys harvest me and duplicate it. But if you're one of the first innovators and put it in your market, you'll be wildly happy and then you get to connect with me and my staff on a weekly basis. It's a simple Facebook private group. And if you're on there and you got a question, I'm on there at least once a month and it's a lot of fun. People like working with us and we just focus on our shows so we can do role playing scripts and we help you out with lists. So the support's there to get you through your first deal. Everybody that I've had use it, raves about it. They love it. I have plenty of testimonials. So, guys, I'm telling you, it's greater than the handwritten postcard system. And a lot of you thousands of people use that system and made a killing over a four year period. Guys, we're here. I kind of reinvented the wheel. I've just changed the script. So either join us or you got to compete against us. Right.

Joe: That's funny. So you heard it here first, guys, before everybody starts doing this, I'm excited about this. I never promote something that I don't use believe in. And I'm using this postcard right now. I'm excited about the results that we're seeing so far. Let me just refresh my screen to see if you've gotten any new leads. Those of you been watching me, I've been doing this new market challenge. I'm going into Nebraska and Texas and things are really going well. We're getting a bunch of leads and we're close to getting some deals under contract. And this is one of the campaigns I've been demoing in that challenge in the postcards just hit yesterday because we got our first call yesterday and ah, and it's a good lead already. And so anyway, JoeMcCall.com/ROS, JoeMcCall.com/ROS. Sign up. OK, all right. Thank you, Rick, so much for being on the show. I appreciate it, Joe. Thank you. Really appreciate. If people want to get a hold of you, you're on Instagram at Flip with Rick, is that right?

Rick: Yeah, Instagram, Facebook, the usuals. And just connect with me. I encourage you guys. I'll throw in the t shirt, use Joe's link there, and Joe's a wealth of information on lists and stuff like that. So let's get you the right list. And if you like doing direct mail or you got out of it or you were confused by, I hope this broadcast helps you get clarity. Remember, just be unique and authentic and just engage your customers. And I think you'll be very happy with the results. Nice.

Joe: OK, guys, we appreciate you. We'll see you all later. And if you want the detailed notes and the links and everything that we've given you, just go to RealEstateInvestingMastery.com, RealEstateInvestingMastery.com, to get all the notes and all of that and the links. And we will see you guys later. Thanks, Rick. We'll see you guys.

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