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Even though Harry King wasn’t a newbie to real estate investing, he realized that having a coach would help him break through some barriers. Harry had been buying short sales, and he didn’t have a marketing plan in place to provide a steady amount of leads for his company. Combining our marketing plan with his massive action-taking-self has really exploded his growth.

Calling up cold leads, nurturing them to warm leads, and keeping track of hot leads all take time. And Harry often finds himself juggling 60+ leads trying to keep them fresh. He and Gavin talk about how he manages his time to maximize the work he needs to put into his leads.

Listen to some of Harry’s biggest takeaways from working with us, including:

  • Improved accountability
  • Contracts and support
  • Implementing a marketing plan
  • Better time management

You can literally hear Harry’s phone voice keep the conversation that he and Gavin are having on an even keel. Harry credits that smooth voice for helping him control conversations with sellers. As he explores his new real estate niche, Harry’s able to use the systems we’re teaching him to give himself a better work/life balance.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • How Harry uses time blocking to actually free up more time. 
  • Harry’s best piece of advice for changing your real estate niche.
  • How Harry prioritizes his leads, and what he’s learned about marketing from Gavin.

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Gavin:   Hey, guys, how are you doing, Gavin Timms with REI Network. Super excited. I have a new guest with me. I'm going to bring him on here in a sec. And just before I if you're watching those guys on YouTube. Like and subscribe below. Drop us a comment if you're listening on the podcast, make sure you subscribe to the podcast. And I really, really appreciate it. Give us any feedback, good or bad? No problem. Also, before we get go and go ahead and go to our own network. Dot coms like downloads, lots of free downloads for you. If you haven't already, go and get them. Right. So, Harry, how are you?

Harry:   I'm doing very well. Thank you for having me.

Gavin:   Now, I appreciate it. So, guys, this is how this came about. This is super random, OK? We have zero preparation for this. I've just done an accountability call with our clients and the accountability program, which is Harry is one. And I was like, hey, I want to do a podcast. Does anyone want to get on? And I was like, sure, I'll get on. No problem. So here we are.

Harry:   Harry, you needed a guinea pig and I was more than happy to help you. Absolutely. A lot. So, yeah.

Gavin:   So let's talk about before we get into kind of what we've been doing in the accountability program, how that's been, go and tell us a little bit about you. How are you from what do you do? How long you've been doing this? Give us a bit of a background.

Harry:   I'm a native New Yorker, an I.T. geek who traveled around the country, ended up settling in Chicago for a good while. And just recently, five months ago, I moved down to Cincinnati, Ohio, about 10 years of banking behind me, which I retired from. That led me to doing about a few years of short sales, very hard short sales in the past. And they took six months to a year. I took a couple of years off. And now I'm back to get into the business.

Gavin:   Yeah, well, the good thing is I know and I'm learning things about you, Harry, as we go ahead. But the good thing is with short sales is that you know how to be patient. Right? So there's a lot that we can take into that. And I agree. Short sales, I do have friends that love them, they're not for me. I can't deal with the wait of it. But you can take a lot of obviously what we talked about today's call with regarding the follow up, at least knowing that the persistence of that, the consistency of it to actually get deals done. So I think you can take positives from what you've done in the past into the investing that you're doing right now.

Harry:   Short sales. I had a staff of negotiators that worked for me, as well as several realtors and several attorneys, and we worked very well together, deals with take six months to a year. So a lot of patience.

Gavin:   Yeah, absolutely. So we're in Ohio now. And that's why you're doing your investing. What made you get into the accountability program? Why? Why was that? Why did you do that?

Harry:   I had been following Joe a little bit all the way through. And he had the 30-day marketing, which in all my businesses before I never had the market work was there. So I didn't how to market. So I learned a little bit about that. And I just went through I think we're in the fourth week of, what is it, five to five shows a day. Three offers a day. Yeah, I'm just at the tail end of that. And a couple of days ago, I signed up for the simple options.

Gavin:   It's nice. OK, great. So with the accountability program, the way that we wanted to set this open, the people in the group that we wanted to obviously hold people accountable. Right. So we offered five hundred dollars. If you make your three offers a day, five days a week, which is fifteen offers a week, sixty offers in a month and you get your five hundred back on track for I am on track by actually the first week.

Harry:   I was a crazy man all day until midnight. The last offer would go out at a quarter to midnight so I can go to bed now. That was my first week. Yeah. Got down to the point. Now that I'm working four days a week, putting in about five hours, I'm doing OK. I'll do four offers a day at sixteen. OK, I'm on track. I'm trying to get, I'm trying to pretend I'm a normal person.

Gavin:   Absolutely. I think that's what we're going to call this, this podcast. A crazy man to a normal person, something along the lines of that. Because I think that's really interesting, though, that obviously through the structure of the program and then you've been on the calls and participate and you've actually understood through learning and creating habits that we were talking about. Right. Change in habits. Your daily habits need to change. And once you do that consistently, you go from a crazy person, right? You're running around in five hundred directions. You try to learn everything. You're trying to implement everything. But when we actually broke that down, try to keep it simple, OK? And now obviously you've got that. You feel now more under control. You're working less. You're still being able to get them offers out.

Harry:   I do. I've learned what I can do that thirty-day marketing. There was a lot there for somebody who's never marketed before. I picked up what I could do. At the moment I'm working with the free marketing from Zillow Redfin doing the scraping solutions to pull that information down. That's where we come from, working primarily with this both. Matter of fact, I hate to admit this, but whether you were. Talking before, on the other hand, when I was doing a little scraping, so I don't mind the programs that we can mostly process.

Gavin:   Absolutely. You know, you see me working. Obviously, I'm still traveling. I'm in the coffee shop. I'm outside. My battery's about to die. So I'm inside trying to plug in and still while talking. But we got through it. We made it happen. OK, great. So you see you doing this now. You just joined up with say that the lease option programs. That's kind of what you want to focus on. That's why you are focusing on these options with Zillow. What is it what's the biggest challenge right now for you? What do you need help with?

Harry:   Most probably the follow up. I know 80 to 85 percent of the deals come from follow up. I've not put it. I've not concentrated on follow up, concentrated on get my offers out, try and get into a regular schedule. I'm looking at probably next week I'm going to have 60 plus people to talk to of offers that are out there. Some of them have said, yeah, let's do this, OK, I wasn't ready to do that yet.

Gavin:   Well, that's good. To be honest, though, we're taking massive action, right? You have to get in.

Harry:   I didn't have the contracts I needed. I do now from rocket lawyer or something out there and from the simple options, OK, I now have the contracts and agreements as well as very simple. I've been using that quite a bit and learning that, digging into it. I now feel more confident from my background as a bank. You need the paperwork. I was at the point where I need paperwork.

Gavin:   I need you to you've been making offers, so now the follow up is going to come up. So how are you going to handle that? How are you going to attack that next week? You got 60 offers. What's the game plan going into these sixty offers? What are you what is your thought process right now?

Harry:   My thought process to go back a couple of weeks and start with the last two weeks, the freshest and touch base that everybody talks to them. I'll probably start by calling them. And if I don't get through to them, I'll send them a text message. But I want to get to every single person. Yes, they're interested. No, they're not. If not, why not? If not right now, maybe later. Let's get something set up there. But I want to get to every single person.

Gavin:   Absolutely. OK, and how are you trying to break these down daily?

Harry:   I haven't yet, but I'm going to have to if I have 60 of them in order to keep working on the program. The simple options, that's going to be the little bit I've seen so far that'll be demanding that I need to do the two. But I know the follow up is what's going to make me the money right now.

Gavin:   One hundred percent, one hundred percent agree that we need to do OK. This is important is that I think you should do the oldest first. OK, so you start with the oldest first when you first made office. And let's say that you're going to try and still make three or four offers every day. OK, let's try and do three to four follow ups every day. OK, that's reasonable. OK, so because you don't want to come in and get super overwhelmed by the doing too much, so you want to try and do it so it becomes now again to have it OK.

Harry:    Past that point, becoming very overwhelmed was a crazy person and there's no that's enough. Stop. Thought about what I was doing, planned out my day.

Gavin:   Yeah. So I think that maybe the attack that we should go out OK is instead of going sixty just attacking it from everywhere. Let's go with the oldest first. OK, let's go with obviously the warmest first. Right. You could say and then let's just take a portion a day that you feel that you can handle and then build on that. And if you can do four quickly and you want to do four more than great, do whatever it is that you can handle. Does that make sense?

Harry:   It does. The warm ones are probably the first ones. I'd like to hit it. Yeah. Let's do this. Yeah. One person signed but not a deal I want to do but I want to get an offer out there. OK, well I'll talk to him. You never know. Maybe can be turned around to a good deal.

Gavin:   OK, well let's talk about that. Why is it not a deal?

Harry:   He was somebody that he really wanted me to buy the property and I said no, I can offer lease option and that's what's available where we can put somebody in there for a couple of years and I'll be assigning the contract to them. And they're going to buy it at a set price and they're going to pay you what the rent is that we decided he wanted fifteen percent down immediately, that could be a problem. Let's talk about it. And we're at that stage, OK? I'm used to talking to people from being in short sales and all sorts of frames of mind. So I need to see what happens. If we can work this out to something that's reasonable, I'll be able to help you. If not, OK, it's not something it's going to work for me maybe later.

Gavin:   Yeah, which is amazing because and again, we've never spoken. I know you've been on every call that we've done and you're active, but we have not had actually had a conversation. And what is amazing, just listening to you talk, you do have when we talk about the sales side, you just have a very calming to your voice. Does that make sense? You're very you bring in and you can just calm the situation down, which is a unique thing to you that I've already picked up. OK, now I'm a little bit more like higher energy. You're just very calm is someone that is just going to listen to take in what you're saying. And you. Just did it the way you don't know what you did, if you listened when I to this off, you just did something that the way you just said it was just very calm, you know? And now it's just like that's how to talk to people. Right. I think that's going to go a long way. But anyway, I just wanted to point that out.

Harry:   If you can't stay calm, you can no longer have a conversation. And if somebody goes the other way, OK, it's over. Stay calm. Yeah, absolutely.

Gavin:   Absolutely. And I think people are going to get a lot from what you're saying. Right. Because I agree with you that if someone gets irate.  And this is going crazy, if you can't calm the situation down, you can't have an educated conversation anyway. It's now a slanging match, so you need to agree with them. Agree, agree, agree. Get them to drop the guard. Now they've relaxed and calm down. Now, we can actually talk about the situation with myself.

Harry:   But I learned that from you the way you've talked about it. I agree with them, agree with them and come up with a question. Just agree, sympathize and then ask them a question. Just keep moving very calmly.

Gavin:   Yeah. Which is it. And it works. I mean it just think if you was screaming at me and whatever the problem was, I was agreeing with you, you can only scream for so long before you just say what like no, Harry, I agree with you 100 percent. Right. The offer was too low. This is ridiculous that Harry, I understand, I mean, this low is so low. I'm embarrassed about it. I'm sorry. I used to agree. And then once it's calm, Harry, let me tell you let me tell you why I made the offer. Let me tell you about the situation that I'm looking at this. The House needs X amount of work. We need to this now. We can now everyone is relax. You can have this conversation. But a second ago you might rip my head off, but how can we get anywhere?

Harry:   So that's really, really hard with a realtor when there was a house. Need a lot of work and they said, I want this amount of money for it. We talked about it. I said, well, let me review. And I came back. I think you said, well, you give me one fifty and I can make it work. And I came back and offered ninety-four and I put the wholesale contract, whatever it was, I sent it out. So let's talk about it and get it to you. And he said, how could you do ninety-four. Simple you take. I went through the process of coming up with this is the ARV, I'm going to take 80 percent instead of 70. I'm going to take off repairs with the cost and I've got to make something on the deal. I'll settle for 10 percent and OK, here's I got to the number. So that's how you guys look at it. Yes, that's hilarious.

Gavin:   At least he was, but he was up at the end, right? He was. So that's pretty awesome. So you've been doing that. We talked about a follow up. You're going to break that down and you're obviously new, right? To the investment, the accountability for me. And what you've done is a common thing that we want to see. Right. You're going I'm taking action that I really know what's going on. I don't know what's happening, and I'm just doing it right. Well, that's the whole point, because guess what? The hardest thing is to take action. People want to get into education mode and do nothing. People open up the course, the lease option, cost whatever that buy in for any cost. And they just watch material and they learn. And this is great. This is so much information. But the problem is, is no one's taking action. So you will never make any money you act in. Not even I would say not even a clue, but not knowing all the steps you have already, now you're way further on. So now you're gathering information while implementing it. You're going to move a lot faster than most people. I think one thing they can get from that, this call is exactly what you just said it was, main, crazy.

Harry:   It took me a while to get to the point that I could jump into this. I don't have to know everything. And the idea you guys had said, you can admit that I'm talking to somebody I'm not I don't know that, but I can find out for you and move on. And I was that way. I didn't have contracts. I didn't know what. OK, so it jump in. I worry about it when I get to that point.

Gavin:   Absolutely. Get an offer except to get someone interested and then we'll deal with that. And then when you make an offer then you're there. What, what's next. So all these, all these things, you you're moving forward, right, to be able to get these, these results. So what's the goals for you? What are your goals? What do you what are you trying to do?

Harry:   Well, let's see. I started off these programs as Joe was asking, are you in it not to lose or to win? And initially I was in it not to lose. OK, I can do this, which I did like a crazy man. But it's got to the point now that instead of just making offers, I want to make offers. I want to make better offers that I can make money on. I can I can do the three or four offers that I find. That's not a problem. Let's just let's make better ones. We're spending more time going through deals that this is what I can do. This is one that makes sense. It's not just, OK, three or four days now I'm doing business. That's absolutely.

Gavin:   That's awesome. That's great. What did you think of the app that I showed on our call? And I was a little shiny object.

Harry:   It was. And yeah, as soon as you said shiny object, I was sort of looking the other way. So I got another one. But I was more scraping at the time, so I can't afford to buy another piece of software.

Gavin:   Yeah, yeah. It's we just started using it. I think it's going to be awesome. I do. But as soon as I bought it to that group and I mentioned it, I tried. To retract, and you couldn't see the comments, but I tried to not do it, and then people no I want to see, I want to see, I want to see it.

Harry:   I tried not to look too hard because what I saw looked very good to be able to go to a neighborhood and that house. Tell me about that house. That's vacant. Yeah, put an offer on that. Oh, my God. Yeah, I have a VA it says wherever and go to the neighborhood, to this neighborhood. Here's the path. You can go for someone who didn't pay that much attention to it, a corner of my eye and say, you know a lot.

Gavin:   So anyone listening, guys, you should check out there. Gavin, if you slash Gavin, you get 50 free skip tracers and a seven-day trial as it is right now. I don't know how long that's going to stay, but that's what they've given me to for people to check it out. I just did a damn. I was going to do another video on it. So the accountability group, you can literally drop into any street in the United States. You can do a virtual drawing for the house there, and then you can skip Tracy on the spot and call in Texas immediately. You can add it to a list. You can track your VEIS if they're going to drive vehicle drive for dollars for you and you can they can actually have a starting point. Go through the neighborhoods stopping point. You can track where they've been, how many houses they tagged and I think it's awesome. It's going to be a game changer.

Harry:   I'm super excited about it and I didn't I didn't pay enough attention to write it down, but now I have a crayon in hand. Give me up again.

Gavin:   So it's batchdriven.com/gavin. But don't let it be shiny. We just talked about that.

Harry:   That's why I tried to start with too many other disciplines that I have to get this done first, but my day is broken up. OK, this is offers, this is watching videos. This is whatever. And I stick to that. That's good. I have to have some schedule or I'm lost and that's OK.

Gavin:   We're going to talk about that here in a second because I think people are going to get a lot from that. But just really on that app as well, you can do foreclosures, pre foreclosures. You can pull vacancies on there and actually will show you on the map and you can go directly to the house to pull it as well. So, guys, check that out. And it is pretty cool, especially when I see my VA is doing it. It is. It's pretty awesome. So check it out. Anyway, you just made a key point. I want to pull over time management plan. How easy is it or easy is it for you to execute something when you've already built a plan? How easy how much easier is it to execute that plan?

Harry:   Unless you have something laid out for the day, you're Helter-Skelter, you're all over the place. Joe did something not long ago. Sorry for bringing his name up again. Taken away. No, no. You may have a list of 20 things. Whatever. Pick out the one most important or three. That's what you have to get done that day. The idea of laying out a schedule, the same thing. OK, from nine to 12, I'm making offers from I had an appointment today doing the LLC getting set up today with the prime services. That was an appointment in there for that. And then rest of the afternoon I had to watch some videos, get another offer in, and then we had our four o'clock, four o'clock here, Cincinnati, the three o'clock coaching call. So everything's broken down.

Gavin:   Excellent. So that's important. Do you time block like I do? I don't do, I like to do chunk time, right? I mean, in nine to 12, the reason being is for anyone listening is that you don't want to run the appointments, in my opinion, like seven to seven. Fifteen, fifteen, seven. Fifteen to seven thirty. Because if you get behind now you start getting overwhelmed. You behind. If you say I need to do these tasks and this time it doesn't matter, then the order how quickly you do them and you're going to get more chance of getting them done and what you're going to look at, especially for me. I can't speak for you, Harry, but at the end of the day, I might not have everything, but I've done ninety percent of what I set out to do, which is probably 90 percent more than I would without having the plan.

Harry:   I'll try and prioritize what I have to do in a given block of time. Can't get it all done at least I've got the most important ones.

Gavin:   Absolutely. And I think if you've not read a book with anyone listening called The One Thing, there's a book called The One Thing. Fantastic, Brilliant, one of the best books I've ever read. And it's focusing on the one thing, one thing at a time, prioritizing just what you've said, OK, focusing on the most important thing, get it done, then move on to the next really, really good book for anyone. Listen and smell good. Anything else that you want to share with us, Harry?

Harry:   I'm thinking of finishing up the tail end of the marketing right now. So I have my finger in that the 30 day marketing and I'm in the last week of the five offers three offers a day. This is the last two weeks. I got that going and then I've just jumped into the simple lease options and I looked at quick start on that one is OK, I'm going to put that away. I don't have time to do that yet, but that's probably going to be this weekend. I'm going to jump in, but that's definitely jumping in with both feet. Everything else has to be done. Absolutely. That looks like a big one. It's going to be good.

Gavin:   Well, the thing is as well, though, I don't know about before, but especially now you aren't just buying courses and not implementing. That's one thing that you would you would you agree, I mean, he's been on every call I've done so done that I've cost courses in the past, going back a few years and very nice.

Harry:   I'm not going to put names in it. Some of them are expensive. And I learned all these wonderful things, but nothing about implementing or pushing. No marketing. OK, you have the cart, but no horse.

Gavin:   Yeah. And they also are also marketing. Right. All starts with accountability, being out of your comfort zone, not having the answers. And I think that's what people are going to get from this episode is exactly that is the fact that you don't have all the answers. You're doing it, you're in the same position. They are listening and hopefully the same. Well, yeah, if Harry's doing it, then I can do it.

Harry:   If I can certainly. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Anyone can do it.

Gavin:   Yes, that goes for us all. We're all on the same. We've all got the same, we're all trying to achieve the same thing, you know. And as you build the systems out and get more help, it's going to be better for you. But then you just get, when you look back and say, wow, I can't believe it took much longer and more, you know, the fatter you're going to get. So I'm excited. I'm excited to see your progression as we go through this.

Harry:   Now, it's nice. Little by little, it's making more sense or review something. Again, this is only I know that. And it was good. You guys are keep throwing out little bits and pieces and it's helping. And just how to do what a customer how to put a contract together, a short offer. That's been a lifesaver. That's what I've done. A lot of people either that or the one-page wholesale contract. Yeah. Those two are all over the place for me.

Gavin:   Awesome. That's what we want. Then when the follow up comes in. They should start to drop in and start making some making some money. So if someone before just before we tie up, if someone is struggling, if someone's new, what would you tell them? What would you tell them to do? What would be some advice from you?

Harry:   Similar to what I did back up, take a look at what you want to do and don't get overwhelmed. You know, I want to go from here to here. How do you eat an elephant one bite at a time? To do little steps. And what do I need to do, and do that. What can I do today and what can I do tomorrow? Just do that.

Gavin:   Great. One thing at a time. Focus on the one thing you can learn by time. One bite of the elephant. Great. Well put in it. Right. Anything from a coaching aspect, whatever it is going to register in your mind, whatever scenario, situation, third party story, whatever you got to think of that goes well, that didn't make sense. But the elephant common sense, right? Well, it's true, isn't it. Yeah, you can't have to when it goes. Yeah, that makes sense. You have to do it one by a time. Focus on one thing at a time. Keep it going is the best analogy I had.

Harry:   It's so much ok, find a starting point and ok little what you can a little bit of what you can do at a time and it'll start to make more sense. A little bit.

Gavin:   Yeah. Fantastic. Well hurry. I appreciate you getting on. I know it was last minute and you were down and nothing. Let's just go with your, your character in terms of taking action, especially what we've just talked about. I mean, I was just like literally we just got off the call. You jumped on Zoom and here we are. And roll this episode out for people listening, because I think I like to have people on normal people. It's not all about people that are just doing tons of deals. That's great. There's a lot of value in that. But you need to listen to people that are in the trenches as well and learn as they go taking action. People are going to get a lot from that. And you might not think like really, really. Well, people are going to go, you know what, I need to be more like Harry. And if you in and if one person does it, then it's been a success.

Harry:   I really feel like I'm in the trenches in the mud, muddy shoes, muddy everything. And that's where I am. But I keep kicking. Absolutely.

Gavin:   I'm determined, determined, disciplined, determined. And it will happen. There's nothing anyway. So I'm looking at it. It has to happen absolutely. 100 percent. Well, Harry, I appreciate it. Thank you for your time. We'll do a check in with you in a few months to see how you getting on. We'll go from there. All right. It's nice to meet you face to face. Yeah, thank you. I know I deal with a lot a lot of people, and it's good to obviously put a name to a face as well. So thank you for jumping on this. I appreciate it. OK, guys, so if you're interested in working with me as well, go to REINetwork.com/coach. REINetwork.com/coach. And if you want to check that out, if you want to work together, we can and remember like and subscribe and we'll see you on the next one. Appreciate it. Thanks.

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  1. Very worthwhile interview because I am where he was. Not a newbie to RE but felt that I need to know more before I started calling. He started calling before he knew everything. I have really been concerned about being familiar with the contracts. I have a schedule posted but have not been following it. Got tied up trying to get a second phone number. Vumber is not $4 a line on their website so I finally found an option from by carrier. I think Harry and I are contemporaries so you are never too old. Thank you for this interview.

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