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Our students Gigi and Steve are both proof that there is no certain mold you have to fit to be a real estate investor. As new wholesalers, Gigi and Steve both came from very different backgrounds. An ER doctor, Gigi picked wholesaling because it was a completely new field that challenged her. And Steve had to learn to embrace technology, or at least find some ways to work around his technophobia.

Both Gigi and Steve have built teams that play off their specific strengths. Steve loves talking to sellers, so we’ve created a team for him that just feeds him homeowners ready to sell. A master at building relationships and rapport, listen to how Steve is able to find a new buyer in only a half hour, and still manages to close a property on time.

Gigi is willing to try anything once, and that’s how she found herself with her first double close that let her make $24,000 without bringing a dime of her own funds to the table. We built a team around her that helps her improve her follow up system and stay on top of the offers she’s made.

Real estate investing really will work for anyone who takes the time to build a team and a system. Our job as coaches is to help you plug in the holes in your business, just like we’ve done for Gigi and Steve. If you’d like to see if we’d be a good fit for your business, send us an email and we’d love to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

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What’s inside:

  • Offers hinge on a seller’s motivation, not on your actual offer.
  • See how Gigi and Steve build teams around their personal strengths.
  • How Steve was able to find a buyer for a deal that fell through in only a half hour.

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Joe: Hey, what's going on, guys, Joe McCall from the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast, and I'm doing a little video introduction here for the next series of four to five podcasts that we're going to be releasing. About a month ago, my coaching business partner, Gavin Timms, who's the guy you can't see that very well. We did this workbook. We did a workshop where this workbook came from, and it was really, really good. It was an all-day workshop. We called it the Virtual Profits Workshop. And on that workshop all day Saturday event, we did a lot of teaching. We taught people how to find deals, how to talk to sellers, how to find sellers, how to find buyers. We talked about systems and processes and we walked through case studies of actual deals is a really, really good event.

Joe: And so I said, we've got to release this as a series of podcasts. And so that's what this next four or five episodes are going to be all about. And so I'm not going to record a new introduction for each of them. We'll just probably replay the same intro to those four podcasts. So if you've already heard this before, my apologies, but it was a really good podcast and you're going to walk through this stuff in this manual.

Joe: And in fact, what I might do in fact, I will do this if you go to real estate investing, mastery, dotcom, RealEstateInvestingMastery.com, I don't have my podcast guy David put this workbook. It's a 20, 25 page PDF. I'm going to have him put this in the on the website for the episodes.

Joe: If you go to Real Estate Investing Mastery, that's where all my podcasts are, and that's where you can get show notes and transcriptions links and things like that. So I want to encourage you to go get this workbook because it's going to be really helpful for you. We actually use this as our agenda for notes. And so there's a lot of things that are really important, points that are kind of like fill in the blank in this workbook. So Gavin and I, we've been working together for almost five years, maybe a little bit more. And he's a great coach. And so he's kind of the main coach in my publishing education side of my business. And it was really good.

Joe: One of the things that we did was we interviewed four different coaching clients that are doing really well, doing deals part time and full time that are just crushing it. And we interviewed them and talked about what's working now. It wasn't just a way that we can kind of share and brag and get nice testimonials. It's really was more educational, like what's working now in the industry that people can use. And so I think you're going to find a lot of value out of those podcasts. So, again, we start with what's your big why? Why are you in this business? Why are you doing what you do? And then we talk about the technical stuff of what is it that what are the tools that you need? How do you find the sellers? What do you say to them? How do you make the offers all that good stuff?

Joe: So I think you're going to get, I don't think I know you're getting a lot of value out of these podcasts. So if you're interested in getting this workbook right here, go to real estate investing, mastery dotcom, do a search for Virtual Profits workshop. We're going to be calling these podcasts Virtual Profit Workshop. And each of them will have a each of them will have kind of a title or a subject. I'm an on the show. Notes will be a link to get this workbook. Also, if you want to work with me and Gavin, if you want to be our next success story, somebody that's actually doing deals, then I want to encourage you to go to CoachJoe.net, CoachJoe.net. That'll take you to a page that explains the program that Gavin and I have and what we do with folks. It's an application only process, so we don't take everybody. In fact, we turn down a lot of people that just aren't ready for it.

Joe: And if you're wanting to, though, to get started, if you're wanting some help with getting your marketing set up, your system set up, if you want some done with you and some done for you, I'd encourage you to go to CoachJoe.net, CoachJoe.net and apply. It's just a simple application. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Tell us about your goals or situation. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? And we'll get on the phone and see if we can help you. OK, so go to CoachJoe.net for that. Enjoy these episodes, guys. I know you're going to get a lot of value out of it. I'm hoping that you do. And this might be, I feel like some of the most important podcast episodes that I released in a long, long time. So enjoy them and I will see you guys later. Don't forget to get the show notes, the transcripts, this workbook, all of the links that we talk about. Go to Real Estate Investing Mastery.com, RealEstateInvestingMastery.com. Look up on the search bar, Virtual Profits workshop and you'll find these four or five episodes.

Joe: We've got Steve Zimmer in the house. Steve is funny. Hopefully Coco's with them. She's probably glad that she's not. Actually, if she's not here, she's probably be glad. But I promised Steve, we will not talk about the Cardinals while you are on or the reason as well. Gigi, I said let's bring them on. We want to do is Steven are two amazing friends and coaching clients, and we're going to be talking to them about what's working for them and what are they seeing that's doing really well. They have some good sense of humor. They take this business seriously. And one of the things I love about Steve, when we bring him on here, he knows what he's good at and he knows what he's not good at, OK? He's really good at sales and talking to sellers. He's not good at picking baseball teams to cheer for. But that's another topic for another day. And there's. There's Gigi, how are you?

Gigi: I'm good. Good afternoon.

Gavin: How's it going?

Gigi: Pretty good.

Gavin: Because Steve's trying probably still figuring. Put the camera on.

Joe: Steve is not good with technology.

Gigi: Yeah. I had to take time to adjust my monitor too.

Joe: I see Steve coming on. He is actually on here. He's probably mad at us for not getting. Nice shirt? Steve, it's black because he's in mourning now.

Steve: We're in the playoffs. Come on.

Joe: You're not.

Steve: We clinched last night? Where have you been?

Joe: Oh, are you kidding me? Oh, I'm not kidding you. So did Miami. You're in the wild card, though, so far.

Steve: We're getting ready to take over the Cardinals. But you know what? I'll take the seven seed and face the Braves and I'll let you take on San Diego. How's that?

Joe: No, I said we wouldn't talk about baseball. Well, you did. You seeded the wild card.

Steve: Yes. Yes. Last night.

Joe: Steve is a huge Cincinnati Reds fan, and we're in the same division. So we always give each other a hard time because I'm the Cardinals fan. And yeah, you're right. Now was one guy and Steve guys say hello. We wanted to bring them on and just ask him some questions about what's working for them in real estate. OK, these guys are so much fun to talk to and hang out with. And Gavin, why don't you go and lead this? I'm going to just mute myself, but I'm going to stay right here.

Gavin: Yeah. Just real quick, guys. Gigi, I'm going to come to you first. Just share with everyone just because you're you know, I follow you. I follow the journey. We talk about working and traveling just tell us what I've been doing over the last three weeks. It's pretty amazing.

Gigi: All right. So the last three weeks, I've been on a motorcycle trip with four other ladies, and we went from Alabama to Rushmore to Yellowstone to Glacier down to Moab for the Arches National Park and then went home.

Gavin: And it was six thousand miles.

Joe: Everybody is saying, OMG in the chat. Freaking out.

Gigi: In twenty-five days we were able to do it. And I did call some sellers while I was on the trip. We were snowed in for two days and I said, this is a good time to call some sellers.

Joe: People are asking, what do you ride?

Gigi: I write a Goldwing trike. You know, there was two trikes and three bikes and I had the most storage. And it's just it was so fun. I was able to do my videos because I was on the trike and I was able to do pictures and videos while going it was so much fun.

Gavin: It was good. It lookedgreat. One thing is about Gigi, obviously, I work with her and follow what she does. But like you go in helicopters, you’re horse riding, you're in a canoe, you going down the rapids, you're ona bike. I mean, talk about living the dream to its fullest. It's definitely you.

Gigi: I definitely challenge myself a lot. And doing this, it's a big challenge. That's why I'm here. Probably going out on a limb and the challenge of the new and of course, I'm enjoying being coached and and being guided, you know, just like I had to learn to ride a motorcycle. And now I'm learning about wholesaling and lease options. It's a new territory for me.

Gavin: Absolutely. I've got a question. I feel like I can ask you this because I have an accent as well. Right. But we had a quite a few things this morning about like people listening, a lot of people, whether from different areas, from different parts of the world that live in the United States now and obviously have an accent a lot. Well, we have an accent. Can we do deals? Obviously, I have an accent. You have an accent. I mean, how are you getting around? It obviously doesn't affect you. How's that for you? How do you find talking to the sellers?

Gigi: It's just normal for me. I don't think they, as long as you're confident and friendly and, you know, acknowledging their position. Yeah. It's a small world already and a lot of times who you're talking to is not from here also, but it's not a big problem for me now.

Gavin: And that's good. And I think that's the mindset, isn't it. Right. You don't say, oh, I can't get on the phone because of my accent. You just get on with it just like it's normally when that transitions over to the seller, it's not a big deal. So I just wanted to throw that out there. Another big thing that we talked about this morning, and I'm just going to ask you this, because it's huge to what we were saying. So I've been kind of waiting for this moment to ask this question. You did a deal recently for twenty-four thousand, right? And you made an offer to a guy, if I remember, rightly wanted somewhere in the fifties. And you just went and made an offer that worked for you in the 20s, correct?

Gigi: Yes. So that was my first double close, OK. It was amazing. So I talked to him. It was a duplex. He and his wife are getting old. Covid just started. And he didn't want to be a landlord anymore, so he wanted 50 plus thousand for the property. And I said, well, I'll send you an offer and let's see what we can figure out. And so I sent him an offer and then I forgot about calling him back. Life got busy. About six weeks later I was bringing my horses, the horseshoeing.

Gigi: And this call comes in and I have because I texted them also before and tried to reach him. And then I saw that it was one of the sellers and I said, Mr. So-and-so, do you have a house you wanted to sell. Yes, you contacted me a month ago. And so I said, can I go back home and call you back? And he said, sure. And so when I when I saw that I offered a lot less than what he was asking. I just called and said, so I'm seeing the offer now. I'm in front of my computer. Did you want to sell it for this price? Well, if you will pay for everything else, I guess we're ready to do it. And so. All right. Well, I'll send my property manager or me. I'll go and get you to sign a contract. And he said we don't we don't go out now, you know, I said, OK, give me your address and we'll do that. So we did it. And then my property manager basically knows about wholesaling also, and he has that other landlord. So I asked him to offer it to his other landlords and. Yeah, and he did. And then he had me talk to the interested party and I was able to get the deal done. And double closed, 30 minutes apart on the same day.

Gavin: Because I remember though you were like, oh, I'm going to buy this deal and then I'm going to sell it. I was like, no, no, no, double close. You don't need your own funds. So you did a back to back close. But look at the teaching points of this. Gigi makes an offer that made sense. The guy calls back because the situation changed. Accepted your offer that you did. You made twenty-four thousand on the deal and they called you back. So when we say make offers and situations change in, you are proof. Now, for me as a coach, I was like, OK, awesome, big win. You made an offer and that's why. But I'm like, we should have been on top of that follow and I'm bringing it in ourselves. But again, the ones that we miss, if you've made an offer, can always come back in. So I think that's a super, super powerful story of why people should be making offers. So that's amazing.

Gigi:So I appreciate it. I wanted to share another thing as I was going through the follow up list. I'm a little bit more conscientious now, so I was going through my old list and seeing how the properties are now. I saw one that was sold wholesale at the wholesale prices. Man, that's what I missed. That'll teach me. They're out there and it's like if you're not following up, then you miss you miss it when they're ready to go. Even if it's just right now, I just send text. Text to say, hey, I'm still interested in your property or an email, you know that late or not. And they'll just text back. So it's getting easier.

Gavin: Yeah, absolutely. And also, obviously people who know you. Some don't. You have a job. You're an ER doctor. You do a week on, week off. So systems we do rely on. But what's also amazing when we did our podcast together is that you have to get in the zone. Right. That's what we could call it. Right. So let's talk about you getting in the zone, removing all distraction. What do you do?

Gigi: All right. So I get distracted easily because I have my job. I have investments. I have property managers that I talk to. And so when I'm when I'm at home, like on the weekends, I think so much of laundry and getting the dog to the vet and just all this stuff. And when I'm in front of my computer here, all the emails, it's just so distracting. I need to get this done. And so what I've done is I blocked out time for when I want to call. So usually it's Tuesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon, and have three days like this morning. I block out two to four hours in my calendar and then I just get on my truck, I bring my iPad. My idea is simple, is there and then go. The Tennessee River is just down the road. I go in front of the water. It's my happy place. So and then I. I take a deep. You know, taken all the beauty and I'm happy, I'm confident, you know, I'm here to help sellers, you know, it's they'll be wanting to hear from me. I just put my plate myself in that place where it's like sending out energy, you know?

Joe: Absolutely. Did you just say did you just say you drive your truck?

Gigi: Yes, I drive my truck.

Joe: I would have never thought you would drive a truck.

Gigi: I have a horse trailer. I bring my horses. But I don't trailer my bike anyway. So in front of the river and the water and I'm in my happy place. That's when I go down my list and I have a notepad and I just write. I look at my salary, the next one to go and then Zillow and then write down the address and then go and then so it'll be make an offer or follow up or property sold once to retail or whatever.

Gigi: Then I just go down my list. So the next one on the list, dial the number and do it. You know, there's still there's not a lot of thinking like do I offer this because they haven't even answered yet. I haven't even talked to them. So just doing the calls at that block of time, writing down who I need to make offers on, do it later. And so I then I have a list to make offers and then that's what I'll do tonight.

Gavin: And, but the thing is you have you have a system. Right, the work, you know, saying I have a week on, a week off and I can't do it. You're putting things in time management and getting it done. It clearly works because you get results. Right. And this is just one deal that we've talked about. You bought an apartment complex of eleven units, right? You just had to close in on what days? Friday was it two days ago. Yesterday, yeah. Well, yeah. So you're close to making it happen by focusing on these things because you're getting it done and nothing stops you. Right. And obviously your energy is kind of like if I'm in a bad mood, it's just like congee and I like I need a pick me up. I'll go and see what is there.

Gigi: If I'm in a bad mood, I just go ride my motorcycle, you know, instead of forcing myself to do calls. Absolutely. Great. You need to do something that'll put you in that mood first before you do what you want, because then that that just makes it so much easier. The seller can feel your energy instead of like, oh, I'm just being forced to do this is not a good day, but I have to do it, not me. So it just goes something that makes you happy first and then you can do it just so much easier.

Gavin: Well, good. Well, I appreciate you. You can hang around a minute. We're going to jump. I will definitely be back with you.

Joe: Don't go anywhere, Gigi. We've got people that are typing in questions, and I'm just going to ask you a few of them and yes, I can hear. All right.

Gavin: Before we jump over to Steve. Steve, how are you? Where's Coco? I thought we agreed that Coco would be here.

Steve: I can't compete with Gigi, although I did go to the grocery store today, so I didn't have to worry about getting snowed in, you know.

Gavin: So what's going on, Steve? It's always a pleasure. Always good fun to get you on.

Steve: I enjoy talking to you. First of all, Joe wrote an awesome email yesterday or the day before. And I want you to know, Joe. Yes, I sold a house where my paycheck consisted of someone's going to buy me lunch. I haven't collected yet, but I took care of.

Joe: I don't remember the email yesterday.

Steve: Yes. In reference to that. Yes. So I like money as much as everybody else. But at the same token, cuckoos making me do it for the people, not for the paycheck. OK, well, don't get me wrong. That's great.

Gavin: You do. Just touching on that. It frustrated me the other day. And you acted actually really well when that buyer pulled out on the closing table and you still managed to close the deal and you gave them their earnest money back in terms of the buyer of what, four thousand. Three thousand.

Steve: Ten thousand. No, they have yet to get it back. Yeah. And there's a reason for that. Yeah. Not because I'm trying to be a jerk. Well, no, I take it back. That's another one. Yeah. The one you're talking about. Yeah. The one you did give back. Yes. They were young, they were new in the business. Unfortunately the guy that one of my team members before I got a chance to sit down and talk to them because I would have made them sweat it for a minute. Yeah. But he actually gave it back before I could even intervene. But yeah, they were young, I, I would not have kept it under any circumstances. I would not because they were new in the business. Yeah. It would have been a good lesson but I didn't want to hurt them. They were a young couple.

Gavin: Yeah. It frustrates me because that could have been I mean, you still might see you move the deal, still made the money. So it all worked out, right? Well, sometimes that can't happen that late.

Steve: We were told at noon and closing was at two thirty and we pulled it out of our pants. So, yeah, we found a buyer within 30 minutes.

Gavin: And that's why having good relationships with buyers to be able to do that right. To might not make that happen. So good job. Watch see amazes me about you, Steve, actually is you sent me a message in a few weeks ago about the éclairs, like twenty thousand. And, you know, you said something along the lines of this sounds crazy, but I still don't think I know what I'm doing right now because you are a massive action taken that when I actually look at that and it makes me laugh and actually happy that you don't have all the answers. Right. We do everything on a virtual level. Consistent. Yes. Making money. So you obviously doing things right, even though sometimes it doesn't always seem like it's coming together. It is.

Steve: I mean, somebody that's been right in on top of everything. So it's hard for me to adjust to just talking to people and getting it done and not doing anything other than monitoring it. Yeah, that's a little difficult for me to still comprehend. I know that sounds stupid, but like I said, I like a hands-on guy to have been.

Gavin: Yeah, but it works. You're channeling because you have a great personality. I mean, we've had coaching calls when it's like, I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know what I'm saying. But again, role playing and I mean, we've done some role plays on YouTube and you kill it. I mean, you're great at it. And that actually comes across. I mean, we did it in a finance role. Play was pretty much faultless. I mean, you absolutely nailed it on YouTube. And it was when you've got it right, you engage people like to talk with you. That is so important, just using your personality. Right.

Steve: I tell people they like me because they don't know me, so.

Gavin: Exactly. But if that's the relationship, isn't it? That's the people are going to like that. That's what's engaging about you. You're not just by the book.

Steve: I've built up some great teams of people and that really helps out immensely. And I make sure they're taken care of. And that's really where my success is, that it's not as much as myself as it is the teams that we put together that makes sense. You talk about virtual. I've got a team of people that are second to none, in my estimation.

Joe: Talk about Steve. Who is that on your team? Who are the people on your team? Because one of the things I've so admired about you is, you know, what you're good at and what you're not good at. Yeah. You're pretty much focused on your stay in your lane and you're good at that. And you get other people to do the other stuff that you're maybe not as good at, right?

Steve: Yes, I'm very good at getting other people to do things. Yes.

Joe: What are those other things that you have other people do that you don't do?

Steve: Once I get to contract and play, they take over everything else. They go see the house before I put it in contracts sometimes. Like I just put a housing contract Thursday, I believe it was my teammate will go out there and look at it next Thursday. It's under contract. We already have it sold if it meets everything the seller said. So we already have a buyer for it. We lined that up yesterday. They want it and they're taking it at the price that we offered it. We thought we were gonna have to let them work us down. So he'll do the rest of it from here on in. And then Coco will handle title. She'll handle the closing. That's about it. If they find the buyers, they go take pictures. They let me know if the sellers lie. And I tell them what the sellers told me. The pictures tell the story, to be honest with you. So I don't have to even verify that I'm babysitting my son's dog. You could all I basically do is make phone calls and handle the paperwork and then does title and like I said, and stuff like that.

Gavin: Yeah, the good thing is that you're only as good as your team right back on that. Right. On the coaching calls. Lauren and Dana. You get Lauren and Dana, for instance. We can't operate without a great team. Even what me and Joe do. Even the deals that I do in the same as having people on the ground now negotiating the deals and moving it the same way that Joe does as well, is that you're only as good if you remove the team. You're nothing, right. So when you put that into place, you build that relationship. You've had good people and bad people. Like we all love. Right when you get it right and the right system, I mean, you've just opened up another market. I think it was Memphis or somewhere because you're just follow in once we have it. Like Chris said earlier, when you have it, you then just take it into this market to that. You build the same thing per market. It works great.

Joe: Steve and Gigi, would you answer this too. Who is your team? Who are the people that are on your team helping you now?

Steve: What do you mean who are they like?

Joe: No, not names, but like roles.

Steve: Oh, well, one of my teams, he's a real estate agent, for example. We just had a deal that we did the other day. We had bought the house next door, redid that or sold it and had it redone. We bought that another house that was right next door of that from the same owners. And I even tried. I wanted to buy that for 60. They wanted seventy-eight. I finally got them down to seventy-four, was all I got them down to. And what we did was we actually bought that property and we went in there for three days and cleaned it up, listed it on the market on a Friday and a contract in hand for about thirty-five hundred dollars more than we listed it for. So we hope we call that whole taling around here. I don't know if you've. Yeah, OK, so we all tailed that property. The net on that is my biggest sale I've ever made. It's phenomenal. Nice.

Joe:So you have some realtors, you have your wife who helps you kind of the data entry admin stuff right.

Steve: Pounds my head. Get on the phone, you fool. So she's pretty tough. She's tough, but she makes me laugh. And I got another team that. So he's a real estate agent as well as he goes out and looks for houses. I've got he also drives four dollars for me. The other guy drives four dollars for me. He has the sellers lined up or the buyers lined up. So that market driving four dollars has been working better than anything else right now. Like every other city in the country they're all in you dated with investors and they're not even answering their phones on quite a few times. So that's fascinating.

Joe: Driving for dollars. We don't even talk about that much.

Steve: We do that every week. Well, we don't. He does.

Joe:So they're just driving around looking for properties that need work. And then there, are they using an app or any kind of software for that?

Steve: Text me the address and I use what I've got.

Joe: Now, you're not even using any of the fancy apps to?

Steve: No, we don't really need them. You know, with all the other tools that we have, they can do the work for us and we don't have to pay any extra. Sure, I'd be a little nicer. It might cut some corners,  and then I got a VA that inputs all the stuff for me, so, you know. Yeah. So that it's your system, Joe. Your system. Thank you for you.

Gigi: Joe McCall's system.

Joe: Look, all these people are asking Steve. Steve is in Ohio. Are you Cincinnati?

Steve: No, I am right in between Dayton and Columbus. OK, yes. So I work. I'm getting ready to open up the whole state of Ohio just started in Memphis. We haven't done much in Memphis yet, but we are opening up the whole state of Ohio. So I've got a person up in Cleveland lined up and I've got a person in Cincinnati as well.

Joe: Gigi, what are some of the, who's on your team?

Gigi:So I've had rental properties in the past the three years. And so I have a property manager and my area's north Alabama. I'm in Huntsville and Florence, Alabama, and I have a property manager in Huntsville and one in Florence. And so they're my main team players, you know. So whenever I get the contract, then I discuss it with them and sometimes they have the buyer. I also have to work with realtors. I have my favorite realtors in both areas and run the properties by them. So I'm still building a system of how to buy and sell quickly. Like Gavin said, I was of the mindset of a traditional real estate investor, buy and hold. And with this momentum and, you know, getting sellers to give us houses at a discount, then I can't really do that. I'll run out the money quickly. So this system, I'm still setting my system, you know, where I can I can network with buyers and be able to dispose of a property quickly off of a contract. I'm still learning.

Gavin: We're getting a couple of questions in guys regarding what your marketing piece of this is coming up a few times. Like what are you doing for marketing right now?

Steve: I'm pretty simple. I have a VA that makes phone calls and they send my leads to me. And I just opened up a new I'm trying a new thing. Talk to Joe a little bit about it on Voxer. I'm going to try a program using Facebook. And I think you guys realize that I am not computer literate, but thank God my administrative VA is.

Steve: And he set it all up for us. He's going to be put in the ads and he's doing all that and he's going to also monitor it. So that's my new marketing tool that we're using. I expect on a monthly basis in Ohio, maybe three to five a month would be probably a good number that people will be receptive. And out of those three to five, if I can even get one a month and it's five. Ten grand, it pays for itself, I don't care, and because I'm not going to spend a lot on it, so I'm doing that again, driving four dollars and I could call the other day we had a house we've been trying to get for some time. We cannot locate the people, blah, blah, blah. And I told my man, I said, hey, do me a favor, go to this address. I think that's where the son lives. And he went there. And not only are we going to contract the one else we've been looking at, but he's also going to be selling us his house so well that so, you know, the old philosophy, my philosophy is I'd rather be lucky than good. And that's pretty much how I operate and I'd rather be lucky than good.

Gavin: You have to create your own luck. I believe in that. We have to create your own little you have to show the constant thing that you do is you downplay everything. Right. You are good at what you do.

Steve: Coco would not agree with you.

Joe: When it comes to golf. I'd rather be good than lucky.

Gavin: Oh yeah, I know.

Steve: Which upsets me. I asked Gavin about my seven iron the other day and he didn't even acknowledge my question.

Gavin: And I'm trying on a coaching call and all these guys do is put me off with anything that I'm talking about. But it is a conference call.

Steve: It was the end of the conference call. So anyway, yeah, I do downplay it because I don't take myself very serious. You know, I don't I think, you know, I don't take too much too seriously.

Gavin: We helped you with that VA hire.

Steve: And thanks to you, I might add. Thank you very much. Yes.

Gavin: A game changer for you, right. When you got a good one.

Joe: Gigi, what kind of marketing that you do, Gigi?

Gigi:So I have a cold calling VA also that calls a list. And then when they have somebody that says, yes, I want an offer on my house and they give me the number and and I go through that list and I'm still learning about other forms of marketing, both for sellers and buyers now. And I do want to start my Facebook page and do that. You know, I've had experience, believe it or not, with the Shopify store. We did Facebook ads for this, me and my son. It's just a learning experience for him and for me. My son is like twenty years old. He was a teenager when we were doing it. Anyway, to apply Facebook ads to a Facebook page would be awesome. And I'm getting the gumption to do that, to start doing that and to start the websites I know REI Simple has where you can put up Web sites for buyers and sellers and I'd like to be able to make use of that as well.

Gavin: Well, the good thing is you're doing deals without that right now, right? So when we talk about buy, a lot of people think they need a website before they do a deal, right? I don't know.

Gigi: I take care of the business. First, I need to call the sellers that my voice is coming up with and then do the others on the off hours or after I've done that.

Gavin: Well, good. We appreciate you both getting on. I think it's super helpful for everyone to hear again from the people and what's working well and the struggles and the good.

Gigi: Thank you for having us. And if anybody wants to contact me, I'm on Facebook. Gigi Orgera, just look me.

Gavin: Yeah, Gigi's a buyer as well. So anything in the Huntsville, Florence area, who's looking for a deal.

Joe: Yeah. And if any of you get some deals in Ohio, Steve partners with a lot of people, JVs with people on deals. Steve Zimmer, if you need Steve's contact info, just shoot us an email and we'll forward you his email.

Steve: Because I don't know it.

Joe: He doesn't even and he's not and he's not joking. But we don't want everybody bombarding him with questions. So if you have a deal and it's in Ohio or Memphis, then we'll send that over to Steve for just shoot us. Support@JoeMcCall.com. Thank you, Steve. And we sure appreciate you guys so much. Right.

Steve: Thank you both. And Gavin, I want to make a comment on your video the other day. Olin positioning yourself. That was an awesome video. I recommend everybody read that or listen to that. Yeah, that was good. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you very much for that, Gavin. And I'll refer back to it more often than not as well.

Gavin: All right. I appreciate it. Thank you, guys. Have a great I appreciate you both. Thank you. Guys. You have a good one.

Joe: That was awesome. So awesome. I love those two. They are funny and real. I saw the comments a lot of people are talking about who just like me, you know, a lot of people just love Gigi talking about what a gem she is. A lot of people said that. So cool. Somebody is asking, what area does Gigi working? She's doing Alabama, is that right? Works in Alabama?

Gavin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, Huntsville, Florence.

Joe: All right. All right. Just so y'all can remember what we talked about before, we still have a few openings left. In the Virtual Profit Accelerator and here is the link, I going to put the link again in that zoom chat. If you've got a virtualprofitsaccelerator.com, virtualprofitsaccelerator.com, you might have given you the wrong link before, but it is in there. Cool.

What are you thinking?

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