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Once you’ve figured out your “why”, then you’ll have yourself centered on the rock-solid reason you want to get up and work your real estate business every day. And in this episode, you’re going to see how important having a “why” is when you see how motivated our new students Chris Arnold and Chris W. are. We’ve only been working with them since May, and you’re going to see why they’ve had such phenomenal success.

Very quickly, Chris Arnold realized that real estate is a numbers game. Once you get this concept in your brain, you can work backward from there to plug in just how many leads you need so that you know how many offers you have to make every month. In the beginning, Chris sent three offers to every buyer: a wholesale lease option, a sandwich lease option, and a wholesale offer. But even though he adjusted his offer strategy when he found a better way, he never slowed down on how many offers he made a month.

Having this much success in just a few short months was not an accident. Chris and Chris share how mindset and motivation propelled them forward, and they share advice to help other new wholesalers push through the noise they’re going to encounter as they build their businesses.

Don’t just sit back and listen. Take the opportunity to make real, actionable goals as you listen by downloading the Virtual Profits Workshop workbook and plugging in your goals. Chris credits some of his success to a previous goal setting virtual seminar of ours that made real estate strategies suddenly click in his brain.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • How Chris Arnold used the numbers game to build a strategy that would build on momentum.
  • As newer investors, Chris and Chris share their favorite places for finding leads.
  • Approaching this as a job has really helped Chris Arnold build up success very quickly.

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Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

Joe: Hey, what's going on, guys, Joe McCall from the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast, and I'm doing a little video introduction here for the next series of four to five podcasts we're going to be releasing. About a month ago, my coaching business partner, Gavin Timms, who's the guy you can't see that very well. We did this workbook. We did a workshop where this workbook came from. And it was really, really good. It was an all day workshop. We called it the Virtual Profits Workshop. And on that workshop all day Saturday event, we did a lot of teaching. We taught people how to find deals, how to talk to sellers, how to find sellers, how to find buyers.

Joe: We talked about systems and processes and we walked through case studies of actual deals is a really, really good event. And so I said, we've got to release this as a series of podcasts. And so that's what this next four or five episodes are going to be all about. And so I'm not going to record a new introduction for each of them. We'll just probably replay the same intro to those four podcasts. So if you've already heard this before, my apologies, but it was a really good podcast and you're going to walk through this stuff in this manual.

Joe: And in fact, what I might do in fact, I will do this if you go to RealEstateInvestingMastery.com, RealEstateInvestingMastery.com I'm going to have my podcast guy David, put this workbook. It's a 20, 25-page PDF. I'm going to have him put this in the on the website for the episodes. If you go to Real Estate Investing Mastery over all my podcasts or and that's where you can get show notes and transcriptions links and things like that.

Joe:So I want to encourage you to go get this workbook because it's going to be really helpful for you. We actually use this as our agenda for notes. And so there's a lot of things that are really important, points that are kind of like fill in the blank in this workbook. So Gavin and I, we've been working together for almost five years, maybe a little bit more. And he's a great coach. And so he's kind of the main coach in my publishing education side of my business. And it was really good. One of the things that we did was we interviewed four different coaching clients that are doing really well, doing deals part time and full time that are just crushing it. And we interviewed them and talked about what's working now. It wasn't just a way that we can kind of share and brag and get nice testimonials.

Joe: It's really was more educational, like what's working now in the industry that people can use. And so I think you're going to find a lot of value out of those podcasts. So, again, we start with what's your big why? Why are you in this business? Why are you doing what you do? And then we talk about the technical stuff of what is it that what are the tools that you need? How do you find the sellers? What do you say to them? How do you make the offers all that good stuff? So I think you're going to get I don't think I know you're getting a lot of value out of these podcasts. So if you're interested in getting this workbook right here, go to real estate investing, mastery dotcom, do a search for Virtual Profits workshop.

Joe: We're going to be calling these podcasts Virtual Profit Workshop. And each of them will have a each of them will have kind of a title or a subject. And on the show notes will be a link to get this workbook. Also, if you want to work with me and Gavin, if you want to be our next success story, somebody that's actually doing deals, then I want to encourage you to go to CoachJoe.net, CoachJoe.net. That'll take you to a page that explains the program that Gavin and I have and what we do with folks. It's an application only process, so we don't take everybody. In fact, we turn down a lot of people that just aren't ready for it. And if you're wanting to, though, to get started, if you're wanting some help with getting your marketing set up, your system set up, if you want some done with you and some done for you, I'd encourage you to go to CoachJoe.net, CoachJoe.net and apply. It's just a simple application.

Joe: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Tell us about your goals or situation. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? And we'll get on the phone and see if we can help you. OK, so go to CoachJoe.net for that. Enjoy these episodes, guys. I know you're going to get a lot of value out of them. I'm hoping that you do. And this might be, I feel like some of the most important podcast episodes that I released in a long, long time. So enjoy them and I will see you guys later. Don't forget to get the show notes, the transcripts, this workbook, all of the links that we talk about. Go to Real Estate Investing Mastery.com, RealEstateInvestingMastery.com. Look up on the search bar, Virtual Profits workshop and you'll find these four or five episodes. We'll see you guys.

Gavin: Guys, how are we?

Chris: Cutting into my money-making time, brother.

Gavin: I know what I told you. I just needed you for fifteen minutes. All right. That's all I ask. I appreciate it. You guys getting on. We're going to probably just ask you a few questions and engage with you. And kind of we've got a lot of people watching us on Zoom. We have about 580, that's without Facebook. So we're well over 600, probably 700 people watching. And we want to just share kind of what you guys have been doing from a virtual level. So I guess we'll jump back and forth accordingly and I'll try and use your full name, because, again, I've got Chris and Chris again, wasn't my smartest on at the same time. So I guess, Chris Arnold, let's start with you. Obviously, we've been working together on a few months, I don't know, six months. I don't know how long it's been. 4 months.

Chris Arnold: Started in May.

Gavin: May? And you are in California. So what we've been talking about so far this morning is people in California, it's a hard market. We decided to go virtual. Right. You were trying to do it in California a little bit. We went virtual. So let's talk about where you've gone, kind of what you've been doing. Talk about your process a little bit.

Chris Arnold: Yeah, absolutely. Thank you. So I live in San Francisco Bay Area. So it's a hot market. Also super expensive here to start a wholesaling business, which you brought out very quickly when we started talking together, working together. And so you said we need to find a market that's not necessarily your state, that you're going to be able to start turning deals a little bit quicker with good riddance to mortgage ratios and stuff like that. So we started looking in the South. We started looking in a couple of cities in Louisiana, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette. And then we did we did peak in Houston. But it was such a hot market, a virtual market for people that you said it probably wasn't a good idea to start there. Yeah. And so what we finally decided on was Baton Rouge. And then so we turned on the marketing. We found some buyers initially followed your system and then started generating some deals within three weeks at least conversation, selling conversations within the first week. And then they kind of evolved from there.

Gavin: And you're a little different, right? And you guys being on together is quite unique because you've got two different stories and situations that like for you, Chris Arnold. Right. Is that you were you came out of the box a thousand mile an hour, not even one hundred a thousand mile an hour. Right. It was all for you about actually trying to hold you back. Right. Because we talk about taking massive action and then you take it to a new level which works. Right, good and bad. So talk about the offers that you would do in the contracts that you got, kind of the ones that worked out and how that process kind of was working for you, what you were doing.

Chris Arnold:So what we started doing, which is the basic of our training, is we send three offers. We send wholesale offer, wholesale lease option, offer a sandwich lease option offer and a wholesale offer. So for the most part, at the beginning, every person I spoke to got three offers, right. So I said three offers and three offers. And then I started finding out fine tuning, hey, this offer is going to work for them. And it was a positioning me. Right. So then I started focusing on wholesale offers.

Chris Arnold: And then within three weeks I had two contracts. I had one lease option, which was my first lease option, wholesale deal, and then I had a wholesale deal. And so both those came in on a Saturday. And then so I started working those and then what eventually ended up happening. So over the course of the next 30 days, we got nine contracts in and eight of those were wholesale deals. And then, you know, but things happen. Contracts don't work out. Timing didn't work out. And so we ended up closing five of them.

Gavin: OK, so hold on. This is really important. If nine contracts, right. One lease option A wholesale, you close five. But the difference was, is that you were making office. Right. Is the one part of you that said I'm 100 percent confident in what I'm doing. I understand this process. Absolutely no. Right. You just go in on it. But look. And also so we got five contracts. What did that contracts? Just big numbers. What did they grow saying that roughly twenty three thousand. OK, so twenty-three thousand dollars on a virtual level. OK, nine contracts in the first month. Now, another big point that I want to point out to you, won't it be unfair not to say this, is that you were working the business and when I'm talking working, I mean you this is what you are doing every single day. You was not working two hours a day to hit these numbers. Right.

Chris Arnold: Is the first thing I did in the morning. Last thing I did at night was just trying to push it to that critical mass where contracts started coming in.

Gavin: Absolutely. OK, so let's say then, how many offers and sellers did you talk to that month?

Chris Arnold:So I don't have my numbers in front of me. I'm going to guess we did ninety offers, ninety three offers out. We would've talked to two hundred plus sellers to get to that.

Gavin: OK, so two hundred sellers, ninety offers. OK, you're working crazy. And people like the reason where I'm going with this is people like well I can't do that, I don't have the time to do that. But what I'm actually trying to do guys is if you actually take this down to proportional, you're still doing deals. That is the key. So everyone might not be able to do two hundred sellers or to make 90 offers right over the space of six, seven weeks or whatever it was, and to get that many contracts. But if you can do a portion of that, that's what it's going to take to do a deal. Right. And I think that's kind of what I'm trying to get out and people to actually see a visual on this. So what was kind of some of the challenges and some of the winds that you've seen yourself working in this business?

Chris Arnold: I would say one of the biggest challenges other than getting started and being committed and getting on the phone, those basic things, there's a lot of noise to push through. There's other wholesalers in your market. There's investors in your market. So I noticed within the first two weeks how I knew I was making headway as I was running into other wholesalers. I was running into realtors, I was running into investors. And the way that I saw is it was intimidating at first because I don't speak that language all together. I'm still learning it. But what I started noticing as people started remembering my name from talking to me on the phone just from getting an offer was a low offer. It wasn't an offer that didn't work, but we parted that it doesn't work. But then another property came up that maybe that realtor was listening to and then another wholesaler. So it gave me more strength to know that people were hearing my name and remembering it so early. I talked to you the other day, and so at first I was intimidated. So that was a major I think for me the obstacle was just getting in and letting people know who I was in that market, because I don't live there right now coming into this market, virtually trying to become known and help out and serve that community. So I think that was one of the biggest things.

Gavin: Absolutely. And the exciting thing is, is that you doing that as quickly as you did. And that's with very little follow. I like I've not seen numbers like it. And I said that to you. Very impressive. But you worked. I mean, you will work to hit that and I think work well, you did that and not sure my time. If you can get on a follow up now that I'm two hundred, is another 10, 15 easy in the next six months. Just what's in the CRM? And that's what people are saying. Hey, a couple of questions that are coming in. What marketing? How did you get these leads coming in?

Chris Arnold:So you want me to answer that. So when I started working together as my coach, you helped me set up my system. So we went in and we pulled some leads from List Source and then we got some cold callers on to generate leads. But that was only like I had one cold caller bringing in maybe two leads a day. And so that's like thirty minutes at work for you to call them, make an offer. And so I started supplementing that with Zillow for rents and then Zillow for sales just to get into the habit of making offers. And so that kind of grew from there. And then did touch on your point a second ago where you said the follow up is where the money is. When I started focusing on the contracts in month two that came in, three or four contracts just kind of came in from that momentum.

Gavin: Incredible when you see it. Right. And that's what people don't understand. And Chris is Chris, W. is going to talk on this as well in a minute, building that momentum and seeing that it's not always the success doesn't always come today. Right. You need to stick in there because it's going to just spiral. Right, is what you were saying. And that's what's exciting. And I'm number one, I saw the thing as well. That was interesting about you that caught my eye before we even worked together was the accountability you were in of the accountability group that we ran at the time. And you could understand from that that it was obviously a numbers game. Right. And what you just said, if anyone missed it, guys, was he said that he was just making off as he was doing more marketing so we could learn how to make more offers faster. And that's what we talked about in this morning session, is making them offers faster because you have to break the cycle if you want to be different and you want to actually do these deals. We need offers going out. We need the follow up to be on. So awesome. And you can hang on a minute, Chris. Anything else you want to share and I'll jump back to you.

Chris Arnold: But, yeah, I think you should definitely get a coach who's closing deals in your market. Absolutely. I mean, that was one of the main things and having direct access to you and having systems in place to help generate leads for you. So there's two things are key.

Gavin: Yeah, but for you, you were like a mad man in a nice way, right? I mean, you were just like going at it like a bull, which was awesome because that's what we want. That's what we teach. Right. That's what we're trying to get people to do. And you just need it. OK, put this in. This is going to systemize you to start working smarter, not harder. So. Yeah, awesome. Good job. And I appreciate you getting on. Hang out. Is that unless you've got to go because know that fifty minutes have got you. I got you fifteen. But Chris. Right. How are you. A good brother. Good to be here with you. Thanks. Appreciate it. We just did a great podcast that went on to Joe's show as well. So go and check them out. Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. It's on there or REI Network podcast with me. Go and check them out. We just actually, I think wentout a week or two ago. A powerful story. I wanted to get you on because it's kind of like Chris Arnold here coming out the blocks and doing what he did on a virtual level and then you being in a much more competitive market and how you needed to kind of stay in to get results. So tell us a little bit about you, what market you're in and how things have been going.

Chris W.: Yeah, I'm in two markets right now, Denver, Colorado, which is where I. Live and virtually in Kansas City, Missouri. So kind of the crazy quick tidbit about my story and kind of the high level thought I would offer everyone listening is thatreal estate, I think Gavin would agree with this is what we do is 90 percent mindset. And the tidbit about my story is I started my investing career in Kansas City virtually because I was too afraid to invest in my own market because I was just too afraid. And the craziness about that is I didn't know what I was doing. I actually moved to Kansas City for four months. My parents live there. So that's why I chose Kansas City and I moved there, lived in my parents’ basement and my wife was pregnant in Denver. So just to give you like, yeah, hopefully people are going, what you did, what?

Gavin: I don't want to cut you off. But when we did the podcast, this is like a powerful we just did the why earlier and this is super powerful. So anyway, carry on.

Chris W.:So I was living in Kansas City. I did some deals. There was making some money. And I was under a lot of pressure and stress in my own mind because I knew I had to get back to Denver because we're going to have this baby. And long story short, I ran out of runway. The baby was coming. I had to come back. I came back to Denver in February of 2020 this year. And I was just I was under a lot of stress, six figures in debt. And my wife's a full time stay at home mom. She does help me out in the business. She's a lot of my assistants. But, you know, I was scared, like, just to be transparent. I was scared. I was nervous. I'm in Denver. I'm back in that same mindset I was before I went to Kansas City, like, what am I going to do? I got a baby come in, like six figures in debt. I've got a couple of months of income in the bank. Like, I was just all in my head because I didn't have any other option. And that was right before I met you, Gavin.

Gavin: Yeah. And just me. It just so and it wasn't down to me. Right. You put in the work which were going to get to. So I don't want anyone to fail at all. I came in and solved everything that is in the case and I don't want to make out that that that was it. Because in fairness to you, we're going to dig into this. Is that you, Baxt? You've got a baby come in. Your back's against the wall more than ever. You're in a ton of debt, right. And it's now or never pretty much. Right. I mean, we're down to the line of you're going back to Kansas for the whole family living with your parents. And this is what's going to be happening if we don't figure this out, right?

Chris W.: Yeah, we were in my head. I thought maybe I had about 60 days and I was going to call my dad and say, hey, what do you think about me and my wife and my two kids, you know, my four-year-old and my baby that we're about to have come into the house? I was like in a 60-day window and that was kind of right when I met you.

Gavin: Yeah. So then and you've have a partner, right? Because, again, we can't achieve everything on our own. You've got an awesome partner with Joe in Denver as well. Supersmart guy. You guys came on. We kind of put this plan in place. We'll talk about from a legal standpoint; I want to talk about how that momentum built and how long it took to actually see success in a market like Denver.

Chris W.: Yeah, it took us right at about ninety days, give or take a couple of weeks. And the biggest challenge in that window of time goes back to mindset. And the biggest challenge was being patient number one and trusting in the process. Easy to say. I'm sure everybody's heard people like Gavin and Joe talked about this on their trainings and podcasts, like you got to trust in the process. You've got to be patient. You got it. Easy to say, but when you're six figures in debt, you got a kid on the way and you're opening a new market, one of the most competitive markets in the country, it's more difficult to be patient and to trust in the process because I need a deal today. Agreed. But I took about 90 days.

Gavin: And one of the biggest things working with you on that is constantly keeping you in the mindset, right. Of keep going, not giving up. From a coaching standpoint, I don't know what's going to happen. All I need to know is that you're doing what you need to do every single day, and I know it will happen. So trying to transition that into you is to go keep going, keep making the offers. If you follow accountability, right. What then? Talk about pretty much how everything can change in seven to ten days.

Chris W.: Yeah. And seven to ten days. This is now about I want to say thirty days ago and about a seven to 10-day window about thirty days ago we got seven contracts and we have closed one hundred and fifty nine thousand dollars of assignment fees from those contracts. Yeah. So and we've got two more deals under contract. One we're going to keep as a rental. We bought it for twenty-three thousand. We're going to put twenty-nine thousand into it. We've got about five thousand in money cos we're going to be about fifty-seven thousand dollars and we're going to rent it for a thousand bucks a month. And then we're closing on our ninth deal here in a couple of weeks. That's got twenty-three thousand.

Gavin: Incredible. So we have Nelson seven days as as eight, nine days. I remember you having one hundred and thirty-seven thousand inclosing right from follow up from building momentum now to drive on to now get to one hundred and fifty nine total inclosing to now go in and buying a rental to now get another twenty three thousand something in closing and now we have momentum to drive on. Right. And it's amazing. Right. And people you can probably see in the comments because I get, I get goosebumps thinking about it because I'm living in it. I'm having conversations with you, your partner, and trying to motivate. And you just have to have that self-belief. You have to have that grit and determination to keep going. Right. And we talked earlier about strong. Like if your wife is weak, you give in. You don't you ain't going to you ain't going to grind it out. Right.

Gavin: If you're two months trying to do it, you're in the situation now. We've got another 90 days to go. You ain't going to you're going to throw in the towel. We couldn't because the strong the Y was stronger than anything else to keep going and then boom, momentum kicks in. Right. They don't just come. We're not talking one old. They come seven. Right. It was an unbelievable I remember giving both of you a telling off. I was like seven days, guys. How we doing? Just checking it. Oh, yeah. We're all going one hundred and thirty-nine thousand and closed that. And I was like, what I say and everything can change on a dime. And I actually did a podcast. Everything can change on a dime because literally that's how your situation can change right straight away. And no one knows it could change to someone else today, right tomorrow. We don't know. All we can do is control what the day to day things. Right. That's all you can do.

Gavin: All Chris W. can do is to talk to sellers, do marketing, talk to sellers, make offers and follow up. That's all he can do. That's all he can control, nothing else. He can control more than that. But by doing that, the outcome will come. And obviously for you, OK, fantastic. You know, it happened. It's now changing in your life, obviously, to now go and have an acquisition. Right. You're building now, obviously, along with Joe, you guys are taking it to the next level. So fantastic. Anything else, Chris, that you kind of want to share? Obviously, you've done you win the challenges, but, you know, anything else. And obviously, Joe McCall is back. Joe, if you've got anything for him as well, and I want to keep it too long.

Joe: It's just inspiring to see guys that are real, you know? Because I've been doing this for eleven, twelve years. Well, fourteen years. And sometimes I forget what it was like way, way back then. And it brings up a lot of emotions, thank God. You know, it's just inspiring. And I just love hearing these stories. And I know I'm seeing the comments here in the chat. It's like people are getting it. They're reinspired. If you guys I don't know Chris and Chris, if you can see the charts. But if you guys been you guys appreciate what these guys have shared with you right now, just type in the chat and say yes.

Gavin: Yeah, super, super powerful comes as well to them. Right. Kudos. Not once did you complain and start whining. Right. You just get on with it because that's all you can again. That's all you could do. I'm picking a market. OK, I'm going to say one other thing for Chris White. We had a conversation. Denver's going Denver's rocking. Where should we go? What should we do next? Again, look at your surroundings. Look at your resources. Right. He was from Kansas. He has family and friends in Kansas City. It makes sense, right? We're looking at this market on that market where you don't know anyone. Oh, no. We have some power on the ground. We might have a runner to go and take pictures, lockbox, things like that. So we decided to go into Kansas. And Chris, you did this right. You've got a contract, probably one.

Chris W.: I think the first week we went into Kansas, we just took the system in the process you helped us build in Denver, just drop that into Kansas. And then the first is like first three days actually gone. I got the first contract. So awesome. Also kind of one of those things, once you know how to ride the bike, so to speak.

Gavin: Absolutely. 100 percent. Once it's in place, it's now where do you want to take it? Where do you want to go? It's like, do you want to do five markets? Ten, fifteen. And obviously cost comes with it team and all that. So you have to grow within what your vision is. But now that last awesome guy.

Joe: So real quick that we've got a bunch of people type in some questions. Can we just give them to these guys real quick, just like try to Chris and Chris, try to like Spitfire answers as quick as you can. Number one, how did you find investors to buy your deals, Mr. Chris White?

Chris W.: First, I went to Section eight Dotcom and those go Section eight dotcom, section eight dot com just spent two days, probably four hours each day on the phone. Pounding the phones. I'm a local investor in the area. We just saw you own this property over on one, two, three, Main Street. Would you be interested in talking about making some money together this year?

Joe: Chris Arnold, what was your favorite way to find buyers?

Chris Arnold:So we pulled a list from this source and then use some of your training, and because there were some there's two thousand, I think so I sent out 20 a day text messages. And if they said of your template and then they started responding, so I'd pick up the phone and then do the same thing, Chris did. Hey, we're looking to bring on some contracts in the next 30 days. What are you interested in? And we just grabbed their information. And then I moved it over to a buyer status.

Joe: Sounds really complicated. I'm just kidding. Alright, Chris White, how did you manage all these deals at once? How do you how are you managing them?

Chris W.: It's a mess, actually. It's organized chaos. Agood problem.

Gavin: Do you have, like, a CRM, a spreadsheet? You're using pen and paper?

Chris W.: Yeah, I've got a CRM that we use pretty similar to almost exactly to the one you use, REI Simple.

Joe: I get it. Chris Arnold, what are you trying to use? How about that?

Chris Arnold: Yeah, I actually I have it on the main thing, on REI simple and so and then I have a wholesaler in the market that.

Joe: You know, sometimes I was going to say this too. We use REI simple Podio, but sometimes we still even use something separate then once we get the deals under contract to track them. And that's OK. I think Gavin and you guys using Monday.com to get a that we also use, you know, Trello as well, different things. But the key is, is that and Chris, Chris was right. When you get deals on the contract, even in all business, it gets hectic because you're trying to move and tenants. Which ones have we seen? Have we got pictures yet. Can we get an organization? It's a good problem. These are all fantastic problems to have when you're trying to grow. Right. So it's gone from trying to do a deal. Now we've got five or six or ten going on. It's now chipping away for the rest of the team. Lead manager. Right. Chris Arnold's got a lead manager and someone helping making offers. Chris White's hired an acquisition manager. He's got his wife, obviously on the admin side. So now you're starting to scale that business, which we're going to come on to about delegation, automation. How do we maintain this? How do we continue this? How do we grow this? Because you, as a single person or a partnership can only go so far without chipping away with the next things in place with the systems.

Joe: Excellent. All right. Real quick, Chris, what are one or two or three of your favorite sources for seller marketing for finding seller leader Chris White. I get all of my Seller leads from prep streamand then you cold. Call them, text them, mail them what I could call them and tell them I'm going to be talking to everybody about cold calling in a minute here. A lot of your asking questions of where do you find those guys and are you doing the cold calling yourself?

Chris Arnold: No, I've got a team now in place that Gavin's helped me set up some good.

Joe: Chris Arnold, what's your favorite source of leads for sellers right now?

Chris Arnold: Favorite sources. We grab them from list source. We have cold callers calling them. And then once they say they're interested in an offer, I give them a call. The best one by far.

Joe: Beautiful. Are you doing any other types of marketing, Chris, that you like?

Chris Arnold: Always I like to supplement some prop streams to good spot. And then also I'm always point zero leads to Patty to make sure I can make a lot of offers.

Gavin: That's good, good, good giveaway. He pulls Zillow to pad to make sure he's in his numbers every single day. If that, if the other channels aren't bringing in so we can hit the numbers he brings in from that side also.

Joe: Nice. Good. You guys been asking for the links, putting them in the chat here. Chris and Chris, thank you guys so much. We're sending you a little gift, I just asked Dana to send you something. And we appreciate you guys very much.

Chris Arnold: You guys are awesome.

Gavin: Thanks, guys. Enjoy. Appreciate you.

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