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In my podcasts, in my books, on my webinars, and in my coaching business, I teach people how to start a real estate business. I’m not teaching you anything I haven’t already tried, succeeded with, or failed at. I’m the real deal here, and I want you to succeed too. In fact, I guarantee my courses because I figure that if you’re not making money, then I shouldn’t be making money. All I ask is that you finish the course you purchased.

But I would guess that about 5% of people who buy real estate investing courses actually do anything with them. 5%! Real estate is not a hobby and it doesn’t have some magic button that will make it easier. You do actually have to put in the work to reap the rewards.

Many years ago, I was a course junkie too, so I know how easy it is to always purchase a course and never act on anything the course teaches you. Listen up to how I broke free from that cycle and started changing the course of my life.

Our coaching client success rate is between 65-75%, and there’s a specific reason for their success. Our coaching clients have a key quality that makes them far more inclined to take action on our course, and that’s why we love working with them.

No matter what everyone else around you is doing, if you keep pushing ahead by making offers and following up, you’re going to succeed.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Why our coaching client success rate is so good.
  • When it’s time to stop buying courses and go back to investing in the stock market.
  • The number one personality trait all of our coaching clients have.

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Hey, hey, hey, welcome, this is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. I'm Joe McCall. Or you can call us the REI In Your Car podcast, because I'm driving right now to play golf. Oh, man, I love golf. So much fun. And it's great exercise, too. I walked nine holes, play about four days a week and it's just a beautiful time of year. Man, it's gorgeous outside. I wanted to talk about something that's kind of trying to be upbeat and positive, but I might go on a little rant because I just don't get people sometimes.

And when you're in the education business where you're trying hard, working hard to give deliver value, you're teaching people everything that you know about how to make money in real estate, how to be successful, how to start a business, how to run a business. And you're trained hard to work like to show people what actually works. Right. Like, I'm not making anything up. I didn't read a book and then go create a course about the book that I just read. Right. Like this is stuff we're actually doing in our business. I've been doing it for a long time. I know people that are successful, making money, doing deals.

And I from my own experience and just from experience for my students and and other friends and mentors in my life, I share you the best stuff. I don't hold anything back. And like, I don't get it. When some people buy a course and then quit and give up, when they realize they have to work like, oh, my gosh, you serious? You mean I have to actually lift a finger and I have to click a button and I have to make a phone call and I have to make offers. I mean, I have to work.

It's not like I'm asking people to dig ditches, you know, and to do a bunch of manual labor heavy work. Like, it's not that hard. And I get it. It's not for everybody. Right. Like. And then this explains why.

I don't know the exact numbers, but if I were to guess, spit in the wind, it's about five percent of people who buy real estate investing courses do anything with them. I mean, in my course, guys, I give people a chance to get their money back just by making offers. I have what's called the business completion challenge. And all you have to do is go make five offers, go through the course, make five offers, and I'll give you all of your money back. You have to give me a testimonial, but I'll give you your money back. You don't even have to do a deal, right? It's like complete risk reversal. No brainer guarantees like make five stupid offers. I don't care. Just make five offers and I'll give you the money back. And I do it for various reasons.

But my philosophy is real simple. Like if I can't make you money that I don't deserve yours, but you've got to at least put in the effort and try. Well, yeah. So I talked to a few people today that were asking for refunds and I was nice, I wasn't mean to them, you know.

And any time somebody asks for a refund on the higher end prices stuff that I have, I want to talk to them on the phone just to find out, you know, what was wrong, what could I do better? Was there anything I need to change in the course? Anything I need to improve or what can I do better? And I, I remind them, I said, you know, you can just you just go through the course and make five offers and you get your money back. Right. Like what? What's the problem here?

And I hear these, I feel kind of bad for these guys. And if you're one of them listening. I'm sorry. I hope I'm not offending you or offending anybody. Sometimes I get it. I mean, there's people that have really sad stories of why they need their refund, you know, because the economy has taken a hit, taken a toll on a lot of people and families. And so I get that right. But so far, I'm not talking to you all who you have really good reasons. Right? You know who I'm talking about. But the rest of you guys that ask for refunds, like, why even bother?

Just save your money, keep your job and just invest in the stock market. Like, don't ever, ever, ever buy any kind of make money course or education or program unless you're willing to put in the work. Really, there is no push button, magic trick or formula or secret that's going to cause money to fall from the sky into your lap. It doesn't exist. You have to put in the effort. You have to put in the work. You can't treat real estate like a hobby. You have to it's you have to treat it like a business. It's a business. And you've got to work hard at it. And you're going to fail a lot and it's going to suck at times. But if you're persistent with it and you keep on pushing ahead and you don't quit and you follow up, you make offers.

You're going to have you're going to have success. You're going to do well in this business. It's really, really sad. It bugs me to no end that the failure rate for people who buy real estate courses is so high and the success rate is so low. Now, what's interesting is on our coaching program, our success rate is much, much higher. It's way higher. I don't know the exact numbers either, but it's at least sixty-five. Seventy-five percent of our coaching clients do deals and are successful, which I think is awesome. And I think it goes to you know, we just we filter out people, we interview them, we talk to them and we make sure that they're a good fit.

And we sometimes we can tell when we're looking at their application or talking them on the phone, whether, you know, one of the biggest things that we if somebody starts complaining about another coach or another program that they bought and it didn't work for them and that we immediately just write them off, we will not bring them on as coaching students because they're prone to blame other people for their problems. And I'm saying this from firsthand experience. I was that guy that bought I paid thirteen thousand dollars for a coaching program. And it didn't work for me. Right. And I was real tempted to blame that course. Blame that guru. Right.

But it didn't work for me because I realized I didn't do the work. I didn't put in the effort. We had weekly coaching calls in the coach on the call. It asked me every week. Did you do your homework? And what would I say? No, I got busy. Life's in the way.

I did a bunch of online research. You know, I. I spent all time, all day looking at properties, but I did. How many offers did you make, Joe? None. But I'm working on it. I'm gonna do it right. And I did I ever did a deal. It took me three years, but three years. Yeah. Three years of buying chorus after chorus after chorus and never really implementing it. But I never asked for a refund. I can't remember once asking for a refund ever on anything that I ever bought because I knew who to blame for it not working. The blame was squarely on my shoulders. Right. So I think that's one reason why our students, our coaching students are so successful is because we don't take people on that blame others for their problems and failures.

They accept responsibility for their own success. And but, you know, we don't filter out people like that who by the course, because they know anybody can buy it. So anyway, I just want to maybe tell you this to encourage you. Listen, guys, don't be that guy. Don't be that guy who just quits and gives up when it gets hard or when you realize you have to work. You actually have to talk to people.

You actually have to, you know, make offers. Like what? It's not that hard. So don't quit. Don't give up, guys, if you're discouraged. You know, just be persistent. I don't know what to say. Maybe I need to get better at coaching people in mindset stuff and whatever.

But I got to go. I'll be right back. Hold on.

I had to drop off my bags and get in finding a parking space. I can tell you guys there's a lot of people here at this golf course who are real successful. And you think you might. On the outside, look at them and think all these are all rich snobs and they just had everything handed to them. And life is easy. No. Most of these people worked hard. They put in the hours. They put in the sweat equity. They worked hard and they sacrificed a lot of things to have a successful business.

There's very, very few people in this successful business world or people that you look and think that are rich and wealthy who got there with a silver spoon in their hand.

Right. Who got there? I was just given to them as an inheritance. Very, very few people like this. These are people that have worked hard. They understand the value of a good hard work ethic. And they put a lot at risk. They put a lot on the line to have their successful businesses.

And so, yeah, let's stop blaming other people for our failures. Let's start taking accountability for our own actions. And so I don't know if of this has been an encouraging little podcast for you. Maybe not.

But guys, it's not that hard.

It's really it's just not that hard. Don't be a quitter, okay? Don't be a quitter. Don't be a loser. That sounds mean. Don't be. Don't quit. There's no magic button guys there. Almost every course that I've seen on real estate, there are some that are better than others. Right. But if you just implemented if you just implemented what they teach, it would work. I remember the first time I took a course and I told myself, I'm going to do it. This guy says to do not going to question anything, I'm just gonna do it. And when I did, it worked. I couldn't believe it. I was floored. Like what? This stuff actually works. It wasn't that hard. It was scary. Right.

You know, I felt like I was jumping off a building trying to figure out how to fly as I was falling. Sometimes you feel like you're driving a hundred miles an hour in an old beat up Dotson Sentra and you're wondering what's the wheels gonna fall off or what not. But like, don't quit. You just got to trust the system K guys and talk to sellers, make offers. Business is simple. Don't complicate it. See you guys. Take care.

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