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When you approach every potential deal as a problem to be solved, then you make yourself a valuable tool for every buyer and seller. That’s the approach Shaun Young from Adventures in Wholesaling made when he picked up the phone and started cold calling leads. By his ninth and last phone call, Shaun had found a beautiful house in a gated community in Atlanta that was perfect for a sandwich lease option deal.

Shaun had found some scripts online that helped him know what to say to the seller, but he didn’t know how to replicate his success. One of the first things Gavin’s done for him is help him build a system that makes it easier to see this same success over and over again. This is the beauty of coaching; we help you figure out how to repeat your successes so it becomes easier.

Shaun’s first tenant-buyer backed out of the deal, but the beauty of the sandwich lease option is that it has three profit centers. There’s always a way to make money in this kind of deal. When Shaun was laid off from his job, it turned out to be a blessing because he could spend more time focusing on his wholesaling business. He even found the time to write his book Adventures in Wholesaling.

A huge part of Shaun’s success is his attitude, and you can hear his enthusiasm and excitement all over this interview. He loves what he does because he’s helping people solve their real estate problems.

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  • The three profit centers in a sandwich lease option explained.
  • Why the seller’s motivation can make or break your deal.
  • Gavin’s number one takeaway from this conversation for you.

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Gavin:   Hey, guys, how you doing? This is Gavin Timms with REI Network, if you will, watching us on YouTube. OK. Or on the podcast make sure you like and subscribe to the show. We got a lot of cool stuff. Before I get on to my first guest, I just want to give you a quick giveaway here. Go to REINetwork.com/downloads. REINetwork.com/downloads. Also, I got a lot of questions of what skip tracing company that I use. I use BackSkipTracing.com. If you use the code, Gavin is going to give be 20 percent off. So hit that up. BackSkipTracing.com, 20 percent discount. Use the code, Gavin. Right.

Gavin:   I'm super excited for my guests today and I want to introduce him here in a second. Me and Shaun, go back a long way. He was a client back in the day when I first got into coaching real estate. He's actually one of my first clients. Since then, we've done deals together. Became good friends. He's actually done a lot with the coaching side with me in terms of, you know, qualifying clients, making sure we're working with the right people. And loads of course stuff. So we've done a lot. I know him really well and we've got a cool deal that he's going to share with us today. One of the first deals that he got and we're going to go and dive right into that. So, Shaun Young, how are we?

Shaun:  Hey there, Gavin. Thanks for the introduction. I'm doing great my friend, thank you.

Gavin:   I'm great. I'm good. You know, mail is good. So, yeah, I'm excited Shaun, because like I said, we go back a long way. When you started in real estate or we started working together, then it must be five, six years ago, I would think.

Shaun:  Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We're going into our fifth year. Yeah. Definitely. Absolutely.

Gavin:   Yeah. It's been awesome. And what's amazing about, and I'm excited about this episode is because you've just completed the first sandwich lease option that you ever got four years later. It's just closed. So we're going to talk about that. We're going to break it down. Okay. Before we get into that, I want to find out a little bit more, or our audience about you. So tell us how you kind of got into real estate.

Shaun:  Sure. Well, guys, I come from a sales executive background. I worked as a sales executive for an international company that was based in Sweden. And they decided that one day to change their North America landscape on how they decided to do business and that that entailed land me and about 750 other my counterparts. That included sales execs, project managers and everyone. All parts of those teams we were out of there and it was just that easy for them. So and I was a top producer, I was top three percent for quite some time. And, you know, I had a false sense of security with that.

Shaun:  I felt like hey, you know, as long as I just keep producing for these folks, I'll have an income or a job or something. And I learned very quickly that that wasn't going to be my future. I could not build upon that type of improbability of a job. So I said, you know what? I'm going to take the money that I have and I'm going to you know, I'm going to go inside. We got this real estate boom. I learned about it. You know, I hear that people can make money. I'll be honest with you. I kind of thought it was like a scam or something. At first I was like, there's no way this could be like, how could you do this with no money or credit?

Gavin:   We all do, right? We all think that.

Shaun:  So that actually, like, once you get into it, you learn that it's not exactly no money, a credit of your own. It does take a little bit of marketing dollars or you have to have a bone. You know, it does need basic things and you can't just be completely broke.

Gavin:   No, absolutely not. And just. Yeah. Jump in. And with that. And I 100 percent agree. I think, you know, these three things that you need in the business. Okay. It's time money about right. So if you've got no time, you've got no money in the right isn't the right time for you. If you've got no money and you all broke. Were you willing to dig deep and you have the time that, yes, it's going to be a struggle where you can definitely make it happen. Hundred percent agree with you on this. All right. Yeah.

Shaun:  No, no, no problem. But I will tell you guys this. When I did decide to make that leap to start doing the business, I dove head first. And I went right into it. And what I did, guys, is I actually there's a gentleman out there named Ron LeGrand. And Ron LeGrand in our industry. He's a well-known lease option, sandwich lease option, creative closing type of guy. He's very popular. The Godfather. Yeah. We call him The Godfather, basically. Right. I mean, he's the coach of so many coaches out here. So, yeah, he's the man. He's been around for quite some time. And I came across, you know, just doing Google searches and whatnot. I came across some of this information and I looked into his videos and I said, hey, I think I could do this. He had a like a little mini course that was on YouTube. It wasn't really a course. It was just like here, the steps to doing a wholesale or sandwich lease option deal.

Shaun:  I said, man, I can follow directions. Let me try to do this. Guys, I'm telling you, taking action. It's major. If you don't take action, you'll never know. So let me tell you what happened, guys. I got his script off of the YouTube video. I made eight phone calls on Zillow. I went to Zillow, the for sale by owner section. I made 8 phone calls. Six of those calls, no one answered. The seventh was a realtor, the eighth one wanted to do my sandwich lease option, deal. Guys, I have no clue what I was really doing, but I said a couple of key things that Ron said to say and go some more stuff and, you know, looked up some other agreements that I may need because they were ready to go. They were very motivated. The seller was very motivated and I'll dive into that at the appropriate time. But, Gavin, I'll turn it back over to you now.

Gavin:   Yeah, absolutely. And that's what we want to dive into, because I think that, you know, so far you've got to take massive action. Right. Obviously, coming from a sales background and having that side definitely helps in the business. There's no two ways or two ways about it. If you can relate to people, then you can make money, right? I do believe in that. But you can also get better at them skills and things as you learn. Well, the big thing is, is that you are willing to take action, all right, without knowing every step of the way, which is exactly, you know, the clients that I work with. That's when I get them to do right. If I can take away the thought process and the overwhelm to say, I just want you to focus on this thing and let's go and do that, then we will build onto it. We can actually move forward a lot faster.

Gavin:   But there are people out there like you that will take that massive action. But a lot of people won't because they want to know all the answers and sometimes the answers aren't there. Because the situations even today we come across things in real estate we can't prepare for. I mean, the craziest things happen, whether it's I mean, we just, you know, negotiate a lien from a hundred and like nine-thousand-dollar lane to six thousand dollars. Or where do you teach that? How do you teach that? I mean, you just have to go through and start negotiating and figure it out. I mean, you can't do a course on that. Right. You just don't know sometimes what's going to come up and happen. So you found this deal. Obviously, it was for sale by owner. You started doing this and you got it under contract. So you got under contract, it was a motivated seller. that came easy. But what about the tenant? Let's talk about how did you find the tenant buyer for this?

Shaun:  Sure. Sure. And if you need me to expand upon that seller anymore, I'll definitely do that. Let me give you a little bit more background on what that seller's situation was, guys and gals out there. Listen, that seller was, it was a wife that I spoke with initially. Her husband worked for Delta and he was being laid off and they knew that it was coming down the pike. They had another property in a whole other state that they felt it was going to just be too hard to maintain two mortgages. They wanted to avoid any type of pre foreclosure process. They want to avoid that altogether. Didn't want any blips or blemishes on the credit. So that's why I came in as a resource, because remember, guys, we are looking for people who have situations that we have solutions to.

Shaun:  We're solution-oriented guys. We're not just looking to make money, even though that's a perk of it that comes along with it. But we look to solve problems. And this lady's problem and her husband was they need someone to come in and carry that mortgage forward to make sure they didn't have any messes on their payments. So I what I asked them is, hey, you know, are you willing to allow me to rent your property out for a few years and then purchase it at the end of the agreement? And, you know, doing that process, I'll handle all repairs. You know, you won't be a landlord. I won't be calling you for broken light switches or toilets and things of that nature. I'll actually have a qualified tenant bar that my company will screen, prequalify and have in place. How does that sound? That something you might not want to do or how's that sound to you?

Shaun:  You know, she was like all over it. She's like, that sounds awesome. So like I said, you know, like Gavin said, it had I not taken some action, you know, been sitting at home waiting for all the lights to turn green before I'm headed to the mall. You're not gonna go anywhere. You got to. When the first light is green, you go and if the next light turns red. You stop because there's a reason why you stop. You figure out when's the next time to go again. That leads us into the tenant buyer. How do we find that tenant buyer again? Guys, I was totally spanking brand new to this. I didn't know what I was really doing. But again, I looked at some more things, some more videos on YouTube.

Shaun:  And I went to Google. I created a questionnaire that basically, you know, asked some basic questions. And I used that to screen my tenants. Basically, it was a archaic process, but it worked for me. I got good information that I needed to make sure that we could move forward. And I found it, like I say, when you do things, things will magically just happen for you. And I luckily found some great tenants upfront that I had to basically choose from. You had to kind of push some people off because it was such a hot opportunity for the tenant buyer.

Gavin:   Yeah, absolutely. But I will say, though, you create your own luck. Right. So let me say I'm a big believer on that. Well people go, well he got lucky. You have to be in it to win it. Right. So you have to show up to get him into that position. The other thing is, I just want to point out, you know, I like to, sorry about this. I like to analyze everything to. I pull out like the main pieces that people need to understand is that you are dealing with a motivated seller. Right. You are not trying to turn a. Deal into a deal. You have walked in with a deal on the table. And again, you have to be doing it to find them deals and they will come around. Now, as you found. Eighth call in. Here's a sandwich lease option. Deal.

Gavin:   This is you know, we're going to come onto that about all this business is easy, actually. I'm going to conquer the world. Of course, we know that's not going to be the case of every seller that we talk to. We know that there's a process and everything else, you know, to get these deals done. So anyway, so we get a tenant buyer. You've created this. Now you've got it priced, right. And I don't know this. We haven't really talked about this deal because I want to pull this information out. But I know for a fact there it's priced, right? I know that the rent is priced right. Because that's why you've got the tenants fighting over it. I mean, I don't know the numbers, don't know the price of the home. But I know that is a fact.

Gavin:   Because one of the key things is that people make mistakes in the industries, they go and price everything too high. Or their rents are too high and if the rents are too high, it will not move. So you are wasting your time. If you've got sandwich lease option at eighteen hundred a month and everything is renting for 1400. You're saying well, why is it not moving? It's because the rents are too high and it might be a motivated seller and they're saying all the right things, but they're not being realistic. So you must have had a good deal. So let's talk about the numbers then. So what did you lock it up at? How much cash flow? What did you make on the back?

Shaun: Guys, I use another technique that I learned, which was I said, hey, listen, are you willing to sell me the property for what you owe on the mortgage at time of closing? I didn't even know what I was saying, but I said that. And she said, sure. And so I was like, phenomenal. OK. So, of course, you go through the process of being able to go in, retrieve loan information to see where the mortgage stands. What she provided all that to me. You'll let me know where everything was. So I got that property for basically two hundred and seventy four thousand. It was worth at that time, three hundred thousand. Yeah. Approximately at that time. But that's what I got it for. I said we'll negotiate for what it's owed on at the time of closing. And she agreed to that.

Gavin:   Nice. So your contract. So what did you make? How much did the tenant put down?

Shaun:  The tenant. OK. One thing I forgot to say. The PITI, which is principal interest taxes and insurance, it equate to about 1890 per month. OK. That's what the seller wanted. Advertised the property. I didn't know any better. I started off at Twenty-five hundred and for two days I didn't get any hits. So I looked at some more videos and like Gavin said, I figured it was too high. So I said, you know what? Let me bring it a little closer to market standards, but make it just a little bit higher so that it'll help. The reason I did that, guys, is because you want to be able to have a perk in place so that that talent buyer has something that motivates them to make sure they want to purchase.

Shaun:  So if they're at twenty two hundred. And then once they purchased it, they can get down to, you know, eighteen hundred. It just helps them understand. They're in a rent to own scenario. It's not like a regular renter out there. So they understand that the scenario is a little bit different. And I didn't understand that until I actually drove in to it and saw that people actually get it.

Gavin:   Did you could do rent credits then or not?

Shaun:  I did no rental credit at all. I'm in for the down payment, guys. I advertised for a ten thousand dollar down payment and I'll explain why that was not good, because I could have got more, but I didn't know any better. Remember, guys, I'm just making things happen. So I advertised 10000, that nonrefundable option fee. So if they exercise their right to exercise their lease option at the end of that lease, excuse me, then it gets applied to the purchase price. If for whatever reason they don't, it's a wash. So this first tenant that moved in that she was a great tenant. Ten thousand dollars, you know, boom. You know what I did, guys? I take half of that and went and purchased a mentor. Joe McCall and Gavin Timms. So that's what I did.

Shaun:  Guys, I said, you know what? I think I need to have some mentorship, you know, moving forward. I've done what I can do, but I just feel like it'd be better to have a coach. So, guys, I took half of my profit and that's what I did. I purchased a coach. And actually, I purchased a couple of coaches and didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know what was going on. I didn't even know what these things were called. I didn't know what a wholesale was versus a lease option versus anything I just learned as I went on. So that tenant buyer, I ended up getting the tenant buyer in place with ten thousand dollars down and a monthly spread on top of what was owed to the mortgage company, basically two hundred seventy-nine dollars above what was owed.

Gavin:   Okay, so what was the cash flow? So we got the how much they're paying. Two seventy-nine month. And so. Yes. So for four years. Right too. And did you, this tenant never moved out. Did you have any hassle with them?

Gavin:   Let me tell you, it's so awesome about our program, guys. The fact that we find qualified tenant buyers who actually can potentially purchase. We're not looking to just fill people in homes. This lady, she was a great lady. She decided to get married halfway through the process. So you know what I did? I said, you know what I've learned from my mentor that that doesn't matter. It's a great thing because remember, I had lots of people lined up for this property. It's in a gated, guarded community with a view of downtown Atlanta. But you're not in it right there in the mix of things. So it's a highly sought after community. It's a great, great place.

Shaun: So I was quickly able, once my tenant let me know that she was going to move out because she was getting married, can't fault that, life happens. She gave me a 90-day warning, a 90 day notice. I found somebody within a week of her notifying me. They put their deposit down waiting for her to vacate, which was another eight thousand eight hundred dollars. So eighteen thousand eight hundred dollars down so far. Two seventy-nine spring. And I'll let Gavin pick up on this point.

Gavin:   No, no, no, sir. Two seventy-nine so four times twelve. Right. Forty-eight. So we got two hundred and ninety seven times forty eight. So about thirteen thousand three hundred ninety-two. Right. That you're making per month. Okay. You got eighteen thousand after that tenant leaves. Nothing to do with you. She's moved on. Got married. Life changes within that. Then she leaves. You get another eight thousand eight hundred. We're at eighteen thousand eight hundred down with cash there, about thirteen thousand three hundred ninety-two. And then what about on the back? How did you get that structured?

Shaun: The back end, guys? Back end was awesome back. We closed that deal because I had it under contract with my tearing by, if I'm not mistaken, for 308, for 308. If I'm not mistaken, I don't want to get that number off, if I'm not mistaken, it was 308. So of course they they've had eight thousand eight hundred dollars that was applied to that upfront that we applied that to the purchase price so they didn't have to get a loan for that entire amount. They got a loan for three hundred thousand. Right. The difference between what was owed at the time of closing versus at 300 thousand is what I got. And that was thousand approximately twenty-eight thousand eight hundred and some dollars. And I sent a screenshot that to that to Gavin because it was literally that was a phenomenal deal for me. So I was so excited. I was like, man, we have got to share this with the world.

Gavin:   No, absolutely. I mean, this is awesome because again, four years on. Exactly how a sandwich lease option. We're talking about, you know, cash upfront. Cash flow. Cash on the back end. So we have if you made twenty eight a hundred, let's just call it on the back. Let's say we've got thirteen three nine to 18 under it. So you look at about just over sixty thousand sixty thousand six sixty thousand nine hundred ninety two. Based on the calculations I just did sixty thousand dollars. Okay. For a call that basically was the eighth call up. You didn't have a clue what you were doing. And it's probably without going like, you know, looking at this because it's a great sum of money. It's a fantastic deal. But now, knowing what you know, you're like, could it have been a hundred grand?

Gavin:   I mean, you don't know. Right. But at the same time, you're make money moving forward. So when you remember when we started working together, have you done any deals, and you're like I got this like lease option thing going on, kind of figuring it out. You know, but you didn't have any systems. It was absolutely madness. It was chaos. But one thing that is always, always music to my ears is that you are willing to take massive action. Right. And that is something that sometimes you can't even teach. Right. We talk about minds getting the right mindset, having, you know, self-belief, self-confidence, because you do need this. A lot of this in this business because we all get beaten down every day. No after. No after. No after. No. And my mindset is, is that if someone else can do it, I can do it.

Gavin:   And these are just internal beliefs. I don't need to come out and tell anyone. Well, my general thought process is, is that if you can do it, I can do it. Right. And people that are negative because you're going to get it. People listening: family, husband, wife, kids, parents, friends, they're all going to doubt you when it's new. Because remember, the majority of America, the majority of people in the UK. We are built to do the nine to five. Right. And when you come out of that and you're not one of the nine to fives and you actually have a different mindset. Everyone else, all the nine to five people in the first wants to jump on you. Right, by saying you can't do it. Why are you doing?

Gavin:   I mean, look at me from England, the golf professional coming into the US trying to make in real estate. And I don't even know anything about house. Building a house or anything. Right. But there's certain things that you can't take away that. I have self-belief, self-confidence. I can make this work and that can go a long way. And I think everyone listen to this. And if you all get that negativity, it's channel it back in to prove people wrong. And that was the fire for me, you know. So I just wanted to, you know, as an outlet, you know, for people listening. But we side to together. You know, you're in this chaos and. Now, I mean, we went from you doing some more deals, you know, lease options and wholesaling in Atlanta. We've also done some virtual stuff as well. Now, having systems, I know now you're in a in a new market in Ohio and you've just done your first deal in, I don't know, I guess, what, three weeks of marketing?

Shaun: A little under 30 days. Absolutely.

Gavin:   And this is the thing that you can take, you know, these processes and things that, you know, we can put in place and literally do deals everywhere. It's kind of like, where do you want to do the deals? It's not what's a good market? And we have that. I mean, you've done deals virtually with me. You've done your own deals in the land. Well, going virtually, you know, on your only it's like, where do you want to go as your passion? This works anyway. About following the process. And yes, some markets are harder than others, more competitive. But if you do what you're supposed to do and you can build good rapport and you're solving problems, you will make money in any market.

Shaun:  I agree. Be a problem solver, guys like Gavin said, I didn't try to uncover or turn that person into a motivated or that family to a motivated selling family. I discovered a motivated seller, and that's what we do, guys. We discover the motivation. We don't drag it out.

Gavin:   Absolutely. And that's great, because the people all they're trying to do, is my clients. They have the same problem. And even on my team sometimes is that we're trying to turn non-deals into deals. We're spending so much time trying to make something that's never, ever going to work. I just had a client messaged me today. He said I'm really, really motivated. They wanted to rent to own. Like, this is the one. I'm like awesome. Like, tell me the details. Well, they want 40000 down. No, they're not motivated, it's not happening. So what are we going to do with that? I make an offer. We'll tell him we'll give him a month's rent. You're going to put it together because. Well, yeah but they're super motivated understand they're motivated. They sound motivated.

Gavin:   But the reality is they're not motivated or we've got to get past that front of, they are motivated, but they're just throw numbers at. See what they can get. And that's when you need to say, well, actually, what is the problem? What do you need solving? Why do you need 40000? Do you need 40000 now? Can you do what you need to do on two thousand and wait and we'll get you more money and you can have them discussions of what's gonna work best for the seller, especially on, you know, creative way.

Shaun:  So and I want to add one other thing. Guys when you speak from a place of certainty. It definitely goes a long way. With that seller, that family that sold me that sandwich lease option. Let me tell you this, guys. I took that property under contract, and for the next 90 days, he still carried the mortgage on that. So locked it up. I had 90 days to put a tenant buyer in place, which I found when pretty quickly. And they still carried the mortgage, guys. So negotiate properly. One thing I want to say, that was a mistake that I learned once I picked up a coach. Gavin, is that you never you never sell yourself short by advertising a down payment price for these lease options or a sandwich lease option. Because if someone if you're out there advertising ten thousand and someone has got thirty thousand, they've been saving, you know, ready to put towards a purchase. And all you ask for is ten. That's all you're gonna get. Yeah. So just be careful with that. You know, when you guys go about your, you know, your endeavors. This is a, you know, a little thing I want to throw out.

Gavin:   Absolutely. That's great. And you're definitely right, because if you never want to sell yourself short, even on the cash deals, we do. Right. Try and get try and get the buyers. And this is all about position and try to get them to give you a number or throw your number in high knowing that you have spread because you don't know. Otherwise, you're selling them to cheat. You're not making make enough money because we need spreads. You know, this business is hard. And, you know, for people that are doing two to three thousand dollars a deal. Yeah it's money, but you need to be thinking bigger than that. You need to be thinking 10, minimum, 20, 30, 40 and why not? Right. Build your spreads in there.

Gavin:   And there's nothing wrong, especially when you go creative. If you're getting paid three different ways. And you could say, oh, that was a perfect lease option. Well, not really because they didn't buy the house. That's another one. And that's more income for you. And the person getting married's cool with it. They understood what they were getting into. There's nothing that you need to hide. Right. One of the biggest things is I tell the seller on the lease option is that tenant buyers, especially if it's an assignment, the tenant buyer's going to be pay me. Are you okay with that? If you're getting the price you want, you're getting the rent you want. The tenant, normally, my lead in to this is what you get in, you know, two hundred thousand that you want. You're getting fifteen hundred in rent. And you probably think, Mr. Seller, how am I getting paid?

Gavin:   Are you thinking that? And then they'll go, Yeah. How are you going to get paid? Well actually the tenant buyer pays me. Are you okay with that? And then ninety-nine-point nine percent of the time. Oh absolutely. Yeah. And if they don't, if they're not, we discuss it then. And I will say Mr. Seller, and then I'm going to pull away. This isn't probably going to work. You know, you're getting the asking price. You're getting the asking rent. Like you want it all. And I can't. You want a massive down? It's not going to work, right? You want. It's just it's not going to work like that. And you always need to in negotiation when you're negotiating cash lease options, creative finance. Right. When you get down to the closing table is that you have to always give and take. Right. Even if they want the smallest thing from you, you have to take from them.

Gavin:   Because and if you don't, what happens is they want this and now they want something else and now they want something else. So if you in the first negotiation say. Okay. Right. Terms of money or whatever it is that your discussion is going to send. Okay. I'll give you X, but I want this in return. And then they'll go. Okay, yeah, we'll do that. But next time they come to Ryan trying to negotiate, they're thinking why, if idealizing wants Olin, Batson is going to leave. So it's just a good to know negotiation tip. For anyone.

Shaun:  Awesome. That is awesome. What gave us and also about that down payment man, if they're asking for a huge down payment especially on these lease options, that's a key indicator that there's not much motivation when they said, I want forty thousand. You know, that situation, I explained you guys earlier that the sellers didn't ask for any down payment. They didn't ask for any down payment because that was not their concern. There was something else. So keep in mind, guys, keep that in mind.

Gavin:   Absolutely. You know, and people less than that of half of sellers will get desperate. A lot of people alike. I've never seen this and it rarely is out there. But it is, isn't it? Is an there. You know, I don't know how many. One in a thousand. One in hundred. I don't know the figure you just got. Again, the word lucky. You got lucky was the eight. Well, no, you didn't. You created the luck by being in it to win it. So obviously we started working together. You know, you're doing deals now. Now how is everything else going kind of in the real estate. You kind of tell us a little bit more about yourself and in the real estate business and in terms of your team and market and things like that.

Shaun:  Sure. Well guys like I say, I've had a great mentor along the way. You know, Gavin has, you know, he's gone above and beyond for anything that paid for as far as a mentorship. And I really, truly appreciate that, because you really need that in this industry. You need someone to help keep you accountable, to keep you on the right path. And luckily, I had Gavin and I tried to not take advantage of having him there because I knew that I'd only paid for so much. So I figured, like, hey, let me try to maybe be an apprentice or learn more about working with them somehow. And that's exactly what I did. And so now, guys, I've learned and taken everything that Gavin has shown me over the years and used it to create my own team. I actually wrote a book. I actually wrote a book.

Gavin:   Yeah. Plug it. Plug the book.

Shaun:  Let me show you guys. Adventures in Wholesaling.  So these are things that, you know, years ago I never would have thought of. But with Gavin’s, like I said, help and persistence with me, it allowed me to keep going in this industry because you will have peaks and valleys. And Gavin is one thing that he told me that I'm going to tell you guys, never forget. This follow through is key to your house. It is the major key to your success. Don't count on these first-time calls. You know, get these deals and don't beat yourself down when you're not getting those. Those come, but don't expect those. Okay.

Gavin:   Yeah, no, that's great. I mean, there's something I say of laughing because it is like I quite like a thousand times a day. Yeah, you're right. Everyone's going after, you know, the first deal, like the big one. And it's like, no, allow the big wants to come. I work in the business and allowing that to happen, focus on today, not the outcome. Step by step will give you the results that you want. You deserve. You need. Whatever that may be. And the good thing is as well, like, you know, I remember you've just left. You know, you were making over 100 grand a year. You know, when you got when you got let go. And I remember saying, like, this is the best thing that's ever happened to you. Right? At the time you're freaking out. And I'm like, no this is the best thing that's ever happened. I don't care what you make. But when you work for you and you're on your time and your earning limits are as high as you want them to be, your lifestyle is whatever you want it to be. And you control that. There's nothing that money.

Gavin:   And people say I'm full of it. But you could offer me 10 million a year to go into cooperate. And I wouldn't take it because it's not all about the money. It's about the lifestyle. And I just think especially at times like now. And I remember that conversation. You won't look back. Just trust in it. You're going to make it work and you won't need it because you were thinking, I'm going to have a job. Like, most people are going to have to go and get a job. I'm going to have to go and get a job. And it's Sara. Right. Hold on. Would focus in on you. Go in and get the job. We're not folks know what we need to be doing to make money in the business, which is get on the phone, get making offers, follow up until somebody says yes. Right. And that's kind of what I believe in. And profit is in the follow up. Awesome. Well, look, there's been a awesome, awesome episode. I mean, 60 K over four years on the sandwich lease option first ever have a deal? That's fantastic and good for you. Anything else before we leave? You want to share? Before we let everyone go?

Shaun:  Well, guys, I just want to say again, if you're on Amazon at Barnes& Noble, I do have that book out, Adventures in Wholesaling. It's a quick guide that to get you guys started. Talks about mindset, you know, all the way to the closing table. But other than that, guys, I want to say, you know, I really think my mentors, Gavin, you know, Joe McCall, they really helped me out in my career. And like I say, without them, I know that I wouldn't be where I'm at. To be able to help others. I mean, I help others now. So teach one, you pass on what you get. And if you don't have it, you can't pass it. So with that being said, I definitely thank you for the opportunity and guys for you out there on the fence. They can, you know, should I do this or should I not get off the fence? Go do it. Just get in there. Jump in. Jump into the game.

Gavin:   Absolutely. 100 percent. And guys, if you're interested in working with me, go to REINetwork.com/coaching, REINetwork.com/coaching. Shaun used to talk to everyone. A lot of you have been listening to this. No, Shaun is from not we do not sell anybody if it's the right fact. We work together. And if not, were the first to say it's not. And, you know, we'll try and give you a better direction where you need to be. Appreciate you. Shaun, thank you. And everybody else watching and talk to you soon. Thanks.

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