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We know what makes money and what doesn’t. Ever since Gavin and I got started in this real estate business, we learned one important thing: you make money on the phone. The real estate business pretty much comes down to two things:

  • Marketing to get the leads
  • Talking to sellers and making offers

When Gavin first started, he was worried about his accent and how competitive the market is. He spent a lot of money on direct mail and didn’t get any leads. But, after going to a meetup, he met a woman who had about 60 dead leads on her sheet and Gavin made a deal with her to follow up on those dead leads over the phone. Out of the 40 dead leads he called, he closed 2 deals. And the process stayed the same. The sheet had notes on why those sellers didn’t want to sell and Gavin simply called them to follow up if anything has changed since someone last called them to make an offer. Usually, the sellers’ reasons or plans for not wanting to sell don’t happen and when we follow up, something would have already changed and they now want to sell.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get leads. There’s no secret sauce to making money in this business. It all boils down to talking to sellers and making offers. And to be successful in doing that, you have to go back to the basics. Our most successful students come from holding them accountable to a simple marketing plan and it’s all about getting on the phone and making offers.

Seeing the success in our students compelled Gavin and me to start our 30-day accountability program called the 5 Sellers a Day and most of our best students come from this program. We only do this program once or twice a year. The program only costs $500 and if you complete the challenge of making 60 successful offers during the 30-day program, we give you your money back – guaranteed. We will teach you how to talk to sellers, make offers and you will have expert support from Gavin and me along with getting fired up by the success you will witness in the program.

The program starts next week so if you’re interested, go to 5SellersADay.com.

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What’s inside:

  • The basics of making money in the real estate business.
  • How simple follow-ups close deals better than anything else.
  • What our 30-day program can do for you.

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Joe: Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. Hey, guys. Welcome, I'm Joe McCall with Gavin Timms. How's it going?

Gavin: I'm good. Guys, how are we? How are you doing?

Joe: Nice. Awesome. We are recording a podcast. So welcome to the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. And welcome all of you guys and friends on Facebook and YouTube watching this live. What's going on? Say hello. If you can, please type in. Hello. Tell us where you're from in the chat. And if you have any questions, then we'd love to talk with you. But here's the thing real quick. Let's get to the point. Gavin and I are doing a 30 day accountability group that's called Five Sellers a day dot com. And the whole goal of this, why we created it was we know what makes money and what doesn't. Right. From our own business, from the deals that we do. How Gavin got started, it all got you. Make your money on the phone. Right. This business is so simple. It comes down to two or three things. Number one, marketing guy, good leads. Number two, you got to talk to sellers and make off. Like, that's it. Right.

Joe: And so we found our most successful students or best success stories in this business come from the students. So we can take aside for a little bit of time and hold them accountable to what's most important. Hold them accountable to a simple marketing plan and their highest revenue generating activities, which is not building a Web site, not worrying about how to close the deals or how the contracts work or the title companies or the money or the buyers. All that matters is making offers. Right. And so we decided to start a 30 day accountability group coaching program that's only five hundred dollars, only 500 dollars. And we're gonna give you your money back if you complete the challenge. This is the biggest no brainer that we've ever done. We only do this once or twice a year. Some of our best, highest, most successful students come from this. I'm really excited about it. And we're going to be talking about it on this little podcast here. Gavin, you always tell a great story of how you got started. Right. You spent a ton of money on direct mail. Right. And you didn't get any deals from it. And you went to the local Real Estate Club. You're worried about your accent in Phoenix in a super competitive market. What did you do?

Gavin: Yeah. So we went to a meetup. It was a Tuesday, I remember it well, is about 40 people in the room. And I thought, this is my time now to, you know, network to kind of run our marketing dollars. I've got a deal. And so. Well, what I'm I gonna do now. So I started networking. It was amazing because we sort of want to a time and you said, like, what do you do when there's rehabbers and wholesalers and cash buyers? And everyone was different. Was in. And I stood up and said, look, you know, I'm from England. I'm new to the business. Dead leads leads to work. Well, one thing I can do is I can close deals. I can do it on the phone and I'm ready to partner with anyone if you're interested. You know, contact me after and let's talk. And that's kind of what I said. That's 10, 20 second speech. And then there was a lady, that's all. There's three people that I work with, but a lady straight after said, hey, can we meet in the morning and a coffee shop? Yes, sure. She brought me a laptop and she had on this spreadsheet 60 dead leads. She said, Look, I've got 60 dead leads. Do you want to work them? She said, they're dead. But you know, if you want to follow up, you might get something. I was like, yes, sure.

Gavin: So I started calling them all. I spoke to about 40 of them. We locked two deals up. They were the first two deals that I ever did. And then the opportunities open then. And then it was like me. She was amazed that we actually got something from it. She's like, well, I said, you can do some more deals together. What if you start paying for the market in and I'll lock all the deals up and we'll go again. And then she's like, Yeah, well, how much do you want? And I was like, maybe like should we spend like two thousand. And she is like, yeah, definitely. So I started doing direct mail. I was taking the calls, doing the follow up. And that's kind of how I started. So I was making 50 percent of the dayle profit. Just working the phone, you know, token sales and making offers and then following. And I got in. You know, I was low key because I understood Followill from day one. And it was quite clear in the notes because she took notes. And I could see three months ago this time it was from three months and they had notes and all I was doing was actually calling back. And if anything, that change from the last time that spoke. Yeah. They never spoke to me and I just said, hey, you spied upon three months ago about they say it looks like this this this was happening. That hasn't changed a lot. Well, actually, yeah, I've done none of that. And I didn't want to sell sophistical. I did. Just one follow up. And again, they had this plan that was a three month period that not the one thing to execute the plan. And we bought the private property. So it was great.

Joe: It's it's so amazing, guys. You do. You don't. Here's the thing. You don't have to spend a ton of money to get these leads. Right. So many. And I get it. Gavin, you know, I was there when I first got started. I was a professional student for three years before I did a deal. Right. And you were a lot less than that. Like you didn't even finish the course or barely crack open the book. You just like, let me at it. Right. So we're all at different places. Which explains why Gavin has done donedone more. I don't know if you've done more deals than me, but you've you've done deals definitely faster than I did. Right. So, guys, it's not about there's not another secret pill out there. There's not a red pill is not a blue pill. There's not some secret sauce or some special medicine or some secret out there to start making money in this business. Right. It's all about coming back to the basic. It's all about coming back to the simple things, and if you know, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line and so often, you know, we get in there and we try to go around in all these circles and study all these fancy courses and do all these things and think that we have to know it all before we can get there. No, it's not like that. That's we got to stop complicating it. We need to stop focusing on what's not important. We need to start focusing on money generating revenue activities so that, you know, I say this all the time before speedy income is directly proportional to the number of offers that you make.

Joe: So, Gavin, I thought, you know what? Let's I think the best way that we can help people here, because we've we've given tons and tons of stuff on podcasts that are free, on podcasts, on YouTube and books like this is what you do. I feel like Gavin. People know what they need to do. They already know. They just need to do it. And so let's provide a safe environment where we can take people by the hand, coach them and hold them accountable for 30 day period. And the way we're going to structure this is super simple. Number one, we're gonna be the first week we're going to be we're giving you a daily videos that teach you how to do how to create a simple marketing plan, how to do some real simple, cheap marketing to get leads, how to talk to sellers are gonna give you real simple scripts on how to talk to sellers in like three to five minutes where you're just asking questions, simple questions about the house they need to sell you on the house. Right. And then the final thing is we're gonna be teaching them how to make simple offers. And like we're talking about, you don't need a calculator. You just need a pen and paper. And you can start doing these offers by by hand. Right. And then send the offers. And we're gonna we're not gonna give you the marketing plan. We're going to teach you how to create the marketing plan. And then we're gonna give you a scorecard and we're gonna hold you accountable.

Joe: So every week you're gonna report on your numbers. We're gonna have coaching calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays with this group. We don't want it very big. We want a small group where you can answer a lot of your questions and spend some time with you. The goal? The reason we're calling it five sellers a day is we want you to talk to five sellers a day and over a week, five days in a week. That's twenty five sellers that you should talk to in a week. Right. We want you to make at least three offers a day to those five sellers. Three offers a day. So that's 15 offers a week times. Four weeks is 60 offers in a month. My guys, if you think about this, some of you are new and you're nervous. You like scared what? I don't know how to make an offer. What are you talking about? I have to make 60 of them. Yeah. Welcome. This is how you do deals, right? But it's not that hard. Here's why we don't want you to worry about step seven and eight before you start doing steps one and two. Let's start with the baby steps. We're going to hold you accountable. And the way we make the offers, we can get out of it if it's a bad offer. Right. And if it's a good offer and gets accepted, Gavin and I can partner with you on it. That's one of the reasons why this is so cheap, because we're hoping that some of you don't not hoping we know some of you're going to get some deals under contract and you're going to want to help. You're gonna want some help with the rest of it. The buyers, the money, the contracts, the closing, the title, how all of that works. The tenant screening companies, whether it's a lease option or wholesaling deal, you're gonna want some help on how to close these deals. And so we're willing to partner with you on this.

Joe: So like nothing else matters. Guys, this is what it's all about. This what it comes down to. It's not the Web site. It's not your business cards. We complicate this business too much. The people that I see that are having the most success are really, really good. I call it they're brilliant at the basics. They're brilliant at the basics. And all you can do is talk to five people and it can be a real treat. Can be a property manager. It can be anybody. Hey, you have a house you want to sell. It could be let's say it's eleven o'clock at night. Well, maybe not that late. Eight o'clock at night. Right. And you even talk to your five sellers yet. So you just call five realtors. You know, you go look on Redfin for properties that have been on the market over 60 days and you just call the realtors. That counts. And then you just mail them an offer or email them and offer something. So like, this is what we want you guys to do. I mean, can you imagine making 60 offers in one month if you don't do a deal with that? That's fine. Now, you get the next month, you do another 60. Now you also have 60 to follow up with the next month, but now you have one hundred and twenty sellers to follow up with. If you do this consistently and get in the habit of doing this every single day, guys, you're going to start doing deals that's like almost impossible not to. This is why I'm so excited about this.

Gavin: And you're right. I mean, the word that is habit, right? You're trying to create habits and try and change bad habits into good habits. And if you can do something every day consistently, then again focusing on them things, the outcome will happen over a period of time. And that could be a month or two months or three months. Right. Or even a week or a day. You've got to be doing. And if you're not and a lot of the listeners are, you're exactly right. We have so much content on YouTube and then on your podcast and free courses. And people have bull courses. They don't know what they're doing. The difference is they're not doing right. They're not putting into action. And when we see this and it's not that bad, if you make the first five offers, you don't have a clue what you're doing, the next five will be better than the next five will be better,. So soon as your 10 offers in 50 offers, then you're in the flow. You understand that you're getting better. So every time you have fifteen to 60 offers these things that just say you're now and you're just going to be thinking, why wasn't I doing this a month ago? Well, six months ago or two years ago. And now's the time to change. And, you know, and this is going to be a supercheap even to get your money back, Joe is probably gonna jump into that. Now what? I mean, it's just insane.

Joe: Here's the crazy thing. We we wanted to make this a completely no brainer decision for you whatsoever. We're going to give you the five hundred dollars back if you complete the accountability group. If you go in and make 60 offers in a one month period, we're gonna give you. You don't even have to get any of them accepted. We frankly don't even care if you just make. Well, I was going to say, even if you just make sixty dollars, 60 offers for one dollar, maybe don't do that. But like like we don't even care if you go to Zillow and just take the Zillow value times 60 percent and that's your cash off or your lease option offer Zillow times eighty five percent or whatever. Like doesn't matter to. We don't want you to overthink this. We're gonna teach you how to make real simple offers that are gonna get you like really, really close to where you need to be. At least get your foot in the door. We just want you to make offers. We want you to get used to making offers. I think there's going to be so much fun. We're going to everybody's going to be turning in a score card. We're not going to beat you up over the head. We're not going to publicly embarrass you if you don't make the number of offers that you're required. But like, we're not going to let you make give yourself excuses either, because this is really, really simple. And anybody can do this. Anybody can do this. Even if you're in your 80s, even if you're in your 20s or your teenager. Anybody can do this. And you don't have to have a ton of technical experience. We're not going to be you don't have to get REI simple or any CRM. You can do this with a pen and paper. I mean, if you can send an email, if you can maybe use a phone or a calculator or a pen and paper, like, you can create these offers. And you're not we're not talking about, like, filling out a whole fancy long form realtor contract either. We're just talking about sending an email or sending a letter or something in the mail or something written a written offer. Three offers a day. Now we're giving you fifteen offers a week so you can have the weekend to catch up. It could be as simple as, you know what, I'm going to sit down right now for an hour and I'm going to pull up some older listings that need work on Redfin. I might take the Zillow value times 70 percent, minus 30 grand for repairs. And that's my offer. Like whatever.

Joe: Like that's what we're talking about. So when you get into the habit of doing that, magic happens. I mean, I'm thinking of David Dodge. This is a guy who's a rockstar investor here in the St. Louis area. And I started coaching him. Point must've been six, seven years ago. And he already knew he had spent tens of thousands, I think he said over a hundred thousand dollars on education coaching programs and courses and stuff like that. He knew what he needed to do. And so I helped him create a scorecard. And every week he came back and reported on his numbers. And, you know, the funny thing was he didn't even get to his targets. Like he only met half of his goals, but immediate, like within a week, he was starting to get overwhelmed with deals. Right. Starting getting cellar's calling him back. Realtors calling him back. Property managers calling him back and started making offers. He started following up. And now then the problem became a good one. I got I guess I need some help organizing all these leads. I got so many offers.

Joe: And quickly, within a few months, he was making a full time income, doing deals just by focusing on the simple stuff. Right. We have student after student. Chris is somebody we just interviewed one of our recent Saturday workshops about this. This is where he got started. He's doing really well right now. Yeah. So this isn't fluff. This isn't hype. We don't want to try to teach you a new strategy. This is plain old, boring old school stuff. Right. But we're making it simple. And this is kind of there's a couple of reasons why we're giving you the money back. Number one, we're hoping some of you guys bring us deals. You don't have to partner with us. You don't have to partner with us on deals. But if you want to like me, I don't want to. I do want to worry about all that other stuff I don't understand yet. The contracts and how everything works. The double closings. And how do I. What about Covid? What about eviction moratoriums? Don't worry about any of that. Just make the offers. If you get one accepted, we'll look at it. If it's a good deal, we'll get on the phone and we'll partner with you on that deal. OK.

Joe: Number one, we're hoping to do some partnering with some of you folks on deals. Number two, our philosophy is really simple. If we can't make you money, then we don't deserve yours. So if we're so confident of making offers, we're going to turn into deals. We'll give you your money back. Just make the 60 offers, OK? And we'll give you 100 percent of your investment back. No catch, no gimmicks. All right. We do ask for a testimonial. We want to get a testimonial like, yeah, this is awesome. You guys are cool. We just want a testimonial. Then we'll give you money back because it's like we look at it as an investment in you. If you're going to willing if you're willing to put in the work, we're willing to invest in you. And so we want to invest in you, our customers. We know if you're happy, you might be like, yeah, this is great. I like working with John Gavin. You know, maybe you can get into, you know, later on some deeper coaching and work more closely one on one with us for the long haul. Maybe we can set up some of your marketing, your systems and stuff like that. But this is really what it's all about. And Allen just asked a good question right here. Will you be teaching how to track KPI? Definitely 100 percent, because this is all about tracking. Your numbers are going to help you create a marketing plan and your KPI stand for key performance indicators. So you're going to realize, OK, well, but you might have two or three different marketing channels that you're doing every day. And you might say, all right, well, most of my leads are coming from this channel. Right. Most of my deals, though, are coming from this channel. And you're going to see well, I need to do more of this marketing because it's bringing more deals. It's bringing more motivated sellers. So you're going to know what to do more of and what to do less. You want to add something to that.

Gavin: Now, you're exactly right. And we're going to be doing. I mean, I can talk again on the on the coaching calls, what we do with our team, from the VA's, from the acquisition. We try and track everything. We don't know you. No, you don't. Have a business, we need to know when to again, as Joe just said, if, you know, if texting is not working, why keep putting money into texting? And if cold calling's work and put more efforts there if mails working that's where your efforts go in, you need to know that. But above it, all of tracking your numbers. The only numbers you need to be tracking over the next 30 day is how many sellers are you speaking to how many offers you're makinghow much follow up you do. Because remember, that is what's going to make you the money. And you can refine, you know, the marketing as you go. But in the next 30 days, let's just concentrate on getting on the phone again, making the offers, making the offers, because you're going to be surprised.

Gavin: You know what? One of all things is trying to create small wins and understanding. There's nothing better I can tell you. Joe can tell you. People in the group can tell you. But there's something different when it happens to you. Right? When you get an offer accepted. When you see a circumstance change where this seller said, three months go, no, go and jump off a cliff. And then three months later, he's now thinking of selling. Something's happened. And when you see that in your leads, there's just a shifting your mind, you know. You know, all these more people are going to do this. And the big thing is you guys that have been locked in a long time. The money is already in the CRM. This is huge. I don't care. Joe doesn't care. Stop doing Followill Stall making off as if you never made an offer. The money is in the follow up. The money's in your CRM and you know, you just got to get out that. Get the pipeline full, get the leads, get the system going and just keep following up. And they'll just keep dropping and the momentum picks up. And it's just a guess. It just gets out of control in a great way, out of control doing deals.

Joe: So, yeah, this is all about simple, basic things that work in any business, in any market. And especially now this is even more important now as we're coming in out of this recession. Who knows? You know, but like we're in a recession right now. The housing market seems to be hot, but there's a tsunami of foreclosures coming. There's a ton of defaults right there. But there's the cool thing is there's a huge demand for housing from investors and retail buyers, but they're still motivated sellers out there. Right. So we need to be in a position to know how to work with them. Now, some of you guys are in California. Some of you are in New York or maybe a very expensive, competitive market you like. How can I do deals here? That's the cool thing that we're doing right now. Most of our deals. Ninety nine percent of our deals are virtual, are in other markets. They're not in our backyard. So we're gonna be teaching you how to find those sellers leads, how to do the same marketing. And they won't even know where you live unless you tell them. Right.

Joe: It's the way we do. Our marketing makes you virtual. And you can be in any market and you can be in multiple different markets. So we're not going to be too overwhelming you with a ton of information. And you're not going to have to go by, you know, a ton of software and CRM and hire a bunch of visas to do all this to for you. This is all stuff that you can do every day. Right. I would predict if you wanted to talk to five sellers a day, you really only would need to spend 30 minutes to an hour in marketing. You know, that could be sending texts, sending letters, sending emails, sending the sly dial voice mails of all cheap, really simple, effective marketing that you can do to get some leads in. When you're making offers, we're gonna give you the calculators that we use. It's just takes a couple of three minutes to come up with an offer. It really shouldn't take you longer than five minutes. And we're going to giving you the scripts to talk to sellers and what to say to them. And again, the way we talk to sellers, it's so easy. I mean, just calling the seller and saying, hey, listen, we. Tell me about your house. I'm looking for a nice property to buy in the area. And just talking to ask questions that shouldn't take you more than three to five minutes to talk to seller. So if you figure five minutes max, talk to a seller, five minute max to send an offer to create an offering. So you're only talking about 10 minutes.

Joe: And if you're talking to five sellers a day, that's about an hour. It shouldn't take you longer than an hour to talk to five sellers and send three offers. So if you've got at least an hour a day, five days a week where you can do this, let's go for it, man. Let's go for it. If you go to five sellers a day dot com, check it out. All the information is there. We start next week and we're shutting the doors and we're only letting a few people in but go to five sellers a day, dot com. It's only five hundred dollars. And you get your money back when you complete the challenge. And the challenge is this. Make 60 offers in 30 days. That's three offers a day. And if you get behind, you get the weekend to catch up. You know, I'm telling you, as once you learn how to make offers, you can make maybe 10 offers in one day. It's really not that hard. We're going to show you where to find the leads, how to how to make the offers. This is really good.

Gavin: So one thing as well. We have the Facebook group when we did last time, and not just like guess everyone go in as well, because all the people in the group, again, not just coming from those that are doing it, they're doing it.

Gavin: You should be doing it. And then when you don't want to do it, you're going to do it because you know, you should be. And it's just going to push you that little bit more. And again, it's just changing them habits. And we know in 30 days if you're not going to do it in 30 days, so why don't you do it overnight? Because if people don't do it in 30 days, 90 days is done. If you don't come out the blocks doing it in the first few weeks, you're not going to do it. So you need to break the habit. And if you've got it going in 30 days, you can then maintain and you will see the traction that you can get. Once you see the traction for yourself, you're going to be like, well, this is what I've got to do. This is the new me. And that's when you're just going to start cranking out deals. And we got great testimonials last time, and I'm sure people can. See them as they go to that link. Oh, we forget the amazing.


Joe: We forgot to put the testimonials from the last time we did this on the page. I'm going to text Sam right now to do that.

Gavin: OK. Perfect. So they're going to be, as you'll say. Guys don't come coming. You know, it's cool in front of the people. And I actually spoke to Chris, one of our guys. He's one of my one to one guy just starred in this. And I'm like, hey, you got to join us. And these are absolutely. He's all fired up. He's going to be back in the group. Awesome.

Joe: Yeah, you're doing this already, right? Even if you're doing deals, guys, you should join it because it's so much fun just to get the kind of in the group and the Facebook group get the communication, the competition, competitive juices flowing. Yeah, that's cool. We're going to have people in there already doing this. Yeah. So you can always push yourself a little bit more. You can just push yourself out of the comfort zone. But you're you'regonna be getting a lot of support. We're going to be helping you saying you can do this, you've got this. Don't quit, don't give up. And you're gonna just see the success of other people in there and you're gonna get fired up yourself. You're gonna get motivated. You're not going to want to let everybody else down. So this is important. Guys, we want you to take this seriously. And I totally forgot I was we just uploaded or opened the sales page today. And we've got about 20 or 30 testimonials on there. And we forgot to put them in. But I'll get Sam to work on that here. So, guys, if you're interested in this, go to five sellers a day, dot com five sellers a day dot com. Cool. I can't think of anything else to say. What were we doing to do a couple more podcasts and videos like this this week? So we're gonna come back tomorrow and maybe we could do some podcast. Gavin, about the kind of marketing that we like to do, the kind of questions that we like to ask sellers and how we make offers so quick. Would that be cool?

Gavin: Yeah, absolutely. Let's do it.

Joe: Let's do it. So we will be back tomorrow. If you're listening to this podcast or watching this video. Stay tuned and go check this out right now. Guys, five sellers a day, dot com, five sellers a day dot com. I think you can spell five or do the number five I think I have both domains. But check it out right now, guys. Do you have any questions about this? Just send us an email. Support at Joe McCall dot com. Support at Joe McCall dot com. My team will help you out and I'm looking forward to this. Gonna be a lot of fun. We will talk to you guys tomorrow. We're gonna be doing another podcast video here and we will see you guys soon. Thanks, Gavin.

Gavin: All right. Thanks, Jack. Thanks, guys.

Joe: Alright buddy.

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