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Who is going to hold you accountable when you don’t have a built-in accountability system as you did at your 9-5? Making that jump into the entrepreneurial life is awesome and amazing, but without a boss standing over your shoulder, many entrepreneurs just struggle to accomplish anything.

Working with Gavin for years allowed us to set up a few systems for our coaching students to help them stay on track: time blocking and scorecards. Just having someone standing behind them, calling them up, and reminding them to take action helps them move forward toward their goals.

Since when has anyone, on any training ever, said that making one offer a week is going to get you ten thousand dollars? When we work with our coaching clients, we teach them the kind of effort they need to put in to get massive results.

Listen, you can set up all of your marketing and your VAs to do a large part of your business for you. But you, and the effort you put in, are the engine that makes everything run. Gavin is going to give you a few tips on how to hold yourself accountable for all of the work and money you’re pouring into your business.

In addition to that, I’d like to invite you to our new 5 Sellers a Day program starting next week. The program will challenge you to make offers daily during the program and if you successfully complete all those offers – 60 offers to be exact; you get your money back. We only do this program once or twice a year and our best students are fruits of this challenge. It will not only help you score deals but also help you be more accountable in making solid offers. 5 Sellers a Day starts next week!

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What’s inside:

  • If you don’t know your numbers, then you don’t have a business.
  • If you don’t have someone keeping you accountable, then how will you stay disciplined?
  • How often you need to be in contact with your VAs.

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Hey, guys, how you doing? Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. Now, I just wanted to record a quick little introduction here, because this podcast that you're gonna be listening to is recorded by Gavin and Gavin. If you don't know him by now, he's my coaching business partner. He helps me in the coaching business. He's a phenomenal coach. One of the best coaches, maybe probably the best coach I've ever met. And the guy is awesome. Pression, say probably he is. So anyway, sorry, Gavin, if you're listening, I love Gavin. We've been working together for six years now or whatever. He's a really good friend of mine. And so I just want to let you know this podcast is going to be talking about accountability and we're actually interviewing another student of ours. We wanted to let you know accountability is so critical and important. And Gavin and I are actually launching this week as I'm recording this new five cellar's a day accountability program. And so I want to invite you to that if you're interested. Right. This you are all down. And I'll tell you what it is here in a second. Five sellers, a datacom, five sellers a day dot com. We're starting it next week. But really what it is, is we you'll know what you need to do.

Guys, you know what you need to do. You've bought course after course after course. And there's no doubt in my mind, you already know. But for whatever reason, something's holding you back. It may be fear of success. It may be fear of the unknown. Like, I don't know what to do or. But your speed to income is directly proportional to the number of offers that you make. If you want to make a lot of money, you need to make a lot of offers. And so one of the biggest questions I ask all my students when I first talked to them when I'm on the phone is like, all right. How many offers have you made in the last week? Nothing else matters. So many guys, you're stuck. You can't figure out step seven and eight. Don't worry about step seven and eight until you do steps one and two. You understand steps one and two is marketing. Talking to sellers, making offers like that's it. That's all you need to worry about. And if you want, then somebody that can help you and hold you by the hand after you make the offer and you get one accept and you're like, oh no, what do I do now? That's when you need a coach or help a mentor to help you with this. So this is a program we're doing. It's only five hundred dollars and you're going to get the money back. If you make the if you talk to five sellers a day and make at least three offers a day. So the way it works, it's four weeks and we're gonna hold you accountable. And a small little group, private Facebook group, extra coaching calls, and you're going to return a score card every single week. And if you make three offers a day, that's 15 offers a week and we're just giving you five days, you have two days to catch up. And it doesn't matter if it's a seller or a realtor. You have to make written offers that 60 offers in a four week period.

 If you guys can if you make 60 offers, you will complete the challenge and we'll refund you the money, which is super excited. I feel like, you know, I am hoping everybody who signs up for this gets 100 percent of their money back because it's just it's something that's a way for us to give back. And this is this is a great opportunity if you feel like me. And I just need some accountability. I just need help focusing on what's most important. This is for you. Some of our best coaching students have come from this program. We only do this like once or twice a year. It's gonna be a lot of fun. So if you're interested, check it out. Five sellers, a data com, five sellers a day dot com. We'll see you there. Enjoy this podcast. Take care, bye.

Hey, guys. How you doing? This is Gavin Timms with REI Network. Today, we're going to talk about a super, super important topic: accountability. Okay. Accountability is probably one of the most important things in this business, period, for a number, a number of reasons. And sometimes it gets overlooked. Some people, we talk about it when they don't put the right things in place to keep yourselves accountable.

Firstly, always as entrepreneurs, as business owners. If you're coming from a nine to five job, you already have structure in that job. You have to be there on time when your shift starts. Whatever it may be that you're doing and you've got no one making you do anything when it's your own business. And that can be a problem for most people because you have to be super motivated. You have to be disciplined to actually get things done. And sometimes that's not enough just to use them words. So we have to put things in place. Okay, you need to be accountable to a time block in your day, if that's what it takes. What are you going to do tomorrow? Plan your day and then be accountable to it.

So tomorrow, between nine and twelve, I want to achieve these things. Between 12 and three, I want to achieve these things. Between three and six, I want to achieve these things here. And what you're going to do is it's gonna be less overwhelm when you do have a plan. But then it's being accountable to that plan. Who is gonna be holding you accountable to making sure that even though they're in the calendar, even though you have time blocked and you all structured, who is holding you accountable to actually doing that? Right. And dependent how your business is structured. This could be a business partner. This could be your kids, your wife, your husband.

Somebody. Okay. Maybe it's a coach or someone else that you're working within in the industry to keep you accountable because otherwise nothing gets done. And then you just become another information guy or gal, right, where you're buying course after course, you have more knowledge than anybody else. You have no more knowledge than maybe what the difference is, maybe between me and you. Is that I actually take massive action, be held accountable for it and actually get things done. And I know you want to do that. And it's easier said than done, but you just don't do it because you don't have an accountability partner. So time blocking is one thing. Staying disciplined to it all.

Other thing is, obviously scorecards, right? Scorecards tracking your numbers. If you don't know your numbers, you don't have a business. Right. This is where is your marketing dollars go in what marked in his work. Okay. These are these scorecards that you need to make sure that you're filling out, because that is going to be holding you accountable to making changes. We need to know if cold calling is working or not. We need to know exactly what is the best source of leads for you. We need to know if it's direct mail or Facebook or PPC. We need to know them things. Right. So by tracking, get where you need to be held accountable to tracking your numbers. So it still comes back to accountability to make sure that we are tracking the things that we need.

Accountability in this business, again, just gets overlooked. People want it. People say, oh, yeah I need accountability. Well, what are you doing to put it in place? Because you need to do something. Otherwise, it's week after week after week. The biggest thing that we probably talk about is how many offers, how many cells have you spoken to? How many offers have you made? How much follow up have you done?

That's one of the main things I ask all my clients that they need to report and marketing as well. But they are. I know that if they're marked in the talking to sellers. Right. So I can kind of battle it off. So how many sales have you spoken to? How many offers have you made and which follow up have you done? Because if I know this and I consistently see it, I will know where they need help. Right. So I have to keep them accountable. Every single Monday in the coaching program, we do a scorecard. I put the scorecard out. They report on their numbers every Wednesday. I then give them feedback on their numbers from the previous week.

What this does is that they have a comment section. We track the numbers of them things. So I need to know that they're talking to enough sellers that they're making enough offers and that they're doing their follow up to get deals done. I already know that if I can get them into that stage now from a coaching standpoint, if they hit their numbers consistently and we're not getting results now, they've become coachable because is something else going on? Is it the offers that you will make it? Is it the way that your position yourself on the phone? Are you asking the wrong questions? Are you doing the follow wrong? What's going on?

Let's talk about it. Let's dive in and find out what the problem might be, because, yes, you have been consistently doing this over the last three to four weeks and we haven't got a contract. Then we have something to work on. But from a coaching standpoint, very difficult to work with people that aren't doing them things right, that aren't talking to people, that aren't making offers, that isn't doing any follow up. Because how can you coach someone when they're not taking action?

And then again, we're going to revert back to why they're not taking action, because they're not being held accountable. OK. So this is one of, like I said, the most important things that you need to do. You have bought the course's course after course after course. Okay. And you all put it in action. That doesn't mean the course is bad. Maybe it's discipline from you to put it into action. I don't know. Right. Well, you need to analyze yourself. One of the basic things that I do is trying to when I work with clients is I try and analyze the situation.

What are they doing? What are they doing well? What are they doing wrong? And find out. And it's never, in my opinion, the training or the course. It's well, you implement in it. It doesn't matter who what course or training. You have to be doing it. Right. To actually get it done. So marked him plan. Are you doing that? Are you sticking to the plan? Do you have your marketing going out or are you just doing marketing some days? Make a couple of calls. Make one offer a week.

Since when has anyone said on any training that one offer a week is going to get a deal and make ten thousand dollars or more? Right. Nobody. So this is a numbers game. We know that we want you shooting for five sellers a day. Prescreened seller to talk to, ideally five days a week, make it three offers a day. So that's twenty-five sales a week. That's one hundred sales a month. That's fifteen offers a week. That's 60 offers a month. And then just start times in it to undersells in two months, 120 offers in two months.

Are you telling me I have a hundred and twenty offers, someone isn't going to say yes? I mean show me. I think so. The average is going to tell you so. And if not, you're going to follow up on all them, 120 of them, 60 offers until someone says yes. Remember, no means not now. So you need to make sure that you're doing that. Also, I'm going to be putting together a scorecard for you, just something simple that we've just talked about. Right. And they'll go probably to do www.REINetwork.com/scorecard or just REINetwork.com/scorecard. You'll be able to download it for free. It's not fancy. It's basic. It's simple, but it's effective. OK. And you need when you get this. You need to give this to a business partner or family member and say, hey, this is what I want to do this week. These are my plans this week.

I need you to keep me accountable. OK. To doing this. I want you asking me daily. Did you speak to five sellers a day? Because again, we don't do that every day with our clients, but at least every week we do. They present us with numbers to do this exact thing.

Now, if you're in a situation where you have a team and you're building the business like we do, is that you need to keep your team accountable. Right. So we have to keep our cold calls accountable. So we have to have scorecards for them every single day they report on their numbers. How many dials did they do? How long were they on the dialer? How many leads did we get? Okay. We track all of that for every call. Then we have acquisition manager. How many dials did they do? How many offers they made? How many contracts have we got in? How much follow up have they done?

We keep them accountable because if no one is accountable, nothing gets done. We've learned this from day one from keeping yourself accountable, because if you can get in the right frame of mind, of being accountable yourself, it's much easier then to understand the importance of keeping your team accountable because no one is going to work this business, your business harder than you. Nobody. You are going to be the one that outworks everyone because it's yours and you want them to perform at the same level as you. And if that's the case, then you need accountability, okay. To succeed just like them.

Otherwise, nothing gets done. One of the most common things is oh my VAs no good. When was the last time you spoke to your VA? About two weeks ago. It's no good. Twice a day we talked to our VAs. Every VA minimum twice a day. They report on their numbers every day. We can see if there's a problem within 24 hours with that V.A. We can see if the list needs changing within 24 hours. Not two weeks. And that's how you need to be to be efficient, to get deals done consistently. That's just on the V.A. side. And again, transition into acquisition, disposition and knowing your numbers, what marketing’s working.

And every time we try something, I need to track them numbers and keep people in the team accountable to giving me that information and asking for it. And looking at, you know creating maybe spreadsheets way auto populate for you, there's a number of ways that you can do it, but you can also keep it very simple. Pen, paper, napkin. Write it down, give it someone and be held accountable. I know I like going on here, but I need this to register because this is what's going to change everything for you. Going to come back and say, yeah, you're exactly right.

I know you're listening right now and you've bought 10 courses. I know you have. And you're going to say yeah, I have not been putting anything into action because you've not been held accountable. Right. And that's why sometimes free information is the worst information, because if you invest. You're invested. You have money and you have to make it work, right? We talk about our time.

Free information. If you give me something for free. There may be I'm not going to do anything with it. I get free and we'll watch it right now. And I watch a little bit and then never come back to it. I've just paid 20 grand for that or whatever. Five grand. A thousand, five hundred bucks, 100 bucks for it are more likely to actually do it. Right. Because I have skin in the game. But you can create skin in the game by getting other people to hold you accountable. And maybe this forfeits. You can get creative with this. Right. And do it. Make sure that it gets done.

So remember, you know, know your numbers, time blocking. OK. And all these things, marketing plan, score cards, hitting your numbers is all good. Put it in place. It's all important. But if you're not being held accountable, it isn't going to work. So guys, remember, if you check out the scorecard, go to REINetwork.com/scorecard. You can get it downloaded. It's not fancy, but it's effective. That's going to be helping tracking you for what you're doing. Try and then give that to someone. Be held accountable. And the next time we do an accountability group, make sure you get involved with us, because I think that's probably one of the biggest things that we see in the business, is that when people get in the routine, because that's what we're trying to break. Right. It's a routine.

And if you do this every single day, it becomes the normal. It's hard. It's hard to report any numbers, to track you numbers every day. It's just like going to the gym. Right. It's hard for the first few weeks. But then you're in the groove and you go. It's hard dieting, right at the first. You don't want to eat salads every day, but it gets better over a period of time because it becomes a normal. So all these things, it's no different for your business. Right. But if you want to succeed, this is the way forward. So, you know, hit me up. Make sure you like and subscribe to the channel. That'll be great. Drop us some comments if you agree, disagree. And we'll go from there. All right, guys, have a great day. And remember, if you're watching on the podcast, make sure you like and subscribe. Thanks.

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