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Wholesaling in your own area may not be working out, and you know it’s time to spread out to other markets. Finding leads on the internet has made virtual wholesaling incredibly accessible for anyone no matter where they’re at in the world. 99% of the homes you’re looking for can be found for free on just three websites. I’m going to break down my process for how to find leads on:

  • Zillow
  • Redfin
  • Facebook Marketplace

Each site offers a little different information and requires a little different approach, but with some of my favorite tools, you’ll be able to scrape enough information for your VAs to follow up on these free leads.

Once I find the information on a property, I send three pieces of marketing to the property owners: a text, an email, and a ringless voicemail. My Simple Lease Option class is going to give you the resources you need to turn these leads into deals to add to your real estate portfolio.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • How older listings can help you find motivated sellers.
  • Why I stopped using Craigslist to find leads.
  • The three pieces of marketing I use on my website leads.

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What's up, everybody? Joe McCall here. In this quick video, I'm going to show you my top three favorite Web sites that I get all of the leads I can handle for free on the Internet. So if you're ready for that. Hang on here.

This is really simple. So if you've seen my webinar at SLOClass.com, look at that link, double click the video of the button below this video. I teach how to find more leads and you can handle for free. And these are just a few of my favorite places to go, my favorite Web sites to go to get free leads. And I'm not talking about placing ads. I'm not talking about cold calling. I'm not talking about sending thousands and thousands of postcards. It's just contacting people who have properties, asking them if they want to sell or if they want to rent their house.

So, number one, my number one favorite site is Zillow. I created a whole course on this called the zip code. Some of you might have seen that or heard about that. And I just picked up a random market here on Zillow in San Antonio, Texas. And if you look, I like to look at rentals. Again, I'm not talking about placing ads. I'm talking about contacting landlords and property managers and for sale by owners. And I'll show you how to do that here. So I'd like to go in the Ferenz. I like to stay in the median price range. I don't want the real cheap ones. I don't want the real expensive ones. And so I don't know San Antonio well enough.

But, you know, you should get a decent house for a thousand a month or more.

But I like to do three plus bedrooms and I like houses only. I don't like to look for condos or townhomes. It just makes it too hard to find buyers for. OK, and there's 11 hundred right here. Now, let's say you're in a market where there's not that many. Not enough. Well, you can always zoom out and if you zoom out, you'll get more. Now, I'm getting up to this area up here, which is that Austin. There's twenty-one hundred results. OK.

And then what I'm doing is when I'm pulling up one of these properties, I'm looking for contacting the owner or whoever is advertising the property. So in this example here, this is a big property management company, wretch's warehouse. You know, I'm probably not going to send them a text, but I might what I'll do is I'll pull the address up here and contact, send a letter, a quick yellow letter that I can do online, which, by the way, my VAs do my yellow letters for me, and which is pretty cool.



But anyway, I'll make it send a letter to the owner of the property. OK. Now, one of the things that these houses all have in common, which I love, is number one, they're all nice houses, right. And number two, they're all vacant. So unless this is owned by a huge hedge fund and there are a lot of properties in San Antonio that are owned by hedge funds, most a lot of properties, though, are not. And so if somebody owns this house, chances are there's a mortgage and it's been vacant. They just put a bunch of money in it to fix it up and they might be motivated to sell it, if not now, then they will later.

So I look for houses like this. I send, there's three things I send to these properties. I might send a text, I send an e-mail and I send a voicemail to a ringless voicemail system. And each of those voicemails are personalized. We just do them one at a time. So it's not blasting a bunch of automated voice mails either, OK? Sometimes you're going to find houses that are listed by individual owners and you can just send them a text or an email from their phone number here. Or you can click, ask a question and send them a question through the Zillow platform. Looks like this one's freezing up a little bit.

All right. Here's a property that I just found. And you'll notice these pictures look really nice and they're look like the house is staged. Now, I may be wrong, but a lot of times these houses that look like they have professional realtor pictures in them, looks like it's staged. They don't stage these properties like this as a rental property.

For rental purposes. These a lot times, these are houses that they tried to sell at one time and they couldn't. And so now they're just renting it out. But if you scroll down here, you'll see it looks like the individual property owner is advertising his property. So I would send them a text or send them of voice mail and an email. OK, cool.

Now, the other thing I like about Zillow is getting the for sale by owners. And that's really easy to do. You just switch this off here to by owner and I need to change the pricing again. I like to stay in the medium price range. And which, you know, might be between a hundred or four hundred thousand three plus bedrooms, houses only. And then you're looking at this thinking, man, there's only one hundred and two results. That's not enough. Well what if I zoom out.

Now all of a sudden I have two hundred forty four. Zoom out again. Now I have eleven hundred and seventy-two. Let me zoom out again and I got half of Mexico in there. Let me scroll up a little bit. Now I've got five thousand one hundred and fifteen for sale by owner results. OK, so the thing about Zillow is that it's the number one place for rental properties and for sale by owner properties. And when I'm looking



these homes up, I don't care if they're in small towns. In fact, I prefer that they be in small towns. There's less competition, but there's still a high demand for these houses.

We just did a lease option on a house in a small town in Nebraska of four. The population was 480 people. We did a small little lease option deal there. And so this is a house that's listed for sale by owner. And all of my team does is they go in here and they look for the owner's name and phone number. And there it is right there, property owner. There's a phone number. We send them an email, a text and a voicemail. You know, just ask them about the property. Now you can click property owner here does Zillow doesn't let you email them here, but you can just call them.

Yeah, you can send them an email right here, but you have to select that. These are the realtors that are looking to become a buyer's agent or something like that, OK? So lots of opportunity just on Zillow alone. And what I tell people is, you know, one week go after this area, the next week, go after this area, the next week, go after this area. So pick like three big markets and target all the rentals and all the for sale by owners and just ask them, hey, I saw your rental property on Craigslist. You wouldn't be interested in maybe selling it, would you? Or if it's a for sale by owner. Hey, I saw your property on Zillow is for sale by owner, if I can get you full price. Would you consider something like a lease purchase or rent to own or owner financing or something like that? Right. Real simple.

Then you only talk to the people that raise your hands. And let me say one more thing about Zillow, too. It's really cool is we have software for people that invest in my course that will go in and scrape Zillow for you. They’ll go into each of these houses and scrape and put into a spreadsheet the address, the price, the beds, the baths and the person who's advertising the house, their name and phone number as well. And then with our CRM, you can send out text messages to them. You can click on the address of the property and find the homeowner who owns that property and get their address. You can send them a letter. So it's pretty powerful now.

Well, let me say one more thing, too. If the house is listed by a property manager, sometimes I will send the property manager a marketing text or something. But a lot of times I will just click a button, a couple of buttons in my CRM and send the owner of that rental property a letter which is pretty simple and easy.

Now, my second favorite Web site for leads is Redfin. And why Redfin? Because Redfin gives you older listings. OK, so I went back into San Antonio here. I did a price between 100 to 450000 and I went to more filters and I said three plus bedrooms, houses only because again, when we're doing lease options, you want to stay with nice homes and nice areas. OK. And then right down here, you have this thing called Time



on Redfin. You can select more than 60, 90 days. And the market, you know, you may say it's hot right now. You know, all you need to do is take a sign in the yard and you're selling properties. Lightning fast, right?

Well, OK, if that's the if that's the case, why are there two thousand and ninety three homes right now in this area that are priced between one hundred to four hundred fifty thousand dollars that have been on the market over 60 days?

Now, another one of the filters I like to do that will bring that number down a little bit is remove new construction. So I might say, all right, there has to be built before 2017 and that'll drop it down here substantially to five hundred ninety one. I think a lot of times homebuilders will list homes for sale, even though they're not built yet. So anyway, that's five hundred ninety-one properties that have been on the market in the metro San Antonio area over 60 days.

Now, you could also change this filter to more than 90 days and click apply filters. Now you have three hundred and seventy-seven homes. What if you sent a letter to the homeowners of these older listings and said, listen, if I can get you two hundred seventy-five thousand for your house at nine nine one eight, Northlake, would you consider maybe owner financing or at least purchase or something like that? One of my students, he created a letter that I give out in my course that you can send to the owners. Just again, you can put this data real quick into my CRM and can send letters. But he sends us letters saying, hey, I'd love to buy your house, but I need to rent it for a year or so first and then by pulling deals from that really, really good deals. And we're not trying to go around the realtor. You know, we still work with realtors on these deals.

But let me show you something really cool about Redfin. If you scroll down on the right, you can download these properties into a spreadsheet. You can then import them into the CRM. But I also have this other integration with this tool that will give you the owners information on it. So you import a big spreadsheet, you get back the owners information, name, address of how much equity they have, which ones of these properties have a lot of equity or no equity? Which ones are vacant? Bankruptcies. Which ones have liens? It's pretty amazing what you can do.

So again, something I show on my course. My third favorite site is, of course, Facebook marketplace. Just these three Web sites alone, Zillow, Redfin, Facebook Marketplace, are where 99 percent of the homes are going to be advertised on there for rent or for sale. And with the Facebook marketplace is a little more restrictive. You can't even get the address to some of these properties. But you can say, hey, show me. The home is between a thousand or three thousand three plus bedrooms, houses only. And you can go in and find these properties that are listed for rent.



And again, you're not going to get the address of the property necessarily, but you can send to the seller or the property manager or whoever. A message right here, you know, is a house still available? I saw this rental. Sometimes you can click on the map and zoom in to see maybe the street that it's on. I don't know. This is like a main street. So but you could say, hey, I saw this property, you wouldn't consider maybe leasing it for a year and then selling it, would you? Here's the cool thing about all this marketing I'm showing you is a virtual assistant at three bucks an hour can do this marketing for you. And then you only talk to the people that raise their hands and might be interested in some kind of special financing. All right.

And then you just send messages. Sometimes the messages will be going through Facebook Messenger. And sometimes if I click on one of these here, it comes through third party sites. Like if it's a realtor listed property, it might be from something like Zumper It's called. But you can then send them a message through Facebook by email. So, yeah. When it comes to Facebook marketplace, I would suggest only doing about 10 or 20 a day. Don't be. Any more than that, because Facebook, they'll start blocking you if you're sending too many of the messages. OK, here's an example of a property that's listed from Zumper, which pulls it from the MLS.

And when you click contact, it'll pop up a window that says, hey, do you want to send a message or I don't know if they send a text or not. But that goes through Zumper. Anyways, here's the cool thing about all of this. And I didn't even mention Craigslist because Craigslist used to be good, but it has a bunch of spam in here. Now, you know that people have properties that aren't homes or they're just advertising spam, credit repair services or things like that. So but anyway, the three favorite Web sites I like to go to get leads, number one, Zillow, and I go look for nice rentals, nice for sale by owners.

And we have software that a company that we work with, with a software that scrapes all this data, puts it into a spreadsheet, and then every day we can send 50 to 100 texts. We can send individualized personalized voicemails; we can send emails and we can send letters. We can even get the homeowners information, skip, trace them and contact them if you want. But again, these for rent by owner for rent properties are usually vacant. They're nice homes. OK, then you can also get for sale by owner homes. And if you keep on zooming out. Maybe one day, one week you go after one state, the next week you go after another state and just rotate through these states, you're going to find thousands and thousands of for sale by owner homes.

And that's again, the cool thing about lease options is you can do these deals virtually from anywhere. You don't have to go see the houses. Then my second favorite site is Redfin. I'm going after older listings, properties that have been on the market over 60, 90 days, offering them full price if they'd consider maybe



a lease purchase or owner financing. And you can download this list into a spreadsheet. You can upload it to the sellers’ tool that I have that will tell you how many of these 400 homes have a lot of equity and maybe you can change your message if it has a little equity, your letter could be you want to lease purchase. If it has a lot of equity, then, you know, you can say, hey, do you want to owner finance or something?

And then the third favorite place I like to go to is Facebook Marketplace. And I can start sending messages to these sellers through Facebook Messenger and stuff like that. So more leads and you can handle guys without spending thousands and thousands of dollars, without even spending hundreds of dollars. I mean, how much does it cost to send a text, to send an email, to send a voicemail? If you're interested in getting more information, I want to invite you to my webinar at SLOClass.com. SLOClass.com. You can see a link down below or click the button down below and join the webinar because I show you how to contact these sellers, what to say to them, how to negotiate.

There's actually not even really any negotiating involved. I show you the proposal that I send. It does the selling for you. I show you how to find buyers for these properties. Lightning fast when these buyers have money, you don't need a buyers list. It's a great business. And as we start coming into the recession, pretty soon you're going to see house prices start dipping again because it's inevitable to happen. Then this is the best strategy to have in your back pocket, understanding and knowing how to do creative financing deals. It's going to help you do more deals, make more money. So join me on the webinar. You're gonna love it. SLOClass.com, SLOClass.com. We'll see you. Thanks.

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