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It wasn’t until I learned to become the reluctant buyer that everything changed. This radical change in my approach made me more approachable to sellers, and let them feel comfortable chatting with me about my property.

My challenge to you: Talk to five sellers a day.

Now, if you’re scared to death to open your mouth and talk to sellers, I’m going to go over one of my scripts that will help you flip the script on a seller and just have a conversation. Inside my Simple Lease Options course, I also have another script for you to practice, and I’ll teach you:

  • How to pick a market
  • How to do the marketing
  • How to make the offer
  • How to talk to sellers
  • How to negotiate

If you want to buy some houses, then you have to be making offers. And every offer starts with a simple conversation. Let me help you have better conversations and make better offers.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • I found that negotiating lease option deals was easier than negotiating cash deals.
  • How can I gain more confidence in calling back sellers?
  • Questions you can ask sellers that open up the conversation naturally.

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Hey, what's up, everybody? Joe McCall and do you ever get that feeling sometimes it's like, oh, no, you look at the phone and it's an eight-hundred-pound cactus. You're like, oh, man, I have to pick up that thing. I have to talk to sellers again. It's just no fun, isn't it? But learning and understanding sales is the fastest, quickest way to make a lot of money in the real estate investing business. You gotta know how to talk to people.

And when I was working my full-time job, I didn't like it. I didn't enjoy it. I felt bad trying to find only desperate, motivated sellers that had a lot of equity that were bottom of the barrel. And I had to beat them down and priced 50, 60 cents on the dollar to make anything work. And then when I did talk to them, I spent 30 minutes talking to the phone on the phone to the seller, only to have them say, no, I'm not interested. You know, I'm not I don't want to do it or I don't want to sell my house and I want to do a lease option or whatever. And I was exhausted. At the end of the day, I'd maybe talk to one or two or three sellers max, and all they said was, I need to think about it.

Sometimes I got so good at my sales pitch, they would be saying things like, well, what's the catch? Right. How do you get paid? What's in interview? And so it wasn't until I learned how to become what I called the reluctant buyer, where it changed everything. And so I just got a question here from Latina, and I'm going to bring this up because some of you guys think, well, I'm not good at talking to sellers or I have to be this sophisticated, fancy used car slick salesman to get any sellers to say yes to doing a lease option deal. And none of that is true.

In fact, I found that negotiating lease option deals were way easier than trying to negotiate cash deals at 50, 60 cents on the dollar. I want to show you why here in just a second. So this is the question that I got from Latina. How can I gain more confidence calling back sellers and answering my phone? Should I just hire someone to call them for me? Is this something that you recommend and especially as you're starting off? I don't recommend this for a lot of reasons. Number one. Don't outsource this. This is like one of the last things you should outsource. Right. And I'm going to give you a real simple script. I'm going to show it to you right here in just a second as well.

No one ever got started in this business with 100 percent confidence, like they knew exactly what they're doing anyway. I mean, you look you may look at some of what I'm doing or you may hear some of my life calls in my course and stuff like that. Think, oh, man, Joe makes it sound so easy. Well, I didn't start that way. Right. Made a lot of mistakes. And you need to give yourself permission to make mistakes. And the only way you can get better is by practicing, practicing, practicing. Right. But here's the cool thing. You can get better by putting into your brain that you're just the reluctant buyer. You're just calling the seller to see if they have a deal that you might be interested in. Right. So be the reluctant buyer. Ask a lot of questions.

Another huge key to this. I want to show you how to do this in the webinar, which, by the way, if you go to SLOClass.com, SLOClass.com, you'll see my webinar and I'll spend a lot more time talking about this. If you start making an offer to every seller, because my proposal, my lease option credibility kit that you send to sellers actually does the selling for you. When you're talking to sellers, all you need to do is ask them questions about the house, write my script is real simple. Just asks questions is nothing you have to memorize. Right? But when you send them an offer, it comes with a credibility kit. And that does the selling for you, which makes it a whole lot easier.

So I would challenge you, Latina and other people who are concerned about making offers and talking to sellers on the phone. Just practice. Make it a goal to talk to five sellers a day. And it's really not that hard because when you talk to sellers, you shouldn't be on the phone longer than three to five minutes, three to five minutes max. So when I started changing my concept of doing the reluctant buyer and just asking the seller questions about the house to see if it would be something I would be interested in and see, I'm not trying to sell them on a lease option over the phone. Right. I'm not trying to beat them down to 60 cents on the dollar on the phone.

I'm just asking them questions about the house and see if they maybe would be willing to rent it to me for a little bit first and then sell it. So here, I hope you can see this. OK. Here is my simple script. I'm just going to highlight this real quickly and I'll go through here, says, hey, I'm calling about your property for rent or for sale or whatever. Sounds like it caught you in the middle of something. Sounds like is the house still available? Are you the owner or the property manager? Hey, I'm looking for a nice house in the area. Can you tell me a little bit about your property? Do you mind if I ask you some questions about it to see if it would be something I would be interested in?

So I'm not selling the lease option concept. The seller is selling me on their house. I ask a lot of questions about the house. Right. Good school district. Build a little rapport. Be nice. Complement the house. Man looks like a nice house, right? Why would you even want to sell it if it's for sale by owner. You know, why haven't you sold it yet. Why don't you just list it with the realtor. See, I'm not chasing the seller, right. The more you chase them, the faster they will run. Then I say something like, you know, I'm sure you're getting a ton of calls, right. I'm sure you're getting a lot of people calling you about the house.

Why do you think it's not sold yet? What's going on? You got a lot of time on your hands, right? To get the price that you want. And I love this question. This is the million-dollar question right here. What are you going to do if you can't sell this property? You're going to rent it out? You see, I'm just asking questions. This isn't a script. All right? I'm just getting them to tell me about the house. Sounds like a nice house. I'm an investor. I'm looking for more property in the area. And if it's a rental property, I might say something like you would consider maybe selling you would you wouldn't be open to maybe leasing your house for a year or two first and then selling it, would you?

That's it, man. I'm telling you, this is so revolutionary. It sounds simple to you. But when I was first getting started, I was going on this long spiel and just vomiting out all the benefits of why they should do a lease option with me, you know, and I was totally missing the point. You can only do deals with motivated sellers. And if they're not ready to sell now and most sellers aren't, at least they're not going to tell you they are the first conversation. Why are you going through all that hassle you're for? These phone calls shouldn't be longer than three to five minutes. OK. It's super easy just asking questions, you know. And then I also play the role of the reluctant buyer.

And notice the negative phrasing I have in here. Right. Hey, you know, I don't know if this will work for me or for you, but what if I could lease your property for a year or two and then buy it? That wouldn't work for you, would it? What if I could take care of the maintenance and repairs, lease the property? Don't worry about vacancies anymore. And then I buy the house. You won't charge any commissions. What would you want to do then? Great questions, right? If they're interested, you can say something like, I don't know if I can make the numbers work, but if we could come together on the numbers. Could we put a deal together today?

All right. So if I have another alternative script here that I'll go through in the course. But listen, if you're interested. This is so easy. And on my webinar, guys, I'm going to give you a special calculator and my book on how to do these lease option deals on a show. You step by step all the steps involved the market, how to pick a market, how to do the marketing which is free, how to talk to sellers using asking simple questions like this. All right. And then how to make the offers. And you should make offers to every single seller you talk to. And this just takes a few minutes with this calculator.

And then how to negotiate. And it's not really even negotiating. You can just give the sellers whatever price they want. Right. The one page contract that I use and then how I go through the steps and how to find tenant buyers for these properties. Lightning fast. There's a hungry pool of buyers that want these properties and they have money. And even in small towns, you can do a lot of these deals in small towns. So if you want to watch my free master class on lease options and get my free lease options book, I wish I had a copy of it here. Printing right now. I have a book on how to do lease options are going to give that book to you for free. Go to my class register right now at SLOClass.com. You see it on the screen there. SLOClass.com and register for the class and do it every day. And so go check it out.

I know you're gonna like the webinar and you're gonna learn more about this stuff and how you can do these types of deals, too. All right. So thank you very much. And I look forward to seeing you on the master class. Thank you. Bye-Bye.

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