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Gavin talks with Gigi, one of our coaching clients, about her new passion for real estate. A doctor by trade, Gigi was already busy, but she had goals that couldn’t be reached on just her doctor’s salary. When she saw the chance to sign up for coaching, she jumped so that she could have someone help her fine-tune her approach.

Gigi is someone who loves to get out and explore everything that life has to offer, and she brings this same go-getter attitude to her real estate business. We’ve been careful to tailor her schedule around her two demanding jobs. Because she’s a doctor, physical health is an important part of her well-being, and she prioritizes true balance in her life. But you can hear her passion and excitement for how real estate is changing her life.

You’ve heard me say it a million times, but the most important part of your real estate business is making offers, making offers, making offers. One of Gigi’s first deals happened because she followed that golden rule, even when it seemed like a ridiculously low offer to the seller. You never know what’s going on in the seller’s life, so make that offer.

We’ve been helping coach Gigi so that she can continue to achieve a balance between her goals and her work. If you need some help fine-tuning your real estate business, let’s connect. Fill out a form on our website, and we’ll set up a call to see if we’d be a good fit for you.

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What’s inside:

  • Breaking into a new industry means you’ve got to find a new way to network.
  • Why making any offer, even a lowball offer, matters.
  • How to get excited about the life you’re living.
  • Gigi’s tips for getting organized so that you can balance your W-2 job and your side hustle.

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Gavin: How you doing? This is Gavin at REI Network. I'm super, super excited about this episode. If you're watching me on YouTube, make sure you like and subscribe. And also if you're on the podcast, and you're listening to us in the car. Make sure you subscribe to the channel as well. Got a super cool guest with me today. I'm just going to introduce here in a second. But one more thing I want to share with you guys. I want you to check out this new app. It's called Go Knock. Okay, so go to a link. GoKnock.com/Gavin, GoKnock.com/Gavin. This software is awesome. They've just released a new feature on that called Virtual Driving for Dollars It's pretty insane. You can actually get your VAs now in the streets, going down the streets and tagging houses.

Gavin: You can skip trace the house then and thereby click of a button. You can add it to a list and get it skip traced. It's pretty insane to go and check it out. GoKnock.com/Gavin. And let me know what you think. You're going to get a 14-day trial and 50 Skip Traces for free. So if it doesn't work out, you can cancel it. So you got 14 days to test it. So jump on it before that code changes. Anyway, let's get started.

Gavin: First guest, one of my awesome clients. I'm super, super excited to be with Gigi. Gigi, how are you?

Gigi: Good. How are you?

Gavin: I'm good. I'm good. So guys is a lot we're gonna be covering in this session from what Gigi has been working on to mind set as well. Some of her processes that she gets in place that make sense for her and it makes complete sense for me as well. So, yeah, I'm excited to have you on Gigi, so I appreciate you joining us.

Gigi: Thank you for having me. I've been enjoying these past few months that we're working together working with you. It's amazing.

Gavin: Thank you. Well, let's jump in. Let's just tell us a little bit about you. The market you're in and a bit about your background. Let's go from there.

Gigi: For the past two years, I've been in investing in real estate, actually investing in some single-family homes and apartment buildings. But I've been just doing it on my own, you know, using my own money. And I have a property manager and they're the ones collecting the rent and making me able to do this because I am a medical doctor and I work as a hospitalist doctor in the hospital. We take care of the inpatients. So we're like E.R. doctors. We take care of patients in the hospital. I work like 12 hours shifts.

Gigi: Week on, week off. And so I'm able to focus on lifestyle things and then do real estate mainly on my week off. And so over the past two years I got some wins. I got like problems where we had to deal with inspectors and realize the difference between commercial and residential. And anyway, it's been stressful. And then here comes Joe and Gavin. And I said, oh, my gosh, it would be so awesome to have like a coach, someone to guide and ask questions directly instead of just watching a webinar and learning by myself.

Gigi: And I didn't have the time to network much. I just get my information mostly from my property managers. And so when I got the chance to be coached, I signed up right away. So I really appreciate you, Gavin, for having me as a student.

Gavin: Now, honestly, it's great. It's great. You’re great to work with, because I think it's amazing that you've got a stressful job and what you do and you know, your weeks off. It's a week on, week off, but you do use your time. It's impressive what you do. Like when we started to become friends. I mean, you was in helicopters, riding horses, on kayaks, on a motorbike. I mean, you do it all. Talk about living the dream. If everyone needs to know how to live the dream, they just need to follow you.

Gigi: Lifestyle is very important to me. I mean, like making the most of the moments. And that's why real estate started as a hobby, because I had to rehab my big house and bring it to the market. And then when I got my proceeds from that, that's when I started the buying and selling real estate and so on.

Gigi: And at the same time, that's why I'm in the hospital. It's doctoring field because I want my time off and I want to you know, we're doing all of this to have enough funds to do what inspires us and make us happy.

Gigi:So I'm all about well-being, physical well-being, relationship, well-being, financial abundance, and so I challenged my body like after 50. I learned I got helicopter flying lessons and I've gone whitewater rafting the Grand Canyon and horseback riding laser and a brain scan. And, you know, just, you know, it's like you can be do or have. What do you focus on? And I am amazed by how you can go out on a limb and be able to manifest. And so when I say, you know, I want to go out on a limb and it's real estate and I need a coach because, you know, I can't live by myself and I value the network and the relationships along the way. So this is where I am.

Gavin: I mean, people are going to be inspired from this, you know, these people who are, you know, younger, you know, older, your age that want to do these things. And everyone gets in this mind block of they can't do it or I wish I could do that. And you can. It's all about it's always between the ears, right? It's holding you back or people's ears are listening to this. Everyone has the same opportunity. I believe that everyone still has the same amount of hours as everyone else.

Gavin: You have to put some effort in, but you're very much like me. I mean, currently right now, you know, this is the second episode that I'm doing on my RV trip. I'm in Michigan. I'm looking out on the lake as we speak. I'm doing this episode from my RV and I think it's important. You have to have a lifestyle with this. That's why I do what I do. That's why you do what you do. Get that balance and what's it all for if you can't do it? So I think he inspires me when I see the things you do. And I'm like, wow, I should be doing more. It drives me to be like, you know, I don't think helicopters lines for me, but I do things.

Gavin: I'm scared to death of flying. And so things like that is pretty impressive. So I think people are going to, you know, get a lot of that and you're going to inspire a lot of people by sharing that. So I appreciate that.

Gigi: Thank you. Don't mistake that I'm not scared. I'm scared. You know, like riding a big motorcycle, that was a dream for me. You know, that Goldwing. I'm five two and this eighteen hundred C.C. big bike. It's like, it was a dream until I researched how I could lower it. I can shape this seat and how I can wear high heeled boots. You know there's a focus on and you're asking for something. There's always a way even if you don't reach it this lifetime, you know, the journey is what's important. Right. Like the journey. You know, I value the journey getting to the dream, because when you get to a point, it may change. And that's okay, too. Right. So. Yeah.

Gavin: Absolutely. Well, let's talk a little bit about, you know, obviously the business. We you know, we've been working together now a few months. We're going to come on some of the deals that you've been doing. But before I talk a lot about, I teach a lot about momentum and gaining momentum. And you actually have a unique way. I want you to talk about how you actually make your calls. Because you don't actually make them from the house. Right. Well, tell us a little bit.

Gigi:So I believe that I need to be in my zone to focus on something and I need to feel really good about it. You know, that way I can have this momentum. And once I start it, you know, I procrastinate. I'll say I don't want to it. But then I put it in my schedule like Tuesday and Thursday afternoon when I'm off. Then I'll set it about 3:00 to 6:00. I'll go in my truck. I have my iPad and a clipboard with just white paper. And then I'll go. The Tennessee River is just down the road.

Gigi:So I'll go to the fishing dock by the Joe Wheeler Dam and then I'll look at the expanse of water. Water always inspires me and calms me down. And so that I opened my laptop, my iPad, and then I'll go through the RBI simple sellers leads and then I'll call. I'll start calling. And then I'll just like seeing patients in the hospital. You know, I just go through my list. I see them and then I write stuff down and then create conversations. And then before I know it, I have like ten make an offer thing on my CRM.

Gigi: And then I have notes about their situations. And then later on then I just put it in and then I send them the offers. So doing that then I can focus on just one thing. Not I'm not at home. Where. I see the laundry. I see the refrigerator. So that's the way that I get in the zone and they get some momentum on calling and then just do that until I think that it's getting dark and or I feel that's enough. Then there's always next day, right?

Gavin: Yeah, absolutely. Huge takeaways from that. Time blocking, number one is important to actually get in the zone within allotted time. Anyone that's working a nine to five job all or whatever shifts that they're working, having that daily or some days when you can then time block to say this is what I'm going to dedicate. And then the second learning thing is removing all distractions. Not being on Facebook or Instagram or being at home. And you want to go in the room with the kids or going to the fridge or whatever them things are, you're removing all that temptation and you're going to kind of a happy place to get in the right frame of mind to go see them clothes and.

Gavin: And you do calls in the same way as me where it's not stop-start. You actually go through because what you do is you build that momentum, you get more confident as you go through them calls, taking notes, and then make all your offers together, which is exactly the way that I do it as well. And I used to do it was to hit them and then do the offers because I could build momentum. I got more confident on the phone and I felt that I could….Arrogance is an air of confidence just to think, yeah I can contact anything. And you just get in that flow.

Gigi: It's just like it's like talking in the gas station. Talking to somebody about something they're interested in. Of course, they are interested in how in a vacant house that's costing them money.  And then so yesterday while I was talking to somebody, you know, he was asking like five hundred thousand for his house. And then when I look at Zillow, I see that it's already all rehabbed and made up. So I said, man, this looks good. I said, so do you rehab properties? And he said, yeah we're doing another one right now.

Gigi: And yeah thank you for that. I said, well, would you like other properties to rehab if I get the deal in Huntsville? You know, do you want me to send you? Oh, of course. And then he proceeded to tell me what areas he wanted. And so there you go. I quickly switched to the buyer role like we were saying, we were just talking about. And then I don't have to maybe I didn't have to offend him with a lowball offer because I already know his situation. So there's already rehab for retail. So just switching to the buyer role. And then looking back at the conversation, I said, man, I really did that good. Gavin would be proud.

Gavin: Yes, I would. And you should. I mean, you are utilizing every lead that you have. You're pivoting accordingly, depending on the conversation. And you're getting the most out of that, where most people would have said, just made an offer of gold. Not picked up on that point. Well, if he's a rehabber, maybe he's looking for more property. So let's go there. If he would have said, oh, no, I don't want to do any more like this. It's been a nightmare. Then you can go back again and go well look, what's happened. Like what went wrong? Is there anything that I can help with? You can pivot multiple times in the conversation. Depending what the seller's saying?

Gigi:So there is this other seller. So my VA contacted her like a week before. And then when I called her, I said, Are you interested in selling? Said, No, I'm not interested in selling. Okay, I see that you were wanting a price for your property? Like, I think she was asking for forty thousand and he said, yeah, but nobody wants to give me my price. I said, You're asking this much, right? They said, yeah, and then. Okay, well, can you tell me about the property? And he said, well, it's just a shell right now. I started rehabbing and then I decided just to sell.

Gigi:And now I just want to sell right up. But nobody would give me my price, so I've given up on it. I said, well, can I meet you tomorrow at 11:00 at the house? And then we can talk and I can probably give you what you want right there. And so he said yes, of course. Sure. So I did. I met her this morning and I gave her the offer and then she'll be thinking about it then and stuff. I don't want to be too pushy, you know. Like an art of giving and taking and so I know that she was. You want him to sell? And then did not want to sell, so I know that her mind went to rehabbing it herself again. So she's just at that delicate point that, you know, it's like an art of conversation. And if you're just a friend, then they'll remember you for just being that.

Gavin: Absolutely. Because when there's a deal to be done through follow up. You're going to get it. Which is huge. This actually is something that we laughed about a few weeks ago on a deal. It was one of your first deals that you made, I think about 24000 done. And this is another huge learning experience is that we all say, hey, just make an offer. Right. We talk about that a lot.

Gavin: And on this particular offer, I think the guy wanted fifty-two thousand and you offered him like twenty-five. Something like that. Yeah. Duplex. And he said absolutely not. And you made the offer. And then what happened?

Gigi: And then I forgot about it. And then I was actually taking my horses horseshoeing. And then I got this call. And he said, you gave me an offer. I said, do you have an offer on your house? And he said, yes. I said, Can I call you back? And then I said, in about two hours, because I'm not in front of my computer. And so then when I saw my offer, you know, I said surely this is not the place. And then I called him. I said, I see the offer. Are you wanting to talk about this? Are you good? He said, well, I'm just tired. My wife and I, you know, we're old. I'm just tired of being a landlord. And if you're going to pay for everything, then you can have it for that price. I said, well, thank you. And then I said, I'll come to your place or we can meet somewhere and I'll have you sign a contract. And they said yes. And then I told my property manager and when we found somebody and then that was my first novel close. So awesome.

Gavin: Yes. So on that one, that was twenty four thousand. A few again, learning points in this. The good thing was, is that you always make an offer because you never know when someone's going to call you back. So everyone listening to that, that's a big takeaway. Now, I wasn't too happy a new line with you because I said, why is he calling me back?

Gavin: And you're not calling him back? Yeah, I'll let you off. I'll let you off. So twenty four thousand dollars, which is huge, has a great fee. And the other thing was as well. You were going to buy this yourself and then resell it to him.

Gigi: Because I'm still of the mindset of buying things just for me and that it takes time to sell something. So it's like again I was going back to what I thought real estate investing is. So whenever that double close happened, I said, well, this can happen. So now I'm pushing my property managers to get me a landlord or the realtors because I know it can happen. It can happen quick. And if I have a good deal on my hands, then people can appreciate that. And that was a mind shift that I needed to get.

Gavin:Well, that's why I'm that big on the not you closing. I was like, no, you don't need to close. Absolutely not. You need to double close because use someone else's money. You don't need to use yours.

Gigi: So actually my lawyer said, so we set this closing 30 minutes apart. He said, Gigi do you want to just get the check and that way you don't have to bring your check? I said, of course, yeah that would be awesome. I was so excited.

Gavin: Like I said, I'm super happy for you. You know, we started working together a few months, you've been working on some big deals as well. You're closing on a big apartment complex, which is awesome.

Gigi: Yeah. So that does that that's another big gift of our coaching, because then I realized I need to be on the Facebook groups of the wholesalers, the fix and flippers, the landlords, you know, because I've been in those situations. I was a landlord that was in distress. You know, I was home owner that needed somebody to rehab the place and couldn't find one, you know. So I know their problems so I can talk to them from their vantage point. So now I'm realizing the value of networking and getting with people who you want to be like. Like you and your other podcasts guests and other people in the community. You know, I contact them and we talk and yeah, it's awesome. It's awesome.

Gigi: And now I can talk in their language, so I have this thing about you can be do or have. And that's the progression you first be before you can do and have instead of if I have money, then I can be, you know, an investor and find that way. If I be the mindset of the investor now, then I can do stuff from that vantage and then I can have, you know, have apartment buildings or rental properties or double closes So if you're coming for I can do this as long as I focus on it and be excited about it, you know, feel good doing it, then it'll naturally flow. It's the easy way.

Gigi: So I know I haven't been submitting my hours and stuff, you know, for the coaching but, you know, I'm sorry Gavin. It's just when I feel like it. Then I really focus and then I get to sort of just how I do things.

Gavin: I do think that's fine, but I don't mind. You know, I'm big on scorecards and results because, you know, it's working, isn't it?

Gigi: Yeah, there's another thing I wanted to mention. You know, my V A's, Marissa and Kathy, they're like an inspiration to me. Because every morning I'll get myself logging in. Good morning! They're so happy, and then one o'clock logging out and decided to leave? Like if I haven't called the leads in a week, I really feel guilty, you know? So they're a big inspiration for me to keep going and keep calling. You know, that's one thing that I wanted to emphasize. That's really fun.

Gavin: Yeah. That's one of the big things that we obviously put in place when we started. We analyzed the market. We decided to pull a list and we've got it skip traced and ready. Helped you set up the dialog with VA's. Because you're busy, you know, you're working a lot of hours in the medical field that we felt that you need leads coming in. So that's kind of what we started with. And then you working on that process. How what we do. I work my business as well following suit. And then with you consistently doing that, obviously we landed the first one, which was the deal we just talked about, which was a big deal. But now you've working on, I think you've got three more contracts. You're working on your apartments? So you're building good momentum right now.

Gigi: Yes. Thank you. Actually, I'm in a fork in my doctoring career, where I think the next step is I'll just get like travel assignments instead of having a full time set, week on/week off. Cause I'm enjoying this too much and I'm doing good income wise. Yeah. And it's amazing. Again, another big mindset shift for me. All my life, I thought doctoring would support me and that was it. And then here's where a hobby started out as a hobby and with enough excitement and focus. Like so far this year, I've earned more in real estate than in my doctoring.

Gavin: Which is fantastic, you know, and everyone here and listening to that, I mean, take that on board. You know, in the first six, seven, eight months, you've earned more money in real estate than you have as a doctor. And that's credit to you and I. We did the travel assignments. My wife was a nurse. Same thing where you take assignments for 13 weeks. We suit your lifestyle because we used to have six to eight weeks off in between assignments and travel. That's what we did for years. Yeah, I think it worked for you perfectly.

Gavin: And like I said, it's an inspiration for everyone else listening. You know, there's so many great takeaways to what we've talked about from having a system, a proven system that works from you working that system, from making offers from the more timely than all of that is the mindset, you know, and putting them processes in place that triggers you to go and build momentum. Going into the car, removing them distractions, all these things is what is taking you to getting these results.

Gigi: Thank you. And so now I'm really excited about taking three weeks on my motorcycle. I'm going to Glacier.

Gavin: Amazing how many of you are doing that. Who are you going with? I was three sisters. I would like. Three girls. That's amazing. That's incredible. Well, look, I know we've done we're getting close to 30 minutes here. This has been awesome. We're definitely going to do another one. You know, checking in with you down the line to see what else you've been doing. Again, people, again, rushing get a lot from this episode.

Gavin: You're very much like me. You're very much into the mindset. So Gigi, let's leave on a note. What would you share to people that are trying to either get into this business that are struggling in this business? What would you tell them from your experiences and what they need to focus on?

Gigi: I want to say find your happy place. What do you enjoy most about real estate and then go there already. And then it's like looking back. What do I have to do to get here? And then networking with people that you want to accomplish yourself. They're doing already what you want to accomplish. And that's the beauty of having you as a coach for me, because then I can just ask you right off and you having that experience and guiding me, that's like a highway to success.

Gavin: I appreciate it. And that's what we want. We have a lot of success in the group, you know, right now. And other people are struggling. Not everybody. I think if we focus and hit them numbers and focus on the right things, everyone can get results. And it's all about the process, right? If you follow the process, you work hard, you keep consistent. You build momentum. The outcome will happen. I'm such a believer on that. And it works in every market. There's no such thing as it doesn't work in a market. Some markets are harder and you have to be more persistent and more offers and more of everything to get results in markets. But they work in every market.

Gavin:The process stays the same. I appreciate you coming on. Gigi, I have not asked you there, so you don't have to. And we can put this in the notes. But if anyone wants to send you any deals or anything in the Huntsville/Florence area. Do you have like a business email or do you want to give me something after that I can kind of post? And if people are interested in buying more or selling more.

Gigi: Yes. I'll give you my contact information, Gavin, and you can put it on the notes.

Gavin: OK. Fantastic. All right. Well, look, I appreciate you Gigi, Guys, thank you for listening. If you're interested in working with me. You want to go to REINetwork.com/coaching. REINetwork.com/coaching. If you want to be like Gigi getting set up, get you moving in the right direction fast. Then reach out and also go and check out the GoKnock.com/Gavin. The virtual thing I'm telling you. You can get VAs doing this. It is a game changer. I'm loving it and I'm going to be doing more videos on it. All right. Well, Gigi, I appreciate you guys listening. Thank you. Give us a like and subscribe. Thank you so much. And safe travels with you.



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