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I spent three months writing Recession Proof Real Estate Investing and you guys are definitely going to want to get your hot little hands on it. It’s an incredible deal. There are four different PDF books included, and they cover:

  1. Where the new opportunities are at in this recession
  2. How to make multiple offers
  3. Finding buyers (so important in a buyers’ market!)
  4. Why the money is in the follow-up

I’m giving you the actual marketing pieces that I use, and you’re going to want these because marketing for buyers is so important right now! I’m including the mind maps that inspired this book, and I’m walking you through Redfin, Zillow and other sites showing you how I look for houses and buyers on these sites.

Included in the book is the bonus Wholesaling 101 class that I did with my good buddy Gavin Timms on how to wholesale deals from A to Z. And if you already have my Simple Lease Options course, I will be adding Recession-Proof Your Business as a free bonus for that course.

There is no audio version, but there is a video version, which you’ll need so that you can see me walk through things with you. This $7 PDF is available for immediate download, so don’t worry about waiting on the mail. I wrote this book because I want to help you find the opportunities that are everywhere right now, so click the link and download it today.

Watch and Learn

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • What’s selling really, really hot right now (and you might be surprised).
  • 99.9% of your deals are going to come from following up.
  • Hoard positivity, not toilet paper.
  • If you’ve already purchased my Simple Lease Options course, find out how you can get this book for free.

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Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

What's going on, guys? Joe McCall here. I think I am live just to make sure. Can you please type in the comments and Facebook and YouTube, wherever you are watching this and just say hi, say what's going on? How are you doing? I'm excited to announce my brand-new book. I'm so excited about this because it's in color and it's fancy. Look at this. It's called Recession Proof, Real Estate Investing, recession proof. Let me just show you how fancy it is, because I've got images. I've got call outs. I actually show you some of the letters that I do in my marketing. I show you screenshots and call outs from the spreadsheets.

Anyway, this is the best book I've ever written. Seriously, like, this is the most important book I've ever written. And you can get it right now. I want to talk about it on this video. So just make sure you guys can hear me and see me, please. Type in the chat box with you're watching this on Facebook or YouTube's and just say hello. Tell me that you're out there. Say hi. Tell me where you're from. And if you can, I'm going to give you a url in a little bit. I want you to type it in the comments. Just so I know you guys are paying attention.

Type it in the comments and the link is this REIProof.com. You can get this PDf for just seven dollars. You can get it right now. You want to wait for it to come in the mail. You can get it for seven dollars right now. So good. You got somebody that is here. Hey, Franz, what's going on in. Cool. All right. So just I know you guys are coming in. I wanted to announce this book. It's actually four different books, which is crazy. Awesome. And hey, Brian. How you doing, man? Welcome. Glad you're here. So this is four different PDF books.

The first book, the first volume, I guess you'd say is I talk about the market that we're in, the recession that we're in right now. We are in a recession. I know you all know that, but we are in a recession right now. So what do you need to have going on up here? You know, wealth doesn't just disappear. Wealth transfers. And with every crisis comes an equal amount of opportunity. So we're in a crisis right now, right? No need to panic. No need to freak out. Everything's going to be OK. Right. But now is the time that we need to be paying attention to what's going on and how can we best find the new opportunities that are coming our way. How can we find the new opportunities that are coming away?

There's Gerri. How you doing, Brian? I am doing well. Thank you very much. Thank you, Jeff, for the kind words. Brian for Michigan. Unknown from Kansas City. What's going on? And Mr. Blue, the book is Dope. Have you got it yet? Hope so. Brian, what's going on? Glad you're here, man.

So listen, guys, I want to talk about the book, and I'm going to open it up for questions. I'm going to be live here for a while. Feel free. Give me a thumbs up. Give me a like. Share this video or something. I just want to let people know that this book is out. We just released it yesterday. I've been working on this thing for the last three months. It's crazy. So much work to do to write books. But like, again, this book is pretty jam packed, like in the book. I give you screenshots of what to look for and Zillow and Redfin on realtor.com.

I give you my calculators are in here that you and I show you how to use the calculators. I give you the actual marketing pieces that I use for all my buyers and sellers I'm trying to fight. Here it is. Oh, this yellow letter has made me I don't want to say millions of dollars. Not that much, but this yellow letter is the best way to find buyers. OK. So in this book, I break it up into four parts. The first part is what do you need to be aware of, what you need to be thinking about? Like, you know, wealth doesn't disappear, it just transfers. So where are the new opportunities right now in this recession? OK. Where are the new rich? Where are the new opportunities? I'm not all about predicting what's going to happen in the future because honestly, it doesn't matter, right? It doesn't matter.

You just need to make sure that you're positioned in the right place where you're going to profit no matter what the market does. Right. Then the next three volumes of this book I talk about what are the three things I feel are the most important things that you need to be focusing on right now in your business to succeed and thrive with the new opportunities that are coming our way. I know in our business right now, our cash deals are going down a little bit, but what's going up are a creative financing deals. We're actually doing a lot of land deals right now as well. Flipping vacant land. We just. I'm not kidding. Today is, what, Thursday? Tuesday.

We just sold a deal. It's a 11-acre vacant lot in the middle of nowhere, not nowhere, but in the middle of a certain county in North Carolina in the mountains. I bought it for ten thousand dollars. We sold it for thirty-three thousand dollars. Cash, not owner financing. If we would have sold it for owner finance, we could have sold it for fifty, fifty-five thousand dollars. So we're flipping vacant land and that's something my boys are helping me with. I have a 15 and a 16-year-old boy, which by the way, pray for my. I don't. Maybe I shouldn't talk about it.

My son is not feeling well right now and he just got tested and he. OK. I already let the cat out the bag. I'm going to talk about. He had a fever the other day for just like 24 hours. And he's doing better. He's fine. We got him tested and he has COVID. Like, what the heck? I don't know why I'm telling you all that. It's kind of personal. Maybe I shouldn't, but he's doing great. He only had a fever for like 24 hours. And we just got him tested because we wanted to make sure, like, do we need to self-quarantine and all that?

So I'm going to be holed up here in my office and my home office doing a bunch of videos for you guys because I've got nowhere to go. I can't golf. We can't go to church. We can't go shopping. So we're stuck here. And my son's doing great. Nobody else is sick, which is cool because, like, if he has it now, what does that means? Like he's immune to it. His antibodies are built up and he's doing fine. He had a little fever, broke a hundred, you know. But then life was fine. So anyway, why am I telling you all that? Because we're in the middle of the pandemic, like people are freaking out. But you don't need to be freaking out. Everything's gonna be fine.

I want to make sure that you're positioned in your real estate investing business to survive and thrive. That's kind of been a common buzzword that everybody's talking about right now. How to survive and thrive in this market. But in the first volume, it's all about like how to, you know, get a checkup from the neck up, as they say. Right. Like get your thinking, get your stinking thinking fixed so you're not freaked out because you don't need to be freaked out. The second book is about how to make multiple offers. If you want to succeed going forward, you need to understand how to make multiple offers, how to make cash offers, lease option offers, owner financing offers and how to do them quickly and easily because it's not that hard.

If all you know how to do is being a one trick wholesaling cash pony, then you're going to struggle. You're going to really, really struggle right now in this business. OK. So just be aware that, like, you need to know how to make multiple offers. And I must show you something cool that you get with this PDF. That's a bonus. You can actually get the mind map where this book came from, which includes all my calculators. I'm going to show you that in a minute. The third book talks about finding buyers because buyers are going to be more important now than ever, especially now.

Because the buyers that were buying six months ago may not be buying anymore today. I know it's not true in every situation or circumstance. But like the buyers are shifting. The buyers are moving. And you need to know which buyers are buying properties. Like if you're doing cash deals, you need to know where the cash buyers are. If you're doing creative financing, lease options, owner financing, you need to know where the retail tenant buyers are. If you're doing vacant land, you need to know where the vacant land buyers are. And by the way, there's a lot of opportunity right now with vacant land because people are just wanting to get out of the city. They want to get a place to go, you know, hide their guns when somebody from a certain party gets elected and does forced vaccinations and takes all your guns.

You know, I'm just kidding. But like, you know, people are freaked out about that. They're looking for vacant land. So land is selling really, really hot right now. So the second chapter, the third chapter of the Book of the four is about finding your buyers, where to find them, how to find them, what to say to them. It's really cool. And then the final chapter, the fourth chapter, the third thing that you need to do to survive and thrive in this market is follow up. The money is in the follow up in this business. Do you understand that? Ninety-nine-point nine percent of your deals are going to come from follow up, following up with the seller, with the buyers, with the realtors, with the property managers and people that are out there with the deals. You got to follow up. Your competition is not doing it.

And that's going to become even more important as we're going through this recession right now. And the cool thing about the follow up is that if you have the right systems and tools in place, you can get all your follow up done for you in spite of you, for you, in spite of going to talk about that in this book, Recession Proof Real Estate Investing. Get your hands on this. Get your grubby little hands on this right now, because it's an incredible deal. And I'm gonna show you what you get with this. It's only seven dollars. And so I'm going to I'm going to show you love the mind map that you get here in a minute. And I got some bonuses that are gonna blow you away. So you guys are asking some good questions in here. Keep it going, because I'm going to answer your questions in here.

Thank you, Brutus. The camera is cool. How did you how do you comp land? I'll talk about that. Yes. You guys are giving me some hydrochloriquine, whatever that thing's called. Yes, Brian. Thank you. No junk food. All you guys are giving me some vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D three vitamins, right? Yeah. So we're doing good. All right. So keep on asking new questions. I'm going to answer your questions as we go through this.

Let me share my screen right now. Hopefully this works. By the way, I hope you guys have been having a good little summer vacation. I've been kind of taking it easy because I've not been doing much podcast content and stuff like that. Cool. You see this now? This is the mind map that you get for free when you get the book. You get this for free when you get the book. Hold on one second. Let me. All right. You guys see the mind map? You get this mind map for free. This is the mind map that what the book was based on.

And the first volume is all about the big picture. And I talk in there about every crisis comes an equal amount of opportunity. Invest, don't save, grow, don't shrink. If you want to succeed in this recession, hoard positivity, not toilet paper, be a producer, not a consumer. Learned to identify problems and solve them, prepare, not panic. And what to do if you're personally on the ropes right now and I know there are a lot of you guys, you lost jobs recently or you're about to lose a job or you're freaked out about that. What are you going to do about it? I talked about this in the book and in the mind map. But here's the cool thing, guys. Are this mine. I did videos. I did a video of me walking through each of these things. And those videos became the foundation or the core of the books is where the books came from.

I'm not smart enough to sit down and write. Maybe I am. I should try it some time. But I started with the mind map, created the videos and then came up with this book. And so you get the mind map and the videos where this came from. But there are a bunch of opportunities in this in real estate right now. And I talk about this in the mind map. OK. And one of the things that you'll see here is things I talk about marketing. Marketing that's working. Wholesaling. How to do the right wholesaling. How to do lease options. What you should be looking at. Talk about vacant rural land.

But here in the other three chapters, I have this module right here called The Important Things to focus on in this market. Number one, make multiple offers. That's volume two or chapter two of the book. Buyer marketing is Chapter three. And following up with old leads or just follow up is the other opportunity here that I talk about. It's not just old leaves is following up with all of your leads. Right. So here in multiple offers, here's a video where I show you how to make multiple offers and actually go through example deals and show you how to make cash offers, owner financing offers and lease option offers.

And in this mind map as well, if I open it up, I show you how to make a quick cash offer, different methods to do that, seller financing offers. I go through an example deal right here on how to do owner financing. And then I give you this really cool, awesome spreadsheet. You're gonna get this calculator here that walks through how to how I view my cash offers and my seller financing offers. You get that for free in the mind map. As a bonus in the book, you're also going to get for nicer houses. I talk about how to make a cash offer, sandwich lease option offer and wholesaling lease option.

So your cash offers are gonna be different if it's a cheaper house than a nicer house. OK, on a cheaper house. You don't want to do lease options. You want to do owner finance. On the nicer houses, you may want to do lease options instead. So I walk through example deals in here and guess what? I'm also going to give you my lease option calculator. I use this almost every day. My students use it all the time on how to make your lease option offers. So you don't to worry about like how to know making the mistake and all of that buyer marketing.

I went deep dive into how to do marketing for buyers and why this is so important now. And you get the video of me doing all of this. I'm going to give you the actual marketing pieces, how to find the buyers right here. The letters that I send, the text messages that I send, the tools that I use to skip, trace and text, how I get buyers off of the MLS, from hard money lenders, from signs, the actual signs that I use. You want to see one of my favorite signs for cash deals right now. Check this out. This is a bandit sign that works like crazy. Please help me. I need to sell my house. I'll take anything. That's sign works really, really well right now.

OK, I give you some more examples of signs, apps that you can use to hire people to do your signs for you and track that they're actually doing the signs. Questions that you need to be asking your buyers. I give you other resources and podcasts you should be looking at. And then the follow up. This is so important. A follow up is critical in your business if you want to do a lot of deals in this recession going forward. It's important in any market, but especially going forward. OK. And I show you how to follow up. I give you my calls. Scripts, text scripts, the mail that I use for follow up.

I actually show you the postcards and the letters that I use. I do videos in here and how to do it and click to mail. What are you kidding me? I'm looking at this thing and I'm giving this away for seven bucks. Then I talk about how to do automated follow up with REI Simple, which is my CRM, so you can get the letters, the texts, the auto responders, the free seller reports. But all of that crazy stuff, it's here in this mind that you get all of it for seven dollars. You get the PDF, which is an amazing book in and of itself, and you get the bonuses from the mind maps, the videos, the calculators, the scripts.

I hope I'm not selling trying to sell you too hard right now, but I am because this is incredible. It's a really good value for just seven bucks. I'm also going to give you one other bonus here called the Wholesaling 101 class. This is a class that I did with my good coaching business partner, Gavin Timms, on how to wholesale deals from beginning to end A to Z. Nuts and bolts. How to do a whole selling deal. This right here, guys, is a course that people charge can charge five hundred a thousand dollars for.

This is an entire wholesaling class. You get all the videos and the transcripts. You get all the steps, the contracts, the calculators, the tools that we use. It's just all there that you're getting an entire wholesaling class. A lot of my guru friends are probably not going to be happy that giving that away as a free bonus in here. So all of this you get when you get the Recession Proof book. All right. So let me stop my screen share and get you this link right here. It's just seven bucks. REIProof.com, go check it out. Let's open it up for questions real quick. And I actually just realized I have a phone call here, scheduled coaching call in one or two minutes. So I only half another minute.

What I'm going to be doing is I'll do some more videos like this later on this page and on my YouTube and Facebook and stuff like that. So check that out. Who is this book for? Somebody is asking. That's a good question, Tim. I can't answer that right now. But I'm not giving you like my lease option contracts, my checklists.

No. So this is different. This is not a course on how to do lease option deals from beginning to end. Does that makes sense, Tim. Everybody says that. Good question from David here. And Gilliam, everybody says finding buyers is the easy part of this business. It is. When you get the right deals, when you get the right deals, it is. When you do owner financing deals, do you require the buyer to get liability insurance? No, but maybe that's a good idea. Oh, how is this different from the WLO Book? A lot different. I just showed you all the stuff that you get. Is your credibility kit part of the book? No, I don't give the credibility kit.

There is not an audio version, but there is video version. So you can just download the you need to see the video anyway because I walk through a lot of example deals and stuff like that. I do give you the SML script for the follow up. Yes. Oh. Is there any good question or is there anything in the book that is not in these simple lease options course? No. In fact, guys, if you have my simple lease options course I will add this in.

Thank you for reminding me. This is good. If you already have my lease options, course I'm going to add this book in is in the free bonus section. This will be added into the free bonuses. The PDFs will. Cool. So you guys are giving me tons of advice. Yes, Tim, you're good with what you have. If the link is not working, send an e-mail to support@JoeMcCall.com. Support@JoeMcCall.com. If the link is not working, but it should be like you might need to type in www.reiproof.com. But reiproof.com. I've been testing it, we've been tweaking it and testing it.

If it's not working for whatever reason, just send an e-mail to support@joemccall.com. Support@JoeMcCall.com. Right. So there's a ton of really good questions here that I just don't have the time to answer right now. So I'm going to be doing some more of these videos over the next few days, over the next couple of weeks, because I can't go anywhere. You're stuck with me. So I'm going to be doing a lot more content, especially now that I can't play golf anymore. So I don't know what I want to do. But that's OK. My son is good. He's healthy. He's strong and not worried about this. Okay. The link doesn't always work on Facebook. Yes. So sometimes in the if you're looking at this video and the Facebook, I did a https://REIbook.com. So. All right, guys, appreciate. We're super thankful. Yeah. And we'll see you guys later.

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