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When you set aside an evening to cold call leads, the first couple of calls can sometimes go a little rough. Maybe you’re out of practice, or maybe you just sound nervous. Gavin Timms has some advice on how to build your momentum until every phone call and every interaction goes more smoothly.

Starting from a script is a helpful way to make better phone calls. You can download the script we recommend for our clients on REINetwork.com. Commit to some time to focus on your real estate business, and then just go to town.

But sometimes, things don’t go as well as you planned. Don’t sweat it. Every time you work at your business, the better you’re going to get. And that moment when things just start clicking is the moment when you need to seize the opportunity.

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  • How to use scheduling and time blocking to carve out some time for your business.
  • Strategies to train your VAs on.
  • How to ignore your concerns and capitalize on your successes.
  • The only time you should not be talking to sellers.

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Hey, guys, how you doing? Gavin here with REI network. If before we get on this episode, if you're watching on YouTube, drop me a like. Subscribe to the channel right now to get the latest stuff. I'm going to be bringing out and if you're listening to the podcast, REI network, make sure you subscribe to that. Also just as well, which you want to give a quick giveaway if you want some of my free download. Go to REINetwork.com/downloads. REINetwork.com/downloads. Got a cold call script there. We have a lead sheet to keep you organized when you're talking to sellers. And alsoa one page contract for you to start making offers today. All right.

So let's get started. What I want to talk about today is building momentum. The importance of building momentum. Right. This is really, really important to be talking about ways that you can structure and plan to help get that momentum built. All right. So let's dive straight in to this topic. So one of the first things that you need to do when we talk about structure and planning, there's a lot going on in this business. It depends, it doesn't matter if you've done deals, if you're brand new. Okay. There's so much information. Where do we start? When we have like, do we start in the fast style guide module one? Do I start how to talk to sellers, how to make offers? How to comp properties? All these things. How do I follow up? What sequences to use? Which CRM? Which tools? Which systems?

You can see, just that alone can get overwhelming. Just me saying that. So you need to make sure that you're planning along the way, depending on what stage that you are in terms of your investing. So putting down, building a plan, what I suggest is that you do this the night before or the end of the day. Try to plan that for the next day. And this could be block booking time. I'm not like micromanage, like every 50 minutes we need to change. But try and give yourself windows that you're going to be working your business. Some of you want nine till five. Some of you are full time. So it's going to be dependent.

You need to know if you get off at five, by 5:30 to 7:30. You're going to dedicate your time to this business. It cannot be stop/start. Right. So if that's your time, maybe you're getting up getting up early to prep a list or you're gonna be working in your lunch or you're working this full time. And you need to know when should I look at emails? When should I contact buyers? When should I contact sellers? When should I do my follow up? And the thing is, is that you need to get that plan ahead of time so that when you get on and you get in your groove, you're going to build that momentum, which is going to have a knock on effect, whatever it is that you're trying to do.

I'm going to give you an example about talking to sellers, right. This goes from your V A's. If you have VAs prescreening leads on something like Mojo or an auto dialer or maybe you making your calls because you should be doing right five a day. Hopefully you all are trying to do that. And at least making three offers a day. But what you need to do is once you set that time, say, right, I work two hours, I'm going to call sellers for two hours or I'm going to do an hour of sellers. I want to make my offers. However, you're structuring, whatever plan that you've put in place, you need to stay disciplined to that.

And what you're going to do is on the first phone call if you're brand new or not. You're going to build momentum as you go through these calls. So call one to call two to call three. You're going to get relaxed, you're going to get better. You're going to get more confident. And that is going to channel through to whoever that you're talking to. Right. So make sure that you're doing that. When I have to do live calls in front of hundreds of people, if it's online randomly. Yeah, the first one's a little nervin' Right. It's a little nerve racking. You know, the heart's going and what if it doesn't go well. So I'm just going to call the next one and I'm going to call the next one.

And by I mean call three or four or five. I'm getting in my stride, I'm getting in the groove and I'm building momentum. So here's that is when the time becomes as you don't stop, when you build momentum, whether it's watching a module. Right. And you like getting into it, don't just stop. You have to keep going. Right. Because you're onto something. You're making headway. You're progressing. And you need to, if you have the time, to keep going and doing that. Now we all have good days and bad days. Okay.

I'm sure you can all pick them days out when you just want to stop and say today is just not my day. Right. We have them there. I had one Monday. Right. Monday was a disaster day just from the start. My dogs were play fighting in my office. They got caught up in the wire. My screen swung around, hit my coffee. My coffee, went over the keyboard. My mic, my laptop, all over my paper. I mean, it was just everywhere. I just got off the sides on onto the rug. I mean, just everything just started from there and then just got worse. And it's just one of them days where, you know, you just think, I mean, just start over again. Now, that's not the time to jump on the phone and for me to start trying to close sellers right, because I'm not in the right frame of mind.

I've got an attitude. I'm not positive. When I'm irritated, that's going to come across on the phone with the sellers. And I definitely don't want to be doing that because I'm not going to get anywhere. I'm going to lose leads. And I'm going to get more frustrated because it's not going how I want it to. So that might be a place where I just need to go and take 10 minutes. Go and walk outside and do something that you just try and need to reset before you get before you get going.

Now, on the flipside of that, some days when you're on it and you'll know what I'm talking about here. Like the day was just great. I don't know. Everything I touch just worked. There the days when the momentum is high where you need to just drive on. And we use this to our acquisitions people as well, like if they get two contracts in the morning. It's not like, hey, let's finish and go to the beach. It's. No, how can we get more? Right the momentum’s there. They're fired up and they're like I can get two more today. No problem. And then that's going to channel with the sellers. They're gonna be more confident on the phone.

And that really, you know, channels across to the sellers. And it's the same with the VAs. As another example. When the VAs are cold calling, some of you might be having a cold call V.A. and an admin V.A. to do the same tasks. I don't recommend that because I am a big believer is that, you know, people are better in certain positions. You would never hire me as an admin. I'm not organized enough. It's just not what I do. I like to be on the phone talking to people, trying to make money. And then the V.A. is no different.

But what happens is, is that when they start cold calling, let's say they're on for three hours of dial time. You don't want them stopping when they get in a groove and the dial work and they start to talk to people, they're going to build momentum. Calls are gonna start flowing. They're gonna get comfortable with the script. They use it. And then once they get a good lead, you don't want to just stop the dial up. Pause. Let's get this lead into the CRM, okay. Or let's go and work now some admin tasks and then we'll come back to the book dialer because it gets too stop/start. We don't want to do that.

We want to make sure that that momentum carries on. So they just keep tagging it and they go to the next call. Tag ‘em on. And then at the end of the shift, they move all their leads over accordingly after that three hour shift, because then they build momentum. If you keep moving, them off and pausing, it's just stop/start. And you're not going to get the results. So make sure that you're not doing that. Okay. So I just want you to, like I said, do this do this video talking about this because you are gonna get overwhelmed and you do need to stay focused. Have a structure and a plan to stay disciplined, too. Right.

And then when it starts to work, you're going to build that momentum and you're going to stay on it. If it's not going well. Leave it. Go and do something else and come back to it. Don't try and fight it because you're just doing it because you feel you should be. Let's go and get back in the right frame of mind and have another go. Okay, so hopefully this helps. Guys, this is you know, what we we try and work on with our team all the time is building momentum because that's how you're going to, you know, knock down walls. So you gonna build build the business, do deals, take it to the next level is isbuild in that. All right. Hopefully this helped. Like I said, guys, if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to channel REI Network with Gavin Timms, Also the podcast.

And I will talk to you all soon. Thanks.

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