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If you spend all of your time planning and planning your real estate business, but you’re really just spinning your wheels, now’s the time to take massive action and change your life by changing the way you think. Some of our most successful coaching clients started killing it when they made these 8 important mindset shifts.

This is not a webinar, so put away your credit cards. We’re not selling you anything. We just want you to move beyond talking the talk and shift over into walking the walk.

It’s really shocking how close you are to making $100,000 a year. Many of our coaching clients just needed a slight push or plan to get them on the path to completely changing their lives. So if you want to do more deals, maybe it’s time for a coach to help you see a clear path forward.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself, fill out our form for new coaching clients. Let’s talk about your goals and where you want to be in 6-12 months. And most importantly, let’s see if we’re a good fit for you.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • 8 key mindset shifts that will make you a better real estate investor.
  • The four things that motivate sellers.
  • How to think better for your business.
  • When it’s time for a coach to take you to the next level.

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Joe: Hey, what's up, everybody? Joe McCall, Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast, and I just wanted to record a little introduction. Last week, my good friend and coaching business partner, Gavin and I did a little webinar, just a coaching webinar where we talked about like our coaching clients and what makes them successful, what makes them do deals.

Joe: And you know what? It's not tactical stuff as much as I wish it was. It's not tactical stuff like, you know, do this kind of marketing hack or send this kind of postcard or use this magical offer formula. And you know, use this software, this CRM, use this Web site, trick, tool, saying if it wasn't, it's not any of that. Guys, you know what it is?

Joe: It's all in the head. It's all mindset that separates our most successful students that are doing the most deals. And we have a lot of them from those that aren't doing deals. It's all in the head. It's in the mindset. They believe that they can do it. They believe that it works. So we did a little webinar talking about that and we gave everybody an invitation to join or apply for coaching, rather, we don't take very many people on.

Joe: It's very limited. And you have to apply and we look at your application. If you look like you're a good fit. We will schedule a time to get on the phone and talk. Because it again is if we can if we tell by your application like you're not kind of there, your head's not there, whatever, you know, so we're not going to probably want to work with you. So anyway, it's a really good webinar. And even if you aren't interested in coaching, you still need to listen to this because it's just going to learn about how to think better for your business. You can do more deals, make sense if you're interested in working with us or applying. Don't listen to the whole webinar.

Joe:Just check it out. Our application page at REINetwork.com/coaching. REINetwork.com/coaching. Gavin and I have been coaching together while I've been doing coaching since 2010. Love doing it. Have hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of testimonials. But Gavin and I have been working together. He's been helping me because I'm more of a tactical technician type of guy. Gavin has more sales and mindset like in understanding brain, how it works and knowing how does sales and negotiating with sellers and stuff like that. So you complemented each other really well over the last five years or so that we were working together. So anyway, go check it out. REINetwork.com/coaching. If you want to do more deals done faster and easier and with the right mindset at the right, get the stinking thinking out of your head. Okay, but enjoy this podcast. You can get something out of it ticket on this web.

Joe: And I want to be talking about why our students are crushing it right now. What's working right now? You know what, guys? It's not the tactical stuff. It's not the systems. It's not the tools. It's not the software. It's not the marketing. It's not the list. It's not some magic CRM. It's all appear in the head. You know what? It's really that simple. It's not complicated. And that's where we're gonna be talking about on this webinar. What are the things going on in the head of our students that's helping them do so many deals? And we're gonna be telling you some stories and showing you some things that are working really, really well. So we're just gonna talk a little bit here until you kind of what's what this is and what it's not. This is not a webinar. We're not gonna be selling you anything. So we don't have anything to sell you right now. So you can relax, put away your credit card.

Joe: You couldn't even sign up for anything today if you wanted to. And we're going to teach you what's working well today. It's not just in our own businesses, but mainly in our students’ businesses. And we want you to take what you learned today and apply it in your own markets. And if you want our help, we're gonna give you an opportunity at the end. To work with us if you want. But again, you couldn't even work with us today if you wanted to. So we take a deep sigh. OK, great. This isn't going to be Mills pitched. So who is this for? Well, if this is for you all, if you're new, you can learn from the rest of us. And what mistakes to avoid. Right. I mean, like we've been there, done that. We have that T-shirt. We've made a lot of the same mistakes. And you're gonna learn from us which mistakes to avoid. Maybe you've had some success in the past, but you're stuck because you don't know what to do in your business, to take it to the next level.

Joe: You feel like, oh man. I'm just stuck. Keep on hitting this, there's some kind of ceiling that just says, you know, this far no more. You can't break some kind of income barrier, a number of deals or you're just having a hard time taking your business to the next level. This is for you. Maybe you're just tired of inconsistent income, the ups and the downs, and you want a steady pipeline of leads and deals. You're tired of the inconsistency, right? If you're open minded, you're willing to learn something new and you want to make some money and build some wealth for your family. This is for you. Now, who is this not for? If you blame other people for your failures. If you don't take personal responsibility. If you think that there's some magic pill, just all you need to do is swallow it or there's some secret button that you just have to push and you'll magically start doing deals. This is not for you.

Joe: There is no get-rich-money-will-fall-from-the-sky magic button that will help you with this. This is not for somebody who, you know, likes the idea of doing deals and making money, but doesn't like the idea of investing time and money into the business. This is you're treating this like a hobby and not as a real business. This isn't for you. It's not for people who don't want to put in the work. And it's not for people who think they know everything already and think that there's nothing to learn. We all have stuff to learn in this. OK? So we're gonna try to keep this right in about an hour, a little bit less. We're not going to take much longer. And at the end, if we have time, we'll take some of your questions and stuff.

Joe:So this is what we're gonna cover. What's working now in this market, in this economy? How we're closing deals virtually without talking to sellers, looking at houses or using any of our own money? We're mainly going to be talking about the mindset that you need to have to compete in this difficult market, especially as we start going forward. I'm really thinking, I'm not thinking, I know the market is going to slow down and the housing is a lagging indicator. So you're going to start seeing some major disruptions in the market. And we're gonna be talking about the mindset you need to have to survive and thrive in this crazy market. We're going to show you how our best students are closing deals consistently, and the key is consistently. They're not just one trick ponies. They're doing deals consistently.

Joe: We're gonna show you how you can take your business to the next level. And here's some crazy, guys. You're going to be shocked when you realize just how close you are to a hundred thousand dollar a year deal business. You're like. It's so amazing to me, the students that we've worked with, the clients that we've worked with, where we've taken them. And you would think, what, like how are they going to do deals? Right. They live in a very expensive, crowded, competitive, crazy market in California somewhere. Right. They're in their 60s. They don't know how to even turn on a computer. Like, how are they going to do deals? I'm not trying to knock anybody. I'm just telling you, like, we've seen clients that you would face. Everything is against them, right?

Joe: Something in their head said I can do this. This isn't that hard. I can do this. It wasn't that they had a special system, special tools, special marketing. They knew some special trick, some magic formula to say to sellers to get them to say yes to an offer. They just something flipped in their brain and they thought, I can do this. This is the stuff we're talking about. This mindset is 99 percent of the problem. Why people don't do deals. The more I coach, the more I teach this stuff. The more deals I do, the more people I help do deals, the more I realize, like I could teach you all the technology and the tools and the tricks, but that won't get you anywhere if you don't think or believe that you can do this stuff. All right. So just real quick, mercifully brief. I'm Joe. I'm the world's worst golfer. I've been doing deals since 2006. I've been teaching real estate, marketing and system since 2011. Gavin is an OK golfer. He's better than me. He's been doing deals since 2015. Is that right?

Gavin: '14. Really? Yeah. Fifteens good.

Joe: Sorry. And Gavin's really good at mindset and sales. And this was us just a month or two ago, isn't it?

Gavin: Yeah. A month ago. Yeah.

Joe: And my favorite golf course near St. Louis. And I just had a good time. So I'm addicted to golf now. Thanks to Gavin. Gavin used to be a pro PGA golfer.

Gavin: I did. Back in the day.

Joe: He's got some really cool stories to tell. But let's move on. I told you I was a mercifully brief introduction. We've done lots of deals. But we've literally helped thousands of clients do more deals and make more money by being brilliant at the basics. Really? There's nothing complicated about this business. It's not that hard. You just got to be really, really good at the basic, simple things. And that's what we're gonna be talking about. So maybe some of you have experienced these problems, right? You're confused. You just, information overload. You're overwhelmed. You don't know where to start. You're frustrated with spending too much money on systems. And outdated marketing doesn't work as advertised. You thought this would be easy? You thought if I just plugged in this thing, it would work.

Joe: You don't have consistent, predictable lead flow. Your marketing system is broken. You don't have an effective marketing plan. You just have kind of like spray and pray marketing. And you're hoping that something will stick to the wall. Right. Maybe you're overworked. You have too much on your plate. You're just frustrated cause you can't do it all. How can you how many of you can relate? You don't have a system to do deals consistently and allow you to quit your job. So a lot of you guys are professional students. Right. And I've talked about this a lot of my podcasts and stuff. But if you can't relate. Right. You've listened to all the podcasts. You've watched all the YouTube videos. You bought the books. You went to the boot camps and the workshops. You attended all the webinars.

Joe: But you're tired of just learning and you want to start doing. So here's the exciting thing, guys. If any of this feels like you, it's not your fault. You weren't taught this stuff. Remember what I said here before? You are going to be shocked when you realize just how close you are to one hundred thousand dollar a year. Businesses is not outside of your reach. So if you weren't taught this stuff, it's not your fault. But now you're going to be taught this stuff. So now you have some cool stuff to go with you and help you out here. So none of these things are the real problem. The real problem is that you haven't implemented the simple mindset shifts in your life and in your business. So imagine what your life would look like.

Joe: If you had a simple business that could consistently close just one or two deals a month, make five to 10 grand a month part time. Right. Imagine where you and your viewers can flip properties virtually in any market in the U.S. without spending thousands of dollars on marketing, going to see houses using your own money or credit to buy the houses while you're traveling around national parks. Or sitting on your laptop in a cafe in Prague. What kind of impact will that have on you, on your family? If you can make ten hundred thousand dollars a year doing these simple deals so I can what I wanted to say that I wanted to put that here, because I want you to think and look at that and think I can do that. That's me. That's going to be me.

Joe: Like nothing is going to stop me. I can do that. This what I'm sharing with you right here, guys, 100 grand a year. What did you deals a month? Five to 10 grand a month. Yeah. VAs and systems doing this stuff for. You're not wasting money on marketing. You're not going to see the houses. Sometimes you're not even talking to sellers. You're not using your own money or credit. You're traveling around the world with your family. This is all stuff we've done. Right. And I can say this now, being on the other side, looking back, thinking, oh, my gosh, it's easier that I can do that in my sleep. Right. Yeah. For the majority of folks, a lot of you guys are on this webinar. You're looking at that from the other side thinking, oh, my gosh, that's like insane. I'd love to be there like that. That sounds so hard. But we're here to tell you it's not. It's shocking how close you realize this, how close you really are to make a hundred grand a year. It's not that hard. You want to add anything that you haven't before he jump to the first essential mindshift number one.

Gavin: Yeah, I think you're right. Everyone that's on this call. Some of you have never done a deal. Never tried. Some of you probably have done deals. An hundred thousand can seem daunting. But what we're going to do on this as we go through this, you know, webinar is going to break it down into small goals because as Joe said there, look at that hundred thousand, right. As we look at that and the reach. But when you look inside, actually 5000, 10000 is much more doable.

Gavin: I can do that. Well, guess what? They all adult and they're going to add up to a hundred thousand plus. And that is one thing. Real quick, we're going to dive more into that that you need to be focusing on. Right. One hundred thousand is very doable when you break it down. Just look at the numbers on the slide. Right. Thousand in mark, ten for systems veejays. And then you're going to be closing them five to ten thousand deals. And as they adult, they're going to hit that hundred-thousand-dollar mark. Two hundred thousand as big as you want to take it.

Gavin: And that's the beauty of real estate. There is no limits. You choose how much you want to make, depending on how big your team is, how much you want to put into marketing. And not everyone wants to. Three five hundred thousand-dollar businesses. Million-dollar businesses. That's not for everyone. If you want that lifestyle, what is the number that you need to reach and to back it off? And that's when you break it down. You're about to make it. Make it happen.

Joe: Very good. All right. So here's the first essential mind set shift you need to have. OK, and what we did is I picked three or four and Gavin picked three or four. And so we're going to run through them here. But for me, I picked number one: focus only on making offers. Simple as that. This is the number one rule of real estate.

Joe: It's not location, location, location. Right. It's make offers, make offers, make offers. And I heard tell you everything else is just stupid, right? Stop worrying about finding an attorney, a title company, a mortgage broker, your contracts, an LLC, your Web site, your CRM, your spreadsheets, the fancy doo hickey that can make whatever. Like, forget about all of that stuff. If you just focused on making offers, you're going to do deals. Right. And this is really critical. Write this down. Your speed income is directly proportional to the number of offers that you make. Some of you are on one or two other coaching goals I did today. And you probably heard me say that three times already today. But that's this. That's the truth. That is it. Your speed income is directly proportional to the number of offers that you make. All right. That's what makes sense. Then you just focus on that.

Joe: So if you just focused on talking to five sellers a day and maybe send an offer to every seller you talk to, man, I'm telling you, your business is going to crush it and it shouldn't take you more than three to five minutes to make an offer. Right. So we're not talking about, like, spending tons of time overanalyzing a deal. Just send the offer. If anything, it's just go to Zillow and offer 70 percent of Zillow. That's it. Now, some of you that you might be freaking out about that, but it's not that bad. It's not that big of a deal, minimum. Just make one offer a day. You could focus on just making one offer a day, you will do deals. Gavin and I, every once in a while, we do this accountability coaching thing.

Joe: And the only thing we do, we don't teach any strategy on there. All we do is hold people accountable. And every time we've done that, the students that have had the most success are the ones that do just focus on making offers. We give them a scorecard. We've forced them to focus on just the two or three things that are on that scorecard. You know, the marketing, talking to sellers and making offers. And we don't give them the things to do. We don't tell them the numbers that they should be making up every day. But if they do that stuff, guys, even if they only meet half of their targets or half of their goals that they set up originally, they start doing deals. They start making maybe one or two offers a week and then maybe three or four or five offers a week.

Joe: And then one offer a day, two offers a day. And they start doing that consistently over and over again. They get over the. And they realize, oh, this is not that hard. They get over the fear of rejection, they get over the fear of looking embarrassed or being embarrassed or whatever, and they get used to the seller saying no. And then once in a while, a seller says yes. And they're like, oh, my gosh, this works. I get so excited. One of the highlights of my what I do is seeing their students light up when they realize, oh, my gosh, making offers is not that hard. That I can do this. And when I say, you know, every time we talk to coaching clients, we're like, how many offers did you make last week? Right. If they bring us a question of a lot of what if this happens, what if that happens? And what if a meteorite falls from the sky. And my house sinks in to a sinkhole like, OK, well, I'll answer your question, but how many offers did you make last week?

Joe: Our job as a coach is to keep on pointing them back to what's most important. This is the number one rule in real estate. Make offers, make offers, make offers. And if you can just understand that that is one of the best, most important things that we can tell you to do. And when you focus on offers, you'll stop asking the worry of questions. You'll stop being afraid of making mistakes. I just got to make my offer. I got to make one offer today. It's eleven o'clock at night and it's eleven fifty-five at night. And you haven't made your one offer. So what do you do? You could have Zillow. You find a property that needs some work. The estimate is eighty thousand dollars. They're asking sixty thousand dollars and you just send an email to the listing agent and offer forty thousand dollars in the email.

Joe: Bam, that is it. You just made an offer. Congratulations. That's what it takes. Now just do a lot of that, right? Absolutely. You realize how easy it actually is. Gavin, why don't you talk about Chris Arnold? Chris is, I love this story. This guy is he's amazing. Let me just read what he says here. And we tried to give a testimonial. We just asked. These are some of our most successful clients. And we just said, hey, can we talk about what's been going on, your business and can you mind if we share? They said yeah. Chris said my biggest challenge before going through the coaching program is knowing what to say when and trying or when trying to make offers. There was a mind changer when I learned how to make any offer to any seller. I've done 12 contracts in two months, five of which are in closing.

Joe: This was just a couple of days, he told us. Two recently funded and working on the others. Of the two that have funded, the collective gross was eleven thousand ninety-nine hundred dollars. Having a system in place taught by Gavin and direct access to him were and are a key to my success. If you're having if you're on the fence and wondering if it's worth the investment, I assure you it is. My only question to you is: what is holding you back? Talk about Chris. You've been working closer to him than I have.

Gavin: Yeah. Chris Arnold, great guy. A massive, massive action taker. He's actually in our accountability group. Came on one to one. He'd been doing this in California throughout the accountability group. We kind of analyzed his situation, as we do with all clients. You know, we find out, well, what are your goals? Where are you trying to go? What's happening? And we figured out pretty quickly that California was not going to be the market. Right now he's in San Francisco. We needed to go further afield. So he said, well, what about if we go to Southern California? It's not known and I'm going to go further afield. Let's go to another state. So we started to analyze that and look at that. And he went in to Louisiana, was his state. And the thing is, with Chris just taking, kind of following the blueprint.

Gavin: One thing I'll say about him is that, and in a lot of our clients, once the plan is in place, it's now time to execute. From a mindset standpoint, just folks on the steps that we've got in place, the outcome will come. That's gonna be kind of the common theme here that we talk about. And the good thing is I just actually looked to Chris's scorecard that he put in July one, a scorecard. Within 36 days, he spoke to 134 sellers. He made 83 offers and got nine contracts. And that was on July one that he posted in our private Facebook group. Now, what I want you to all take from this, okay, is 134 sellers, 83 offers. You got nine contracts. Now, if you do a portion of that. Now he works this, right. He works this business. He is full time doing this, right? And you're thinking, nine contracts? How many of you are sitting right now? And I'd just take one of them contracts, and that's what I want you to take.

Gavin: I don't want you to look at the quantity and think, I can't do that. Let's break it down to what you can do. And you can get one, two, three, four, five plus contracts when you break that down. And one thing with Chris on the coaching level is that I felt with him is that some people need motivation. Right? With him, I kind of had to, like, hold him back. Like, slow down. Slow down. He wants it like we've got a contract, like, close tomorrow. And I know we've got to do tile work. We've got to get the buyer in. And this process, he starts to learn. OK. These don't close as fast even when I get the contracts. Even the you know, even with COVID, you got nine contracts in 36 days. In two months on they've just closed on the first two because it takes time getting it through that closing process. So once we've got that down, we got his team built on the ground. He's now cranking. And, you know, he's going to do huge, huge things.

Joe: Yeah, I love that. Let's just move on to the essential mindset shift. Number two. All right. And it's actually, I love this one. Keep it simple. Stop making everything so complicated. Just do what you're told. You don't need fancy tools and systems to do deals. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel, just. Model what works. We're talking about massive, imperfect action, right? You're going to make mistakes. It's OK. You need to create a marketing plan and a scorecard and get somebody to hold you accountable. And it's hard to think of anybody more perfect than this. And our friend Stephen and Coco Zimmer, right? They are from Ohio. And they they're just hilarious. They're super funny. They're fun to hang out with.

Joe: And they're not very good with like when we were showing them technology and all the systems and the computer stuff. They're like getting overwhelmed very, very quickly. And I don't know, we're in trouble. Right. But they're crushing it right now. He says,”When getting in the business, we didn't have the proper systems in place and this was such a hindrance. Gavin and Joe helped us to create a plan and get the proper systems working for us. Gavin continues to share his knowledge and has helped us to build the confidence we need to be successful. We're currently doing four to five deals a month and are not stopping there. We've explored a few different coaches prior to finding Joe and Gavin. We'll tell you if you really want to learn the business, want consistent follow up and access at your fingertips to an incredible coach. Look no further. You'll never need another coach.”.

Joe: This is what they do. They understand how to keep things simple, guys. They're not making everything so complicated. They just do what they're told. And they don't they don't need the fancy systems and the tools. You've got to give Steve a phone and a phone number and he'll call sellers. And they weren't trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. They just figured, OK, this is what we're good at. We're good at talking on the phone. They did massive, imperfect action. They were okay with making mistakes. They just started making offers, keeping things really simple. I just I love hanging out with them.

Gavin: They're just so good. So much fun. And you're exactly right, Joe. You know, these two just two great people. They have different skills, right? I mean, Coco on the left, they just keep in, you know, Steve under wraps, keeping him on track to, you know, just to focus on being on the phone. I just actually did a coaching call with them yesterday. What was amazing with our call is just is he's just closed twenty thousand dollars. And he's like, look, you know, this sounds this is going to sound weird, but, you know, we just close 20000, which is great. And I still don't really know what I'm doing. I feel like, well, that's awesome. So we're debating something right now and that's just him to a tee. We actually just put a structure in place.

Gavin: And these simple things, guys like Joe said, there is no gold in things that you don't already know. Well, you know, in the CRM, he struggles. And he said to me, look, you know, we've got all these deals we can't stay on top of and with a CRM and they get lost. And I don't know how to do all these things. All I said was if you got a whiteboard and he's like, well, yes. Well, what's on your whiteboard? He wasn't really using it. Kind of nothin. So I said, right, this is what you need to do. You're going to get three categories. You're going to write every pending contract that is out right now that you think can come up, that you can get back. Column two is going to be what's under contract. And column three is in closing.

Gavin: Every single day, you're going to look at that board and you need to get them from column one into two into three. And that's what you need to do. And as Coco, as something gets hot, you need it on that board. And he's like, Genius. And that's all that it takes. It can be that simple. So let's remove it. Even though the hope is the CRM, we're going to bring into a visual on the wall. So when you work and you'll sit in there, you look up. And if you want to know what the fastest way to make him money, take your next check is on that whiteboard. And that for him is like, well, we'll see what he does now.

Joe: You know, I remember working with them and they barely knew how to turn on a computer. Yeah. And he's also Cincinnati Reds fan. We always give each other a hard time about that. He's just really glad that the baseball season has started. They're super fun.

Joe: All right. A central mindset shift number three, you need to learn how to invest in yourself. Don't be afraid to invest in yourself. Never stop investing in yourself, your business, your education. You need to get a coach. You can either join a mastermind, read some books, focus on what's the most important. And it doesn't have to be us. It can be anybody. Right. There's a story I've heard from this guy. He calls it the two commandments and business number one. And I'll use the clean rated P.G. version. He said, No. One, stop farting around. And number two, stop being a sissy. Okay. And so, you know, we kind of all know what we need to do. Right. But we're just not really doing it. But if somebody were to hold a gun to your head and say, all right, now make an offer or I'm going to you have five minutes to make an offer, I'm a blow your head off. You would figure it out, right?

Joe: You would go to YouTube. You would you would find a video and how to make an offer. Right. And maybe you would download something from Bigger Pockets. They have contracts on there. Or you go to Staples and buy one of their generic contracts and you just write it up and you send the offer. Right or just floating around. So it's time to stop farting around. It's time. It's time to invest in our success. Right. Also, like, you go out and you'll spend thousands and thousands of dollars on education or coaching, but never do what they tell you to do. Right. And then. And then. But you're afraid to spend five hundred dollars on a virtual assistant. You're just being afraid. You need to get over that fear and start investing in what's most important. And a coach will help you if you're willing to do what the coach says to do. A coach is going to help. You stay focused. Hold you accountable. And not let you have excuses. So you need to invest in yourself, not be afraid to take that step. Gigi says, she's amazing. And she's been working closer with Gavin.

Joe: “My biggest challenge was having systems in place on how to do the business efficiently. I have a full-time job. I don't have the time to learn all the technical stuff”. It's funny and you know, it's funny given some of our most successful students are not all techie. Some of their weaknesses was the technology. Yeah, most of them. But this is why I like working with Gavin so much, guys, because I'm the techie guy. I'm the one with the software, the systems, Web sites. I like to dig deep into that stuff. I'm not good at the mindset. I just tell people make offers. Like, what's the problem? Gavin is much better at working with people like Gigi and Steven Zimmer, Steven and Coco Zimmer.

Joe: So anyway, this was her challenge, right? She didn't have the time to learn all the technical stuff. She just closedher first wholesale deal and did a double closing. She says, I'm able to talk to sellers and buyers easily now. It wasn't easy at first. I know this business will support me financially. I have momentum now to move forward. Just small little wins, guys will give you that momentum. I love the win-win deals that come out of my relationships with others in the business. My biggest takeaway is to keep it simple and follow what others who are already accomplished in the business are doing.”Gavin is my favorite coach”. Whatever, Gigi. “He's very accessible and responsive. He has a keen intuition on what his individual students need to succeed. Having him as my coach is the best move I have made to grow my business.” She has a really cool story. Go and talk a little bit more about her.

Gavin: Yeah. She's awesome. I mean, she travels a lot. You can see her on a bike. She's, you know, in a helicopter. I mean, she's on horse riding. She's kayaking. And I mean, she's just all over the place, you know, in between jobs while doing real estate. And when we built this out, we knew the challenges. So we started to onboard the resources that she'd had. She'd got a couple of rental properties. We started to look at who is at your fingertips. It could help you. So she had good relationships with two property managers in particular, that kind of she brought on with the team to help her on dispositions and kind of farming some phone calls in between things. And there's one back to your number one, Joe, was to make offers, offers, offers.

Gavin: This deal came, she made an offer six weeks later, it got accepted. From making the offers, so always make an offer. This deal is going to close 24000, obviously, minus closing costs. 24000 thousand dollars from someone making an offer that said no. And this, if I believe rightly, was like that the seller wanted and another 52000 she'd offered like 24000 or whatever it was at the time. And he was like, absolutely not. She made the offer anyway. And he called back and accepted it six weeks later. So you should always make an offer. And here's the thing, people. While no one's going to accept it, if you make an offer. It's a blessing. It's a dollar to make an offer.

Gavin: Hard copy in the mail. One dollar. If you're going to do a hundred a month, which you won't. That's 400 bucks a year, I'm making offers. Right. Twelve hundred dollars. And then one comes back and says, yeah, we only need one. Twenty-four thousand dollars from making an offer. So you should always make an offer. So what has happened? Something has changed. The situation has changed with the seller clearly. Clearly something has happened for him to call back.

Gavin: Now for me, I said to Gigi, right. I'm going to give you some good and some bad. Right. With debts from a coaching level. Fantastic. You've made an offer. Good job. You should always make an offer. Why have you not followed up with him and why is he calling you? Right. And we kind of laughed about it because I want everyone on top of that follow up. But when things you know, you don't, you get behind on follow up. They're going to reach out to you if they have that hard copy offer with your contact information, they're going to call you back if you built good rapport and get that accepted. And that's, again, something else. When you start looking at budgets, remember, you only need if you make an offer and one to two. I mean, that's realistic in a whole year. Two people call you back. Of course it is. It could make you twenty, ten thousand. Five thousand. You can put any number you want on it, but it's going to pay for itself is what I'm saying.

Joe: Yeah. Gigi wasn't afraid to invest in what was most important. Getting a coach.

Gavin: And that goes back to that again, Joe. You bought way more causes than me, obviously coming from a coaching background as a golf professional. I went straight into coaching. I didn't know what the word wholesaling meant. And that was my way in to do that. And it's not for everybody. But, yeah, you should always invest. I mean, we spend, you know, more than I do, but we both spend the good amount of money. Joining mastermind's and hiring coaches, I mean, you've just hired another one last week. I mean, we're always developing. We're always developing.

Joe: I spend at least a couple hundred thousand dollars a year.

Gavin: One hundred percent. Yeah. But, you know, and it's so important. You should always be all you're always learning. And as long as you're implementing and you're not just following the shiny. And that's everyone that comes in, you know, that works with us, I say if you're not going to make money with us, then you're not going to make money with anyone. But you have to make money. I am 100 percent committed to this work. And if you go and do deals and you want to go and hire another person and do that and another one and do that and you keep building, absolutely. I'm all for it. That's exactly what you should do. But don't say, well, I tried this course and I've tried that course and nothing works. That's when you have to really go and look at yourself and say, you know. My mentality is, if someone if I have the lease option course and someone else is getting other person gets a result. Or any calls that I'm in, then if they can do it, I can do it. There's no excuses.

Joe: One hundred percent. Oh, this is good stuff. We're not just bragging about our coaching clients that are doing deals. We're trying to teach you lessons out of all this. Essential mind shift number four, this is Gavin's and Gavin's is really good. I like his importance of finding your why. Will you talk about this, Gavin?

Gavin: Everyone should have a why. This one can go to the core. You can go deep with this. You know, it's probably something that you might be embarrassed of and you don't want to, you know, share it might get the you know, the hairs on your arms stand, you know, is having a good why. Like, why are you even here, you know, we have a lot of people on this call, less than two hours that you've dedicated your time to be here. And it's probably because a lot of you have got a why, but you need to make sure it's a strong one. Right. And is it is it a real why? And then sometimes you have to be honest with yourself. I have some and I'm not going to mention names, but I've got some, you know, clients that we work with that have got some big whys. Like really strong, you know, when like, you know, they've had a divorce and there's kids involved and they want to spend more time and they can only see him at weekends and all these things.

Gavin: And guess what? When it gets hard, that's when you have to make that one offer. As Joe said, or that last phone call that you don't want to do after work, you have to go to that why and say, why am I doing this again? This is gonna get hard. You do have to get in the trenches, right? Not everyone is going to do a deal out the blocks and really go into that. And it gets me, you know, goose bumps. Now, talking about it, is everyone should have that because it is going to get tough and go in to that. Like, why am I doing this again? Everything's gone wrong. Like they were gonna accept the offer. Now we're not. We had a contract. I can't move it. And it's all going to get frustrated at some point in your investing career. Why am I doing that? Because you are looking for financial freedom. You are looking to spend more time and stop working 70 hours a week. You are looking to travel with a family. And it's not all about money.

Gavin: None of it is about money all the time. Right. You need enough money. How much money do you need? That's what we'll figure you need to do. So we start with a hundred thousand, maybe 60, maybe 40. It all depends on on what your why is and what you want to do with it.  How many of you make sixty thousand dollars a year? And if I could say, all right, if you made sixty thousand now look at how much better of a life and travel to do that. That's more than reasonable target. Having that why going deep. And it will be something if you think about it now or later tonight, you need to go past the, well I want to spend more time with the kids. For why you got to go. You got to think better than that.

Gavin: Well cause the young and I want to be with them and I want to see them grow and I don't want to come home and they're in bed already or you know, you've gotta go deep, deep in there because that's what's gonna go: I'm going to pick up the phone again. I'm gonna do this and it's going to get you motivated to go again. So super, super important.

Joe: Really good. Let's talk about Ester here. What her big why is she says, “I wanted to learn how to get more leads and do more deals. I started with Gavin and Joe. I was doing two deals a month. I thought the answer was to move markets. However, Gavin encouraged me to dominate where I was and helped me to see I was hesitating too long and making offers, hesitating too much. Right. I'm now doing four to five deals a month with gross compensation of five to ten K per deal.” Yeah, four to five deals a month. That's what, twenty to fifty thousand dollars or something like that. “I'm proof that you can make money in this business of your dedicated and consistent.” She talks about the personal touch given by Gavin is priceless. “You have access to him means you get an actual voice response is key. There's no lost in translation. Like there can be one text or email.” So talk about Ester. Can you be working closer with her than I am. But she's been crushing it.

Gavin: She's just a beast. She's awesome. She just does it. Just gets on with it. Well I mean when we started working together, she's like, Oh I need to go virtual. She's in El Paso and I need to go virtual. Why? How many deals are you doing? I do like one, two. Why are you doing virtual? Like let's talk about your team. Let's talk about this. So what have you got. So she starts explaining it. And when we looked at it I said if we go into virtual market you're starting from scratch. You don't know anyone across the United States. Like you have mortgage brokers, you have cash buyers, you have all these things. Why are we not dominating? And that was the word, dominate El Paso. So you need to be called the number one wholesaler in that market. You need to be the force and get out there to say if I need a deal moving, I need to bring it to Ester.

Gavin: And that's not an arrogance. That's a surge of confidence in your ability to be able to do this, because we can ramp that up very quickly. We can get leads coming in. We can do that while you focus on high dollar and our activities to be able to dominate that. And we should do in five, six deals a month consistently. Now, if you want to pick up once we've outsourced, depend on your plan and your goals. We can go into another market and we can set market to up. Right. But we're not going to go and do one deal here. And then one deal in another market and one deal over here, because you're too scattered. We've got to dominate. So once we got that and when we deliver these plans, it is me pulling this information out. I'm not coming in saying this is what you've got to do.

Gavin: It's really on a coaching standpoint is there's the client needs to be invested and have that decision for it to make sense. If I can't make it make sense to you, then it's not the option. So you need to make sense. I'm committed. We're going to do it. Once we get that commitment and that focus, we can do that. And talking about the why, her husband's still working and that's the goal, is to get him a full time with her. And she's well on the way. Joe, me and you just did a podcast about a month ago with her, and she showed us a whiteboard. She had like eight on the whiteboard. And she just like I mean, she'll do live calls. She's just like I don't care, I'm gonna get it done then and dominate. So yeah. Great, great person to work with. Takes massive action, follows direction and just doesn't quit. And that's when everyone needs to get from there is like just, come up with your own plan and stayed disciplined to it and don't give in.

Gavin: Find your why.There's nothing that Ester is doing that you cannot do every single one of you on this right now. There's nothing that she's doing that you cannot do. You just got to have a big enough why. Mindset shift number five, overcome the fear of success. You know, a lot of people are just afraid of success, believe it or not. Like what if this actually works? I worked with Phil Marsh. He's a good friend of mine in Illinois and worked with him for a long, long time. And he was really you know, he'll even admit this. I've interviewed him on my podcast several times, and he was really scared. Like, what if this works and what if it doesn't work? Cause he had a really good job? I think he was in a family business or something in a long time ago. But he says, “I had no idea where to begin, what to do or which direction to head, there was an overload of information. I needed clarity, Joe gave me a plan, and I executed it. Simple as that. He gave me a course of action.

Joe: And when I ran into a detour, he was right there to guide me through it. It was necessary to commit to the methods and trust what my coach was telling me. Joe told me what to do and I did it. I currently work part time doing an average of 20 deals a year over the last consistently, guys, over the last three and a half years. I'm now a millionaire, so I'm proof that their coaching works. Instead of wondering what to do, I know what to do with Joe and Gavin coaching me along the way. Having direct access sets them apart by far. They played a key role in my success. It's almost like they gave me permission to succeed.” So how about going from a fear of success to having permission to succeed? You know, how cool is that? Huge. You know, talk about Gavin overcoming the fear of success. Why are people afraid of actually the seller? What if the seller says, yes, you know, what if what if I actually get this contract signed?

Gavin: And then mine is just message me. Right. If that's what it takes and we'll keep it, you know, that simple. Just message me. We'll figure it out the next step. What you need to do. All you got to do is get that contract signed. And it's a key problem in the industry is that people will go in. And what happens is, is that they already talked themselves out of it. Right. Purposely. This is a rural area that I can never do a deal here cause there's no one doing deals and it's out of the you know, the city or they're never going to. I'll call them. But this is just a bad lead and they're never gonna take that offer. And while I guess I'll do it. This is never going to work. When you go in that. What happens is negative. Right. We talk about negativity. But when you break it down, it's actually the fear of saying I'm more comfortable with them saying no right now and this doesn't work than actually working. Because if they say yes, I do not know what I'm going to do and I'm going to panic and.

Gavin: And that's what happened. So people actually come in and not that they want to listen to no's, but they want to go, Well I was right. I told you. Well, yeah, of course it wouldn't. With that attitude, it's not going to work. So we stop. If that happens and we bring someone in, we go. Right. We're not marketing. We're not doing anything. We're not picking a market until we get this right. And we get you to understand, you know, what this is going to do. And whatever we've got to put in place, so you're comfortable in doing this. And when it if it means getting a contract signed and I went through it myself, the fear for me coming from England was I was going to contract a house and I've never bought one in my life at the time.

Gavin: I was going to contract to house the contract and someone is going to sign it, and then they're going to make me buy the house. I don't have any money. And that was the fear. That was my hope. I'll talk to anyone. I'll make any offer. I'll do anything you want. If they sign that piece of paper with my name on, are they going to make me think because I can't pay that? And that was what my hold it was. So I put that in in place when I was working my first wholesaler and I said, well, I'll get the contracts. Can we contract it in your name or your LLC? And they were like, yes, sure. All right, great.

Gavin: That's all I need. And that's what we did. I didn't even go on it. And I said, you can pay me on the hood. It was full trust. And, you know, they didn't have to pay me. We just had a good relationship with that's what I had to remove so I could focus because until I got rid of that, there was no way for me to actually take massive action, charge, get on the phone with conviction because there's actually a difference, Joe, is when you talk to a seller and the confidence is all right now, I get by it. All right. I'm energetic and I'm ready.

Gavin: And I'll talk to anyone and I'll get on the phone. And I get better and I get better, the more calls I do and it's just coming together, you're building momentum. I couldn't do that if I had fear of if one says yes, because I'm going to come across in a different way. So you've got to you've got to really guys, you know, stop thinking and give yourself permission to succeed because you are good enough to do it for the people who are doing it. And if you just channel and get your mind set right on the things that we've just discussed, that it's going to change things massively for you.

Joe: Yeah, well, you know, I remember working with Phil, too. He was afraid of focus, like in terms of like, well, what if I only because he was wanting to do different strategies, you know, he was looking at a land, he was buy and hold he was doing wholesaling and rehabbing and he had his own business that he was kind of on the side and he was doing. Yeah. And he was afraid of like, what if I focused just on this one thing, this one strategy and it doesn't work? Or if it does work, I'm not going to be able to do those other things anymore that I want to do. So it's just I gotta keep it simple.

Gavin: I remember a coaching call with him years ago about VAs. And I was like, you need a VA. Stop doing that. They need to do it. He's like, well, what if they do it this and they do it that. Just we'll figure it out if it happens. Like just hire them. Then he's like, run this ad, do this, get it down to two or three, pick the best one. And they said, well, I've got it down to two and I don't know which one to pick. I said hire both of them. Just hire both of them and picked give them three hours each. And then you'll figure out which ones better. Really? Yes, hire both. So he hires both and he's like man. This one is working way better than the other one. Yeah, well, guess which one you need to hire then. And when he understood that it was just like alarm bells. The V.A. thing was huge for him and he just started killing it.

Joe: I love Phil. He's one of my favorite coaching clients and a good friend. And we got to hustle on. All right. Mindset shift number six. You've got to have belief in yourself. You've got to believe in yourself. Talk about this a little bit, Gavin.

Gavin: Yeah, I mean, belief, right? Your self-belief. Do you believe that you can learn something and act on it? Really, really important. Right. We're not just altering the words like believe in yourself and push it aside. Do you actually believe right now that you can go and do a deal? Do you believe that the training that you've bought into, or the course that you've bought is actually going to work? Do you believe that you can apply it and discipline and apply yourself consistently to market, talk to sellers, to make offers and follow up to get deals done? Because if you don't believe that you can do it, guess what? It's not going to work. So, again, it's one of them hope moments to say. I gotta get in the groove. I gotta get in a better mindset because I'm approaching my day in the wrong way. Okay.

Gavin: And until you do that, and we're talking about small things, I'm not going to say you've listened to me say this. And tomorrow morning you're going to have all this belief and you're going to conquer the world. No, it's all, you have to do it on a day to day basis. It's all about routine and change in lifestyle. I always used the analogy of, like, losing weight. Right. You don't eat a salad for three days and then you're thin. Right. It takes good eating consistently over weeks and months to lose weight. Or you're not very one slice of pizza and then you've blown up. So it's the same thing here. Like, what are you doing? What are you reading in the morning?

Gavin: Are you stuck with the news. I mean, I'm huge on motivation videos like five minutes on YouTube and it just fires me up. I watch one and I'm thinking, I can I take on anything. It's just what resonates with me. Yeah. But really get in and understanding, you know, believing in yourself is absolutely huge in this business.

Joe: Ryan Schwab, one of our coaching clients, diesel mechanic. It's such an amazing story. Diesel mechanic. This is a picture of his first lease option deal. I made four thousand four hundred and twenty dollars. I think there, right. He's got such a cool story, real quick. He says, “Joe and Gavin lay things out step by step of what you need to do or how to do it, and what you need to do to succeed, give you tons of support and help you lay it all out for you. Marketing, talking to sellers, making offers, you know, just go out there, start doing it. They're both good guys. They really want you to succeed. And if you do what they tell you to do, you're going to succeed.” He said this three times. I was writing this down. “Joe's courses give tons of valuable odds, great content. I highly recommend you can't go wrong as long as you dowhat Joe and Gavin says you'll be a success.” We'll talk about Ryan like I remember his first contract that he got. He was so nervous. He's like, oh, my God. It actually works. What do I do? What I do? What do I do? I was like, man, it's all right. You got this, man. You got this.

Gavin: Yeah. Yeah, it is good. I mean, at first, he was so made up. I was so happy. Like, we talk about why some people make like, oh, you made 20 grand or you made thirty. Awesome, but they've done like five or ten, although they're cruising along like when someone gets this could have been a thousand dollars and I would have been happy like it just made my day for this guy, because when we broke his goals down, you know, as a diesel mechanic, what he was making and we actually analyzed like, you know, you don't need many deals in a year to focus on this full time. What's crazy is that you guys that have got jobs, I say this to all of you, like when you actually make that move to go full time, you'll go home from work in the business to three, four hours a day to that. You can do it all full time.

Gavin: And that's how you're going to ten times your business, depending on how you're going to want to be set up. But when he did this, he actually just another wholesale deal, actually. And this one was a you know, was a shaky deal. I'm not going to lie. He actually took this down and it was a long process. He actually borrowed money and took this property down and he was going to, which we never do. But COVID hit. And Michigan shut down pretty much and they couldn't get buyers in there. Their contract was running out. The buyer had pulled out. It was going to make twelve, thirteen thousand. And it was a great rental property. And he actually took it down. He held it over COVID. He's just resold it. He did. Okay. It wasn't great. I think he made five, six thousand on it, which wasn't great. But with COVID you know, we got through that.

Gavin: But the numbers was almost better if he bought it for thirty-six thousand is rented for nine hundred a month. I mean the numbers were phenomenal. So I told him when he was going to buy it, I was that convinced that he would not lose money on this. And I never, like, really go in on deals like own money. But I said I will partner on the deal. I'll bring half if you want me to, because he got himself in a mess. He worked so hard on this thing. And he said, no, I've got it. And I was like, you will sell this. Like, you will not lose. I'm that confident. And he did. He sold it. He made money, but he could have held it. I mean, the numbers were phenomenal on it.

Joe: Can you see? I mean, let me just toot our own horn for a little bit here. Do you see why having a coach helps with that kind of confidence? If the coach can tell you, man, you got this. Don't worry about it. It's a good deal. And I'll partner with you. I'll hold your hand like that. Think of the belief that they can give to you just knowing you've got somebody in your corner like that. Yeah. I love Ryan. He's got an amazing story. Awesome. All right. We got one or two more essential mindshifts. Number seven have clear expectations. Talk about this, Gavin. What does that mean?

Gavin: Yes, clear expectations. Really important. Like people come in and they think, I'm just going to click a button and just make money. Right. So what do I do with the CRM? Just click and I get people on the phone always like deals coming in. Oh, no, no, no, no. Right. Saying no expectations about what actually this is business is right. Like little things that make huge differences that we install in clients that want to install in you guys as well is not every deal is closable.

Gavin: But when you get on the phone, not everyone's gonna say yes. In fact, 99 percent of the people are gonna tell you no, but your mindset is the next one might say yes or will say yes. Right. Not every seller is gonna be closable on the first phone call. So don't go in and say, oh, no, they're not interested. Well, why? Or why aren't they?

Gavin: I don't know, they said they just don't want to sell? Well, we've got to go deeper than that. We have to work on that to ask the right questions, to gather the right information. Write these things down. We'll give you four things that you need to get on a phone call. Number one is motivation. We're looking for the situation of motivation. Number two, case, the price point. What price are they selling for? And number three is the condition.

Gavin: Okay. Number four is a timeline. Once we have them for things right, you're gonna be then be able to know what motivation is. What, you're still gonna make an offer. Right. So your goal, your expectation in this business is you're going to be talking to sellers, making offers and doing follow up and lots of it, because that's where we know that's where the money is. We have to get things situation around you so you can able to focus on that. And guess what? If you don't want to do that, then we need to partner. We need to outsource. We have all the things that we can do to make sure that is being done by someone in your team. And then once we have that in place and we have them for Brillion, the basic things. Okay, marketing, talking to sellers, making offers and following up. You've got to expect lots of deals and lots of checks. Right. Because that is what's going to happen. You're going to do that. You're gonna make a lot of money. You're gonna do a lot of deals and you can do it virtually in multiple markets. And that's what you're gonna be telling yourself.

Joe: So far, so good. Because Dustin, an investor in San Diego or Southern California, have a fun day. Yeah, he's in San Diego. He realized, you know what? It's too hard to do deals here. Now, you can't do deals in San Diego. But he didn't want to work that hard. Right. So he had the expectation. And I've talked him about this many times. I love his perspective on it. Of the follow up. The follow up, that's where almost all of his deals come from. I mean, is that clear expectation? I mean, if I want to do deals virtually in other markets and he's doing deals in multiple markets, I'm going to have to have a follow up machine. Right. Especially when you're doing these deals virtually. “My biggest challenge”, he says “prior to starting a coaching program, is setting up the proper systems to do real estate investing virtually. They helped me get the system set up and coached me through the process. Being systematic with marketing and talking to sellers has been a key to my success.” He's now doing three to five deals a month with an average wholesale fee of eight thousand dollars. And Dustin knows his numbers really, really well. Yeah, very good. Yeah, it's amazing. “You can't beat the personal touch that Joe and Gavin add to the coaching program, being able to speak to him directly is priceless Not sure about joining. Ask yourself how much money would you be losing by not going with Gavin and Joe?”

Gavin: Yeah, and he'd done deals in Cal. The problem was, is how much money you have to put in to get that return, especially from a fix and flip, because that's what he did. He was in acquisition. So he did a lot of fix and flip. And that's why, you know, the lease option strategy works better in California, in my opinion, unless you're willing to invest in the market and be patient. We talk about small wins from a mindset standpoint, very important. It takes a real strong character to come into a new business. So, you know, I'm going to say San Francisco. I'm going to wholesale deals and you're going to work this day in, day out and you're going to wait five months, six months to get one deal.

Gavin: You know that deal might net you a hundred plus thousand dollars. But are you going to keep working it for six months with no win? That's when it becomes a problem while you're still spending thousands and thousands of dollars per month doing it, is a problem. And that's where people depend on the personality. That's why we prefer, if you're going to do, you know, wholesaling, maybe to pick somewhere else, go and get some small wins, learn your craft, and then you can apply it to a California market because, you know, you need to be patient, but you're going after the big wins, but you're more prepared to do that.

Joe: Very good. Alright, we got one final one. Essential mindset shift number eight, stop focusing on the outcome and start focusing on today. Yeah, that's so good. Talk about why that's so good. It's one of your favorites.

Gavin: This is one of my favorites. I just had a video live yesterday to the lease option group, about this. I know a few of you were on this so you've already heard this. But this is a common thing when it comes to mindset, right? You buy a course and all you can do is think about doing a deal. You're just thinking when I need a deal and I need to close it within 30 days. And do you think I can close a deal in 30 days? Gavin Joe do you think I can do this? Because if I don't do it in 45 days. I just don't know what I'm going to do. All your energy is going on the wrong thing. All you're doing is focused on the outcomes. There's a difference between the outcome and goal setting, right? We set goals. We have achievements. We have targets. We want to get wins. But we need to break that down. And the only way we need to break it down is what we can focus on today. If we do the day to day things that we need to do, the outcome will take care of itself.

Gavin: Important, right? If you're going to speak to your five sellers a day, whatever it is, and this has nothing to do with just sellers, it could be. I need to send out 10 letters. Right. And that's your focus. So don't focus on doing a deal. But you've not sent out any letters because guess what? You're never going to close a deal if you got no marketing going. So complete your 10 letters and then go on to your next task. Whether that's that day or the day after. So I focus on them, break them down. And what you'll find is that if you talk to five times a day as an example and make three offers a day. Right. That's over five days. That's 25 sellers. That's fifteen offers in a month. That's one hundred sellers. That's 60 offers. That's 200 sellers in two months and 120 offers.

Gavin: Do you think in 120 offers, one person might just say yes? And that's what you're looking for. And you probably won't even hit that number before they say yes. And you might have five deals when you get to that, but you can only get there by taking care of what you can control today. So start focusing on what you can control today. And I promise you now that if you focus today and then when we wake up tomorrow, we focus today and so on and so on, the outcome will take care of itself. You will get the results that you want. You will make money. You will get checks and do all of them goals and hit your targets and tenfold.

Joe: Amen. Preach it. Stop focusing on the outcomes are focusing on today. This is the biggest thing that we do with our clients. We give them a marketing plan. We help them come up with one and say, all right, this is it. Just focus on these things here. Just focus on what you can control. You can't control making 10 grand a month, 100 grand a year, your average profit is five grand a deal. You need 30 leads to do a deal. You can't control any of that. But what you can control and worry about is what you're doing today. Right? Stop focusing on the outcome. Start focusing on what you can do today. All right. So real quick recap. Number one, make offers, make offers, make offers. Keep it simple. Invest in yourself. Find your why. Write it down. Overcome the fear of success. Believe in yourself. Stop focusing on the outcome. Start focusing on the day and having clear expectations.

Joe: So, guys, you have some choices to make. What kind of investor do you want to be? You have two choices. Number one, you go back to life as usual, back to the stress and the grind, back to the overwhelming confusion. Back to being worried about where the consistent lead flow is going to come from. You know, or you might just be like, guys, thanks. I can figure this out on my own. Cool. There's nothing wrong with that. But there is another option. OK, you can make this a defining moment for you in your life, for your family. Maybe you're saying things like, you know what? I'm sick and tired of being broke. I'm sick of not earning what I'm worth. Sick of my family's suffering because I'm not making the money they deserve. I'm sick of letting my business control me instead of the other way around.

Joe: You ultimately do have control over your success. Instead, you can say, I can do this. I want to build this kind of business with your guys because you've done it yourselves for yourselves and for many others. I know I can do it for me, too. All right. So don't let this be just another moment where you learn something and you walk away from it. Never implementing it. Never fully grasping its power to take you where you want to go. Because there is an easier. And there is a faster way. You need coaching from someone who can give you a personalized roadmap to follow that's cutting edge and unique to your goals and your market. So if you want proven results, we have something really special for you. We'd like to talk to you first, though. So we're not giving you any pressure at all. Maybe we can help you. Maybe we can't. I don't know.

Joe: Let's schedule a time to talk about your goals, where you want to be in six to 12 months and we can show you how to accelerate and amplify your current income. All right. So if you want proven results, if you want some Hands-On help, if you want to work with us personally together so you can get the results that you want quickly, then we're gonna give you a say here in a minute. We want you to fill out a brief survey. Tell us a little bit about yourself. If it seems like you'd be a good fit. We're going to text you a time to try to schedule a time to get on the phone. Zero pressure. Guys, we're not into the high pressure selling and all of that. It's not a big deal. It's not a good fit. But here's the Web site. REINetwork.com/coaching. REINetwork.com/coaching. Listen, we're very selective on who we work with, right?

Joe: We have an excellent track record and we want to keep it that way. So this isn't for everyone, okay? This isn't for you if you're broke. You don't have anything to invest in your business. We only want to work with people who are going to take this seriously. They're not treating this like a hobby. They're treating it like a business. So you need if you're interested in working with us, go to area network dot com slash coaching, fill out a little survey there, will look at your application if you look like you might be a good fit. We're gonna text you back and schedule a time to get on the phone. Talk about what your goals are and see if we can actually really help you. So why are we doing this? Right. Well, one of the biggest reasons why is we want to do more deals.

Joe: Coaching and partnering with students is one of the ways that we do deals. Our main acquisitions manager right now, Melissa, started off as a coaching guy. In fact, it wasn't even her, it was her husband. Yeah. And her husband kind of dragged her. She didn't want to go to the workshop. And then she got frustrated at the leads, were just not, you know, weren't getting followed up with. And she just said, I'm going to do it myself. And she started doing deals and we started working with her. And boy, I mean, given how many deals have we done with her since and since you two started working together?

Gavin: Well, over 100. I mean, just yeah. We've done over a million in assignments. Yeah, we've done good. She's awesome. I mean, she's like a partner. We have acquisition now. We built it out. But then again, you know, the good thing is, is that you never know, you know, where it's going to, you know, take and and people that we work with in certain markets. But it's all about it when you hear about these big numbers, you know, that's why I like Ryan's you know, Ryan's four thousand dollars on his first lease option.I mean, that is game changing stuff. It's just awesome. I love it.

Joe: All right. Well, good. If you want to partner with us on a deal, we'll refund you the coaching investment out of the deal if you're interested. OK, so one more time, if you're interested in working with us, you just need to go to REINetwork.com/coaching. REINetwork.com/coaching.

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