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You can do all of the marketing in the world, but if you don’t follow-up on your leads, you’re only wasting your money. That’s one of the first things that caught Gavin’s attention about Melissa was how willing she was to call people back. If someone was interested in selling their house, Melissa said she was going to call them until it was sold.

Melissa and Carey quickly discovered that their complementary strengths made them a great partnership. Finding a partner to make up for what you’re not good at is a great way to build your REI network. Gavin Timms and I do this too, and it’s allowed us to expand in ways that we couldn’t on our own.

Everyone told Melissa and Carey that things would just get worse in real estate, but they knew my number one rule, “Crises create opportunities”. They dialed it into their networks, and they still did $100,000 during the time when everyone said the world was going to end.

Of course, they had to know who could still do deals during the shutdowns, quarantines, and all of that crazy stuff. That meant that they had to rely on the networks that they’d built up over the last few years.

Virtual wholesaling has freed them from their desk jobs and let them build the life they’ve always wanted, which includes laying on the beach in Florida while they make money. In fact, they even closed a deal during this podcast! That’s how awesome the virtual wholesaling life is.

If you’re interested in working with Gavin or myself as real estate coaches, fill out our form on our website, and we’d love to see if we’d be a good fit for you!

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Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Why we wanted to partner with Melissa and Carey
  • How your personality and mindset will impact your real estate business.
  • What you should and shouldn’t pay attention to in this market.
  • Why the real estate network you have is like money in the bank.

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Joe: Hey, everybody, welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. Glad you're here. I just want to do a quick little introduction to this podcast that we're going to be releasing here for you. And it's such a cool episode. Two or three. Three of my favorite people in the business, Gavin, Carey and Melissa. And these guys are awesome. When Gavin and I first started working together in the coaching side of my business, we did a workshop in San Diego. And Melissa and Carey were there, kind of Carey dragged Melissa. And I think I got their story right. If I got it wrong, I'm sorry. I apologize. But it's a good story anyway, if it's not true. No, I'm pretty sure it is. Well, Carey kind of dragged Melissa. You know, when they signed up for our coaching program. And Carey, well, Carey just got distracted. That's a nice way to put it. And then Melissa kind of picked up the reins from there and started doing deals, started doing a lot of deals, and they were pretty successful.

Joe: And Gavin was talking to Melissa at one time about a certain deal. And she said something really cool because there was a certain lead that was not going anywhere. Right. And Melissa said, well, you know what? I'm just gonna keep on calling the guy until he does sell his house. And when she said that light bulb went off and Gavin's brain and he thought, oh, my gosh, I like this lady. Right? Like, she gets it, she gets it. She understands follow up and persistence and sales. And also, Gavin and Melissa started working together within Carrie as well, of course. And then. Oh, I don't remember how much longer. They both quit their jobs. And Melissa sends me updates once in a while in Voxer. And it's so cool because whenever they're at the beach, they do deals.

Joe: They're doing deals mainly in the Alabama area, Birmingham, Alabama, and they travel down to the same vacation spot that our family likes to go do down by Destin, Florida. And there's a place down there, a seaside seagrove. And so we stay in similar blocks down there by the beach different times. But anyway, they send me messages every time they're down there. They literally every time they go down there, they do a deal and they just go for a little R and R still work a little bit doing deals virtually. I love it. I love hearing success stories like this. And Melissa and Carey. They get it. Melissa's such a rock star in my book. She just understands the importance of aggressive follow up.

Joe: It's really kind of what this business is all about, isn't it? You know, the 90 percent of your deals are going to come from the follow up in any business. And Melissa's just really exemplified that in a good, big way. So anyway, this is a I think this podcast will inspire you talking about some of the deals are currently doing. So, you know, Gavin and Melissa and Carey have done a lot of deals together. A lot of deals. It's crazy awesome. Virtually. So you're gonna enjoy this podcast. I want to just encourage you guys to if you're interested in working with Gavin and me and getting some help in your business, go check out REInetwork.com/coaching. REInetwork.com/coaching and get some information there. Fill out an application. We'll get on the phone, talk with you, see it for a good fit and help you do the same thing Carey and Melissa have done in their business as well. Okay. So take care. Enjoy this podcast. It's a good one.

Gavin: Guys, how you doing? Welcome to the first show for REI network podcasting association with the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast with Joe McCall. I'm excited. This is the first episode. I've got two awesome people. Business partners of mine. Thought it was important to do the first show with these guys. So I want to welcome Melissa and Carey Dodson. Guys, how we doing?

Carey: Hey, guys. Gavin, how's it going?

Gavin: I'm good. I'm good. So going to come to them guys here in just a second. There's two things I want to give you guys before we start. I want you to go and subscribe to my new YouTube channel. Go to Gavin Timms on YouTube, like and subscribe to get some cool stuff going on there. And also, we want to give you some free downloads. If you go to REINetwork.com/downloads, REINetwork.com/downloads, we've got some free giveaways for you on that as well. So let's jump right in. Guys, how are we doing? Where are we right now?

Melissa: In beautiful Florida, our happy place.

Carey: In Seagrove, Florida, just a little bit outside of Seaside, off of the Highway 30.

Gavin: Beautiful, and I know that's definitely a happy place. I see that from the mood. And then some of us when we're in a happy place. So that's great. How long are you down there for?

Carey: Well, we're here for about 10 days on this trip. We came down last week. As we're recording this, today is Wednesday, right?

Melissa: Yeah. So we've been here a week today.

Gavin: And it's important, you know, for everyone listening, we're going to jump back here. How you guys got started in the business, how we kind of met. And then we'll fast forward to how you're able to be doing this, going on vacation. Right. Because we teach a lot about it and talk a lot about doing virtual deals. And there's something to be said. People are always talking about how much money there is to be made in the business and creating jobs. But I think it's important not to create a job, but also create a lifestyle to be able to do this and still close deals. So let's take it back. Let's talk about, I love this story. Let's talk about getting into real estate. We met four years ago, probably in San Diego, and it kind of went from there. So take us back to the beginning.

Carey: Well, it's kind of funny because we were talking before you started recording the podcast what to name this podcast and the thought that crossed my mind was well, one alternate title could be How to Seduce Your Spouse for Maximum Success. This kind of is how we met, actually, because Melissa wasn't in the business at all. She really didn't want to be in the business and made so many choices and gotten herself in somewhat of a mess with some bills before. And then I heard Joe McCall and you were going to be out in San Diego for a workshop. And so the way I put it to Melissa is, Hey, hon, you want to go to San Diego for a few days? Didn't mention anything about workshops at the time. We got her signed up and a couple of days before the workshop began and had a good time and then the workshop started. And that's how you and I met and Melissa met how we got started in business. And I would say to this day, that's been my smartest business move.

Gavin: Absolutely. I agree. And I'm not going to lie. I was sitting across the table when we were discussing it in San Diego. And I thought, there's no way you're coming on board and working with us. It was just like, talk about the cold shoulder. I mean, I normally can get to people but I was struggling.

Melissa: And keep in mind, too. I was recovering from being sick. I had been in bed for like a month and a half with pneumonia. And so I was ready to get out of the house. I really didn't care. And he was right. I didn't want anything to do with real estate. That was his little hobby, your little side thing, whatever. I mean, he had a good engineering job. I had a good paralegal job. Just fabulous positions, good benefits. Like, why would I ever give that up? And so that was just something he played with. I paid no attention to it, but I wanted to get out house. I had been in there recovering from being sick and he said San Diego. And I was like, Yeah, I want to go. Then I found out, obviously, I was going to have to sit through three days of somebody talking about real estate, which I didn't really care so much. I went. I took no notes. I did not listen. No offense, Gavin.

Gavin: I could tell.

Carey: I think it helped that that workshop was actually held on a boat out on the bay. So I was able to get her to go along with that.

Melissa: Yeah, I went and paid no attention literally. Was doodling, writing, playing on my phone. Doing whatever and could care less. I had no idea what y'all were talking about. And then when it got time to sign up, I was really just like, whatever you want to do, I don't care. And I remember the surprised look on your face. Like, really? I'm like, I don't care. Whatever you want to do is sign. I had no idea I was about to, you know, get dragging and kicking and screaming because I really was. Marketing had cranked up. He was busy and he said, please help. And I'm like, no, I don't want anything to do with real estate. He said, please, I'm getting all these calls. Please make some calls. And I spent one Saturday, by the way, it was a terrible postcard talking to I don't know how many people like eight hours on the phone and we all know that's a bad idea.

Melissa: But by the end of the day, I said, I don't want anything to do with this. This is horrible. Horrible. People are cussing me and they're ill with me and I don't know what I'm doing. And so that's where we started. So it was kind of a rough start to begin with. And then, of course, you know, you helped and helped me figure out things. And in between you and Carey, I was like, This isn't too bad. So I was working full time, also working on real estate. Thank goodness I had a good job in my own office so I could work on real estate from my office. And I did. I pretty much did that all day, every day. And it was great. I mean, it worked out. I ended up leaving my job, what, four months later? I think. Because I'd already replaced my income. So, you know, we talked about it. You were trying to get me to come on full time. Carey was talking about it. I'm like y'all have lost your mind. I have a good job. But then my boss told me he was retiring. So that was just happened to work out that way. I'm like, okay, let's do it.

Carey: So I think one of the takeaways of this story, too, though, is back to her point about marketing, because the marketing aspect we kind of had licked. Or at least we had going. We were generating a lot of leads. They weren't the best quality of leads, but there were a lot of them and we were paying a mint for them. And where you came in, you helped systemize it and streamline it so that we were getting much better-quality leads for much less on the dollar than we were previously paid. So that was a big step. And I will say that's probably what a lot of investors face today. It takes a while and the best my story I was I was real resistant to just focus and putting a lot of money and marketing. And sometimes you don't have the money. Sometimes it's a manual process where you have to go out and find the lead yourself.

Carey: But in this case, I didn't have the time, but I did have some money at that time. And so I just said, well, let's go ahead and pay for marketing. And my frustration and my discovery were the leads were in. But then as I got busy at my full-time job at the time, and she was too, it's like we don't have time to do the follow up. So that's usually step number two is follow up. We've talked about that in previous podcasts or whatnot. You can do all the marketing in the world and you have to, but then you got to do the follow up behind it and to convert those leads.

Melissa: Yeah. And I just I like talking to people. Once I kind of figured out how it worked, I was fine. I don't mind talking to people. And I remember that was something that, you know, you said caught your attention, which I paid no attention to, is when I was first calling some people, I guess I'll just call him back. It's not a big deal to me. I pay no attention to saying that. But that caught your attention now. I find that funny that that was the one thing that you really noticed.

Gavin: Yeah. I mean, I work with a lot of people. Right. And all across the country, sometimes even out of the states. You were clients of yours. But I've seen something and you've done a few deals, but I've seen something that people don't understand. And the moment you said like we were having a coaching call, I said, well, what are you gonna do now? You said, because I remember it to this day: I'm going to keep calling until they say yes, I remember putting that phone down and thinking she gets it. This is huge because it's so hard for people to understand this. We can say it and talk about it, but actually believe it. It is a completely different thing. So when I actually got off the phone, I called you back and I was like, Are you interested? Maybe we should do some business together. And you were like completely couldn't believe it either. Because you were like, well why are you coming to me?

Gavin: I was like, well, I think there's opportunity. And when we started talking about it. And then one thing led to another. I gave you options. Like when I partner with anyone, it wasn't like, oh, you're going to work for me. You can't do anything. I was like, do whatever it is that you're doing. My goal is you're going to make more money with me. OK, we're going to have better leads. We're going to make more money. It's gonna be more systems orientated to keep you focused and we're going to get paid the spreads. And only I could do that by delivering through action.

Gavin:So you were still doing your postcards and stuff like this, and then we kind of just transition for it to make sense. And obviously you just got better and better because you have that mindset of understanding the follow up as Carey mentioned. And then we went from then. And we have had out battles from across the way. You know, it's not been easy. I don't want to sit here and make out that this thing was, you know, easy because it wasn't. We did have roadblocks that we got over. And a lot of it was mindset. I mean, Melissa, when we started working together, you were making two or three thousand dollars a deal and just thought you had made it. And here's me saying, it's not enough. We need ten to fifteen thousand.

Gavin: And you're looking at me like I've lost my mind. I'm telling you, it's possible, you know. It was just a matter of time of seeing that. I think that people going to take a lot away from this is, we're trying to run a profitable business. OK. Anyone can go and send out ten thousand dollars in direct mail and do a deal to make ten thousand break even. Right. But it's no business. So I think it's safe to say that we run now a very profitable business. We still have all our things, our road blocks, like any business. But we managed to get through, navigate through and make it happen. So any comments on that?

Carey: Yeah. I mean, I appreciate you very much for adding that, because too many people out there today in the real estate investment education space make it sound like it's just an automatic given. And they don't take into consideration the personality and the mindset, the abilities of people that are out there wanting to try this. And it's not for everybody. And unfortunately, a lot of people get into it after they spent the money and realize this isn't for me. There are adjustments that can be made. You know, you hit on it. Melissa has an innate ability to just pick up the phone, hear that no, and realize that no is one step closer to a yes. Whereas I tend to go oh, that's a no. It's a different personality.

Carey: And we've taken those assessment tests that show, you know, and she's High D, High I. I think I'm high S and sort of high C, so we're opposites when it comes to that, which makes us a good team. But I'll tell you, for those people who have taken those taking those assessments and if you're like me and a high S and high C, don't find your DNI. And then we just brought on a really good effective acquisition person who is also High D, High I. And she's doing a great job right now. That's very important. It's a lot more underneath the surface when you're considering any type of business as to what role different people play. And I think we all agree, and I don't mean to be opening a can of worms here. The hardest part is finding the right people and putting them in the right place.

Gavin: Absolutely. You're only as good as your team, I say it all the time. You know, if I'm no good, you two are no good. We don't make any money. Right. We have the same opportunities as everybody else. And you've got to outsource your weaknesses and I think, you know, Carey what you're saying there is right. Well, you also have massive value as well of the things that you do.

Gavin: Where me and Melissa kind of like going 100 mile an hour and you’re there holding and a bit more like, well, let's think about it. And I wanted it yesterday. Melissa wanted it yesterday. So those two sometimes together, it doesn't always work. Right? You know, we've made some mistakes. We've made some money. We've made some good choices. But we're going 100 miles an you all that to rein us back in and go all right. You're right. Let's wait. Let's do it this way. And that's huge, because if we don't have you, then, you know, we're bulldozing and then we're killing it one minute and then we've gone down the wrong trail and we need to back it up. And nothing with you holding has to buy some days off to kinda Reyna's. And, you know, it's super powerful. So, you know, you can fly a massive part as well. And you left your job and within the same year as well, which was huge.

Melissa: My whole goal was, when I left my job and we kind of got it rolling and the deal started click and everything was good. And I then I discovered I loved it. It was fun and I enjoyed it. And I remember you asking me, you know, so when are you gonna get Carey out of his job? Like, so when is he going to leave? And I was like, oh, sometime in the next couple of years probably. He's not gonna be that fast. And seven months later, he quit. He quit because we replaced his income, not just because he's like, I'm sick of my job and I'm going to quit. He had a good job.

Carey: But in the timing of it, I mean it was a wonderful corporate job at the time when I started. But then the company made some big, massive changes with an acquisition and it totally changed my role in a lot of people's roles and I no longer liked it. So she was she had really helped the real estate get going. So I was able to say, hey, I don't have to stay here. So that was that was nice.

Melissa: It would be two years this November. Yeah, he's been off and I've been off for two years and eight months, I guess. So full time doing this from wherever we are. We're in Florida right now, so we can do it from anywhere.

Gavin: Yeah. And that's all about setting it up in the right way, you know, and it's just again, mindset huge. It really is like if you don't if you believe that you've got to go in and get face to face, then you're not leaving. I'm not going to lie. Like, if you fail, that's the only way to do this business. You know, I live in the town you call type vacation, you fill in on the job. And that was big from the get go constantly like. With you guys, even for me. What are you doing? When are you going next away? Making sure every move we may is not going to tie us to one location. And fast forward that, you love Florida, you love going to the Beach 38. I know Joe gets jealous. I visited you there once and I'm always pushing you to go. I mean, I'm probably the worst. I'm Melissa's favorite person and Carey's like wanting to kill me cause I'm like, you need to go for a month, forget a week.

Carey: Well, I mean, you scored points, especially this trip as we come down here in the first two days she's done how many deals?

Melissa: Three, the first two days.

Carey: So, you know. Exactly. I'm not going to argue with her.

Melissa: But I get more done that way like, you know, because we've had an office. We let the office go and then I can do that from home and do it from wherever. And it's just different when you get out. The atmosphere is the change. So I can blow through things in two or three hours here that I might mess around and take all day doing if I'm at home. Cause there's really nothing pushing me. So I want to get outside and see everything. So we work. Do what we gotta do. And plus, I'm got my phone. The beauty of this business is I've got my phone, which I've got, you know, all of my apps on, and I can stop if I'm out riding the bike and look at Podio real quick and just kind of look at things and do it from afar.

Gavin: And that's huge. We talk about all the time and it's proven. And every single time that you guys go away. Right, the business goes better. Why is that? It's because it's the happier you are. I'm not saying you're miserable at home. You make more money because you're prioritizing. Right. You're forgetting all the noise and the things that could be done. You focused on working two, one, two, three hours a day, getting it all done, still getting contracts and the other stuff away because it isn't actually necessary. That's what it shows. I have the same thing when I go to England. I just bought an RV to travel around in. Because I know that when I'm doing that, my productivity is I've got to just get it done. It's just high dollar stuff. Like I don't have the time to do all the nonsense and then sit in that for three, nine hours trying to figure out what should I do next. Like a lot of us do. So I think that that's awesome. And free contracts this week. You're in Florida. Enjoy. And obviously the weather, the backdrop, drive it right around on bikes and and doing what you want to do. Right. Which could be in the mountains. It doesn't matter that the kids that you doing what you want to do. And it's great.

Carey: So, yeah, I think you guys I think it also helps to acknowledge that we couldn't do it without the people that are behind the scenes making it happen. Know we have VA's in the Philippines, which you you have a wonderful relationship with and major a great job generating leads. Then we have a an acquisition is on the phone making those phone calls. So it's just the way it's set up and able to do that. If it were dependent on us to do all that, we would never get anywhere.

Melissa: And just so you know, I just got a text from another guy, so we just got another contract.

Gavin: And that's what I like, you know. And it's great, isn't it? Like we sit here like it's easy. But we worked hard to get here, right? But the difference is the vision was always to get you out of your job first, then to carry out the job, to be able to do this from anywhere. So the plan was always there and we're just chipping away to make this happens. And the longer you're in this, the more money you make, the better it gets. And you're always going to have, you know, roadblocks that come up. Well, that's business. Anyone that tells you any different is something. A liar. OK, let's say. No, that's great. So four contracts this week. I just want to touch on something out because we are in a pandemic, was in a pandemic. I don't know where we're at, where we stand on that.

Gavin: But I want to say, you know, applaud to you guys as well, that we had a pretty good pandemic, really. While everyone was kind of faffing around and kind of panicking. We kind of just got together and said, right, what are we gonna do? We changed a few key things in the business very quickly. We identified going from the bias first right by as we're pulling out of all deals, we were no different. We had two or three buyers pulled out, left us pretty high and dry. But we managed to get them close. Still, we had to take a little bit of a less money, but we figured pretty quickly that we need to find out who's buying right now. Right. We need to figure out everyone that was buying because that was. Now we're in a pandemic, life's changing overnight. America is shutting down. The world's shutting down. What are we gonna do about it?

Gavin: Which was, who's buying? We found out who was buying. And then we just started to target them areas from follow-up and new marketing. Melissa and acquisition were jumping on the phones, locking up deals. And I mean, it was awesome. I mean, I don't want to say I mean, it's been very sad what's happened, people losing their jobs. But I think the way that we built this and said it all, we have to applaud. And show and talk about it, because people need to know the life I was set up like that, then we could have transitioned in that way. And we wouldn't have forty people in an office that are listening that are savvy investors. We don't have the, well, we just have a job and we can't have a day off else we won't make any money. And people that are in jobs. Right. Why? This is important to be in real estate and make them transition. So what was your take on that? On the choices that we all made and how the pandemic went?

Melissa: Well, I'll tell you one thing is I find this with other wholesalers so much, and I'm constantly preaching to so many wholesalers. We're just having so many struggles to get things closed. It's because I haven't taken the time to build the relationship with their buyers. And I get questioned about that a lot. You know, we don't do mass marketing and mailed chimping everybody to death and all that stuff. You know, I've spent a lot of time, Carey's spent a lot of time getting to know these guys. I can call them. I can text. You know, I know about their families. I know one of them's got a big sale down here on thirty eight. And they just spent time doing that. And so when some of our buyers, it wasn't because they were pulling out. It's because their funding got shut down because of all the SBA loans and all of that stuff. So it wasn't really their fault they just got hit by the pandemic.

Melissa:So I knew who to go to because I had spent all that time talking to him, and I knew who still had money and who didn't have money. And that's just a huge part of all of this. And it really paid off in the pandemic because we did have to shift. I mean, before, you know, we would hit rentals turnkeys, flips, kind of whatever. But because of the pandemic, people were losing their jobs. They couldn't pay their rent. You know, turnkey buyers were struggling a little bit more. Landlords. So we shifted our marketing more over to the flip side, where it's fabulous because my big flippers, you know, they were still buying a lot of property because it wasn't hurting them. They had their money sitting there and they were still ready to keep flipping and in their minds that when this pandemic is over, people are going to go back to buying like they normally would, which has been great. And it's picked up a lot. But the rental buyers are still a little bit slow. And so we haven't shifted the marketing back to that.

Carey: One of our strongest flip buyers told us, I think it was the month of April, was his strongest month in a long, long time as far as volume goes. And I observed that sort of across the board, even in the retail space, the ones that traditionally have the high numbers were having even higher numbers. That was interesting to observe.

Melissa: Yeah. So, you know, a lot of wholesalers saying I pulled, back on marketing like I turned it off. I'm like, No! Why did you do that? And so people are usually surprised. And I say we've had really good nights during the pandemic and still are. And so many just stopped and I don't know why.

Gavin: But just so people know, I mean, we did, you know, over 100k over the pandemic. And we've got six more in closing. You picked more contracts up this week and things are happening. You know we're really seeing that. And I think with having done strong buys is going to be more motivated sellers coming. And everyone listening to this: stop thinking about what's going to happen to the market. Right. We're in business today. We can all have an opinion and do a forecast. We just need to adapt along the way as things happen. Like we've been talking about the crash happening now for months now. People are saying, oh, it's going to be September, December. It's all an opinion. All we can do is when it happens. Are you doing the smartest investing possible?

Gavin: We have a reasonable marketing budget. We have, you know, a solid team that we can withstand, you know, a downturn and we'll position and pivot accordingly to what the market is doing. Because we're not in fix and flips. You know, we're moving contracts, we're moving paper. OK, let's even call it that. Why make your money finding deals. We're in sales and marketing? And I think it's a small way right now because we can't get trapped. And the flippers, they're on their mission. If they're going to be buying from us, who are we to say, well, don't buy. There's a crash coming or you buy. Now, people have always got their own business. All we're doing is we're delivering things that they're looking for. We're not that to start stamping our authority on the market in Alabama and then the other places that we do business. We have to just allow and adapt to the market. I mean, that's my mindset. I think that's what we talk about. We can't control what the market's going to do. Let's just focus on what we can control. And that's making money today.

Carey: Yeah, yeah. We'll soon found that some of our buyers are calling Melissa saying, hey, I need houses. So this is a nice position to be in when you have a distressed market, if you're in the distressed housing business, I think that's kind of conducive to having a bigger volume of business.

Melissa: Yeah, yeah. I've had buyers call me if not every day, every couple of days while we've been down here. You know, what have you got? And I had one guy ask me, like, what do I need to do for you so that I can be number one on your list? I'm like, I'll put you on the list. I don't know if you're going be number one. And it was funny. He kind of kept pounding at me about I need to be at the top of your list. I'll send you what we got. But I mean, he hadn't been the only one, you know. And like I said, it's really building those buyers. They're texting me. They're calling me. And that's a good place to be when your buyers are calling you.

Melissa: I'm at the point where we get something. I'm not in town. So if I need something to be looked at and I don't wanna have somebody to go take pictures or whatever, I'll call a buyer and just say, hey we just picked this up and I haven't been in it. I have no idea what it looks like. Here's what I got. Here's what I think that I want for it. So here's my asking price. Go look at it. They're the first ones to walk in it. And I get asked a lot. How do you manage that? And I'm embarrassed because I can send them home before I ever see it and they'll give me their number. And I know whether they're good buyers or not, obviously. And if they're a good buyer, they give me a number then I know. I'm know either right on target or I need to tweak it a little bit. So that's a big help for us to be able to get things move pretty quickly.

Gavin: Yeah. Absolutely. And this helps us do, you know, deals in multiple states as well. You know, we've done deals in Georgia, Florida, Maui, Hawaii. It's relationships. It's networking. Right. And it's powerful. Hence why I wanted REI Network because that's what I believe it is. You're only as good as your network, you know. And I think that's great. So I appreciate it, guys. Anything else before we call off here? I know you're in Florida. And I begged and screamed and asked to do this thing because you were living the dream. So I appreciate you getting on. But anything that you want to share before we wrap this up?

Carey: I'll just say it's been an honor to work with you, Gavin. You're probably the most patient person I know. And I don't say that just out of observing your reaction with me or Melissa? But I've just seen how you react with some of your other clients. And I realize that, man, he's got the patience of Job to hang in there with him. So I appreciate that. It's been an honor. We're very grateful.

Gavin: I appreciate you both. Again, you're only as good as your team. And I think I get more excited than when you're traveling than I am because I see this massive difference. It's great. Doing deals virtually just, there's no better feeling, you know, and getting contracts like we're on this podcast. You just got another contract signed. Like there's just something about it. You know, when we're not pounding and in houses all the time and just doing it the old way.

Carey: She's already lobbying me for our next trip. So she's working on it.

Melissa: I'm already looking for the next stop. But we are bringing in, here's the other thing, too. Like we've been here, well, we will have been here for ten days. When we leave, we'll go home for, you know, a week or two. Hopefully come right back. But next month, we're bringing our entire family down. So, you know, all the kids, the grandbabies, our youngest daughter's boyfriend, like everybody's comgin. So, you know, we get to have a good time with them. And, you know, my daughter says, are you still going to be working? Well, I'm going to work for a little while. But here's the beauty of it. Yesterday, I was riding a bicycle and the buyer called me and said I'm on the phone riding a bicycle. And he's got an offer on a house.

Melissa:So I'm like, you can still go do I can do that from the pool or the beach or my bike wherever I want to do it. But, you know, Carey is right. Like, I came in and kicking and screaming. I didn't want anything to do with it. And, you know, we sat that three days in San Diego. He paid attention to everything. I paid attention to nothing. It's kind of funny that we ended up in the place that we have, but it's really been because of you, you know, could we have done it by ourselves? Yeah, we could have. Would we have been as successful? I don't think in the length of time that we have accomplished what we have, no way. Because you bring so much to the table as far as systems and just absolute knowledge of all of it and just everything that you give. And he is right. You do have so much patience. And we know that. You're very good with that. When I made that post on Facebook, you know, and also tell Krystal thank you, because she did put up with a lot of long telephone calls late at night when you were in England. And they just, you know, that's all it takes. You just communicate and just finding that.

Gavin: Yeah, I appreciate it. You know, obviously like I said to you, without you guys is the same. And that's with anyone listening, you're only as good as your team. And that's important. But you have to grow together. You don't just come in and it just happens. You go through these things. I know when I'm in England, the five, six hours difference. Right. I know I'm off to do a call late, that's OK. You know, you just get it done because if it means that if it's going to move us forward. It's communication, she said. And anyone that joins us, right? That's the first conversation we have. Sales guy, admin, V.A. It doesn't matter. It's all about. You have to communicate. If you can't communicate is not going to work because we need to know what you're doing.

Gavin: And that's not micromanaging. But it's just like, hey, I know you're in Florida, so I know when you're going to be working and when to just leave you alone and all these things. And it's more like if I call you, it's gonna be urgent. I'm not going to be calling you for nothing. So we have all these little things that we use because it's more important and things can wait. So the communication is huge and it's awesome. I think it's great. It's obviously working with you guys doing this. And, you know, having Melissa on the phone originally doing deals in Maui and really I get excited just watching Melissa's beliefs blossom of like. There's no way listen to me in Alabama and Hawaii. And it's just so crazy over these deals happening. It does because there's no limits is the point. Right, is that we can do this from anywhere.

Gavin: We're going to do another episode with Carey regarding, and we haven't even got to regarding the real estate being a Realtor, the stuff he's got going on with hedge funds and they've been able to do his stuff virtually, which is cool. So if any Realtors are out there, we're going to be doing another episode on that. So make sure you watch out for that. So. Well, guys, I appreciate. Yeah. Lastly, I will say YouTube, go and joining my YouTube channel. Gavin Timms. Go like and subscribe. Got some stuff on there. Got some downloads. REINetwork.com/downloads. Yeah. Enjoy your trip guys. I'm jealous. I'm not going to lie. As I always say. I'll get you back. All the pictures and the good food you sent me, wait till it's my turn.

Melissa: That's right. We've got the RV now. You just come down here.

Gavin: Exactly. I'm working on it. All right. Well, guys, I appreciate you both. Thank you. And we'll talk soon.

Carey: All right. Thanks, Gavin.

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