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For years, I’ve been teaching the wholesaling fast cash strategy. But one of the drawbacks about this strategy is that once you stop doing deals, you stop making money. What if you could make some money upfront, but also make money with long-term residual cash flow? Would you be interested in that?

Matt Theriault from Epic Real Estate is partnering with me to teach you about creative financing. I’m going to teach the lease option side of the lab, and Matt is going to teach about owner financing. He is such a great teacher and has a way of teaching complex subjects in such an easy way that you can actually understand the concept quickly.

Tuesday, June 30th is your chance to start our six week course. We’re going to be giving you support with live coaching calls, a Facebook group, and live classes. You’ll get a scorecard to keep track of your work, and if you complete this class, we’ll give you 100% of your money back. The bottom line is this: If we can’t make you money, then we don’t deserve yours.

What do we get out of this? We look at this as an investment in YOU, our most important assets in our business. Not only do we want raving fans for life, we are also looking for deals. Partnering with you is a way that we can both benefit from this class.

This is a six-week program, and it starts Tuesday, June 30th. We want to see you on the inside!

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Inside The Creative Financing Lab, we’re going to teach you how to raise private money.
  • Learn how to structure creative deals.
  • Find out how to take this course for FREE!
  • Get all of our scripts and contracts, and participate in live coaching calls.

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Hey, what's going on, Joe McCall, REI In Your Car. I'm actually in the car, but I'm not driving. I'm pulled over here. Just dropped my daughter off at gymnastics and I just wanted to record a quick little podcast, and then I'll jump in there and watch her.

But I'm so excited about this creative financing lab that I'm doing with Matt Theriault. A friend of mine over at Epic Real Estate Investing podcast. I've known him for a long time and he's one of the smartest investors I know. Just supersmart comes up with just really creative ways to structure deals. He does a lot of deals. He's very active in the business. And he's got a great podcast. He's a really, really good teacher. When I watch him teach stuff, I wish I just think sometimes, man, I wish I could teach that good, break things down to those simple concepts like he does. So anyway, him and I were talking about doing what's called a case study together where we're gonna teach how to do creative deals now. I'm going to bring the lease option side of things to the lab, the six-week case study, and he is bringing more of the owner financing along with it, which is really cool. I want to learn more about owner financing. In fact, I have a 16-year-old son and a 15 year old son, and they're going to be doing a lot of the marketing for me.

So I'm going to be kind of learning this as we go through this case study. And also, I'm going to have my son, my 16-year-old, do a lot of the marketing that Matt is going to teach. And one of the things that we're gonna do is send offers, send owner financing offers to owners of properties that have listed houses for sale that are free and clear. So 34, 35 percent of all homes in the United States are owned free and clear. In other words, there's no mortgage, which is crazy to think. It's really that many. But it is. And then a lot of them are listed for sale right now on the MLS. And you can pull. We have ways and we'll show you how to do this in the class. It's super cool, where you can pull a list of all of the properties on the market for sale over, what, 30, 60, 90 days that have a lot of equity.

And you can start sending marketing to the homeowner and the realtor if you want, and just make him an offer. You know, say something like, if I can do a lease purchase, or something like this, would you be open to doing owner financing or a lease purchase if I could get you full price? Simple, right? Well, we're gonna be testing that. And Matt's doing a lot of those deals right now. Not a ton, but he doesn't send a ton of marketing out either for his own. These are deals that he holds for his own buy and hold portfolio.

So I'm excited about this because, you know, I've always been teaching for years and doing for years the more wholesaling fast cash strategy. Well, the one drawback to that is that's, you know, once you stop wholesaling, you stop making money.

What about finding ways to do deals where you make the upfront money, but you also make long term residual cash flow. You make long term wealth building part of your strategy. And one of the best ways to do that is with creative financing, with owner financing and lease options. So if you've got a motivated seller and all you know how to do is make a cash offer, well, you're gonna be in trouble because you only have one negotiating lever to pull its price. But if you're doing creative financing, you could offer the price that the seller wants if they give you the terms that you want. So you can negotiate things like monthly payment, the price, the down payment, the term, the number of years, balloon or no balloon, a bunch of cool things like that.

So, you know, one of the that we did a podcast or webinar today and we were talking about it and showing how on an example deal that Matt just did. You know, he gave the sellers, it was worth about four hundred forty-three thousand dollars. The seller was adamant on their price. One hundred and twenty-nine thousand nine hundred. So it's worth about 143. The seller wanted 130. Not much equity in there at all. Right. So Matt offered the seller the price he wanted because he was stuck on that, on the terms that Matt wanted. And the seller said no. And they went back and forth a couple of times with a structure to deal with it. Matt offered to put 15 percent down and for owner financing for five years. The first three years would be a lower interest rate. I think it was two and a half percent, three percent. And then the second the last two years would be a higher interest rate. I think four and a half or five percent or something.

And then the seller said, yeah, sure. But they went back and offered something else. And then Matt was a little leery about the deal because it's kind of tight. And so he said, well, listen, let's do this. I'll give you that. If you give me the first six months, that ought to make any payments. And the seller said, OK, sure, it's great looking house doesn't need hardly any work at all. And then Matt had it inspected. It needed about four grand and just for work. And so Matt called and he went back to the seller, negotiated another little discount of four grand and he didn't call it repairs. What did he call it? It was really good. And the way he phrased it, maintenance request, something like that. But he negotiated a great deal. And he's getting what I think you said, 25 percent cash on cash on his money.

But one of the things that he's going to do is borrow private money for the down payment, which is another thing we're gonna cover in this creative financing lab case study is how do you raise the private money for your deals? And let me tell you this. It's a lot easier than you think. If you find a deal, the money will come. I'm telling you guys, I've seen this over and over in my own business. Matt says the same thing. If you get a good deal, the money is there. It's not that hard. Well, it's just you got to find the deal first. Don't worry about raising the private money yet until you actually have a deal and when you get the deal, bam, it's there. I'm telling it's a lot easier to raise a private money than you might think.

So, bottom line, you know, Mat's return on investment on that deal is practically infinite. He's not using any of his own money. So anyway, we're gonna be talking about how to structure creative deals. And Matt is one of the best guys to learn this from. And I think for me, going to his audience that don't know anything about lease options. What if the sellers says no to the cash offer? What if they say no to owner financing?

They don't want to give up control. They don't want to give up the deed. Well, what if you offered a simple lease option? You can make the same profit, the same money with a lease option. And sometimes I would argue with a lot less risk. There's a lot less risk when you don't own the property, you just control it. But there's a place, there's a time and a place for both. There's a time and a place for controlling the deal. And there's a time and a place for owning the deal. And so this case study you're gonna get the best of both worlds, I'm excited about it. We're doing something really cool. By the way, if you're interested in this, you want to sign up and get more information, go to CreativeFinancingLab.com, CreativeFinancingLab.com. It tells you about the price. We're giving away some cool things.

We're splitting it up into three payments without charging any interest or anything like that. So we go to CreativeFinancingLab.com. We're doing something really cool where we're going to be giving you your investment back. It's not that expensive. It's very affordable.

We're going to give you your investment back. Not if you do a deal. If you just go through the class and complete the class. If you set up your business like we teach, OK, and you participate, you attend the live classes on Tuesday and the live coaching calls on Thursday. If you miss one, that's fine. You can just go to the recording. We have a private Facebook group. We're gonna be giving you a scorecard. We're gonna be holding you accountable to your numbers. We're going to be forcing you to focus on your highest revenue generating activities, things like marketing, talking to sellers and making offers. And if you do that, if you go through the class, you participate in the Facebook group, participate in the calls, show your score card every month. Submit your scorecards so we can review your numbers. Get your money back. I think the requirement is you got to talk to 50 sellers and make 25 offers like legit written offers, not just on the phone, but you have to talk to 50 sellers during in three months. You have three months to talk to 50 sellers. If you talk to one a day, that's 90. Right. If you just talked to five sellers a day, that's it. You know, you could talk to 50 in 10 days. Right. And then just make offers to half of them, even if they even if you get every offer rejected.

What? Why are we would why would we do this? Well, the first reason is we're looking for some testimonials. Number two, we're looking to hopefully get some of you guys to bring us deals. You can bring us deals. We can partner with you on number three. You don't have to partner with us, by the way. But if you can one, two, that's great. We'll split the deal with you, partner with you on it. The other reason is it's like an investment really in our most important assets in our businesses. Which are you, our customers? Right. So if you're a raving fan and you like our stuff, well, you know, you'll be a fan for life. Maybe you buy something else that we sell in the future. So we look at it as an investment. And, you know, bottom line is, I say this all the time. If we can't make you money, then we don't deserve yours. Real simple. If we can't make you money, then we don't deserve yours.

And I'm so confident that if you go through this class and just implement it, do the marketing, talk to the sellers and make the offers, you will do deals. That's just plain and simple. That's how it works. So we're gonna be offering 100 percent your money back if you just complete the class. You got three months to do it. Which should be super easy. And it would be, you know, awesome if all of you did it. Oh, my gosh. We're gonna get deals out of that. Everybody wins. So, anyway, if you're interested in this, check it out. CreativeFinancingLab.com. CreativeFinancingLab.com.

And we start Tuesday, June 30th. So we're shutting the doors. Tuesday, June 30th. And we may not offer it again. Don't know. Probably not. Matt's not going to want to do it again. I mean, once it's done, it's done. So I'm not probably gonna want to do it again either. So it's cool if you're listening to me for a long time, you know all about lease options. You know how I make cash offers. Now, if you want to learn how to make other creative financing offers like owner financing or subject twos. And then you get to join this case study. Matt's going to teach half. I'm going to teach half. We're gonna be learning our best stuff. You get access to all the recordings that you can keep when the class is done.

We're gonna give you our marketing pieces and our contracts and our scripts and our calculators and our tools. And you get all of that. And all you gotta do is go through the class, setup your systems like we teach you, talk to sellers, make offers. Show us your score card. Show us your numbers and we'll give you all of your money back. Pretty cool. The neat thing is, if you go to CreativeFinancingLab.com and you use PayPal credit, we'll pay your PayPal bill for you. So got six months to pay it back to complete the class. And we'll just pay your PayPal bill, give you your money back to pay that off. You get it for free. So we're actually paying you to finish the class and complete, you know, start making offers and change your life.

Yeah, it's gonna be cool. We're doing it as a case study because we want to teach you on a Tuesday. We're having our classes on Tuesdays at 3:00 p.m. Eastern. If you can't make it live, that's fine. You can watch recording. But we're doing it live so you can ask questions as we go through it. If we need to clarify anything or emphasize something more, we can do that. And then that gives you a day or two to implement what we actually teach. We're going to be giving you bite sized chunks, are giving you homework and scorecards and all that. You go implement it and then you report back on your results on Thursday. Thursday, we're going to do a coaching call answering your questions about what we just taught, looking at any deals that you have.

Some of you guys are gonna have deals and you're gonna be like, well, what should I have offered here? And more. The seller said no to my cash offer, but they would consider owner financing. But like, what do I offer? How would I do that? So we're going to break down actual real deals with you guys and show you what we would offer. So you can go back to the seller and make that offer yourself. Cool. I'm so excited about this is going to be a lot of fun. It's a six-week program. Go check it out. Create a financing lab dot com. I'll be doing more podcasts as we kind of go through this, because there's a lot of cool things that I want to teach you about kind of that we're doing, just kind of tease you with some stuff.

I'm really excited about pulling up high equity properties that are on the MLS, actively listed for sale, that are free and clear and making offers to the sellers and to the realtors. How you structure those offers is really important. You can give the seller whatever price they want, if they can agree to your terms. And you can start with zero percent interest principal only payments. Right. All right, guys. We'll see you later. I'm out of here. I've got to go inside. CreativeFinancingLab.com. Bye.

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