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Are you ready to take massive, imperfect action? Stop sitting on the sidelines, and dive into your real estate investing career by learning from Tom Krol of Wholesaling Inc and myself about, well nearly everything. We provide you with all of the tools you need to open up a new market, no matter where you’re at in the U.S.

We only advertised this class on our email list, so Tom and I wanted to open this up to our followers and subscribers. Guys, this class was so good! If you want to see what it’s like to go into a new city and start marketing from scratch, Tom and I show you in real-time the steps we would take.

You’ll get to see day one in a brand new market, and I have to tell you that we didn’t even know beforehand where we would be looking.

Inside this class is a mind map, which will include:

  • All of the scripts that we use
  • All of the marketing pieces that we use
  • Email scripts
  • Texting scripts
  • Questions
  • And Phone scripts
  • All of the recordings that we used

100% of our class participants said they would recommend the class again, which we consider being amazing praise. We poured ourselves and all of our materials into this class, and we’re so happy to have had this level of satisfaction with our work.

We’re only charging $197, or if you’d like to split it up into two payments of $97, we can do that for you. This is a complete course, and we could’ve charged thousands, but we want it to be accessible for you. Just click LiveMarketingClass.com/podcast to sign up. We’ll see you inside!

Watch and Learn

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • When you’re faced with two choices, make the uncomfortable choice.
  • Everything available inside our live marketing class.
  • Why you need to start taking massive imperfect action.
  • How you can still take advantage of our live marketing class.

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Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

Joe: All right. Hey, what's going on, guys? I'm Joe McCall with the one and only my good friend Tom Krol.

Tom: Hey, Joe. Good, good. Good to hear your voice.

Joe: Hey, man. So, everybody, we are doing this kind of as a live simultaneous podcast. We'll see if it works or not. This is going out to the Wholesaling Inc folks. And it's also going out to the real estate investing mastery folks. We're just gonna do this real quick. Keep this short and sweet. Couple of minutes. Tom and I, just a week ago or so, finished a live marketing class. We actually went live on a Friday, 9:00 a.m. Central. And we asked people that were on, hey, let's go into a new market. Give us a couple of markets to look at. And we didn't talk about a market in advance. And we just said, all right, let's look at these. And we started looking. We picked. Should we tell them which market we picked?

Tom: I think. Well, no, let's keep that as a surprise. I will say this. It was totally random. It was a totally random market that was suggested by one of the people who signed up for the course. And it was just chosen at random. And it was awesome.

Joe: It was amazing. It was the second time I've done this and I love doing it with Tom because Tom brought a lot of, like, simple it down. Dumb it down. No offense, Tom.

Tom: No, none taken. That's the power of the rhinos, as most of us have very low S.A.T. scores. But I love doing it with Joe because Joe and I are such a good fit to do this because Joe is more of an engineer type. He's more step by step. And he really broke down exactly with demonstrating how to do it, how to exactly find the right people step by step, by actually logging into different services and recommending different services. And it was all done in one day. It was it was massive. It was awesome. We had live halls. We got Joe and I were doing practice calls. It was really, really pretty incredible.

Joe: So what did we do? Well, we went in, pick this new market and we started doing for the first half the day Buyer Marketing found a bunch of buyers and we did seller marketing the second half the day. We actually called cash buyers live. We did some texting campaigns. We did some skip tracing and texting and cold calling. We sent some letters. We did some really cool stuff for buyers. In the second half the day we did a bunch of seller marketing. We actually talked to some sellers, did some texting, and I wanted to get more live seller calls in. But a lot of calls just went to voicemail. We did talk to a couple live, but there's issues and problems with playing recorded phone calls. Right? So we didn't do that. But in the replay page, we have extra calls that we did afterwards where we brought in extra calls to realtors and property managers and sellers. And it was really cool.

Tom: Right. And just so you if you're listening to it, that just means that Joe literally was on the phone or Gavin was on the phone and you could actually hear our side of the conversation and handling objections, common questions from sellers, all sorts of really interesting things that are really there to help propel you into to inspire you and to motivate you to do this. Because if we can do it, you can do it for sure. And I think there's something that Joe and I both have respectfully are different courses, but there's something about us actually doing things live in real time that just adds a whole new layer of perspective to what it is that you're trying to accomplish in your real estate business.

Joe: Massive, imperfect action.

Tom: Where's that beautiful victory bell?

Joe: But here's the thing. One of the cool things that happened in this class is that we were I was doing something and Tom made the comment, hey, listen, when you're faced with two choices, uncomfortable or comfortable, always, always, always pick the uncomfortable one. Right. Right. And so I'm like this. Yeah. Seek discomfort. I'm looking at the beginning. All right. Fine. Okay. And so I actually picked up the phone and started calling. I forget if it was a buyer or seller, but I didn't want to do it, man, as I planned for later on in the day. You know, I get weird and uncomfortable making live buyer and seller calls. Right. Especially when, you know, hundreds of people are watching or whatever. So I made the call anyway, and I'm so glad I did it. Turned out that buyer was actually more interested in some of the deals that we were throwing out there.

Tom: Well, people you know, what's interesting, too, about doing the live calls is that after we've done so many calls with sellers, what happens is you take this script that Joe and I both recommend and you hear how we tweak it, because one of the common questions I get, Joe, and I'm sure you get the same one is, hey, you know, should I read this word, this script, word for word. And I always coach. Yes. Until you make it your own. But I think when you have somebody on the phone doing life calls, you see how they've interpreted the script and how they have they understand the intention of the script so that it is easier to kind of make it a little bit more yours and stick to the main purpose. So it was really interesting. It was a great adventure. I had a lot of fun doing it with Joe. Thanks for inviting me to do that.

Joe: There's a lot of fun. So we dug deep into the systems like where do the systems that we recommend and use, how and where do you get the lists? How do you send the text? How do you make the phone calls? How do you send the letters like you? My whole goal with this was if we were to drop us off into a new city that we'd never been to, didn't know anybody, what would we start doing immediately? Day one, just to start doing deals. And so that was the purpose of this class. And the reason why we're talking about it now after it's done is Tom and I didn't even put it on our podcast. We didn't talk about it on our YouTube's. We only sent it out to our email list.

Joe: So I said to Tom, hey, can we do a special podcast video here for our followers and viewers and listeners to give them special backdoor access to the recordings that we did? And so we've got a special link here, livemarketingclass.com/podcast, again, livemarketingclass.com/podcast. And we're opening this up for a short period of time for you guys who are listening to the podcast or watching this right now on YouTube or something. So we closed it. We actually closed the doors a week or two weeks ago to our e-mail list. And we're just opening it up a little bit. So to the podcast listeners, which I'm excited about, livemarketingclass.com/podcast. And Tom, remember how much we sold it for?

Tom: I don't remember. But how the heck did we miss the podcast listeners? I mean, guys, this is a perfect example of progress, not perfection. Right? This is what happens when Joe and I are on the phone and we're like, hey, you know, we should do. And then we literally just do it. And we send out an e-mail to our e-mail list. And we forgot to just mention this on the podcast. A lot of people wrote in that said, hey, I want to buy it. And it was legitimately shut down. So this is something that we thought of. We said, hey, since are still people who want to get into it, let's put it out to our podcast. I don't remember what the price point was. I'll let the engineer side of this conversation take care of all the logistics.

Joe: But it wasn't enough. I'll tell you that. Right. So we sold it for one ninety-seven, OK. Sign up for one ninety-seven or two payments of ninety-seven bucks. It's super cheap and we give you all of the resources. So if you're in the class you get access to a mind map. And in that mind map are all of the scripts that we use, the marketing pieces that we use, the text, email scripts, the questions, phone scripts. I mean, we gave a ton of stuff in there and all the recordings. So you're going to get all of the recordings in there and the links that we use for the resources and the places that we went. So you're gonna get a lot of value out of it. Just way more than one hundred ninety-seven or two payments and ninety-seven dollars. So go check it out right now, live marketing class, dot com slash podcast. We're going to keep this up for open for a little bit, but we just wanted to give the opportunity to the podcast listeners to get it signed up for. It's a no brainer.

Tom: Yeah, it's a no brainer. It really is a game changer. There's something about it where you when you actually hear us going in what we would do. And that's why we kept it to one day, it's like, hey, what would you do today to just move the needle forward today and to cut through all the fat and not worry about a logo or domain name or a business card or all that silly stuff? What would you do? Putting revenue in first position? What is the fastest path to a deal? So it doesn't replace our courses, but it's certainly a great place to start for to get some really additional great additional information or motivation or inspiration to go out there and get a deal today.

Joe: Yeah. So, hey, one thing to finally, we surveyed everybody that took the class.

Tom: Oh, yeah. This was amazing. This has never happened to me, by the way. I've never gotten a hundred. But go ahead, Joe. This is still you know what I'm saying?

Joe: We asked everybody who signed up, would you sign up for this again and would you recommend it to somebody else? One hundred percent of everybody, you know, that that survey said, yes, they would. One hundred percent, not one said no. That's incredible. So unless one person didn't do the survey.

Tom:      Right. But that was also because I've never even while we've done. I was just telling Joe before we did this recording that at a summit, we asked people to anonymously give us any negative remarks at all and even up three days of pure giving. We still got a few people who said, hey, you know, you need to lose weight. I had all kinds of comments. So that was your brothers did that? Probably my brother Todd. If I if I know better.

Tom: But, yeah, it was it was great to get a hundred percent if you really poured ourselves into that on short notice and it turned out really, really well, I'm happy with it. But what's more important is that the people who took it are happy with it and they were. So we're happy to put it out for the podcast audience. And how long are we going to keep it open?

Joe:        Did we determine that or is it you haven't determined that yet when we'll figure that out after we get off here. But guys, go to type this into your browser or some of you that are watching this, if you're if you're seeing this on the computer. That link may not work. If you click it. I don't understand that. But just type this into your browser. Livemarketingclass.com/podcast, livemarketingclass.com/podcast. There's a little video of me and Tom talking about. We recorded that video before we did the class and just talking about what it is, what we're doing. And you get access to all the recordings. You get access to the mind map. It's a full, complete course. We could have easily charged two thousand dollars for it. We're only charging one hundred ninety-seven and or two payments of ninety seven. If you want to split it up into payments, not a big deal. Hey man. Tom, that's appreciate you doing this little podcast here and letting us share it with our podcast audience. You're in the mountains. You were planting trees this morning.

Tom: I was. Joe's like, we're gonna do this on video. So I said, I gotta go take a shower. Ready? Set half an hour or half an hour for a shower. What is that? I need a full hour shower. Look at this. I didn't even shave. Joe, come on. Plus, guys, the kids who are upstairs running right now and the dog making noise in the background, that's all in the live video, too, because I'm at my cabin. So if that bothers you on this little short podcast? Definitely do not signed up for this because it's all throughout the actual live day training that we did where he and I went out. So it's live marketing class, livemarketingclass.com/podcasts. Yeah, we'll see you guys on the inside there.

Joe: Hey, thanks, everybody. We'll see you all. Thanks, guys.

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