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So many people get hung up on wanting to know how every little step is going to work out before they even get started, and this stops any progress they might make. You just need to take massive action as Dutch Jackson did. He didn’t even know the first thing about filling out a contract when he landed his first deal just last year, and since then that massive action has propelled him to 20 more deals.

After a layoff that Dutch later saw as a blessing, he turned to YouTube University and tutorials to learn more about real estate investing. His first deal he just happened upon when he was driving for dollars, and it was a huge learning opportunity.

A drought of nearly four months made Dutch realize that he really needed to be out there networking a lot more. As a videographer and audio engineer, he found he could combine his two side hustles in a way that lets him get his real estate message out.

Dutch created music just for real estate investors, with titles like:

  • ARV
  • REI Rail
  • Flipman Voicemail
  • Bandit Signs
  • Birddog
  • Motivated

This last year has been a huge growth opportunity for Dutch, and he’s realized what he loves and doesn’t love about real estate. The cool thing about this business is that there are so many creative financing deals you can do that will support the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

His next goals are simply more freedom and more happiness in his life. I share some lease-option deals that can help him build that investor lifestyle that he’s looking for. If you need a soundtrack for your real estate investor life as you drive-for-dollars or look at houses, please share, like, or listen to Dutch’s newest album!

Watch and Learn

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • The best business card he’s ever had is the real estate investor album he created.
  • Dutch taught himself about real estate with YouTube University.
  • The first and second deals were on a big learning curve.
  • I give Dutch some ideas for moving away from just wholesaling into more freedom.

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Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

Joe: Hey, guys, what's going on? Joe McCall here from the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. And we're in for a special treat today because we've got Dutch Jackson on the podcast today. And you can see we're brothers from another mother with red Cardinals’ hats on. And I saw Dutch the other day. He did this really funny, awesome video called Too Much. Isn't that right? Was that what it was called? That's it. Too much, this rap video. And he's in Texas right now. But I saw him with his cardinal hat on and he did this awesome rap video that was talking about how the sellers, they want too much and he's going back to that was really well done. You know, whoever does your video editing, I don't know if that's you, Dutch or what, but he's got a whole bunch of them out. And I reached out to me, said, hey, man, can I have you on my podcast? I really love what you're doing. And I think was it, Max, that somebody in the wholesaling elite shared your video, I think is what? Where I heard it or something. Maybe Max Maxwell shared it.

Dutch: Yeah. I mean, I probably shared it in all the videos. I mean, you know, in all the groups and people are loving that video.

Joe: All right. So I wanted to get Dutch on to talk about what he's doing in Texas. Are you in Houston? Is that right?

Dutch: I'm in Dallas. Yeah.

Joe: Talk about the deals that he's doing. But I also just wanted to get him on the podcast. You guys can go see his videos and his Facebook fan page is Dutch Jackson. And he's got a YouTube channel called Trill Estate. Mm hmm. Right.

Dutch: So if you go to Google, Dutch Jackson, you know, pop up a lot of music videos on YouTube? All right.

Joe: I just, you know, I got to get if any card, any real estate investor that can wear a cardinal's hat, I got to get him on the podcast. Anybody else out there? If you're saying those Cardinals fan, you don't have to live in St. Louis. It's OK. Let me know and I'll get you on the show if you're nice. But, hey, Dutch, thanks for being on the show. Appreciate it.

Dutch: Thanks for having me, man. I really appreciate. I made it. I made it on Joe's show. I made it. No, not at all.

Joe: Hey, man, how did you get started in real estate? What were you doing before that?

Dutch: Before real estate, I was a G.M. for American Airlines. I been in the airline industry for a while. Actually how I got into real estate, a 20 year old guy was like, hey Mr. Jackson I'm quitting today day. I'm like quitting? I'm like man, you living the life. You're 20. You making eight bucks an hour. Well, I mean, what, you want to quit this for? He said, oh, I'm doing real estate now, Mr. Jackson, man. I just you know, I just made twenty thousand on this deal. And I was just like, what? How much? This guy's twenty and he's doing real estate. So he told me, go online. Look up wholesaling houses. And I did that and it changed everything. That was last year. Last year. And I'm still I'm fairly new. I've been in it just over a year now.

Joe: And you're in a competitive market.

Dutch: I know that. Very competitive. And that's part of the music. The music. You got to stand out. So I've always loved music my whole life. I always kind of did it behind the scene. and when I started doing this, I realized that you have to stand out. And I just thought about what could I use to stand out.

Joe: You know, when you said that, I thought maybe I should do a rap video. That would not be good. I would not be good. OK. So a year ago. And so what do you do? Did you just say, alright, I'm quitting and start doing real estate? How did you learn?

Dutch: Well, just YouTube university. The first thing is just getting to understand it. You're not a standard. You know, tutorial was I mean, just binging just all day and all night. And fortunately, I mean, it didn't seem like a blessing then, but I end up getting laid off like two months later. OK. And I worked a lot of hours. So when I got laid off, I really started, you know, getting out and about and trying to just, you know, put up some bandit signs and started to skip trace. So I just put a lot of action into it and that's how it started. I got my first deal within the first four months. Door knocking, you know, door knocking.

Joe: What? How did you get the door to knock?

Dutch: Well, I was driving four dollars and I saw a house with very high grass and I had this app, Skip Genie, where, you know, you could skip trace, right there on a spot. And I skip trace the person and found out the person they have like around a corner. So I looked and saw the grass was high. I checked the taxes. They were behind on taxes about twenty thousand. \ I'm like, this is what I'm seeing in the tutorials. I mean, high grass, behind on the taxes. Maybe I should pursue this, you know, let's go out. Went around to the corner and knocked on a guy's door, open it up. And I was just like, oh, I forgot his name. Darryl, whatever? Is Darryl here? Do you want to sell your house around the corner? He was just like, Come on in. I was like, really? And didn't know how to fill out a contract. I filled that the contract for my first time while I was filling out a contract.

Joe:  Oh, my. I love this. This gets me so excited.

Dutch: Just massive action.

Joe: No wonder years doing deals because so many people, Dutch get tripped up and like, oh, I got to figure this out first. I got to know. I got to have all my questions answered. I got to understand step seven and eight before I do steps one and two. But you're just like, you know what, I'm gonna I'm gonna jump off this building and I'm going to figure out how to fly as I fall.

Dutch: That's it. That's it. I mean, OK.

Joe: So how much did you make on that deal made?

Dutch: I think four thousand on a deal. My first one. That was just, felt so liberating. That was the first time that I created my own money. Like I created this, you know.

Joe: How did you figure out how much to offer on that property.

Dutch: Oh. Oh. My ARV was off. Everything was really off. Nothing was correct. It was just good that this guy just wanted to get rid of. So he owed twenty thousand and I offered him thirty, you know, so I got it. I didn't know. I thought the ARV was like 160. It was actually like 120, you know. So I got another contract for 30. I sold it for 34. So I really cut myself out the deal. I could have sold off for about 60 now that I look back, but I didn't really know what to get it under. I just knew to get it as low as I could. You know?

Joe: Oh, by the way, I’m going to switch my Internets here if I lose you, don't go anywhere. All right. It worked. All right. You're still here. OK. So then you made four grand on that. How did you find the buyer?

Dutch: Went out, got a propstream. Started skip tracing, calling people, things like that. And we found the guy.

Joe: So this is so cool. You just skip traced other investors in that area. Yeah. And you started calling them. All right.

Dutch: I mean, I know it sounds crazier then when I was doing it. But now that I look back, I'm like, I really did just, that's how simple it was. You know, it was just putting it out. And I knew about propstream, didn't really know how to work it, but I knew how to just…I didn't know anything about the filters, just cash buyers. Just, you know, call cash buyers, skip trace, just start calling them up.

Joe: OK. So when you call them, what did you say? How did you handle that conversation?

Dutch: Hey, how you doing? My name is Dutch Jackson. I'm an investor in Dallas. I got this property under contract in this zip code, are you interested, you know. That was pretty much it. We got a lot of wrong numbers, of course, but the ones that answered and were interested in, let me know. House was wide open, it was vacant. So I just they could go see it, you know. So it worked out pretty well for my first one now that I think about it. It's been crazy ever since. The first one was kind of weird. That's how I knew it was for me, though, you know, the first,it kind of went kind of smooth.

Joe: Did you do an assignment or how did you close the deal?

Dutch: It was an assignment. Yeah.

Joe: So then what happened? What'd you start doing after that?

Dutch: I went like a drought. Right. Four months with nothing. And my music. I've always done music all my life. Music helps me with stress. So now I'm out of a job. You know, I've lived off this. I got the four thousand, that's gone. That's bills and everything else. So I started freestyling. And I thinking when I was so frustrated one day I was like, I need a bird dog. I just need help. I'm in this big city. It's just me. So I started freestyling about needing a bird dog. Yeah. And I was recording studio. I'm an audio engineer as well. I just did like this, I need a bird dog. Oh, wow. And it was kind of, I was like man this is kind of nice. So I posted it. And I started posting it in real estate groups and the response was nuts. And people posted with their phones, listening to it in the car. And then a light bulb went on, like, maybe this can be my way to create relationships and bring attention to myself where I can get help. And I can start networking, because networking is very overlooked in this business.

Dutch: If you network properly, you know, those relationships can just generate, you know, movement for your benefit. So I did even after I had that epiphany, since I got my studio, I just did a whole real estate up. I say, you know what? If I create an album, this will be the best business card ever. and I created out 19 songs, all investor music. Some of the name of the songs, Bird Dog, of course, I got bad designs. We pour too much, Seller's cursing me out. So it's just a thing that investors can listen to, when they're riding. You know it's just music for us. And it's been received very well. Very, very well. It has accelerated to start bringing me deals, you know, will be people on the J.V. with me. Yeah, I know. And the relationships and I picked up. So do a one deal and then four months later doing another deal. I started dropping music within that four, four, seven to eight months. Eighteen more deals. But you know, they just start coming because of the music. You know.

Joe: This is the craziest thing I've ever heard. I love it because you took something you're good at. And God gave you these this gift, you know, like man. God gave it to you for a reason. I'm not just gonna waste it. I'm gonna use it. And look what's happened. You're starting to do deals with it. Let me ask you. During that four-month drought, were you still like hustlin'? Were you still working hard or are you getting a little lazy? You know what I mean? Like, were you still driving for dollars and still talking to sellers and making offers? Why did you go through that drought there?

Dutch: Because you know what it was? I was doing so much. It was still a learning curve. And I was doing everything by myself, just like. And not really know where to start and where to stop. And I'm putting up band signs. I'm calling people. And I just think with the learning curve, with me learning everything. It was just tough for me to focus, you know, and that's what it really was. I was still knocking' doors. I was still just being very active. And I swear right before, because I was about to give up after the first one and right before another one came. So I kind of feel like that was my test, my trial. You know, you hear about a lot of investors going through that. They go through this period. It's right when you are about to give up. It's like God showed me like, it's for you. This wasn't a mistake the first time. This is for you. Because really quick, my second deal.

Dutch: It was a probate. And I found her text messaging. So I had her on the contract for 30 days. I found a buyer on the twenty-ninth look and I didn't know. You know, I'm supposed to call the buyer, I mean the seller and cancel if I don't have a buyer. I didn't know any of that. I just knew in my mind, I'm like I got to keep her, I gotta keep her. And on the last day before my contract was up:  Buyer. The craziest thing I've ever. That's how I knew it was for me. I had 30 different buyers come by the house. Everyone pays. No. It's too hot. No. And I got a guy hit me on Facebook the day before my contract ended. He went to go see the house. And we closed. It was the craziest, and that's how I know this is for me.

Joe: And how much did you make on that second deal?

Dutch: I made seven.

Joe: Seven grand. Cool. All right. So then what? What's happened since then? You said a little bit. Your music is just kind of went viral and people started bringing deals. But like, how many deals have you done since or like how many deals are you averaging per month?

Dutch: So this is my first year. I've done 20. Twenty deals. good players. First year. But you know, I had an epiphany about two months ago on a finance. So I know that I can wholesale. No benefit of the doubt, no benefit. But I've really scaled back for a minute to really learn creative financing. That's my goal going forward. I need to add more tools to my tool belt because wholesaling is great. Don't get me wrong. But you're hired today. You're fired tomorrow. But with the creative financing is just blowing my mind. Oh, my goodness. I can really do this.

Joe: You can get two or three hundred dollars a month on a deal without using any of your own money. And it's not like a regular tenant that you get in there either. And it's somebody who wants to buy it, somebody who is going to take better care of it.

Dutch:  Exactly. That's me going forward. I want to just add on the finance. That's what I'm really focused on right now. I'm really studying it. And I want to get that on under my belt.

Joe: You know, there's a guy in Texas who does a ton of owner financing. His name is Mitch Stephens. Does that name ring a bell?

Dutch:   Mitch Stephens. Oh, I may know of Mitch Stephens, but I have probably got to see his face.

Joe: So, Mitch, I'm not sure where he lives. He's a good old country boy, super nice guy. And he's got some books on Amazon. Some of them are called, like My First Thousand Deals or something like that. If you look it up you can get it on Kindle. Okay. Mitch, Mitch Stephens. And I've had him on the podcast before, but he does a lot of owner financing deals in Texas. I think you'll like you'll learn a lot from him just from his books. And I know he's got a podcast, too. Really good guy. I love that I love doing creative financing, cause you're gonna get a lot of sellers that say, no, I don't want to, that cash offer's too low. But what if you had something else you could offer them, right. I could just say, well, what if I could get you that price? Would you be willing to wait for it? So it's having more tools, more offers that you can get. And then the other cool thing, too, is you can actually this is a strategy that you might want to think about Dutch.

Joe: I call it the double dip strategy where you get a property under a lease option or an owner finance from a seller. Then you put a buyer in it, a tenant buyer or a retail buyer on owner financing on terms, and you collect five to 10 grand from them. That property is cash flowing two, three, four hundred dollars a month. Let's say it's cash flowing three hundred dollars a month. So that's thirty-six hundred dollars a year. You could then take that package deal and then sell that package deal to another investor who just takes your place and stays in the middle. Right. You could sell that contract for 10 grand. That property cash flows. Thirty-six hundred dollars a month if somebody pays you 10 grand to take over your contract. They're getting a 36 percent cash on cash return on their money. Right. Thirty-six hundred divided by ten grand. They're making 36 percent of their money. So you now double dip. You made five to 10 grand up front with that buyer you put in there and you make another five or 10 grand from the investor that you sell it to.

Joe: That's another way that you can package deals. I'm telling you; this is really important. I think this is important for everybody to understand going forward in this market. I think as we're transitioning out of a sellers into a buyer's market, the more creative package deals that you can give to other investors, the easier it's gonna be for you to sell your deals. When you can bring a deal to another investor that says alright look at the financing is already in place. You don't have to go use much of your own money. You don't have to go get a new loan. So here's a deal with financing in place. Here's a deal with hard money in place. Here's a deal with a local bank that already said they would finance it if you made that met these criteria. Because I'm thinking back, you know, when the market crashed before in 2008 through 10 and 11, the wholesalers that did really well through that time were the guys that were who could package deals together and provide the financing to the buyers, some to think about.

Dutch: That's an excellent strategy. I mean, you just double dip. Even if I even if I got it, wanted to hold on to it for six months. Yeah. Cash flow. And then just give it right back. Yes. That's dope.

Joe: So what are some of your goals? What are some of your goals going forward besides the owner financing?

Dutch: Generational wealth. And my whole life, I love music. I always kept a nine to five, you know, but this music was my passion. I want to be able to just have the passive income and make music. And just, you know, you can all relax, man. I've been working a long time. Been stressed out a lot time. I say I wanted to start real estate to get my freedom back, but wholesaling is not freedom. Now that I found out. You know, it's a high paying job but it's not freedom. So I'm really just want my goals to buy my freedom back, you know. I just do what I love. Just be happy. It's not about being rich, it's about being comfortable and being happy.

Joe: Most important question of the whole podcast. How did you become a Cardinals fan? Are you from St. Louis?

Dutch: Born and raised. Born and raised in St. Louis County. There my whole life until I recently moved here to DFW five years ago. Cardinals, you know, that's our heart. You don't say nothing bad about Cardinals but St. Louis People. Be careful wearing your cardinal hats in Texas, ok. Especially in Dallas. I get a lot of mean looks.

Joe: What happened in 2011? Does anybody remember? The Cardinals. The Rangers. The Texas Rangers who are based in Dallas. Oh man. That was beautiful. Oh, it was beautiful. It was beautiful. But the crazy thing is I was like, didn't the Texas Rangers? They were in three World Series in a row, I think, weren't they? Yeah. And they lost all of them. And there was twice in that series in 2011. They only had one strike to win the World Series championship and they choked. You know, it's funny, I love it.

Dutch: But I represent. I got to represent wherever I go. I gotta let them know that St. Louis is my first love. That's all.

Joe: Thank you so much, man. So, listen, how can people tell us again? How can they reach you? How can they find your videos, your music? And then you guys listened when Dutch shares the stuff. You worked hard at this music. I mean, this is not easy to do. Please watch. If you find a video, share it, share it on social media. Share it on Instagram and Facebook and YouTube. Let's spread the word. Let's give Dutch some love. Let's help him do more deals. But where can people find you, Dutch?

Dutch: First off, before I even get to that, Joe, thank you. I've watched you on YouTube. I sent you a bunch of crappy deals. In your inbox on Facebook. I'm sorry. When I first started. But first off, thank you for having me. You can find me. You can Google does Dutch Jackson, the name of my album. D4D, it's on Spotify. It's on iTunes. And if you search Dutch Jackson on YouTube, Trill Estate, you will see my new YouTube channel pop up. I have an old YouTube channel because I am a videographer as well. I shoot my own videos. So I have a Dutch Jackson videographer page. But I also have Trill Estate which is the real estate music on it. So just Google Dutch Jackson. I'm pretty sure I'll pop up.

Joe: Thanks so much for being on the podcast, Dutch. I hope to meet you someday. And if you're in St. Louis, you know, let's have coffee or something, and I'd love to hang out with you. Sounds good. All right. See you Dutch. Hey, thanks, everybody. Go to real estate investing mastery dot com. If you're listening to this on the road and you can't get the links or write them down. Go to real estate investing mastery dot com. Go to the search bar and do a search for Dutch. D-U-T-C-H Jackson and you'll find this podcast. You'll see all the links that he mentioned here in the show notes. Even a transcription of the podcast. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast and go find Dutch's videos and share them. So much fun. Thanks, man. We'll see you later. Bye-bye.

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