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One of the biggest reasons for having a website is to build trust with your audience. A nice website can communicate really quickly what your brand is and who you are. A janky website, on the other hand, sends the message that you don’t really know what you’re doing. If you don’t have a beautiful website right now, don’t worry. I talk with REI Conversion founder Jessey Kwong about how he builds solid websites for the REI world.

If a seller or buyer lands on your site, how likely are they to convert? A huge, bright orange call to action button leaves no doubt what you want a visitor to do. Jessey warns that you should put your forms on your front page and stop hiding them on another page, or you can expect your conversions to plummet. A website doesn’t have to be flashy to be effective.

Whether or not you’re optimized for SEO seems to be a hot topic, but what does that even mean? Jessey talks about the different parts of SEO. He builds his websites to be fast and secure, which is half of the SEO game. The other half is content, and that’s going to be up to you. I personally prefer running ads to my website as a better marketing strategy, but there are pros and cons to both of these methods.

Where is your time better spent? Building websites and writing code? Or making offers and talking to sellers? Focus on the $500/hour activities, and delegate the rest of the work to a company like REI Conversion. For my listeners, Jessey is offering a 10% discount; just click on the link in the show notes.

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Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • One of the biggest problems Jessey sees with websites.
  • Why you should stop using your slogan as your headline.
  • Automating your offers can help you find properties while you sleep, literally.
  • What problem are you solving for your website visitors?
  • Start asking, “Who can do the $5/hr. jobs for me?”.

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Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

Joe: Hey, what's going on? Guys, welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. How you doing, guys? Joe McCall here. And I'm glad you're here. This is going to be really, really cool episode. I'm interviewing a friend of mine who is a brilliant Web site designer. And we're gonna be talking about the importance of Web sites, how to use Web sites in your business to convert leads from sellers and buyers and how important that is in your business. And if you don't have a good Web site, you're kind of kicking yourself. Kelly, what's the word I'm looking for? You are. Jessey, when I get him on, he'll help me, I'm sure. All right. So first of all, I want to tell you something. This podcast is brought to you by my brand-new audio book. If you heard about my audio book, you can get it for a buck ninety nine WLOaudio.com. This book I've sold thousands and thousands of them wholesaling lease options. Discover one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money in real estate today. And I've turned this into an audio book and I'm selling it now for just a dollar ninety nine and you can get your hands on it at WLOAudio.com. This is the strategy that I use to quit my job a year into the last recession and my life's never been the same since I was doing a lot of wholesaling. I like the concept of lease options and I couldn't figure out like what to do with all these leads I was throwing away. And so I asked myself a real simple question.

Joe: Why can't I wholesale lease options? Instead of competing with millions of other investors for this small pool of motivated sellers and a ton of they'll have a ton of equity and throwing all these leads away, spend thousands of money dollars like what if I made off lease option offers to sellers that didn't have a lot of equity and then flipped that lease option, sold it, assigned it to a tenant buyer and was done and out of the deal. So I started making I started thinking about making quick nickels rather than slow dimes. And as we start getting into this market, it's important for you guys to start shifting your mindset from slow dimes to quick nickels. And this is a quick nickel strategy because the market is kind of going crazy right now. Unemployment's going berserk. Get the audio book. It's only a dollar ninety nine. Good. WLOAudio.com. All right, cool. I got another special thing to share with you, but I'm going to wait a little bit because I want to bring Jesse on. Jesse, how are you, my man?

Jessey: Hey, Joe, I am doing well. How are you doing today?

Joe: I'm good. I'm glad you're here. I saw your Web sites and I thought those look really, really cool. And I don't remember even how I found them. It might have been our good mutual friend, Seth Williams. And we do some land investing ourselves. My 16 and my 14 year old boys are kind of doing it. And I have some other friends who are kind of helping me with it. My time involved is very, very little. But I like good looking Web sites. You know, my Web sites are just okay. I try to, you know, hire really good people to make my stuff look nice. But it's really important that you have good looking Web sites. And so I think it was Seth Williams and he started talking about your stuff. I heard about it. I heard some other people talk about it. I went to go look at it. And I thought, man, these look really, really nice. Right. There's a lot of Web site providers out there, and I'm friends with some of them, you know, but like sometimes it's like so many people have this one looking Web site. It's nice to maybe have something different. That's not the same as everybody else's, right? Yeah. So, guys, I contacted Jesse and I said, hey, can I get you on the show? Let's talk about your Web sites. Let's talk about why you did this. And so welcome to the show. Tell us a little bit about your history. You know, how did you get started in real estate, first of all?

Jessey: Yeah, that was several years back. I went to a local meetup and back and forth here in Canada and Seattle as well. So it's a local meetup. I met some wholesalers. They're starting to learn the ins and outs of wholesaling. And then I got until a couple of fix and flips and then a mutual friend of ours. So I got a mutual friend. A friend of mine in nearby Seattle. She sort of introduced me to Seth Williams. And I was doing a lot of digital marketing. I was consulting at that time. I was working with other companies and in the beauty industry and education industry and the insurance industry. And I just want to connect with some people that were sort of more in the digital side of things, content creation, whatnot. And that's how I got a hold of Seth. And then I found out about land investing and I dove right into land investing. And one of things that got me started really quickly getting leads was be able to build these websites pretty quickly, understanding the importance of, you know, having mechanisms and strategies in place on your site passively to help you get those leads and really increase those conversion rates. Really what we call them or the chances of getting someone to submit their property to you. So that's sort of the story in the wrap.

Joe:So you started doing some land flips yourself, right?

Jessey: Yes. Yeah.

Joe: Why do you like land?

Jessey: Man, I think you're just dealing with a lot less. You know, you don't have an actual physical property have to while you do physical property. But you want the house to deal with. You don't need to deal with GCs or whatever. It sort of comes with dealing with the houses. Land is great in the sense that it just seems like a lot of more simple process. It's very scalable and it's honestly like a lot less competition as well. So it's a great area to look into.

Joe: Which is why I love lease options as well. And we use lease options for land, we use option contracts. And I even have a section in my course talking about how to use options to flip vacant land. It all kind of ties together. All right. Definitely. Check that out. I want to talk about Web sites. Right. Web sites are really important. A lot of people, when they get your postcard, they see your ad, they look you up. And where do they go? They go to Google, right. And they look you up and they might look your company name. They might look up your own personal name and your online presence, unfortunately or fortunately, says a lot about you, doesn't it? Yeah, absolutely. And sometimes these sellers are looking you up and they if they see another website that looks just like a hundred other ones that they've seen before. It might turn them off. Right? Now, we're not here to knock any other company. We're not here to knock any of the big guys, like go Daddy or Wix or Squarespace and all of them. But, you know, it's important to have a really beautiful looking Web site. And that's what I want to talk to you guys about. Even if you have some of these other tools, you should consider hiring somebody to update your Web sites and make them look different. Make them look beautiful like them, because you may be like, I don't want to spend the money on that. The you don't understand when you do invest in that kind of stuff, it does have an hour away. It really does. All right. So why did you decide to start this company called REI Conversion? Talk about.

Jessey: Yeah, for sure. Well, I was part of a mastermind. One of the things that I noticed a lot of people start getting started was, you know, that they're getting their marketing ready. They're getting this and that ready. And one of the biggest struggles and the biggest hurdle that I noticed is people actually getting a website up and that's sort of not hindered their strategy, but sort of limited their reach. Like you said, a lot of people do Google when they get, they want to Google your reputation, see who you are. You know, having a Web site, a huge chunk of it is to build a trust. And if we cannot build trust through our Web sites, you know, or we're gonna lose that chance built to convert those. So having a nice Web site honestly can communicate quite a bit in terms of your branding and then also trust as well. So, I mean, essentially, I got started noticing and there was a lot of people that just needed help setting up their Web site. So I launched out the first version out there and put it out there, helped a few people in our mastermind and then started to grow from there. And then, you know, I just noticed a lot of people needed help with that. And then we started get to work to build something more scalable with our REI conversion Web site teams. So it's really a, it's a click of an install type of thing. And you have an up and running, beautiful looking yet powerful WordPress Web site, specifically for house flipping or land flipping. We started out in the land flipping side of things first and then we launched out in the house flipping side of things.

Joe: Where are you getting people who are asking, what's your company name? REI conversion. I should have announced that and introduced you. So I apologize. It's REI conversion and I have a special link for you guys and a special coupon code. So what we're gonna do now is I just want to dive right in and I want to show you what Jesse's Web sites look like. All right. If you go to JoeMcCall.com/websites, JoeMcCall.com/websites, that'll redirect you to a special page. And if you put in this coupon code, you'll get 10 percent off. And Jesse's not doing this for other people yet. So in cash. Well, anyway, I was gonna say don't tell anybody, but obviously it's great fun. Yeah, I'm the first one. All right. You get 10 percent off code by using REImastery. That's one word when you're on the order page, if you like what you see here. Yeah. We're gonna give you a 10 percent off code called and it's our REIMastery. So go check out JoeMcCall.com/websites, put in the code are REImastery for 10 percent off. All right. Now, what I want to do is I'm going to hide this here and I'm going to do this and I'm going to copy it and I'm going to put this here. Boom. OK. I want to share my screen. This is my ticker. I have this fancy ticker. Isn't that fancy scrolling along the bottom there. And I want to share my screen and show you some of these Web sites. Is that cool, guys? And if you're watching this on the podcast, like the audio podcast, I'm sorry, you'll need to go to real estate investing mastery, realestateinvestingmastery.com. To to get the video of this or just go to my YouTube channel, do a search for Joe Macall, go to my YouTube channel and see this. I mean, you're watching right now on YouTube and Facebook. Hello. What's up? Type in your questions and comments in the chat of Facebook and YouTube. We will see it there. And we'll get through an answer. Your questions. So, Jesse, your Web site is REI conversion. You got a nice page here. You got a video that shows you how it works. It's for real estate, wholesalers, land investors, house flippers. It's a good way to attract motivated sellers. Grow your cash buyers list. Right now, you have four main templates. Can we just walk through these real quick and can you kind of walk me through it as I click through it? Which one you want to go to through first? Seller leads, house buyer leads me out.

Jessey: Let's go through REI leads first.

Joe: All right. And then, guys, I'm going to show you, I paid Jesse some money to help build my Web site. And I must show you my Web site here in a minute. Now, you can go through and click all this, but I'm just going to just click on a live demo right now.

Jessey: Yes. So this is essentially the live demo. And when you get the site up and running, when you set up WordPress, you install our theme, you get it up and running, looking like this. Now, everything here is customizable. We put in copy in there so that you can start. You have a starting base. But there is a few main keys to this. And I've been building landing pages like these for a long time. And it really the key actually, if you scroll back up is really up the top. A couple of things is making sure your headline. It speaks to your audience. One of the biggest things I see with Web sites is that people are not speaking to how they're going to solve your motivated seller problem. Right. And so I did an AB split test a couple of years back actually. And I did two headlines. One is need to sell your house fast. The other one was very similar. And I saw 15 percent difference in conversion rate. This is huge. And this is just the headline alone. So make sure you test your headlines or use the ones that we have here. Now, another thing is getting your form to sit above that fold line. So the fold line here is that enter of your screen. Right. Want to make sure when somebody is going to Google you, Joe, they're going to know right away when they land on your site, they're gonna be reminded not to peruse around, but they're here for one purpose and that's to submit their property. Right.

Jessey: Now, one of the cool bonuses that we do include in our website is this video here. It's an animated video. It's unbranded. Right now, you will see a watermark on there. But it explains the process of how your how it works. You know, you're going to buy their property from them for cash. They're going to be able to set the closing date, etc., etc. But this is all included in our themes only for you guys to use. It's locked down to your domain. You won't have the logo in the back. Right now, this is just the watermark, so nobody steals it. Exactly. So. So you guys get access to this as well. And everything that we do here is all about building trust and speaking to the benefits of how are we going to actually help them. We've got a call to action form at the top and all the way at the bottom as well. Not only that, we break up the forms so that once you submit this, you'll go to another page and enter and more information. Now, we don't just also launch Web sites. You get access to our plug ins. So one of the plug ins that we got for this Web site or add ons or you can call them plug ins, add ons or features is something called our automated offer. So when somebody submits a property through your Web site here, they're going to be able to get an offer from your Web site so you can set, however much of the market value so you can do a percentage value of that property and that'll email out to them, you know, within 30 minutes or however much time you want to set it to.

Joe: So, yeah, that's really cool. We'll talk about that in the land. So these are very simple Web sites, but they're beautiful and they're different than all the other hundreds that you see out there. I'm gonna try to shrink my screen to show you what it looks like on mobile. And I'm not sure if I'm doing it the right way. Can you see this? All right. Yeah.

Jessey:So all those Web sites are responsive. Now they are all responsive. I may not be doing this right with shrinking my image. The images won't show up correctly. Exactly. On the desktop. But yes, you do get an idea that it is all responsive for mobile as well. And so it doesn't get sloppy and overlap and get weird when we have a lot of things going on the background. I know a lot of people are concerned about SEO and making Google happy. We do a lot to make sure our sites are super lightweight. They load quick.

Joe: Yeah, very, very quick. And I mean, it goes on to show you my Web site that they did for me for my houses. This is a house selling Web site. This will be a Web site where you're going to sell your deals, right? Yeah. Or build your cash buyers license is really the main goal of a Web site like this. Right. So this is why I signed it up for it, because I have leased option properties, wholesaling properties and land. I'll show you our land site here in a minute, but I like it. How it's very clear what it is that you're trying what you're here for. You finding your perfect house or you're finding your perfect land. It notified new properties. What kind of properties are you looking for it? It's designed to capture their information. And this is where it stood out. This is what was for me, the thing that nailed it. I really like how these properties are displayed. So I have these nice flyers that I can now email to my buyers or buyers for my land or for my houses, right. And it just looks nice. It looks simple. And I can give them comps if I want to.

Jessey: You know, I think one of the issues with a lot of Web sites is when they're listing properties, it looks kind of everybody's doing a copy and paste. So it looks kind of janky. So the way we restrict everything is you're literally filling out fields in the back end and then it keeps all the styling consistent. If you want to add more comps, easy. You know, you add a picture, it'll do the styling for you. You don't need to worry about. You have to address the price. And if the status of the property can have as many comps as you want. So we keep everything simple for you guys to list and then it'll all appear consistent on the front end.

Joe: And get it from your phone if you go to JoeMcCall.com/websites, you can see the demos of these most. What is it now? Jessey, the number of visitors that come from mobile devices.

Jessey: I think it depends on who is running the website, but for us it's almost half of our, it's still more on desktop though.

Joe:So it's just you you've got all your properties here. It just makes it look nice, right? You can say, right. Show me all of the three plus beds, you know, and then I'll give you the three plus beds and you can click on them and just look. Doesn't it look nice looking at this? And you did a really good job of this, right?

Jessey: Yeah. And we're rolling out more themes. So you're going to switch between looks and if you want to style this yourself, you can do it. WordPress is always very powerful. So you can always bring in someone to do further where you can use our editor. And it's super easy to add and remove stuff and change the look of things. We make it very easy to change up the colors and add your logo and whatnot. Again, we're trying to keep things as easy for you and looking great out of the gate so that you guys can focus on your business. And that's really the main goal here.

Joe: Nice. All right. I want to look at some land Web sites that you have here. Again, guys, go to JoeMcCall.com/websites. We go up to the top and most over Web sites on the top, right? Yeah. Yeah. Here it is. OK. That's a great idea of house investing in land investing. This is really what you're mostly known for is your land Web sites. Most of your customers are.

Jessey: We started out in the land area first. Exactly. So this is very similar to our house leaders. I worked very closely with all our investors and we continue again. Yes, we do build beautiful Web sites, but it's really what's gonna set us apart. And set you guys apart is the tools that we're building to help you guys grow. So like I said, our automated offer is huge. Our users have gotten deals this way where your Web site just made the offer while you're sleeping. You didn't even know that that somebody submitted a property.

Joe: And let's talk about that a second. This is pretty cool. You ask people, hey, do you want an offer or not enough? It's turned on this example that I almost had not on my demo site now. OK, but you say, listen, what is your property worth? And then they put it a number in the system because it has their information. We'll pretend like it's working. And within 20, 30 minutes, whatever it is that you set, it actually sends them an offer at a certain discount of what their offer prices is. And right now. So students that were clients that have Web sites are actually giving deals this way, is that right? That's right.

Jessey: Oh, it's awesome. Well, within the first month we launched and we were getting reports from our users that, yeah, they're getting deals this way. So it's pretty. Pretty awesome stuff. And I'm going to give full credit to Seth Williams over at REI tipster who gave us this strategy? And he's sort of an acting advisor for us as well. And he had a strategy called the 30 Second Offer where you don't even do the due diligence, you just make the offer and then do the due diligence. Because I know how much time it takes to, you know, go through and do that.

Joe: Right. So this is really cool. And again, I keep on saying this, but when I saw it, when you're doing land, it's really important that you make it easy. You look professional. If you have a janky Web site when you're selling land like they don't know you, you're in Missouri, you're but you're selling this land in Oregon. And they're going to be like, who's this Midwest hick that's selling this property? You know, like you've got to look professional. You look like, you know what you're doing kind of right. And I'll show you our Web site here. But this just look at some of these examples to see how this cool this is. So, you know, when you list a vacant land on Facebook marketplace and Craigslist or land.com, land watch, land and farm, lands of America, whatever. Usually give them a link to the property Web site, like the link to the property listing on your Web site. Right. And it's important that you if it looks good and it's important it doesn't look like 100 other Web sites that are advertising. Yeah. Right. And so there really does a nice gallery of flipping through the pictures. But what's cool is and this is especially with land, it gives them real nice buttons in ways that they can buy it with cash, finance, things like to talk about these buttons here.

Jessey: Yes. So huge call to action. So, again, coming back to conversion rates, we make those bright orange for you guys to be able to link out. And we even link into a system with the heartland, which is really only one of the very few processors that can do land transactions or real estate transactions, credit cards. So we do connect with them as well if you wanted to. You can link out to whatever system you want to use. A lot of people are using different systems to collect payments and what not. So you can do that as well, we make it super easy to fill, to put things on terms. So if you want to do financing terms or cash price, you can do that all through your Web site as well. Yeah.

Joe: Integrates with some merchant account providers. Now gives them an easy way to join your buyers list. Where do you want to own land? How did you find us? And they're added to an auto responder.

Jessey: That's right. You can. So the power of WordPress. Right. You can go through zapier and then you have access to it over several thousand applications or CRM or whatever system you're using. I know a lot of people are using Podio, you know, things as simple as Trello or Google Sheets. We can all connected to these are and these are widgets, right? These things on the right. These are widgets that we've built out. Yeah.

Joe: Cool thing to like if you're using REI simple which is my CRM. You can custom design and I can give you a guy to do this, but you can custom design your own widget with your own opt in forms that you can put here. All right. It's just html embed code or something and you can put your own widgets here so that they get added into your buyers list on your CRM. Or you could use something like Zappier to get them from inside the WordPress database thing into your CRM, right? Yeah.

Jessey: And one of the more exciting things we just launched this past week for REI land list is to be able to go from your CRM to list the property directly on your website. Again, we're looking for ways to save time. Time is the main thing that we'd all don't have enough of. Right. So not spending a lot of our energy out. So it's been great with that one as well.

Joe:So I love this too, because you can give them different options to pay cash to finance it or just rent it.

Jessey: Yeah, you can. You have as many options as you'd like on on each of these properties as well. And again, when you're listing a property, all you're simply doing is filling out these fields. They're modular so you can move them around. They're just they're what we call works in the block system. You can have a video block like a YouTube Google map. And all these other blocks here are pre built by us. So you can move them around. You can save these templates. So it saves you time when you're listing. I was helping you, Joe, on your site where a lot of property were put out in the same area in Klamath and it saves a lot of time when you just duplicate it and just change a couple of things. Right, including images and whatnot. But yeah, you can you can do things like that. We also save time when you want to list. A lot of land investors, they will list our property on Facebook or Craigslist. So we have something called a sales post generator with a click of a button. It'll condense all your information. You can copy it and put it into Facebook or Craigslist.

Joe: We have an existing land Web site. We just kind of built it on our own. I also have some land Web sites from other big name providers, but this never was that excited about them. And so Jessey helped us. This isn't live yet, but I wanted to show this to you. Here are some of our properties. We don't have all of them in here yet. How was this the one that we were talking about here? The super one. We still need to make some adjustments for some of the photos. But yeah, I need to give Jessey my higher quality images. But it's really simple. It's beautiful. And our descriptions are in here. I love these icons. Yeah. Makes it look like it's again, good. We've got the map that we can take into and zoom in and out on. You have a nice, easy place to put our videos. We have some land.

Jessey:So these type of things to add into there. You don't need any coding, just a copy paste of your YouTube link. Click, it'll show up. Same with the Google Maps. You can get the map out there and quickly again, however, we can help you guys save time. We want to hear from all our users as well. And that's why, again, I spend a lot of time chatting with people, OK? Hey, can you do this? Can you do this? We've got a feature request board, and it's something that we constantly listen to and we push out updates pretty frequently to our users as well. So this is your site right now, Joe. There's a few things obviously we need to still get done. You know, settle on a domain and whatnot. And then see if you want to integrate with certain systems that you're currently using as well.

Joe: I love the FAQ. You can kind of pop out these questions and get answers.

Jessey: And with the editor, this is easy to do. We use a plug in or system called elementor. Very easy to, you know, do something like this anybody could do. You don't need any coding. It's just a matter of drag and drop. So if you use something like Squarespace, which is super easy as well, you're just grabbing tools or you can call them widgets and then start creating your page.

Joe: We have a simple these are Matt and Carol, my friends that help us with this stuff. Are the face of the company. And it's a beautiful site. I love it. And I wish I could show it to you on my phone. But I can't. On this podcast, but it just looks amazing on the phone. Yeah, well, one of the things you're talking about before, you know, I'm going to stop sharing my screen here, is the when you want to put the post, the property onto Facebook or something, you already have the information on your Web site. You have a thing that generates the text or the post that you can put on Facebook that includes all of the details.

Jessey: Yeah, right. Yeah, exactly. We as you can edit that template, can shorten it. And we also run a podcast yet REI conversion. And there's certain things that we're learning from people that are testing what they're posting on Facebook and certain information. So we found that the less information couple, an attractive sentence, pull them to your site so you can grab that lead and put them on your on your buyers list. So, yeah, it's something that is super easy. And you can again edit that template as well.

Joe: Could we got some questions for people here? Are you interested in some of them? Sure. Let me do this here. Jayah, keep on forgetting his name as best coach in the business. Thank you. Appreciate. I had to put that up there. I issue is asking, can you repeat the name of the company? Jessey's company is called REI conversion. You have a podcast to. How many episodes have you done?

Jessey: I think we're coming up to 30 now, so I don't have regular episodes. Only when I've got something worth sharing and it's. Yeah, we're up to 30 episodes now.

Joe: You've got some cool interviews with people in there. Yeah. Gesell says, Hello everyone. What's up? James asks about SEO, talking about SEO, what you hear, was it optimized for SEO?

Jessey:So I think first of all, we've got to step back and SEO is one of those topics where I think people need to understand that that there is no such thing as a set it and forget it formula with SEO. If you want to get into SEO game, it means weekly maintenance, a lot of different things and a lot of time things are very competitive now and it changes almost on a weekly, daily basis. Some of the SEO experts will tell you things are changing on a daily basis. So is this SEO optimized? Absolutely. In terms of, you know, it's a way that we've built the site, the way that we've made the site very elegant and coding. And then speed. Speed is huge for Google. Security is huge for Google. And when we're talking about content, well, that's up to you to constantly update that site. You're not going, you're not going to climb the ranks without doing work. It's not like magic formula. It's optimized and it's up there to get even ranked on. Google takes six to 12 months. SEO is a great long-term strategy. We can talk a lot about SEO, but in general, there's a lot of that you can do. It's worth a lot more of your time to get your properties out there than to focus on SEO. I think it's great with WordPress. You can bring in their SEO specialists to tune up everything. Everything is customizable. And that's the beauty of WordPress. You can really get into that SEO game, but out of the box, we've done everything in terms of on the technical end to get you up and running and to get Google favoring you. And then it's up to you to to sort of add your own properties. Adding properties is a great way for Google to start noticing you and pulling up your rankings.

Joe: I tried SEO for a little while. I gave up on it frustrating and it's stupid. It takes so much work. You know, all of that work and effort you put into it. It does have long term dividends. Nobody is arguing against that. But then all of what's your time worth? You could hire somebody to do the SEO for you. I wouldn't mind your business. I would neither. But I'm telling you this, your money would be better spent on ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads. You're going to get a much faster and a better return on your money using ads. And here's the crazy thing. Google wants it that way, don't they? They want it that way. They don't want to make it easy for SEO to happen, and they want to reward people who give them money. So you may not like it, but that's the way it is, right?

Jessey: And again, content generation is one of those things that'll help a lot. So if you want to have a blog and create YouTube videos, sort of like what Joe's doing, it's quite intense. So if it's something that you're committed to it's very, very possible. Yeah.

Joe: Cool. What else is important? Some important things that people need to think about when it comes to converting people on Web sites?

Jessey: Yeah, I mean the most common thing is I do a lot of Web site audits with real estate investors. Is that headline? People have got to put their selves in the shoes of their visitors. So that the most common thing I see is like people using their slogan as their headline. Stay away from that. It's not about you. It's about them. What are you going to solve for them? At the end of the day, I don't care how beautiful the Web site is. How are you going to solve their problems? You have to use a web site that can sit there passively as 24 hours on the Internet. Use that as a way to communicate, OK? Exactly. How am I going to help you? If that's going to be able to pay you cash quickly and you're going to make them an offer quickly or, you know, they're going to be able to find really good, cheap deals off of you. You need to let them know. The other important thing is I have sort of written down here as your forms. Make sure they're not on another page. You want them on your front page. For those of you that are building Web sites yourself, make sure they're setting out the top. Make sure you've got a bright contrasting button on those. Do not hide it on another page. You will see a huge drop off with your conversion rates when you do that. Lastly, I mean, it really comes down your copy again. It's just like the headline. What are you solving for your visitor? I think those are the more Olin things that I see.

Joe: You've got a cool blog and a podcast, and I love the things you're talking about here on this podcast following up with Facebook leads and you can actually still get Facebook seller leads and violin's, but it's important that you follow up with them. Right now you talk about here how to run your business with virtual assistants, things to fix on your Web sites, using a CRM to track your leads. What are some of the big CRMs you see most people using, specifically online in the land business?

Jessey: Yeah. I know that Howard's got a great system. Land speed. But one of the more popular ones. I think the most popular I think is Trello just because it's free. So that's very that's what I use. And then Air Table is another popular one. I think I'm starting to hear a little bit with follow up boss as well. And Google Sheets. Isn't that crazy? But here's the thing. Google Sheet is super powerful. I mean, you can integrate this and integrate with zapier. Yeah. And again, like I was saying, zapier, you have access to everything. So that's another big one. Yeah. I think those are some of the major ones in terms of CRMs that people are using.

Joe: This is really cool, you got so much good stuff and you even had an episode on winning more deals with video emails.

Jessey: Yeah. Not bad. Yeah. Yeah. So. Well, first of all, about the podcast is we focus a lot on the on the digital end of things. So how to help you scale again. My background comes from digital side of things. So with using video emails, I use something called dub. A lot of people know loom or use loom.com. What's great about those is you're able to walk through your property, explain it, send it as an actual video and it's sort of animated on the email so people know to click on that. Because we know that when you are sending links, not everybody clicks on those, but you can show them, hey, look, it's an actual animated video. We use that to negotiate deals. We use that, too. I use that for support a lot of times. I mean, there's just endless ways you can use video.

Joe: And we do that a lot. There was one deal we were doing in Jacksonville and Jesse was, not, but Jesse, Gavin was helping me with it. Hand was an older gentleman. We sent him the contract and he couldn't find the email. And so and then he had questions. He was confused. He wasn't good with technology. So Gavin just recorded a quick little lube video wasn't loom, actually. I think he was using screen cast-o-matic and just sent him a video and you could see, you know, his picture in the corner. And he said like, hey, you know, Mr. John, how are you? Just want to walk through the contract with you. You should get it in your email. You click this button, you open it up, and then you walk through the contract and just explained it. And we were using digital signature. And he said, if you click this, you know, you can sign electronically. That's all you need to do. Anyway, the guy was blown away that Gavin took the time to explain that in a little video. It was about a five minute video. Yeah, this is so important. And you should even be thinking about doing Skype or Zoom or Google Hangouts with your sellers. Yeah. You know, like try to get them to visual to do a video chat like this or face time or something because it's just when you can get that face to face and give kind of simple step by steps.

Jessey: Yeah. I mean here's the thing. When we're working all behind a screen now and that's the beauty of this day and age. We can all do everything behind. We can run a full-on business behind a screen. But when you have that, it acts as a barrier. And to be able to sort of build that trust, sometimes you need that face to face. And this is probably the closest thing unless you're doing VR. Hey, Max, it's been awhile. We've got to give a shout out to Max. He's in the house. What is this? You know what, Max? Max, I don't know if you still remember, but I had a long chat with Max a long time ago, and I was offering to go out there and actually sit at his apartment and help him out when he was in L.A.. This is a few years back. And Max, I hope you're doing well. I'd love to chat with you, but good seeing you.

Joe: I had Max on my podcast. Yeah. Year ago or something. OK, guy is so stinking busy was like pulling teeth. Yeah. Yeah. What's going on? So, Max, we love you. Everybody loves you, man. You're a rock star. We're glad you're here on the podcast. What's going on? I'd love to interview you again someday. All right. I just want to show you again, everybody, if you want to check out Jessey's stuff at REI conversion. I want to get a special 10 percent off coupon code. But you have to go to this website to get to it. Go to JoeMcCall.com/websites, JoeMcCall.com/websites, and then put in this 10 percent off coupon code. Aria Mastery. Oh, one thing I want to ask you. I forgot you offer extra services for people that don't know how to set up these websites, right. They may be looking this like this is too confusing. I don't know what to do. But you can actually help them. Right. Talk about that first.

Jessey: Yeah. So we believe sort of you know, it goes along with our mission and what we're building. You know, WordPress is super flexible. And it goes with our service as well. Everybody's sort of. We've got a huge difference in our user base. Some people who want to do everything themselves and some people are just like, listen, take care of everything for us. So we offer free, set up and install. You still need your own hosting and domain. And what that is, is where your site is physically sitting at, and a label. So like W WW dot REI Mastery dot com, whatever it may be. Right. We can help you get that set up and connected. Then a video of your website. The data belongs to you with any other platform. You don't own that data. You don't own your SEO rankings. Once you leave. Once you stop, that's all gone. So coming back to our services, we can help you get set up. And then if you're looking for custom work, we also offer that. So some people want custom things done on their Web site and just trying of can't pull out of anything out of my butt right now in terms of what people have. No. I use it. Oh, yeah.

Joe: You offered to help me. I was like, okay, cool. But then you had this plan where you pay a couple hundred bucks first. I don't know how many hours. Yeah, hours, man. No brainer. Come on, try it. And your guys, your VAs just built it for me the way I wanted it to look.

Jessey: Yeah. Yeah. So if you again don't want anything, you don't want have to migrate your site. You don't have to load anything up. You can always chat with us and we can get working on your site for you. You can purchase ours from us as well. Yeah. I mean, whatever questions you have. Feel free to.

Joe: Or you could let me clarify too. You can also install it yourself. I mean, WordPress isn't that difficult. Not that complicated.

Jessey: And we've, I think we've cut it down now. It's been one of our goals to cut down as many clicks as possible from accessing WordPress to getting the site fully up and running. I think it's like four clicks now. I believe we're there. Yeah, it's like go into the themes and then and then it's just like, let's start and then installed themes and then install demos and they are done. It used to be a lot more. So we're working on that to cut that down. But it's super easy. It's just big purple buttons that you got to click and then you're ready. You've got a site up and running.

Joe: Somebody is asking if it hooks up to the IDX. And I think that's an online feed for MLS. And I bet you there's plug ins that you can add to the website for IDX. Yeah.

Jessey: I believe IDX might have its own plugin. Might or they can. Or you can also correct me if I'm wrong. It's sort of listings that you can see. Is that correct? Yeah. I think they have an I frame that you can just embed. So it's quite easy to do that as well.

Joe: This is a cool thing too because it's based on WordPress. Because you own it. You own it. Right. It's not like it to log into a membership site to get it. You own it. You can add any plugin you want. Yeah. And if you want to do IDX, which is like an MLS feed, you can show only your listings are only listings in your area, your farm area, whatever. You just add that in is a plug in or you can add it in as like an embedded table.

Jessey: Yeah. So that's gonna work a little bit different because you won't be using our way of listing things. I mean at that point you're using IDX and you just want to use the way they listed then you know, maybe just setup a blank WordPress site and just put that code there. You know people can visit that site.

Joe: Gesell is asking here. You may have answered this, but can you use any CRM? Yes. Talk about that real quick. How does it tie into other CRMs?

Jessey:So when you're taking in leads through zapier. Zapier's a plug in or an application that allows you to connect to almost all popular CRMs. Pretty big CRM out there. So yeah, you can pull in leads, pull that into your CRM and then depending on what you're doing, let's just say you're you're flipping land. You can go from that CRM and list it back onto your cell side, sell side. So you gonna have two Web sites, right? So again, it depends on your CRM. Chuck Zapier dot com in check if your application is supported there. But most of them are.

Joe: Let me give a final word of advice to all y'all. You ready for this? Don't ask how. Ask who? Oh, my gosh. You want to save yourselves some time and hassle. Like if you understand Web sites, that's fine. But is your time better spent building your own Web sites, customizing it, worrying about SEO? Or is your time better spent on talking to sellers and making offers? Yeah. This is why I'm so excited about this, because just get it done for you. You need a beautiful looking Web site, right? You need something that doesn't look like everybody else's. You need something that you can just hire somebody to customize for you or do the MCO for you. Do you think I'm going in there and adding these properties in there myself? No. I'm paying his VA's to do it for me. Right. And they do a better job. So you guys, I want to challenge you and encourage you guys focus on the five hundred dollar an hour activities and start asking not how do I do the $5 hour activities, but who can I get to do the five dollar an hour activities? I'm not trying to make any I'm not trying to say, Jesse, that you what you're ve has do or $5 an hour activities because it's like super valuable. It's like worth way more than that. But I'm saying like and Jesse is not the guy doing all that stuff himself either. He's got a team of virtual assistants that help him with that thing. So when it comes to Web sites and online properties, you really need to focus on like this is really important. But am I going to take the time? Do I need to take the time to learn how to do it? No. With the technology we have today, you can go and buy Jessey's Web sites, find somebody on upward to do it for you. You know, or fivver, you can get somebody. I've done this many, many times. I found a Web site like I find somebody else and I say, hey, will you go watch? I signed up for it. OK, here's my username and password. I hire a V.A. log in there, figure it out and do it for me, would you? OK. And sometimes I'll pay them in advance. Sometimes I pay them hourly. But it has saved me so much time and energy and money. Right. Because it's allowed me to focus on other revenue generating activities. So stop asking How. Start asking who? And Jessey with REI conversions is the Who. Does that make sense?

Jessey: We actually work with a lot of VAs, just like you're talking about a lot of talks. Let's go read the knowledgebase, get it done and I can tell you to do what I need any time. And you've got somebody who knows your site. And I know, we've got a great knowledge base as well. If you want your VA to kind of read into. Yeah. And had a property or whatever. It may be so good.

Joe: Jesse, I appreciate you being honest. This is shorter, I guess. I think it's forty-five minutes already. Wow. I wish we could have shown the what the Web sites look on the phone. I want to challenge you. I encourage you guys. Go check it out on the phone. Oh, man. Somebody I haven't heard from in like five years just called me. Go check it on your phone and look at it. Looks really nice.

Jessey: Yeah. And you know, a go through a JoeMcCall.com/websites. There's also a book tour about in there. It's just me if you want to chat with me one on one. And I know everybody sort of has questions about certain things and they're uncertain because text doesn't go hand in hand with them. Don't be afraid. I mean, book me for a call and I'm always happy to hear what you need and are looking for, because it's something very, very valuable for us as we continue to add tools to help streamline your business. So we help we work with you guys. Really?

Joe: I'm pulling it up right now. Yeah. Yeah. And I'm trying to find. I just had it. Oh, here it goes. Land list. Learn more. Live demo. This is what sold me was the mobile version of it. You know. Yes. OK. Here it is. I just got it. I hope my friends stop texting me.

Jessey: How can you even see its sales are blurring anywhere will be mine can do it. Oh, there you go. You got the autofocus going on. All. So let's click on one of these properties here. Yeah. Yeah. Everything's much more responsive. We've changed the layout actually a little bit for mobile, so it functions a little bit better. Everything is functioning on there as well, so.

Joe: Oh, yeah. This is way better than anything I've ever seen before. So anyway, I think you guys are gonna like it. Go check it out, JoeMcCall.com/websites. To give 10 percent off code of REI mastery. All right, guys. Thank you very much, Jesse. People wanna get a hold of you. Where did they go? What do they gotta do?

Jessey: Good. Good site. JoeMcCall.com/websites. And then there's a book tour. If they want to contact me, if they want to test out this Web sites, they can go to the Web sites and play around. You can also find me on i-Tunes or our podcasts, REIConversion.com/Podcast and just go check out REI Conversion podcast. All right.

Joe: It's a good podcast. Nice chatting with you guys. We'll see you. Thanks again, Jessey. OK. Thanks, everybody. We'll see ya. Bye bye.

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