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I started in the wholesaling business when it just didn’t seem like a great time to be moving into real estate. Gavin Timms started in real estate with literally zero experience. We both believe though, that real estate is always a great industry to be in. If you’re short on money but long on time, we have some solid pointers for how you can make money starting today.

First of all, money is made on the phone, and sales are going to be a million-dollar skill for you. You have got to learn how to talk to people. When Gavin first started out, he knew that he could get on the phone and talk to anyone. So by partnering with a wholesaler, he chased down her old leads and brought her some new deals.

Get on the phone and call everybody you know in the business. Start networking and connecting with other wholesalers to see if you can follow up on their leads for them. Or, if it was just me, I’d make 50 phone calls a day, calling every broker, property manager, or landlord that I know. And I’d ask them two questions:

  • Are you looking to buy anything?
  • Are you looking to sell anything?

Serious investors are still out there looking for good deals, so here’s what you absolutely need to be doing. Fire up your buyer marketing. You need to start building a relationship with buyers. I share some of my best resources for finding buyers, including my favorite CRM.

If you need a little help getting started, Gavin and I are offering virtual coaching. We want you to succeed, so we will set you up with the systems that we’ve had great success with.

Watch and learn:

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What’s inside:

  • The one skill you absolutely need, no matter the market you’re in.
  • People do business with people they like, so build rapport.
  • The absolutely huge opportunity coming up with Airbnbs.
  • The many, many ways you can chase down buyers.
  • Become a broker, and how that can help you earn money today.

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Joe: Hey, guys. How you doing, Joe McCall here with my good friend Gavin Timms. How you doing, Gavin?

Gavin: I'm good, Joe. How you doing?

Joe: Excellent. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. And on this video slash podcast, Gavin, I decided, you know what? Let's go deep and let's give some real practical stuff, what you can do right now to start making some money in this market. OK. People are freaking out. Things are going crazy. We could pontificate all day long about what we think is going to happen and, you know, give theory and stuff. But Gavin, I was just thinking, let's get real practical. Let's get down and dirty, as it were. And let's talk about things you can start doing right now to make money. All right. Make money. This stuff works that we're telling you. It works in any market. But I think it's gonna be especially important right now for you to start thinking about this. And I first want to give you, I want to invite you to watch a webinar that I have that teaches you how to do lease options from beginning to end. It's called simple lease options. And you can go watch the webinar right now at SLOClass.com. SLOClass.com. I think this is the best time right now to start thinking about these options because these are the easiest deals to do when the market starts changing directions like we're facing now. And so I want to encourage you to go check out the webinar SLOCLass.com. Right. SL Low stands for Simple Lease Options. Gavin. So you're in Savannah, Georgia right now? Yes, we are. Those who don't know Gavin yet, you probably all do. We've been working together for about four or five years now. Yes. And Gavin's got an amazing story of how he got started in the business. And Gavin, why don't you give people a quick introduction of you and who you are.

Gavin: Yes, absolutely. Guys, my name is Gavin Timms. I live in Savannah, Georgia. As you can probably tell, not born in Savannah from England, originally being a country probably eight or nine years now. My wife now, she's American, Crystal. We met in Savannah nine years ago. Kind of came over, I was a golf professional and got into the real estate business like two thousand thirteen. The backhand start came across real estate. From looking for a business that could work from a phone, a laptop and real estate, it just happened to be the thing at the time. The opportunity that was presented just from being on vacation in England, believe it or not, going to a coffee shop. Right. Having a conversation with someone from Ireland that led into me looking at real estate of wholesaling, whatever this is. And that kind of led me led me to this. And still to this day, you know, working from a phone, a laptop, I think is very important, especially in the times in the crisis that we're in, to have the ability to be able to work from home and work from anywhere and still get things done. So obviously, I didn't set it up for a crisis. I said it from a table to travel and work from anywhere and not be tied down. And thankfully, that by doing that through this crisis has allowed me to still do business and operate and hopefully, you know, touch wood could be one of the biggest months now is a projection. OK. But could be the big one of the biggest, months we've had in real estate that we're facing through, unfortunately, you know, a crisis. But sometimes you have to, you know, jump on this, because remember, we're still helping people. People have double payments. You can step in and help out. You shouldn't feel guilty for that. Right. You are going to get the people that say you are. You know why you're calling me when this is going on? Well, I just don't know about it. They don't need you. And don't be scared to tell them. That's what we do. Say hey, you know, I understand this. That's tough. This is going to work for you. But guess what? There's other people have double payments. What we need to buy that property, or lease that property from them. And maybe that's not just you. And what that does is I see just calms the seller down. Now, you can actually have an educated conversation with them and maybe even get theirs as well. So that's kind of what we're, you know, looking at that kind of real quick.

Joe: Let's tell real quick. You had zero money and you didn't even you burn the ships. You quit the job. You went to headfirst into real estate and you didn't have any money. Or maybe you did some direct mail and it didn't work or something. Right. What did you actually start doing to make money? This is important. What we're going to be talking about on this.

Gavin: Yeah. Like I said, coming from England is a golf professional, right. In the United States going into real estate. Absolutely no nothing. I've no idea what I'm doing. Right. And I go and buy a course. I didn't even know it was a course. Went straight into coaching. I had to add your material, not a coach in England. And we sent out direct mail. Seven hundred and fifty dollars’ worth direct mail to Jacksonville, Florida. When I was on the West Coast, worked out that when I finish work at 9:00 at 6 o'clock, it was 9 o'clock at night. It was just all wrong. Disaster. But you just take action, right? So I was like, well, that that's not going to work. So we meant to move into Phoenix pretty shortly after I got into the training. You have to get creative. Right. You can sit there and cry about it. Right, and whine. And when Jenna. That sounds super harsh, but sometimes reality has to kick in. So what I decided. There was hope said let's go to a meetup. Start networking.

Gavin: So, all right. Well, let's do that. So I obviously that slacks we call the trousers put slacks and a shirt. I've no idea what I'm doing. It's summer beating like 120 degrees. So I roll up obviously from England already stand out like obviously from the accent, massively. Plus I'm like dressed up and everyone's in shorts, T-shirts and flip flops on them. So kind of sat down and it was fun while it was still the one of the best meetups I've ever been. There's four people in the room and he actually made people one by one stand up.  Genius really. And say what? What they did. Well, they are a wholesaler, a rehab or a cash buyer. Give that phone number out and kind of just a 30 second pitch on yourself. Right. And that's kind of what I did. So I stood up, my moment came and I just said, I'm from England. I'm new to the business. I feel I can close deals. I don't have the money for marketing, but I have time. If anyone's got any old leads, dead leads, whatever. Then let's cut it and sat back down and then kind of started working with three people. First lady, we met the next morning and she gave me 60 dead leads. She gave me a Google spreadsheet that had 60 leads that were dead from a three months, three months ago, a direct mail campaign hit. And they were like, look, these are all dead. Well, if you want to call them, you know, you never know. There might be something that. All right. I sat that one by one, call it. I got ahold of about 40 people over a few days. Keep keeping try. And we've managed to lock the first two deals up. They were my first ever two deals from dead leads. And then sites create opportunity from that because I was they got myself in the position. Talked myself into it. Now my time was to deliver. I delivered on that. Now the powers with me to say, OK, now what are we going to do?

Gavin:So I went back and said, well, why don't you start marketing? OK, and we'll split 50 50. I'll do all the phone work. I'm not going to the house. I'll lock deals up. Well, you can go to the house and move the deal. And she said, OK, how much do you want? I panicked and said, $2000. She said, OK. And then we started doing deals. And sometimes you have to get creative. Right. I know this is one thing to be said when we buy a course from a coaching program is to stay structured. Right. But then there's also opportunities that come up and you need to grab them with both hands. We just had a conversation. Hopefully I'm not going ahead here. You just asked me a question and said, what would you do if you needed a thousand dollars tomorrow to feed your family? Right. Obviously, closing a deal is not an option. All right. Obviously, to close. You said no, no, not closing deals. What would you do? My response was I would do two things. I would call wholesalers, OK? And I would call cash buyers actively in this market right now buying. And I would say to them that I will personally deliver properties for them. OK. And work for them. They will have. I will bring everything to them. They can handpick. And then we will wholesale together the rest. And for me to do that, I need two thousand dollars up front for us to start. And if. And you said, well, what if they said no? My reaction was I would call the next one. And I'm pretty confident. I wish to be harsh, but I wish I wouldn't be a challenge.

Joe: This is so good. You're getting a little bit ahead of me because this is good. I know. I did. Sorry. That's all right. I wanted to talk about this because, some of you guys. You're like Joe. You know, I might lose my job. I already did. I just need to make a couple thousand bucks to put some food on the table and pay the rent, pay the mortgage or pay my car loan or, you know, like I get it. And so it's it'sit's one thing to talk about how to close deals and do deals and do lease options, but you may not get paid for two or three months. What are some things you could do today right now to make five hundred, a thousand, two thousand dollars? Yeah. And I was not expecting Gavin's answer, but I loved it. I thought it was so good. I'm just going to repeat what he said. So you guys catch this. Pay attention. First of all, let me rewind a little bit. Money is made on the phone. Sales is the million dollar skill. Now is the time to start educating on yourself, on sales. You need to know how to talk to people, how to sell things. Because if you know how to sell things, man, you can make money in any market. And yeah, it's easier when the market is going up. But you can make money in any market. So Gavin's really good on the phone. And, you know, he knew… He didn't know how to do a deal. He didn't know how to close them. He'd never done a deal before. But he knew that he could get on the phone and talk to people. And so you need to be thinking about that. And so I loved it. He said I would call every wholesaler I know and I would say, listen, I will call. I'll do whatever. I'll be your guy. All right. I will call sellers. I'll call your old leads. First of all, that's what I'd recommend. If you talk to any seller, any wholesaler, they have old leads. Allow follow up with all your whole old leads. But you need to pay me a couple of thousand dollars upfront. But I will make sure you get the exclusive rights to all of these old leads and we'll wholesale them together. Yeah, I love that. So we're going to be talking about some other things too, and other ideas, because you may not be that sales guy. They may be good on the phone, but I want to encourage you and challenge you just to figure that out.

Gavin: Yeah. I think as well though, people do business with who they like. OK. And I don't know people that go well, I can't sell. Well just be likeable. OK. You get opportunities if people like you. My first closing ever came the moment that I actually stood open front of that room and did my little pitch and closed three people that brought me leads. That was when I actually closed. Right. And I didn't have a clue what I was doing. And I never lied. I said, I'm new, but I can close. I don't know. You know, I need leads. I can. I think I can close. I'm new, but I can close. So if anything, I'm telling the truth. I'm enthusiastic. Right. Which is what I look for in any partnership right now. It does matter if they've done a deal or not. And that's when I truly actually close for the first time. And people will do business with who they like. It's just like right now, I'm just going to throw one more thing out. It's really important when you're talking to these sellers right now. You have to build great rapport. You can all with what's going on in the world that's in on every news station, on Facebook, social media. You can't get away from this stuff. Right. So talk about it openly with it. Don't say about, oh, my V.A. is prescreened. And let's talk about this property and what's going on. Talk about, hey, how you doing in this crisis? Are you okay? Can you survive? Are you working from the allowing you to work from home? Oh, yeah. We're good way. Do you have enough paper. Exactly. I'm having this conversation, but maybe not. That's a little icebreaker, right? Well, I got to laugh. If you can get a laugh out of seller, you're off way that we haven't even talked about. Square footage, condition, nothin. All I've done is this guy's cool. Actually, one, I have a conversation with him. Now we can lead in at that point into it. And you're gonna see a massive difference when you take this approach.

Joe: We're not talking about being like an advanced ninja salesman guy. Right. We're just talking about being yourself. We're talking about being nice, friendly. And we have scripts that we can give you a touch, you know, like you can find them on YouTube. And simple scripts. Ask them about the house. We're starting to see. This is one thing that's encouraging that I would tell you all there is certain to see a huge increase in leads. Motivated seller leads coming in. Right. Gavin, kind of by accident sent some direct mail. How many postcards? 750. Just over 600, 600. Postcards or letters? Postcards to a very competitive market. Yeah. Cards are right. Yes. Couple of weeks ago, they just started hitting a few days ago. A week ago?

Gavin: Yes, they too. This is the second drop going out. So you have a two week period and our response rate. And I'm not big direct mail guy, so I'm not saying a saying that I might pound direct mail. I don't. This was one zip code, small list. I'm like, hey, let's try it. It was this certain thing that we sent out and we got 4 percent.

Joe: 4 percent response rate in a competitive market where there's a lot of activity. Was a lot of activity from other wholesalers. Right. We're also getting leads in from old mail that we sent a year ago. Let me be clear to you. I mean, over the last couple, three years, Gavin and Melissa and our team down there have been doing mostly cold calling, giving all of these deals from cold calling, just trying to do direct mail once in a while and a 4 percent response rate on our recent postcards, which is, you know, crazy, insane right now. And we're starting to see leads from postcards and letters that received, you know, six, eight, 10 months ago starting to call us now. And our old leads follow up have been really increasing. So then go ahead. Yeah.

Gavin: No, I was just going to say and thinking about it, this was the the open letter that we did again. And sometimes when you, you know, involved and things happen. But if they if the one that looks like an invitation. So it's very colorful is most call it has a board around it. So it looks like an invitation. So they all going to get opened. We took the approach in there that it was a husband and wife. If you're doing it, you need to get the personal feel again. Definitely. When America and the world are coming together right now, you know, all these little things that are going to help. But as these things hit, I mean, it was just perfect timing and obviously. Right. I'm not saying that we're geniuses at what we kind of said, hey, let's say throw some direct mail. It's a small, small niche list in a nice, nice neighborhood where less people, less competition and that we've got a great response. Right. And that's kind of the direct mail that we do anyway is only niche list. Or if we can't get data back then we will mail them. But we only do a few thousand a year. It's nothing. Nothing crazy.

Joe: But it's encouraging to see the response rates are.

Gavin: Absolutely. And now, I mean, what was our conversation this morning? It was I think we need to blast our email everywhere, like we are even thinking. That's right. The guy that's like the only I'm not against it. And I just look at the cost per lead and just say, is it worth it? And if we're getting that response rate, you know, three, four times more than normal or it has been I mean, we couldn't even get that when I started it, you know. Anyway.

Joe: All right. So we wanted to talk about here is like, what are some things that you could do to start making some quick cash? Right. Maybe it's just I need to make some quick cash to set it aside for savings if something happens. If something's coming along. Right. And by the way, it's funny. I'm getting a bunch of comments like, Joe, which camera are you using? It looks great. You look so crystal clear. It's my new camera. It's a Sony, A6400. And it makes it cool because the background is blurry. But it's a cannon, A6400. All right. Let's move on. Here's some things you can think about. I love Gavin's idea. And again, the money is made on the phone. I would call. I want to reiterate this and repeat it again, because this isn't going to be really important for a lot of you guys. Get on the phone, call everybody, you know, in the business. All right. So there's two approaches. You could take the approach, like Gavin said. Hey, listen, I'll call your old leads, but I need some money. Can you pay me a couple of thousand dollars upfront? Make it a draw even out of profits in the future deals. OK, but try to get them to pay you upfront. If you've never done a deal before, I've never called a seller before. That may be a little more difficult. But get on the phone and start calling and networking with other wholesalers. The other thing I would encourage you to do, if it was me, I'd just tell you what I would do. I would get on the phone. I'd be calling 50 to 100 people every day. I tell people, you know, you should talk to at least five sellers a day. But if I needed some money to put some food on the table, I needed money to buy Joe's course on lease options because I need to learn how to learn to do lease options. I would start calling 50 people a day. And keep in mind, I mean, these are not five. I mean, 20, 30 minute long conversations. These are just one or two minutes, sometimes three or five, max. OK. These are short conversations. But I would call everybody I know in the business, in my market. I would call all the realtors, the wholesalers, the property managers, the landlords. I would call other wholesalers like everybody that's doing deals. And I would ask them two questions. Write these two questions down. Do you have a deal? I'm looking for a property. Do you have anything you're looking to sell right now? Or number two?

Joe:Are you looking to sell anything right now? Did I say that right? No, are you looking to buy anything? Yeah. Do you have any deal you're trying to sell or are you looking to buy things right now? What do you have to buy right now? Are you asking 50 people a day? Those two questions. And I'll show you the minute how to get those numbers to if you're looking for people to call and then call them every week. Right. You should be building your Rolodex anyway. But like you will find eventually somebody that has a house they're trying to sell and somebody has a house they're trying to buy. And don't. It's not all doom and gloom. Be careful with fear. Don't let fear control. You fears your enemy right now. It's time to be aggressive and get on the phone and start calling and talking to people. OK. I love that. Do you have a deal to sell or are you looking to buy a deal? And you'll find two people you can put together in wholesale deal. You might even find a buyer who tells you, yeah, I'm looking for deals. I've got money burning a hole in my pocket. You know, Z buyer. I buy I buy all the I buyers. They're gone now. They're adios. They are not buying anything. So there's a lot of opportunity and there's a lot of cash buyers that are coming back and saying, holy smokes, I'm seeing some opportunity here. Prices are starting to come down. You may need to be more aggressive with your offer price. Right. But you know, Gavin, you're telling me the other day you put a property out on the street and you had four buyers.

Joe: This we had this was a client, Ryan. We had to buy it back out last minute. And we're going to do a case today on this one, a saying closing right now when you have the contract for thirty-six thousand five hundred and this rented for nine hundred sorry, eight hundred ninety five a month. And you had a buyer in for forty-four or forty-seven thousand and they pulled out. And it was going up to the close day. And I was like, look, this is an absolute deal. I've analyzed it and I have never done this. And I said to him, if you can get half the money, I will bring half the money in. We'll close on it. We'll list it. But I said, if you can, you can get it all. Take it down. And I am so confident in making money. So he closed on it. He closed on the Tuesday. The realtor went in, took pictures on the Wednesday, the Thursday he got listed. And they had five people interested by Friday. It took off for fifty-five thousand. And they're in closing. And I think you should close March 28 as long as everyone stays open for it to do it.

Joe: That was today's Tuesday. That was four days ago. Yes. And they close in four days from now.

Gavin: Twenty eighth or ninth, he said. Yes.

Joe: So hopefully he goes through. There's things that might get delayed because the title companies are not working in their office right now or the record or the county offices are closed and stuff like that. But just what I'm excited about is these buyers, that's still a smoking hot deal. You've got a buyer with money, right? And you can give them a deal for 50 grand that sells for their rents for nine hundred bucks. I think that's what the numbers were, something that's a pretty good hot deal right there. And there's still people looking for deals.

Gavin: You know, in a good neighborhood with I mean, the two next door sold last year, they all below big. So four hundred and twenty five thousand each. So everything and this was the smallest house in the neighborhood. Everything was pretty much over a hundred thousand. So it's like you can't lose on this thing, like. Even the land at this point.

Joe: There are, you know, the buyers are getting a little skittish. The private investors, hard money lenders, they're getting a little skittish, they're pulling their money aside. But guys, I'm telling you, there are investors, the serious investors out there are still looking for deals. Which leads me to the next thing that I'm going to encourage you all to do right now. You got to fire up your buyer marketing. You need to fire up your buyer marketing and start calling marketing to every buyer out there. A lot of you have buyers right now already. You need to call them up and talk to them. Hey, how's it going? Again, just be nice. Be a friend. Ask them. Know, are you still in the market? You still looking for deals? What are you looking for? What would be a good deal? What would be a deal that will make you drop everything right now and come by, find out what they're looking for and then go find it for them? Right. Yep. That's part of your discussions you're having is you're calling everybody, right? Find out who's in the market to buy. Who's in the market to sell.

Gavin: And you will find some people to put together if they say what you buy as well as the situation. Right. If your buyers and their opinion of what's going on. How many people right now. Oh, it supposed to be isolating. Right. You have the people that are like haven't left it for two weeks. There's other people that are like, oh, now it's getting serious. They'd say and there's other people that I'm just going on about my day to day business comes down to our opinions is the same as what's going on in real estate in that situation. If the buyer is not, what, 20 flips right now and he's comfortable, he's like we've got it in our markets. Double or no, I have my Maui buyer ready. The guy wants to buy today. Yes. To that. Right. We have people in the Birmingham, Alabama market, people in the Florida market that all want to buy. Well, then don't get me wrong. There's a lot of people that are absolutely not. I'm pulling out. I need to hold. I need to. I mean, a mess. I've got too much going on. So it's all about the situation. You need to search through the buyers to find out them things. Like what's going on? How are you doing? Are you looking at buying? What do you think about this market? And they're the ones that you need to then provide for to say, yeah, I'll buy anyway. As long as it's not in these zip codes, I'll take it. Get me in. Will you please get me the first one to be in.

Joe:This is so important because we're coming out of a seller's market into a buyer's market, ok. And then you need to know who the buyers are. It's going to become easier and easier to find seller leaves, which is awesome, but it's going to be coming harder and harder to find buyers. So you need to build the relationships with your buyers. You need to be calling them and continually marketing. I'll talk about here five or six things I listed down for how to find some buyers and how to market to them, how to talk to them. And you just got to hammer the phones. Right. I would be talking to 50 people a day. And I'll tell you who I would call here in a minute as well. But it just got a hustle. Let me just say one other thing here to pivot a little bit. Some of you are licensed agents right now and you have your real estate license. I would encourage you to start thinking about finding tenants. OK. There. That's one of the, if you're license realtor, that is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get paid money. Five hundred a thousand bucks, maybe fifteen hundred bucks depending on the rent. Just one full month's rent. But you can make really good money finding tenants. And there's a lot of landlords right now that are looking for tenants. Go to Zillow. All you're hearing about is these these issues where tenants are not going to pay their rent or can't pay the rent. But there are still a lot of vacancies right now and there's still a lot of people looking for houses. People are looking for. They're always going to need a roof over their heads no matter what can market the direction it's going. Maybe slow a little bit right now for a few weeks. But I'm telling you, there is opportunity out there and there are tenants looking for houses. Right. So it's not big sexy deals. You're not going to be making big chunks of cash. But I'm telling you, if you can learn, be a leasing agent. Be somebody that can go out and find tenants for landlords and you can make a quick. A thousand bucks. Fifteen hundred bucks, 750 bucks just by bringing tenants and doing the work of being a leasing agent. Here's the cool thing about that. Once you learn how to do it, you get some systems in place. What can stop you from doing five or ten of those a month? Five in a month?

Joe: One of my favorite stories is a guy named Will. Will Velasquez. And I just came out of my course in 2010, I think. And he was one of my first students. And he came out of the crash. He was hemorrhaging money. You've heard me talk about this since my webinars. He didn't have two pennies to rub together. He just did his last garage sale. He had no money. And his kids were at school and they had yet no food in the fridge. He had nothing to give them for dinner. When they got home and he's thinking soup, pantry, kitchen, you know, like homeless shelter. What am I going to do? He's sitting on his couch. He looks at his couch and he sells it. He has an idea. I must sell my couch on Craigslist. Somebody comes by a couple hours later, gives them 80 bucks. He goes, got enough money to go get gas. It's I mean, this is a situation he was in. Can you imagine the stress of not knowing how are you going to feed your kids? He found my course on lease options. He couldn't even afford it. But just from the podcast and watching my webinar and stuff like that, he figured out, OK, well, I can do this. Right. So what he started doing was he would go find tenant buyers first. He would go find tenants that had money to put down that needed just six months, 12 months. To fix their credit. But had money to put down, he would find the tenants buyers first and then go find a home. And he started crushing it within a couple of months. He's making ten to twenty thousand dollars. After six months or so. He's doing 30, 40 thousand dollars a month. All he was doing was finding the tenant buyers first and then finding a home for them. So this is going to be a huge opportunity, especially in lease options. Finding the tenant buyers first and finding a home for them. Now you have to have a license to do that. That's brokering. Not a big deal. You're sitting at home right now. There's some online resources. You can go get your license right now. Think about getting your realtor's license right now. And then like in St. Louis, Missouri, right now, I could take I could sign up for a class online, take my test in a week, get my license in one or two weeks. I can get my real estate license and then become a tenant placing service and you can make a quick thousand bucks and you could do that three, four or five times a month pretty easily. That's a great way to make quick cash.

Joe: A friend of mine, Todd Toback and I. About 10 years ago came out on the course called Quick Turn Leasing, maybe eight years ago. And we're gonna probably rerelease that. And as an investor, you could do that with an option to lease. If you don't want to get your realtor's license, you can find a landlord who's got a property looking for tenant, give them an option to lease their property, find a tenant and a sign or sell your option to that tenant and then be out of the deal. And you can do that with an option to lease. So just get creative. Right. I want to encourage you to start getting on the phone and calling people. Do you need a buyer? Do you have a house that you're looking to sell? Do you have a house you're looking to buy? Are you looking for tenants? And offer your services. This is huge. Again, finds a wholesaler that's got a bunch of old leads and just follow up with their old leads and start calling them 50. They make 20 offers a day. I'm going to show you some other things that I would do here in a minute. But Gavin, you want to add something?

Gavin: Yeah, you just got a like now is the time when we can say grind and I'll call it whatever you want. Now is the time to hit it harder than you've ever hit it. I am expecting right with the mindset of we're going to have the biggest month we've ever had. That's what we'll go in full. Right? Because we all doubling down and not just in marketing, but just in follow up and everything to get as many deals stacked as possible. Let's get him in close in, because if we do have a shot down, at least they're in closing, right? The buyers are ready. The sellers are ready. We're just waiting for production to open back up, call to close them out. Right. And I think that's what everyone needs to do and start thinking if there's one thing that you can take from this, guys, is you have to start thinking outside the box and start create an opportunity. Stop saying, I don't have the money. Go find the money. Right. Let's say, for instance, and I'm just making this all lease options everywhere. There's more people doing wholesaling right now, spending tons of money on marketing. Making cash offers. What are they doing OK with the leads that don't have any equity? They're doing nothing. What if you approached one of these people and said, what are you doing? Hey, hey, Joe, what are you doing with the. With the leads? You just wholesale out of my cash office. What if there's no equity? What are you going to do? Well, we don't do anything with them. Well, look, I'm new to this business. There's a guy called Joe McCall, and I want to get his course. It's a small investment of X amount of money. If you invest in this course, I will learn it. I will do lease options on all of your leads for you and we'll partner on the profits. How does that sound? I just need you to get me the information. It's that easy, guys. Like. Oh, OK. So if I get the course, you're going to do the work. All of the work. And we can partner on deals. And this is. Yeah, this is gonna be an exit strategy for you. And it's going to help me. And like I said, I just need this information to learn it. We'll partner on the deals. You say, hey, this one's motivated, but there's no equity. You hand it to me. I'll do everything else. No problem. But I do need to learn it. So the only thing I need from you is to get me this call so I can lend that we got.

Joe: In Bam! You know, because me I'm telling you right now, especially this lease option deals or some of the easiest deals to negotiate because sellers are getting motivated. They're desperate to sell and they can't and they can't lower their price anymore. You can offer them a lease option on whatever price they want. I'd also say this and I've been talking about this a lot better right now in this market to make a quick nickel than a slow dime. And you need to be in and out of your deals really, really quickly. And so there's a lot of wholesalers out there that have a lot of dead leads that don't have any equity. Right. You can come in and help them with their old leads, offer lease options to those sellers. Right. Get them under contract. Flip them to a tenant buyer who's going to put five, 10 grand down. You might have to split the money with the wholesaler first, but that's fine. Do that for five, 10 deals. Right. They'll start giving you all of their old leads. They'll start giving you their leads that don't have any equity and you can start offering lease options. There is, I'm seeing the comments and questions here, too. Guys, you're worried about, well, is there going to be hard to find tenant buyers? You've got to get the right attitude in your mindset. OK. It's always gonna be hard to find, to make money. I mean, it's not easy. It's always hard, right? It's funny because I've had students in the same market at the same time. Call me. One of them says, hey, I'm getting tons of sellers. There's no buyers out here. It's not working. The same day or a day later, somebody else calls me in the same market and says, I've got tons of buyers, but no sellers. This isn't working. So what is it? It's just sometimes your mental attitude. Yeah, I remember when I first got started doing this. I was wondering, can I really find a tenant buyer? Because it's right. It was a day before Christmas. It was during the holidays. And this was during the recess. Early parts of the recession. And I just, on a whim. I tested and I put my house that I was living in. On Craigslist as available rent onlys purchase, I got flooded with calls. This was Christmas Eve. I had to take the ad off. I was getting so many calls and e-mails. So just you've got to get that out of your head like this isn't a good time. That's gonna be too hard to find buyers. It's gonna be too hard to find sellers. I hear it all the time. I get it from people. But the people that are doing deals right now, they're like, screw it, man, I'm gonna do it. I'm going to find a way to do it. I'll find somebody that will buy this house. I'll find somebody that will sell the house. Know what I'm saying?

Gavin: You can't take your personal opinion and just say everyone else thinks like you, right? It doesn't it just doesn't work like that. You have to you've got to go and talk to the guy. The buyers. Yes. You could sit there and say, no one is going to buy. We're all done. What are we going to do? Well, now let's go find the ones that all buy. Because I'm telling you now, they would be if they had a way, if these buyers could say, how can I? That's what we think. How can I let everyone know that I'm still buying? Me. Bring me your deals. I'll buy everything you've got and you've got to get to that office. Right. By taking that action. You just said that a ton of buyers. Yeah, I'm sure it's I've just been laid off from Virgin Airlines for three months without any pay. They're probably not thinking about a lease option right now. But if they're working from home and nothing changes. Absolutely. When can I get in to see it.

Joe: There are a lot of kind of buyers looking for opportunities as well.

Gavin: Oh, now that now's the time. Time to find a good deal. Yeah. It's so much how you look at it from a mindset standpoint. Eighty percent is what's between your ears. Right. So you've got to fill it out, get on your mission and make it happen And if it's money, go find it. Right. I'm not saying go to the bank. Get creative. Go get Javy with someone. Right. You need buyers going.

Joe: Fear is your number one enemy right now. Yeah. Let's talk about a few more things. If you're looking for sellers, what would what would you do with them? I remember I said I'd call 50 people a day. The first thing I would do is I would go look at. I'd pick maybe five or six different cities on Zillow. And I'd go in. And I would start calling every landlord, rental landlord, property manager and for sale by owner. And I would just start calling all of them and asking them. I wouldn't text them that. I'd call them pick up this phone. It's not a cactus. This thing actually works. You know, this pandemic hasn't shut down our phones. You can't get a virus with it. And I would call every single one of them. If they didn't answer it, I would send em a text to call them again. Hey, I saw your property there on Zillow. Looks like a nice house. You wouldn't be interested in maybe leasing it for a year and then selling it, would you? Or ask him, hey, you wouldn't be interested maybe selling the house, would you? But if you're doing lease options, I'd go the lease option out if you doing cash. By the way, I would make my offer super simple. I'd give them a cash offer. If they say no, I'd give them a lease option offer. Like keep it super simple with your offers, but I'll be calling 50 of them a day. Landlord's for sale by owners now. Landlords. A lot of them are listed by property managers. Doesn't matter. And still call them anyway. Would your client be have any interest in selling this property? Do you have any other clients on any of the other properties that you are listed here that might be interested in selling right now?

Joe: Oh my gosh. There's a huge opportunity coming right now with Airbnbs. How many? How many people that own a bunch of Airbnbs are getting crushed right now. Do you think if you called one of those Airbnbs and say, hey, would you be interested in selling? Maybe they would be interested and you're not locking….Keep this in mind. You're not locking up the property. You're not guaranteeing that you're gonna make payments on that house. All right. You're just getting them an option contract that they can cancel if they sell it or lease it before you do and they change their mind, they can cancel that contract. Not a big deal. So you're not on the hook to make any payments or buy that property. Then you can these people that have these Airbnbs tons of opportunity there. They are freaking out right now and their income has dropped to zero. It's not gone down a little bit. It's gone down to zero. There's a lot of opportunity out there with Airbnbs. But I would go. I would also call other wholesalers like we talked about before asking about their old leads. I would on our slow start, hand-writing some letters, maybe 30 yellow letters, and I would send them to older listings on the MLS, especially if you're doing lease options, OK? Older listings on the MLS properties that have been on the market first 5 6 months. I would send them to expired listings, tax delinquents and pre foreclosures. Those are the two hot lists. Like the old old listings and expired listings. That's good for lease options if you're making cash offers. I like tax delinquents and pre-foreclosure because there's some distress there. OK, and just 20, 30 yellow letters a day and you're gonna get I mean, we're seeing it right now. You're gonna see 3 to 5 percent response rate, if not more on those letters, which means if you're sending 30 a day, you're getting a 5 percent response rate. What's that going to be getting 1 or 2 calls a day? Is that right? Something like that. Yeah. Yeah, that's good. That's really stinking good. And that's just gonna keep on rolling it.

Joe: All right. Let me say also I was gonna just talk about how to find buyers. Okay. Because we're kind of going to different erections. But like if you're doing lease options, you know, I would call all those things that you said I would start calling other wholesalers about their old leads, start calling everybody, you know. You have a house you want to sell. Do you have a house you want to buy? If you need to now, you need to start finding buyers. Okay. One of the things I wanted to talk about here is how do you find the buyers? Number one. I would call all of your old leads. I mean, all of your buyers right now. I'd call them right now and say, are you still buying based on the market? What are you looking for? What are you not looking for? What are you trying to buy? What would get you excited? So I call all of your own existing buyers first. The next thing I do is I start calling landlords. Going to your city in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Look up all of the landlords and property managers that are there listing properties right now and call them and ask them, are you looking for more rentals? If so, what kind of rental are you looking for? Call them. The next thing I would do is I would go and look up all of the realtors that have sold recent properties. And you can look at the MLS. You got to get access to the MLS. Somehow you might be able to get this in Redfin. But look for the properties that obviously needed some work that only an investor would buy. And start calling the realtors, the realtors for the sellers and the realtors for the buyers and ask them, hey, is your client looking for more deals? Do you know anybody right now looking for more properties like this?

Joe:Okay. Call realtors. There's a way in property. If you go to PropStreamJoe.com, there's a way in Prop Stream where you can look up all of the recent properties that have been purchased by an investor in the last year that are also showing up as active on the MLS right now. What does that mean? It means an investor bought that property. It's currently been rehabbed and it's actively listed on the market. Call those realtors out. Look for the ones that look for the rehabbed properties that just sold recently as well. Sometimes you won't know until she's looking through the pictures. You know, when you look at the history, because those are rehabbers and landlords and investors that you can call and say, hey, are you looking for more deals? One of the final things I'll say is, is you can skip trace these buyers when you find out who these buyers aren't. Well, let me retrace again what I'd recommend also is going to prop stream or going to list source. If you have REI Simple my CRM, you can pull up recent cash buyers, find out who these buyers are and skip trace them. You can just click a few buttons, use their services that will help you do this. But you can skip, trace them, get their phone numbers, get their emails. You can call them, you can text them, you can email them, you can send them letters. Do whatever you can to go out there and reach them. You can skip trace LLCs. Just go to fiverr. You can find VAs that can skip trace for you. You can call them. I would do one off one at a time calls if I were you. I'd just send text one at a time. But you don't want to blast them with rings, voicemail or mass text broadcasts or anything of that. I'm talking about just one at a time. Call them. There's really cool ways in REI Simple by the way, if you've got a huge list that you can just click, click, click and start texting or click and call, click and call really quickly like that. All right. So once you have a list of recent investors or investors that own property in the area that you're going after, you can also send them letters. And this letter has worked really, really well for me. If I have a property in the area and I'm looking for more buyers, I'll handwrite it like in a desperate, motivated buyer letter that says Urgent, I need to sell my property at 123 Main Street have had it listed for some time now. I can't wait any longer. I need to get this thing sold today. Underline. Take a drive by. Call me. I need to sell this thing now. I'm desperate. Whatever. Okay. Sign it. Phone number and that phone number should go to your cell phone. You should be answering all these calls. Crumple the letter up, send it in an invitation envelope to all of the investors that own properties in your target market. OK, that will get the phone to ring. Now. You should have a house, really, that you are selling. But how do you find that house? We'll just find some other wholesalers. Right. Give. Find a way. Don't make me go. Don't give yourself any excuses. Find a house that you can start marketing like that. But you get these buyers on the phone. Talk to them. What are you looking for? How can I help you do more deals? And if you need money now, tell them, listen, I will go find a deal for you. Do it. Gavin said before you get some money upfront from them. Cool. I'm looking at my list here. I think we covered a lot of stuff. Yeah, I read a lot of stuff. And it's I just want to challenge you guys with some practical things that you can actually start doing today to start making some money. Do you want to add anything to that.

Gavin: This thing you like, you just said that I think it's time now where you have everyone is included. Right. In all businesses. Everyone has just got a go for it and really take advantage of what's happening in a positive way. Right. Again, what we're here to help people and whatever a roadblock you have. Whatever boundary you have, there's always a way around it. And don't look too far because this is real simple. If it's education on how to do them, you can't afford it. Do what I said earlier. If it's well, I can't find any buyers, network with the wholesalers. Call realtors. Who is, if a buyer needs the property, who are they going to call? The seller needs to sell the property. You are going to call realtors. That's still very connected. So you get to know them, right? It's just lift the barriers and just say nothing is going to stop me from succeeding in real estate, in whatever I'm trying to do. And just remove things and just keep going. It's just keep going forward.

Joe: Very good. If you are interested in working with me and Gavin, we do have a link here. Just go check it out. We don't want to make this high pressure or anything like that. But some of you are wanting some coaching, you're wanting some help. Go check out REINetwork.com/coaching. Will you check that out, by the way. Gavin makes sure that links working. Yeah, it should be. Should be. REINetwork.com/coaching. Just tells you a little bit about what we're doing and how we can help you. It's an application process. Basically, what you're gonna do is you're gonna come out if you want. You don't have to do this. But you can come out to Savannah, Georgia, spend a day with Gavin. We'll setup your systems, will setup your cold calling, will set up your REISimple CRM. We'll setup your VAs will setup your buyer's lists. If you need lists of buyers, if you need some direct mail, help will setup all of your marketing, all your systems while you're there in Savannah. And if you don't want to travel right now, we'll do it virtually over the phone. I'm excited about it. It's something Gavin and I, we've been working together for four or five years doing this for clients all over the country. And if you want some hand-holding, if you want some help, now is the time to invest because there's a lot of opportunity. REINetwork.com/coaching. Absolutely.

Gavin: Coming up with the right plan. You know, one of the big things I've been working on is coming up with a game plan that you can execute. And then that goes even with talking about cash buyers. Write a list, just like we tried to keep an agenda on this call to some degree. You write it down because that is your plan and that's the same to you tomorrow. Tonight plans. Tomorrow what I'm going to do, 50. Buy it. So when you wake up, there's no what should I do? How am I going to do it? The plans that now you can execute it and you're going to see so many more results when you have a plan in place, it's super, super important.

Joe: Good. We're getting a lot of comments here. Appreciate that, Aaron. I will be wholesaling to make sure I fit that bill. Not sure what that's about. Good for you. Yes. All right. Hey, thank you,

Gavin: This is good. We're gonna be coming back to you again live in a couple of days. I think we have it on our calendar. I just want to get, I wanted to be out there giving you guys more tips and tricks, practical things that can really help you get going. Let's get this going. Don't let fear control your fears, your enemy. You need to be positive. Things are gonna be OK and start doing everything you can to make some money. Cool. Yeah. Thank you, Bill. Look at this. William Rafter. Bill Rafter. Awesome. Thank you very much. Working with you all. I think Aaron's having a conversation with somebody that I don't know what's going on.

Gavin:Really, we've actually tried to contact this low. Yet message us back at it we way we tried to reach out. Really?

Joe: Okay. Yeah. All right, guys, go check on REINetwork.com/coaching. If you want to work with us and we appreciate you all, we will see you later. Thank you, Gavin. Thanks, Joe. Appreciate it. Thanks, guys. All.


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