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Ever wish you could press pause at a workshop in the middle of the demo portion? That’s what we’re letting you do today. In this demo, Gavin and I walk through the three key features of our coaching service: marketing, automation, and delegation.

These are the systems we use for our own business. Our coaching clients use these systems too, and they work. We regularly close several deals a week, and our clients tell us they’re overwhelmed by the number of leads this system generates.

In this demo of our system, we walk through the three types of marketing we set folks up to do. We get better response rates with creative marketing tactics, from cold calling to text messages or, as a last resort, direct mail. All of that can be done right in our system.

During the demo, we actually create a marketing campaign to show you how the system works. We contact sellers and show you their real-time responses, and we draw up an example wholesale contract, right in the system.

We talk through the virtual assistant’s role, how to keep track of their work, and how to measure productive work. If real estate isn’t your full-time job, this is the best way to grow your REI business. With the right VA and a great system in place, you can come home from work to 3–5 leads waiting for your calls.

Bottom line: get ready to grow your business. Learn how to turn your goals into concrete strategies to realize your dreams.

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What’s inside:

  • Joe and Gavin demo their marketing and systems to find and close multiple deals a month.
  • Closing multiple deals requires the right team and willingness to delegate.
  • The key to good leads is targeted marketing, which is easy with the right data.
  • Track and respond to your marketing campaigns quickly and easily with a great system.

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Joe: What's up, everybody? How's it going? Joe McCall. Gavin Timms. Hi, Gavin. How are you?

Gavin: I'm good, Joe. How are you guys? How's it going? I'm excited. I'm excited for today.

Joe: I'm more excited than you.

Gavin: You probably are.

Joe: See, this is… If you guys know anything about me or if you've heard Gavin on my podcast before and stuff like that… I love, I love, love, love marketing and systems. Alright? I believe this business all comes down to the three components of success: marketing, automation and delegation. Marketing automation and delegation, right? So, there's a lot of cool things here that we're going to be talking about, we're going to be sharing with you. But what we're going to show with you, my agenda is really, really simple. Let me switch pages here.

Joe: My agenda is really, really simple. We have a workshop coming up October 17th and 18th. We keep our workshops small. We've got maybe 12 people in these workshops. Okay? I think the most we've ever had is, how many Gavin?

Gavin: Twelve max. Yeah, six to 12.

Joe: And what we do is we actually set up, we roll up our sleeves… even if we're having short sleeves… we roll up our sleeves and we say, all right, let's get some work done. We're going to set up the marketing, set up the systems, and then we teach and role play and practice in the workshop where we actually will do the marketing. We will talk to sellers, we'll make offers, go through example deals, get everything set up. So, we're going to actually be demonstrating on today's video here some of the marketing, the systems that we're doing for our own business and for our clients. These are things that are working today and we're going to give you an opportunity to work closely with us at the end as well.

Joe: I'm excited about this because I'm, you know, one of the reasons why we started doing this is because a lot of our clients were getting excited, you know, running a hundred miles an hour and then all of a sudden hit these roadblocks of like, Oh, I got to set that up. I got to set this up. And all, man, that's too confusing. That's overwhelming. I don’t know where to start. What do I do?

Joe: So, we just decided, you know what, if we're going to be working with somebody closely, let's just set up the stuff for them. We're not gonna do it all for you, but we'll set it up for you so that you can then just start going with it. Right? And so, we provide the marketing, the systems and the pre-trained VA's that you can hire that will do your cold calling that will update the CRMs, will update your websites, will get on the phone with you. And you know, if you need help with learning how to do something with REI Simple or you want just want them to do something for you, we actually provide the systems, the marketing and the team marketing automation delegation. All right. Yeah, it's like done for you.

Joe: And the cool thing is, you know, it's not cheap what we do, but it's absolutely 100% cheaper than anything else you can find anywhere else. So, we're going to be demonstrating some of the marketing that we're doing now that's working really, really well. Gavin, you were just telling me the other day we got 12 or 13 properties under contract last month. Is that right?

Gavin: Yup. So, we are, we've had two closings this week. Our half was $3,300 on one and $5,300 on the other. This week we've got more in closing. This month looking like in terms of actual closes, probably about $55,000 with some more still going into close. So, it's going to be a good month. But again, it's not all about volume, right? 12 contracts. That's the most that we've done volume wise, but it's not the biggest profit for the month. So, it's all about profit.

Gavin: But the only reason that we're able to do this and do so many is having the right team in place, the right systems in place to allow it to happen. It is physically impossible—I have yet to see anyone hit any decent numbers—as an individual. You have to use systems automation and delegation to build a business. You have to do it unless you just want to do one deal a month and take over.

Gavin: But again, how serious are you? Do you want to take this into a business or you're going to do a little side hustle hobby? And I think that's where the first thing that you need to clarify is creating a vision, creating goals. Once we have that, we build a marketing plan and then we can start putting everything into action for you. So, you can then propel forward to focus on talking to sellers, making offers and making money.

Joe: Yeah, super simple. And we're not talking about anything complicated here. This is something that we've done many, many times with us, with our clients, and the way we're doing our deals now. It's just, it's pretty simple and straight forward. We are actually still doing deals and we do this marketing right now for our own markets that we're doing in Alabama and Georgia and we're now duplicating. And our biggest complaint, if you call it that, from our clients, is I'm getting too many leads. I'm getting overwhelmed. What do I do? And so, that's, there's about three different types of marketing that we set folks up in. And so, we're going to be talking about that as well. Cool.

Joe: So, what I want to do is I just have a simple agenda that I've written down on my notepad here and we're going to demo some of this stuff. And a lot of this is built around our CRM called REI Simple. Okay? Now REI Simple is a, is a software that I've white labeled from Freedom Soft and that I've customized for what we're doing in our own business. Okay. And, so it's, it's pretty amazing. It's pretty powerful. What we've also done with our coaching clients is I've hired a full-time support person. His name is Rod from the Philippines who understands REI Simple inside and out. And he can get in there and set up your stuff for you. He can set up your systems for you. And I just realized something, Gavin, I need to, oh shoot, let me just text my wife really quick.

Gavin: Just while you're doing that, that's a little piece of gold right there with a VA that's going to be, well, he's already, he's doing an amazing job is just for REI Simple. So not only are we going to set this up, but then we can actually tailor things for you because every business is going to work different. Everyone wants to do different things, so he's actually going to be getting your own, helping you get your own contracts in there. We are going to be helping doing autoresponders and everything like that. So, everything REI Simple is dedicated to you, he can screen share with you, he can now you build it out. So, it's pretty amazing.

Joe: All right, so I'm just going to dive right in and I'm going to demonstrate a simple concept about a workflow automation and that the things that we set into our REI Simple account for automated follow-up. Okay. Automated follow-up. Real quick, we have a, you know what? I'm going to actually log into my admin account. Hold on one second here. What we have, there's this thing called workflow automations and what this does, this is so amazing. When you change the status on a certain lead, some things happen, alright? So, we have these statuses right now for new, text message sent, research and process, bad numbers, advanced research required, research complete and contact attempt, one, two and three.

Joe: But look at some of the things that we've added in here for cold follow-up. So, when we change the status to cold follow up, we're going to send, now these are kind of backwards. You can see from the bottom going up what happens. Okay? So, when the status becomes cold follow-up, they're automatically added to a group called cold follow-up group. One day later they're sent a text that says, Hey, and inserts their name. I tried calling the past couple of days, but you haven't connected. Are you interested in selling the property? And this is all customizable. You can change this so it doesn't do it. Day 38 sends of another text. Would you do me a favor and let me know if you're interested in selling and it inserts the address in. Day 38: Hey, I'm just reaching out again about your property… Bloop. I'm interested in buying it. Can you call me or text me and see how it does this? Every 30 days for six months it sends a text message code follow up.

Joe: Then if it's a warm follow up, it adds them to another group. So, like it adds these leads to a group that you can like pull up that group, filter all those leads and maybe you know you, you just want to pick up the phone and call them. But it then says here, after seven days, Hey, we contacted, we connected recently and following up to let you know that I'd like to buy a property. Call me when you're ready. Hey, it's been a month. Hope you're well. Would you be ready to sell the address? Would you… It's sending these texts and you can send it. You can have it send automated text messages and emails if you have their email address. Okay? Then if it's a do not call, if we status it as, do not call, we automatically add this lead to our do not call list, which means it won't send them any more follow up phone calls or text messages, which is amazing.

Joe: And then it adds them to another group. When the lead is active, we actually mark the lead as, we mark it as a lead. When the contract is sent, we stop any future email and SMS follow-up, which is really, really important because, you know, once we send them a contract that, and they've told us they want to sell, we don't want to send them automatically a bunch of texts saying, Hey, do you want to sell your property? Do you understand? So, there's just these, there's so many workflow automations that you can do here when the lead is dead. Okay.

Joe: When we status the lead as dead, it automatically stops future follow-up. And then it actually even still sends them another text in six months. Hey Jim, sorry to bother you. I wanted to follow up about your property, blah, blah, blah. You wouldn't be interested in selling, would you? So, we're still doing follow-up even though the status of the lead is dead. Now you can change this if you don't want to do that, that's fine. When I'm, when the appointment is scheduled, we do. So, there's, this is the really, really powerful thing. When we want to add a status in here for whatever, if its contract pending, these are the actions that you can then set up. You can create a task and assign it to somebody in the future. You can send them a text message in the future. You can send them an email; you can move it to a group or copy it to a group. You can distribute it to a new campaign. You can add them to a do not call list, which is really important because you don't want to follow. It's like, if they threatened you like, Hey, don't ever call me again, I'm going to sue you, then you can add them to do not call us and you won't accidentally follow up with them in the future. You can stop follow-up and you can mark it as a lead.

Joe: So, these are really, really powerful automations that you can get done so that your follow-up in your marketing is done for you. It just gets done. Okay? I just wanted to show you those automated workflows because it's super powerful. Okay. Now, one of the things that I wanted to show you guys, when you're first getting into the business, especially if you're doing wholesaling, you need to have cash buyers. Super important, right? Super important to get really good cash buyers so that when you get a property you'd know who's going to buy it from you.

Joe: In fact, I want to show you something here really quick. One of the things that we do with our clients is we look to see, all right, where's the activity happening in your market? Where should we be targeting? Where is the activity? And one of the favorite things that I like to do here is in List Source. And we do this with our clients. I'm going to run through this really fast just using, and Gavin, please interrupt me or ask me to stop if I'm making a mistake or something.

Joe: But, one of the things I like to do is just figure out, okay, in the last six months, where is all the investor activity happening? And we'll look at something like this. All right? We'll say in the last, under 200 grands in the last six months, these are absentee owner investor purchases. Next, we had 1300 transactions. All right? We'll do no preference for corporate owned, no preference for trust, absentee owners that bought properties here. I'm gonna pretend like I'm purchasing the list and then I'm going to do purchase partial lists. I'm gonna go to custom selection zip code. Okay.

Joe: So, I just sent myself an email I've taken from List Source. I've gotten a list of all of the most active zip codes that are interested in, where the investors are buying. Okay? All right. I'm going to sort this by count from high to low. Okay. In this one zip code, 10.7% of all the investor activity happened in that zip code in the last six months. And we can do this in any County in the entire country. And so now if I look at this, these zip codes right here are where at least 53% of all the investor activity has happened in St Louis County. So instead of spraying and praying and doing marketing in all 45 zip codes, I'm going to target my marketing just in these eight zip codes right here. That way when I get a property under contract, I'm going to be able to sell it quickly.

Joe: And one of the cool things that we do with our buyers, I mean with our coaching clients is, we will give you these buyers, we will give you these buyers, we'll help you send out marketing to them. So, you can start building your buyers list and we'll start targeting sellers who own properties in these top zip codes here.

Joe: One of the other things that we like to do. For example, let me just show you what we were doing with a client a couple of days ago. We had a client in the Houston market and they were wanting to do some deals. Right now, Houston is very competitive, right? One of the things that we've found that works best is targeting the counties around the big MSAs. Okay. So right now, in Houston, Harris County is the big County, right? So, we just started going into the counties surrounding big Harris County and we found over, what was the number? It was like 13,000 or 14,000 absentee owners with equity, with 50% equity or more that have owned their property for 10 years or more. So, we were able to go in and get a list in this County right here, which is Fort Bend County, right? And then we went into this County right here, which is Waller County, this County up here, Montgomery, this County, even though it's not exactly touching Grimes, this County.

Joe: And you know, so we just went in and we went into a map and we looked at, okay, what are all the exact, and I think we even went into the College Station County here, which is Brazos County. So, you can go into the Harris County, but the problem is there's so much competition in there. Let's look at around the area and we're seeing right now in the counties that are surrounding the main counties, we're seeing response rates two to three times better, right?

Joe: So, when we were talking about before the deals that we're doing, on average, we're spending $500 to $750 per deal in marketing because we're targeting outside the big MSAs where there's not as much competition and we're doing creative marketing like cold calling. We're doing a scraping and Craigslist and Zillow. We're sending text messages; we're doing skip tracing. As the last resort we're sending direct mail. We are doing a little bit of that, but the direct mail we're doing, one of the things I'm going to show you a little bit here is how you can send direct mail. You can bypass the property managers that are listing properties for rent that are vacant on Zillow and you can send letters directly to the homeowner really quickly and easily.

Joe: So just by looking at this now, going outside the counties and targeting around the big MSA's, we're getting a much better response rate. And then we can also go into each of these six to eight counties and say, all right, if there's too many, we can say show us the best zip codes in these 10 counties doing what I just showed you here in List Source, right? So now in St Louis County, just as a quick example, what I did, I can see in 63136, 63031, 63033 and these here, this is, this is where the investor activity is happening.

Joe: In fact, I might even just like go after these zip codes here. These are good. I know these areas, these are really good zip codes where you can get good blue collar, median priced rentals where there's a lot of demand. People are clamoring to find deals here. So, if, let's just take this a zip code right here. This is one of my favorite zip codes. I want to show you where it is on a map. 63031… this is what's called North County in St Louis. This is Florissant. If I were to zoom out. Okay. You'd see it's kind of, there's downtown St Louis. I live out here, so this is a good area, good blue-collar neighborhood. The median home price in this area is, let me just show you median home price. 63031 you should get good data from Zillow.

Joe: Usually when you do this, the Zillow home value, which is kind of like a medium price is $111,000 all right, and it's forecasting to go up and you can go, I'm not going to do it now, but you can go in here and you can see the rents are really, really good. They're going to be, the median rents are about, yeah, $1,100. $1,100. Like, you hear the 1% rule. Okay. This is a great zip code. This is why so many people are looking for property here is because you, the average price is $111,000 and the average rents are $1,100. It's hard to find that 1%. In other words, rent of 1% of the average price of the home. And you can see strong growth here.

New Speaker: So, who are these buyers that are buying in those zip codes? I'm glad you asked because we can go right here into REI Simple, go to cash buyers and we can put in that zip code 63031 and you can search by County or by zip codes. Okay? And I can go to advanced and this is just the last 90 days. Let's do last 180 days. And I want to do max $120,000… I don't want people that paid more than that. So, here are 75 cash buyers that have bought properties in that one zip code in the last six months. Cool. So, I can select all of them. There's all 75 of selected and I can add them to a direct mail campaign and I can do a premium mailing campaign or stuff and stick mail campaign if I go to premium. So, you could send this as a letter or as a postcard.

Joe: It puts their information, Hey, this is Joe McCall here really quick, I need to sell a property located near you that you own. It puts their address in. It is very much undervalued, which means you could either keep it for a rental or fix and flip, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So just really quickly. Then you could create a letter campaign and send it to them. So here I have their name. Sometimes it's an LLC, sometimes it's not. Here I have their, the mailing address, mailing city, state and zip and the purchase history. Okay, I can then take this list. I'm not going to do it now, but I can take this list and I can import it into REI simple and I can skip trace it as long as it's not an LLC. And I can get the names and phone numbers, the phone numbers, and the email addresses of these buyers.

Joe: All right, but in the interest of time, I'm not going to do that. I'm going to show you something else now because now that you've got these buyers and you can, by the way, you can go in here and see this company, Rezzy, a single-family residence of LLC out of Georgia, they’re buying these houses in Florissant and guess what? They're paying on average, it looks like it's brought $85,000 on average that they're paying, right? What if we went here? This company out of Ohio has bought these four properties, so if you get a property in 63031, guess what? You can go and send a letter or a postcard or contact them.

Joe: Now, let me show you one of my favorite postcards that I like to use. This is the letter that we like to send. If you, if you do this, you're going to find more buyers than you can handle. So, we will go then and pull a list of buyers that have bought properties in this area recently and we'll send them a crumbled up handwritten yellow letter that looks like this urgent notice at the top. I desperately need to sell a contract that I have for a property at one two three main street. I've had it on the market for some time now and I can't wait any longer. Take a drive by, call me and I will tell you more about it. The title is clear, taxes are paid, condition is good and I need it sold today. Drive by, call me, make me a cash offer right now. Phone number, I am desperate, Joe. Crumple it up, fold it and mail it. This thing works like gangbusters.

Joe: Okay, so real simple easy ways to get cash buyers. Number one, you go in here, you get the cash buyers right from here, you can export it to a CSV file and then you can import it back in and inside of REI Simple. You can skip trace the non-LLCs and get phone numbers and emails. Then you can just text them and you can email them, but you can also download their addresses, send them this yellow letter, just 50 to 100 of them and you're going to get lots and lots of calls from these guys.

Joe: I want to show you something else here that is new that we're doing with Lead Finder. So, I'm going after, remember these zip codes we have here that we really like, right? I want to go after these zip codes, these top three here, and I want to get vacant houses. For example, I can go here to start search. I'm going to do a 63033, all right? And I can do here, let's do absentee owners. Let's do vacant out of state owner, no preference. Tax delinquents. We can say yes or exclude no preference. Foreclosure auction. I'm gonna exclude foreclosures. Quick claim deeds. You could just do quick claim deeds. Those are really good leads as well. Let's do no preference. Vacancy. Yes. So, these are vacant that are not foreclosures. Okay.

Joe: Then we can do ownership type. We could say individual owned. I'm going to say yes and I'm going to exclude corporates because we can't skip trace corporate's, trust owned. You can't skip trace those. And I'm also going to exclude trust and bank owned. Alright, we can do property type, single families, property filters. Let's just go through this real quick and we'll see what we get. All right. 148 vacant homes that just popped up that are absentee owners that are vacants, that are in these, that are in that one zip code. Okay? Now I'm going to go right here and I'm going to add them to a lead campaign.

Joe: I'm going to create a new one. This was 63033, right? So, I'm going to call it 63033 vacants. This is a manuel sellers. All right, I'm gonna make sure that they are in that campaign. Cool. So all these properties, if I just click on one of them, you can see this one, for example, it's vacant absentee owners. They're not tax delinquent or whatever. William Keven owns it from. He also lives in. It looks like it looks like he lives down the street. All right. And this is a house that's vacant. Cool. And from here, I can get a lot of information from him.

Joe: Now, what I'm going to do next, this is pretty cool. I'm going to go to my campaigns. I created that campaign right here. There's 148 records in there. I'm going to highlight all of them. I'm going to move them to… Actually, I'm going to create a new group here. I'm gonna create a new group called 63033 vacant SMS. And I must take all of those and I'm going to move them to that group. I just moved all those leads to that group. Now what's this gonna allow me to do is I'm to send them a text and I'm gonna go here, to more, I'm gonna update their status. So now, they are, I have…

Joe: Oh, I gotta Skip Trace them. I forgot. So I go here to skip trace leads. I have them all selected, skip trace leads. I'm gonna drag their information here. Mailing address, city, state, zip, confirm, skip trace. They're being added to skip trace. I'm going to go here. I'm going to skip trace these 147 leads. Now you can set it up where it applies a do not call flag and unknown litigator flag. Okay, while it's working, let me tell you something here. I pre bought skip tracing leads here through REI Simple. We pay 24 cents per skip trace in REI Simple, but when we're doing our cold calling, we use one of two services and we pay 18 cents to skip trace. So, we only use REI simple here for the short little smaller packages of leads that we want to skip trace and we're going to show you in a minute the cold calling that we do with Mojo Sells. How many VA's do we have working for us right now, Gavin?

Gavin: In a personal or just for clients?

Joe: Both.

Gavin: Yeah. So personal, we have on the cold calling we have three now. And then, but we're hiring one more. And then for clients there's probably about 45-50 in the office.

Joe: Yes, it just kind of happened by accident. We had our main VA that was in cold calling. She was great and we just said, Hey, can you help us find some more people? So, she actually created an office, got an office, a real physical office with all these people in it.

Gavin: Yup. Yup. And that's easier for us to maintain. You know, it still dealing with VA's, you still have to manage them and, and we teach you exactly how to do that, you know, the communication side of it. But the great thing is, and we're going to come onto it, so I don't want to talk too much, but when you have leads coming into this system into REI Simple already prescreened for you to talk, to your time, if you're working a job, that's what it's going to be perfect for. So, when you get off work, you've already got leads sitting there ready to go, to speak to, yeah.

Joe: Alright. So, let me show you kind of what happened here and we just skip trace this one for example. Nicole Tanner has this house here on Penhurst. I've statused this as first text sent, but we have, we will send the text here in just a minute. Now I got two emails from her and two different phone numbers. Cool. And you can go see this house. This is probably a vacant house. Don't know for sure yet, but we get these from the postal service. This is a good solid rental neighborhood. In fact, my mom owns a house just like it, looks just like this on the corner of a street in Florissant. It almost looks like her house but it's not. I's a great little house. Okay. You can also from here look at comparable sales and you can sort this by distance.

Joe: You can see houses here are selling for… let' sort by price, $60k, $79k, $80k, $84k, $90k. These homes around here in this area, similar sizes are selling for about that. These comps come from Zillow and Eppraisal. So, they're not always available in everywhere you are. But then we can see here Nicole Tanner owns this house and oh, this is a, what's interesting is her mailing, and this is not an absentee owner, you can see here that this is a house that the address is the same. Now she just bought it about three, four months ago, three months ago. Maybe she's rehabbing it. Let's look at the next one here. The property address, 3370. Lewis Hannibal lives at 3340. Last bought this house in 2012 for $7,500. Why is it vacant now? I don't know. Go street view here. Let's do map.

Joe: Sometimes if the address isn't just right, doesn't show up. Let's look at the next one here. They bought this in April. For some reason, this is still vacant in the mail County records. Alright, now one of the things that we can do now is we're going to send an SMS broadcast campaign to these leads. I'm going to go here to SMS broadcast. I'm going to compose a new one. I have a text that I like to send. I'm going to pick those. That group right there, I'm going to send it from a phone number. Now, REI Simple gives you phone numbers, is something I forgot to say. You can get local phone numbers where you can send outbound texts and you can make outbound and receive inbound calls that goes to voicemail. And so, we have a local phone number so you don't need CallRail or Vumber anymore.

Joe: So, I have here this text I like to send. So hi, I have their first name. Sorry this message is out of the blue, but my name is Joe and I was wondering if you might be interested in selling your property at property address. Do I have the right person? So, you can set it up where it sends a text to mobile numbers only. And you can also say whether you want to remove don't send it to numbers that have the do not call flag. So, this is up to you. It's personal preference. Just for purposes of this illustration, I'm going to say don't send it to people that have the do not call and remove numbers with the known litigator flags.

Joe: What that means is there's a database out there that REI Simple connects to anybody that has sued for anti-spam, stuff like that for calling cold calling, ringless voicemails or whatever. We have their phone numbers and so we will not send them a text. Cool. So now I'm removing phone numbers. I have the do not call flag and I'm also removing phone numbers. I have the litigator flags. So, the broadcast is created. So, there are 77 phone numbers that's going to send out now. Okay. And if you can look at it, it's gonna say, Hey Nicole, sorry if this message is out of the blue. My name is Joe. I was wondering if you might be interested in selling your property on Pinehurst. You can see this one. Hey McKeel, Marshall, Walter. So, it's personalizing these and sending them text messages. All I need to do here is just click send SMS, just like that. I am sending…

Joe: Now this is compliant. The way we set this up, I'm clicking the button, send SMS, and this is compliant because we're sending these messages one at a time. One thing I forgot to mention is normally we only send these broadcast messages to absentee owners and just because they're easier to deal with. And you notice like sometimes they don't have their name, right? So, it doesn't put in their email addresses their name, it just says, it just leaves it blank. We could go in by County and we can say, all right, show us all of the absentee owners that are out of state that have vacant properties. Skip trace them and send them a text. Cool. Alright. So, we just sent out some texts. We'll wait here to see if we get any responses and I'll show you kind of the responses that we get.

Joe: One other thing I'm going to show you here too is so now all these leads, they're marked as texts sent. Okay. And we can also send these people a letter, which is really, really cool. I'm going to show you how to do that real quick. Oh, I'm going to show you really quick actually how to send them an email. So, this Nicole Tanner here. If I click on this, I have a template called vacant house. I'm just going to send them this person that email really quick. Just sent them an email. I'm gonna click on this here. This boom, boom. So, I just sent two emails to that email address there.

Joe: I also want to send this person a letter. All right, so I have their name, I have the mailing address and I have the property address, which is the same in this case. I'm just going to go here and I'm going to not capitalize stuff. By the way, all of this I have my VA do for me, so I'm not the one actually doing this. I'm going to send this letter. I have one right here. A seller sent it back to me. It sends, this is a, I sent a letter when I was demonstrating this in Bakersfield, California the other day and it's a yellow letter like this and it says, dear so-and-so, I saw your house on Zillow. I'm an investor looking for more properties in the area. You wouldn't be interested in selling, would you? Give me a call. They actually cut out my return mailing address and put it on an envelope. So, they sent the letter back to me, said make me an offer but don't insult me with a low price, whatever.

Joe: So, it sends out these letters. I'm going to show you how to do that right now. I'm going to go right here, generate document, St Louis vacant. I have a letter in here called St Louis vacant. Click next step. Here's the letter. My name's right there. I understand you want a house in Florida. I inserted the city. I'm an investor looking for more properties in the area. You wouldn't be interested in selling, would you? Click complete. It's generating this letter. It costs me, I think it's 81 cents to send this. I'm going to click email. Type in mailbot. I have a template here called email to mail and boom, I'll send a copy to myself. What I just done did is I emailed that letter to Click2Mail, Click2Mail will print it today since I'm doing it before 2:00 PM. They will print it today and send it in the physical mail, first-class mail to Nicole Tanner. She'll get it in one or two days depending on where they're sending it from. So just like that, I sent her a letter. Boom. Cool.

Gavin: Yeah and then the good thing is that you just said, Joe, the VAs can do this. Yeah, I know it might look like, Oh, this is time consuming. That's why you shouldn't be doing it, but it needs to be done because of the how efficient it's going to make your business.

Joe: Yeah. So, I just sent an email. Now let me just do that one more time. This is Lou. Let's just pick one down here. Carl. Now his number is on the do not call list, so I didn't send him a text. Cool. But I'm going to send him a letter right now. Generate document. This might've been a guy who bought this property and started the rehab and just was like, oh man, this is so frustrating. I'm sick of this. I'm tired of it. I'm done. I get my letter. It's generating right now. I hit refresh. There it is. Email, mailbot, boom. Email to mail, there. That seller Carl will get that letter in a couple of days now. So, what I just showed you was marketing.

Joe: Now let's see what kind of responses we got. Now you're going to get a lot of responses in here. You can now filter by campaign and you can say, all right, only show me… we did get one response here. Like this guy for example, if they send anything back like yeah, maybe, or tell me more, then we're just going to pick up the phone and call them up.

Joe: I want to show you another thing that we do. We'd like to go to Craigslist and Zillow and we'll go here to 63031 for example, and we'll go in and we do this for our clients. We'll pull all of the for rents and for sale by owners in these zip codes that have houses. So right now, in that one zip code, there's a hundred properties that are listed for sale by owner and for rent. We have a service that we use that goes in and scrapes all of those houses and scrapes the property, address the rent, the Zestimate and the phone numbers. And we will actually go in and send text message marketing to them.

Joe: Now some of these are listed by leasing agent or realtor property manager. That's okay. We'll still send marketing to them, but I'm also going to show you what you can do. Look at, if you look at all these properties, they have one thing in common. What is it? They're rentals that are vacant. All right, let's look at this one. These are nice rental properties that are vacant and a lot of times these are properties that, you know, they just evicted the tenant and they went back in and they cleaned it up, they painted it and they've been now without any kind of income for two or three months.

Joe: And we're sending them a text and a letter and an email saying, Hey, you want to sell this property? We'd like to buy it. Now we're going to send a text to the realtor, the listing agent, but we're also going to send a letter to the owner. I'm going to show you what we do to do that. I want to go here. We have a St Louis deals group, boom. And we have some new. And these are all the categories that what we're doing. So, these are all new leads and I'm going to send them to for rents.

Joe: So, I'm going to go here, I'm going to search for, and these are new and I want for rent only. All right, so we have here 412 leads that we've scraped in the last couple of weeks from Zillow. And this is a lot of different parts of St Louis… It's not all of them. Okay. And so, we can see in these, we have the, the address of the property and we have a phone number. This is the phone number that came from the Zillow ad. So, I'm just going to select, I'm going to go to, let's just select 40 of them. Actually, let's select 60 of them. I just selected 60. I'm going to go here to, I'm gonna move them to a new group.

Joe: Actually, let me manage, let me create a new group. I'm going to call it SMS Broadcast Zillow For Rent. I'm gonna put today's date 26, September, 2019. Just created that group. I'm going to take all 60 of them and I'm going to move them to that group. Alright, now all 60 of those leads are in that group right here. SMS broadcast, right. I'm going to highlight all 60 of them. I'm going to go here to status. I'm gonna update their status to text sent. They're all selected still. I'm going to go here and I'm going to confirm them, which means I can send texts to them. I have their permission because they put their phone number on Zillow. They're all confirmed now. Cool.

Joe: I'm going to go here to marketing SMS broadcast. I'm going to compose a new one. I'm going to select that group that I just did, which is right there and it's going to be really simple. Hey, I saw your property on Zillow at put in the address property address in property city. You or your client wouldn't be interested in selling it, would you? Thanks Joe. Cool and you might want to do something cute like a smiley face or whatever. I'm going to remove duplicates. I'm not going to worry about do not call flag or litigated flags because these are phone numbers that were put into Zillow.

Joe: Oh, and I got to select the from number I want to send it from. I have a phone number specifically for Craigslist, Zillow. This is a local… Phone numbers are $4 a month. I'm going to send this broadcast out to those 60 people right now and click send broadcast. Broadcast created. I'm just going to go through really quick. Let's do this and I'm removing duplicates, right, so it's not sending the same phone number a ton of texts. Some of these are from Zillow, some of them are from Craigslist. Most of them are from Zillow and I'm just, this is compliant with anti-spam laws because I'm sending these texts personalized one at a time. I'm just clicking the send SMS button. You can't see it, but I'm just sending there. Cool. Just sent out a bunch of texts.

Joe: Now let's see what kind of responses… You already have responses here. This is Hot Pads. What's your full name? So, some of these texts I sent were… Oh Doug. I know this guy, Doug Munsterman. This is a message from Hot Pads. Wrong person, you can't afford it. Have a good day and do not contact me again. All right, so this is somebody who said don't contact me again. They're mad. All I need to do is click that, add them to my do not call list and I'll never send them another message again. They're done. They're gone. I'm currently unavailable. I'll call you back as soon as I can. All right, so I'm going to refresh this here because I know this guy Doug. Alright, so here's an example. I know Doug, I'm just going to go ahead and give this to him. This is a lead that came from Zillow.

Joe: Now, by the way, if the seller says, yes, I want to sell this house, I'm still gonna work through the property management company, alright, and I'm going to still pay them their commissions, I'm going to pay them their commissions. And so, this is the house listed for $1600 a month in rent. If we were to pull up this property, well let me show you a couple of things here. We'll go back to REI Simple. This is the property address. We can look at the street view and this is a nice area of Wentzville… some newer areas, probably why it's not showing up here. Yeah. So, if I go to Google maps, there's no street view out here yet. So, there's no street view on this property. All right, this may be a better example.

Joe: This is Alton, Illinois. Dang it. There's no street view there either. Let's go to this next one. Blackjack, Missouri. Street view. Thank you. All right, so this is a house that was listed for rent on Zillow. Let's look at this property. $1195 a month in rent. It's vacant listed by First Key Homes Corporate. Alright. Now let me show you this. If I click here, find owner, it's owned by CSMABLT LLC. Where do these people get these names from? I don't know.

Joe: And the mailing address is the property address, which is interesting, isn't it? I'm going to send them a letter. I'm going to go right here, generate document, boom. Just like that. Now if I wanted to change the number, I could change the number, but I'm not. Click complete. It's generating this letter. And in a minute, I'm gonna show you a different way to do this too, which is really cool. Mailbot, just like that I've sent the owner of that property a letter that's on yellow paper. It looks like this and it shows up in a window envelope, which is really cool. So, if I wanted to, I could go in here and I can say text sent and they could send, I can change it to letter sent as well. Let's see what some of our responses are now. So, this is Benton, Illinois. Let's see if we can find this on the map here.

Joe: This is a good area. And, the more I'm doing this and the more we're doing this for our clients, the more I'm seeing people that are doing a ton of deals in these small areas. So, this is Benton, Illinois. It's probably a 45 minute to an hour drive from downtown St Louis, but there's a lot of properties here. It looks like a normal size lot. I don't think there's any, Oh, there is a street view. Good. Let's look at this. It looks rough, but I'll make an offer on this. All right, so let's, uh, let's look at this here. If I go to lead details, I click find owner John Keith Atley on Stowy Vessant, Benton. So this is an, an absentee owner that owns this property that lives in the same town. And he said, what did he say? Yes, I'm selling it.

Joe: Let's look here at the Zillow. He had it listed for rent on Zillow for$ 768 a month. Okay. There's a nicer picture. So, they've done some updating; oh, he's got it here for sale also. So, when we scraped it, it was, we scraped it from the rentals. It looks like he maybe took to these pictures with the previous tenant and wow, it has a bath tub in the backyard. Cool. It's listed by a listing agent. So, if it's listed by a realtor, I'm not going to go around the realtor, but I'll call the seller back and I'll make the offer through the realtor, talk to them and just say, Hey, what's going on? Tell me about this property. I'm looking for an investment in the area and if he's listening it for rent and for sale, he might be open to at least purchase. So, he was advertising as at one time for $760 a month in rent.

Joe: Now if the Zestimate is a hundred thousand and he's asking $95k, so he's asking pretty close to full Zillow value, which tells me that he may not be that motivated, but he might be willing to do a lease purchase to me as an investor. So, I just give him a call. Cool. Let me show you one other thing here that's pretty awesome. I'm going to go back to my campaigns here. Let's pull up a rental property that's from Zillow for rent. This is the one that we've not sent a text to. This is a property out in Springfield, Missouri. Again, I love small town deals. It's about two-hour drive from St Louis. I'm going to click on the, so they were listing this house for rent for $1195 a month. Here's the Zillow property. Let me do something here really quick. I'm going to send this person a letter. I'm gonna click find owner. It's in a trust. Eddie Crab trust. It's interesting. I like trusts, so I'm going to go here.

Joe: Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take this address, pull it up on Google maps. This is again something your VA's can do for you. What I'm going to show you here is where you take a picture of the property and you actually put it in a letter to the sellers. This is working crazy well right now. We're getting anywhere from 10% to 15% response rates. What I'm going to show you right now. Okay. Now let's look up this property in Zillow because I want to see if I can get a better front picture of this property. So, I'm going to, I use a software called Droplr and I'm going to type this right here. Don't list your house, sell it. You can say something like that. I'm going to save this. I just took this image here.

Joe: I have this thing that I like to do with Click2Mail. Again, we have VA's that will do this for you. I'm going to sign into my account. This thing I like to send called Easy Letter Sender. Start your letter and search your image. It's going to take that image I just did and put it in the envelope. Add recipients address. Let me bring this over right here. I have the address right here and the name was Eddie Crab Trust. Copy. Then it's Springfield, Missouri, 65804. All right, save. I could do endorsements. You could say, you know, Ford servicing requested and I'm going to type in something really simple. Hi, I saw your property at… again, my VA does this… in Springfield, Missouri. You wouldn't be interested in selling it, would you? I am an investor looking to buy some more properties in the area. Call me at, no, I have a phone number for this campaign. Thanks, Joe.

Joe: All right. I'm going to make this courier new. I'm going to make this really big. I'm going to make it bold. Save. Let's take a look at it. Real simple, right? In fact, I could probably make it even bigger. There. It's coming from me to this trust with their picture on the envelope. It's a picture of that house, proof and finish and just like that. Now your VA's can do this for you. So, the VA is, what we're doing now is we're having our VA send about 20 or 30 of every single day and they can do it from the Philippines. So, you're not sending letters from the Philippines… your VAs are doing this for you right from here.

Joe: I go to approve JM. I approve the proof and now because I have credits already, I can go check out now. I would probably, I'd have my VA do some more letters, do 20 or 30 a day and then you just, you can check out all at once. I have preapproved credits in here so my VA doesn't have to put in my credit card. Do you understand? We're seeing five to 10% response rates with these letters. You can set it up where it's on yellow paper with the picture there and send it to, it's just working really, really well. Cool. All right.

Joe: I've just went through; I just want to summarize. I know I'm flying through this fast. We've been sending text campaigns, we've been sending emails, we've been sending letters all from inside of REI, Simple to sellers and then we've been also sending them letters with the picture one at a time to the property… That letter that I just sent was about $1.20 that I sent through Click2Mail.

Joe: Now let's look at some of these. I've got 114 responses back. This one responded back. Hey Joe, let me talk with the owner. Are you interested in viewing this at 12 today? This is a property in Carbondale, Illinois. Let me open up this Zillow link right here. So, here is a realtor that's saying, yeah, he's kind of open to the idea. Maybe my client would be interested in selling it. Now when I'm talking to this management company, I want to let them know, listen, if you can help me work this together and get me a good deal on this, I'll let you represent me and you can get both sides of the commission. Who pays the commissions anyway? The seller does, and even though they're a property manager, they still probably have in their listing agreement to manage it. They do have it something in there usually that says if we sell it, we're going to get commissions from it as well.

Joe: This is a great property. They're asking $1350 a month in rent. I don't know. I could maybe offer it doesn't need any work inside. That's something that we show you how to do in the workshop, but we can actually quickly create a good offer on this. In fact, let's just do that right now. What would you offer on this property? You can go. What I like to do here is let me just go to Zillow. Let me pull that property up. And so now that property is in, in a map, in the center of this map right behind us. I'm going to change this to solds. Let's change it to in the last 12 months, there's 54… too many. So, I'm going to zoom in a little bit. This is sorted from high, low to high. I'm just looking at, well these are what similar properties are selling for, so I'm going to need to be at around $40,000 to $50,000. I'm just telling you and then I'm also going to look at the for sales.

Joe: Well, what are current properties listed for? Here's a current property for $35k, $48k, $48k… this one doesn't need any work. It's a three bedroom, so I'm going to offer around $35,000 for this. Okay? Just like that. How long did that take me? I'm not, I don't care about ARVs. All I care about are the lowest solds and the lowest actives and I'm just gonna… I'm gonna offer $35,000 for this thing. Chances are he's going to say no, but that's okay. Right? I'll follow up. Maybe I'll ask them, well, what is your lowest price? Now these are going to be properties that need work. He'll say, no, I've got to get, I gotta get $80k for it. While I've got them on the phone I can say, well, okay, but I'm looking at some of these houses here. These looks like they're nice, they don't need much work at all, just a little bit of updating.

New Speaker: I just thought of something… One of the other things that you should really be thinking about doing and we've, you can do this inside of REI Simple as well… We're going to look in Redfin right now and we've got this now set up with our coaching clients where we're going to give you all of the realtors contact information in your County. We're going to give you their emails and their phone numbers, their cell phone numbers, and so what we're doing now, it's working really well and this is something that I taught in MLS Hacks and we're now actually going to be implementing it for our clients. You're going to go into, this is something again, your virtual assistant can do.

Joe: We're going to go into these targeted areas that we're looking at… We're going to look for houses. We’re going to go here to time on Redfin, max 90 days. These are properties that have been on the MLS for over 90 days and we're going to click apply filters here and we're going to sort this by price and we're just now, obviously there's some pretty crappy homes here. Some of them are short sales, but what we're doing here is we're looking at this property. This one obviously needs a lot of work. It's not in a great area.

Joe: In fact, let's just do this. I'm going to do it by zip code. I don't like that area, that houses, so here's 63031. I'm going to go to more filters. I'm going to say house only, time on Redfin max 90 days or minimum.90 days. Apply filters. All right, here we go. 24 homes in that one zip code that had been on the market longer than 90 days, and if you look at some of these properties, they're asking $79,900 for this. It looks like it's in decent shape, right? This is a great property, so I'm going to pull this up and we're going to set this up now where the VA's, your virtual assistants that we will give you that you can hire. We're going to take this property and put it into REI Simple.

Joe: I'm just do this here really quick. I'm going to create a new campaign called realtor leads manual sellers. All right, I'm going to go in here and I'm going to buy, just show you really quickly how to buy a phone number. I'm gonna click add number. I want a three one four area code and I'm actually, I'm going to buy this number right here, but I'm going to pause my screen so you don't, it's going to show you my billing address. I'm going to buy this number. I'm going to select my credit card. It's $4 a month for this phone number. This is the number. I'm going to call it realtor older listings. All right, and I can set up a voicemail. I'm going to do that right now really quick. I'm gonna record custom message. Hey, yeah, this is Joe McCall, and sorry I missed you. If you leave a message, I will call you back right away. Thanks.

Joe: I can set this up now where somebody calls that number, it will either forward it to somebody else to the answer live, or you can set it up where the incoming call will display your phone number or the caller's number. You can do call notification. You can also set it up where when they call, it'll send them a text reply back automatically. I'm just gonna save this change. Alright, now I'm going to go to that campaign I just created. It's called realtor leads. Oh no associated number to that. This number that I just bought. Now, anytime somebody calls that number, it's going to take that lead and add it to this campaign. All right, I'm going to go here to share as well.

Joe: This is now the real power in this because it's going to give me a web form and this is what our VA's will do. They have this link to this web form and they are going to put their information in here. By the way, I'm going to refresh my screen. Guess what? Boom, you've got seven leads, baby. Look at this. You got seven leads. I can also set it up where records any outbound calls or inbound calls. I can have them all recorded. Cool. This next one came in. All right, now I can go here to all of my leads and this is one thing that's cool too. Oh, now I've got 26 leads, 26 leads.

Joe: I can also go here and just see really quickly the communications. So, I can see what leads are new because they're grey and they're bold. So, the cool thing too is I can go back here to recent items. Go back to where I just was. We've got 34 leads. That's awesome. Let me see if I've got any voicemails. It's Gordon. All right. Now what else is going to show you is this, this property, for example, right here, it's listed by a realtor named John Spellman, and I'm actually going to log into my MLS here. Hold on cause I'm going to get this, this person's contact information. Oh, you know what? One thing that you might be able to do, she might be able to copy that. And if you go to 'em real quest, you know express.realquest.com… Without even signing in, you don't need an account. Sometimes you can get the realtor's contact from Real Quest Express.

Joe: What I've not done is I, you know what I, let me see if I got that order in yet. I did order, I ordered some new realtor contact information. I am logging into the matrix. This property address was, I get the agent's information right here. John Spellman. There's his phone number, there's his email address right here. I'm going to take his email. Now, the VA's going through all of these listings and they're looking for ones that have been on the market over 90 days. Okay? And they're going to put this information into REI Simple for me. They're going to take this address, they're going to take the Zillow link to that property, they're going to put it there, and they're going to put the listing agent information there. I have their email address, their email address goes there, the name of that realtor goes here, and their phone number goes here.

Joe: All right, so now they click add lead. Guess what just happened? That lead is now showing up in my REI Simple. So, if I go here to all leads, there it is John Spellman. So, this is a property that is under my realtor leads. Okay, and I'm going to send this guy an email. Real simple. I'm gonna click on his email address and I have a template already called realtor email. And it brings in these fields that says your listing at property in city. Hey, and it brings in their name. I'm an investor realtor with Keller Williams, and I am, you don't have to say that if you don't know, you're not, whatever. I saw your listing at address and city. I'm looking for some investment properties in the area. Is the property still available and how negotiable is the seller on their price? I don't want to waste your time with a ridiculous low offer. Thanks, Joe, and it puts in my signature, my name and phone number.

Joe: Cool, so all I have to do then is send the email. I just sent that realtor an email. The other thing I can do is send them a text. Now I'm going to show you how just to do one text at a time, you can set it up where after your VA every day goes in and puts 20 or 30 new leads in here, you can send an SMS broadcast to all of them. Okay? In fact, let's do this. Actually, right now I think you guys just all responded. I have 37 phone numbers in here. All right, so what I'm going to do, actually, I'm going to send a mass text message to all you guys and it may not make sense because it's going to show a blank address. All right?

Joe: But I'm going to take all of you all here. I'm going to move you to… actually, I'm going to create a new group. I'm going to call this Realtor Demo Group. I'm going to move this to Realtor Demo Group. I'm going to highlight all of you guys and I'm going to confirm you that I can send you text messages. I'm gonna change the status of these to text sent or whatever your status wants, you want it to be. And then I'm going to go here too. So, they're all in a group, they've all been statused confirmed. And I'm going to go now here to marketing SMS broadcasts. I'm going to compose a new one and I'm going to make it come from that realtor older listings. Now the recipient can't see that it says realtor older listings. So, don't worry about that. And then here I'm going to go find that Realtor Demo Group right here.

Joe: I'm going to say, hi. I saw your listing at NC. I am an investor and I am looking to buy more properties in the area, but I don't want to waste your time with low ball offers. How negotiable is the seller on their price? Cool. That's it. Then I can do Joe. Now you could send different messages. You could say, you know, you could have your VA put the, put a number into a calculator and you could just say, all right, for every property that you see here, send them a offer at 85% of that, right? So, you could, you could create the $79,900, k? And you could have your VA put $67,915 in a field in REI Simple. And then you could create…

Joe: This is what's so powerful as I'm going through here and I'm inputting in these user fields. You could have a user field for offer price and you could say in the text, Hey, I'm an investor looking for some property. Would they accept something around whatever number there is there? Right? And then you could insert that number in your text or in your emails and then you could also attach a proof of funds letter. And it doesn't have to be anything fancy. It could just be a copy of maybe you get a buyer that you work a lot with. Get them to send you a statement, a bank statement with their personal information blacked out with their balance of $100,000 or something like that, or of a home equity line of credit. Oh, I had a buyer once I was working for, and he had the president of the bank send him a letter saying, Hey, this letter is for, you know, if you ever want to buy a house, you have a home equity line of credit of $100,000, whatever.

Joe: And I started using that as my proof of funds. When I send it to realtors, they didn't care or ask, well, why isn't your name on there? This is my proof of funds. This is my business partner. So, you could attach proof of funds letters in these emails that you're sending out. The other thing is you could attach, you could say something on here, here's a proof of funds. So, you know, I am serious. Okay. And you could go to something like, what's a Bitly? And you can get a shortened URL. So, you can take your, a PDF of your proof of funds letter, put it in Dropbox or Google drive, and you get a link for that, you know, just to view only, and it's going to be a really, really long link. Well, you can go to something like Bitly and get you a really, really short link. Make sense?

Joe: And then, you can just put that in your text so you can put your text here, you know, your Bitly slash blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That way they get a text now in, they get a link in their text. So, you can do that if you want. So, you could send different texts to realtors. But here's the powerful thing about this. You start sending out 20, 30, 50 of these a day to realtors of older listings. Man, this is powerful. So, I'm going to send this to everybody now. So, if you sent me a text before, you're gonna get this text from me here and because if you really doesn't have an address or a city in it, it's going to be blank right there. Boom, broadcast created. Now it's actually putting in the phone numbers.

Joe: Like sometimes it tells from your phone number where you're from. So, you're going to see like Burbank, Kansas City, Columbus, Long Beach that's going to come up in there because that's where your caller ID says you were from. Now you're going to get a lot of leads in here, right? But you can go in and you can save. All right, filter this by campaign. I only want to see realtor leads, okay? And then these are the only the leads that came here. I got to, I didn't know you could get, whatever these called, emojis.

Joe: But there you go. All right, got a text response back from these people. So now here's the crazy thing again, your VA's can go through here and start going through these properties and you may want, like, this may be a nice house. So, your text message to the seller, to the realtor could be, Hey, this looks like a really nice house on Bluebird. Has it sold yet? Is it still available? And they respond back? Yes, it is available and you can respond back then have your VA is do this and by the way we give you the VA's. Well, this looks like a real nice house. Why hasn't it sold yet? What's going on here? It looks like a beautiful house. Why hasn't it sold yet? It's been on the Redfin. It's been on the MLS for three months and we're coming into the fall. Right? The slowest time of the year and winter.

Joe: Well they may say, I don’t know, it just hasn't sold yet… are you interested in it? They probably won't tell you why. You can say, well I might be… listen, I'm an investor. They wouldn't consider something creative like maybe owner financing or maybe lease it to me for a year first and then sell it. Would they? So now you're going after properties that are needing, that have been on the market for over 90 days and you're sending messages to these guys.

Joe: You could also go to the older ones. If I sort this by, instead of price, by time on Redfin. Let me go to the end here. Page two. This is just one zip code again, right? Here's the for sale by owner. Here's a realtor's listing, only exterior photos and maybe it's an auction property. It looks like it was, wasn't it? Well, I can still send a text message and an email to the realtor. Now I don't have it with me right now, but what we do with our clients is we'll go into your state, your County and buy a list of all of the realtors and get their contact information and put it inside of REI Simple so you can see the listing agent here is Bryan Brockman. Now this is a toll-free number. Probably goes to an office or a voicemail or something like that.

Joe: But we can go in through the database that we have and we can get Brian Brockman's personal cell phone and personal email and then your VA can send him a text, an email and a fax if you want. Just saying, Hey, I saw this property on 87 Clark. It looks like a nice house. I don't want to waste your time with a low-ball offer. Why hasn't it sold yet? Or would they accept something maybe in the $40,000 to $50,000 range? Or you can go right at it and send them a… go to a calculator and have your VA's do $72,210 times 0.8 and you could say, would they accept something like, we can make a cash offer and for $60,000 and here attached is a proof of funds. Before I waste your time with writing up an official contract, let me know if this is even in the ballpark. Cool.

Joe: Okay, so I've just scratched the surface. Let's go through one more lead here really quick. I'm going to show you what we can do. Let me go into one of these campaigns I just did for Craigslist/Zillow. You just had a text sent and let's say a Giana responded back. This is a house in Sedalia. Wow. Listen to this. I sent them a text just a few minutes ago. Saw your property on Zillow at bla in Sedalia. You or your client wouldn't be interested in selling it, would you? Thanks Joe. She may. Are you an interested buyer or realtor? I can give you the owner's contact information if you're interested in purchasing. She lives out of state, so I manage it locally. Bam, right?

New Speaker: Let's say we talk to her. She says, yeah, I want to sell it. I say, okay, well I'm going to send you an offer. She says, great. I'm going to select deal type wholesale right here. I'm going to get the owner's information. I click find owner. She lives in Hawaii. There you go. I'm sorry. I'm going to send you an offer. I'm going to go here to document Jenner wholesaling purchase contract. I'm going to put the day's date. Today's the 26th, buyer is Joe McCall LLC. I want to put down $500 earnest deposit. I'm going to buy it for, I don't know, just $65,000. I want at least 15 business inspection days and 45 closing days. Cool. Save lead. I go right here to generate document and I have here a wholesale contract with letter. Hopefully this works. So, I'm going to send this seller a letter saying, Hey, this sheet of paper is worth $65,000 for the next 30 days.

Joe: Here's the contract. I need to fix… I picked the wrong one, but it puts in the numbers and it fills in all the fields right there. It sends them this. So, it sends him a four-page packet with the cover letter, the contract, this chart that says, Hey, here's the benefits of when you sell your property to us and there's two ways to sell your property. Okay? This way, which requires determining the price, preparing your market to sell, advertising your home online, waiting for an offer, advertise your home, waiting for an offer, blah, blah, blah. Or sell your house to us. Get a check at closing. Okay, I can complete this, this generating this letter. By the way, again, you saw some of the messages, the fields in there. We're not bringing coming over, right because I picked the wrong letter and it wasn't pulling from the right field.

Joe: Well, that's not a big deal because Rod, our guy, can get in there and set it up and fix it all for you. So, anyway, that letter is going to create and then I can do two things. I could email it to the seller, I can email it to the realtor or I could actually print it in the physical mail and send it to the seller. So, they have something to hold on to, right? That letter takes just a minute to generate, but when it's done, then I can do that same Click2Mail email to mail integration thing that I showed you. Cool. Like, do you understand what's going on here? You can do all of this marketing from right inside of REI Simple and send out these leads, these letters and stuff like that. So, Gavin, do you want to share really quickly what we're doing with Mojo Sells? Would that be all right?

Joe: Well, everything I just showed you is really cool, but what are we going to show with you with Mojo Sells right now is our number one lead source for our clients. And this is working like gangbusters right now. We're, yeah, that's why… While he's opening it up, what we're finding that's working best is we're going into those surrounding counties that I shared with you, I showed you and we are actually going in and we are skip tracing absentee owners with equity. We go into the surrounding counties around the big MSAs. We pull all the absentee owners that own single family homes that have owned it for over 10 years and have at least 50% equity or more. And they're individual absentee owners. They're not LLCs. We are pulling that list. We get those names for 3 cents a name. We pass those savings on to our client and then we skip trace them at 18 cents a record.

Joe: Now you can get it cheaper, maybe somewhere else. Most places are more expensive, but we have tested so many different data sources. We have the best quality skip trace leads available today. REI Simple's are really, they're very high quality as well. But that's more for smaller leads. Like, one of the things I didn't show you is, I showed you how you can just skip trace a ton of people all at once, but I could also go in and skip trace individual sellers one off, one at a time and get their email addresses and their phone numbers and send them marketing. But we also do another service that's even cheaper. We just pass those savings on to you. So, then what we do is we pull a list of absentee owners with equity in those target zip codes that you're going after. We skip trace that, we turn on Mojo, we give you a pre-trained VA that does cold calling. The VA will start cold calling your leads for you. They will put anybody that responds back with a yes or a semi positive, raise their hands, they'll put that lead into your REI Simple accounts so that you can call them.

Joe: Literally within days, we get three, four, or five leads a day coming in from this type of marketing. So, and this is mainly what we're doing as well in Alabama and Georgia. There it is. Yes. Yes.

Gavin: Okay, awesome. So yeah, so guys, so this is Mojo. This is a cold calling tour for lead generation. So, as Joe just said, we've just been demoing the CRM. Now this is a way of getting leads over to the CRM once they have been pre-screened. This is definitely in our business the lead source for deals right now. This is number one, followed by text messages, followed by a little bit of a direct mail, RVMs, things like that. So, this here as you can see over the whole account what 94,000, nearly 95,000 leads.

Gavin: We have different markets that we call different lists. I can select any of these lists. Okay? I can upload anything that I want, as Joe said, you can call absentee. That's normally a good list to start. The reason being is that you're going to find the most motivation with an absentee owner. Now, don't get me wrong, everyone else, you'd probably say, well, everyone's mailing to them. Everyone's calling. You have to have a system and a process down when you are using something like this; this is different to a direct mail lead. It's very different when someone's calling you, the ability that we have using something like this is that we can actually go after and create as many leads as we want. It's very simple. If you want more leads, you put more VAs, you do more dials, you talk to more people, you qualify more people, you get more leads over to the CRM. That is how to get more leads, right?

New Speaker: Now, there's a cost with that. So, and then when the leads are coming in, who's handling, who's in the team? You need to have a business. Okay? That is scalable. So, you need to have enough leads coming in. You need to be handling them leads and doing your calls, making your offers, and doing your follow-up to get deals done. So, don't think that you need to drown yourself in leads because you're going to cut corners, you're not going to call them. And then there's the excuse of, well, I've just been talking to people and I've not made any offers or I've got, you know, I've got my offers out but I've been talking to, I got too many leads coming in. I'm not doing my follow-up. Okay? You cannot have that excuse. You need to keep it consistent throughout. Okay?

Gavin: Now when we get these leads in here, we keep this very simple and I suggest that you do the same thing. We have three categories that you are going to qualify the leads into wholesale. Yes, no, or maybe, okay? This is real, really simple because, especially with the VA, remember we're not doing these calls. If you have limited money, maybe you can do the calls. You're going to do a better job than a VA can do, okay? That is 100% given. If you do these calls, you're going to do a better job. What does it warrant your time in doing it? That's what you need to think. Okay? If you are going to spend an hour on the dial or two hours on the dial and you've got to speak to all these people and you might get one or two people interested, okay. Or what about someone else did that? What if the VA did that? Right? And they prescreen them leads and got them into the CRM.

Gavin: So, now you're dealing with prescreened leads. Now don't get me wrong, this is a pre-screen lead. This isn't going to be a home run, right? There's a difference. Our VA's are trained to interact, okay? Find out property information, find out if they're interested in selling or interested in an offer, if they're interested in selling or interested in offer. For me, that is warrant someone else's time now to work that lead. Now that is a positive response that's going to come into the CRM. Okay? So, the VA team, we keep it really simple for them. So, from this list here, if I qualify this lead, okay, let's say William, if I qualify William, this number would go down by one and I would qualify into a group. So, we have yes, no or maybe.

Gavin: Now, all the yeses is are going to be transferred over to the CRM to be worked. They leave the dialer, move over to REI Simple. They're going to be now worked in REI Simple, set up your campaign to drop them into, okay. Use a web form, which Joe can come back and show you that here in a second. So, get them into the campaign. From there in the campaign we're going to make the call whether they've got an update and change the status. Once we've done that, we're going to make the offer, we're gonna set then an autoresponder to text in 30 days if we need to follow up and so on.

New Speaker: So, all the yeses leave the dialer and go into the CRM. Now we have the other two groups here that we've now qualified. So, when we talked to them, they go into a no or a maybe. So, no means no, I'm not interested. That means they didn't… We also have the capability in here of saying, do not contact. That says you shouldn't be calling me. I'm going to sue you. You know, take me off your list. Anything like that. You have the ability to also put them on the do not call list and then they will never be called again. The dialer will always override so that doesn't happen. But anyone that just is cool saying, nah, I'm not interested right now. No problem. You will then qualify the lead. Okay, with the wholesale no, and maybe we created because we didn't want to create too many leads that weren't prescreened. So, what is a maybe? That might be someone that would say, and there's not going to be many of these that would say, yeah, I'm going to be interested in selling maybe in like a year or two. I'm not yet, but down the line I'm interested. So, it wasn't a no, we didn't warrant someone's time right now. So, we would leave that in the dialer. Okay. And group it.

Gavin: Now the good thing is with the groups, it allows us then to actually go back and call the groups. So not only do we have the main list that comes in, it gets qualified, goes into the group, and then let's say every three months I can call everyone that said no, and we're going to call them. And I can do it in reverse order. So, making sure the first ones in the group get called first. Every single time we do this, we will turn no’s into yeses in the dialogue. So, when we do that, were categorize it into a yes. And then again, it moves over to REI Simple. We can pull reports here, we can listen to calls, we can see how many dials, how long they're on the dialer, if there are any breaks in the dials.

Gavin: So, you can actually control through the report setting, you can control your VA's to see exactly what they're doing, right? Now, the data and the attempts are important because a new list is gonna have a better traction because it's new, it's fresh. When that list gets worked, it's then your leads will start to go down because you're already qualifying them. Okay. And it's going to be a time then for a new list or a change of time zone. Now this is really important. Any of you guys in the cold calling, you need to pay attention, right? This is a game changer. If you are calling nine till 12, okay. And in your market and you call the list twice and now it's starting to be an exhaust, it's not actually performing as well, right? Because you've already been through it twice. Move the call time zone, really important. Start calling them four till seven, right? So, you're hitting a different people at that point, you're then calling people that have got, you know, that work the nine till five.

Gavin: Now you're calling them more in the evening. You're going to be hitting different people at that time. So, the list then will start to perform again much better. You'll see the attempts here that I pay attention to. Let me take you into an older list, right? Some of these have been called nine times, right? Nine and 10 times. That's how many times we hit the dialer and we will continue to do so. So, I can control leads in the multiple markets that we're in. If one's not keeping up, I can then direct all the VA's on to another market and I can get them leads open. I can start to control that as the business grows. But the good thing is you never stop calling the list.

Gavin: So, my kind of rule is once or twice round on the third go, we will prep and start preparing the next list that's going to be coming in. Okay. Once we get that in, we'll start calling that, but we will always draw back occasionally and call this list. The other thing that is really good that we can do is that we will actually pull these out of Mojo, put them then into REI Simple so I can export any lists with I want. Okay. And export it. When we do that, we then upload into REI Simple and then actually do a text campaign to the ones that are remaining. And the ones that didn't, come back. So, these ones didn't skip, right?

Gavin: These ones we did not get information on I can run it through another skip trace or I can send direct mail to them. Remember, the harder it is to get the data, the better the list. Okay? So, if you're in your market doing tax delinquent code violation, if they are hard to get, that means no one's getting them right. So, if you can get to that data, you can get it, skip trace, get them phone numbers. You are now ahead of the game because these people are not being reached. What about these guys here? What if we did different things? We skipped? What if we did people to look them up? What if we sent direct mail to them? Because these ones, no one's calling. Okay. If no one can get the information… So sometimes it's worth hiring a VA and digging deeper because the harder it is to track these people down, the bigger the size the deals are. So always be thinking about that. Okay?

Gavin: So, remember just to clarify what's going on, we have the list here. We start the list. It gets qualified into the groups. Then it's a yes or no or maybe. Okay? All the yeses we'll leave here, where they stay in this category or they will go over to REI Simple. All the no’s will stay here. So, this one was a, let's say George was a no. Okay. He is not interested. So, this is a number that worked. This is the VA that called and he is not interested so he just going to stay there. We're going to then call him again in three months’ time and now we're going to see if anything has changed, for instance. Okay? That is how it's gonna work.

Gavin: Reports are super important. I can pull a report on anybody and I can do it for the whole year. I can do it for the day. You need to be… this is the only thing that you really need to understand when you're working with an autodialer. This is going to be the thing of what we do with our clients. What I just explained, we explain to them or now this is the bit that you actually need to understand, which is the report. You know, how many calls, and I can go back to whenever and click the 17th of… let's pick someone. This isn't me; this is someone using… let's go there and I can look, we didn't call them that day. Okay. Typical. And this could be, I would have to look at what list, but I could say right, contact rate 9%, which is good. All right. In this section we have four hours on this account and 33 minutes of talk time. The dials were 571.

Gavin: I can then look at the session report. So, this dial, this person, this will show over two people, but they're on the dialer for seven hours and four minutes, okay, are the hours between them. You'll see the breaks in the list. What list that they called. Okay. And then how much talk time. And then there were paused for one minute and 20 seconds. So, I can actually track this. Call recordings wasn't turned on for that account. But you can track the call recordings if we go back here. And I just want to show you again, because I get this question a lot. Dials, how many dials should they do an hour? It's going to change guys. Gonna change on a couple of different things. How many rings are you doing? How much talk time? The least amount of talk time you have, the more dials that you're going to see.

Gavin: So, let's say this was now two hours, right? Then this will probably double in size. If I then have more talk time, it would reduce. So, you need to look at everything as a whole. You can't just look at one thing. In terms of a contact rate, you should be looking anywhere between seven and seven to 13% as a contact rate. Okay? And I can come in and check this daily and run these reports to make sure everyone's doing what they're supposed to be doing. One more thing, I'm just gonna show you here. When you go onto the dialer, that's what I want to call this list here and we go green. This is where…

Gavin: They're on the dialer now so I can't actually get on because they're dialing. But this is where you're going to use the do not contact. Okay. This is the button that is gonna, if you get an angry seller, so if I speak to Joe at 123 Main Street and Joe's going crazy because I called him then that is where I can hit that and it will take Joe, his property and everything about him and it will block him so we don't call again. If it's the number… If I called, I'm looking for William at 123 Main Street and I get Joe on the phone, Joe is going absolutely crazy at me… I can just block Joe's number. Joe's got nothing to do with this property. He's just going crazy I've called them, then I can block that. Okay. And then we have a contact made, which is if we actually speak to the right person regardless, whether it's a deal or not, then you will hit the contact made. Okay. Non-contact, you might have spoken to the daughter, they can't make a decision, to be in non-contact or a bad number and you can also drop a message.

Gavin: You just have to watch for your um, area. You know, Florida you have to be very careful with dropping messages or the markets is fine. So, check your market if you are gonna use that. So, once they've done that and we've got the groups we select yes, that's when we're then going to be able to get it from here over to REI Simple. We are looking at another call service. So, I have just, okay, Mojo Sells. We are looking at another call service. The reason being is that the more… this is going to be for more beginners as well, but as you start to grow, Mojo does get expensive. It works very well for one to two agents. You start going into three to four, to five to six agents, it gets very expensive. So, we are looking at another call-in tool.

Gavin: So, I'm not knocking Mojo. It's been fantastic. We're probably still going to use it, but when we are going to launch then the new one that we using, I'm super impressed with it and it's going to be a very similar concept to what I just showed. It's just calling, we can actually set it instead of calling three numbers at the same time, we can actually do 10 numbers and we can receive texts messages as well. So, I'm pretty excited about that because we should be able to then double the amount of leads pretty quickly. So, yes. So, Joe, I want you to show them now, um, because you've got REI Simple, how they're going to use that web form to get it over to REI Simple.

Joe: Yeah. So, it's really simple. Remember I showed you guys before, each campaign has a web form in it. So just like this campaign right here, we called for vacants right here. If you go to share, you click this link right here. If I go to a new page, this will be the web form. So anytime then the VA gets a lead, they'll put it into here and it'll show up in your campaign. You'll get an email notification and you'll get the information. They'll put their notes on the call right here. So, you don't even have to worry about understanding Mojo. You don't have to get in Mojo. You don't have to learn it. It's not, that's what the VA does.

Joe: And I know, Gavin, we get a lot of people that ask us, Oh, well what about the VA and their English? Do they have good English? Well, yes, they do. And it's funny because we were mainly doing this first in Alabama and you would think that, well, people in Alabama, they're not gonna like hearing people from the Philippines, foreigners. That's what we, that was our, that's what we were thinking, wrongly so. Right. Yep. First of all, the Filipinos had better English than you'd think. And second people in Alabama aren't like that. They're really nice people. Right? So, we've had really good success with virtual assistants calling them. And here's the thing too. When we give a VA to one of our clients, we give you two or three of them. You can interview them, talk to them, pick one. If that they don't work out for you, we'll give you two or three more and you can interview them and talk to them as well.

Joe: But the leads, that all happens inside of REI Simple. We used to use Podio. We've looked at all of the different ones. There's nothing better that I've found that works than REI Simple, because you can manage all your marketing, you can manage your contracts, you can send out letters and contracts from there and it gives you websites. You don't have to use CallRail or Vumber anymore. You can use… There's just so many things about it that I, that I really want to encourage you to look at it. But is there something else, Gavin?

Gavin: Yeah. I just want to say one more thing regarding motivated sellers. Okay. If you have a motivated seller, they don't care where the call is from, they don't care about your website, they don't care about how many deals you've done. They don't care about any of it. They have a problem that they need help with. All right, so all the questions with, well, how many deals, tell me about your company. All this… that means there's just no motivation there, right? They don't have time to ask these questions when there's motivation. So, think about whoever's online now, the deals that you've done, was you asked that question, right? And probably 90% will be no, they don't ask that because there's motivation. So always be thinking about that. And if it works in Alabama, cold calling with a VA from the Philippines, then it works anywhere. And also, you need to look at the cost, wanting to use an American person. You can… it's three to four times the amount. Again, you're trying to run a business on a budget that's actually profitable. So, don't forget that. Sorry.

Joe: Well, it's good. I just wanted to share with you guys what we've have here on. I'm gonna open up my PowerPoint here. We're doing, like we said before, we're doing this workshop October 17th and 18th. Where we're gonna build all these systems for you and we're going to give you pre-trained VA's. We're going to give you one VA that can do the cold calling for you, just cold calling and we're going to give you other VA's that you can hire that will do the marketing for you. They can go in and send out those text messages or they can send out, you might just want to do the texts yourself because it's so easy to do, but they can send out your letters, your one-off letters, they can send your emails, they can update the CRMs for you. But we're going to start the marketing for you.

Joe: When we get on the, when we get a new client, we get them on the phone and we figure out what are their best zip codes, what counties do we want to target, and we pull lists and then we figure out, okay, we're going to do cold calling. We're going to do some, a little bit of direct mail, like the special letters to vacant rentals. And then we're going to do cold calling and skip tracing. And what was the other one? Oh yeah, texting Zillow rentals and for sale by owners. Okay, and you're going to work with us closely as a private client. Voxer is our connection with our coaching clients, so we can talk with them one on one and it's like a walkie talkie for the phone. So, we do weekly calls after the workshop. We don't just leave you high and dry, you come to the workshop, we set this stuff up with you, we work with you.

Joe: Then after that we do weekly calls. You can get us anytime on Voxer and we also have a private Facebook group. If you're interested in working with us, just go to JoeCoaching.com. JoeCoaching.com. There's a page on there where you can actually put in, you need to put in your name and email. You don't have to put in your phone number I think if you don't want, I don't know if it's required or not. It's going to take you to another page where we have a video that's real similar to what we just showed you. It's a case study of how we did over $155,000 in two months. That's fees. Our fees are half of the fees in two months in one market without doing any direct mail, without talking to sellers. And so, you're going to see that video, but there's also going to be a button on there that you can apply.

Joe: And when you fill that thing out, it's going to take you right into a Podio web form. We'll get your information; we'll send you a message and schedule a time to get on the phone and talk. Okay, so again, if you're interested, go to JoeCoaching.com we're doing a workshop. We do these workshops once every one to two months. We keep them small, 12 people max. And we're going to build these systems for you. We're going to give you pre-trained VA's. We're going to start the marketing for it. We're going to do the research, pull the lists, skip trace the list, find the buyers, find the sellers, send out the marketing. All you really need to worry about is just getting on the phone and talking to sellers. Our goal is to get you five leads a day and that is not a problem. Not a problem at all.

Joe: So, it's not cheap, but it's a lot cheaper than anything else that you're going to find anywhere else. So, the coaching that we do is top notch and we partner with our students on deals. So, you may get a property under contract, you may need funding, you may need, you may not have any buyers yet. Well, we'll partner on the deal with you. You don't have to partner with us. We can partner with you on the deal. Help you get the funding; help you find the buyers. You know, if you're nervous about the contracts and the paperwork, we'll put the paperwork in our name, it's not a big deal. Cool.

Gavin: And we credit your investment, if we do partner.

Joe: Oh yeah, you get the investment back. So, if you're interested, just go to JoeCoaching.com. All right, go to JoeCoaching.com. Put your information there. You're gonna be sent to a page that has a case study video. You can apply for coaching and working with us. And we also have a bunch of student testimonials in there. Our clients are doing deals. Okay. Our clients are getting leads. They're crushing it right now and we want to work with you.

Joe: We're doing a workshop October 17th and 18th, coming up in three weeks. We only take 12 people in. It's a small workshop in St Louis. We're going to set up these systems, do the marketing for you. Go to JoeCoaching.com and let us know more about you. We'll get on the phone and talk and see if you're a good fit. And we'll go from there. Cool.

Joe: Let's go ahead and call this a day and thank you, Gavin.

Gavin: Thanks, Joe. Thanks, guys. Appreciate it. Bye. Bye.

Joe: JoeCoaching.com go there. See ya.

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